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    Well I have not been here in a long while. I had to move out of the shop I was using and got the old C Model running. I think I have posted pictures here at one time before the dump bed was removed
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    Can't get much better than a Mack B75 matched up to a Fruehauf round nose stainless trailer.
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    I don't remember if I posted any of my art work, If I have just delete the post. Truck Shop
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    Lemon Picker Sally Mullihan of Coral Springs , Florida decided to take one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do. Sally applied for a job in a Florida lemon grove and seemed to be far too qualified for the job. She had a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan and had worked as a social worker and a school teacher. The foreman frowned and said, "I have to ask you, have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?" "Well, as a matter of fact, I have," she said: "I've been divorced three times, owned two Chrysler's and I voted twice for Obama." She starts work on Monday ....
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    Picking up this Beauty this morning in Kansas. Mack and Fruehauf, also a White. Lots of work to get them out of building but worth it. Mack Flathead, air brakes.
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    So I read an article of an immigrant girl spouting off on how she gets a college education for free yet paid only 300.00 in taxes and she's illegal...living in the US I was always taught that you never discuss politics and religion with folks yet always be respectful . However I am angry. I was raised by a traditional grandmother and grandfather on a farm. We were taught to work as hard as you can for as long as you can.. never talk back to your elders, respect is earned and not given, and nothing is free. I paid for my entire education with the help of student loans because my family was poor... I did my time in the military because my grandpa said it was my duty as a citizen to serve this country. I was taught by my grandmother to take care of your man, wash clothes..cook and clean and take pride in your house,home and family. I was taught that I could be anything I wanted to be, but you have to work hard to get there... man or woman. I'm deeply saddened and angry that illegals get education and services for free.. yet my taxes are so high in a state I was born and raised in, that I can't afford to live there! And it is one of the highest social welfare states in the country! (Highest number of people on social welfare). What happened to this country? Morals? Values? Taking care of our men? Why is taking care of my man considered degrading by young women today? What the heck has happened? I'm not a racist, yet I'm labeled one because I'm white..and also told that I cannot wear a cross necklace to work, because it might offend someone. I'm deeply saddened by what is happening in this country. I am a hard working woman, I'll take pride in my man, family and home, I'll wear a cross my grandpa gave me, and I'll fly the flag he fought for! If that makes me a weak woman.. so be it. I'll stick to my old trucks and my farm at least cow crap is exactly what it is... cow crap! I'd rather work for things I have and need.. there's more pride in earning it than getting everything for free. sorry for the rant, but this country needs serious help.
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    OK, I got nuthin'. I went to Lynchburg Monday morning and got a load of pipes going to Falmouth, Va. Here's the pictures...a golden field from the bridge on rt. 295 between Richmond and Petersburg. I don't know what it is, but it's pretty. OK, moving on, then I went to Petersburg and got a load of beams going to Federalsburg, Md. I saw a girl with a nice ass coming from the mail box along the way- and more golden fields. I saw a nice B model on rt. 301 in Md. too. I was too late to grab a picture, but I found it on Google Earth. Then I went back to Petersburg and loaded a load going to New Mexico that delivers Monday, and I went to the tooth doctor yesterday. I took a load of this scrap metal in the back yard over to the shop today and my helper threw it in the junk pile- My helper has a nice ass too. And... that's all i've got. I am leaving tomorrow going to Bernalillo, New Mexico, which is just north of Albuquerque. Maybe i'll see something photo-worthy out that-a-way. First time ive been that far west since I went to Payallup in 2009.
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    Really a good Day! At lunch I decided to cut down a 40ft tree that had died this winter. Started cutting at 2. With the help of my dear wife, a neighbor, our 42-"DE" and Farm Boss saw we had it down, cut up and carted off to recycle area and were showered for dinner and several glasses of wine at 6.
