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    • I need all of your knowledge, well because this is not my strength. Short story, 1935 B series Mack Fire Truck with a flat 6. Engine is not original to the truck. We ran a compression test and the #3 cylinder is junk, looking in through the plug hole we can see the piston is cracked.  We are not sure of the engine, some say its a 36, others say its a 43. Markings on the bottom end are M 6(or maybe S) 00A602X. On the top it looks like 827 56. Trying to figure out where to go from here. We are a non profit with limited funds. I appreciate any info and suggestions you all may have.  Thanks. Compression Results front to back. 100, 92, 15, 80, 98, 78.   Verified #3 with a second gauge.   
    • Happy Birthday and many more.  Enjoy your day!
    • parts book or repair manuals on ebay for those trans
    • looks like big henry had a 16v71 engine with either big rockwell rears or clark  bd 121s.maybe big schuller fronts,little looks big cam cummins or kta cummins with clark bd 70000 rears or bd 91000.single exhaust
    • well iv got work for a second truck if i decide to go that way and iv got someone that wants to drive it. im going to be starting on a 2 year project i could add another truck on next week. hopefully going to find time to go drag the other Mack home here in the next couple weeks and see what iv even got. would be a good job to do it on if im going to do it very short hauls hourly rates should be pretty decent margins. its all going to depend on what kind of work this other truck is going to need to get it road ready. i have not committed to anything yet.    i guess im kinda looking at it as if i don't have much money in the truck i don't have much to loose by not trying it. if they blow up the truck or destroy it in one way or another it becomes a parts truck witch is kinda what i bought it as in the first place. having some good work for it where i can put my truck side by side with the other should eliminate a lot of potential headaches and if we have some minor issues with the truck i can have my service pickup parked within a few miles of anywhere the truck will be.    so i guess im thinking i might try it out and see how it goes. i told the contractor as well as the potential driver that even if we do this its going to be at least a month out before i am ready and im not going to say that we will or won't do it until i get a chance to drag the truck home and look it over. 
    • Friends down there tell me they are allowing livestock to die on the trailers.... reprehensible ...     https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/in-brazil-a-truckers-strike-brings-latin-americas-largest-economy-to-a-halt/2018/05/25/fe3f06e6-6026-11e8-b656-236c6214ef01_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6e6d93ba13dd
    • You are a good man to see through the propaganda and recognize this, Vlad. And Americans should also remember the millions of Russian soldiers who gave their lives as well. 
    • An animal! Who was a producent of the drive axles?
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    • BillyT  »  66dc75

      66,the B model pickup is looking good how about about some overall photos? The first big truck pickup I ever saw was at a truck stop in California in the 90s someone removed the cab and front end from a late model Ford dually and replaced it with a 60s KW cab and front end, looked factory! Very nice.
      · 1 reply
    • MHfred

      I joined the club by accident. I was exploring.
      · 0 replies
    • AussieE9525  »  AZB755V8

      Hi ps love that v8 badge
      · 0 replies
    • AussieE9525  »  AZB755V8

      Thanks for that info i opened up pump done valves put separate air filter on compressor it’s gowing like a 500 now was them bw400s a bolt on was thinking of grafting a hx60w on just carnt get any more than 27psi my e7 400 geting 35psi an it will nealy nock of the e9 
      · 2 replies
    • BillyT  »  davehummell

      Dave imagine one of today's "three week wonders" having to deal with that situation! My " hotshot tractor" a GMC 7000 puked a throw out bearing 150 miles from the house, the customer let me drop the trailer but I was out of hours.I parked on a hill at a Hardees and slept til morning,caught it in gear and drove it home without the clutch that was no problem but timing it at a couple lights and a stop sign was fun! All because the throw out bearing had no grease fitting. The one I installed did!
      · 0 replies
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