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  1. I went to the Meriden conn . terminal he opened the door for me and ask what can I do for you I want to fill a application .......then he ask if I had a job and I said yes at Hallamore motor trans. ....thanks for coming down but I cant hire you....shook my hand .....one the owner's of Hallamore was on the board of director's in the Boston teamster's Chris uncle Jim which is no longer involved with the company . Only time I ever tried to put a application in and I failed ?
  2. Put rock's crushed stone in it strap it to a tractor tire jack it up and let in spin don't use alcohol in you or tank rinse out with water ?
  3. EX-Mack mech. and 20+year's part's guy .
  4. A lot of town's are rebuilding old Mack's replacing frame's and other major component's the local dealer tell them part's are not available any more but I'm still getting them from my Mass. dealer .
  5. Couldn't get part's when they were new .....brake's air over hydraulic .....low mile engine's ?
  6. Oh boy BoB is going to like that..
  7. sent to me by Jay Kulyk president of Rogers trailer's
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