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  1. "This happened because the connecting rod bolt came loose and the rod came off the crankshaft journal." I have no experience with this engine but finding a complete rod bolt when there is a thrown rod may not mean that the cause was a loose bolt. I have seen it before and I believe (and others have agreed) that when a rod starts hammering due to a bearing going bad, the pounding can cause a bolt to loosen. If that is what happened, it is possible that the problem you have now also caused the previous failure.
  2. Part 2; on the road.
  3. Previous thread:
  4. I didn't know these were that sought after. I have a First Gear B=61 and was pleased to see the price, but then realized that it is not the same. Not as detailed and the hood and doors do not open. Was this a special model, or maybe an earlier version?
  5. Doc's Harley in Bonduel Wis. and Good's Furniture in Kewanee Ill. have restaurants and other attractions.
  6. Here are the numbers. C-Series C607 1963-1965 301 C609 1963-1965 1,064 C611 1963-1965 16 C615 1963-1965 208
  7. A Cat-EMD demonstrator.
  8. A small amount of leftover gas would not hurt anything. Some people add gas to their diesel in the winter to keep it from gelling.
  9. Check the starter before you buy one. If the series/parallel switch is gone it may have already been changed to 12V start.
  10. Interesting and very nice.
  11. A 1976 model for sale at ATHS site:
  12. I know a guy who used to be a wing man on an Oshkosh plow truck. It was a two man crew, one drove and the other operated the plow levers. He said that by the time you hit the third mailbox, you're laughing so hard that you can't hang on to the levers anymore. .
  13. I believe I have seen somewhere that the LH was a lightweight model, possibly like an LJ with light parts on it, aimed at the western market. I suppose that when the LTL came out, it took most of the sales away from the LH.
  14. Although it looks like the letter M, I think the notation states LHSW. Not a lot of those were built.