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  1. I agree. Same problem up here in Soviet Canukistan. Went to town and see street beggars on every corner with their little signs "No job, no money, need food." I'd like to end every one of their lives.
  2. Wow! A whole 15 years! What a veteran. LOL
  3. I like the grill of the Anthem. I just wish they would have kept the tasteful looking air intakes of the Pinnacle instead of those hideous screen doors they stole off someone's house that are on the Anthem hoods.
  4. Odd to see an FWD that doesn't have front drive axle.
  5. You're almost Australian now Mowerman!! LOL Now we just gotta get you 6 or 700 hundred horsepower for that Pete, LOL
  6. They look pretty similar to the Freightliner Tuff Trac. And as I just commented in another thread, I ran a Sterling and a Coronado 122SD with Tuff Trac. It rode almost as good as our air ride trucks and had better traction than air ride. Can't comment on the Volvo/Mack version, but the only Tuff Trac's I ever saw fail (and almost every dump truck around here was a Sterling with Tuff Trac) were a couple that were being grossly over loaded and pounded off road.
  7. To me, they look almost the same. There were LOTS of Sterling's around here with Tuff Trac and I ran a Sterling and a Coronado 122SD that had it. They rode really nice. Not far off from air ride, but had better traction than our air ride trucks. Lots of axle articulation and they seemed reliable. The only ones I saw fail were guys that were severely over loading their trucks.
  8. Yes, the CH was only available with the E7 Mack. The CL originally was available with E7, E9, Series 60 Detroit and 3406 Cat. Detroit disappeared (can't remember which year) and when the E9 and Cat were discontinued from them it was E7 and Signature/ISX Cummins only. I could be wrong but I think the last years of production the ONLY engine in the CL was the ISX. I'm lucky enough to have driven all versions.
  9. Start here Other Dog. Hours of entertainment, LOL https://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/forums/report-a-bad-trucking-company-here.126/
  10. I used to go on it when I still had trucks. I liked to use it for entertainment. If you want a really good laugh.....read the thread Worst Companies to Work For. You will see all kinds of funny names, broken english and people that can't complete a sentence, LOL Ever since I left the trucking industry I don't even admit to anyone that I was a truck driver or owner operator. I'm too embarrassed now.
  11. And yes, this world is full of large groups of stupid people. They are the ones running the world, because when voting time comes, they outnumber the rational thinking humans. They are the stay at home and collect handouts generation that feel entitled and were "wronged" their whole life. Too dumb to realize if they just put their big boy panties on and went to work like the rest of us, they can have what they want and have a good life.....instead of sitting around crying for handouts and retribution.
  12. Got news for you Ga_Dave, this may sting a little......but Binden don't have you best interests in mind either. None of them give two sheets about us working men.
  13. How about I send you a Trudeau? LOL
  14. And if you guys are done with Trump.....can you PLEASE send him here to take over!!!
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