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    Respectfully Sir, I disagree with you. I know we all appreciate Barry and Watts Truck Center for hosting this site. That said, he has chosen the Forums for the site. And the Odds and Ends Forum is the 2nd most popular of all of the Forums with over 91,000 posts. This particular post was placed where it belongs, in Odds and Ends. And the title contains the words "president and "Trump" so if one does not wish to read about politics then just don't click on it. I imagine that is why there are the different Forums, so you don't have to spend time in those which don't interest you.
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    Few Marmon COE's still around. In the background, Yardo is making plans for the smoker.
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    Needs to say if he can drive a truck with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION!
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    BMT member Pat has his excellent Mack Jr. on display at the Mack Museum.
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    This rig never strayed far from home. It is pictured in a vehicle dyno cell in the Mack Museum.
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    One of many Superliners standing tall at Macungie.
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    Thought this rig was pretty sharp and well put together. Prices on vintage Power Wagons sure keep heading north!
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    The these folks are having a civilized conversation about current events, which fits exactly into the Odds & Ends thread. “This forum is for non-truck related topics. Talk about interesting websites, current events, tell jokes, post funny photos...etc.”
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    Are all the signs worth reading ?? cya §wishy
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    I just bought this DM-686sx 58,000 lbs rears 130,000 miles .trailer 22ft air ride all alum frame tub
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    For sale no one was home, year? B61 Truck Shop More pics.msg
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    Pretty simple, isn't It???
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    Political parties should be banned, as they only serve to distract elected government employees from their inherent duties. Term limits should be mandatory.
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    I am amazed at how many people can't backup. I made my daughters backup before I let them go forward. Only after being able to backup between the lines for about 200-ft using the mirrors were they allowed to go forward. On another note, during High School one of them worked for a temp agency that staffed a large auto auction in our area and she was the only one that could drive a standard transmission one day= a tiny little blond girl out driving the guys and drove all the trucks through the auction block that day.
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    Thanks goes out to President Trump for the robust economy, for sitting down with Rocket Man and for all he great things he has done for the country. Now for you brain dead liberals that certainly hate this country, pack up your crap and move, it is hard to believe that any sane person could allow their elected official to do nothing but spend their time and therefore our tax dollars fighting the President who has done more good in 19 months than Obama or Clinton could do in a life time. Now I'll get told to stop my picking on the poor left wing nut jobs because I hurt their feelings, Really ??? their brain dead they feel nothing. or they have been denied by their partner for so long their swimmers have clouded their minds (see I included the gays) 2 years ago you could not find work today you cannot find help, our GDP is growing by the day, all the people who escort large loads are busy and hard to find to move our loads, we have work we have not had since before Obama, this is due to Trump not some BS that liberals think that Obama put in place, The nut jobs now bring up that Trump is acting like a Nazi ??? the only Nazi acting jerkoffs in this country is the out to lunch most certainly brain dead left wing America hating liberal democrat or as my favorite judge calls the demon rats, what the left is doing is disgusting and immoral and they along with their illegal friends from south of the border should be deported, If the Fondas and the rest of their sick minded followers don't like here then leave, OH that's right there is no place on earth any better, So Thank You Mr. Trump keep up the good work and continue to piss off the losers I for one will have your back.
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    Bought a left over 2015 Ram 5500 long wheelbase Quad cab chassis dualie. Cummins , 8 speed and 4x4. Took 22 inches out of chassis, put on 4 Super Singles and 2013 Ram 8 foot bed. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki 0
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    Yep, I ended up getting a 2016 Impala, 4 door, V6, with 46,000 miles on it for $12,000. A little more than I wanted to spend, but that seemed like too good of a deal to pass up too. Clean as a pin, can't tell it's ever been sat in.
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    The ultimate anti theft pattern. The black shirt might as well be the white shirt to someone that can only drive an automatic.
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    Does not get any more simple. I like to be able to come on certain forums and read what everyone has to say about what is going on in this country- except that commie pinko gearheadgirlllllll or whatever the heck her name was. She really took things WAY too far to the left. Mind you left is not necessarily a bad thing, but these days JFK is spinning in his grave at what has become of the Democratic Party. But I digress. If you don't like or don't want to read what folks have to say, simply move on to the next topic.
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    I have three H.D.'s a 1950 Hydra Glide pop bought new, a 1971 XLH I bought new and a 1986 Softtail Custom I bought new plus my wifes 883 Sporty. Went to the Harley dealer in Richmond on my '50 just to look, first thing the millennial salesman said to me was "are you trading in that old pile of shit for a good bike?" I suggested that is not to cozy up to someone who's been riding only Harley Davidsons for over 50 years and stick with a career asking if they want fries with their order. Pulled a roll out and told the manager that Honda Boy just cost you a cash sale on two bikes. Was still yelling at the Millennia F' k up when I pull out of the lot. There attitude got them where they are today by catering to the group that buys a 20 grand bike on credit and 10 grand worth of clothes to look "bad" and pis on the loyal ones. . . kinda like Volvo does to the Mack owners like us.
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    Another point to think about is that politics directly effect truckers and the trucking industry so it’s naturally going to be part of the conversation.
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    I am calm, actually very happy, something I could not say during the Obama campaign to destroy America, there is work, real work not just food service jobs but work that people can use to buy homes and cars, what I don't understand is how anyone can argue about closing the border, go any place else and try and sneak in, I was detained in Kuwait while my visa was in transit, arrested in Ukraine for no visa and officially deported the next day, flying with cargo on the Antonov 225 and was leaving next day anyway, but they take their border security seriously, something the liberals don't, they see migrants as potential voters, that's because as the voter pool learns what the liberals stand for they move right and the left has to bring in new victims. Working Americans feel good, real good, thanks to one man and his different way of running the country. Pelosi and that nitwit from New York are a disgrace to this country. We leave again for Seattle, high, wide and $$$$, something we have not seen in a long time. Thank You Mr. Trump. (will try and get some pics. no cops this time)

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