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  1. He found the cab in a local Reuse yard and wanted to go back in time to rebuild back to original Il hafts to inform him on the history on his unit I want to thank you for the information he use my father truck to get pictures ..
  2. Barn doors loose there seal and start alignment problems high-lift does add weight I just bought my first with AR-400 steel smooth side ...My newest Mack 2001 and I dont use it any more Ive buying older trucks .2001 spent more time down then up it almost broke me 6-turbos at 1800.00 a piece just part no towing and install oil pumps IUPs air compressors -5 now it has 443000 miles and sits .
  3. Looks like a local truck with history Part were all over but put back to original ?
  4. Mr Stone had pictures out-but very few Mr. Tietz Has one of my fathers 52 LJ intergral sleepers that he still uses around the yard .
  5. My father bought several trucks from Swersky back in the day me my self dealt with WTBY Mack in the 70s-80s-90s some of the parts guys are in Hartford Gabrelli Dave and Donny & Chip but cant buy there they are wack out on there price I have 14 different types R- RD DM-600 DM-800 U-600 soft & hard nose from 34-k to 80-k rears I work for Gulf oil Cumberland Farms Hallamore motor trans I know all the guys with Macks Johnny Dump truck Jim Pepe both Moffos JR is on Facebook .
  6. It has a 2-pipe air cleaner and a tip wont fit on a 4-valve 1983-?
  7. Open vent window ....spray either in air cleaner that will clean the air cleaner out ?..........and give it booooost...
  8. Close to 500 + on face book like it ?.....on the Mack DM group in a couple days .
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