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  1. I had two of those. They were tractors . The one in the avatar was just a big spec day cab, not sure where it was originally from. The other was from way up Mistissinni (? I may have spelled that wrong) That was a tractor too, but it was originally built with planetary rears. They both were exported by R. Neadeu (again, spelling may be wrong) in Lenoxville Quebec . Both E9s and both were a blast
  2. That lettering will come off and all, and feather in. If you stripped the doors to bare metal ??? certain angles you'd still see it right in the metal. Most likely old lead based from that era. You won't see it after prepping it as you have. I'm wondering how the progress on this truck allows time for so many pictures ?? Think I can speak for lots of us here.....keep'm coming
  3. My picture was a RW from The Great White North (lol)
  4. That door picture is quite a find. I hope that guy does have a picture or two of that truck from when it was in service. The repair on the bottom where the red putty is exposed would almost suggest that was done late '70s or early '80s (???) probably lead based paint on the lettering. You could strip that door to bare metal and you'll still see that burned into it. May want to have a good mask on when sanding 😷
  5. maybe there's a site called bighowotrucks.com
  6. I'm still try'n to figure out how he got an AI to accelerate at all
  7. I'd imagine there's a air regulator on there somewhere too. That may be contaminated with oil from the compressor too. That Mack is get'n some love.....I like it 👍
  8. usually they come with one folded up in a thing stuck close to them that resembles a shipping sticker, after years in service they easily blend in with the scenery being covered in dust of coarse this is if no one took it out at some point and never put them back
  9. Thanks for the pictures , impressive looking units .
  10. Love how that first picture captures the heat from the exhaust as that truck labors
  11. There's old trucks like that sprinkled at several of their quarries. Macks and Autocars . It's strange in ways to see their newer equipment , some isn't even that dark green color as was always a must. Kinda like seeing Kenworths that say H & K on them
  12. Kinda looks like someone's knee is better. Who couldn't love being a truck driver
  13. I wouldn't feel like you cheated the guy. Believe it or not (lol) not everyone feels the same about old trucks. Most on here would consider that truck a sweet find..... but some guys check out what they're worth as scrap 😲 What you paid is probably around what it'd scrap for ( depending on scrap prices ) Guy's probably happy to get what he's satisfied with, you're happy to have the truck, and I'd bet lots of guys here are happy it didn't get scrapped. That's a nice U
  14. AI most certainly is an EGR engine. I can almost remember the rigid line that hose with the hole in it rotting on those where it hides behind the engine on it's way up to the ducting from the air cleaner into the turbo.
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