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  2. guess you'd call it level one,the 3 levels of Cruiseliner interiors were Standard,Custom,and Deluxe.If I remember right Standard was available in brown only,Custom was diamond tucked,no buttons,available in brown or black,and Deluxe was diamonond tucked with buttons,in brown,black,red,or blue.
  3. still have it and 4 others,75,'79,and 2 '83's
  4. bought the peterbilts couple years ago from steve camerota of camerota truck parts in ct.
  5. Not sure on the second plate and I don't have a 45 VIN plate to look at. Here is a fire truck model 25 VIN plate. Sort of hard to see but first box is 25 and the lower box is 25 S 1003.
  6. Timing mark is on the engine flywheel. Should be a little swing door on the bellhousing near the starter that will open. 4 degrees BTC is the spec. With Pertronix, let them know if you are going neg or pos ground.
  7. I hope this isn't a stupid question but.... I can't seem to find any marks on the crank pulley/front cover that would allow me to check or set the ignition timing. Is there nothing to aim a timing light at? Am I missing something here? And a followup question - what should it be set to? I'm planning to freshen up the ignition system including a swap to pertronix electronic "points" but I want to make sure i know how to get it set up right before i take it all apart. -pete
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  9. So far no luck on my search to find the VIN plate. I guess when it was removed for paint years ago it was "lost" forever. I have the number written down on old paperwork, so I may seek to recreate it at some point. My father and I had to do this a couple years ago as part of a '36 dodge restoration project. It was accomplished by acid etching on a zinc plate after masking it off with a transfer of laser-printer toner. with that eventual project in mind, I have a couple of questions: Would the plate on our Type-45 definitely look the same as the E-model tag pictured above? would the model stamp read "type-45" or something else? On the front of the seat bolster, passenger side I see the hole pattern approximately matching the dimensions given by J Hancock but there is a second set of holes next to it that I'm wondering if may have been the mounting point for an additional plate of some kind, perhaps fire engine specific? any info or pics of plates on type-45's greatly appreciated.
  10. Yep he did and thanks a lot Rich. Truck just isn't exactly what I'm looking for
  11. Sorry I tried to load a comment yesterday The photo is from the Mack Australia facebook page so shifted across for all to enjoy, even those without facebook Caption from the photo bellow #ThrowbackThursday to 1966 where this hardworking B61T Mack is ploughing through the bulldust near Surat in South Central Queensland. Bull dust on dirt roads was very common until the beef roads scheme in 70's started The dirt gets that pulverized it goes like talcum powder and feels like your driving thru deep water as pulls you from side to side Lots of speed is required and on long sections it is some times required to hook road trains together with "stiff bars" or towing poles to push and pull each other thru I haven't had Mrs Mack in bull dust like that in over ten years, its very hard on the truck, the driver and the load I will drive a few extra hundred miles around the road than push thru bull dust for miles Paul
  12. T4800 Series Short nose (108″ BBC) Medium Duty Conventional with Low Mount Custom Driver 2 aluminum Cab 4×2 configurations – 16,001 GVWR to 26,000 GVWR (Class 5 and 6) 6.4L FCA Gasoline V8 available to 19,500 GVWR 8.8L PSI Gasoline V8 available from 19,500 GVWR to 26,000 GVWR 6.7L Cummins I6 Diesel to 26,000 GVWR Also available in strip chassis form. T5800 Series Short nose (109″ BBC) Heavy Duty Conventional with High Mount Custom Driver 2 aluminum Cab 4×2, 4×4, 6×4 & 6×6 configurations – 26,001 GVWR to 80,000 GVWR (Class 7 and 😎 Cummins 9L I6 Diesel and Cummins 12L I6 Diesel, 300HP to 475HP Glider Kits and Export Models available. T9800 Series Long nose (129″ BBC) Heavy Duty Conventional with High Mount Custom Driver 2 aluminum Cab 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6 & 8×6 configurations – 33,001 GVWR to 90,000 GVWR (Class 😎 Cummins 12L I6 Diesel and Cummins 15L I6 Diesel, 300HP to 605HP Glider Kits and Export Models available. The new T9800 series is a long nose conventional with classic looks and set back front axle and our new aluminum Driver 2 cab. This model is the latest version of the proven T-Line 9000B conventional which has been in production since 1995. It is designed to handle large bore diesels up to 600HP and is in production now. T9800 Glider Kit Spec Sheet - https://tlinetrucks.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/T9820GliderSpecSheet-1-1.pdf
  13. Under the world's best former Mack Trucks parts system, all rubber grommets are 87AX numbers. I don't know off hand the full part number for that one though.
  14. Make sure the engine spins in the proper direction. Some bus engines the engine spins "backwards" because that's what they have to do to get the trans to spin the wheels "forward" You may have wasted money buying the engine, not real familiar with bus engines other than that some are set up to run backwards.
  15. Square headed plug on the passenger side looks right to me.... Fill to that, put a floor jack under right hub to flood the left hub, then put the jack under the left to flood the right hub, then fill the center again.
  16. Did number I provided get back to you?? Rich
  17. Hi everyone I am looking for a part number for the flexible rubber connector that the wiper hose and wiper wires pass through. Goes between the door jamb and the door.
  18. They were also manufactured in Michigan, they were popular up there in the 70s through the 90s.
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