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    Pic at Sundown Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    Today, after 7 years of having a CDL B, I passed my Class A test. It was honestly the most difficult truck related thing I've ever had to do. 147 step pre-trip inspection that took me about an hour before I could even get in the cab. The first time I went to take it, they wouldn't let me take the road test because the 86 Superliner I was in was built without a passenger seatbelt. I had to take one of the Peterbilts today, but I passed this time with flying colors. Here's hoping I'll have some more neat pictures of our Macks at work!
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    Ran about 1100 miles this week hauling hay to the farmers and ranchers that lost everything in the fire last week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Radiator Monday. It's complete, just need to modify a bracket for the shutters. I'll tighten everything again before it goes in. I'll leak check it when the weather warms too.
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    Maddog13407 and I talked about sending some money to Mike, who could probably use some $ help due to his medical issue . We figure any amount from $5 to $50 (or what ever you want ) would be a good thing to do. We will probably catch hell for this but it's pay back for Mikes help and knowledge in our opinion. Put a note in if you can. Thanks Mike Harbison Box154 Morning Sun, IA 52640
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    Anyone that knows me , knows I have a soft spot for International Loadstars. My father always had them, and I got my CDL on one. Last week I had a Loadstar Sundance cross my path. It has a special decor package that was offered in late 75, 76 and 77.(I think) It had an upholstered dash, door panels, two tone paint . The frame and wheels were painted the same colour as part of the cab. To me a Sundance was like a unicorn, people said they where around , but I had never seen one . Now I am fortunate enough to have my own Sundance. It needs a little attention, but it will be worth it. Didn't run. (does now) No brakes . Rust issues . Cracks in hood !976 Loadstar 1700 MV 404 gas engine 5 speed with 2 speed axle 25,000 original miles
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    On D Udder side of the world in Australia (1988) Mack made 16 bicentennial mack superliners to commemorate OzLand 200 year old some one sez these trucks R worth 1.2 million Oz$ (US$ 908186) worth it or not ......................... WotSezU? cya §wishy
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    I believe this was the 1st of 6 built by Caterpillar in 1955. Cat ordered 2 300 amp dc welding generators ganged together and powered it with the d4 size power unit. 1955 cat advertising. when i got it. now video, thanks 4 looking.
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    Mmmm……….. maybe one great mind, and a simple mind along for the ride. lol This past weekend I was down to have breakfast and talk Macks with Alex G . He took me for a short ride, and I was able to take some video of his truck. It looks and sounds great ! He said it would be ok for me to share with you all. I have to warn that the sound at the very end did not turn out. It seems the bark of the engine brake just comes out as distortion . I will try to correct it for next time. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYiL1SIAaCQ On a side note, I would like to thank Barry and the folks at WATTS. Because of them and this site, i've been able to meet some great people and get valuable advice. It all helps to keep my 3 working "R"s running perfect
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    I went to Appomattox to see how Dickie was coming along with the Dodge today, and stopped by D.S.Nash Construction to take a couple of pictures.
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    One of my CJ3B's I built in the eighties. Truck Shop
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    Had time to clearcoat the doors today most of the day yesterday was devoted to wet sanding and masking the doors to get the colors right heres what the doors came out like. Thanks to the 20 mile an hour wind today these will have to be wet sanded and buffed out to get all the little pieces of airborne crap out of them that's a reflection in the first picture between the door handle opening and hole for the lock not a massive run as it appears to be.
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    Handsome heavy spec B61 with big rubber and rear wheel sanders pictured at Macungie.
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    Had a rather large owl perch in a sugar maple tree at dusk.
