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  2. Thanks Jhancock appreciate it, but i wouldnt call 0.020 as being pretty close. Thanks again
  3. I’ll have to look to be sure but I seem to remember not finding numbers stamped in my B75 frame either....I think.
  4. .960 is indicated in previous conversation here. Your memory is pretty close! https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/14277-jake-brake-problems-also/
  5. Well being from New England I am sure they will very happy you built in ME.
  6. Today
  7. Your local Mack dealer. A good parts guy should have no problem looking up the book for your motor.
  8. It came to my dealer as a service bulletin, and I wrote the dimension in the mack service book but someone borrowed the book and i dont remember who. If anyone remembers the bulletin or where I could find it let me know. Thanks
  9. I have a set for sale, but shipping them may cost more than they are worth. I have attached a couple pictures. Just let me know if your interested, thanks.
  10. With cab and fenders removed and frame basically stripped, I went over my B75 with wire brush and scraper and never found any thing that resembled a serial number. And mine has the B cab.
  11. Wow very well put.....god love ya.....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 25162529 ( 17QF463P180 ) 25170833 ( 17QF473M4 ) 25014582 ( 17QF457P200 )
  13. It’s foreigners birthday?!
  14. Yea all the real dependable trucks took a boat ride how many of these plastic trucks will last for a boat ride
  15. but i dont think the color does it any favors,,,,lol.bob
  16. yes,,,i would like to own it.thanks for sharing..bob
  17. Has a few extra lights, bling and some nice pin striping!
  18. mighty fine looking rig,,,,too bad about the boat ride,,,bob
  19. ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh,,,,god love ya,,paul......great comment,,,,but from you,,wouldnt expect anything less.....bob
  20. kind of a crummy photo,,,,but from what i can make out,,,,looks like someone did a nice neat job on it.....i drove a 76 brigadeere...way way back,,,,thing it had the same cab.....bob
  21. kind of a sin to see that old equipment,just abandoned that way....you know at one time,someone paid a lotta money for those things,,,and they probably did a real good job,in thier time,and they were top notch,.....like the chick man.......also,,,nice job on the parking.lol...thanks for sharing....bob
  22. wow,,,another year behind you,,,,have a swinging time,and best wishes,,my friend....bob
  23. excellant....first mack i ever drove looked just like that one....i was only 17,,,great memories....thanks for sharing....bob
  24. UAW higher leadership is very rotten and it is easy to call for a strike to take focus off them for now. Look at what is happening at UAW GM strike now. I could see Volvo moving Mack, if they keep it around, some where else. Careful what they wish for.
  25. I think that's the first one of those reaper machines, or binders i've seen since I was a kid. I remember seeing Lee Hatcher pulling one up rt.13 behind his Farmall M and thinking it was a broke down combine. Billy French was the only one around who even had a combine at that time, it was a pull type and he did everybody's combining for them, until my Dad got one. Anyhow, my uncle Buck told me it wasn't a combine. It had the reel in front like a combine, so I thought "combine". The wood has long since rotted off of this one. I guess these were used in the threshing machine days? The threshing machine was like a combine, but it was stationary, you parked it in the field and you had to cut the grain and bring it to the machine. All this is a little bit before my time. There's still a lot of old threshing machines sitting around in the midwest though. A threshing machine and a picture of what the reaper might have once looked like, from the interweb.
  26. I had not heard of the 475 either. Some research shows that in 1977 some changes were made to the engine, including different heads, to meet emissions standards. With those changes, the model number was changed from 477 to 475. The displacement did not change. I agree that it would be a rare truck and good to have. Super Duty engine production ended in 1981.
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