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  1. They use a modular valve usually somewhere back in the right side of the frame. Likely something is going wrong in that area. Believe it or not, even stuff like the engine fan can have it's air from the back of the truck in some of them.
  2. Up in the dash under where a CB can go. Sorta triangle like cover .
  3. That's a pretty fair asking price for that truck. I doubt it'll be for sale long.
  4. He mentions the taking the wedges off part in the video. It's actually a very good video of how to change a tire on a Dayton equipped truck. I wonder now about the bees down under ..... maybe they have those murder hornets or something that are really well hung ??
  5. Hayseed posted a video that pretty much shows you how to get a Dayton to turn as true as disc type wheels. If that was followed , the only way it won't run "true" is if the spider is missing the flange where the inside rim rides on. (they sometimes get damaged from a wheel spun that wasn't tight for some reason) That part he's doing with the hammer (checking run out) some guys refer to as indicating . I think you were just unlucky enough to get a lousy guy putting your tires on. I'd suspect going back there, you'll just get blown off with anyone's advise from here (lol)
  6. There's something familiar about the margarita guy. 🤔 Is that Jimmy Buffett maybe ?
  7. Look at how clean that stack is. He must have added a particulate filter.
  8. You do realize one was there four years and one was there over four decades ?
  9. I got mine. Ordered it from Watt's Took a while, but I got it. It even came with the bulldog upside down, but other than that ???
  10. I guess there's some ways to delete it ??? IDK believe it or not, an MP7 '04 emission engine is actually pretty strong compared to their displacement . It'll never run like a big bore or even a good running 13 liter , but they are a reliable engine with very good drivability when they run as they should.
  11. The truck is telling you what's wrong (lol) mass air assembly probably is coding cause your EGR cooler is leaking. That's the first thing needs to be addressed. Then look close also at the EGR plumbing. If you're not familiar with the engine it's easy enough to miss a leaky hose on the EGR plumbing. Same effect as a leaky charge air hose. Someone probably knew this before the for sale sign went on.
  12. That second girl at the hardware store likely stayed outside because her friend warned her of the malfunctioning air conditioning. It looks like maybe it's stuck on high in the store ??? Touching photo seeing such a devoted friend.
  13. I doubt that sparkely acrylic knob came on it. Thing's a time capsule .😍
  14. A Sterling would have had a TufTrack (the Freightliner version of it) and FYI T Ride was around back when the Volvos were really homely. At least now most everything kinda looks the same. (not being judgmental 70mackMB)
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