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  1. check timing too..my friend had a truck off 6 or 8 degrees, from what i understand each degree is equivalent to 10hp
  2. I know they've come up in the past. My question is I have seen newer Mack MR garbage trucks with LED headlights that are brite are look great. Want to try and get the part # to see if they'd go into my 86 R model or 82 U model. Want to do something different on my dumps
  3. I need to find the photo but i want to say the same truck is owned by a friend of mine in Newtown,CT
  4. My old 96 F350 that went to RI got "winterized" and is now for sale
  5. I think it was a Brandon? not sure, i'll find out. He mainly hauls wood chips and mulch with that truck so its short and tall
  6. They say Sterling Services on them, they're based out of the Monroe,CT area. you won't see them on your end of the state much unless they're hauling for Gateway
  7. I attended the auction, they're still in business. He owns half the town from what i understand and has a big oil business
  8. The same guy owned this DM as well, it ended up in Norwalk,CT and is being used..the guy had a good size demolition company years ago and has been selling everything off
  9. Some pix of the Copar Granites my friend who owns them took, they're now a gray cab/black fender color combo
  10. Yeah they're done. my friend has about 8 of the Granite dump trucks, the tri-axle tractor was for sale at a dealer in Mass
  11. Couple of Macks at the Bethel Sand and Gravel auction in the fall
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