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    • Rabies is nasty business.
    • I saw two RS700Ls with V12s in them cool trucks I have one of those too could do the swap into either truck.
    • Correct.  The dimension from the centerline of the front axle to the back of the cab on your B-71ST is 74 1/2" with a 146 1/2" WB (for example).  A B-61ST with the same WB would also be 74 1/2" CL axle to the back of the cab. Your B-71 is 38" axle to front bumper.  A B-61 is 27.5" axle to front bumper if utilizing a flush mounted bumper or 33.5" with the extended front bumper. Everything would line up except the radiator and bumper.  
    • I need one early 237 Jake lash cap.  Big diameter: .468.  The are NLA from Mack.  Small ones won't fit.
    • How Ford plans to use its new digs in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood Crain’s Detroit Business  /  January 21, 2018 DETROIT -- The business strategy of Ford Motor Co.'s big bet on a future of selling electric and autonomous vehicles will be devised inside a former hosiery factory in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood -- a move that was driven both by the automaker's ambitions to transform urban mobility and its employees' desire to work in an urban setting. Inside the multi-section building at 1907 and 1927 Michigan Ave. called The Factory, Ford plans to embed its "Team Edison" group of employees who are charged with developing the business and strategy for rolling out 16 fully electric vehicles by 2022, said Sherif Marakby, vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification for Ford. "From a mindset standpoint, it was a really nice fit with how we're thinking … about the future of battery electrics and autonomy," Marakby said in an interview last week with Crain's Detroit Business at the Detroit auto show. Crain's is an affiliate of Automotive News. Ford's purchase of The Factory building marks the biggest re-engagement with the city where Henry Ford invented the assembly line a century ago since the last Ford workers left the Renaissance Center nearly 20 years ago. Marakby, who will be based at the new Corktown office, was a college trainee in the early 1990s when Ford still occupied office space in the RenCen -- now the headquarters of General Motors. The 111-year-old Factory building, once the home to the Chicago Hosiery and Detroit-Alaska Knitting Mills factories, sits in the middle of a section of Michigan Avenue in Corktown that seems poised for more development spreading west from downtown and the redevelopment of the former Tiger Stadium site a block away. "The reason I fell in love with the place as soon as I saw it is it really gives you that vibe of the heritage and the new coming together -- and it really brings it to life," Marakby said of the building along Michigan Avenue, where early 20th-century streetcar rail still peeks out from between cobblestone and asphalt. Building Team Edison In building Team Edison, which Marakby describes as "a tech company within the company," Ford executives wanted to be in a location where employees developing the business case for electric and autonomous vehicles could contemplate and experience the real-world application. "We see being in Corktown as a big advantage," Marakby said. "And it has actually, in many ways, increased the interest in working on the team -- internally and externally." Ford plans to start moving employees into the building in the second quarter. In the Southeast Michigan-based auto industry's race with Silicon Valley to put autonomous vehicles on the road, workspaces matter, said Glenn Stevens, executive director of MICHauto, the Detroit Regional Chamber's automotive mobility accelerator programs. "For Ford, Detroit and Michigan, it all boils down to culture and talent," Stevens said. "And that enables you to build the F-150s of the day today. And it enables you to have the vision of what the city of tomorrow will be with operating systems and data analytics and software systems and the connected car." AV strategy In addition to Team Edison, Ford also will have employees working on the business and strategy of autonomous vehicles based in Corktown, including software developers writing the programs that business clients will use to connect their applications to future autonomous vehicles, Marakby said. "We're going to fill the building," he said. "It's going to be exciting." The office in Corktown gives the EV and autonomous vehicle employees the ability to work in an urban setting, while not too far from home base, Marakby said. The Factory, a 45,000-square-foot recently renovated space, is a 20-minute drive from Ford's headquarters, engineering labs and manufacturing facilities in Dearborn. The building is about a mile from the central business district of Detroit -- and within walking distance of new housing that's being built or redeveloped in and around Corktown. "Our young people love ... living and working in urban areas," said Bill Ford Jr., executive chairman of the company and great-grandson of founder Henry Ford. "For me, it was a no-brainer. And also, it's still a pretty good deal to be in downtown Detroit." Ford Land Development Co., the real estate arm of the automaker, purchased The Factory at Corktown building from former IndyCar driver Robbie Buhl and his brother, Tom, for an undisclosed price. The company has secured parking for employees in a vacant lot across Michigan Avenue that will accommodate the 200-plus employees, Marakby said. Staying close to home Marakby said "a good portion" of the employees who will work in Corktown already live in the greater downtown area. The owner of a wine bar next door to The Factory is hoping that's the case. "My only hope is that they're not the type of people who get in their car and go right back home to the suburbs," said David Armin-Parcells, owner of MotorCity Wine, which has operated a wine bar and shop at 1949 Michigan Ave. since 2013. The Buhl brothers' race team and motorsports marketing company, Buhl Sport Detroit, will remain headquartered in a smaller two-story annex building at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Rosa Parks Boulevard. "Obviously, we're excited that Ford's coming back to Detroit and Corktown," Robbie Buhl said in an interview. "It just made more sense, with what their interest was, to sell them the building." The Buhls, who bought the building in 2015 for $1.8 million through an entity called Riverfront Partnership I LLC, also will continue to share rented space with Brothers Tuning Detroit, which produces after-market gear shift knobs for the Ford Focus and Fiesta cars. The Buhls rehabilitated the building over the past three years and were using the third floor for special events until Ford executives expressed interest in the building a few months ago. "Everything just came together, and it happened very fast -- it happened in weeks," Marakby said. Ford announced its acquisition in mid-December. "Three years ago, would I ever have thought this was something that would have transpired?" Robbie Buhl said. "No way." .
