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18 hours ago, grayhair said:

I guess it depends... I grew up then, late '50s through the '60s.  I saw zero crime,.  As kids we didn't have to worry about roaming perverts or gangs.  Ride our bicycles into town and throw them in a pile behind the Woolworths, get a coke for a dime, a candy bar for a nickle, and go see the Saturday double feature for 50 cents.  Nobody stole our bikes, still there when the movie let out. Mow lawns for $2.00.  In the winter, shovel snow off driveways for $2.00.  I'd take it all over again (except for the times in the principal's office or detention when we were being turds and deserved it.)  As high-schoolers, hitch hiked from NJ to FL to CA to TX, all over the place.  No problem.  Go to the beach and boardwalk in the summer.  Play pinball in the acades for a nickle a game and listen to the juke, 3 tunes for a quarter. For me was all good, even though I didn't know it at the time.  Never saw my parents have words or any arguments at all.  So, it was Leave it To Beaver for me, kind of. Guess I was just fortunate.      

Sad my kids didn't see much of that freedom and my grandkids won't ever enjoy that safe and relatively worryfree environment. 

same here man my childhood was amazing.....this place is completely foreign to me now...bob

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i am also a child of the no locks on doors and keys always left in cars era. miss the school bus, or had to stay late, and start walking. within 1/4 mile someone would always stop and offer you a ride home. 

sometimes it was even the teacher that made you late for the bus. 

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when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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On 1/13/2021 at 9:18 PM, Joey Mack said:

I guess you have a good point.. I just wish we weren't so divided, it seems like it gets worse each year...Too many people out for Power and Self... As far as the country, I don't want it to be conrtoled by Commies,  I have no idea of what real communism is, only what ive been taught.. Anyway, I am greatful for the freedoms we have, that was born of the blood of soldiers. Thats what I want, sir... Thank you for the insight, Jojo

  I would sure love for this to be wrong, but I tell you from experience that if you thought 2020 was bizarre, 2021  may make it seem like bliss. Welcome to North Korea.

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