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  2. Windshield needed

    As this thread indicates the windshield for a CF and the F are the same. Try checking on the above truck or look for a CF that is being parted out.
  3. That shop floor is too clean. You need to throw some dirt, rust, grease, broken parts, and dirty rags down on it.
  4. You don't have to keep the lock ring and rim together, but you do need to have the correct ring for the rim you have. The lip has to fit just right or you could have a kablooey.
  5. Windshield needed

    Try; they have a listing for F model windshields.
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  7. Windshield needed

    Hi, we are rebuilding Mack F700 , 1979 and need both front windshields. Is it still possible to buy a new one ( original or reproduction) and where?
  8. Pictures of the Week

    Great pictures!!
  9. There are reliable shipping companies in California that ship all types of old/classic vehicles. If you search for them on the internet, you would find many genuine as well as the fake one. Just go by the company reviews. Recently our neighbor bought a Kubota tractor from California by availing auto shipping California service. The company took hold of the responsibility of shipping it to our place safely. The tractor was insured, hence any minor damage incurred can be dealt with. My neighbor recommends to have their service. There is uShip shipping service in California. Pretty good service provider as well.
  10. Thanks for the info Vlad. I can get pai parts but the ee9 560 pistons are later model two piece type pistons which pai don’t do as far as I know. I was just hoping on the off chance there would be a kit sitting on someone’s shelf . Time will tell. Thanks again
  11. Re groove tires?

    I bought one of Merv Townsends KWs from Hay River NWT he was a ice road pioneer, trucks were really rugged, to heavy for todays general trucking, KW big six susp. low gears, double heaters, ride every day with windows down in the winter, great for up there, not so much here.
  12. Safety Rim Ring

    If I remember aren't the rings and rims numbered so they stay together? That was told to me when I was first learning to change tires.
  13. Re groove tires?

    Have a look at king of obsolete's website very interesting an he runs an old ford with a 318. I saw him on that ice road show pulling a load along with some others. I have a soft spot for those old 318's
  14. Re groove tires?

    Read DENISON'S ICE ROAD He not only ran the road but had to build it as the went.From the 1950's to the mid 1970's . The ones on TV would not last 30 minutes on Denisons road. The 325 trip was 2 days each way with out break downs, ice break through's or storms.
  15. Alabama

    Term limits on all elected officials, no holding office for 30. 40 or more years. Two terms and gone. Limit the campaign funds to a set amount, not 10's of millions from all over the country. Ties to special interest or lobbyists disqualifies the candidate. Benefits go away when your out of office. Those would be a start.
  16. Alabama

    Some pimps really do work work, politicians just run their mouths. kinda like union boiler makers at a power plant job, lotsa BS no work
  17. Alabama

    Is there a difference between a pimp and a politician ??
  18. General E7 Questions

    Pyro stinger is probably going bad or it's loose in the elbow after the turbo. It needs to be tight to get a good ground and I know those threads on those elbows strip easy.
  19. Alabama

    Pimp, just a honest working man.
  20. Coal Power

    The president of this country is supposed to look out for the best interests of this country, when Obama started looking out for the best interests of other countries then he committed treason in my book and people who commit treason cannot say they love this country, to the contrary they must hate America to do it harm, lying to the American people as to why he killed coal and economic hurt that was added to the problems we were already induring only goes to prove of his distaste for America and those that supported him and his not stop lies are just as guilty of lack of love for America.
  21. Re groove tires?

    Some wise words Billy about the small chainsaw. Yeah my young boys love outback truckers so we record it for them. It’s mostly accurate, but very dramatised. They love ice road truckers too, but I don’t as it scares the hell outta me. Hat goes off to you guys who drive up there!
  22. MP8 looses fuel overnight

    What the plastic cap Call?? Behind the fuel primer...
  23. looking for a Safety Rim Ring to replace a rusted one on my 54 Mack LS85 pumper ,fits on a spoke type hub tire size 900-20
  24. safety rim ring

    looking for a replacement for my rusted Safety Rim Ring on my 54 Mack LS85 pumper ,fits on a spoke type hub, tire size 900 -20
  25. Thank you sir I'll do that
  26. Coal Power

    I know coal traffic is way down on the Railroads. started shortly after OBozo took office 9 years ago and forced coal fired plants to shut down with EPA crap. The railroads then started shipping our coal to China for them to burn and send the fumes right back over tell me again how did we save the planet? not to mention how many jobs lost and people out looking for work from his clueless actions.
  27. Alabama

    none of the above
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