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  1. I love those original 65/66 Mustangs. My father used to buy all kinds of Ford muscle cars through the 50's, 60's and 70's. Those 289's were great motors. I wish I still had any one of them, but alas.....I chose trucking. And away went any chance of ever having money. LOL.
  2. Oh well. Everyone has their preferences. Just like how I buy steel Kubota tractors and not plastic Deeres. Steel hoods on off road trucks don't get all the spider web cracking all over the fenders from the stones coming off the tires. It cost me $4000 to have a hood painted here and have it rubber lined underneath to try and stop the spider webbing.
  3. Sure steel can crack around the mounting bolt holes, but I find they stand up better off road. The edges of the fenders don't get chewed off where they rub like the fiberglass and plastic ones do. And the grills are tougher.
  4. I have trouble taking any "off road" truck serious that doesn't have a steel hood.
  5. https://www.mcall.com/business/mc-biz-mack-trucks-hagerstown-maryland-employees-find-marijuana-20191106-ukaof5x4bfhtramfzle4hd6yhm-story.html?fbclid=IwAR3k-46T2woJyx8IlU-FqaydMqMCDuO0-GK_evtsOHlYhhAky2fuLtYS6b4 This kinda makes me think. Two years ago a friend of mine got a new Granite dump truck. He was complaining to me about the marijuana smell in the cab. I got in and it stunk. I said maybe it is the type of plastic they are using for the interior panels? It smelled so much like it he was actually searched by the police during an MTO (our DOT) inspection. He took truck to dealer, they went right through it and found nothing.
  6. In a word...NO. LOL They couldn't even properly market the Titan here. Didn't they also quit making the Bigfoot? Sad.....the M series gone, the CL350ST gone, the RD800 gone. First big truck I ever drove was a C500.
  7. WesternStar96, what do you know about this truck, a GMC General? First all wheel drive General I have ever seen. I came across it on Google Images. That is awesome. I never used to think much of GMC trucks but these Generals were tough trucks. Our local steel mill used to supply GMC Truck and Bus Division with steel, so they bought a bunch of steel fender 5 Star's. They were used as both tandem dump trucks and flat beds. They had 6V92TTA 350's and Allison auto trans. They took all kinds of punishment and severe overloading and they lived forever.
  8. I was just gunna say.....you would think he would have been smart enough to have more lights or some cones or tri-angles out.
  9. I'm on this side of the fence. I post pics for others to enjoy. if someone wants to claim them, who cares. have at it. It's not like I get paid or get a hero cookie for taking a picture. Anything I do or say on the internet is with full understanding that anyone in the world can do whatever they want with it. Sorry to those on the other side of the fence, but I just don't see what the value of a picture is? If someone wants to take the picture of my truck and photoshop their name on the door, so what? At least people that want to see pics of that particular brand of truck will be able to look at one on the net. Maybe my head is up my ass and I'm missing something? i just didn't figure a photo credit was that important to anyone. Hanks was an awesome site and it will be missed.
  10. I usually ignore anything that has the words electric, hybrid, emissions or climate change in it. But I just had a look since I am a big International fan. Doesn't 645 h.p. seem a bit overkill? Even though that would be awesome, LOL How does electric motor h.p. and torque compare to a diesel? Does that rating tell the real story? Because if it is, that would be one hell of a fun truck to drive.
  11. So sad to see a powerhouse company like that have to sell everything off. I'd sure like to have a couple of those RD800's!
  12. How come they are selling the shop and camps too? Are they shutting right down? Unfortunately I also know what it is like to go through a dying forest industry. Many years ago almost all the lumber and paper mills around me closed up. And that was the end of forest sector hauling for me.
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