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  2. Chicago R models

    Dont see many mid 80s R models with the roof mount AC unit. seams most were the underdash style
  3. Fuel additives discussion

    Guy I work for puts in fuel additives in all his machines almost every other fill up. only thing I notice is im changing fuel filters all the time as its dislodging gunk and clogging filters. I think most of it is rust in the tanks as many of them just sit over winter. So i cant say that the additives are helping or not but I sure seam to change them pretty often.
  4. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    thanks, im pretty confident as long as the replacement used pump is in good shape. my plan will work. i think most seals should be able to be locally sourced if i need to change a few but the plan is to just use the best parts of both pumps and try to get it working again. I'm ok with under 200 bucks to fix it. didn't want to pay over 2k to rebuild the pump on a skid steer that is only worth a few grand on a good day with everything working right. especially when the plan is to replace it not something i plan on keeping a whole lot longer. i was a little worried about how i was going to push snow this winter if it wasn't going to make sense to fix it. iv got a few spots where the snow has to be pushed quite a long ways. was thinking i might have to get a plow for one of my pickups witch inst the best solution either as i have a lot of area that needs to be back dragged. and doesn't have any of the other functional uses a skid steer has. one of them things your used to having a skid steer even if its a old small kinda junky one when it goes down you wonder how your get by without
  5. 57' Mack

    hell of a buy for someone with lots of time&money
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  7. Cab swap question

    Not sure if that is worth the trouble if the cabs before that work without issue? I haven't been in a 08 or newer.
  8. Fuel additives discussion

    Wondering what fuel additives people are using (if any)? Any non-believers in additives can comment as well. If so what additive do you use? Was it to address a specific problem? (if so what) Do you track mileage? Regens? Has it reduced regens?/Increased mpg Would you recommend it? What kind of improvement(s) have you seen? Why did you decide to use it? Does it contain - cetane improver? Lubricity improver, etc. (what's in it)
  9. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    Well Columbus diesel is standing behind there product once again, there going to make me up 2 more lines. So I guess we will see how these ones go back in black, where do you adjust the needle lift your talking about? Is that within the injector?
  10. Chicago R models

    That's a pretty nice truck for Berkeley I see some really beat up Berkeley RDs going up and down rt 20 lately
  11. NFL What a disgrace !

    I don't believe in Karma. But I did skip church that day so I didn't miss the first quarter of a noon game, and it's no coincidence I think that our QB goes down. Now, even worse people were talking about the possibility of signing Kapernick. I would absolutely stop watching if they did that. Fortunately, it hasn't come to that. I couldn't stand to look at him with his beats headphones saying things like:"It was defense, yo!" :=
  12. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    got my fingers crossed
  13. looks like it was welded before ,weld it again on this side .I only see three bolts is one missing or does it only use three ,could be why it broke
  14. General Motors News

    Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, what's next?
  15. 57' Mack

    This truck was used on the Antigo Wisconsin potato farms as an irrigation truck after it's useful life of hauling potatoes was up. I believe it was made in 1957. The interior (sorry no pics) was olive green. It's been on the farm ever since. A collector from Wausau, WI purchased it for $1800 last week It runs great. Needs some paint. Will try to get photos of the restoration.
  16. Cab swap question

    Go with an 08 or newer cab. More room. The gauge functionality would be the tough thing. Everything else could be swapped over.
  17. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    i`m more than happy to report that my problem turned out to be a damn mud dauber filling up the under seat disconnect switch with his crap. a magnetic contraption that shuts part of the system off if you get unseated got that cleaned out and everything works fine
  18. 1925 Mack Model AB 1 1/2 ton Truck with Aircraft Testing equipment.The truck was purchased in 1988 from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. The truck was restored by Mr. Lewis and Raymond Jett. The truck was built to test radial aircraft engines and there is a testing area and controls.It was used by t5he USAAF and than by Continental Airlines in Colorado until about 1968. Received from Northrop Aircraft. The truck has a heavily enforced and special built cab. The truck is green and black. The truck has 146 1/2 inch wheel base. Mack 4 cylinder motor. Modified rearend for Dual rear wheels. The truck has cast rims. A lot has been done to beef up the truck chassis.
  19. NFL What a disgrace !

    WHAT no prius?
  20. Chicago R models

    85 R model still earning its keep!
  21. Cab swap question

    I can not see any difference in the cabs there maybe some minor things but should'nt be to hard to overcome them
  22. NFL What a disgrace !

    Nope, not a clue! Worse that kneeling IMO. But I also cut him some slack . . .He Does drink beer from a straw and reportedly drives a SAAB 93..
  23. Well guys to those of you going to Trucktoberfest this weekend, great photo op coming up. Denis Yaworski will be taking his beautiful Superliner-"End of the Line" to Allentown pulling Pat Camputaro's Landoll down. The return trip? He will be loading up Pat's great purchase, the Wellington Mack and bringing it back to Canterbury. What a photo op-last Superliner built and one of the more famous Macks of another era together. Thanks Pat and Denis.
  24. Superliner Engine cross member

    Is the cat cross member different from an e6 or e9
  25. Cab swap question

    That was the threat I got the idea from lol not sure if anyone has ever do something like this. Be something very unique. Question is will any cab in those years work or would it need to be from CL bc of the way the hood lines up on the firewall and how the cab air ride works. Cv has bags on each side and cl has one in the center.
  26. Cab swap question

    I would'nt know why you could'nt put up to an 07 model cab on your truck as long as it had the etech engine and not the mp series engine. I have an 07 and some 99's wiring looks like same plug in on firewall but the 07 does have 9 pin data port under dash and 99 only has 6 or 7 pin plug in. TimberJack said in his post there was 2 extra wires
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  28. Try calling global truck parts in Winchester New Hampshire.
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