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  1. Looks like an easy one to match the paint on too. I agree, replacing it would be easier in the long run.
  2. What a tease.....we're gonna need more pictures. Every one of those pieces in that picture are cool.
  3. Why not just buy new ones ? Here's a VIN CTP 713B 001778
  4. If you can remember these in Mack dealers and magazines (yes magazines) , does that mean you're old now ?
  5. Those caps for Mack 46s (6 hole axles) aren't the easiest to find around here. I don't even remember ever seeing stainless ones. I'm looking for them myself. (chrome or stainless)
  6. Zenon Hansen was the Diamond T guy prior to going to Mack.....and he booted the Bulldog in the ass.
  7. That's not a "voltage" light, it's an electronic malfunction light. Truck's trying to tell you it thinks something's wrong with it.....and likely NOT a voltage issue.
  8. You might be better off .
  9. For what it's worth, there were some gorgeous Macks headed south on Route 222 in Pennsylvania today.
  10. Is it safe to assume the bolts around the bell housing are all tight ? and it's all the way in the flange around the bell housing . Sounds like the transmission hasn't been in very long, and something is out of line
  11. Draw some attention ???(lol) This had my attention even before the fabricated exhaust manifold (which really turned it up a notch) Think it's safe to say you can cross draw attention off the list. You and your "crew" are doing an awesome job on that truck, and seem to be enjoying it already .
  12. Yes, 44,000 pound Mack axles. Seen plenty of them turned into junk. ( FYI the ones they call 46000 pound as well )
  13. (lol) never heard of an axle break ???? Can't say it's a common thing, but it's not real uncommon . The axles with the splined plate on the end were referred to here as " full floating " used to see them with gear oil seeping out around the soft plug as they aged. You guys down under might be amused to see some of the clever solutions to fishing out the broken part of the axle shafts. Broom sticks (as mentioned) and if you were really ambitious you'd fab up a little shovel made of small exhaust pipe on a long piece of cold rolled. Then determine how much of it you were able to get out..... then determine if the carrier needed to be taken out (lol) You'd even learn the distinctive different sound the flange would make on semi-floating axles when you'd hit them to get them out . and NO.... this wasn't exclusively a Mack problem .
  14. All of my C's ( CH..CL..CT ..CTP ) they were just a turn signal. Same light but only two wires ( and pins )
  15. The ones under the doors ? I thought they were only turn signals in the first place
  16. Many things come to mind from that picture 🤔
  17. They should use the stuff that girl in the boat's top is made from to make winch straps......that's some strong material there.
  18. They use a modular valve usually somewhere back in the right side of the frame. Likely something is going wrong in that area. Believe it or not, even stuff like the engine fan can have it's air from the back of the truck in some of them.
  19. Up in the dash under where a CB can go. Sorta triangle like cover .
  20. That's a pretty fair asking price for that truck. I doubt it'll be for sale long.
  21. That was quite the truck in it's day.
  22. He mentions the taking the wedges off part in the video. It's actually a very good video of how to change a tire on a Dayton equipped truck. I wonder now about the bees down under ..... maybe they have those murder hornets or something that are really well hung ??
  23. Hayseed posted a video that pretty much shows you how to get a Dayton to turn as true as disc type wheels. If that was followed , the only way it won't run "true" is if the spider is missing the flange where the inside rim rides on. (they sometimes get damaged from a wheel spun that wasn't tight for some reason) That part he's doing with the hammer (checking run out) some guys refer to as indicating . I think you were just unlucky enough to get a lousy guy putting your tires on. I'd suspect going back there, you'll just get blown off with anyone's advise from here (lol)
  24. There's something familiar about the margarita guy. 🤔 Is that Jimmy Buffett maybe ?
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