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  1. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    After watching that video you start to wonder WY kids do what they do my son don't work for me .
  2. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    It comes to Essex Conn. couple time a year and a couple other places
  3. Matt took it so I stole it from him I don't know wy he parks in the back .
  4. End of the Line

    Canterbury CT go after the leaves fall much more appreciated the view the trucks cranes shovels acres of cool stuff
  5. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    My son sent it to me he also grew up with Thomas and now works for Metro-north .
  6. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    Bad day on the tracks !!
  7. End of the Line

    Dennis Y . drove it him self Wednesday is open house in the morning .
  8. NO! NO BODY looking for me IM a nice guy my wife would me I was talking to CHRIS Barry .
  9. 1988 Mack R-688

    Sorry I did mean to run off butt on your post I did see the truck today nice unit .
  10. 1988 Mack R-688

    Locals PD came flying in with lights on then back-up from next town came too we got a call somebody from Connecticut looking at it .Must be the talk of the town ?
  11. 1988 Mack R-688

    44 lbs rears 12 front 6-speed 5-reverse on air two PTOs 300 4-valve double frame ac new mat clean interior 24.5 tires pulled tanker all new brakes & drums new pump injectors new bumper.