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  2. I am restoring this LM and it came from the factory with the big HS 1091
  3. The agreement with the Reo Motor Car Company to sell Reo trucks through some of the Mack factory branches during 1935 led to the introduction of Mack Jr. trucks and buses, which were built at the Reo plant in Lansing, Michigan. The Mack jr. line for 1936 consisted of four basic chassis sizes with capacities from 1/2 to 3 tons. These trucks were well built, but of lighter construction than regular Mack models and comparatively less expensive. During 1936, the Mack Jr. models and their rated capacities were designated as: 1M / 1/2 ton 10M / 1-1/2 tons 20M / 1-1/2 to 2 tons 30M / 2 to 3 tons There was also a "traffic type" [low cab forward cab-over engine] variant of the 30M designated as 30MT. Reference: Mack, by John B. Montville
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  5. Hi doug love the Mack! I am planning on painting our 54 R series a satin black with the burgundy fenders. I had to show my husband your truck. Very nice!! Donna
  6. Harvey Eckert
  7. Interesting story Billy T. I don't have a truck for thieves to jump onto, however, unless they really get the drop on me in my car, they may get a .45 ACP welcome, either wad cutters or hollow points depending on which clip I shoved into my Kimber 1911 that morning.
  8. Crop dusting,,,, Well maybe just dust.. A lot of dust. Heaveygunner should know this back yard view.
  9. I knew someone would say that. Yes, you can try Cal Little, just don't mention your last name.
  10. try to contact Harvey Ecghard ( the author of several Mack fire truck books)
  11. From the album 1961H67

    88 Superliner 3406 Cat , 87 Freedom Superliner, 95 Western Star
  12. Also try Cal Little in Hummelstown Pa. 717-566-8973 he can rebuild it and has parts
  13. Had a delivery at the local Ford dealership. I was expecting balloons, blimps, brats and beer. Nothing... They didn't know anything about it! One would think Ford would pull out all the stops and celebrate. I stopped at local brew/pub and had a beer on the way home.
  14. From the movie War Wagon- Kirk Douglas-mine hit the ground first-John Wayne-mine was taller. Truck Shop
  15. There were larger Mack Jr's than the pickup. All were based on models of Reo trucks.
  16. Geez I'm sick
  17. Probably right after they start building Crown Vics again
  18. I have an E9 that is turn up real well, actually I have back it down a bit lately. It had 4 electric fans and no viscous fan on the engine. It worked well but put a good load on the alternator all the time. It was done for pulling to get the 50-75hp that a viscous fan would use at pulling RPM. The engine driven fan works and I have tried the original as well as a retrofit unit with fiberglass (plastic) blades. It is mandatory in most sled pulls to have plastic fan blades now a days. Make sure you have the big 4 core radiator and it is clean inside and straight and clear fins on the outside. Mike is running an Aluminum radiator but in all the engine I have a copper core actually cools better. Heat transfer by the thermal numbers is greater for copper over aluminum. Yes Aluminum for weight in a race car... is the way to go. The big thing is no matter what the power output 500 or 1000hp the easiest thing to control heat is backing off the throttle when the water temp and pyro get to high. I have only had to back-off a few times pulling a good grade loaded, but still passing anything and everything in sight. It will recover in 2-3 minutes then lay into it again!!! When you put a good load on the alternator, like with electric fans, with an E9 or spin it past 23-2500 RPM's the belt likes to flip in the pulleys. I always have a spare belt or two in the tool box. I am working on a two belt set-up to stop the belt roll.
  19. Why didn't you say something earlier? Call Doug, and ask him about the guy located near Pfahl's Mack. They rebuilt the carb on the MN deuce and a half at the museum.
  20. I thought a mack jr. was a pickup? terry
  21. I may be able to get a list from the man in Glen Head who has all of Mr Clarke's paper work and files. When he died there was an auction at his estate in Brookvilleof over 75 vehicles, but the papers and files went to Mr Berliner III. I'll call him this weekend for you. Paul
  22. Working with a local fire department, they have an 85 LS pumper, 707 gas engine, Zenith carburetor. Leaking fuel, possibly a sunken float. Looking for a rebuild kit.
  23. Today I started the 05 granite ai 400 and got an 9 -2 code power reset without key switch it was slow starting and the gauges acted weird the alternator needle went.completely around wtf lol
  24. I have a 1996 Mack E7-454 that I would like to upgrade to the air clutch fan. I'm looking for any help with wiring in the factory engine harness, factory install location for the air solenoid switch. I realize I could get a temp switch and high pressure a/c switch and run it that way. Thanks
  25. To me, ELC just means Extended Life Coolant. Thats what cat calls their red coolant anyway.
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