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  1. Yes
  2. I may be unsophisticated, but I'm on the winning team. Freightliner/Western Star/Detroit will still build me any spec I want, LOL. Any size sleeper with any size motor.
  3. EPA

    Ya, isn't that ridiculous?
  4. EPA

    I'll lie cheat AND steal if it means a vehicle with an economy advantage. I don't really care who or how they got it. As long as it benefits ME.
  5. Volvo said the motor grader market has shrunk and they was loosing money??? So they sold the manufacturing rights to SDLG China and this is what it has become. http://www.sdlg.com/products/1966_for_pingdijijixilie_text.htm Tell me how these compare in ANY way to what a Champion or Volvo grader was??? Same here everyone has switched to Deere and Cat now.
  6. EPA

    I have to laugh at all the people that say they got what they deserved. You are all too short sighted to see they were doing us all a favor with better fuel efficiency and reliability. Same as Detroit Diesel was doing with the 60 Series when they got caught and all this emissions bullshit hit high gear.
  7. EPA

    Is it true? Can this be the best day ever? Was in the news Trump put a stop to the EPA. Not going to get political.......I'm just excited by the hope that once again we can have engines that don't bankrupt us. And no DPF mufflers on my lawn mower. Now all I want to see is the headline: Cat brings back the C15!! LOL. Hopefully he repeals all the fines and charges against VW and Fiat too.
  8. Kinda like how they bought one of the best motor grader companies in the world (Champion), then claimed stuff like the class leading transmission was THEIR design, then they pulled the plug on them last year and sent production to a Chinese company. Meanwhile every city and rural township around here had Volvo graders and they just left them all hanging.
  9. I would have never thought it was true. I guess ya'll are right. Volvo/Mack doesn't care about selling big trucks. Now I'm glad I changed brands after they killed the E9 and CL.
  10. Sad part is almost every dealer I just tried to spec a Granite at tried their best to talk me out of Mack trans, rears and rear suspension.
  11. Thanks for starting the thread on them. Brought back memories. if you search you will find a lot more info here. And also on the big Mack CL350ST's. http://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/forumdisplay.php?91-Forestry-Equipment&s=47baa4ea3fb4b383aecc4406cc672248
  12. You're welcome. They were a really impressive design.
  13. John sent me these in 1995.
  14. I've spoke to John back then a few times. Very nice person. It's too bad things didn't work out better for him with more sales. Next time I dig into my collection I'll post the pics John sent me of the dump trucks right after they were built.
  15. It could come down to our dealers too Mackpro, as my area seems to have the worst anywhere I have ever dealt. But my area sources parts from the Cummins distribution centres in Thunder Bay, Mississaugua and Montreal and they all seem to always have stuff on back order. And I still can't figure out why Cummins emission equipment replacement prices are SO much more than Detroit. Everyone has products that fail, but you know how that goes.....when you keep getting stung it's hard to put your faith back in them again. At some point you try to stop the bleeding.