    • Hackett urging Ford to think, act in new ways Michael Martinez, Automotive News  /  January 21, 2018 DETROIT — You'd be forgiven for having a tough time keeping up with some of Jim Hackett's musings. Ford Motor Co.'s cerebral CEO says he likes to think in the abstract and often considers problems along three time dimensions simultaneously. Hackett views issues in the "now," "near" and "far," likening the view to a bull's-eye with those words in concentric circles. His job, he says, is to manage Ford in each of those circles to ensure success. That might explain why most of Hackett's public appearances since becoming CEO in May take the tone of a college-level philosophy or physics lecture. He invited a Harvard philosopher onstage this month at CES in Las Vegas to lead the audience through a thought exercise about data privacy, and delved into a discussion of deep learning last week during a fireside chat-style appearance at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit. The 62-year-old Hackett, a newcomer to the auto industry after two decades running the office furniture maker Steelcase in western Michigan, often recorded Charlie Rose's self-titled TV show for its interviews with leading intellectuals and starts most mornings by scanning Science Daily's newsletter of top headlines. He lists former President Gerald Ford, former University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler and former Steelcase Chairman Robert Pew as heroes for their integrity. He drives a Mustang Shelby GT350, although he's the first to admit he's not a car guy. But Ford's board of directors, including Executive Chairman Bill Ford, think he's exactly the kind of leader the 115-year-old automaker needs as it charts a course for the future. "There's great people with great minds that can't get people to follow them, and then there's people who have followership that don't know where they're going. I'm humbled by how difficult that is," Hackett told Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein during the World Congress appearance. "The clarity of what this future is, is undeniable to me. I'm humble about that, but I think I have a pretty good handle on what that is." Unexpected job Hackett wasn't so clear about his own future. He almost declined the Ford CEO role when the board decided to part ways with Mark Fields. The offer came three years after he retired from Steelcase, a role into which he poured his heart and soul. He was so focused on the furniture business, he said, that he would read Architectural Digest in the bathtub. Did he really want to devote himself to another company? An 18-month stint as interim athletic director at Michigan, which he accepted out of a sense of duty to and love for his alma mater, cleansed his palate and reignited a desire to do something, he said. Then his friend Bill Ford persuaded him to become chairman of the automaker's new Ford Smart Mobility subsidiary. But when he was offered the CEO job in May, he initially suggested someone else within the company would be a better fit. Then he asked for a weekend to think it over. He turned to his family, which has long been his anchor. He rarely finishes a public speaking event without mentioning his wife and high-school sweetheart, Kathy, or his two beagles, Ozzy and Rudy. Ultimately, Hackett's family persuaded him to say yes. Kathy said he'd regret saying no by the time he turned 75. His two sons each wrote him a letter: one about great leaders in history who made their mark after age 62, and the other about what the automotive industry could become. "They both got me and Kathy pushed," he said. "I'm so happy about saying yes. Everything that was hesitant has gone. I'm so excited about what we can do in this business." He said his moment of clarity about what Ford can do came in September when he joined his family in Los Angeles for his son's wedding. "It hit me when I was out there because I was with family who hadn't seen me since I got the job," he said. "I said, 'I know what we need to do.' " A few weeks later, on Oct. 3, he met with investors and laid out a sweeping plan to cut $14 billion in costs, shift $7 billion from cars to light trucks and speed product development and technology implementation. He summed up his vision for the company in six words: "smart vehicles for a smart world." ‘Aim ahead' If Ford wants to compete — and win, Hackett says, it must improve its competitive "fitness" and think more like Apple and Tesla than General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. "I have to compete with Apple in a warehouse, and you can't tell me what they're working on," he said. "Not to dismiss GM or Daimler or any of those guys, because they're all really good, too. But they're not defining that fitness." What Apple and others get right, Hackett said, is that they think about the future of transportation in new ways that legacy automakers