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    I think I might have posted this before, this was in the Lynchburg paper's archive photos. I saw it today, this is when they were building the Smith Mountain Dam. http://www.newsadvance.com/news/local/photos-building-smith-mountain-lake-a-look-back/collection_0ec57092-d580-11e5-aa7e-7f9c0e742de0.html#9
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    My son drew this as my Christmas present. You Aussies should appreciate it...at the bottom it says F786ST.
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    I've wanted an R model for a long time. Finally found the right one. '67 with a 673 turbo 250 horse and a duplex. Nice solid roadworthy truck. This is the last piece to round out the collection. Photos are a little dark.
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    Annoying commercials, I would be mortified if my son didn’t know what a lug wrench was as depicted by an insurance company. I have two daughters and some of the first orders of business when teaching them to drive was to backup using the mirrors, know how to check the oil and change a tire, drive a standard transmission and never stop on the shoulder of the road unless it was a true emergency. (IE: something more pressing than to let the dog out to pee or switch seats). The older I get, the more I witness more the death of common sense. Am I just a cranky old man?
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    Anyone heard from Vlad since January 10th?
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    A couple new pen and inks out of four I've done in the last month including that old A Car above. Both are personals I for people on another forum. The B model service truck does not exist, I just dreamed that up for my friend Rob and put his name on it because he is a great V-12 Detroit engine and heavy equipment mechanic and I thought he needed a cool looking ride. Truck Shop
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    I saw a big yellow thing in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And more big yellow things hidden under that white plastic. A big Mack truck. A cat getting a beer. I saw snow in Gladys too. Another big Mack truck. Nice view on rt. 220, between Eagle Rock and Iron Gate. This is just north of Iron Gate- The Peaks of Otter, from Bedford. Big crane in Cincinnati. Big boat too.
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    some people are pretty skilled drawers and Im not one of them LOL My son took a photo of the Princess and I on Chrissy day I look a tad shabby beside the Princess and Mrs Mack but not a bad picture I thought Paul
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    Having not whizzed in anyone's Wheaties lately I thought I would give people something to think about on the eve of a possible Government vacation (shut down), So after a year of investigating Trump seems the only thing they are proving is that Trump did not team up with the Russians but appears Clinton did, imagine that, now I always found that those who accuse of wrong doing the loudest are usally the worst offender of just that very thing that they complain about, also find it disturbing that the only thing they got Manafort on was some 10 year old possible hiding of some cash, all this and that's all you got, and since when is hiding some money from 10 years ago got anything to do with the Russians and the 2016 election ??? Read somewhere that the polar bears are having a rough winter seems it's so cold that everything is frozen over, duh what happened to Global warming, I thought the polar caps were melting, and NYC was going to be flooded, wouldn't be much of a loss in my book, so you say it's climate change (not warming) well if the polar caps are melting that would mean warming, sure wish you liberal tree huggers could get your story together and stick to it, I get dizzy with all changing stories ?? Well got my new health insurance qoute, only went up 60%, and the lady thought that was pretty reasonable ???? WTF, reasonable, compared to what ?? felt better after talking to tow truck guy, he has Chrons, his insurance went up $1300.00 per month added to what he already was paying, ??? where did the 32 million uninsured people go, what about keep your policy and your doctor and the cost is going down, it never went down it has done nothing but skyrocket, what kinda BS was that deal, and we can't sue Obama for his outright lies ??? BS. so let's recap, we destroyed coal and all the people who made a living from it and we raised our electric costs, we insured 32 million people that never existed, we raised the price of insurance so that people that had it are now not renewing because the cost has skyrocketed, Clinton not Trump was cozy with Moscow, some brave men died in Benghazi and it wasn't the video that we were told it was, if you kill some one and your here illegally then it's a accident and your let go, and the list of degenerate actions of the left wing liberals goes on and on and somehow Trump and the us deplorables are what's bad for the country ???? WTF OH and I'm the one told to stop picking on liberals yet watch the the fake news and it's 24/7 attack on Trump and his supporters, we had Obama for 8 years, you liberals all but ruined the country, and I thought all liberals were moving out, yet you are still here, OH and guess what, when coming back from some third world crap hole, guess how we describe it, that's right, it is what it is.
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    I suppose he didn't. Anything less than 40% grade doesn't work at those latitudes
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    Had a lot of apples last fall so I shared them with the neighbors.
