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  2. Very solid looking truck. Welcome aboard!
  3. In today's cars, they use ATF in the 5-6 spds. They have to due to all the needle bearings. Gear lube would never squeeze through those tiny areas. Old Spicer boxes needed engine oil for similar reasons. I suppose if the box was new enough it would be okay? If it was "loose", it would likely rattle and bang around from the extra clearance from the thinner fluid. I'm ready to mix some oats in my triplex to help fill in the gaps and quiet it down!! Lol.
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  5. Sorry, I'd forgotten about that one. Was quite a time back then, seemed like everyone who knew how to lay fiberglass was making kit cars.
  6. When most of America had a spine.... ”Give me Liberty or give me death!!!” 2020.... HERE..take my liberty, I DONT WANNA DIE!!! 🦠 😭 😷 😭 😷 🦠 🎵 germs, grems, the invisible dog 🎶
  7. got the inner strengthening pieces in and thought that I had better just check the fit. Not too bad. Plenty still to do but it is looking good so far. Sorry about the daubs of paint. The black is a fantastic primer we use on bare steel, the red is a color my daughter thought it would look good in. I am less sure.
  8. Its an e-7 427. But it doesn't seem to make anywhere near that much power. I used to drive an older e-7 427 without the emissions garbage on it and it would climb hills way better and the fan didn't kick on half as much.
  9. The Valkyrie I have is a late 1960s mid engine sports car.
  10. So why would you put the wrong oil in a Mack transmission?
  11. Best to avoid bankruptcy as it tends to produce a massive devaluation of assets and a lot of job losses. And what "wrong color" are YRC and the "non union scab truckers"?
  12. That's the natural human reaction when threatened, but not always the best response. The major threat we face now is a stupid little virus, it attacks both democrats and republicans, and all america's guns, police, and even nuclear weapons are useless against it,
  13. Because any mask is better than nothing, and N95s have been in short supply.
  14. The stores, states, and cities that require masks are getting business from the places that don't- Costco is doing great and Menards was busier than I've ever seen it yesterday. Like many consumers, if masks aren't required where social distancing is iffy, I take my business elsewhere.
  15. Peterbilt Motors Co. Press Release / June 23, 2020
  16. Peterbilt Motors Co. Press Release / May 28, 2020
  17. Peterbilt Motors Co. Press Release / June 9, 2020 .
  18. Detroit Press Release / May 26, 2020 Features of the Detroit DD15 Gen 5 engine are highlighted, including the latest innovation of the most popular Class 8 engine in North America. The DD15 has been significantly redesigned to offer new ratings, a new aftertreatment system and cutting-edge technology that offers a fuel efficiency increase of up to three percent. .
  19. Today's Trucking / July 3, 2020 Class 8 truck orders spiked to 16,000 units in June, reflecting a rapid freight rate improvement, according to preliminary data. Orders surged 139% from May, and were up 23% from a “very easy” year-ago comparison. Classes 5-7 orders also rose 77% from May, but were off 20% year-over-year. “Preliminary data show that June orders for medium and heavy-duty vehicles jumped to a four-month high, rising above the combined April and May order tally,” said an analyst. “On the back of a rapid improvement in freight rates over the course of May and June, North American Class 8 net orders spiked in June and were up against an easy year-ago comparison, when orders were under pressure from still large backlogs and rising equipment overcapacity. June is typically a slower order month, so seasonal adjustment augments the rebound.” Regarding the medium-duty market, he added, “Preliminary data here also show a four-month high and seasonal adjustment provides a lift to June’s Classes 5-7 orders.”
  20. Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) / June 26, 2020 Volvo Trucks this week unveiled its new Volvo Auto Hauler (VAH) model, which completes the design overhaul of the entire Volvo Trucks North America portfolio. The updated VAH models are now available to order. The redesigned VAH features deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspension and industry-exclusive reduced-height cab options to create a lower overall roof height for larger passenger vehicles. “Volvo Trucks is proud to roll out the most advanced auto hauler model in the trucking industry,” said Andy Hanson, product marketing manager, VTNA. “Behind the new, updated look are significant engineering innovations utilized in the other models in our impressive product portfolio. We’re excited to introduce this new VAH model, designed with Volvo Trucks’ core focus on safety, productivity and comfort for drivers.” The models feature an updated Volvo Active Driver Assist collision-avoidance system, which features radar and automatic braking technology. The new VAH will come in three variations offered through Fontaine Modification: The VAH 300 day dab offers 11-vehicle capacity and a tight turning radius with a 113.6-inch BBC, available with 94.5- or 97.5-inch roof height. The VAH 400 sleeper includes a 42-inch interior cab height. Along with maximum payload capacity, agility and driver amenities, the 400 offers a 145.6-inch BBC and can be ordered with a 97.5- or 102.5-inch roof height. The VAH 600 sleeper offers a cab height of 61 inches and features a 36-inch wide mattress, ample storage space and refrigerator capacity. It has a 164.1-inch BBC and is available with a 97.5- or 102.5-inch roof height. .
