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  1. Work boots

    Russell's are hand made in Wisconsin - and expensive. If anything on them ever wears out, send them back and they will repair/replace whatever is worn.
  2. Snout to Snout. Great picture of two generations.
  3. Never seen one like this before.

    4020 and 5020 are both listed in the ad. It appears to be a 5020.
  4. I think that is for Winfall wimmens.
  5. 008.jpg

    That is a great photo !
  6. You will have to have a picture of one on the truck. - "Festiva Equipped"
  7. You reported that you had been in contact with Sheppard about getting parts. Did you ask them about a solution to the problem you have? They may have customer service/technical help people who could go through setting it/troubleshooting it with you. Or try googling to find a business that does repair/rebuilding of steering boxes and contact them and ask about it. Explain that you cannot remove the box. They may or may not be willing to help but it does not hurt to ask.
  8. The first thought would have to be that somethihg with the sleeving or in the disassembly and reassembly that was done is causing the problem. If it was bored and sleeved possibly there is an alignment problem ?
  9. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    The safety manager at work wears a .... camo - high visibility vest. That wins the prize for the greatest oxymoron ever.
  10. Happy New Year

    Those 5 would make it my best ever
  11. Ran When Parked

    Remember when that style used to be called a snub nose or stub nose truck.
  12. Head scratcher

    Check to see if the outlet hose from the neck is blocked.
  13. Here is a possibility. Otherwise a Hemmings Motor News would probably be the best place to look.
  14. There are a whole lot of Americans who have never been introduced to it.