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  1. Anyone got the Dewalt 20V trouble lights? How are they? I need a new trouble light, getting sick of changing bulbs and dragging a cord around. And like I said, since I already have Dewalt batteries and a charger was thinking of one of those.
  2. Wow! All nice stuff there.
  3. I know for manual guns, Alemite are really good. But I never saw one of those impact guns. And I always used to buy Lincoln but the last one I bought was junk. Maybe box stores like Canadian Tire get cheap versions of them? Are they still any good? Ultimately the best grease gun I ever had was the Groenveld CPL auto greaser I ordered on my Paystar, LOL. I swear by those. But it gets hard to swallow an extra 4 grand when the prices of a new dump truck are exceeding $220,000 now.
  4. I bought a 20V Dewalt grease gun, just because we already had some Dewalt tools and batteries. Local stores wanted $400 for them. I got it online for not much over $100. I had one spring pin on my dump truck I could not get to take grease. I tried jacking it up by the frame, I tried hot after a days work, etc. Then when I got the electric gun I tried it. There was a pop sound and it took grease perfectly again. I love them. Milwaukee is a good brand too. My friend buys all those tools and they have been trouble free.
  5. I don't have to worry about that. I don't get dirty, LOL.
  6. Probably a typo. And it's still just as ugly down under, LOL.
  7. Ya, I'm not into this new fad of replacing gauges with electronic display screens. They don't want distracted driving but they now make you toggle through multiple screens to find info. But the sad part is, most of the new generation that designs and drives trucks wouldn't understand what the info on a gauge is telling them, LOL.
  8. Yes, many times I have to put my dust cloth over the steering wheel when I am driving it. But it looks nice parked, LOL.
  9. That, and like my old Star, a chrome steering wheel looks good but the damn thing blinds you every time the sun gets on it, LOL.
  10. I love it. Way nicer than all the other new trucks with their "automobile inspired" dashes. At least this looks like a truck. That was the only thing I liked about my Star. Old school dash and room for 20 gauges. Too bad the rest of the truck was junk. But even Star has made changes to the dash this year to make them more car driver likable. Pretty sad.
  11. Surprises me to see a Cummin's engine. I thought they were big on integrated powertrains. Together with Navistar they are supposed to be working on a new engine for north America. I know nothing about their trucks, but I do enjoy my VW car and SUV. Unfortunately I cannot buy any more. My dealer put their hoist through the floor of my wifes new Jetta when it was in for an oil change, and neither them or VW Canada would do anything about it. So they lost me as a customer.
  12. I love this truck! Stock, not all customized and ready to go to work.
  13. Then there is the 5.0 litre rattle on deceleration, and the front wheel bearings that fail at 12,000 kilometres and the plastic parts in the front drive hubs that are failing. And the "30 MPG" Ecoboost V6 that gets 9 MPG towing, LOL. Not picking on just Ford. I was a life long Ford guy. I'm just venting because I'm getting sick of the automakers peeling us like bananas.
  14. And this just in, LOL: May 13 2019 8228 - 2017-2019 F-Super Duty, 2016-2019 F-650/F-750 - 6.7L - Chassis Cab/DRW Pickup Only - Oil Consumption - Extended Idle Vehicles May 13 2019 8231 - 2018 F-150 - 5.0L - Excessive Oil Consumption See TSB: 19-2133 for details. May 14 2019 8236 - 2017-2019 F-150, 2018-2019 Expedition/Navigator - 3.5L EcoBoost - Excessive Oil Consumption - Built On Or Before 1-Apr-2019 Some 2017-2019 F-150 and 2018-2019 Expedition/Navigator vehicles equipped with a 3.5L EcoBoost engine built on or before 1-Apr-2019 may exhibit excessive oil consumption with or without diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0365 and/or P0369. If there are no visible external oil leaks, replace both valve covers. You can't buy anything any more. All just severely over-priced junk. Regardless of brand. I was just talking with a salesman too about the new F150's and pulling a 9000 pound travel trailer. They are rated and advertised to pull 13,000 pounds now. Sales manager said the first thing you have to do is replace the tires because they come with cheap passenger car tires. Then you have to air bag the suspension. Ya, right on. 65 grand, then you have to go home and modify it. A new F350 dually here is $108,000
  15. Even though the Capone truck is Volvo era.....I always did like the looks of those too.
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