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  1. Yes, the Flatbed(B-42), progress has been slow over the summer on the B-73. It will pick up this fall, though.
  2. I'll be there!!! One of the few shows that work out on my schedule.
  3. Troublemaker!!

    '27 Coupe. It's complete, missing only the horn. Comes with original bumper brackets, new splash aprons, trunk lid skin, floorboards and some other parts. Send me an email and I'll send you a bunch of pics and price.
  4. long awaited work shop finally started

    Good for you!! Great to have a brand new place to work in.
  5. Ever since I built this truck it has been constant trouble, only because things keep following me home like this!! Stumbled upon this 1926 Model T and after getting it running for Matt Pfahl it ended up finding a new home in my barn. Way too nice to pass up, but now I have to sell another T I was holding on to for the last 15 years and really haven't touched. Enough distractions, now back to the B-73.
  6. Getting closer

    Really nice job!!!! Such a clean and meticulous restoration. Certainly better than new. WOW!!
  7. All primered up. 3/4 of a gallon to cover it. Just closed up the shop and time for bed.
  8. I made some careful measurements yesterday and I'm going to forego the shims I was going to make. This is also a Ford donor and a very close slip fit, like about 1/16" difference.
  9. Well, my text disappeared when I posted those pics. But, it's been two months since I touched this, didn't think I would be that busy. Finally got on it this weekend, finished all the welding and primed the frame. Got the donor frame to the sandblaster and into the shop for primer. The big score was finding a "Back-Drop" exhaust for the Cummins. It's super nice and once its painted and installed I'll post some pictures.
  10. It's the original floor with 3/4" plywood layed over it as a work surface. I put it down when I did the other B. I'll probably replace it at some point.
  11. Stripped the new rear axle housing completely. I had robbed the gear set out of it for the original axle, after a friend gave it to me years ago. I was going to scrap it until I found some cracks welded up on the axle under the frame now. Lucked out there. It all came apart with some effort, but nothing broke. Some corrosion found on some of the aluminum castings. If they're too far gone, I can rob the other axle.
  12. Nothing super exciting to report. Donor frame is all stripped down, just need two cross members removed and then off to the sandblaster. But, the right frame member is done and primed. Tried to do both but there's only so much time, and I figured I concentrate on one and not rush. These posts help to give me something report to keep the momentum going. This is really hump work, but it's getting done.
  13. That is really nice, very well done.