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    Beautiful 1954 LT with a transplanted E9 for power is put to work hauling grain once in a while.
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    Saw this at Richland Center Wi last fall.
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    Right out of the late 1950s! Traction sanders, dual spares ready for bear!. Paul
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    More than happy with how it came out.
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    these are our other Macks 👍
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    I'll post 3 to help him out drill rig is Oregon, dump is in Washington State and Fire Truck is on our refrigerator.
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    As seen in the Bulldog magazine Vol. 2 2009. A 1958 B-60 that had been a cement mixer was updated with a Mack 237hp motor and fitted with a Holmes wrecker body. Owned by Sam's Truck Service in Springdale, PA near Pittsburgh.
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    The wife and I took a trip to New England this past week to visit her family, just in time for not 1, but 2 blizzards! Started out in Boston and got out just before the first one hit, and spent the rest of the time with her family in New Hampshire. Pleasant Pond, Francestown NH: Hillsboro Center, NH: Hillsboro, NH: Had to swing by Kemp's in Hillsboro and snap a few pics, this REO tow truck and a few tractors are still there: This wasn't exactly a planned part of the visit, but the folks at Hillsboro Dodge were able to get my truck back on the road quickly despite the second snowstorm after the water pump started to go. Luckily, I was able to catch it before a catastrophic failure.
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    Just got truck home from getting my new stacks. 5 inch straight pipes no mufflers to complicate things. Has a good bark to it and sounds even better when I hit the engine brake. Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
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    When East meets West one year after WWII.
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    I'm trying to make some concessions to improving the truck while I'm restoring it, like the spin on filters. Another is converting to an alternator. Picked up a 100 Amp Delco that was new, but searched high and low for a bracket with no luck. Drew one up and found a $10, 12 lb. piece of scrap at the local steel yard. Thought this would be a quick project, but it took two days to whittle it down to under two lbs. to a working bracket. But, it's done. A snowed in Winter weekend helped, too.
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    Now correct me if I am in error, but look at European immigration from the start... Early immigrants were not only smart enough to realize that life in Europe should be better and that opportunities were too restricted, but they also had the gumption to do something about it! Leave. They showed-up here looking for a chance to make their lives better. Germany, Poland, Ireland, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Russia lost some of their best and most ambitious. Then and WWI came and culled some of the best that was left. Then more immigrated to the US. Well then the shit hit the fan again and WWII culled the best and brightest, again. Then some more immigrated to the US. They didn't show up here looking for food stamps, snap cards, Obama phones, Obama Care, heating assistance, day care assistance, housing assistance, free college education, public transportation, wanting to change the country to their religious model, ... What they were looking for is opportunity, a chance to make a better living, work, freedom, become Americans. So now Europe is trying to do as best they can, with what they have left, after being culled, of the best and brightest, so many times. I don't understand why we look to Europe as if they have the answer for a better way to live. Why would we want to be like them. What do they have to offer? Traffic circles, some rendition of socialisms, tiny cracker box cars, some highly subsidized versions of public transportation, housing that resembles sardines in a can, tiny narrow cobble stone streets,..... Quaint places to visit. Well that should be enough for you to understand the obvious. Thanks, Keith
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    Hi guys.......that one is mine........thx for the compliments!
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    Not mine. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/dodge/unspecified/1921905.html?refer=news
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    Handsome hauler shown at Macungie several years ago with a Bucyrus-Erie out back. The truck has frame mounted rear wheel traction sanders installed.
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    Single axle tractor with a wet line at a show in Scituate, RI about 20 years ago.
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    Stripped multiple layers of paint and primer from both doors and what do I find underneath????? NOTHING! No filler, no rust holes whatsoever. Just a small crack where the mirror bracket attached to the door. Oh, and a dent the size of a quarter. I can even see the factory spot welds that hold the door skin to the door frame. I guess this makes up for the tank body that needed a "little work".
