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  1. Hallamore motor trans. doing I-691 for blakeslee for Arute bro's we had 2 DM-800 and 2DM-600 96-beam's for all bridge's crossing with 5-axle trailer's 90-ft long on a bolster plate with a 3/4 cable in between .
  2. I've change 4-tire's on a Mack DM-600 with a 62-ton concrete I-Beam on I-691 by hand early 80's no help and they wonder why I left ?
  3. Get the guy with grey hair he can fix it wright...........and if he has a CDL and changing tire's....?
  4. I have 14 old Mack's from1956-2001 B R U DM-8 DM-6 Superliner I'm from N. Branford ?
  5. Short ton 200,000 lbs......long ton 224,000 lbs ...
  6. I had a problem with 2001 Fruehauf I sprayed wd-40 in glad hand brakes were hanging up and changed glad hand to a quick release one on blue side good now......it would hold a little air back ?
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