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  1. Lots of red today. Shot most of the frame pieces on their mating surfaces and areas that are hard to get when assembled. Couldn’t get all the pieces as I only had so much space to lay them out and they were getting pretty crowded. So, a partial load tomorrow to finish up. That’s a lot of parts when you break a truck down this far. Frame assembly is not too far off from here.
  2. Really nice work!! It’s really starting to come together.
  3. I did some digging into my archives and found the left over parts when I rebuilt the clutch cross shaft on my B-73. I'm not sure if the shaft is the same diameter but these part numbers should get you in the ball park. First, I think you'll need a new shaft if you're going to use ball bearings on it. The brinnelling will not run smoothly over the new bearings. If you put some oil light bronze bushings in, that may do on that shaft. I found two different size bearings for the application, both from Torrington Bearing Company: B-2012, which is 3/4" wide. B-2016, which is 1" w
  4. I don’t know about painting the top black, but I’ll trade for the rear you beat me to? LOL. I did solve my rear carrier issue by finding another with a 4.62R. The one I had with a 4.68R, had three corroded teeth I didn’t trust.
  5. That drip was centered directly above the glovebox door and there was no hiding it. On a good note, after all that work, the paint came out even better than the first time.
  6. I don’t know. It was easy enough to do, the only thing that might be harder to get to is the nut for the radiator support rod. There’s also a drain plug on the bottom of the heater core that couldn’t be accessed. The floorboards and carpet are easily removed now. I had to remove the ashtray, but no one’s going to smoke in it anyway!!
  7. These are made of cardboard, I don't know if they would do them in other materials. You could contact them to see?
  8. Fixed my posting issues without deleting most of my pictures by becoming a VIP member. (Thanks, Barry!!). Finished up a lot of detail work on the cab and it's now ready for the long awaited trip to get the headliner and back wall installed. I'm just waiting for the upholsterer to call back that he's ready. The whole cab is ready for mounting and hookup. Lots of hours spent getting all of those tedious things wrapped up. I was going to leave the factory heater out to have more passenger foot room, it was mounted so close to the floor you can't get your feet under it and getting at the floorboa
  9. No A/C, yet. Planning for a back wall unit later on, when it's assembled. Maybe a Red Dot unit or something similar. I think what you're seeing is the defroster hoses. I pre-ran those as they're hard to do later.
  10. The dash finally went in today. Wasn't too bad, hardest part was threading the harness through the firewall. Another item off the long list of To-do's.
  11. Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward. When I painted the dash, a drip landed on it from my gun cup. Thought I'd let it harden and wet sand it out. Well it sanded out, but it still left a mark in the metallic paint. Made a spot repair and thought I could blend that with some wet sanding. That didn't do it either. Sooo, disassemble the whole thing (It was ready to bolt in, dammit!!), wet sand and repaint the whole thing. A huge pain, but it's done and looks a lot better. It would have driven me nuts to leave it, the rest of it was looking so good. Never been a fan of metallic paints.
  12. REM Automotive is now making glovebox liners if you are in need of one. I sent mine to them and they were able to use it as a pattern. The fit is VERY good and I only needed to add a few missing holes and the mounting hardware to put it in. REM Automotive, Annville, PA 717-838-4242 P/N MIS-GBX-150
  13. Yes, all new glass and slightly tinted. There was no using what came with it due to scoring, age, overspray, cracks.... It looks great with fresh glass.
  14. Door and grab handles installed, the vent windows and the stainless hardware are really making this look great. Still amazed to be at this point!!
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