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  1. hi-pressure timing needs to dune if not burn down will happen 10 miles .
  2. Locating Voltage Regulator 1975 CF600

    buy new its cheaper 140.00 no core
  3. Locating Voltage Regulator 1975 CF600

    it should be in the alt self contained
  4. Locating Voltage Regulator 1975 CF600

    how old?????
  5. 88 R model interior

    yupper still available just bought door panels and arm rests .
  6. P.T. Barnum Outdone

    He also said you build it they will come .
  7. Mack Warranty

    If you have one or two trucks you dont have a chance buy 25-30 trucks a year then they listen been there done it delt with service mngr since mid 70s when he used to sweep floors at wtby mack they wait till the warranty run out then give you the bill .
  8. A 280 ton truck stopped for operating without a permit in RI

    The fine was 57000,00 k not to shabby .
  9. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

    Is that the White collar home now was 15 min late 2 am middle of winter bringing fuel for a gen set phone was ringing off the hook/ dash 34 a little slick on the dam .
  10. Today is the anniversary of the awful fire that killed 168 people in 1944 in Hartford Connecticut in a tent fire from the use of paraphin wax on canvas for water repelant just several years ago they found the identity of a little girl that was unknown for years .
  11. A 280 ton truck stopped for operating without a permit in RI

    must been lowest bidder GE doing job 560000 gross blaming hired engineer check in the mail or permit on the way go will get it to you some people says $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$???? millions it should be more !!
  12. Dodge diesels & girls hes on Facebook more with the rest of the clan. and workin in lumber yard .
  13. Brandon dump body?

    Easy to wash too !!!!
  14. Brandon dump body?

    2001-body floor held up but sides rotted after 12 years on a severe service body with horizontal & vertical ribbs cant paint the inside of the exhaust box the smooth side is the way to go .
  15. ????????????????????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$