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    My tool box memorial to old trucks and simpler day's. I have room for two more. Truck Shop
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    Last summer hauling from minooka to homewood
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    Bumping this thread back to life...almost 1 year later and the forum seems to have picked up a little but I gotta agree with you guys...Facebook is strangling a lot of forums! It is easier to use, quicker to post and a lot of people are already registered users! The problem with Facebook is that the info that gets posted is useful at the time but it doesn't get archived very well and is almost impossible to search. Forums will always be a better source of information than Facebook groups! Just hang in there and the forms will be strong again!
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    Dunno why all the fuss n bother LOL cya §wishy
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    winter sucks,,,,lets face it...lol.bob
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    Happy New Year to everyone, I hope it will be your best ever.
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    I had the seats recovered on my B model. Got them installed today . Went with grey and black instead of the original color . Used Wolblin Goblin's tip on covering the holes on the underside with screen to keep the mice out.
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    I know a few guys that would relate this to their ex wives.
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    As seen on Rt 234, Prince William Cty, VA. Really a nice tractor, big Ford V8, F-8, 5+2 with air brakes.
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    Merry Christmas everyone hope everyone has as great of a year I just had,got my daughter back after 15 year addiction. O
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    One of my neighbors, Mr. Bobcat, was in the side yard on Friday while I was enjoying a turkey sammich. I didn't want to share my lunch so he moved along. Pretty sure he was looking for the rabbits that live in a huge clump of forsythias.
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    Howdy Folks. New member here with a 1961 B95F. I have owned it for 18 years now and use it for mostly PR functions, taking sick kids for rides, weddings, birthdays and car shows. I have never had to do anything to her (other than maintenance) until recently. Now just going over the brakes and looking for some good tires to replace the originals due to cracking. She only has 27,000 mikes on her with the original paint that still shines. Looking forward to making new contacts to keep the old Mack rolling!
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    I was looking thru some of my "stuff" , and came across more info the very helpful people at the Mack Museum sent me when I was looking into my B71.
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    We have laws that are rigidly enforced.........and then we have laws which are not enforced. It sends a bad message. Not a good way to run a ship. If foreigners are only allowed, by law, to legally immigrate to the United States, then one would be sure that all "illegal" immigrants are detained and immediately deported (and denied the ability to legally immigrate, as a penalty, for a period of time if not forever). No child born to illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship (i.e. DACA). If they want to complain, they should address their parents. The U.S. has nothing to do with it. The current system is, if you were able to sneak in and not be captured for a period of time, you can stay. That doesn't fly with me.
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    Well I did it. I pulled the trigger on a Superliner with an e9. Its a dump truck and will be used for work. It is a two owner truck and was a log truck before a dump truck. The truck needs a bit of tlc but I am Happy about my purchase. I have been reading forums on this site to help me make up my mind if this truck would be a good fit for me. Thanks to all for your posts and future posts. Greg
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    Man Drives Tank Into Store, Steals Bottle of Wine Witnesses note he seemed drunk By Michael Harthorne, Posted Jan 11, 2018 7:29 PM CST An armored personnel carrier sits next to a shop window it crashed into in Apatity, Murmansk region on the Arctic Kola Peninsula, Russia, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018. (Hibinform/Photo via AP) (Newser) – On Wednesday morning in a Russian town just south of the Arctic Circle, a tank rumbled through the snowy streets before crashing into a convenience store, the Independent reports. Reuters notes that witnesses at the scene "did not seem particularly disturbed by the incident." It all started when a man in his late-20s, who witnesses would later say seemed drunk, stole an armored personnel carrier from a military driving school, the Guardian reports. The man drove the tank through a forest and into the town of Apatity. Unable to turn around in a narrow street and having crushed a car parked nearby, the man rammed the tank into the front of a convenience store. He then climbed out of the vehicle's hatch, looked at the destruction, and clambered into the store, where he apparently stole a bottle of wine. The Independent notes "the shop was not licensed to sell alcohol that early in the morning." The man was arrested for DUI
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    15 minutes here would be worse than any gulag
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    Yardo and OD as kids practicing for just that event. . .
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    I'm stripping down my donor cab, getting ready to pull it and send it to the body shop. I removed the dog today, seems kind of symbolic to remove the dog from an old Mack truck. I'm looking forward to the day when I can put it back on.
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    To survive a fire and subsequent water blast, the O.D. Smokin' Turkey Cooking School has developed a self smoking, fully submersible turkey. Now available in two flavors. . . Orange flavored Chemical and Lemon scented foam. I shouldn't be allowed to play with food. . .
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    Don't know about down in Mexico where you are.. but Here in N.S.W. you can't run Oversize loads on either B Doubles Or Road Trains.. As for the BOOFA CRATS..
