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  1. Bullheaded

    ups and MACK

    Yep, just as Challenger said, cheapest bud wins. The mega fleets don't have pay what us regular working men have to pay.
  2. Thanks for the info Swishy. Nice looking unit. Good variety of loads too. Keeps the boredom level down!
  3. Yep. You want the biggest condo sleeper on a Western Star or 122SD? You got it. Want it twin steer with tri-drive? No problem. Want a steel butterfly hood? Okay. See how that works Volvo?
  4. Bullheaded

    Could have had a V8!

    Ya, but those fenders look good on that truck! LOL. I loved driving the CL's. They were a nice truck. And the red Elite interior was one of the nicest ever.
  5. Bullheaded

    My 4200 Transtar:

    For what it's worth, I used to run Power Service and had an injector stick on me near Indiana one time. Dealer down there couldn't get me in but said throw some conditioner in and limp it back home. So I stopped at a truck stop and all they had was Howes. Was the first time I ever used it. I put some in and literally in about 10 to 15 minutes on the Interstate the engine smoothed right out and it was fine. It un-stuck that injector when the Power Service didn't. Ya, I was going to say....kinda sketchy sometimes starting those old 2 strokes when they have been sitting. I always keep a plate or something close by to choke it, LOL. That grill looks good. I heard they are hard to find now, so take care of it. They are usually full of stone dings and dents.
  6. Bullheaded

    My 4200 Transtar:

    Nice! Lucky that tree didn't bend the grill up! Did you have much trouble starting it with that old fuel?
  7. Bullheaded

    IH 9670 Eagle

    I wonder if you can still find an original seat bottom cushion of these style seats as seen on the passenger side? The bottom of the driver side has been replaced with just a plain fabric cushion. I want to find a new steering wheel for it also. This ones all cracked.
  8. Bullheaded

    IH 9670 Eagle

    Thanks a lot. It was really nice to drive. Not as rough as I thought it would be. Judging by the name on it looks like it was a farm truck or grain hauler? It's not very fast with that gearing, but like I say it will have an easy life now. Likely just going to pull a small 28 foot tandem dump trailer around town. And the good thing is even if something does go wrong, those NTC Cummin's are pretty simple and cheap to rebuild. When I drove it home I passed a convoy of cattle haulers on the highway and I got a lot of thumbs up! LOL.
  9. Bullheaded

    IH 9670 Eagle

    Thank you kscarbel2. Going to try and make her nice again and keep it as original as possible.
  10. I made a post in the proper place HeavyGunner instead of hi-jacking FJH's thread. You can see it here:
  11. Bullheaded

    IH 9670 Eagle

    Finally found a way to fix all my emission system headaches with the new trucks. Just got this 1986 IH 9670 Eagle. It's been many years now since I have been as happy as I am now when I drive this truck. Just have to do some cosmetic stuff. Got a grab handle missing, some dents and extra mirror brackets and stuff to remove. And put the stack on straight. But the headliner and sleeper are still wrapped in plastic. Never been opened up. It's a little light spec'd compared to what I normally have, but many years ago I was in the bush with 38,000 rears and only broke one axle shaft once, so I'll be okay pulling a dump trailer with this. It's got an NTC Big Cam IV 400, 13 speed overdrive and 40,000 International (made by Rockwell) rears with 4.44 ratio. Kinda odd a light spec highway truck is geared that low, but it pulls pretty strong. And I will just be using it in town and on highway construction anyway. Man, I had forgot how glorious it is to drive an old truck with a mechanically governed engine and un-muffled straight pipe. I'm never going to want to drive the 4900 Star now. I missed out on a 350 Superliner, but I'm an International guy too, so this will work!
  12. Solved my emissions issues. Just got home from picking up my new ride. I forgot how glorious mechanical motors are to drive! So between this and the 2013 Star, I know which one I'll be using most. Just gotta do a bit of body work where it has been dented in a few spots, some paint and good to go. Plastic wrap is still over all the interior, never been taken off. All the headliner, bunk walls, etc. Only the driver seat bottom cushion and the steering wheel are wore.
  13. Bullheaded

    Mack MV 620 D

    Imagine trying to hire drivers today that can even drive a Duplex! LOL.
  14. I feel your pain. I just idled my derated Star into the dealer at 3am the other morning. And as if these new engines aren't bad enough....this time the problem was $1800 worth of wire harnesses that the dealer has been poking a test light into and now they are all rotten and failing. Then I finally find out why this truck has been a lemon all along. It's what they called a "hybrid bastard lemon" It was built with a mix of old and new emission system on this DD15. They had a hell of a time even trying to find the proper replacement harnesses for it.
  15. I had wondered what happened to this company. I wasn't sure if they were still around. I had heard the first announcement, then it went quiet and I haven't seen a finished truck over the last few years. I'd like to see them successful too, but with the government now trying even harder to get rid of gliders again, it's going to be a hard road for them.

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