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  1. Or an LH. The hard nose is seen on the LJ-X models. I don't know if that was standard on them. I also do not know if there were LHX or LFX models
  2. You could add the B model data from the BMT wiki. Cab, engine, etc. - if nobody has a problem with that.
  3. Check with the supplier. You may have gotten the wrong piston and they have the right one.
  4. Agreed. It was no major design feat to put a big square hood on an R700. Mack was just matching what was becoming very popular in trucks at the time.
  5. There were 484 H-61's made. The H-61 came out first, then the H-63 and then the H-67. I did not know that there were H-61's with Cummins engines.
  6. Then maybe we'll get to know the new owner very well here.
  7. You wouldn't have to be buying those things new when you will be using them very little. Watch for auctions and sales, Craigs List, lots of used stuff on eBay. Some rental places have some of the things you will need if you have one close enough.
  8. You weren't able to convince him that there would be no problem with the wheels?
  9. If that is the same one I remember, it was done long ago - when 57 chevys were still a dime a dozen. Focusing on the car.... is that a 57 Chevy?
  10. I had not heard of the 475 either. Some research shows that in 1977 some changes were made to the engine, including different heads, to meet emissions standards. With those changes, the model number was changed from 477 to 475. The displacement did not change. I agree that it would be a rare truck and good to have. Super Duty engine production ended in 1981.
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