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    Norwalk(know as Summit Racing Equipment Motorsport Park) had their Fun Ford "Reloaded" this past weekend. Three day event. I won Nostalgia class on Sunday which put me in the run off against the Saturday winners. I won that round which put me into the final four run off for "King Ford". I lost in the semi finals with a .002 break out. It was only .01 difference in the reaction times so there was no wiggle room at all. Had a great time, the weather was spectacular all three days. https://www.summitmotorsportspark.com/news/81-news/1311-daily-race-results-for-fun-ford-reloaded-2 In Nostalgia Ford, where old school cool is never-ending, Larry Kortkamp and John Feistritzer each turned on a red light in their 1964 Ford wagon and 1957 Fairlane respectively, but Kortkamp, whose reaction time was -.012, took the win and put up a 10.96 on his 10.96 dial while Feistritzer put up a 12.53 on his 12.42 dial.
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    So a young white woman getting married next month is gunned down by black cop, body cam was off, cruiser cam was off, and no one knows what happened, the now dead woman is the one that called 911 to report a possible crime and ends up dead, if this was to happen to a BLM supporter then riots and mayhem would erupt but instead it happened to a white woman, no outrage, no marches or riots, instead people will wait for the justice system to do it's job, that is what civilized people do, now that does not mean that BLM supporters are animals and uncivilized but ???? any way we now wait for the MN. State Police to do their investigation of the Black Minneapolis police officers actions. and no word from Al Sharpton or any of the bunch that scream when the police screw up, I guess that what happens when it's a dead white person.
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    Happy July 4th to all our friends across America. Thank you to all the military personnel who give us a reason to celebrate.
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    Another log dog, 1947 was the first year for the iconic Mack LT. This particular example has a Hall Scott gasoline motor under the hood for power.
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    Ovr the years eye have way too much time hunt n pek n @ the keyboard least it keeps me off the streets @ night Lesee if animation will work cya §wishy
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    Here's a few pics of the latest project to leave the shop. It's a 1960 International R 190 I "fluffed up" for a customer to haul his 1952 Caterpillar D2 that I also restored for him.
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    Log dog dressed to the nines.
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    My 1969 GTO Judge I bought in 1979 when I was in high school. Paid $200.00 ( had a hard time getting that) I did a frame off about 20 years ago. 68,000 miles. Ram Air III, 4 speed.
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    A fine example of a Baby Mack running on the optional 20" rims.
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    Perspective is everything.
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    Friend of mine recently acquires this gem from the woods of Maine. Cab and frame # match. Has had a new hood as emblems say B-61. Also, may have had a motor transplant as it has a Thermodyne diesel. Quad box. Runs and drives and stops! Everything works-wipers(air op.) shutters, lites NO rust through, just surface stuff. All glass intact have to move more pics from phone to computer
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    just think this would be a good topic. trucks that don't seem to be around anymore....
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    We worked Saturday 2 weeks ago so I stayed in my camper and didn't go home cuz I would come back Sunday anyway,, I spent Sunday at a quiet little town with no McDonalds or Starbucs.... Garnet, Montana
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    I've got at least 15 maybe 20 more years I want to work... might as well do something I enjoy and look cool doing it... Finally pulled the trigger and quit the company racket and got my MH on the road making money this week!!!
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    Mike Yarnall's fabulous B model wrecker. The original EN 464 gas motor was replaced with a Mack 711 oil burner.
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    This 1933 CJ Mack was a real treat to see at Des Moines.
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    I am selling my 1988 Mack 713 Superliner with a 500 V8 motor, a Mack 12 speed transmission,44,000 rears on Hendrickson Suspension, a 14,000 pound front axle all on a 212 inch wheelbase. Truck is in good condition, it has had a lot of work done. This is a list of what has been done in the past 2 years, new radiator, new water pump, fuel system, transmission was resealed, 2 new rear ends 4:42 ratio, new kingpins, new springs, new torque rods, new brakes, new exhaust, new paint, all new chrome emblems, new drop visor, new windshields, new hood, and new bumper. Tires are at about 70%. Truck has a 4 line wet system on it but it goes with the log trailer I have for sale, unless someone buys both the truck and trailer, then it will go with them as a package deal. More pictures available. Any questions please call Doug @ (207)678-2122. Asking $39,500.00 obo.
