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  1. I worked for Brockton truck rental they had a few trucks mostly Mack's A-cars International Chevy's
  2. Juice brakes thought that was different if I remember from years ago .
  3. yup just check were the hood mounts
  4. A little cheezzy & cheap everybody wants light weight that's not where you skimp .
  5. Is that the truck that jay has for sale ???????? 1994 DM-690sx
  6. Now you need a shovel to clean it out.
  7. WY wouldn't it my fleet has 70s & 80s workin while the 2001-rd sits in the corner like a bad dog not his fault though !!
  8. call global in winchester n h 1-603-239-7008 they should have it plenty warehouse full of parts.
  9. My f$%^n town paid my 10,25 son to drive a 10 wheeler with a plow no damage no nothing cheap fu%^&*%$##@ p i told him to give it back and he a VOL fireman.
  10. Plunskes in Wallingford ct has over 45 units registered shiny day truck gas diesel from the 30s to mid 90s all wheel drive fords mack international and dirty day trucks .
  11. dent puller slide hammer
  12. Ive taken the screw out put plate and big C-clamp on old pin and out they come a little tap on axle and pop done 100 + Macks.
  13. Yup put a air toggle in the pressure side and put the switch in a hidden spot so you can turn it on -off when needed.
  14. My first tractor I bought a 1978 R-MODEL ran all over north east in1988 before I got married