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    this is a 1971 Autocar this truck is a classic.this truck has a 350 big cam cummins in it with a 13 speed roadranger transmission. A motor swap was done 2 years ago the engine is a 1984 new injectors were also installed.the truck has 55,000 pd rears.also this truck is equiped with a triple piston Bristol donald dump body. The frame is spotless.Also the interior is all there and in good shape on this truck. Also comes with a new air seat. for any questions please call Garrett O'Grady at: 7329397494 will trade for a Mack tandem dump15k
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    Made my modifications to the actuator arm for the shutters, so now they work as advertised. Missed the minor difference in late vs. early style shutters, in that there's about 1 1/2" difference in height for the arm follower which caused the interference. Anyway, really happy with how the radiator turned out and can't wait to have in mounted up!! Into storage for now, though. Moved the cab out to reset the dolly under late yesterday and to assess it a bit. This, without a doubt, will be the biggest headache of this project. I have many donor parts from a L-cab fire truck a friend gave me years ago. I salvaged many good parts from it as it had no bottom frame work. From the cowl up was in good shape and I carefully removed the gutters, roof cap and sub frame and the windshield area. Planning on starting that this fall. Frame work is next, as soon as the snow melts and I can move the frame up to the front of the barn.
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    I went over to Mtn. Lake Park ,Md. with a load of pipes last week. I saw some large windmills on top of the mountain at Mount Storm. And I saw some big Mack trucks there too. I saw this big Mack truck in Martinsville. I saw this big Mack truck in Lexington, Va, sitting on rt. 11 right across the highway from Lee-Hi Truck Stop. Remember when I bought Jo that little Saturn car a few years ago? It's been a good car, and she loves it. She was sitting at a red light in Madison Heights last week- minding her own binness, waiting for the light to change- when some jackass in a big ass lifted Silverado pickup with big ass tires came from her left and made a right turn onto the street she was on. And right onto the hood of her car, for who knows why? It was broad daylight, and he just ran right into her. He got a ticket for reckless driving. I looked online a bit, and checked the Kelley Blue Book, and the bad part is the car looks to be worth only about $1500. I don't know if it's totaled or not, but it doesn't take much now to have $1500 in damage. It still runs fine, she drove it to her sister's house just a little ways away, but the police officer told her he couldn't let her drive it back to Gladys. OK, I saw a girl in a car on the interweb too-
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    Just looking around YouTube and found this one...Even has some real music with it! Hippy
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    The economic migrants heard European countries offered endless free handouts, so they came in by the hundreds of thousands. The U.S. has the same problem, except the takers of our social welfare handouts are composed both of economic migrants AND existing U.S. residents. The situation has gotten so far out of hand. There have been, are, and always will be a "few" that need and deserve a helping hand. But our government has created a system that is carrying millions, at the taxpayer's expense. The "entitled" masses.
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    I got the doors wet sanded and buffed out so I had enough time to get them on the cab like most doors a PITA to adjust especially the drivers door where they wrecked the truck at one time. The driver door had to be shimmed out 3/16 of a inch by using washers behind the hinges after reaching the limits of the hinge adjustment.
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    Clean and green heavy tractor.
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    Buy that thing and that 63' fifth wheel camper and hook it all together
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    ...but I got'er in there!
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    Not only that, I saw a big peach- A Ford almost buried in the dirt pile- I got to road test a brand new tank trailer- first time i've ever pulled a tank. It was really shiny- A nice looking young lady in an automobile- A big bird in the field- And this is apparently some kind of super high performance hotrod racing machine at a job site I went to in Gainesville, Va. Kinda neat looking- they were going to build a cooling tower here, then changed their minds. "They" are Duke Energy. They decided to go a different route than the cooling tower, they run water in over there for cooling, then out over yonder, but I forgot what it's called...pretty sure it's not the "water in over here, out over yonder" system.
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    I could make back the cost of the length streach and lift axle within no time as the truck is paid for and I have a 15ft bed sitting here at the house. My thoughts were adding a tag to the rear would be less expensive and would not have to mess with moving the axles. A 25 year old truck is what I want. I have no desire to make $4000 a month payments and worry about how many nickels I need to rub together waiting on call backs or having to haul asphalt by the ton and running overweight to to make up for the overbooking of trucks and only getting three loads a day while sitting at the jobsite waiting for the other 15 trucks to dump ahead of me. With my 32 year old truck (1985 RWL 15ft dump) that is paid for I only take work that is by the hour and I am not forced to haul asphalt by the ton. All things being equal i.e. a triaxle dump 25 years old or brand new 2017 dump truck makes the same money per hour, my business model venture doesn't require the extra overhead.
