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  1. Thank you for the Info. I think I have mounted about where yours is. Looks like your exhaust runs forward. My truck in Non-Turbo so i think I should send it out the back. If I can make a 45 degree bend about an inch from the manifold clamp...I think I can get it. Thanks for the pic. If you ever get up that way and want to snap a few pics I would love to add them to my posts. Just for other weirdos putting Detroit's in B-Models.
  2. Yes with a doghouse or nose extension it will fit. I didn't want to modify the look or make a dog house. Could have put in a 6v71 but couldn't find one when I got the 6v53. I now know where there is a 6v71.
  3. I hoping that all these post help someone out trying to do it.
  4. Thanks! How did they do the exhaust manifold on the drivers side. My stock one will run right into the steering box.
  5. So here it is. I know a lot of people aren't too happy to see a "Slime green Dripoit" in a B, but I have my reasons. None of them are hauling 20 ton up Mt Everest or winning the Indy 500. Just love the sound of a Detroit and the look of a B-Model. Had to get pretty creative with the drivers side engine mount. The steering box was in the way. So i built a engine mount that brings the Detroit mount forward 4". Then I had to make a frame mount that could "Sqeeze" back under the steering box as far back as possible. My first attempt I tried using the stock Mack frame mounts. Even using my homemade engine mounts (reversed side to side from the picture) they would not bring the engine forward enough to clear the firewall or allow an exhaust manifold to be installed in any direction. This was the best solution I could figure out. Exhaust manifold will still be tricky. I have built the other side frame mount and I am able to use the stock Detroit Engine mount(Sorry no pic it was late last night when I got it built and the paint was drying". Now to the cradle front mount...
  6. Little "Sketchy" Lift. This thing wasn't designed to lift this much...but it did it. The frame of the trailer is made from 3" thin wall tubing. The axle is mobile home and the arches are 2" x4" x1/4" Channel. The Ibeam is 4". She bent where the front angle braces are welded to the frame. I think it tried to rack when I had to jerk on it a bit. No Fear...I will use the engine hoist to install the 6v with out the tranny. Now its time to figure out how to shoehorn the 6v53 in there. Steering box and exhaust manifold are fight for the same real-estate. Rear engine mounts will need to offset to push the engine ahead enough to clear accessory pulley. Fun Fun Fun!
  7. I am thinking about frame colors. I have purchased the body paint and will be going "Classic" Candy Apple Red Cab, Hood and Grill Shell. The Fenders and Headlight surrounds will be Black. I was originally thinking Black frame, but I guess that frames came Factory red for certain years.
  8. Bondi is about $20 a gallon at Wal-Mart and $30 at Advanced Auto parts. I have found it for $15 on sale a couple of times.
  9. This weekend project. The fenders are going to be black so I'm trying to get them straight and use not 5 gallons of bondo.
  10. Its hard when you have a day job and family, not too much time for "projects"
  11. Got the heads/blower/AC back on...well almost. The blower needs the govenor fork "finangled" on the shaft. Still have to pull the en401 out and see if I can bolt the duplex to the Detroit Bell housing. Worse case I guess ill run the 5speed Fuller since it has the flywheel, clutch, etc. Cold weather has arrived in Northern NY and I needed to pull it out my work bay. I have her all covered up outside. I pulled the nose off and have started body work. Also removed the "Rust" formally known as Floor pan. Slow and steady wins the race!
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