  21. Trailer-Body Builders / June 26, 2020 Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) is collaborating with Galfab [formerly Galbreath] to have roll-off bodies available for installation at the Fontaine facility near Volvo Trucks’ Dublin Va factory. The local process will enable a more efficient body installation and delivery of Volvo truck models with 60,000- or 75,000-pound Galfab roll-off hoist bodies to customers and dealers, Volvo said. The bodies are delivered from Galfab’s headquarters in Winamac IN to Fontaine Modification located adjacent to the Volvo Trucks assembly plant in the New River Valley of Virginia. The most common model for this specification is the Volvo VHD. However, it’s also offered on other Volvo Trucks models that meet the minimum chassis requirements for the application. Specific option codes containing all chassis preparation requirements make the ordering process easy. Volvo Trucks performs all frame drilling, corrosion resistance coating and paint applications on the chassis at its assembly plant prior to the body installation process at Fontaine. Previously, a finished Volvo truck chassis was transported to Galfab’s Indiana facility, where the roll-off body was installed before being delivered to the customer or dealer, the company said. The new process reduces logistics fees and delivery times for fully finished, quality commercial vehicles that arrive straight to the customer or dealer. “This new practice gives customers and dealers the option to order a Volvo truck with a Galfab roll-off body, which removes complexity from the body installation and delivery process,” said Andy Hanson, product marketing manager at VTNA. “Not only does this save a significant amount of time and money for our customers and dealers, but Fontaine assures a high-quality installation and integration with our chassis.” Roll-off applications typically are used for transporting large containers such as trash receptacles with a hoist. Galfab produces bodies that utilize Volvo Trucks’ rear engine power take-off (REPTO) mounted with an F1 piston pump, as well as Volvo’s transmission-mounted PTOs. The hydraulic tank is mounted to the frame rail to ensure optimum oil supply to the pump. Galfab bodies also enable coded troubleshooting through Volvo Trucks’ Body Builder Module (BBM) in the dashboard, which simplifies the installation and testing of electronics and data components. “We are proud to partner with Volvo Trucks North America as the body vendor for this initiative with Fontaine,” said Mike Miller, vice president of sales at Galfab. “As a premium OEM dedicated to the highest standards of quality, Volvo Trucks shares our commitment to industry-leading products and customer service.” Volvo Trucks already has long-standing partnership with Fontaine, which completed an exhaustive training process to become a certified Galfab installer. “Fontaine is excited to expand our long-term relationship as a body installer with Volvo Trucks North America,” said Jason Clark, director of Volvo operations at Fontaine Modification. “We look forward to working with Galfab to bring a new level of efficiency to the delivery of roll-off hoist bodies for Volvo Trucks customers.”
  22. Unless I missed something the election is Nov 3.
  23. Ford: Q2 volume off 33% with gains for just 2 nameplates Michael Martinez, Automotive News / July 2, 2020 DETROIT — Ford's second-quarter U.S. light-vehicle sales fell 33 percent, slightly less than most of the industry, as it was battered by the coronavirus pandemic and a massive drop in fleet orders. Sales to daily rental companies plummeted 94 percent during the quarter as demand for such services dried up, with a majority of people under stay-at-home orders. Additionally, Ford has been directing whatever inventory is available after a two-month plant shutdown away from rental and into retail channels. Commercial sales fell 78 percent but increased sequentially through the quarter. Ford officials said the automaker has seen very few canceled commercial vehicle orders and expects to begin filling them as the year continues. Ford said retail sales in the quarter fell 14 percent, although its retail share grew an estimated full percentage point to 13.3 percent. "Retail for the industry was a lot better than people would have thought back in March," said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. marketing, sales and service. Sales of F-Series pickups, the automaker's most popular vehicle line, dropped 23 percent in the quarter, although Ford said it grew an estimated 2.6 percentage points in retail share. Ford last week unveiled a redesigned F-150 pickup that's expected to go on sale this year. Ford is planning to stagger the launch at its Dearborn. Michigan, and Kansas City, Missouri, assembly plants so it can continue building the outgoing pickup at one as the other factory changes over to the new model. Overall, Ford Motor sedan sales dropped 60 percent, SUV deliveries fell 30 percent, and pickup/van volume fell 27 percent during the latest period. All but two nameplates — the Ranger mid-size pickup and Explorer SUV — posted sales declines. LaNeve said he's hopeful that Ford and the rest of the industry will continue to recover in the third quarter, although the automaker is monitoring states where coronavirus cases continue to rise. LaNeve said he just returned from a tour of 10 dealerships and was impressed with the social distancing measures they have implemented. "There's no way for me to predict it," he said. "We've had almost no reports of outbreaks within our dealerships. If the governors close those states down, there's nothing we can do about it. But we're looking for the business to continue moderately improving, and we're hoping for the best in terms of containing the virus." Brands: Ford, down 34%; Lincoln, down 18% Notable nameplates: Ford F-Series, down 23%; Mustang, down 27%; Escape, down 49%; Expedition, down 42%; Transit, down 57%; Explorer, up 12%; Ranger, up 20%; Fusion, down 55%; Lincoln Navigator, down 37%; Nautilus/MKX, down 39%; Corsair/MKC, down 8.3% Incentives: Ford, $4,127 per vehicle, down 3% from a year earlier; Lincoln, $6,937 per vehicle, up 7%, ALG says. Average transaction price: Ford, $42,613, up 12% from a year earlier; Lincoln, $56,641, up 7.1%, according to ALG. Inventory: Ford ended the quarter with a 75-day supply of vehicles, according to officials. Quote: "Our performance in Q2 was really driven by Ford and our dealers' deep commitment to customers and quick action taken to support our customers during these unprecedented times. Our support programs continue with our recent introduction of 'Ford Promise' to provide extra security during these difficult times. It's another way Ford is standing with hard-working Americans," LaNeve said.
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