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  1. The 4-54 has a bad turbo and ran away. There is just a touch of oil on the stick. I bared the engine over by hand and it feels ok. My original plan was the 4-53 but once I found out it ran away I wondering if I'd be better off with the 6v53. I think Harbison has a 6v53 in one of his B's.
  2. Please don't shoot me but I may have found a solution to the junk 401. I just bought a 6v53 and a 4-53 (package deal). The old mack has a TRD77 10 speed. I would like to mate this to the 6v53. I think the TRD77 has SAE 3 bell. Can I bolt the two together?
  3. Could I run an 8.2 against the little duplex? I have a silly idea...What if I put a 300 6 in it. 125hp and 250ft/lbs, about the same as the 401.
  4. Just found a DT466 and 6 speed manual about 3 miles from my house. It runs and drives. Might be the donor.
  5. What do you guys think about DT466? They seam to be plentiful and relatively cheap. I would like to keep my original 5 and 2 speed. Will I need to use the bell housing from the DT or will the EN401 bell?
  6. Thanks I will PM once I get her home. If all goes well she will be in my garage tonight.
  7. Kind of had that thought, but I think I want diesel. My father had a 1974 International Fleetstar with a 6-71 Detroit. The best sounding engine IMO. I know they arent power houses and they leak oil, but they are tough and would be cool.
  8. What would be your suggestion for replacement engine?
  9. Anybody got a connecting rod for this old girl?
  10. Here's a bigger picture of the engine, Maybe someone can tell me if its a 401 for sure.
  11. That be a connecting rod sticking through the side. Can you still get parts for this engine? I think it 401ci.
  12. I believe they dragged it to its resting place with a tractor... So maybe it will roll. By the size of the tree I say she's been sitting for 20 years or so.
  13. Hopefully that won't cause me too much grief getting her out of her tomb.
  14. This is not my truck, but it looks like the "can" on my truck. Looks kind of like air brakes but could it be hydraulic?
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