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    • A screem n Detroit Diesel Mack Now that B a chiky puller       with many variations of the Jimmy diesel surely U wouldn't need to stretch the hood may jack cab up a cuple inches !! any one got the dimensions of the V12 compared toa Mack 6 or V8? cya §wishy  
    • ^^^ that is an insult to lemmings!!! ^^^
    • the factory v12 Rs700Ls had cowl extension panels. I would assume the superliner may need them as well?
    • Awww nice lowboy tractor that R
    • Yes, many youngsters do sport nowadays. It's sure good but I easy can see a funny basement of that happening. The society here was pressed down with Socialist morals and rules for many decades. With strong shortage of stuff a normal man needs every day and night. It's just difficult to imagine even for me now that people had to check many shops looking for a roll of toilet paper for example. And so on. The reasons were large expenses in a Cold War competition, space technologies and no doubt not too efficient plan kind economy. So now, actually for nearly 20 last years, lots of high quality and attractive looking merchandise filled up the country. And the society actively play a game of "competition in consumption". Each other enjoys to demonstrate how "cool" he is. Sport seems to me as one of the aspects. There were just a few people in 80's years who did ski, bycicling etc. Those few existed though, went for a ride into forest with uncomfortable wooden ski on. But later, when you can go to a bright-lighted shop and buy a pair of EXPENSIVE modern ski, a jacket, a pair of gloves and so on, many do. The same with really large amounts of "fitness holes" as people call gims here. They openes here and there every year. People use to buy a year pass to. But actually make 3-5 visits and loose interest. So as in many other cases, you can see a top of an iceberg but sume dull matters are below the water.
    • I had an issue of the same kind with my kid when he was nearly 4 yo. Got common fever with some temp, nose leak and so on. Than once in the night my wife was woked up by kind's voice. He had really tight breath with heavy sound.  Was too afraid being about not breathing. We got afraid too and the wife called to private kid clinic for ER. An ambulance came in about half an hour. We lived 10 kilometers outside of the city and the clinic was inside but closer to our direction. Also a good thing there was no traffic at 4 AM. The doctor came with a really large medi box, made basic check and took a nebulaizer. Filled it up with a stuff which makes breath passes wider and takes stresses off them. After 5-6 minuted the things turned out smooth. Doc explained that the fever initiated stress of breath passes. Said no need to continue with that "hard" medicament if no real troubles. But prescribed to buy it together with a nebulaizer and have it handy anywhere we go with the kid. So we did. There was one more such case in about a year or two and we knew what to do. Also doc's explanations were the kid will grow up to a sertain age and the shape of his passes will change. So such risk will go away in the future. Time showed out he was right. The kid is 17 now and hasn't had breath issues since those times.
    • BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I like all things except things that cause problems, and those are mostly human,  I grew hunting and thought it was fine not until I later had to learn to hunt down other men, then I found that killing a defenceless critters was somehow not what I was told, I guess if you have not been there you will never understand. don't get me wrong, killing of dirtbags is fine by me killing fluffy the squirrel I can do without. I don't kill snakes on our property they keep the mouse population in check, another words I let nature do it's thing but man has to be taken care of by man. another words I don't condone killing bobcats for fun. better to look at and admire then kill and mame. 
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    • rmodelkid

      looking for a after market morgan sleeper
      · 0 replies
    • B75tom

       Does anyone know how much a Mack 865 V8 engine Weights I have one I need to ship 
      · 1 reply
    • BillyT  »  dagotwit

      Dagotwit, I once delivered a new Ford cab and chassis to Alexandria, was waiting for a bus back to Pittsburgh had a couple hours so I went to a Japanese crab shack and got a plate of crabs and a pitcher of beer! Had never eaten fresh crab before and I was beating the thing to pieces with the little wood mallet they give you! The waitress took pity on me and showed me how to crack its shell!
      · 0 replies
    • Graham Elliott  »  chiphauler244

      I read in a thread that you may know where to find some F-model windshields 
      · 3 replies
    • 41chevy  »  1958 F.W.D.

      My wife sent the story to Fox news about the Marine. Interesting conversation with them. I gave them your name as a contact on the story. 
      As a veteran I could not let this crap go unknown by all.    Paul
      · 1 reply
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