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  1. blackdog2

    Numbers on side the block help please..

    Push-in freeze plugs or screw in aka clean out holes for sand .
  2. blackdog2

    Type 30 Chambers on 1978 R

    Sometime the bracket will flex rubbing rim with 30/30 but you can cut off excess 5/8 rod put through spider and hold bracket away bigger can better braking check the rest should be the same .
  3. blackdog2

    Victoria - 1989 DM686

    side shot
  4. blackdog2

    Victoria - 1989 DM686

    It was a tri-axle then a crash truck then the guy I bought it from turned it to a tractor changing the rears ratio does 71-mph F.P. RYAN aka Defelice the body went up hitting a bridge bending frame and hitting cab a couple months old new cab level 3 dual air seats A/C .
  5. blackdog2

    Victoria - 1989 DM686

    I just bought this DM-686sx 58,000 lbs rears 130,000 miles .trailer 22ft air ride all alum frame tub
  6. blackdog2

    Connecticut Tire shops?

    Toce Bro Torrington ct they have 4-places establish 1924 ask for bill tell him Gillis jr llc told you to call. Towing company are hard to come by but we have Pluskes in Wallingford ct. .
  7. blackdog2

    Brake pedal sound

    My superliner does it first 2-3 miles but gives warning in colder weather .
  8. blackdog2

    1939 Mack FKSW

    new new kid in town my son took the picture .
  9. blackdog2

    Tonar launches new 60-ton model 7501 tipper

    Around here the Stewart usually gets a truck like that soft and cushy ?
  10. blackdog2

    Fairly large load

  11. blackdog2

    Numerous rebuilt Mack trans and diffs for sale cheap

    For additional money he will load ?
  12. blackdog2

    Fairly large load

  13. blackdog2

    Fairly large load

  14. blackdog2

    NOS Mack Parts

    location will take all and price ?

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