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  1. Jack it up though ...........Jack.....
  2. put crushed rock in side strap it to a wheel let it spin farm tractor slow ?
  3. Chevron had a lot of them 6v-92 the only thing that was Mack the cab & hood try getting parts Shell was all mack .
  4. blackdog2

    mack suspension

    2- half's welded together witch crack44.0000 and one piece housing 46.0000 .
  5. blackdog2

    Mack RD 690

    just bought another
  6. blackdog2

    E6 350 4 valve parts

  7. blackdog2

    1989 Mack RB

    I had one 93 8ll 300 hp 4-valve 4200 gallon tank 3100-1100 compartment.
  8. I pull some of my customer 2016 flats & stretch trailers with intermittent brakes and the fancy little light on the side also the cost to replace the valves are in the 1-k plus. They tried computer brakes 76-77 that failed Fruehauf had mountain brakes with the offset shoe 10 in. wide and Mack & Autocar had 20 " brakes as stranded equipment over 46 rears but local truck inspectors don't know anything other it's out of adjustment.
  9. More HP same brake size for 60+ plus years .Bigger accidents Insurance company cutting back fleets to 65-mph ?
  10. It was a sub pulling it with state police esc you have to have trade secrets or tools. ? at Mat P.
  11. He just bought a M-75 a couple weeks ago from Penn. it was seen on Mass. pike on a Hallamore trailer .
  12. Your buddy Christopher had 2-Mack s able to haul a thousand tons M-50s but sold and replaced it with a Kenelworth look at his web site there is a picture of it ..
  13. blackdog2

    hvac knobs

    They gave me wiper knob for a twisty heater knober cant get the original anymore Kevin S ?

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