haven't grasped. "What if I said you have to travel the speed of light to be fast?" Hackett said. "Well, you can't. So how would you beat it? You need to aim ahead, where it's going to be." As Ford faces challenges from Google, Apple and other nonauto companies, Hackett said he is preparing Ford so it doesn't get caught off guard. "Apple is not going to bring the Apple car to the Detroit auto show," he said. "They're going to come at us in a way we didn't expect, and I think I know how they're going to do that, too." Ford, he said, will aim ahead of where it has to be, betting on technology and propulsion systems that may make better business sense in the future than they do now. Consider that the "far" part of his bull's-eye. "It has to be ahead," Hackett said, "in order for people to believe our strategy isn't about catching up to someone else's old view." Hackett said he admires Tesla CEO Elon Musk for getting employees to think hundreds of years in the future and realize that many problems will be solved by time. Speed is important to Hackett, partly because of the intense competition among Ford and its rivals, but also because of his age. "I had 20 years to get Steelcase right," he said. "I don't have that time here." Smart cities What does Hackett see when he looks to the future? He gave some hints at CES. It includes highly connected cities, in which cars talk with streetlights and phones talk with bikes, in which people and goods move freely, without congestion. Hackett is adamant that vehicles will need to be integrated into cities in new ways. "Everywhere in history, when transportation was invented, there was a delegation of the design between two forces," he said. "A horse had a trail, a car had a road, an airplane had an air-traffic control system. Autonomous vehicles have to have something more than the road." Hackett says vehicle propulsion systems will change too. Applying his "aim ahead" strategy, he expects electric vehicle costs to drop and the public to see EVs' benefit. "The cost of the battery is going to go through a step-function improvement," he said. "Moore's law [which generally holds that computers' processing power doubles every two years] is also going to make the cities smarter. Therefore, five to seven years from now we have to be careful about declaring that the population will only buy 5 percent electrification." The automaker is so sure that it has vowed to invest $11 billion in electrification by 2022 so it can introduce 40 new vehicles, including 16 that are fully electric. As Ford imagines the "city of tomorrow," it announced a partnership with Postmates to test the viability of moving goods autonomously. It also is experimenting with Domino's on driverless pizza delivery. "The promise of it is so magical," Hackett said. "The Amazon problem of small businesses closing could be reversed. The logistics power in these instruments could change the scale advantage a small company needs to move goods." His future The most passionate member of the Jim Hackett fan club might be Bill Ford. And vice versa. "He is a treasure of the highest order in this world," Hackett said of his boss. He said the two talk at least 10 times a day, echoing a similar sentiment expressed by former CEO Alan Mulally, who said he and Bill Ford wore a path between their offices on the top floor of Ford's headquarters. Hackett wouldn't say how much the two talk about succession planning but said he has "zero concerns about the executive bench." There are three or four people who could be CEO today, he said, and five other behind-the-scenes candidates who are capable, too. He doesn't know how long he'll last at Ford, but his acute awareness about time and speed apply to himself, too. "Every month on the Ford job is a marble in a jar," he said. "Imagine there's 84 marbles in that jar. I've now taken nine out. The wisdom in that is how fast they go." How many more will be taken out? Even he and Ford don't know. "We just talk about a lot of marbles in the jar," Hackett said. "We haven't counted." .
    • Any chance of this rare gem in the U.S making it to Macungie ( if it hasn't been already) or another show in the North East?
    • Oh ok  didn't know that. I thought that rule was only for vehicles made originally to sell in the U.S
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      Dagotwit, I once delivered a new Ford cab and chassis to Alexandria, was waiting for a bus back to Pittsburgh had a couple hours so I went to a Japanese crab shack and got a plate of crabs and a pitcher of beer! Had never eaten fresh crab before and I was beating the thing to pieces with the little wood mallet they give you! The waitress took pity on me and showed me how to crack its shell!
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      As a veteran I could not let this crap go unknown by all.    Paul
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