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    Great replies! I truly miss my grandpa and those of his era. Men and women fought back then for their country, were wounded, or died fighting for what they believed in.. They came home, went back to work and never complained. Women took care of the families and supported the man of the house... it used to be an honor for a woman to have a husband she took care of.. children and a home. Now women consider this appalling... shame on them. I am a woman and I will say it. I'm 37 years old ... and thankful for being raised on a farm. The reason families are falling apart is because people do not have values anymore. I find it horribly sad that today.. when someone's dad or grandpa.. grandma or mom passes away their cherished belongings such as old tractors, trucks etc are sold off. Family heirlooms are rarely kept anymore. I understand needing money..however the value of preserving family history is disappearing. We fail to acknowledge the hard working class.. farmers.. truck drivers.. construction, mechanics etc. The people who build and haul necessities. What happened to sitting by the radio listening to ball games with dad or grandpa.. or the family sitting at the table together.. small houses, no electronics.. and going to church on Sundays...and kids actually going outside to play and use their imaginations. Holding doors for elderly or people in general...how do you change society? So if you are a veteran.. a housewife.. a truck driver...a mechanic.. a grandpa..a mom..a dad..a construction worker...equipment operator.. a welder.. a grandma.. an electrician.. or you work in a job that requires use of your back, hands, and busting your ass ... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! There are still folks out here who respect you!
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    Thinking it's not going to snow again, we moved them around the yard.
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    From Over Drive March 1972. Damn, things have sure changed! http:// http://
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    ...And saw a DM mixer truck. Sure not a rare beast but one of Macks in Russia the number of which you can easily count with fingers of two your hands. Made a 450 km trip to pick up some parts the owner had. Had been damn busy for some last weeks, also had to install Mozilla on the 'puter since my old trusty Chrome couldn't access BMT anymore. The rest is good, hope the same on here Vlad
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    My wife and I live as we were raised to have a traditional work ethic, believe in God, be Patriotic and be respectful of others. Our boys were raised the same way, One did well, one married a liberal and went to hell. I was raised to be able to look yourself in the mirror and not feel ashamed or guilty about anything you've done. We really could care less what the "beautiful people's " opinion of us is, we own all we have, no loans, no credit cards. we practice help thy neighbor, we take care of my fellow Vets both Vietnam and I.D.F . I was once told by a particular member here I was a "scared old white guy clinging to my Bible, guns and Flag" well I'm damn proud to be that. We go to bed at night knowing we did the best we could and left it a bit better than before. Best advice I can give is live your life as you were raised and be proud of your choice. Never feel embarrassed by your values, morals,beliefs, patriotism or work ethic. Same token don't take any crap for your choices.
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    More old trucks. I was hoping to make Amarillo Saturday night, but I didn't quite make it. I was going to stop at the Big Texan. Several people have said that it wasn't that great anyway, but it would have been nice to experience it one time.
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    Count's Kustoms and Welderup
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    Well my old R hauled it first load in quite a few years . I just put a new fith wheel on it and a fresh frame paint job , have to give it a fresh paint job yet . I need to take a break from painting everyone else's truck and paint my own . For a 45 year old truck it really still works well .
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    Hope you enjoyed the show !
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    Thank you all. I have drawn motorcycles, hot rods, steam locomotives just about anything that has wheels. But I have always liked putting a semi to ink the best. When I was a kid in the early 60's I would watch trucks all the time, started drawing trucks about 1961 I was five years old then and I never stopped til 3 years ago when I had back surgery. My whole body kind of went numb from nerve damage. But I'm getting better slowly and will start back with some art work here shortly. Here are some more oldies. I have a LTL I have to rescan it's blurred real bad. Thanks again Folks. If anyone wants some free prints PM me an address and I will send you some. Truck Shop
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    In the 1950's to the mid 1970's Lyons Ford in Suffolk County each was the biggest Ford truck dealer on Long Island. http://
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    Thanks everyone for the excellent advice. This truck has an interesting history. My father was the VP of Maintenance for Overnite Transportation back in the 1980's. When Smith Transfer went bankrupt in 1988, he was instructed to go to the bankruptcy auction and buy as many of these Mack U models as he could for city service in the Overnite fleet. He bought roughly 200 of them and had them all repainted blue/gray and restored to new condition in the Overnite shops. He retired long ago but last month we saw a Craigslist ad for this old truck that had been abandoned in Wilkesboro, NC, and recognized the paint scheme as Overnite. The truck had been sitting parked in a field for over 11 years but we simply put a new battery on it, fresh diesel and it fired right up in less than 5 minutes! It's going to be a project to bring it back to life but it is amazing how durable that truck is. Minor rust on the floorboard, rotten air hoses and a leaking radiator is the only mechanical issue that we have seen. Certainly needs paint and body work but the bones are still solid. I have attached some pictures and will post updates regularly. Thanks for the help! Mike
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    You know it's big when the large metal trash can on the stack looks tiny.