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    Couple weeks ago, I had a clean level 3 by an Arkansas DOT man who randomly pulled me over...complimented my corporate logo. FWIW, I doubt I'd get the same reaction from a LEO up in the NY or NJ...but 'round here, they all dig it:
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    Well guys,its been awhile since I took any pics of the '88. Been tinkerin' now and then. Lot of improvements are not seen,since they are under the hood and what not. Here is what it looks like today. More to follow soon,hopefully. Al
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    I heard an emergency repair team is on the way, it'll be good as new in no time-
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    does it again- way to go Bob! you're the man!
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    I don't get the problem, Obama sends jobs, union jobs out of the country and he is hero for globalization, Trumps stops the exodus of union jobs out of the country and even brings some back and he is bad for the country ?? did I miss something ??? in the entire universe the Muslims are the top dogs in terrorism, they put people in cages and burn them alive, march gays off roof tops, rape women and Obama invites them to this country and it's a great humanitarian gesture, Muslims don't like us, why do they want to come here so badly ??? Trumps stops them and says stay in your own country and lets see if your a bad guy and Trump is some kinda horrible person for not allowing a gay hating, women hating , American hating person into this country, once again what have I missed and why are liberals and the unions against the man that is doing them the most good, are they that stupid ???????????????????????????? teamster turd wake up, your going well beyond sounding stupid
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    I am a minority and proud of it! I'm a 37yr old white English speaking male, I graduated high school, have some technical & college type training, enjoy working, and don't wear socks with sandals! I've done the same work since 2001, I mostly hand unload 11-17 stores a night out of a 53' trl mostly off a lift gate. I have split nights off, and yes I like my job! If that dosent make me a minority I'm not sure what does.
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    Oh ye of little patience- here, how about I knock out two boids with one stone-
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    The nice weather has really gotten me off to a great head start painting my cab. I had almost a gallon of burgundy metallic acrylic urethane left over from a 37 chevy project so I used some on the interior of my cab I did the inside of the cab and doors with it. Its a beautiful paint and if I wasn't laid off and needed my spare cash I would buy more and do the entire cab. I epoxy primed the cab yesterday and shot the red on the pillars and roof then clearcoated the red today I masked it off to keep off the overspray and got to work this morning. I will shoot the rest of the cab white tomorrow then do the outsides of the doors then the sunvisor and I will be a month ahead of schedule.
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    Truck News / February 21, 2017 After a long restoration process, Team Penske has unveiled a customized 1972 International Fleetstar truck known in the racing circles as “The Blue Hilton.” According to Penske, the truck was one of the first known enclosed transporters used for racing purposes. It served the team in various capacities from 1972-1983. The restoration is complete down to the smallest detail, including authentic PPG paint and hand lettering just in time for Roger Penske’s 80th birthday that was celebrated on Feb. 20. An iconic part of team history, The Blue Hilton transported the No. 66 McLaren that Mark Donohue drove to victory in the 1972 Indianapolis 500 – the first of Team Penske’s record 16 wins in the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” In conjunction with its sister transporter, “The White Hilton,” it was used to transport the powerful, championship-winning Porsche 917s that dominated the landscape of the Can-Am Series in the early 1970s with George Follmer and Donohue before it was sold in 1983. “After we confirmed that it was, in fact, the Blue Hilton that was for sale, I called Brian Hard (president of Penske Truck Leasing) and we agreed that we had to find a way to bring her back to life,” said Team Penske president Tim Cindric. “This transporter was there when the foundation was laid for Team Penske and it is symbolic of the way in which we operate today. Everyone at Penske Truck Leasing did an unbelievable job restoring this vehicle. I can’t wait for Roger to see it in person, as it is something he will cherish.” Penske says The Blue Hilton was the precursor to today’s closed transporters that carry cars, parts, and equipment to race tracks all over the globe. With his keen engineering mind, Donohue – a 2016 inaugural Team Penske Hall of Fame inductee and the organization’s first champion driver – designed the payload area of the truck based on efficiency and functionality. It was named the Blue Hilton based on its royal blue exterior and the sleeper area above the cab, which is a standard feature in today’s transporters. The restoration was estimated to take more than 8,00 man hours to complete, thanks to the help from Morgan Corporation and a dedicated group led by Penske Truck Leasing’s James Svaasand, Michael Klotz, and David Hall – along with Team Penske Historian Bernie King. The truck was purchased from George Boyd of Urbana, Illinois, who had utilized it while competing in various racing series until retiring it to a spot on his property. He was the only owner of the truck after its days at Team Penske. “When you talk with the crew members that drove and worked out of this transporter over those years, and you look at the photos from the many cars it carried, you see how the Blue Hilton was an integral part of our history,” said King. “It’s certainly very much a part of the Team Penske heritage. Everyone at Penske Truck Leasing that was involved did a fantastic job of restoring this truck to how it was when it ran and carried many of the team’s winning cars.” Initially, the Blue Hilton will be on display at the Team Penske headquarters in Mooresville, N.C., where fans can view it from the Fan Walk that runs the length of the massive shop floor. .
