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  2. Oh man classic a gor sure cant wait to see pics of that one when done
  3. Ya I generally head for the ones where they spend hours on the body and shoot a nice paint job on them, interior, chrome,, yaaaaaaaaaaaah baby
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  5. Red Horse: All fire dept aerial ladders have outriggers, just like a crane. See pics below with descriptions. Brian: Two sets, see below. Factory demonstrator which the salesman brought to us a few weeks ago to "try out." This demo is almost identical to our truck A truck very similar to ours (also seen in the pics of the original post.) Note the outriggers which are connected directly to the torque box, which supports the aerial cradle and turntable (at the top.) The demo seen with the two sets of outriggers deployed.
  6. I saw this in Daytona too. I have a lot more pictures on my camera, I just took a few with my phone. We went to the big car show in Daytona Saturday, it was so big we didn't see half the cars. They had beer stands too, but a $6 a beer I couldn't get too carried away. A beer is $2 at bike week.
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  8. I'm kind of the same way, I don't know what to think of it either. There is a lot of work in it, and some very creative stuff there- but on the other hand, it still looks like junk.🤣
  9. Yes it’s at Highway and yes we have the the B Model just starting it now finishing my other superliner now
  10. I appreciate it. There are 2 harnesses that go to the turbo. I unplugged both and blew them out with air but no success.
  11. if you decide to part with it,maybe I can talk Mikey into getting it for me for xmas or my birthday.
  12. The terms or rules of the site I’m sure were violated by all who were banned. That’s not the point, and J Hancock wasn’t the only person banned. The question is weather or not any/all of those that were banned could be re-activated. I’m sensing the answer is no, which is unfortunate, but also understandable. I still love visiting the site, but it’s been pretty slow here. I get that having a bunch of members bicker isn’t a good time, especially for the mods. I guess it is what it is..... Andy
  13. I don’t recall him being that much of a rabble rouser.
  14. i really doubt he would come backif asked. like i said, he was already deleting all his posts before the trouble started. he had a plan, but was not allowed to complete it in time. unless his plan was to get permanently banned.
  15. Well, my attempt to approach the subject wasn’t to speculate what occurred and why certain members were doing certain things. That is not likely to be helpful, it was more to ask if there is a pathway for the banned members to be reinstated. Maybe a conversation could be had where all parties are again made aware of the rules and what to do if they have concerns about another members behavior. I don’t know, it is just a thought. Andy
  16. Wow haven’t been following this one... man your coming right along with it... nice work, thanks for sharing... bob
  17. Out here some of the old timers call them California wheels... don’t know why but someone told me they were invented there ... bob
  18. I came back to post the end results of my work on the B75 I've been thrashing on. Mainly because some on here really wanted to see the finished product.
  19. You may want to add some Sound deadener / insulation to the cag, at least the firewall area and floor. THey are a hot with the engine heat in the little cab. Heat is nice here in New England but the B cabs are HOT. There is a spray in type that you can also spray color over that is a sound and heat barrier. Paul
  20. Hayseed I don't seem to be able to open any of your threads that contain the little icon.
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