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  2. Harry I think it was the other way around. I think his veteran's project was in Maine )-Gorham area- and the locals were giving him a hard time.
  3. wow i never heard of them,,,interesting..bob
  4. man,,,looks excellent...was thinking the same thing about seeing it outside.you all certainly deserve a big pat on the back...bob
  5. im sure that truck will be winning every show,,,,that model is definately one of my favorites to begin with.....lots of great progress.......bob
  6. Today
  7. 60 series had pistons to debond also.
  8. Cummins tried fusing the pistons together but they had trouble with the heads of the pistons coming off. I was told the Mack 2 piece was the benchmark design and was copied by other companies.
  9. Cummins did the same thing and it was all steel.The piston was no almost as tall as it was wide.
  10. Yup Glen is correct! I 'm not sure of the logic behind the two piece How ever back in the late 70's early eightys they tried using them on the E6 and it didn't work out well they would break up! ! they gravitated back to single piece! They came back to it in the e7 era and it has worked out this time! one advantage is no steel ring inserts! the crown is already steel! The Mp engines have no skirt to speak of, only a small area of contact in alignment with the rod below the piston head!
  11. Aluminum skirt for less scuffing and steel crown or top for more heat and cracking resisiting
  12. Hello. I did not know the tool. I am checking his website. The downside is that it is only in English. It looks very interesting. For now we are seeing importing the Volvo Vocom II tool for our mechanic.
  13. If I was close I would come over and have a good time helping you bolt all those nice clean parts on a nice clean frame way better than trying to repair a part on a truck or machine with five inches of grease and dirt covering everything.
  14. Back in the dark ages Detroit diesel made use of two part pistons if I remember correctly they were for city bus usage.
  15. I have one out of a truck and on a stand right now. Very happy to run it around to the place next door on a forklift and pop it on their scales! But seriously, there is less heavy iron on it than most motors as someone has already said. I am not saying that you will not need a sturdy hoist, but it is definitely not in the same category as a Hercules diesel out of a Diamond T (which we put in a truck recently) Now that really was heavy!!!
  16. I'd never heard of 2 piece pistons until I looked up E7 rebuild kits. What is the advantage of 2 piece pistons vs 1 piece pistons?
  17. Carlos, do you guys have access to Premium Tech Tool?
  18. I’ll let y’all know when I get it started, I’ll run a long piece of flex pipe just to run it a bit before I start on the cab , I’m sure I really won’t be able to tell until I get to drive it and make it work, Thanks for all the reply’s! I’ll keep plugging away at it
  19. Man, those parts look good! You're right about how much room they take up, I've got parts stashed all over my shop!
  20. Pull the top of the govener box and check the govener spring and linkage for binding
  21. While I can't say I have weighed one, The block is aluminum.
  22. Yesterday
  23. ok Carlos.... I did not know about the lack of resources... Do the best you can. unfortunately, you have a truck that requires computers as much as it requires wrenches and know how....i will respectfully step back and I hope another will step in to guide you.. Jojo
  24. Is this an inline six or V? you may have one bad injector causing this!
  25. Believe me, I don't like spending the money. But in Chile South America there are not many alternatives. However with this mechanic we have learned a lot from the MP8 and D13 engines. For example, the fault that they bring in the gear that goes in the distribution which is loose and we have intervened it before it does more damage. I'll let you know if we fix the problem. Greetings.
  26. Return spring on linkage at pump worn out or missing?
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