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  1. Where's Vic roads when you need 'em...LOL
  2. He's only a Young Bloke & has 2-3 Little Kids.. Since the Kids have arrived he's fallen off the Old Truck scene radar Big time....
  3. Macktruckman, Go here.....https://quickserve.cummins.com/info/index.html Create an Account (It's Free) Register your ESN (34100261) & you'll have access to heaps of Info Parts books ect for that Engine (second last Digit may be an 8 Maybe)
  4. that's My thought as Well.....
  5. Volvo have tried a couple of Times here with the XXL cab. but have run into Front Axle weight issues.... i wonder what's changed..??
  6. Follow the Money.....
  7. https://www.nhvr.gov.au/road-access/access-management/intelligent-access-program-iap
  8. You're a fortnight early with that post, there. Swishy......LOL. Vomack North America might have to get some Aussie Engineers to show 'em how it's Done..lol https://www.macktrucks.com.au/trucks/titan/ http://img06.en25.com/Web/VolvoAUS/{666ac387-2b28-4fb9-b351-0d5529648f9d}_titan_brochure.pdf Edit, this Video's not Too bad either....
  9. here you go, some light reading for you.. https://www.nhvr.gov.au/files/201607-0116-mass-and-dimension-limits.pdf
  10. It's Mainly driven by the Fridge van operators. So they can get thicker walls for better insulation.. As our pallets are 1150mm (46") Square as apposed to the ISO size used everywhere else.. Also as Paul said , so Big Fleets can import cheaper Fridge & Dry vans or at least hold a big stick over the local trailer builders..
  11. Pretty sure they're working on It.. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/55800-mack-medium-duty-trucks/
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/12/bhp-runaway-train-crash-workers-applied-brakes-to-wrong-train
  13. Same reason Kenworth do It Today Swish.. To stay within the overall length Rules..
  14. Not in Australia....... http://img06.en25.com/Web/VolvoAUS/{666ac387-2b28-4fb9-b351-0d5529648f9d}_titan_brochure.pdf
  15. i thought as Much. But you know what they say about Assume..
  16. probably a "dumb" question... BUT I assume that; these share drivetrain components/technology with the FUSO electric Truck..???
  17. Tidy up around the top of the Grille & paint it... It'll look fine....
  18. Yeah Swish, .........For whom the bell Tolls.......
  19. That's how you check (& top up) the Oil & coolant...Saves tilting the Cab every morning..
  20. Great Pics Swish, No doubt about It.. Ian Lee does GOOD work..
  21. Exactly, Why give a Competitor a Leg up... IVECO, are the only Euro truck Builder without a Presence in N.A. But doubt if they had the appetite for such a venture.. It would take a different outlook from Washington, But the Chinese are Coming in the next 5-10 yrs... IMHO
  22. Why not just bring them in as C.B.U. instead of Kits...??? Or does Donald's tariff policy make the Kits cost effective..
  23. Just out of Curiosity, What sort of Market Share does Hino, & Isuzu have. In this segment in NA..??
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