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  1. Nice. I knew of a 1966 B-61, and wouldn't expect there were very many of them.
  2. Two big gassers that I would like to have some time with are the GMC 637 V-8 and the White giesel.
  3. I think the White was a high cab short conventional or low cab forward, and would be compared to a Mack C model.
  4. Old brake fluid can. Old beer can
  5. Have you talked to Dick Lein about it? Tell more about it. Where was it last known to be? Who had it?
  6. I would think that one of the restoration parts companies would have them or something that would work. This is from Restoration Specialties: http://stores.restorationspecialties.com/trim-fasteners/
  7. If "It really looks cool" - show us pictures!!!
  8. While on the subject, there were two G-72's built. I guessed they would have had a 707 engine, but in light of this would they have had Chryslers too?
  9. There was a Wheels Of Time article that explained it, but I have no idea when it was.
  10. It has been discussed in truck forums before. There are supposed to be some Chevrolet parts manuals in existence that were printed for trucks with the John Deere engine. The word was that Caterpillar did not want the competition of Deere engines and worked to end the deal. I had thought it was an engine for trucks that were smaller than the Titan 90, and would have been those that used a 3208 Cat,
  11. Even though it is ancient history, it seems so unusual that a company would put a spotlight on a competitor.
  12. It is possible that Red Dot will sell the parts after Mack considers them obsolete and no longer stocks them.
  13. Harrison radiators, Saginaw transmissions and steering gear, Rochester carburetors, Frigidaire air conditioning, Muncie transmissions.... Remember when it was Delco Remy ?
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