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  1. Problem with 7th gear jumping out and cant hold it in since new 2001-RD dealer told me poppet spring -balls 3rd time out of warranty now they put bearing kit sliding clutch and fork still jumps out on the way home from dealer in Hartford Conn.....park it in the corner and buy older MACK's late 80's....
  2. I went down in 1980 to sign up but didn't need me butt My father was a sergeant in WW2 in the the Army air core's as a teacher / pilot B-52 - B-17 pilot trainer people would ask can YOU RUN THIS I can fly a a BOMBER ?
  3. The state made some of the contractor's put on after burner's on older machine's on state job's ....Are they using high sulfur or low or cut with Kerosene air filter ? air intake restricted they should be able to plumb ex-hast differently is it a engineered system go back the installer the town sign off on it originally I dealt with North East generator for years and they did a lot of multi story building's in CT NY.
  4. Part price's have gone through the roof is it dealer's not selling trucks and making it up on parts engine kit's were 998.00 now 2200.00 ?
  5. I work for a company .....that was a priority over anything even a blown motor ...
  6. Hallamore motor trans.. had one in the late 80s that they acquired from a buy-out of Lawrence Rigging in Stratford Conn. came with a JO-DOG & Gin pole-Garwood winch it was there road tractor and the 1 I would drive occasionally when I drove quad box 29-K rear .
  7. check vent to be clean also change spacer behind bearing ?
  8. They used those for drilling and blasting in Quarry's now .
  9. The whole garage was filled with dump's and mixer's he would open 1or 2 day's a week maybe they also had a sand pit 2 miles away. They bought a Oshkosh mixer in the 80's butt never used it much..
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