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  1. There are a whole lot of Americans who have never been introduced to it.
  2. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    From Wikipedia: 1987: The Series 60 — the four-cycle heavy-duty engine for which the company is well known — was introduced. It was the first production engine to have integrated electronic controls as a standard feature. The Series 60 was cleaner and more fuel-efficient than previous heavy-duty engines, and quickly became the biggest selling heavy-duty diesel engine in the North American Class 8 truck market. 1988 January 1: A joint venture between Penske Corporation and General Motors created Detroit Diesel Corporation. Penske had a 60% majority ownership in the new venture and the CEO was former racecar driver Roger Penske.[2][3]
  3. Tesla Electric Truck News

    A Brandt Peterbilt here. I think they use an Allison transmission. The trains weigh a lot, but move much easier on the rails. Jump to :50
  4. un truck related ?

    Index: eBay most likely has any issue you would want.
  5. Right here:
  6. Where's Vlad?

    Having a girl that knows how to use a gun can be dangerous...
  7. J series Sterling

    This has been discussed on other forums. There was supposed to have been one in California a few years ago, but the grill is gone. No others have been reported. There was another Sterling model of the same style, I think it was the L.
  8. It looks like the MR is set to pass the R Model for the longest running cab, which was 40 years.
  9. 1920 Packard

    I think he is talking about ALL Packard trucks produced when he is saying that there are only 50 left and most went to war.
  10. The Last B Model

    Do you know when the last one was built?
  11. long awaited work shop finally started

    Have a barn-raising party first. Then a dance party.
  12. B70 in Kansas.

    It looks like both of the B- hood emblems are gone. Possibly an early B-75? What does the data plate say?
  13. How many R model cabs were installed ?

    Possibly if it is only class 8 trucks. Ford and GM sell millions of pickup trucks using the same cabs.