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  2. hadnt thought of that....i wonder if they make them..interesting...alot of us could probably use them...... PM barry and ask about them...bob
  3. nice lookin iron...thanks for sharing...bob
  4. 70 miles away, forgot all about it great lineup!
  5. nice lookin company uses alot of them for city work...i never see them in
  6. Here's a couple of pics of the beast. I was told on here if there aren't any pics, then it doesn't exist! And before anyone asks- yes, the smoke stack is now turned in the right direction. This was just after I got her home from Texas, to where I live in Michigan.
  7. what is casting # on hub IE. 9QJ ??? / FA-FB # ??
  8. Yeah. Let's hope it stays working. What I think the problem was is that the assembly that rotates the vanes inside the turbo was sticking. The tech at the dealership said he played with it a little bit, and that the actuator piston seemed to be working. My theory (and I could be just as wrong as possible) is that the rotating assembly that works the vanes was carboned up. Although the truck has relatively low miles (343,xxx), it has almost 15,000 hours. The truck was used in the oil fields to run a blower to unload incoming pneumatic trailers full of fracking sand. It basically spent most of its time the last few years (according to the previous owner) going between idle and 1100-1200 rpm's to run the pto. It seemed the more I ran it at road speed, and spooling the turbo up, the more it wanted to start working. I've yet to put the truck to work. And probably won't do so for another couple of months. I still have a few things I need to do. Like fix a leaking heater core in the sleeper. And I'm going to post on that separately. I've also got to get a properly sized wet kit on it. I was able to sell the blower to a guy in the North Dakota oil fields. And I got really lucky that he didn't need the pto because he's running 9 Pete 379's with 18 speed trannys. Which all of that is brand new. I don't know why, but the previous owner had it ALL replaced: the unit itself at the trans, the pto shaft, and the tower in the cab. Everything. The unit will need to move enough fluid to operate the long cylinders on a sliding-axle trailer, and the motor on a 20,000 pound winch. I'm slowly getting her all ready to work. I have more questions on some things I need to fix yet. But I'm getting down to all small things now. At least I hope! I'll try to get some pics of it up soon.
  9. we had a great time weather could not be better stop in sc on way back bought a 1979 superliner cheap
  10. DAMN!!!! I forgot about that show. Would have been a nice drive out for the day
  11. Today
  12. Yes, it is Roger Gerhart's truck.
  13. Wow nice lookin ride ....My uncle used to use those Sanders on his brockways ....bob Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  14. Nice to get lucky and have it something simple ! terry
  15. Thanks guys.......Bobby j.
  16. Happy Bday
  17. I'll be honest with you... I was thinking of different kind of suspenders. My bad.
  18. Most of the time you cannot really see that it is open in a mirror, that's why we went to the orange flags. I think every station in the universe has had a bay door wiped out at one time or another. We tried sensors, lights, sirens, you name it and we still took doors out. At least in the days of back step riders they could push the signal buzzer to let the driver know he/she should stop. We once had a Sutphen mid-mount tower turn too sharply coming out of quarters and the bucket tore the front of the station off. That was creative!
  19. Looks like one of Roger Gearhart's units.
  20. Send the chassis number to the Mack museum along with a suitable donation and they will send you the history of the truck, any delivery pics they have, and an owners/operator's manual. That will include all capacities.
  21. Sorry, I've been swamped the last week or so. I've got it working. I took it for a drive the other day, and noticed as the truck hit about 1700-1800 rpm's, the boost would really come up, and the lightning bolt on the dash would go off. But it would come back on when the engine speed would lower back down. I actually just used a pry bar where the actuator rod connected to the vane control, and pry it up and down, until it moved freely. And sprayed it with some of grandpa's secret penetrating oil. Its working fine now. And its not throwing a code anymore.
  22. Sure looks clean! I will let you handle the 100' something height. My resume says GROUND GUY ONLY.
  23. Handsome hauler shown at Macungie several years ago with a Bucyrus-Erie out back. The truck has frame mounted rear wheel traction sanders installed.
  24. Looked and didn't see any.
  25. RW 700 glove box emblem on ebay right now ,Jack. Al
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