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  2. Looking for similar help VIN is 1M1AE06Y91W008907, from above conversation looks like it was one of the first of the 100000plus built. Is this the 380?
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  4. Retired baby keep you busy… bob
  5. I’m sure the cow wouldn’t let him in …hey dumbbell there’s not enough room for the two of us beat it…bob
  6. Wow score nice looking ride from what I heard they were Mack westerns norm Taunton had 2 of them at one time…. I think they were the the only ones I have ever seen in person … that’s excellent,, have a ball with it.. but why the natural aspirated???? Bob
  7. Double frame on a 2 axle that is rare. Looks to be in good shape
  8. UPDATE - I replaced the EGR and all is well, Turbo speeds, temps and EGR values are where they should be. Regen idle is now stable. Thanks to all who helped.
  9. Thanks. Could the tach drive have another name? I'm not finding anything when I search it.
  10. Thanks for all your comments. Got a call into Tom Pierce on this. Been friends with him since his “Big John” restoration. Also no maxi conversion possible without major changes as the RA91 axle has the chambers directly below and up against the springs.
  11. Here’s an O&G B73, in their storage yard in Torrington, CT. I took these around 2000. Just a cab and chassis, I was told the plan for it was to restore it and add a service body to it and put it back to work. I don’t know if that ever happened. Last time I saw it working was early 90’s with a large compressor mounted to it. Set up with an NH220, Triplex, double frame and a heavy rear.
  12. Thanks Jojo. Where would I look for that service bulletin.. on this site? Or through Mack? thanks for the lead. I found a listing of Mack SB and I believe the one I'm looking for is SB635008 but I can't seem to access a copy.
  13. You too kind.. I cant go. My back is so f'd up that I cant drive. My wife is taking me to the Dr. today.. I wish I could go... jojo
  14. well, anyhow, (as a man I once worked for used to say) i'm about to "scratch out", as nocluejoe66 would say, and head on down to Colfax, N.C. Maybe i'll see dignitaries like Joey Mack or the man with the red shirt and straw hat.
  15. you can hook an oil pressure gauge to the filter pad and see if pressure is low. at 10psi or lower the engine will shut down. if you have good pressure, check the harness to the sender and replace the sender if the wires are good and the pins make a tight connection. I have a hose made up with a gauge on it. the hose is long enough so that I can put it through the window and watch it as i drive the truck.. Im not saying 'no' to an ECM issue, just starting simple.. jojo
  16. Hi fellas, I have also been having the same problem with my 2002 Mack ch613. My started shutting down on me at a light. The funny thing with my truck is I am getting the low oil pressure code too but I am getting no lights on the dash. Yesterday it died on me like 10 to 15 times. It’s getting worse everyday. I am thinking it’s an ECM but not sure. Idk if you guys have any suggestions. At this point I am kind stumped.
  17. If the shaft in the pump isn’t turning then there’s something wrong with your tach drive and it needs either repaired or replaced
  18. I'll try that. I had it unhooked and started up the truck. The shaft in the pump wasn't turning.
  19. the saft in the injection pump turns when running.. chuck up the cable in a wimpy cordless drill and spin it to see if the gauge works. go slow and have someone watching the gauge... I think you have to put the drill in reverse.. just go slow when figuring which direction is correct. when you get that figured out, then run the drill up and it helps to know the top speed of the drill so you can sort-a get an idea that the tach is reading good... not a cure just a test.. Jojo
  20. I have a 1987 E9 400 and the tach quit working. Mine connects on top of the motor. I disconnected the cable. The cable is a male end with a key molded into it. It slides into a shaft with a notch for the key. Should the shaft spin when the engine is running?
  21. I know it's a long shot, but I'd sure like to get ahold of complete LTL sheet metal (front clip). Interested in any pieces or parts that might be available. I do have a good condition Clariben fiberglass tilt hood for a LT.
  22. i have been on both sides of this coin. currently have 2 B models for sale un upstate ny that are very nice trucks and all i get is tire kickers or guys that want a million pics, ask a million questions then give me the run around or ill get the '' boy this comes at a bad financial time for me'' lots of dreamers out there.... on the buying and sellin end. EVERYONE wants a B model til its time to actually open their wallet and buy one or they want a perfectly runnin driving half restored truck for 5 grand. then you get the dreamers who sit on stuff and never do anything with it and let it rot. end of rant haha
  23. that was charlie cole truck from brookneal va he passed away july 11 2021 charlie had serveral trucks been to a lot of truck show over the years he was a good person to know in your life
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