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  1. Everything I like in this thread......Kubota, Massey Ferguson and Allis Chalmers (though we didn't get to see it, LOL)
  2. Now that looks like a work truck!
  3. The only manufacturer that would build a truck like that? They must not have asked Western Star about the 6900 XD. I have tried both the T880 and the Pete version (567 or 569?? whatever it is) I've never been a Peterbilt fan, but I actually like the Pete better. The dash is lower and better visibility than the T880 version. As for the truck itself, I do like the T880, but would still take a T800 first.
  4. You are likely correct Red Horse. I never really looked at the GVW's all that close. I still prefer the design of the International/Chev. And I like the lower shop rates of International truck dealers than Ford dealers. I'd love to have a CV, but it's that DPF/regen thing that keeps me liking my old F550, LOL
  5. I'm a Ford guy, but I'd take an International CV over them. CV can be had in 4WD. Granted the Ford can be spec'd to higher GVW's.
  6. That's a sharp looking CH too Terry. I like that! Ya, I didn't notice the E7 numbers on the door bottoms of the CL until after I posted, LOL I just saw the Elite badges on the grill and couldn't tell if it also said E9 500. I had also thought I had read that Bill Bottoms had passed away but I wasn't certain. They built some pretty cool stuff.
  7. I ran one of those with a flat top sleeper and spoke wheels front and rear. Had a 425 Cat, pulling dump trailers. And another older one with a 380 Cat. But then they replaced the 380 with an E9 400.
  8. I always thought one would be a great tandem dump for doing home deliveries. Be able to get in anywhere. None in my area, but I have seen them in my old Bulldog magazines set up as tandem dumps. I just wouldn't want a new Terrapro.....have you seen the exhaust emission controls monstrosities on those things now???
  9. Canada's public health officer is Chinese. Go figure, LOL
  10. I always had good luck with them as loggers and dump trucks. Biggest issue was some minor cracks in the bottom of the dash near the floor. Here is the last one I ran that got sold for the 2013 Star. C15 550 Cat, and was set up for the box to come off and fifth wheel and headboard go on, tires off lift and go logging.
  11. Wow! Sweet CL. Is it an E9? How many rears are drives and lifts? Is B&B still in business?
  12. I think I read something about they were the same company Red Horse. Are these the same truck with different wheels and paint?
  13. Sharp looking truck though bbigrig. That stripe job looks nice on it.
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