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  2. Thirty years ago I had a GM diesel run-away in an Allis-Chalmers HD9 dozer. I suffocated the intake with a steel coffee can until the engine shut down. The mechanic diagnosed it as a stuck governor. He repaired the governor then all was fine.
  3. We- meaning me, Zina from Florida, and Ollie from Florida- went to the Tri-State ATHS Show in Clearbrook, Va. today. Ollie was thrilled- I can't resize the pictures with my phone, so they might be too big. I saw a V8 Mack there. Nice B model- I thought this was a great paint job, but it's actually a wrap. I saw a few dignitaries too. Like farmer52 Fuzzy Buzzard Underdog, talking to Ollie. Here's a fine looking Dodge, and the nicest D860 GMC I've ever seen, this restoration is just fantastic.
  4. Me too, I don't know what it is and Zina from Florida is still using my home computer for work, so I hardly have access to it any more. We had to upgrade the Hughesnet twice, and triple the amount of data that I used to be allowed. I'm on my phone at the Quality Inn in Winchester, Va. now. We've been at the truck show today, going back tomorrow.
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  6. I've been thinking of the R-series Macks that i have seen on my travels. I used to live just down the road from this French haulier; he always had an assortment of American trucks. So i checked Google street images and he still has his Mack.
  7. And we (Hellertown) will soon have the KME that cost $640K for sale. Being replaced with a quint costing $1,072,000. But I am pretty sure Ron will not want to buy the KME.
  8. I thought Superdog made a deal to get some of those trucks? I know he had 1 or 2 W71’s there
  9. my 6NZ cat used 1 gallon every 5000 miles from the day i owned it with 600k till the day i sold it with 950k never a problem
  10. Thats bugger all oil use in the grand scheme of things Yes it's some but not bad Paul
  11. Agreed on the oil sample. Personally, I would not worry To much about a gallon and half on 12000.
  12. Alumitank is about 20 miles from us. Great people, who sell a great product.
  13. There was a post a few years back telling that all the vehicles were gone off the Northwest Diesel yard. Also there were a couple of mentions on the H-model that showed up at another locating and than later at another place again. Some while after you posted this thread I made a phone call and spoke with Arden about the H. I even looked over a plan to visit the place and check out the truck when I was on my first US trip in 2013. But found out no time and power enough to so turned out I have never been there.
  14. drove a late model ,,,,at the time...freightliner cabover,,,,for 4 years 1990 -94....i actually liked it,,,they tell be the older ones were really noisy,,,,mostly rattles...bob
  15. holy cow,,,,i had no idea you had so much stuff,,,,i did figure out,,,you had quite a few vehicles.....but didnt realize it went way past that.....that sucks about the delayed auction.....they have cancelled just about everything,nevada and california.....we havent been able to do shit entire summer.....bob
  16. makes me tired just looking at it,,,,lotta damage there...bob
  17. Yah, I spec one out with Alumitank. 25x59 Polished, shipped to the house was a bit over 1300.00. Might be the way to go.
  18. OK. That sounds easy enough. Thanks for the info...
  19. IMO if 33,000 gvw is max, not too attractive if you are talking about typical municipal dump/plow chassis-so that says 10 /23 or 12/20 axles . Even Ford in a 750, offers a 14 front and a 23 rear with a spring package that I think takes the rear to 26. And there are plenty of people that feel even a 14,000 front is not enough to handle the typical angling plows that are used today.
  20. Gotta start importing from the exporters. 😆
  21. I will look for pics. I know they and some gold and white
  22. Still have your shaft and gear in storage shed whenever you want it. I may have those cylinders too someplace . I tool a rear end out of another fire truck which I think had them. But not sure what I did with them. I can hunt if you want me to. I just posted a request for door hinges. Went to take doors off 45 fire truck and one hinge broke(rusted through) and others all about equally as bad. Tom in Atlanta
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