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    Got the lettering done. I got a "sponsor".....advertising for them, art work for me. It's a win for both of us.
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    Thought I’d share a couple pics of my R model that was delivered this weekend. I purchased the truck from the wife of the original owner who passed away last year. He had ordered it new in 1979 and was the only one to drive it. The truck has 118k miles and was used to pull a lowboy. It’s completly original except the blue paint which was done at the Mack dealer when truck was new.
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    Fine looking rig! Born at the Oakville plant with a CAT 3406 under the hood.
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    Chain drive with a Waukesha gasoline engine under the hood.
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    well they say you can't fix stupid but sometimes stupid fixes itself.
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    Wasn't really thinking up their heads quite up there.. Thinking?? I do believe there may be a bit of frayed wires or dead air in the old skulls.You know Peace, Love and a Vee for victim sign. Kind of like the lady explaining to me about the gun laws needed in Virginia ( in front of T and T Gunnery). She asked if I needed a back ground check to buy a "thing" of bullets. Told her no not yet. Her reply was that then you don't need one to even buy a nuclear bomb? Told her I hope not! I've only got a case of 12 and need at least 40 more to remove some stumps in my back yard. She thought it was terrible that anybody can go into a gun store and buy an Atomic Bomb with out a back ground check.
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    I saw some things this week- like the Winfall Department of Public Works employee working on the Winfall sign...or maybe she was just holding it up. I saw a girl washing a tank in Winfall. Some Kubota equipment. I saw this lumber in this Conestoga. Peach trees in South Carolina. Turkeys in the field just up the road from here. Lots of young ones. It used to be pretty rare to see wild turkeys, but not any more, you can hardly walk outside without kicking one. I saw a girl in a car. A sign on 81 that had blown down. I accumulated a hitchhiker... a happy looking little fellow.
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    Well - been away from the computer for most of the summer. Seem to always either be at work, doing something outside, or asleep as a result of the above 2. But figured I should share that I've just doubled the size of my Mack fire truck fleet.... Won't arrive for a week or two, but I'll be headed out on a final inspection trip next week to check it all out and grab some extra items that I want to secure properly for the ride home. Had a decent chat with the seller last night, and although it's bought site unseen, I think I'm satisfied with what I'll be getting. It was advertised as an ED, but I'm not sure, without having seen the nameplate yet, if that's correct, as I think the ED didn't start production until 1938, but I've found mixed information on that while searching.... It's a bit of a project, so I'll be puttering around on it during the fall and when the garage isn't too cold during the winter.... But I'm told it does run and yard drive. Biggest issues are brakes (what a surprise!), and fuel system.
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    Bright and shiny on the show field. Born with an EN 707 gasoline motor.
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    Should have moved the lawn chair out of the way
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    As I recall Oblama and teamstergrrl had it all laid out for use with 100% solar and wind with zero Fossil fuel usage and even had the food issues worked out by using long pork as the staple. My post was sarcastic about outlawing it. Just seems the people who advocate and push the sins of carbon based fuel are also the ones who do not live by example or offer viable affordable alternatives. If someone is going to preach the sins of carbon based fuel they best be dressed in all plant fiber except for the fish head sandals and walking or riding an all natural bit of transportation, live with not utilities, heating or cooling unless it is natural
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    I saw all these cars traveling north on I-79 in West Virginia last week. And this Ford pickup was at Sadler's Truckstop in Emporia, Va. ...And this bolt was in this tire- I was in Pittsburgh, and I called the Michelin tire service, that we have a national account with. They sent a truck all the way from Butler, Pa. to fix it. Three hours. Looks like there would be a Michelin tire shop in Pittsburgh...you'd think anyway. Nice looking tire he put on though, I wish I had 8 of those for winter. They're B.F.Goodrich tires. I saw a girl in a car looking at a phone too. Oh, I even saw some big Mack trucks. This is a '79 DM. The driver said they wash it and wax it every night, and all their equipment looks like new.
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    Restoration of Jim Lytle Brahnma Bull drag truck form 1963. Packard V12 PT Boat engine. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Like the dump. Hosted on Fotki
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    The H model made the Brooks run with no problems. It just always makes me laugh about big power today. I passed him like he was standing still climbing the mountains out of Grants Pass with the Superdog KTTA but just one extra pull over to catch a coffee to go and he arrived at Brooks (235 miles) within minutes of me. On the way back he pulled the Ken Talley Cattle Wagon that we use as our bar and grill. Sure looked good.
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    old tyranny is out new one is in but for some reason every time i floor it i get lots of smoke out the back of the car.
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    The farmer's daughter may be more fun but a small rig with a crank live floor gets more work done. I wonder how many times the wood has been replaced or how many trucks this has been bolted down on?
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    did some work on the cabmounts of my h model
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    Mine gets there a bit quicker with 428/2x4's/4 spd! Some day I'd like to strip it all down and freshen it up. The paint is getting just a bit old.
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    also emptied the cab so it can be repaird
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    Get you some round-up or dump some Cheerios on em! Ha ha
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    Well when I read the word vegan I new this was gunna read about some people who think they are far more enlightened than anyone else in the world and from what I have learnt are delusional at best I have had to deal with a vegan of late and my goodness what a challenge , I learnt I raped my dairy cows, caused many years of suffering by taking their calves, also learnt Im a cruel person for having dogs or my horses and on and on they go So turns out the world isnt as kind as he thought, perhaps if he had spent more time in the real world rather than hiding behind his "glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige" he would have learnt that the world has plenty of people that will kill ya as soon as look at ya and you need to have your wits about you in the real world One good thing about people like this is that even i look sane compared to them Biking thru ISIS held territory, yeah thats smart, they wanna kill all of us, you gunna be safe as houses there for sure LOL Paul
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    https://dotysauctionservice.hibid.com/catalog/136689/gab-joiner-vintage-automobile-auction/ Some of the MACK trucks
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    No connection to the item. Would be handy to bring other projects home. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1958-Mack-b75-B-model-wrecker/323418788632?hash=item4b4d431318
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    Ended up making my own hood strips. Just picked them up from Hanlon Plating Company here in Richmond, VA. I am so pleased with the quality of their work and the reasonable pricing I will be chrome plating additional items soon. I will post additional photos after I install them.

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