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    Don't know how much has been changed besides the engine and trans. Looks pretty good getting down to business!
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    When I win, I will buy everyone an antique Mack of your choosing. Restored, unrestored, what have you. The only stipulation is that it may have zero electronic anything.
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    You never know . I was going to Iowa with a truck and trailer when I had a radiator leak . Found a parts place in Morton IL. that also had a radiator shop . The shop would repair the radiator if I took it out . While getting it out a man pulled in with a truck with a bad power steering pump . He asked if I would remove it and install a new one that the parts place had . I told him that I did not work here but would do it when I got the radiator out . Got the new pump installed he offered to pay me. I refused and told him I was just killing time while waiting on my radiator. Then a women with a car pulled in and asked if I would would change the wires and plugs on he car . Told he sorry but my radiator was done and had to get going as it started to rain . The shop would not charge me for the work on the radiator . This was on Friday afternoon . Everyone in the parts place and man in the shop was starting to drink a beer getting a start on the week end . I went to a store close by and bought a 12 pack for everyone . Was on my way was about 4:30 that afternoon .
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    I was at my local HD yesterday buying a few electrical items for my Plasma Death Ray project. Eaton BR 15 amp breaker... check. Flexible conduit bushings.... check. Various EMT fittings.... check. These two fellows approach and start asking me where stuff is and how to hook it up. Obviously my attire which consists of blue jeans, a Shelby Racing T shirt, green jacket and black baseball cap looks exactly like the standard orange smock of HD employees. They thanked me for the assistance and were gone. Real life can be fairly entertaining. I wonder when my next shift will be...?
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    A new in 1975 359 tri-axle Pete with a stack of new Macks in the back ground, Newark, Calif. Truck Shop
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    Handsome and heavy duty tractor. Very clean frame stamping above the front axle.
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    Thanks! I enjoy taking pictures of trucks and Mack in particular. I will say thanks to Barry and Watt's Mack for this forum and all the folks that participate. It is a unique spot on the web where we can all share history and information on Mack trucks, repair issues, pictures, funny stories or whatever you want.
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    I didn't see a lot this week, because I wasn't paying attention...but I did see this big Mack truck in Sophia, N.C. And this scraper machine- Another older Chevrolet truck on 29 between Altavista and Lynchburg. And there was an accident on the Pa. Turnpike this week between Breezewood and Bedford, caused when one truck tried to pass another truck and lost control and wrecked both of them, according to the Pittsburgh news. The turnpike was closed from New Stanton to Breezewood on the eastbound side. It looked surreal, seeing absolutely nothing on the east side for miles and miles... ...and once again the Florida correspondent reported in with this photo of a Winfall Wimmen getting gas in Florida-
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    Proudly served Framingham, MA with a delivery date of 3-22-1961. Freshly painted and is awaiting stripes and lettering.
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    my new to me toy
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    ...breaking news, this just in from our Florida correspondent- her and her friend all dressed up for the for the Halloween party. I forgot what they're dressed as, but when I asked if it was "hot-slutty cheerleaders" she said no, it was not.
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    79' Chevy Bison with 350ntc, wet kit, ac, 13 speed Arizona truck $12,500 only interested parties only please cornvillesunflower@gmail.com
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    Incredible they can still do this 50 years later... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDZgl7H-coQ
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    But if you had been wearing your I.C.E. hat you would have been alone in the store!
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    The B75 I'm working on at the moment will probably run 20K when I'm done. And that is completely hand building the truck, because everything will be modified. the hood 14" longer, a new frame and totally different running gear. I have to build the outside frame steering, clutch linkage, all crossmembers , air intake, exhaust system, visor and several other goodies. But for me I have a ton of connections for parts and some of it has been given to me. I have a friend that runs a great machine shop for those items, plus I have lengthened 72 trucks over a span of 44 years as a mechanic. My advise is do a bunch of looking and investigating on costs before jumping into a major rebuild, having excellent sources is key to keeping the costs down. $12,000 in the KW I did some years back, Again I had most of the parts already. Truck shop
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    I don't know if Kenny Boughter (Manheim, Pa.) is on here, but for those of you who know him, he suffered a terrible fire at his place this evening. His 6-bay garage and his Mack firetrucks are a complete and total loss, including the R-Model/4-Guys 3500gallon tanker that he had at Lititz. I think he lost at least one, if not two CF Engines and possible a Century Series American Lafrance as well. His father also lost several Mustangs and some vintage snowmobiles. His father's home was not harmed and no one was injured thank god. Keep Kenny in your thoughts, he is a good guy.
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    Since both kids are now away in college I have decided to cook a little, the food I like So I needed an apron. Instead of using one of my wife's I went to the shop and pulled a new apron out
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    with my skills in the kitchen i might need a fire retardant apron. reminds me of the time in my younger days i thought cooking bacon drunk and naked was a good idea, the 2nd degree burns said otherwise.
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    That's easy, just remove all the std breakers and install tandems. Instantly doubles the output of any panel.
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    Hello, Been reading this site for a while, but new to posting. Very good site to read, lots of good information. This 359 looks like one of a group built for a co. in Anchorage during pipeline construction. If it is, think Specs were: NTA 400 RT12513 2spd differentials. Maybe Eaton? Hend. RT/E? suspension Don't recall wheel base, double frame. Very plain interior. Nice truck though. Thanks for the picture, great site.
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    Looks like 3 FS models & a R700?
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    This is like chicken little and the sky is falling, Trump is not going to bomb Russia, maybe Syria, Really who would want us, look at the American workforce, or I should say the younger workforce, you have not heard them complain about the 4 hrs they put in ??? how about the UAW you really think anyone else in the world would put up with there crap, and if half the country is liberal dumbocrat who would want them, I feel safe in knowing that no other country would want us, that's why all the losers from every place wants to come here, for the free ride.
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    Not mine but I wish it was. https://kalispell.craigslist.org/cto/d/1946-ford-woodie/6724963242.html
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    I well remember pics of that LT posted in the gallery on here. Sorry not ready to say the screen name of the person. Too probably I didn't change the file names when saved them on my hard disk. So using them some search over the site could be provided.

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