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    All the talk about horsepower is nothing if you aren't building torque. Racers saying: Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall, torque is how far you take the wall with you.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
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    For once, I have something positive to report about a business transaction. I ordered new tires for my pickup from tirerack.com No one else could touch the price they had on 275 65 20" Cooper Discoverer AT's. When I went online to order them, I wanted to pick them up at their New Castle, Delaware warehouse and save myself almost $100 in shipping. The online ordering thingamabobber said that they were out of stock at New Castle, so I had to fork over shipping fees to have them sent from Conn. (even with the shipping no one could touch their price.) I get an email 2 days later advising that they had been shipped......wait for it........from New Castle, Delaware. So I called the 800 number and explained the situation. Without me even asking the call taker offered a full refund of the shipping fee, which was credited to my bank account 3 days later. They will be getting future business from me.
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    when i was a teenager, i had a old car had a engine fire about 150 or so miles from home after the fire department came and put my car out and it was a total wreck i called my dad for a ride home and he goes well i guess your have to figure something out.....lol several years later i was around 18 or so had moved over 1000 miles from home, was working paying my rent ect. old pickup i had died for good had been walking back and forth to work around 10 miles each way for a few weeks. found a car i car i wanted to buy but was a couple hundred bucks short. of the lowest the guy would take for it. but seemed like a pretty decent car. called my dad to see if maybe he would be able to help me out. he said, well im sure your figure something out. that is only a couple examples i remember getting upset about it at the time but guess what i know how to take care of myself and get things done and make my own way rather than expect someone else to make it for you. if that makes sense. we were not well off growing up im sure there are many times he would have wanted to help with things but just was not able to. but we always had a roof over our head and food in our stomachs even if it was spaghetti for the 4th night that week. looking back on it now i am grateful for what we had including the hard lessons.
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    A big Mack truck sitting by the Pa. Turnpike. There's some big Mack trucks at Art Reed's place in Montvale too. Summersville Lake, on rt. 39 just before you get out to rt. 19. It's drawn way down now of course, usually it'll be full here. That's an old road bed on the right there, and there's an old bridge abutment that's hidden behind the mirror. Neat machine. Got that new trailer broken in and salted down. It hasn't even been lettered yet. The old trailer is sitting there all cleaned up. A potential buyer was inspecting it. It's been a good trailer, it's on the third truck- the Peterbilt, the T660, and the T800.
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    I pulled my donor cab off today, this makes the second H cab I've pulled in the last year. I'm bolting casters to the underside so I can roll it around the shop.
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    Yes guys, its whole one class above than just to put a tractor in a ditch in Poland That happened this past week indeed. The guy will too probably go to army jail. Too much of "sound" with that event to hide.
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    Before Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small will be taken for their Driver's License Exam, they will demonstrate to me the following: Checking tire pressure and how to inflate Checking oil, ATF, power steering, coolant levels, belts Using the OEM jack, wrench and spare, change a tire in front of me while discussing the best locations to change a tire and that Dad wont be pissed if you damage the rim or tire to get to a safe spot That if you call Dad at 0300 to "come and change your tire" not to be offended when he laughs and hangs up on you. So far Large will do it in his sleep. Medium will probably be able to do it but will bitch the whole time. Small will probably be able to do it and Extra Small is still being determined.
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    Happy Birthday there in New Alexandria,Pa.. Thanks Barry and crew for supporting /maintaining the website! I know the correct name now is Watt's Truck Center, but you'll always be Watt's to us! Al
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    It cant be that cold there the thermal indicators are not sticking out yet.
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    I made this picture on January 1 2014 in a couple of km from my home. Couldn't resist and made a bit of riding. The weather was about the same as these days. Not warm though, just 3-5 degrees above the freezing point.
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    I know, right? Burn down one shed, one time, smoking one turkey. I smoked many things before- and after- but that one time is all anybody seems to remember.
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    I have not seen a single Turbo 864. There were quite a few in the NW in L cab B75's and all seemed to have been naturally aspirated. Talked to Steve Trevitz who was a Mack engineer on the V8 program and he told me that when truck pulls got big that going back to the 864 twin Turbo that was factory it allowed for E-9's to run twin turbo and stay in a stock class. He sent me an article on this and I will dig it up and post.
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    Just thought I'd let you know Santa is running early this year.
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    so I missed this, is that shifting fork BROKEN off and welded back together??? imagine that back in the day,''' hey joe we broke this fork off, I called Mack and they want $20 for a new one'' ... ''screw that , that's a whole night of adult beverage down at the Gin Mill, ill weld the sob!''