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  1. The Mack museum has been closed due to the virus, so it will be a while for an answer if you ask for information. When they finally do reopen, there is going to be a big backlog and it could take a long time for a response. Get your request in now so you are in line. They rely on donations for operation of the museum.
  2. Maybe you can import the parts from Australia cheaper! 😁
  3. That was a short lived model. Not many were built. It would be good to have one today.
  4. 142 of them were built.
  5. Makes you wonder what else they have in the back of their warehouse?
  6. A Rolls Royce engine in an International was said to be a regular production option, but only in Canada. There is at least one of them still in existence.
  7. Even model numbers are gas engine, odd numbers are diesel. B-61 is diesel, B-62 is gas.
  8. Did you see this thread? You could try a personal message to her or to one of the people there who knew the company. Or a google people search. If you cannot connect, a good place for the photos would be the American Truck Historical Society.
  9. A list has been entered into the Wiki section.
  10. Mack Engine Codes. With the 3 digit Mack model code numbers the first number refers to the series-400 series, 600 series, 700 series, 800 series etc. The second and third numbers refer to the engine fitted. All diesels unless noted. 01 END475-Scania D8 02 EN402 Thermodyne gas 03 END465 END465C Thermodyne 06 ET673E-200 h.p. Thermodyne 07 END673E-180 h.p. END673P-187 h.p. Thermodyne 08 EN707A Thermodyne gas 09 END711-211 h.p. Thermodyne 10 EN414A-Chrysler (Dodge truck) 413 V8 gas 11 ENDT673-211/225 h.p. ENDT673C-250 h.p. ET673-260 h.p. Thermodyne 12 ETAZ673A-3
  11. You will have the only one at the truck show.
  12. I do not now how many there are now, but the total build was 150. In 1940 and 1941. There were several different F models and the wiring is probably similar in the others. You could check with the Mack Museum for a copy, but they are closed by the pandemic now.
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