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    • The wobble could be simple as misadjusted wheel bearings, worn tie rod ends or a worn drag link to worn king pins, start at the easiest the bearing just because the drums were off to do the brakes and than check the balance for wear. Tie rod ends and drag link end are rebuild-able and I believe may also have some adjustment one the ball and socket . The 6 volt electrics work the same as 12 volts only less voltage more amps. Has the system been converted to negative ground or is it positive ground? Lighting start with basics like fuses, bulbs, grounds, switches and finally the wiring harness.  Beacon turns than look to the light contact between the motor shaft and light head. Sometimes the contacts loose their tension so no power to the bulbs when it spins. Just on g.p. I would replace the rubber brake hoses, you only have a single master system and just for peace of mind I would do all the rubber lines. Good luck with you Mack and post up some pics when you can.    Paul
    • I have had fuel on top of the injectors when removing the caps but not enough to get by the treads or raise the oil level. The reason I did it was there was a miss in the engine. In my case it was a bad injector. I need to learn as well here. If the O-rings were bad the only way the fuel would get into the oil would be coming up through the  hold down cap treads. The only way that would happen is if there was back pressure in the return lines. Is that correct? Just asking but 3-5 gallon of fuel is a lot to get past something, be it B&P's or O-rings. That is low pressure side of the system. To check the O-rings it would be EZ to put air pressure through the return line and check for bubbles at the caps after valve covers are removed with a little spray of soap. 
    • I would chectk the injectors before blaming the pump lift the valve covers off and pop out each injector hold down check for fuel on top of each injector! Injector oring failure will cause this as well!
    • Hello I just purchased a 1947 type 45 . Runs like a sewing machine .  Brakes stick and front end is wobbly when hitting a bump in a turn .  I guess my first issue is the lights don't work ... the siren does and the beacon on top turns but doesnt light up no taillight headlights or pump lights is one issue .  The guy I bought it from suggested replacing the rubber brake lines to fix the brake sticking issue he replaced the hydrovac and wheel cylinders and master .  Also I am very mechanically inclined just not with 6 volt positive.   Any help would be appreciated.   I'm new to owning old Mack's but love to wrench just looking for some advice I guess . . 
    • John. Great story but I think you have your serial numbers wrong. Mike
    • Most of the trucks in the boneyard were not used in the business.  In the past I believe Roger Gerhart has bought trucks to sell, to save from the scrap dealer or just because he liked them.  I have not noticed any new acquisition recently.  He is a really nice guy.  If you see him you should ask him. Mike. 
    • I also like that big wagon.    Good chance  it has a nice little 429 under that hood.
    • The issue is fuel getting into the oil not "bypassing oil into the fuel somehow". The injection pump has worn barrels and plungers. They actually put the fuel pressure to the injectors at 4000 psi. You are not going to find a leak with 45 psi of air. The B&P seal with metal to metal and very tight clearance between the two parts. So tight that fuel can not get passed until the parts wear and clearance opens up and leak fuel passed into the oil in the pump which drains back into the engine oil pan.  You need a injection pump rebuild or find a good used pump. The charge pump is not the problem. Change the engine oil ASAP, bearing will be going out with that much fuel contamination.   By the way WELCOME to BMT!!    
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    • Ky x driver

      Just a newbie who bought a farm wagon built on an old Mack truck frame. It has 20 inch Dayton style wheels. Eight spoke hubs with 4 lug nuts per hub. Single rear wheels. The 3rd member has been removed from the rear end. It has mechanical brakes which still work . Depending on the cab configuration it may accept a 10-12 ft. bed. Any ideas what model this was? I'm guessing 30s but have no clue. Also has all 4 small Mack hub caps
      · 1 reply
    • megatron

      Seriously I'm reading about people (Mack owners) complaining about mack power loss, and I'm a driver all my life in the Mack. My 1999 CH 613 was so reliable truck sold with 2 milion miles never problem with anything, but reason to sell was loss of power, gears droped uphill with empty Double drop trailer. Now I have nice ride (compared with CH) CXN613 that was so strong that Pete with C15 Cat could not run away from me on big hills.... until same thing happens. One day it starts idling 500rpm I fix that but turbo boost drops from 40lbs on hill to 28-30  dropping gears on every hill and nobody knows why. I learn a lot about Macks and trust me it's still good solid truck compare to others but this issue really getting on my nerves and I wish that someone of this Mack specialist can answer this Virus attacking this engines, I didn't run into nobody yet but those part changers to ask me did I check this and that...filters 🙄🙄🙄, or telling me it maybe this maybe that. I can't listen to it no more. I love this stubborn trucks but if they don't fix this issue I will be forced to.... buy another MACK 
      · 1 reply
    • Ezee  »  mrgumby

      i had bridgestones. changed all last week that stopped it.
      · 1 reply
    • fjh  »  BOB DINGSDALE

      Bob!  I heard it rummored John Casnave is building trucks again is this true?
      · 2 replies
    • MackLTH  »  AZB755V8

      AZ, I was looking at the LTL in your album..did you buy Itchy's LTL from California?
      · 1 reply
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