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  2. james j neiweem

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    I think a ten year old art student could come up with a better design with a crayon on the back of an envelope. When they can't compete with Paccar in heavy haul and construction they come up with this crap. Surely a Mack killer of the first order.
  3. CF600

    1983 Mack MC611F

    Looks like a Bendix booster pump for fuel . That bottom looks like a 1\4 turn and it will come off exposing a filter. Is that where the leak is? If so check the rubber gasket and carefully adjust the retainers for the cap. When you turn the batteries on did you hear it run? Could be a switch on the dash also. Not sure but this is my guess

    International CV Series

    I think it's a little more distinctife than all the chev and dodge grilles.How many grills has dodge and chev need.
  5. bdtrucking24426

    1983 Superliner

    is this the orange one?
  6. 03' Big Red

    Allison conversion

    I want to swap in a Allison 750DRD in my 2003 RD688S i run the Eaton 8LL now... no computer on trans my question is how will my ECM be effected ? amd what year donor chassis would work to get all the pieces needed? i am looking at a MR for the donor chassis
  7. Dirtymilkman

    1977/78 Mack factory A/C unit plastic shroud needed..

    I don't have that passenger piece. I dunno what this is worth.......$75 + freight?
  8. james j neiweem

    Titans in Canada

    No more Rawhide?
  9. J Hancock, I must say you have really nice pictures thank you for taking the time to show them for everyone to see.
  10. Maxidyne

    International CV Series

    looks like an ugly Chevy, and that's the problem... Customers will just cross shop it with Chevy and buy it from the dealer that gives the lowest price.
  11. Maxidyne

    Titans in Canada

    It ain't that there's no market, it's that it's not the high volume "mass market" that Volvo thinks is required. Reality is that it's profitable to build a heavy hauler like the Titan off a high volume truck like the Mack or Volvo conventional cabs, Paccar and Daimler long ago proved that.
  12. Red Horse

    International CV Series

    Agree it's ugly but with the dealer network as a big selling point, If I'm a class 6,7,8 operator and I need class 4 and 5 trucks, another reason for one stop shopping.
  13. Most remack stuff is junk now ! Seems The Volvo people instill no pride in the employees they hire , just a job! Get the injectors rebuilt by a reputable Bosch shop!
  14. HeavyGunner

    Titans in Canada

    And yet we hear on this website every week how there is no market for a good looking, well spec’d conventional with big bore power. We’re told we need those ugly, stubby cab overs from Europe. 🤮
  15. Handsome and heavy duty tractor. Very clean frame stamping above the front axle.
  16. Lens has been located and purchased. Thank you, Mark
  17. kscarbel2

    International CV Series

    With that bulbous grille, it looks like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. And suddenly the GM-Isuzu 6.6L Duramax is an International brand engine? To differentiate the NAV version from the GM unit, and take advantage of the VW relationship, I might have offered the 4.6L 4-cylinder MAN 0834 (150-220hp) or 4-cylinder Cummins ISB4.5 (150-210hp) as standard, with the 6.9L 6-cylinder MAN 0836 (250-350hp) as an option.
  18. PaLawman

    Mid 50's to 60's Trailmobile Tanker Wanted

    Any help with that would greatly be appreciated. Pics, phone number, Etc.
  19. RoadwayR

    International CV Series

    New class 4/5, courtesy of their JV with GM: https://cumberland-companies.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CV-SpecSheet-04.pdf
  20. Looks to be a perfect match!!! How much are you looking to get for it? Do you possibly have the piece that extends over to the passenger side under the dash too? Mine is missing.
  21. OldRedMack

    mp7 rollin coal

    Pressure check the intake. My guess would be an intake leak or turbo vanes stuck if it's a vgt turbo, but we have all gray motors no mp.
  22. kscarbel2

    Volvo warns its engines may exceed emission limits

    U.S. environmental agency says in talks with Volvo over emissions issue Reuters / October 17, 2018 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Wednesday it has been in [secret] talks with Volvo over the last few weeks about an issue with catalytic converters causing some of its vehicles to exceed nitrogen oxide emission limits. Volvo warned a day earlier that some of its truck and bus engines could be exceeding limits for nitrogen oxide emissions due to an emissions control component it uses degrading more quickly than expected. The Swedish truckmaker said it could face material costs to deal with the issue largely affecting trucks and buses sold in North America and Europe, its two largest markets, and that it was working with authorities to find a solution. The EPA, in an emailed statement, told Reuters on Wednesday that the agency was aware of the situation, which it said involved Volvo heavy duty trucks. "Over the last few weeks, EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have been communicating with Volvo about the problem and are now continuing to meet with the company to develop plans to quickly address this situation," the EPA statement said. A U.S. government official briefed on the matter said on Wednesday that regulators do not believe excess emissions are the result of a "defeat device" or intentional misconduct as in the case of Volkswagen AG's excess diesel emissions, but rather is believed to be the result of a faulty component and a recall is expected. Asked why Volvo had waited a couple of weeks before informing the market, a Volvo spokesman said the company needed to determine whether this would be a large issue and it was standard protocol to inform authorities first. "Authorities and legal bodies are normally informed prior to the markets because we inform them even if the problem is very, very small," he said. Volvo did not say when the affected trucks were sold or how many are impacted. It said that all products equipped with the component met emissions limits at delivery. The company sold 51,693 trucks in North America last year and another 115,863 in Europe. EPA and CARB refused to comment about how many trucks were involved, while a spokesman for Volvo said it was too early to know. "We... are working with the company to more fully understand what's going on," a spokesman for CARB said in a brief separate comment, without giving more details.
  23. megatron

    Titans in Canada

    There is no Mack anymore...😔 I owned a Mack truck for so long that I felt so sad other day when my wheel bearings failed and on the new hub it said Volvo made in Austria...junk. Looking to buy a newer truck in future but now I'm lost but Mack to work in specialized tranport doesn't exist anymore. It's just pu..y volvo truck with dog on the hood (I hope someone prove me wrong) and I will be forced to go with KW T800. Looking at today's Macks I really don't know what to think. I'm heartbroken 😭 that toughest truck and most profitable is destroyed. No more Titan no more Rawhide, what we have now ?? Anthem??
  24. kscarbel2

    Another all-electric Class 8 prepares for production

    Thor Trucks, AxleTech announce e-powertrain partnership Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) / April 16, 2018 Specialty powertrain manufacturer AxleTech and California-based electric truck upstart Thor Trucks announced Tuesday a partnership to develop a heavy-duty e-powertrain system. The two companies will integrate AxleTech’s e-axle technology with Thor’s proprietary battery technology to create a fully electric commercial vehicle powertrain. “Due to the acute market need for these solutions, we are proud to work alongside Thor Trucks to build the most advanced integrated powertrain components for driveline electrification,” says AxleTech CEO Bill Gryzenia, CEO. Giordano Sordoni, co-founder and COO of Thor Trucks, called the partnership “a significant stride forward in our pursuit to transform the commercial transportation industry.” In July 2018, Thor Trucks announced it would partner with UPS to build and test two fully-electric delivery trucks in the greater Los Angeles area.
  25. kscarbel2

    Volvo warns its engines may exceed emission limits

    Volvo doesn’t know how many North American trucks are affected Transport Topics / October 16, 2018 Volvo Group said it could not yet determine the impact of a faulty component on its North American trucks as it was still evaluating the scope of the problem. “We cannot provide [the number of affected vehicles in North America] because any number is potentially misleading,” Volvo spokesman Claes Eliasson said in an e-mail. “It’s not clear at this point what percentage of the population might experience the issue, and over what time period.”
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