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  1. Harrison radiators, Saginaw transmissions and steering gear, Rochester carburetors, Frigidaire air conditioning, Muncie transmissions.... Remember when it was Delco Remy ?
  2. This is where the grill design came from.
  3. Phase 1

    Mack B78

    B-73, there was no B-78. The way the emblem is made, the 3 can be mistaken for an 8.
  4. A rooftop hatch is used when the cargo is higher than the bottom of the door. I would guess the cab was narrowed by a coachbuilder, a company that would do it to any make of truck that was supplied to them.
  5. If he buys the property I would assume he will be making it accessible so he can get to it. A person buying the trucks shouldn't have to do it.
  6. What makes it unusual with the small radiator is the L cab. I don't recall ever seeing that.
  7. Detroit powered Dodge truck pull.
  8. It looks a lot like this prototype from 1949.
  9. It looks like the toe panel is indented where the clutch pedal would be when all the way down - for the trucks that have a clutch pedal.
  10. It could be comparing it to its predecessor - the B model - which would be true.
  11. I think Daryl Gushee had a yellow one like that.
  12. The A model was built 1950-53. Do a search here for A40 and you will get a lot of posts about them. There were other A models as well that would be similar. If it is that complete, you might consider keeping it original. The sleeper cab would make it rare.
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