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  2. interesting posts guys . i quit offering any advice about anything in open threads very shortly after i signed on to the site.
  3. Thanks guys! I will give it a try and let you know how it goes...
  4. Car drivers take their lives in their hands when they misbehave around big trucks. Now we have technology that will help keep them safe. But what about the truck and the truck driver? View the full article
  5. Yes the trucks and the forum bring together a group of rat bags that most part get along pretty darn well It also shows no matter what part of the world we are from we aren't really that much different Paul
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  7. We all may be State's apart, or Countries apart, but what I see is a kinship/friendship/and family... Just my heart talking here... In order for us to have the knowledge we have, WE have worked very hard to learn it.... Jojo
  8. Wow!! Your truck looked good before Paul, now it looks amazing ! It looks really good . And to be hand done is a huge bonus . Its very difficult to find people that still do that . Well done .
  9. The truth is that you can get money from more than just a start-up or an idea on how to make it big by selling socks and lemonades. My sister recently applied for a loan. Her subgirl was a co-applicant and they were approved for loans. That is, they were given several financing options. After that, all they had to do was to choose the right option. Together they figured that 4-5% for a small loan amount would be enough to run their beauty salon and pay off debts to the company and the guarantor if needed.
  10. You need someone to sponsor you, although you can borrow money or win at the casino. A loan wouldn't be an option
  11. Should make this a new post. Probably get more attention
  12. Intermittent or random shutdown. U’re wasting money on changing parts like accessory relay or fuel solenoid, clutch fan assembly. This is where the problem is at. Go to the drivers side firewall, above the foot brake valve there are two wire harness. That supply power to all these parts. Remove the coupler and check the pins for good connections and corrosion. Inspect the backs of the couplers. This will solve u’re issue. Teddd
  13. Joey, thank you for this post. I feel the same way. I simple thank you to the community for their responses and the fix they found can go a long way. I/we are under no obligation to give advice to anyone, I like most people on this site learned from trial and error that took countless hours, not to forget about the busted knuckles and fingers. Awesome site and great people. I am glad i found this place. V
  14. The maker of all-electric power systems can customize new cab chassis or convert existing ones for the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty truck classes.View the full article
  15. Remind to never let you blokes know if I'm selling something Bugger me Paul
  16. I was planning on going to see on Sunday.Sat morning the ad was gone from Buffalo CL.I had what I thought was the sellers private #,and called several times Sat...no answer and no voicemail.I`m guessing it`s sold and the ebay listing is still up because that`s some broker in Omaha that the seller paid a fee to up front,and they don`t know or care that it sold.
  17. skydawg


    Thanks for the post...I`m looking for the shorter 146" wheelbase chassis.I`m guessing a frame and driveshaft can be shortened,but I don`t know anyone near me that might be able to do that,or what it would cost.That nice red truck in Ohio is also the longer WB.
  18. Last time I got those plastic nuts for the air cleaners was only a few years ago at Mack in Townsville, they just ordered them in not a problem Paul
  19. Dunno how I missed this but I have some reading to do Paul
  20. Kenworth TruckTech+Â Remote Diagnostics provides real-time engine health information, and allows fleets to track the location of their trucks.View the full article
  21. The van, equipped with Arrival’s Automated Driving System, was able to autonomously complete all operations performed daily by a commercial fleet driver.View the full article
  22. Well, I once also used Gulfway. But in general, it is not surprising that you have raised the payment, perhaps you have a new disease or you have moved to a different age category.
  23. Lion Electric will supply the Green Mountain Power utility with a Lion8 bucket truck for line crews and a Lion6 stake body truck for electrical maintenance field crews.View the full article
  24. What do the 2021 Best Fleets to Drive For have in common? Discover four trends that can help your fleet keep drivers happy in this Guest Voices blog.View the full article
  25. I am doing a story of 100 years of Mack Trucks in Canada for our special edition Ontario Antique Trucks magazine, would be interested in any stories or photos of Canadian built Mack trucks. I am also trying to find an advertisement for the Mack dealership in Kitchener or London Ontario if any one happens to know of any in an old issue of Bulldog or Truck News etc. Appreciate any help I can get. You can contact me at ontarioantiquetrucks@gmail.com
  26. The two companies are working to optimize uptime services for fleets. The estimate and approval process are fully integrated into Uptime Pro.View the full article
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