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    The oldest boy and myself went for a nice 140 mile joy ride today. It was the first I had the truck on any 4 lane road, and the longest nonstop trip to date. Truck topped out at 65.7 mph according to a handheld GPS @ 2300 rpm. Runs down the road nice @ 58 mph & 1900 rpm. Truck handled great, got lots of thumbs up, and only used 1&1/2 gallons of oil. My back head seaps some oil at the head gasket on the rear of the engine & the air compressor is pretty thirsty, but still builds air alright. The big stacks are really quite in the cab with no drone. You have to stick head out the window or go between buildings to hear the exhaust. Probably because they're not mounted to the cab. Most of my noise is coming through the doghouse and firewall. The best part was we got to pass a KW & a freightliner.
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    Crappy photo, but it`s the last B Model to come off the line. A Trucktoberest last Saturday
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    I haven't been able to get on here in quite a while but here's the finished product for those who haven't seen it. I ran it all summer with no major issues!
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    41's $1,200 Autocar RV caused me to dig up this photo I took several years ago. Truck Shop
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    At Worcester Sand and Gravel. 1985 Superliner RW-613 1965 B-61 dump 1963 B-75 tractor.
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    I have been to many trucks shows in Australia (mainly state of Victoria) and the Quality to restoring the ol bangers to former glory has been outstanding until yesterday this was beyond belief ..... 1977 V8 Thumpadyn raised the bench mark to above outstanding Twaz bettr than wot rolled out the factory when New cya §wishy
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    The 1920 Mack AC got a ride to the show. The AC had been originally built as a fire truck for Keene, NH but it had been cut apart many years ago. It was beautifully reconstructed as a dump truck.
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    Your truck looks great on the cover and good article inside!
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    Thanks everybody, It's a great honor to be featured on the cover! This all came about by the work of Mr. Jack Norbeck. He was at the Mack Museum and asked Don Schumaker about the chances of having Don's ED available for a photo shoot at Schlicher's Covered Bridge in Schnecksville, Pa. Don declined but mentioned my name and gave him my phone number. Mr. Norbeck contacted me and we made arrangements to meet at the bridge on the morning of Friday August 8, 2014. My daughter Katie and I met Mr. Norbeck on what turned out to be a beautiful day. We had a great time and took lots of photos. We stopped and saw Donald at the Mack Museum on our our way back and also had lunch at the Mack Museum's favorite eatery on Lehigh St. West Chester, Pa. to Schnecksville Via Morgantown, Pa. to Allentown back to West Chester VIA Morgantown. 180 miles, most I ever put on the little girl in one day! Fueled her up Thursday night and again Friday night after attending a car show at a local car dealership! The cover photo and the other photo of the truck coming through the bridge were taken by Mr. Norbeck. Mr. Norbeck kept after me to write a little information down on the history of the truck. Finally after much prodding I wrote down the information and sent it to him in an envelope along with the other photos and the copies of the Mack literature. Jack submitted the story to the Double Clutch staff, which I am very grateful for, but in all honesty it was his story. Thank you Jack! On a side note I looked up Schlicher's Bridge and was surprised to see that it was constructed in 1882 the same year our family business started!
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    Ah memories! Attached two were delivered to my operation in like 85? sitting at delivering dealer. 350 Cummins- By today's standards totally "underpowered -Mass 99,000 lb permits.
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    DD-Outstanding shot-thx-couldn't have picked a better spot for it-I have a couple of shots on the other end taken in Canterbury.
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    This past weekend a local church had a "folk days" festival. They had a civil war set up, blacksmith, petting zoo, home made soups, and bake goods. They he a couple old cars and always ask if we can take a tractor. This year we took 2 and went in style.
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    Well guys to those of you going to Trucktoberfest this weekend, great photo op coming up. Denis Yaworski will be taking his beautiful Superliner-"End of the Line" to Allentown pulling Pat Camputaro's Landoll down. The return trip? He will be loading up Pat's great purchase, the Wellington Mack and bringing it back to Canterbury. What a photo op-last Superliner built and one of the more famous Macks of another era together. Thanks Pat and Denis.
