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  2. I will definitely contact you if I’m able to keep the factory L firewall. At this point nothing is set in stone for the firewall and floor in the L cab, floor is pretty rusty and has a few sketchy patches. The firewall also has some patches and most of the pass through holes appear unusable for the Kenworth power and air needs. Kenworth floor and firewall are in great condition but they’re aluminum so I’m weighing the options of bolting and bonding verses fabricating new panels and welding them in.
  3. I would love to post some pictures on this site but I haven't a clue I have a smart phone? and a desk top computer and not a clue after that. Thank you
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  5. Kemp's 1930 Mack AK to transport Texaco fuel products with a couple big Sterling trucks out back.
  6. A Mack B-42T converted to a dump truck at its new home after the Kemp auction.
  7. Have you tried Manders diesel ?
  8. Cool! What is that black box below the windshield?
  9. Yeah--wait till dark and grab a photo of that thing lit up!
  10. Sounds like the truck in the Alan Jackson song Drive!
  11. Maybe he was slightly over weight so he took some tires off the get back under 80k?
  12. yes sir thank you again !
  13. Things get out of hand, and Dog takes over, the owner could end up with fuel injection???
  14. I'd like to obtain a replacement plastic face plate for my 1980 R model. It is factory air conditioned but busted up badly. Don't know if available new or not but I'm missing some of the rotary discharge air discharge vents also: My son is a woodworker and has offered to reproduce the faceplate in wood which I'm sure would look nice. I have a complete later style HVAC unit from a 1989 salvaged R model cab, but would rather stay original if possible.
  15. https://www.liebherr.com/en/usa/products/mining-equipment/mining-excavators/details/r9800.html
  16. With rears that heavy it was a site truck? But it's too clean for a site truck!
  17. I finished up the air compressor engine tuning and "air end" maintenance yesterday afternoon. It is a big difference as really does run well. As mentioned earlier I installed new plugs, wires, Pertronix electronic distributor which had a new cap, rebuilt the Zenith "63" updraft carburetor and changed the oil along with filter. Both oil bath air cleaners were quite full of dirt/grime. The Continental B-427 engine runs very well meaning smooth and plenty of power. I now need to build a muffler to quiet it down a bit..... I replaced the original hydraulic lines, (after blowing an original) which circulate the compressor lubricating oil and air through the system along with the "stripper" filter cartridge. Don't have a history or log book of maintenance so starting anew prior to placing the unit back into service. The oil filter for the compressor section uses the same filter element as my Detroit Diesel 12V-71T engine and I have a box of six so replaced that also. After dumping 14 full gallons of fresh air compressor oil into the reservoir, the engine was brought to life and does this thing make air! The discharge air pipe is 2" NPT which is necked down to two 1" discharge ports. With one of these opened wide the engine runs about 1150rpm while maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. With both ball valves open fully, the engine runs right at 1900rpm while still maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. I let it run about 10 minutes with one port open wide and noticed absolutely no oil in the discharge piping or fittings. It appears both the "stripper", and water separator, work well. Now going to bang the sheet metal a bit straighter, depaint, then repaint for appearance, and pull it around behind the B-673 for jobs remote from the shop. Both are 1962 models so should work well together.
  18. I'm still on the hunt for a rear rear differential in 3.65 ratio. It must be an iron differential carrier as it's for an air ride setup. Once a rear rear is located I'll have a front rear to sale, or trade.
  19. Just rememberd eye made this animation of photos long time ago WotSezU? cya
  20. No sir. Trying to finish up a couple other projects first. Still trying to decide where to start. Pulling out cups? Pulling head? I checked the buildup of pressure with the air compressor pumping, and with it kicked out and there was no change, so I think I can rule that out.
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