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    Well, I sold the mixer last week- took a few more pictures of it when I left last Saturday going to sunny south Florida. I was hoping to get down to Jensen Beach early enough Sunday to get up with hatcity, but I had tire issues that held me up a few hours Sunday morning. But I called him, since I had his number on a coffee cup, and he came over to the power plant Monday morning for a little while- super nice guy, even brought me a cup of coffee. There was another F.L.Moore driver there too, and I don't know why I didn't think to get him to take a picture of me and hatcity, because nobody will believe it without a picture, but I really did meet hatcity...honest. The Areva guy came over to take me to where I had to drop the trailer I had, so we had to say a quick "goodbye", but I told Ed that if I got to go back to pick the trailer up i'd buy him a happy meal. But, there's no telling who might go back to pick it up, or even how long it will be there- could be anywhere from a few weeks to months. I dropped this trailer and bobtailed back to Virginia. I saw this in sunny south Florida- and all these- and this-
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    I saw a coal train going through Scottsville, Va. the other day- seems like it's been a while since i've seen one. And I saw a bird in a raft in McKees Rocks, Pa. I saw snow in McKees Rocks too. ...and a Beaver Steel truck....Beaver Steel... ...and a big Mack truck- a beautiful sky from the Pa. Turnpike- ...and a girl in a car, from the interweb.
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    Northern Freight B at Mile Marker 0 of the Alaskan highway 1953 at Dawson Creek, Alaska.Second pic is how it looks now. Paul
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    Guess the State of California should have spent some of that 25 billion they spent on illegal aliens on some infrastructure maintenance and repairs instead.............
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    First, they want to secede from the US. Then, they come running looking for Federal Help
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    250 Mack, Mack 10 speed, taper leaf suspension. $5000 in pump rebuild, New: turbo, air compressor, air dryer, power steering hoses, both windshields, rubber molding around doors and windows, newer gray interior, heated mirrors, cab lights, visor, paint, brake lining, u- joints, steer tires, 2 drive tires. Other 6 drive tires are caps at 50%. flatbed is 48x96 alum. Virgin tires at 50%. Driver side winches and toolbox. Both are on 11- 22.5 rubber also have wet line pump and alum tank,mh frame with axles and 8 alum 24.5 tires, 350 4 valve, 5 speed trans, 5.73 rears, r model cab, doors, new roof and cowl panels and other misc body panels. Crate of different air to turbo rubber boots and elbows. Ph. 814-432-2843
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    How did we EVER move so much weight with so LITTLE power?? They can't do it without 600 hp today.
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    I saw some Diamond T's. I saw a wrecker too- I saw my truck at the shop as I was leaving yesterday- hey, I blindsided into that spot! A girl in a car, from the interweb... How about this herd of deer along the Pa. Turnpike?
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    I saw a thing on facebook the other day that I would post here if I could find it again, but it pretty much said "you want to leave your country because it sucks, women are treated worse than aminals there, the oppressive laws stifle your very existance, you can't do anything without fear of being killed- by the 'religion of peace'- and you want to come to America and make it exactly like the shithole place you're trying to get away from?" As Pete would say, "that don't make no sense!"
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    Sharp dressed Superliner.