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    Small in comparison to today's equipment but a big dog in its day. On display at Macungie 2017.
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    Some trucks, copper mine, and a sign.
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    Behind every individual is a unique story. Stereotyping is, in theory, wrong. But having said that, there is a lot of truth to David's thoughts. He calls a spade a spade (he's a straight talker), which I like and respect (why waste time beating around the bush).
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    I brought my B61 wrecker to the ATHS Long Island chapter show this past Saturday in Riverhead. It's the furthest I've ever driven it. I expected the worst, maybe a flat, maybe overheating, maybe catching on fire. (the truck being in mostly original condition) Made it from storage in Syosset all the way there and back. (approx.. 55 miles) The only problem was the batteries were both dead when I went to start it for the trip home. Luckily a great group of guys pitched in to help with a cummins powered jeep charging one battery and a 1970 Brockway wrecker jumping the battery on the other side. Got me going in short order. Thanks guys! It was a nice show and I met a bunch of nice people.
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    I've restored quite a few cars and motorcycles over the past 30+ years. Actually made a living at it for a while. Here's our 1941 Chevy Cabriolet. 216 c.i. with aluminum pistons, 1986 GM 2.8 rods to give me insert bearings and the rear was swapped from the factory 4:11 to a 1953 Powerglide 3:55. Hosted on Fotki 1974 454 4 speed El Camino, up dated with a 1977 Nose, and 4 link Ford 9 inch detroit Locker. My 15,000 mile 1977 El Dorado convert in back ground 1 of 70 build by GM in 1977 Hosted on Fotki 1970 Monte Carlo SS 402/ 4 speed 48,000 miles. I actually put this car in Pape Chevrolets show room in 1969. # 17 of the line, with Pontiac chassis, rear and interior. Hosted on Fotki 1951 Victoria, 1952 Merc flathead, 3 speed with O.D. Hosted on Fotki 1955 Bel Aire ex gasser. Pop raced it in D/gas from 1962 until 1969 with 301 and 3 speed. I ran it from 1970 with 427 /4 speed as a street racer. Now powered by a Wayne Headed, Algon injected 302 GMC 6 with Hydro. Hosted on Fotki Did a few bikes also.Still have all of the 1922 JD Harley Hosted on Fotki 1948 H.D. 45 c.i Servi-car Hosted on Fotki 1950 H.D. Hydra-Glide 1400 miles, was my pops, that he bought new, used it til I was born. Hosted on Fotki 1953 H.D. K model 750 flathead Hosted on Fotki 1971 Sportster XLH I bought new. Over 100,000 miles on it. Hosted on Fotki Last my wife's and my Indians. 1952 and 1953 Chiefs. Hosted on Fotki
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    A couple of company trucks from Beantown on display at Macungie.
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    Wheat to a local chrome shop's truck show today. It's mostly a KW show but there was some others. A real nice stretched out blue marmon, a green R model, a trans-con u model with a set of pups and a B model wrecker. It's the first I've seen this one. Looked like a neat truck several put together by the looks of it. Sorry kids only took 4 pics of the B.
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    From the album Tdbach

    Heading back to Mn for Waubun days parade!! Feels good to have everything finished! New fenders next week!
