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  1. The Lake Superior Railroad Museum's Mack switcher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJOEDx57oNo
  2. Don't teach him that he needs to use better English so he can scam people better.
  3. There was a toilet paper filter adapter kit you could buy for your vehicle. J.C. Whitney sold them. Some manufactured oil filters used the same principle, called depth type filters. They were said to have superior filtration but supposedly testing showed that they were no better than a pleated filter. Hastings filters were made that way, but I think they went away from that.
  4. Phase 1

    Kia M-715

    They bought the tooling from GM and produced the V6 version of the Buick for the CJ.
  5. Did you read the post before yours?
  6. The diesel aircraft engine evolved into the jet engine.
  7. Some truck makers tipped the engine to the right side in their cab forward trucks. Mack moved the cab to the left.
  8. Turn the cable at the motor end while it is connected at the tach to see if it turns freely.
  9. Torsional vibrations occur twice every time the driveshaft rotates. These result from excessive angles in the u-joints. They also can be caused by driveshafts that have been reassembled out of phase. A phased driveshaft generally is one in which the yokes are in line. However, it is not uncommon for chassis manufacturers to order driveshafts with special phasing. "Torsional vibrations are one of the biggest installation problems you will encounter," Koedam said. Koedam suggested that shops mark driveline components before disassembling them. Mark them in a way that makes it clear that the driveline is being reassembled the same way the manufacturer built it. One good way to identify specially phased drivelines is to look at the weld seam on the tubing. If the weld seam is straight but the yoke is turned, the driveline probably has been built out of phase. https://www.trailer-bodybuilders.com/distributors-upfitters/article/21739166/what-every-shop-must-know-about-drivelines
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