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    morning work out
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    This B-61 has the optional contour cab (CA 27) and is hooked to a 1951 Trailmobile trailer that was part of Mack's internal fleet.
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    Great looking log truck and trailer combination originally from the northwest.
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    This black beauty has retired to Australia.
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    Got the rocks loaded, strapped, and tarped, headed north on I-25 back to I-40- Headed back east- More old units- More old units- it would have been nice to stop here too. The original load of rocks going to Hagerstown, Md. that I was supposed to load got canceled, and I sat out in the street for about 5 or 6 hours until they got another load there, going to Columbus, Ohio. So by the time I got loaded I had to get as far as I could in the time I had left. The last picture I took before the battery died-
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    ...are really catching it, and they should. Here's just a few of the jokes i've seen-
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    Backwoods regions of the south......what the hell you mean...just because we think marriage should be between one man and one woman doesn't make us backwards ...... it's "FORWARD" thinking people like you that's brought America to where it is today...makes you proud ? I m one of the proudly clinging to my guns and Bible plain ol joes of this country.....maybe you and the snowflakes should read what the Bible says about homosexuality I personally believe in God and don't think he is a bigot.....my two cents....Bobby j.
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    I'm a farm girl and can cuss cattle with the best, but I was also taught to be a lady. I ticked off a bunch of the women protesters here because one of them sat down at my table at a local event and said "why aren't you up there with us?" My reply... Ma'am you need to get the hell away from my table... I've worked for everything I have and I am treated fair because I work... I don't complain about what I don't have and I don't expect people to give me what I need just because I'm a woman... I earn it.. where I come from women still raise their kids... drive tractors...cook for their husbands.. and help with farm chores". Needless to say she gave me a few choice words.. blah blah.. I wonder what this country is going to be like in five or ten years. Awful. This era is scary. Those women avoid me like the plague...
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    After some searching I finally picked up a b model. Its a b42 with a 5x4. Has a single axle air ride rear suspension instead of a tandem. I think I want to put it back stock.
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    Some pictures I took going to New Mexico- i'll start off with this girl on her phone in that red car- Some old trucks on I-40 in Arkansas- they've been sitting there for a long time. Nice flame coming out of the stacks. More golden fields- I probably shouldn't have taken pictures of golden fields, to conserve battery power,eh? Neat looking old store and gas station. More old trucks. Now that's a beautiful place!
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    A pair of small Mack E model school buses at the Rochester Fairgrounds many years ago.
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    Vermont based Super in 2003.
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    From what I have experienced: If a person of color, native, have trouble with sexual preference, female, minority.... Shows up at your door you hire them. Seems the problem is getting them to show up, pass a drug test, read, follow instructions, have an I.D. posses a ss card, posses a skill or two, not have a DUI, look presentably to your customers, ... And of course have the rare trait of wanting to work, they WILL be hired.
