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  1. I've been using this etching primer from NAPA on everything, including the aluminum parts/castings. I'm going to use PPG Concept in "Fleet Red", paint code 75674, as a top coat. This was based on a talk with Matt Pfahl on what he's been using. My past experience has been mostly with Dupont Centari enamel. I need to ask the PPG vendor about an epoxy/primer/sealer I used on my other B model project, as for compatibility. I had very good luck with my last job, and its lasted over 20 years with a lot of outside exposure. I don't do major projects like this often, so I ask a lot of questions leading up to painting and not wanting to have a very expensive screw up come out of it.
  2. Yes, I can. I have all the gears to do so and all the other attachments. It’s old(1920’s?), but fine for my projects.
  3. Over the life of this cab model, I don’t think they ever deleted a single hole or attachment. So many unused holes, the old radiator support rod holes are still there for an LJ radiator, plus the bigger ones for the B radiator. A piece of angle iron added, I think that’s to support the big heater on the inside. A lot will get reused, but man there’s a lot. I guess if you bought it for an earlier truck, as a replacement, it would all still fit no matter the year.
  4. No kidding. You’d think they would’ve deleted them as they weren’t needed. Nope, let’s just drill more!,
  5. Final time putting the roof on, permanently this time. What a huge, tedious, pain in the ass getting the edges repaired. Took me about two weeks of fiddling and fussing to get it right and leave enough room for the gutters. The results were good, though. Door gaps look good and neither door binds or rubs. Just the front pillars to do and a bunch of small fixes to do and then on to bodywork and paint. I really can’t believe I brought this rusty, banged up cab back.
  6. If he displayed the same attitude, no wonder he got popped. If you're driving a rolling cobbed up POS that wouldn't pass a dumpster, you're just asking to get stopped, ticketed and towed.
  7. Never had any issues hauling anything anywhere with classic plates for 20+ years. In and out of state all the way to Colorado and Virginia.
  8. The one change in CT I need to add to the above info I stated is that you need a DOT # exemption letter filled out for the application. Attached is a letter directly from CT DMV with the requirements of the letter that must be Notarized. Other than that, all remains the same as it has been for the last several years. I am amazed at the lack of knowledge that exists behind the counter at DMV offices and the variety of answers you can get from branch to branch. You can search through Title 14 of the Connecticut General Statutes to arm yourself in preparation to going there. VALS327, I would agree with you on that and the vehicle, mechanically, should be able to pass that. But, it is an added expense for most people at the hobby level to get one done. Hopefully, this will help those of us who live and register in Connecticut.
  9. You shouldn't need the inspection. Just a vin verification. Have all your paperwork squared away and proof of ownership/insurance and registration application. I just coached someone having issues at the Danbury branch basically saying the same thing. I had them go to the Norwalk branch and they walked out with classic plates without issue. There's lots of misinformation out there within DMV. The vehicle will be used for personal non-commercial purposes, classic plates are appropriate.
  10. One of my favorites. Saw it a few times at shows. I use it as my inspiration on how I want mine to look, but with red fenders.
  11. These are the “Emergency”version for fire trucks. They should be loud!.
  12. Laid out the new roof and drilled 23 holes to mount the clearance lights and dual horns. The roof was off a fire truck and had no clearance lights, just evidence of two different rotating beacons. Every now and then there's a little light that this is going to get done.
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