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  1. MY grandfather had few back in the day but my father went to WW-2 in 1938 to teach people how to operate /fly b-52 b-17 bombers came home they were stiff butt a nocker loose up and runin
  2. What is wrong with people today?

    Waterbury Conn. girl 16 shot 3-times boyfriend 27 crash car through pole and catches fire story gets better it was her brother in-law which he has 2-kids with her sister.
  3. 1939 Mack FKSW

    It wasn't sheeny back then but after few $$$$$ it better now..
  4. 1939 Mack FKSW

    I found an original picture back when ? looks better now.
  5. Talk to Chris b. when he bought it was started resto motor had bad vibration Matt Phall tuned the connecting rods around runs good know .
  6. What Brand Oil Do Mack Dealers Use?

    IT all comes from the same Cannery but Mack used Amoco oil but Gulf was a popular lubricant with a lot of trucking and construction company's and heat treating for Quenching .
  7. change of status

    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. R700 MACK

    For sale on craigs list v-8 hudson ny
  9. R700 MACK

  10. Mel Tillis

    Seen a few times good music David from the Partridge family has short time in a coma several days .
  11. What is wrong with people today?

    Hartford CONN . lady gets her car stolen husband finds out 2 hours finds car shoots the thief in the face police find out later hes lookin for medical attention armrest him and find out more warrants in other city s hopefully he ll see the scar in the mirror in the grey bar motel with BUBBA in tow .
  12. What is wrong with people today?

    Our state run nut house just fired twenty something workers and arrested five for abuse and sexual assault again the clients for years but they moved white line over for cyclist on all state roads $$$$$$$$ ? grind and repaint somebody got their pocket lined
  13. What is wrong with people today?

    We had a young guy in the last several months ago jump off the Portland Bridge with his infant son he lived the 100 + ft fall but the child didn't . Hartford \ state court system needs to get better persecutors they just caught a guy for breaking and entry found ought hes been arrested 130 times before at 56 years old and how many did he get away with ? .
  14. 1939 Mack FKSW

    What do you think the value is ??? Their is talk that one of the sons want go look at it done .
  15. HI-HO 350-12-speed 24-volt O & G 300-6-speed 12-volt I test drove both the o & g couldn't get out of the way