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  1. I am thinking about frame colors. I have purchased the body paint and will be going "Classic" Candy Apple Red Cab, Hood and Grill Shell. The Fenders and Headlight surrounds will be Black. I was originally thinking Black frame, but I guess that frames came Factory red for certain years.
  2. Bondi is about $20 a gallon at Wal-Mart and $30 at Advanced Auto parts. I have found it for $15 on sale a couple of times.
  3. This weekend project. The fenders are going to be black so I'm trying to get them straight and use not 5 gallons of bondo.
  4. Its hard when you have a day job and family, not too much time for "projects"
  5. Got the heads/blower/AC back on...well almost. The blower needs the govenor fork "finangled" on the shaft. Still have to pull the en401 out and see if I can bolt the duplex to the Detroit Bell housing. Worse case I guess ill run the 5speed Fuller since it has the flywheel, clutch, etc. Cold weather has arrived in Northern NY and I needed to pull it out my work bay. I have her all covered up outside. I pulled the nose off and have started body work. Also removed the "Rust" formally known as Floor pan. Slow and steady wins the race!
  6. The 4-54 has a bad turbo and ran away. There is just a touch of oil on the stick. I bared the engine over by hand and it feels ok. My original plan was the 4-53 but once I found out it ran away I wondering if I'd be better off with the 6v53. I think Harbison has a 6v53 in one of his B's.
  7. Please don't shoot me but I may have found a solution to the junk 401. I just bought a 6v53 and a 4-53 (package deal). The old mack has a TRD77 10 speed. I would like to mate this to the 6v53. I think the TRD77 has SAE 3 bell. Can I bolt the two together?
  8. Could I run an 8.2 against the little duplex? I have a silly idea...What if I put a 300 6 in it. 125hp and 250ft/lbs, about the same as the 401.
  9. Just found a DT466 and 6 speed manual about 3 miles from my house. It runs and drives. Might be the donor.
  10. What do you guys think about DT466? They seam to be plentiful and relatively cheap. I would like to keep my original 5 and 2 speed. Will I need to use the bell housing from the DT or will the EN401 bell?
  11. Thanks I will PM once I get her home. If all goes well she will be in my garage tonight.
  12. Kind of had that thought, but I think I want diesel. My father had a 1974 International Fleetstar with a 6-71 Detroit. The best sounding engine IMO. I know they arent power houses and they leak oil, but they are tough and would be cool.
  13. What would be your suggestion for replacement engine?
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