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  1. That bracket on the rear of the front carrier does not belong in that application. Period . Someone likely stuck that carrier in there and didn't feel like taking it off (likely to avoid removing the output yoke) safe bet the rest of it was a little neglected as well.....so it needs to be bushed . That bent rod contacted the bracket (that doesn't belong there) and bent until it broke the bolts. That's about a ten or twelve thousand dollar repair. OR just put a new rod in where the bent one is, replace the side one in the back and cut the bracket with a torch to give the rod room (lol) pr
  2. (lol) if that's a "normal day" ?? WOW looks like it needs to be bushed, let alone that bracket for the side torque arm doesn't belong on there on that front rear
  3. Don't take this the wrong way OD, but anyone who would turn a truck in looking like yours did ??? I bet well within a year someone'll need a guy in a pinch here n there, and you just might take them up on it. Hope you enjoy yourself what ever you decide to do
  4. 4 and 9 both work well with a volume of air to accommodate something with air ride and all. The 9's desiccant cartridge just screws into the aluminum base as opposed to having the plate and 4 allen screws (little easier to change) I'm pretty sure there was something about a valve in the 9 that was engineered with compressors that had their intake from the engines intake on turbocharged engines (? like a E7 pre EGR)
  5. Didn't the AD 9 have a valve that was friendly to turbocharged compressors ? ( ones fed from the intake manifold )
  6. Give them a good liberal prick punching (yokes) and use that green stuff, might be ok for a hobby truck for a little while. Really have little to lose other than time, as replacing them is only thing to actually fix them
  7. don't forget as Rob said it needs to be supported that requires teflon P clamps as well to put up with the heat
  8. Is the radiator clean (externally) ? Not blocked up with dirt or something ? not allowing air to flow through it.
  9. Those Berr fans were supposed to be stored in a certain position ( I think this applied to all viscous fan drives ) that no one seemed to pay attention to. There was a way they had to be hot wired and ran at a certain RPM until they would spin free , then they would work. I remember that paper coming in the package with a new one.
  10. There's one extended range that's a five speed with a second lever, but the high in the second lever only works in the main in 4th and 5th ? IDK what model it is, but one of those and 4.17s ??? It'll have some top end then (lol)
  11. What you're trying to accomplish may require a different rear gear and an overdrive transmission .
  12. 4/18 a great day to be born ......worked for me too
  13. Doesn't that hose have a screen in it ? Or was that on newer ones
  14. Must be all the cool people were born on the 18th.
  15. and let him buy us steaks or pizza 😃
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