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    Not mine. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/dodge/unspecified/1921905.html?refer=news
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    1951 Mack LTL now with Cummins power replacing the original Hall Scott gasoline engine. LTL2D1452
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    nothing for me to say here the video says more than I ever could enjoy Paul
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    I can help answer this. We'll start with property taxes. Because we work hard and buy some land to enjoy, we are taxed for it. In my county, a lot of the taxes are going to welfare. Social security tax. The money we pay for social security isn't going into an account for ourselves. I can look around my area and see the people getting SSI and welfare are very able bodied but just not willing to work. We have a large Somali population that is willing to stay pregnant to keep receiving assistance. Healthcare. We don't even need to start trying to figure out healthcare and where this money is going. And the list goes on. We had people that worked on our farm but wanted less hours..... Otherwise they'd lose their county assistance! How about you work more hours and forget about the county assistance! It's an epidemic.
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    Camping in style at Macungie!
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    Yesterday I took advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime. The Midwest Railway Preservation Society offers "drive a train" and I took them up. Pay a fee and get an hour behind the throttle of there vintage long hood RS-3 similar to this: What I was told about the Alco RS3, was the fact it was a long hood, was it was one of the first diesels and the long hood mimic's a steam engine. Pretty much all the later stuff were short hoods(like GP's and SD's) Due to circumstances beyond my control I was given the benefit of playing longer then typical. The other gentlemen that was doing it was a 95 yr old WWII veteran. It was pretty cold out and he didn't stay on for the entire time limit. The engineer offered me more play time if I wanted to? Well, HELL YA!!! We were hooked to a tank car and was dragging it up and down an access track for their property(off CSX rail yard in Cleveland). Pretty cool to play with I must say. After the veteran was helped off the engine I asked if my g/f could ride(typically that is not allowed), but was told "that's okay". Karen hopped on and we played some more until it was time to put things away. The engineer took the controls and we shuffled some cars around and put things back were they started from and then rode back into the roundhouse. About 3 hours worth! I have been familiar with the organization for a few years, but never joined. I joined and hope to make some time to actually volunteer to work on the equipment. They own and are restoring the 4070 that used to pull the cars for the Cuyahoga Valley Line. I rode behind it back in the early 80's?(and still have a badge from it somewhere). www.midwestrailway.org
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    Us jokers on D udder side of the world can't see any problems with a little snow
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    I definitely don't think they are worth $1.2 mil. But if I owned one, I definitely would think it was worth $1.2 mil. I'm a walking contradiction. Thats my 2c.
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    Heres a engineers side view from silver pilot the last E5 locomotive in existence the Nebraska zephyr cool old iron pretty slow track speed as seen on the speedometer..
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    Went and did the first two parades of the season today St. Patricks day in Dundee IL and Saint Charles IL surprised by the crowds since I don't think it got up to 30 degrees today.
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    Tip turbine equipped tractor with a cold weather air cleaner and has a good bit of fuel capacity.
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    Yup only our Forces would order a truck with DEF ! TIME OUT Guys stop the war For an hour I have to do A REGEN! OH make it two I have to do two regens and a crystal sub !
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    See hot woman go with hot truck🙀
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    O K, how about this-I saw some dump trucks... and a girl in a car. ...a girl walking the street A big red truck- A redhead pumping some gasoline- A train- A rusty tractor- The old Burlington Industries Plant in Altavista. Lots of wild aminals-
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    Probably takes them twice as long if it's a stick. I'm unashamedly biased against automatics in trucks because the main reason for it is to put more inexperienced driver behind the seat because it's just like driving your Camry.
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    As seen in the Bulldog magazine Vol. 2 2009. A 1958 B-60 that had been a cement mixer was updated with a Mack 237hp motor and fitted with a Holmes wrecker body. Owned by Sam's Truck Service in Springdale, PA near Pittsburgh.