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    Took the big bad wolf (oldest grandaugther who loves anything with a steering wheel) to a local Halloween touch a truck. Fire trucks, trash tucks, Bigfoot, a Buffalo fire truck and a 1940s Chevy pickup. Chris Barry brought his RD822sx, 500 horse E9 with 73k original miles. It just got lettered a couple days ago.
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    A Lorain shovel is keeping an eye on these two.
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    Fabulous example of riding in style.
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    This is one of my favorite keepsakes from the past, Can you imagine how excited this eleven year old boy was!
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    My heart-felt thanks to all who served in the U.S armed forces. Here is a favorite WWII video montage. Besides the video, the sound is well done too.
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    My father's boss told me when Mack came out with the Magnum they kept having problems with them. They kept running into slower trucks.
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    A beautiful rig powered by a hummin' Cummins.
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    21st century vandalism. Its too much trouble to do something creative like putting a cow on the second floor of the high school.
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    That's the address of the Empire State Building. C'mon Bob, that was on a test last year. The headquarters for Mack moved from the Empire State Building to Plainfield, New Jersey in 1955. Mack had a massive presence in New York, but at one time was a much larger corporate citizen of New Jersey than Pennsylvania. John's good people. He produced some one-off books for me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mack Plants – New York City, New York The purchase of the Hewitt Motor Company in 1912 by the International Motor Company (the holding company of Mack Brothers Motor Car Company) resulted in the acquisition of Hewitt’s large plant located at West End Avenue and 64th Street in Manhattan. Hewitt trucks and Arco radiators (a subsidiary of the International Motor Company) were produced there, as well as Alco truck spare parts under contract for the American Locomotive Company (which had discontinued truck production in 1913) In 1913, the facility was enlarged to 200,000 square feet, with a garage capacity of 350 trucks, to serve as a factory service center. By 1914, both the corporate headquarters of the International Motor Company and Mack R&D center were located within the massive complex. The facility also acted as a parts distribution center (PDC) until 1920, with the opening of the New Brunswick, New Jersey, PDC. By the early 1930s, the factory service center had fully shifted to Mack’s massive Long Island City location, and the company’s corporate headquarters had moved downtown to the Cunard Building on lower Broadway (before relocating to the Long Island City plant in 1936, the Empire State Building in 1943, Plainfield, New Jersey in 1955, Montvale, New Jersey in 1964 and Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1965). Note: Legendary Mack chief engineer and vice president Alfred Fellows Masury was one of the founders of the Hewitt Motor Company https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/34219-mack-trucks-the-facilities/?tab=comments#comment-226402
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    From the album For the love of trucks

    He sure did have an eye and a love for trucks, she is gorgeous. R.I.P Gus Propper
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    Blame this on Obama, it's the truth even if you don't like it.
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    We've gained 3 grandchildren in the last 2 years, all girls no boys but the oldest has turned out to love anything with a steering wheel. Trucks and farm tractors are her favorite. Looks like I'll have a truck show buddy after all. She got super excited when she saw this in the driveway.
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    Hauled a load of coal with the old Chevy today
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    Saw this and was very excited to see that the entire world isn't crazy and there's a chance that common sense could again prevail.
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    One of three known to exist. It is beautiful!
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    Two crappy photos, $1200 and a 1500 mile round trip from Fork Union Va to Union City, Tenn. not counting that we are in Maine right now, that adds another 730 on to it. Igot no idea what shape it's in, what power or trans or the exact model, but I can't see it being cut for scrap. Just looks too solid to me. Very least I get spares or my pair of Acars. Paul
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    Here's some pics of Thunderdog's 1989 Superliner that I've working on repainting this summer and fall. A just have the hood left to finish now.
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    Had this in our field today dropped 15 yards of what Mainers call Glacier stone and we call bank run. this is for the MEP 005 Generator unit and propane tank. Started this install last week and dawdled until we lost power for 11 hours and had to use a piss ant unit. Got 2 dumps on Long Island and 1 in virginia and had to have one deliver to us, told the yard I dealt with them because they had MACKS :).
