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  1. Cummins have just signed a similar deal with Isuzu Too.. The cynic in Me thinks; the Light Medium Truck segment will be the first to adopt widespread Hybrid/Electric drivetrains,& both Daimler & Isuzu are happy to let Cummins have an increasing share of a Diminishing market..
  2. https://www.facebook.com/graeme.gordon.10048/videos/918121802347209/
  3. Paul, I'd chuck a Milk Crate in as a seat & go for a drive around the yard before Putting the Floor & seats Back in..!! Bit Like the Irishman wearing 2 Condoms.. To be sure to be Sure..
  4. Speaking as Someone who has stripped down & put back together more than his fair share of 2 & 3 piece Rims without incident or mishap. I'm inclined to agree with you.....
  5. I have seen a couple of Those Rims, Know SFA about them though. I'd be putting Tubeless rims on as well..
  6. You'll be right paul.. I've got a few Homemade Spanners in Stock as well..
  7. https://www.trucksales.com.au/editorial/details/cummins-in-the-news-for-three-big-reasons-128442/ I find this Bit Interesting... [quote]The engines for trucks built in Japan will be assembled at Isuzu's plant in Tochigi, Japan.[/quote]
  8. ^^^^^^^^^Exactly^^^^^^^^^^
  9. https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/truck-reviews/2102/mack-on-the-move-with-anthem
  10. Thanks for That. That's My new thing learnt Today.. We never got those Down here in Australia. or if they did I've never heard of, or seen them.
  11. By Centre point; Do you Mean Hub Pilot Wheels as apposed to Stud Pilot Wheels..??
  12. You'll have to get yourself an Automatic Truck, Other Dog...
  13. I've never done that, But I have Lit a fire & thrown the oil soaked Shoes in It to burn the Oil out of them, on more than one occasion.
  14. Driving It like this is not Progressive .. When you go from 5 low to 1 high you're actually going Down 2 gears..See the two gears in (Brackets)
  15. An X12 Powered GIGA would make a great Dump truck. IMHO
  16. Here's a couple of Aussie Companies that may be able to help you.. https://trucktuneaustralia.com.au/ http://victoria.quantumtuning.com.au/vehicle-directory.aspx https://chiptuning.com.au/ I have no connection whatsoever to these Companies..Just the result of a quick google search..
  17. The fella, or his Shoes..??
  18. There's been a few Succeed, & a Lot fail.. There is (or was ) a Board on the Wall with the names of those who ate it all..
  19. This is not a Truck !! It's the Hamburger at the Nindigully Pub. if one Person eats the Lot you get your money Back..
  20. How many of them a Week do you Do?? & how long does It take..??
  21. Just out of Curiousity , What's the Long term Voter Turnout?? (as a % of Eligible Voters) & what was the Turnout % in the 2020 election..?? I know I Could google it, But.....
  22. Being a 4 series, It'll be a ECM setting /parameter & you will need Scania (or Maybe Bosch) software to Change.. It would be best(In My opinion) if you could get It Done before it Leaves Europe. Even if you remove the ECM Prior to Packing the Container & sending It somewhere Whilst the Truck's on the Water.. The 2series (Or at least the one's here in Australia) were simply a Matter of removing a Fuse..🤐
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