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    I sure like it!! Not mine and the mrs say it never will be either!!!!!! The original builder is Dick Edler, owner of Edler & Co. in Skokie, IL. Mr. Edler has since passed on, but the company still exists today as a warehousing, transportation and logistics company – clearly, Mr. Edler had a spare rig or two that he decided to convert to his personal castle on wheels. 1970 Camelot Cruiser RV Ford C 900 Tractor Trailmobile Trailer. The Camelot Cruiser was the epitome of luxury and opulence in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Each and every one was a unique and one of a kind creation custom tailored to pamper and provide the highest level of comfort and style to the discriminating traveler! The décor is 70’s with a mix of Harvest Gold, Avocado and Tangerine shag and Naugahyde.This particular example was never sold and has been stored in the same warehouse since the 70’s which attests to its remarkable condition. There is large wrap around table in the front “Royal Observatory Lounge” perfect for meals and entertaining. The “Gourmet Galley” features all the comforts of a modern home kitchen (in the 70”s) with a stove, sink and refrigerator. Moving through the coach you arrive at the “Knights Chamber” featuring a full size double bed with a quality box spring and comfortable mattress set featuring a stone headboard making this home your own personal castle! From there one journeys through the “King’s and Queen’s Privy” appointed with luxury fire glazed tile, the full sized shower and toilet compliment the dual sink vanity. Finally one arrives in the “The Great Hall”, creating a mood for formal, yet relaxed entertaining with comfortable seating accented by a stone wall and genuine oak paneling. All this creates an atmosphere that makes one forget they are actually travelling on the road. The attention to detail is evident in the quality and workmanship with genuine oak cabinetry, hand selected hardware and even an intercom throughout the coach linking the cab and trailer. The 1970 Ford C 900 tractor has only covered a total of 34,704 miles.
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    My name is Richard from western NSW , Australia. I have a '86 Superliner ( originally from Sherwin Cattle co ) with a E9 500, 12 speed, 4.64s 44s and a 90 Valueliner E6 350, 12 speed , 4.64 44s. Both used for road train work and low loader work. Love the old macks, I do all my own repairs and maintainence. They handle the harsh environment easily with the correct Mack upkeep. My 6 year old son loves coming with dad and already thinks he can handle a 12 speed, given the opportunity to . We grow grain so it's mainly tipper work, however we did a lot of heavy and oversize concrete work for years. I drove in USA for 10 months in '99 which was awesome , worked real hard , partied harder in them days, ha ha. I love reading all the v8 talk , they are solid engines, if you haven't driven one, you simply don't understand . Cheers from Australia , Richard
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    Heresa green Machine from the Udder side of the world in Oz Tooradin Truck & Tractor Show cya §wishy
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    i raised the cab 4" on this and never had to anything like that
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    One of our projects this winter switch rear ends over to hub piloted with aluminum wheels gives it a differant look... I know a lot of people like to keep the spokes but for the price to replace a spoke not making much since to keep them plus the maintenence aspect is much easier with hub pilots
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    I recently aqquired a Mack Jr Panel....I don't know if it's a 1937 or 38...Lots of rust but I'm a fabricator....The chassis is pretty rusty...as are the rear doors...I have the 4 side panels. Truck was originally from Ontario, Canada. It seems the MJr Panels are pretty rare....I have only found 1 vintage picture and also a Lionel train sign on Ebay. Anyone got input?
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    Problem was sun was in his eyes. Trk didn't have a large enough sun visor.
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    "Rights" do not require the actions of others in order for you to exercise them. Speech (nobody HAS to listen to you). Press (nobody HAS to read your publications). Keep & Bear Arms (nobody HAS to buy them for you). Etc., etc., etc... Involuntary servitude was outlawed by the Constitution by the 13th Amendment, which is what doctors MUST do IF their service is somehow considered a "Right" held by everybody else. You don't have the RIGHT to MY services any more than I have the RIGHT to YOUR services. It doesn't matter if I am a truck driver, banker, mason, blacksmith, proprietor of a store...or even a doctor. If I provide a service you need, you STILL do not have the RIGHT to force me to perform that service for you. You may ASK, and offering proper and fair compensation will likely convince me to help, but MY service is NOT a RIGHT you are entitled to have.