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  1. A "V" model (V-8) isn't it?
  2. Phase 1

    E9 questions

    Have you asked the dealer? If the guy owed them money, they probably did service work on the truck. They may have all the service records and someone there could have a good idea of what is wrong with the truck.
  3. Phase 1

    Macungie 2018

  4. Phase 1

    R700 in Alabama

    The Superliner would have caused a decline in sales and models. There were probably few sold in the last years.
  5. Phase 1

    R700 in Alabama

    R747, 754, 767 and 770 are listed through 1985. Almost all of the others didn't go past the 70's.
  6. Phase 1

    Little Generator:

    The way that float looks (my opinion only), it is possible it was caused by bacteria. https://www.bellperformance.com/blog/bid/40286/Microbial-Infestation-of-Fuel-Tanks-Use-a-Fuel-Cleaner-for-Bacteria
  7. Probably a DMM - a DM with a driving front axle. For pics Google Mack DMM and select Images.
  8. Phase 1

    Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    I wouldn't think the residents would generate much trash.
  9. Phase 1

    Today's Project:

    How will you handle the wire for the lights on the mast? Could it be run on another sheeve on the hose reel?
  10. Phase 1

    B 53 power steering box

    This one has a Sheppard.
  11. Phase 1

    Generator to alternator

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that is done on multi position motor controlling switches to aid the motor. It is better for the durability of the motor to start at full power.
  12. Phase 1

    guts, glory, ram

    That would be a good thing for someone who has a Dodge race car. Larry needs an H model Ford.
  13. They appear to be White's - unless Mack used the same cab or one nearly identical - which I have never heard of. Further down the line it appears some of them have the wings on front that were on some of that model White.
  14. Phase 1

    Some Russian firetruck pics

    It looks like Russia's version of a DUKW (Duck).
  15. Phase 1

    Pictures of the Week

    A C-model with a sleeper! - and looks to be in very good condition. A good candidate for a restoration.

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