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  3. Seems ever since dumb dumb got elected people are wearing them everywhere outside walking by themselves driving cars by themselves crazy and yes these same people are breeding,, like wow man... ahahahahaha... bob
  4. Sheeple i’ll tell you what man we’ve certainly got our share in my area I am really surprised kind of scary I’m surrounded by them completely out numbered if you will ha ha Ha ha ha Ha bob
  5. I think that’s what they call a full shakes down I carry that stuff myself but no I have never heard of that either but it doesn’t surprise me..: bob
  6. It was really good stuff are usually just use lacquer primer now but I haven’t done anything in 25 years
  7. i need to get a few of them to piss off the sheeple in my life. 😁
  8. me too. i used many many many tubes. i bet 40-50 cases easily.
  9. This topic comes up on here all the time. The opinions vary from individual to individual. About the only thing that is generally agreed on is that the Eaton-Fullers are cheaper to repair. There are a LOT more Fullers out there than Macks. Both work. Like anything else, some people have better luck with one than the other. Here's one of many discussions...
  10. Both trannys are good. I'm always partial to the Mack, very strong... Keep the air supply to the Eaton shuttle valve and filter regulator clean, to lengthen synchro life.. The 300 series Mack has a few small differences from the 200 series. One is the sliding clutches are finer splined, I believe this helped smooth out gear selection, since macks tend to be a challange early on for Eaton drivers.. No biggie... AS always, good air system maintainance and clean oil, oh yeah.... and No slip seating,,,, and either trans will do a great job... I look forward to seeing other opinions.. Jojo
  11. I have never ran an Eaton 18-Spd and have always wondered how they perform compared to the Mack 18-Spds. Are their designs similar? Which ones last longer? Is one more heavy duty over the other? Which one do you like better? Also, could someone explain how the T318 and 2180 transmissions differ?
  12. Common around here to be asked for fire extinguisher, fuses, and bulbs, or lamps. This is usually only when they are digging and don't find major flaws or infractions. Driver "attitude" has a lot to do with it.
  13. howdy, Just curious? did you get the answer you were looking for? jojo
  14. Wow,never heard of anyone being asked to show spare fuses..
  15. Rob

    Got Brass????

    This one is quite involved but no "Amphenol", or "Cannon" plugs involved. Lot of terminal strips however. I did find a couple of tight spots in the cable tray/chain when extending the boom which I will address later. The cable covers have long disintegrated from exposure as has a good portion of the jacket on the exposed 16/24 SOOW cable along with the others of various conductor counts. Having a rotating man basket, many of the wiring strands have long lost both their jacket, and insulation exposing the bare strand conductors. I've spent quite a bit of time facilitating repairs to these type
  16. Some more freshly flogged from Facelessbook MACK LOGGING TRUCK. OREGON US. 1936. Mack truck hard at work in the Kinzua region of Oregon in the Pacific north west. (photo from Smithsonian Inst. Washington DC) Paul
  17. red putty on those doors looks like lacquor based 'Nitrostan'. i remember when it use to come in the little yellow tube and you wetsanded with 220 and the entire floor would be RED
  18. done two JLG 600's in my day, put new power cords all the way (21 to 40 wireS) thru the booms and put all new ends on both ends(you couldnt buy the cord with ends on anymore) and its not really a bad job long as your patient. elements kills any of these machines, the upper controls always need to be covered with the canvas cover.
  19. Rob

    Got Brass????

    Sure. This one hasn't been too bad once deciding to wholesale gut and rewire rather than try to piecemeal repairs. It's a really nice lift.
  20. rob I could probably get you the job of doing another 80' the same as you`re doing to that one - interested ?
  21. Fasser was the last name of the parties. They lived right off of I-91 in the general area. Never was there myself but "Kurt" went home often.
  22. The paint under and over the lettering definitely aged differently - really cracked. I did get it all off! Got both doors repaired (glass and Bondo) and did an initial rattle can primer this weekend. I detailed the lingering scratches with Nitro-Stan and wet sanded with 320. Doors are surprisingly silky smooth - far beyond my expectations! Oh, yeah!! Tomorrow we'll spray the high-build primer and I'll be back to wet sanding on Tuesday. Wednesday we're spraying top coat. Things are feeling pretty real! Today I also cut aluminum plates to cover the interior holes above the doors t
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