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    my favorite line, ''if you don't like it, get the Fuck out!'' all these flakes need to get over it, like it or not he is our president, did I vote for him? absofuckinglutely!. do I agree with everything he does and says? nope. gotta be better than the last two or three or four and if not? oh well, give him a chance. my favorite line from Obama...'' I'm going on a vacation'' really? cause where have you been for the past 8 years?? get a job! wish I had all day to sit around in my lookalike Vietnam war gear and protest. nope, I have a job where the government rips me off every week to support your lazy asses
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    I like that drill rig- by the way, you can draw pretty good! I saw a red and white White/GMC cabover in Roanoke. ....where I picked up a load of steel ...going to Largo,Md, where I saw a colorful mixer behind me. ...and then another one. Folks lined up on 66 east as far as you can see, trying to get to D.C. I was going west trying to get away as fast as I could. Then I took a load to Knoxville on a Conestoga, and reloaded some machines in McMinnville going back to Lynchburg, but I have no photographic evidence of this. Then I had to go to Petersburg and get a load of beams that had to be tarped Thursday, with the wind blowing like crazy. I had an 11:30 appointment to unload in Ambridge, Pa. Friday, so when I came out of the tunnel on the turnpike and everything was snow covered, and 32 degrees- it was in the 60's when I was tarping in the wind- I decided to pull into the Somerset Service Plaza and get something to eat and call it a day. But, there was nowhere to park, so I had to keep on riding. I pulled off here where the vehicles from the big pile-up that Jumper and Son were in last year were parked. There was nothing there to eat but beany-weinies, crackers, and water. That reminds me, I need to re-stock. When I got to Ambridge the next morning I had to untarp in this- Note the crack in the windshield- I got the first CVSA sticker i've had since I drove the Peterbilt to Payallup, Wa. in what, '09? I got another one just a couple of weeks ago in N.C, now i'll probably have to have a new windshield because the crack's getting bigger. Seen a man clearing snow off a trailer with a gas operated snow removal machine in Ambridge. Saw the sun coming up from Afton Mountain Saturday morning. I had just enough fuel to make it back.
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    Finally it's painted ! Went with epoxy primer, than the black stripe, and last but not least, omaha orange.
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    Pics of wing up and wing down . On right side of truck though. A wing on the left side would be easy to use because you can see the wing. On the right side.Can't see the wing as easy. You hope you're not too close to guard rails , bridges , light poles and cars . LoL If anyone is interested, some dash cam video of plowing, to the music of Jeff Brown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duKFJUHkAMM
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    I did not see much this week, so I didn't take many pictures of it. Didn't really go too far, went to Milton, W.V. and back to Petersburg. I saw this mill roll in front of me going up Sandstone Mtn. Then I took a load of pipes to Blackstone, Va, a van load to South Boston, and a load of kyanite to Sanford, N.C.all in the same day. Saw this flag on a hill from Griffin Pipe. Old truck by the field. A Ford for sale in Concord, Va. Jo's been after me to make a meatloaf for a while, so I did. Last one I made like this I cooked it on the grill, but it was a little chilly yesterday, so I just put it in the oven. I was going to do the fancy weave/lattice deal with the bacon, but I ended up just stacking a pile of bacon on it. I didn't use a loaf pan, the top pan has holes in it so the grease could run out into the baking dish it was sitting on. I'm all about eating healthy, that's why I only used 14 slices of bacon instead of 15. It was very tasty!
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    hey whats this retire business I dont wanna retire then Im just sitting around waiting to fall off the perch and I dont wanna waste a minute of my life waiting to die I got to much to do between now and then, Im already gunna have to live to 149 just get half the jobs done, and that doesnt include all extra stuff I have to do to support all the bums sponging off me!!!!! LOL Paul
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    In the long run, I think Trump won't be any different than any other president to take office. There's just been too much red tape and back door deals done over the years, it's way too complex to unwind. Reality is, we only see small parts of government. There's no way we get the entire picture. Like I've said in the past, Trump is egotistical and thrives off unrest. Unfortunately, it put a working guy in a position where he could've lost his job or had charges pressed against him because some asshole wannabe hipster wants to burn a flag because "he's part of the movement". Wether you're Union or non union, it's irrelevant, we are Americans. hate the guy or love him, he's in charge and we need to support each other even if there is a lot of discontentment and turmoil going on