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  1. Yes, they have a whole thread devoted to the Canadian built CL350ST. And don't forget John Casanave's Challenger trucks that were available with Mack E9 500 V8's.
  2. It does. Yes. Out of all the new aero trucks though, my favorite is still the International Prostar/LT as far as looks. Unless of coarse I can include the Lonestar as an aero model.
  3. I wish they'd sell Western Star to someone that knows how to build trucks.
  4. I know which ones in those pics that I'd be driving, LOL
  5. Wonder when the Duramax in your Chevy/GMC pickup is going to turn into a Cummins? LOL
  6. OK.....LOL, every DMM excavator dump I ever saw pics of was one of Hi-Ho's trucks, LOL. Every dump I drove in my younger days had a DEL body and hoist on it.
  7. Been so long I can't remember oil pressures or anything like that, but ran a PT270 in a 1978 International S-Line tandem dump truck for many years. I do remember it pulled good for what it was. All the other dump trucks I worked with at that time had small International or Cat 3208 engines and that 270 was a powerhouse compared to them. But it was heavy. Get that truck into soft sand with it's wide base steers and the rear end was hopping where the other little motors would keep going. Other thing I remember about it, was a lot of people had a really hard time driving it, but I was u
  8. DEL was also very popular back then here in Ontario. Many of the old dump trucks I ran had DEL bodies until Bibeau and Beau-Roc pretty much took over. But as Maddog has said....I have seen those DMM's with Hiho excavator bodies also.
  9. I got a tractor from my friend who said it was a Bolen's, but turns out it is a 1982 MTD 824 Classic. Some day I want to paint it back to original. I found a couple old adds. It's retired now, but it served me well for a few years mowing 2 acres of the yard. But I would have to refuel it's 4 gallon tank to finish and the new Kubota B2620 diesel will do it 13 times on 4 gallons, LOL
  10. I hate these new emission motors too. So much so they caused me to retire from trucking. But I gotta say, there are a lot of deleted ISX Cummins and MP10 Mack's around here, deleted by one of the biggest know delete companies that advertises in all the truck books and papers.......and just about every one of them has blown up. Same with one of the big mines up north. Have a fleet of Star 6900XD's with DD16 600's. They deleted them after all the down time in the severe cold and winter storms they operate in. Then every single one of them blew up. They spent over $300,000 putting SCR
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