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  1. My 2001 had the problem the dealer was putting oversize bearings but after several trucks they came up with a fix a external oil line or higher volume / pressure pump I ended up with the pump .
  2. that's not happening over length $$$ better measurements chocks numbers #
  3. Here in Conn. double steer- tamden axle good for 80,000 no lift they average 26.5 ton but get stuck on banana peal .
  4. I don't think its to safe but it is legal we have a DM-686 58k-20k-20k-front good for 98,000 but only good for 76,500 pay-load 23.8 ton .
  5. we are running 24.5 ton on tri-axle up to 76500 in conn mass 77000 with permits
  6. The rear axle all break its 2-halfs welded together verse the others are 1-piece with quills spindle s
  7. Put the older banjo with cone axle .....if you put same back brake again
  8. In the listing says same thing plus no horn or coupler must be a trucker thing .
  9. Gas powered # 9001 smaller unit passenger car .
  10. Those rims are 12 -in wide by 24 with a rating 11'650 lbs per tire...14.00 x 24... other DMs are 9-in X 24
  11. Amoco oil driver didn't Island trans. had some bad ones .Gulf had a few but the mech. didn't know anything....... terminal mgr said nothing wrong ....I guess when you were a tie it cuts blood flow upward ?
  12. A lot of gas company's had them either over or under the shaft system. I talk to a few people that had them and it wasn't a good out come when the leafs break at the center bolt they turn in to a catilpolt flipping or crashing the unit Ive change a lot and wouldn't put them on gas trailers and keep them on TB&A box's .
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