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  1. What is the story behind the can? This was the worlds largest six-pack - it has been repainted, no longer Old Style.
  2. Mack Warranty

    In extracting the stud, it sounds like they are not comfortable or experienced in doing that type of work. That could lead to a botched job. Perhaps they would agree to have someone who regularly does that kind of work to come in and do it.
  3. 83 dm

    It could have been that the military ordered them with the short cabs - for whatever reason.
  4. 68 u or dm mixer

    Take it across the scale at the scrapyard.
  5. Western Movie Themes

    I always liked the Rawhide theme.
  6. 1940 Mack

    If nothing else, get the data plate from it.
  7. New Engine or New Truck?

    Air is fuel too. Add more air (oxygen) and you get a bigger bang. With a gas motor, if you add more air, you have to add more fuel to keep the ratio correct. A diesel will happily take more of either.
  8. It seems to sit fairly low, is it a U-400? There are few of those.
  9. "This happened because the connecting rod bolt came loose and the rod came off the crankshaft journal." I have no experience with this engine but finding a complete rod bolt when there is a thrown rod may not mean that the cause was a loose bolt. I have seen it before and I believe (and others have agreed) that when a rod starts hammering due to a bearing going bad, the pounding can cause a bolt to loosen. If that is what happened, it is possible that the problem you have now also caused the previous failure.
  10. The three stick Mack

    Part 2; on the road.
  11. Previous thread:
  12. I didn't know these were that sought after. I have a First Gear B=61 and was pleased to see the price, but then realized that it is not the same. Not as detailed and the hood and doors do not open. Was this a special model, or maybe an earlier version?
  13. Doc's Harley in Bonduel Wis. and Good's Furniture in Kewanee Ill. have restaurants and other attractions.