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    • ...but who best to determine which coverages are "essential" than the consumer? I've got a friend who's in her early 30's. Her internal lady parts were removed due to cancer, and as a result it is physically impossible for her to get pregnant. Is coverage for child birth essential for her? Or is it a waste of money?  I don't really drink...might burn through a 6-pack a year, and I've never taken drugs. Do I really need substance abuse rehab coverage? I'm morally opposed to abortions, and wouldn't ever even consider it as an option. Why should I have to pay for THAT coverage?   As soon as somebody else starts telling you what you must buy, you can be certain you'll be buying more than you need. It really should be more like car insurance. Want collision? Buy collision. If not, don't. Same option for comprehensive and any other protections for your own assets. Own a home? You get to choose if you want "extra" coveragges for things such as floods, earth quakes, etc...nobody in government is forcing you to buy "essential" coverages. Sure, if you've got a loan out on the car or home the BANK might say what needs to be protect THEIR asset as a condition of them loaning you the money...but when you're the only one with skin in the game, your opinion on what may or may not be "essential" should be all that matters.   Insurance ought to be a-la-carte. Each coverage has a price, and you pick and choose which ones you're willing to pay for. Nothing should be "mandatory" to buy, because unlike auto liability, you aren't buying coverage to protect the assets of others from damage you might cause. The only assets at risk are your own, and as such, you have every right to choose if, what, and the extent of any and all coverages you might buy.
    • Is this the  C 124 ?  Flew on similar aircraft out of Barksdale  A.F.B. years ago. Can not remember the aircraft  model #.
    • I went to the Mack booth at MATS for more information. I totally get why Mack is where it is at. I asked plenty of questions to be answered with I don't knows.  For seats Sears is the way to go. I sat in them and just about melted in. The difference in weight between Mack rears and Meritor remains a mystery. What to spec to get a CXU down to 2000 full of fuel got the best answer. Wait until September when the new truck comes out.
    • Thanks for the replies i wil check those things.
    • Health care reform isn't going to happen any time soon.  Reason, it's about simple economics and graft.  Consider the following. Allowing the insurance companies to compete across state lines was included in a future "phase 3" of the Republican's plan.  Why phase 3 instead of phase 1?   - Duh,  the insurance companies do not want to have to serious, intense competition.  They are happy with things just as they are today.   - The insurance companies heavily lobby our representatives.  i.e. "Make sure it is in phase 3 so it never happens." Can't have competition!  What if new companies were formed and entered the market?  What if they brought innovations and improved efficiency?  Wow, can't have that. It's about the money.  It's always about the money.
    • Welcome.  You will be amazed with the knowledge and help here.
    • I'd check the micro switch under the accelerator pedal first. Not uncommon for them to get gunked up. Disconnect the leads from the fuel gauge at the sender and touch them both to ground. If the gauge reponds it is a bad sendng unit.
    • where i normally start with diagnosing a jake break problem is idle the engine up to 11-1200 rpm unplug the pass threw connectors and apply + power to the each pass threw individually and see if it activates the Jake break. this will tell you if the isues is under the valve cover or electrical before it gets there. 
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