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    Well I got a contract painting these knuckleboom cranes and I needed to truck them back and forth so the old R has a job to do again besides just sitting in the barn . I started trucking these in January but I didn't want to get salt on the old girl so I used a ch and a cxu to haul them . Well this is the first load I have ever hauled on this truck and the first time I have ever used a maxidyne to pull a load and I must say these old 675 can get the job done just as well as anything . I was amazed how well it did compared to engines with twice the horsepower . The ch I used had a e7 427 with a ten speed and the cxu I used had an mp 7 with a 13 speed Both did a super job . However the 675 237 hp had plenty of that low end torque to get the load moving I think it had more out of the hole than the others . But with a five speed and 417 gears the top end suffers. But you don't need to move a load at 80 mph anyways . I've seen many questions on here if an engine with 237 hp can get the job done and I would say hell yes and you do not need 500 hp or more to pull a load with ease down the road
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    A long day
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    I received a look of shock and a sincere "thank you" the other day at the post office. My wife and I had just picked up our mail and were half way to the car when I saw a lady carrying a postal box stuffed full of outgoing mail. I told the wife "Hang on a sec", turned around, walked back to the post office and opened the door for her. Apparently, it came as a surprise to her that someone would do such a thing. Rare thing these days I guess, seeing a total stranger that not only notices another person might need a hand but actually going out of their way to help even though they hadn't been asked. Hell, I've been noticing most guys seem hard-pressed just to open a door for THEIR OWN gal when they are walking along side her, let alone for a total stranger. I guess my wife is spoiled that way...she doesn't even have to open the car door when I'm with her. Kind of sad more men don't treat their ladies like they are special...but then again maybe they just aren't men or their ladies not all that special. Who knows.
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    Hey guys, I'm back on this project. I worked on it through the end of December then moth-balled the whole thing for a while. I ended up gutting my kitchen, living room and bathroom, but it is almost 100% back together so on to some more enjoyable projects. I began rust repair on the cab, hopefully on the next month or two I can get some paint on that. I also hope I can get you guys to give me some information on the radiator/shutter assembly. I'm gonna try to get that apart and take some pictures then maybe I can figure out the next move with that. Here is a pic from when I stopped working on it late last December. Thanks, Andy
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    Who puts a boat anchor 429 in a Galaxie?? Seems an FE does a really nice job. I'm a bit fond of the Galaxies, I have two myself.
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    This case is the classic "they did what?" scenario for senior management. Everyone has some degree of fault, but I'm sure senior management expected far more out of their employees than what was delivered. The gate agents should have bumped it up the line as soon as it became apparent that the situation wasn't going to resolve itself and the "police" officers should have asked some hard questions of the United staff before they took the actions they did. I'm sure 99% of the officers who would respond to a like situation would ask United what is it that this guy did before taking actions to remove him. When United replied most officers would tell them they are not going to forcibly remove the person for refusing to give up a seat in what was basically a civil, not criminal matter. And in turn United folks should have stepped in and told the officers not to use force if that is the road they were headed down. One of the things we always stressed to our folks is that every contact you have with a citizen maybe the only contact that citizen ever has with us and that if you do not make a positive impression on them you are letting every other employee and the organization down. That starts with senior management and it is pretty apparent that no one at United or the Chicago Airport ever cared enough to make sure their employees knew, and acted on, that. One rule to keep in mind when faced with a situation like this is "If that was my Mother/Wife/Sister/Child how would I treat them?" If everyone involved had applied that rule than no one would have ever heard about this.
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    Here is a Model A I did in 1988, it was about 17 hours IIRC. Truck Shop
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    hey! i resemble that remark...but sadly you are correct. I am definitely in the minority with paint on my doors...and i speak english...and i can back up!
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    After almost 4 months she is finally ready for work... been a long journey... some days she played nice and alot of days she didnt... still got a lot to do but it is road ready and finally ready to start earning her keep
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    Very impressive work! I'd love for my Superliner to look that good some day. I can't ever sell it. It's what got me started in the dump truck business. It's never let me down. 8v92TA w/ Eaton 13spd. which is a total blast to drive. I do like the idea of a Cat b engine. You can crank that baby up! Good for us for keeping these amazing trucks alive! I get thumbs up at every job site. Peace
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    Recently I had the good fortune to go to the Caribbean. It's interesting to see the Macks living their next life down there . I though I would share some pics with you. The first pics are from St. Maarten The next ones are from St. Kitts The next ones are from Dominica But my favourite was in Barbuda. I did some video of some well used DM's . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5rSYFtEPJc Hope you enjoy !
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    Hoping for it to be running this weekend and start putting the bed on.