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  2. I agree that there's more to It than We've been Told. Trouble is; that there's that many Tinfoil hat conspiracy theories floating around, to confuse everyone's train of (clear) thought.. As My eldest daughter said over the Weekend, "Dad, We're currently Living History.."
  3. i don't have that problem anymore. i have not had a phone that accepts incoming calls for the last 5 years.
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  5. I get the same message but they’re use a local number. You must have gotten the new guy
  6. So my wifes phone rings today. We look at it and it says " Shenzhen Guangdong" and the phone number was "+806........" Ya, I always answer calls that start with a plus sign. That's gotta be legit right? Bahahaha. So then 5 minutes later my daughter's phone rings, same number. But this time they left a voicemail. It was some woman speaking what I will assume was chinese? LOL Unfortunately I didn't have a translator handy, so I guess we'll never know what the heck she said, LOL
  7. Well, I don't wanna make light of this serious virus. It is tragic for those suffering. But on a lighter note, instead of hoarding toilet paper like most idiots in this world, I have been hoarding diesel fuel. The old F550 and transfer tank has been busy. While it may be bad for the economy, it is sure nice for my bank account right now.
  8. Mack/Volvo makes a gauge that checks the turbo stroke with the actuator removed. 90% of the time the turbo has to be replaced. We have seen actuators go bad or not calibrated but it usually throws a code. We did have a turbo not doing the full stroke and had our DPF cleaning guy come to the shop with some special machine that shot hydrogen ( or something similar) into the intake/air cleaner and cleaned the carbon out of the engine and turbo. I don’t know what this service is called but I saw it work in this case and we didn’t have to change the turbo.
  9. bob us taller guys in the short cab scene use our knees to keep our ears warm
  10. I have a 2009 Mack Pinnacle with the Mack MP8 Engine. Is this a reliable truck
  11. HDT recently put together a survey to gain more insight to how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the commercial truck industry. View the full article
  12. The next thing on my list was to attempt an actuator calibration. Is this something that could be freed up, or does it likely require replacement?
  13. Way to much boost . Probably turbo actuator is stuck in the full boost position. A guy around here has been doing crappy emission deletes. He’s using a “Export” engine file made for a eXport MP with no EGR and a non-VGT turbo. Then locking the actuator in the full boost position. On the MP8 it kinda works OK up to about 42-45 psi of boost . But the MP8 I worked on started back firing through the intake/air filter at about 46-48 psi of boost .
  14. I tried finding if he had other health problems by googling but didn’t find anything. The latest picture I saw of him, he didn’t look real healthy. I really liked most of his songs. RIP
  15. Well so far this isn’t a terribly deadly virus. Just heard that it’s only around 3% that are infected die. That number would be far lower if we could test more people and get a number on how many people that caught the virus and didn’t get reported as having it. The biggest problem seems to be how highly contagious and fast it spreads which can overwhelm hospitals which means people who need critical care can’t get it which can be deadly.
  16. Good thing you don't work for me your speaker box would have been kindling, one of my biggest peevs is having a driver that can't hear the phone or the radio when he is grooving to one's favorite tune, I like the oldies but NO tunes in the truck when moving loads. it's a safety thing, I have lost count of the times of trying to get a drivers attention only to open the door and be blasted with loud noise. so now NO tunes and you will have your company radio on, CBs are a waste of time also.
  17. This is a tough subject. Obviously I respect your thoughts, your ethics, morals and values. If my daughter was raped (heaven forbid), I would support her choice for an early termination. We'd rather she gave birth to a child fathered by her chosen husband.
  18. Shocker. My youngest son did a lip synch Of Pick Up Man his sr. yr in high school-lot of laughs . And my grandsons always want to hear JD Green when they are riding in my Deere. When country music was good! RIP
  19. Rest In Peace Joe. What an absolute bummer. Think Xi would let us build him a memorial in Wuhan if we offered to clear some acreage?
  20. I found a tiny crack on number 1 liner, remove and replace liner problem solve, turn out that becouse this liners are so thin they crack.
  21. It's from North Vernon, IN.
  22. I will have to jot that down in my calendar book. I was going to a truck show that day but it has been cancelled. Hopefully, Covid will be under control by August....
  23. It’s no longer a “farce”. I was hoping it was a pile of over-exaggerated media dung. We’re seeing a lot of untouchables getting 🤜💥 touched.
  24. My gut tells me we are not being told the full story, the exact truth, about the virus. I'm only confident that the world leaders. I imagine truth would be a catalyst for the panic they don't want.
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