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    Well, after a year's worth of tinkering, Old Noah was road-worthy enough to be entered into today's July 4th parade. It doesn't look like it, but a LOT of work was done to the truck over the last year. My dad (the original driver of the truck before I was born) drove it today in the parade. This is just a partial list of things I can remember off the top of my head: All new brake lines from stem to stern Completely new floor Cab grafted from another B model from the dash pillars all the way back to behind the seat Transmission drained and refilled OIl/filter changed Greased New exhaust Door innards swapped out with another B model Brakes adjusted Concrete jack hammered off the truck all over
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    Whisky tango foxtrot At 7 he does not know what transgender is! The mom is forcing an agenda on the poor kid and this sounds like borderline abuse
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    Ha! So here's one for ya.. the word is spreading that I restore old trucks and tractors.. paint. So this guy calls today and asks for "Tracy" says he's got an Oliver tractor that's needs painting and some light mechanical.. I said "you're speaking to her". He says " you are a woman? ". I said yep.. last time I checked.. he hung up the phone.. I called him back thinking he lost the connection and he was polite but simply said "I'm not interested any more" so I asked him if he could explain why since we hadn't even talked money.. he says, "women don't know a whole lot about tractors and needed to find someone who did". So I rattled off the make, model.. from the pics he sent before he called and some other wiring and fuel bowl/ starter O ring and other gasket stuff that needs to be removed before paint.. he says " how much for paint and wiring and asked me about wet seal on starter.." I said " not interested if a man doesn't know the parts on his own tractor". Hung up the phone.. I deal with that a lot, so they get to see other folks who have had a vehicle or tractor painted by me.. eventually they'll come around or they can pay the outrageous prices to have someone else do it. I laugh..
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    This wrecker would look great in anybody's garage.
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    Ready for the long haul.
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    you will not see any of the loud mouths mention this because there is nothing in it for jus-fo-me jakson, or all-fo-me shapton. if there is nothing in it for them, it never happened.
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    I am even further out than OD.. 7 miles to the post office and nearest small convenience store, 15 miles to Wally World and drug store, 25 to Lowes, etc and a strip mall. And 55 acres to piss in out the back door.. LOVE IT!!!!!
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    Where was I?...A girl in a car?..two girls in a car at a red light? I saw a Superliner in W.V. I saw a girl in a car, at a red light. A bunch of Clines. A girl in a van at a red light. A load of coils. A red truck. A girl with torn jeans in a car at a red light. B-model in McKees Rocks. Been sitting there a long, long time. A load of skidded coils.
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    Took my MH to a small annual show on Saturday, always one or two new to me trucks there, great bunch running it too... have added a few photos for the "we want photos" crowd and seeing we have Fire Truck enthusiasts as Lodge Members, I took a few photos of them too..... enjoy BC Mack
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    Went to the 154 Anniversary of the Battle, pretty interesting bit of history. Grand kids loved it, especially the Lincoln and Lee impersonators and the re enactments. Left there to go to Eastern Surplus and Equipment in Philly to look at a pair of M917 AM General Dumps and bought one Oshkosh M917A1 and looked at 4 other trucks that kept telling me to buy them. The Mrs put the brakes on that. . . for now. I need the pair of Dodges and the M211 GMC digger.... for some reason I'll think up in the next few weeks at least.. My purchase for clearing 300 acres in Va.
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    Relatively early single axle U model.
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    I guess it's Independence day for me in more ways than one... Quit my job last month and now it's time to put the old MH to work!
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    Radnor's great looking B-75 pumper at Macungie.
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    If you leave Vegas with a small fortune, it means you entered Vegas with a big fortune.
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    That's my thoughts exactly... abuse .. the kid doesn't know what transgender is
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    An old friend called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I'd be available to move a short old low boy he'd bought. He said I was about the only guy that had a single axle MACK tractor that he knew of,that might be up to the task. I said "sure,just make sure it rolls and there is air in the tires". We hooked up the vintage LA Crosse with no problem. I hauled it back to his place only about 5 miles away. Everything went so smooth it scared me. She is a real peach in my book,and shouldn't take much to put it back in shape. Al
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    Oh, so now it isn't about race. But when a black person gets shot by a white person what comes out of the other side of your mouth is completely different.
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    Looks pretty good blasting down the highway too.
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    I guess I don't follow the crowd. Back in high school, I came up with a plan: 1. Get married while young. 2. Have my kids while young. 3. Work a career I enjoy doing. 4. Retire as soon as financially possible. I got married at age 19. We have been together almost 39 years. My three sons were born when I was age 20, 21 and 25. They had all moved out by the time I was 48. I landed a job in my chosen career field at the age of 26. I retired from that career at the age of 54. Life is good!
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    I would have to think that with 1/3 of Americans between 65-69 that are still working most are only doing so because they cannot afford to retire because they did not plan/save for retirement.
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    Both photographed at Macungie 2017. The R is based in West Virginia.