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    Some progress on the Magnum. I've buffed out some of the paint and redone most of the pinstripes. The 32 year old Imron paint still has a hell of shine! I have to get the new doors painted and start on changing the rockers after I get done with the Superliner of Thunderdogs that I'm repainting. Josh
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    Caught the tale end of American Pickers tonight on History channel while surfing back and forth from ballgame. On Monday at 9 (History channel) they will be at some guys yard in I believe Maryland or Delaware and he has a bunch of old Macks on property.
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    Here you we like our Valueliners so much blokes have made songs about them
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    Was driving home from work this summer and saw this truck rolling up way behind me. I was almost to my exit and thought "I have to see that thing". Let off the gas till it caught up to pass then I sped up for a look at the right side. Guy gave me the eye like I was messing with him so I flashed a thumbs up, he nodded his head like "oh yeah" and leaned into it. This weekend I was driving south and saw it in a truck yard.
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    He didn’t say how much he had them sold for. Might of been $15. a bushel; legal or not it wasn’t legal for truck to get stolen; might of been putting them in a bin on the farm & not getting on hwy. hope they catch them & charge them like it’s 10,000 bushels
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    and made to pick up every bean with a slurpee straw then thrown in jail
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    Was the 5sp Maxitorque transmission used with 300+hp engines? No. The 300 Plus was design for multi-speed (Eaton) transmissions, typically a 10-speed back then. We knew the 300/5-speed Maxitorque combination was the best (and certainly the envy of the industry). However, some multi-speed transmission customers simply wouldn't bend and give it a try. So creating a multi-speed version of the Maxidyne allowed us to play both sides of the fence (We didn't call the 300 Plus a Maxidyne, because spec-wise it wasn't). Now, I know customers that put a 5-speed Maxitorque transmission behind a 300 Plus, because the Eaton blew up and they had a used 5-speed on the floor. And I watched those trucks run the road for years. But technically, it was a mismatch. This all being before CMCAC (Chassis-mounted Charge Air Cooling / intercooler), the 300 had 285hp and the 300 Plus had 315hp. But they performed nose-to-nose. The Maxidyne Plus (ETAZ-673A) was the first Maxidyne to be painted a color other gold, that being Andes Copper. The 2-valve E6-350(R) was also painted Andes Copper. This color designated engines designed for multi-speed transmissions. The early 300s, with the scoop in the R-model hood, were the most powerful ever built. They could pull a building off it's foundation and up a hill.
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    I did some reading last night The last 4 B models built in Australia were in February 1967 Paul
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    1925 Mack Model AB 1 1/2 ton Truck with Aircraft Testing equipment.The truck was purchased in 1988 from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. The truck was restored by Mr. Lewis and Raymond Jett. The truck was built to test radial aircraft engines and there is a testing area and controls.It was used by t5he USAAF and than by Continental Airlines in Colorado until about 1968. Received from Northrop Aircraft. The truck has a heavily enforced and special built cab. The truck is green and black. The truck has 146 1/2 inch wheel base. Mack 4 cylinder motor. Modified rearend for Dual rear wheels. The truck has cast rims. A lot has been done to beef up the truck chassis.
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    85 R model still earning its keep!
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    Ok peoples time for some real dumbness now I have even worked out put music on the video, so it may help to keep you awake as you watch or listen to me dribble on like the fool that I am Any the Mack has progressed a fare way since the last video (I think ) ???LOL So here you go sit back relax and with any luck you will have a laugh , I know I did Paul
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    We picked this up on the way to Lititz. It's a 1972 U795ST 1013. My Brother bought it and is going to restore it. It even still has the U-700 emblem on the cab! Thanks, Josh
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    That's a big WOW, nice nice 75. Truck Shop I always wanted a 75 that looked like this one I dreamed up.
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    I read that article` sad state of affairs fwiw my opinion tell these people that if you don`t like what you see get the hell out go find what suit`s your fancy. people that kowtow to the nimrods are no better than them.
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    I'm seeing a pattern on this site. Lot of middle to late age males with a Helluva lotta toys!!! Fine toy boxes mostly.
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    took this photo in 2013, must be the same truck... now licenced in BC... another Mack exported..!!! LOL BC Mack
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    I had my liberal daughter in law explain to me that since I am a Republican, any thing I say can be proven easily as a lie. I told her that my right elbow has never been touched by my right hand. When I walked away, she was still standing there trying to figure out if it was possible.