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  2. My email is richbanaszak@yahoo.com if you send a pic there i would really appreciate it Thanks Rich
  3. First set of Mack housings I've ever seen a tag on but newer than my exposure relates to. Rear suspensions with that cap over the trunion bar are usually bronze bushed, greaseable, and heavier than 38K rating. Probably 44K as referenced earlier.
  4. Great to see things are working out for you !
  5. Yes they are Mack top loaders CRD92 &CRD93 carriers 4.17 ratio camel back suspension 60” axle spread. @Rob where are you saying the information is on these axle housings? My top load carriers are stamped with their own information, i’m going to post a picture of the axle tag that I found on the housing, apparently a company called Hayes-Dana Inc. built these housings. serial#B310 144634 part #19QF5236 date-8/22/84 high strength steel
  6. So if we aren’t a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Mack trucks we shouldn’t participate since it will make the “original troupe” upset because it annoys them to answer the same questions or the person asking is only taking from the site? Should we not be able to visit about anything on the odds and ends forums with our friends on here? If the answer is yes to either of those questions say bye bye bmt, Mack trucks and the history behind them because if you don’t welcome in the “new troupe” the old troupe is going to die off not having passed any of this along to be carried forward.
  7. I only work on mechanical engines. Any time I run into a no crank situation I check the relay in the dash that sends signal power to the starter relay. They're junk lately, I only seem to get a year or so out of them before I have issues with the internal contacts. Winds up leaving my gauges not getting power, and sometimes having to bump the key a half dozen times til it'll crank.
  8. Does it have mack suspension on it complete pics of rears and suspension would help with tag numbers that you found
  9. My differentials on my 1988 we just bought begs to differ.
  10. Still have to repair a few minor cracks in the hood, sand down the air filter housing, then wipe it all down before it's time for primer! Good bye H&K Green hello Hartzel's White!
  11. Mack housings do not have stainless tags I know of. Rockwell, (Meritor) axles do. Are these not Mack drop in from the top differential carriers? If they are front loading differentials the tag contains the information needed.
  12. Wheel dun congratulations [/img] cya
  13. “We actually outpulled a 600-hp Cummins with a 505-hp Mack,” I think he meant we out geared the truck with a 600 cummins. A 600 cummins has 2050ftlbs of TQ where a Mack 505 only has 1860ft lbs. them automatics are fast but I dont see a 505 mack out pulling a 600 cummins on a long steady grade. I will believe it when I see it....
  14. I have a 1950 Mack LS85 Fire Truck and as everyone has found out, there are no wix oil filters # 51237 to fit. I am leaning towards the remote mounted filter and was wondering if anyone has had any issues doing this Thank you
  15. The seals that global sent me are SKF 42673 The OD fits, the ID of them is too small. The seals that are currently on my truck are 309-0960 which crosses over to an SKF 48000. The id is 4.75 and the od is 6.25. @Rob I found the stainless steel tag on the front rear end housing, but you’re saying that there will be stampings directly on the steel bowl of the axle housing itself?
  16. My existing axles matched the new hubs that they sent me. Global sent me bearing sets 426 and 421
  17. I'm old and like round headlamps so my vote goes to the 84. On top of that you can still get parts over the counter if running daily. Thanks for posting.
  18. Car & Driver / July 15, 2019 Ford will offer a pickup version of the upcoming Bronco to compete with the Jeep Gladiator. This is amusing given the Bronco SUV also will be based on the Ranger, meaning the Bronco pickup would be a pickup based on an SUV that is based on an identically sized pickup (the Ranger).
  19. Yes it is, basically. Most dielectric grease in virtually non conducting but will disallow corrosion to freeze bulbs in their sockets.
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