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  1. I worked a few years down where these guys are with my Paystar dump truck. Cool to see they are all International now.
  2. Just confirmed what I thought. The resale value of the Star's is higher now.....because they have 65,000 Mack rears and solid trunion walking beams, LOL The Stars are gliders with 550 Cat's. The owner told me today....the CL's are tougher trucks.
  3. Old underground mine truck tires with a weight box on them. We are in the mountains and it's all big hills and cliffs in here. Perfect for an E9 V8!! I probably would have never left trucking if I still could by a new mechanically governed E9. Still waiting for them to take the Superliner out again. But they don't wanna get it dirty.
  4. The rubber grader. Again......nothing like the sound of a V8 working!
  5. Ya, saw that months ago. And like I said, a Fruitliner with W's all over it. It must be a real winner.....they keep delaying the release.
  6. Those are some awesome Autocar fire trucks!!!!
  7. Hopefully going to be getting more pics of the Superliner. But for now, more of the V8 CL. Gold dog. They don't make them like this any more.
  8. I have a 350B. The ERTL die cast version, LOL
  9. That's even better than the Volvo Autocar! Reminds me of my friends retired log truck. And no, he's not getting rid of it.
  10. That's the one model truck that Volvo had their name on that I liked.
  11. If I had talent (or money) I'd love to put one of those bodies (or the earlier generation) on my F550 chassis. I always loved the Loadstar's. I just don't need that much frame and suspension. My 550 is punishing enough.
  12. I just came back up to work for my week in the mine. Compared to the fuel I was putting in my F550 to make the 4 trips up here (I work every second week) this F150 is going to save me $380 a month in fuel alone!!! Unreal. Not to hijack the thread...lets see more Bronco's, but can you even call this work! LOL
  13. Awesome trucks and pics Hayseed. How popular were Fords over there? What was the popular motor back in the mechanically governed days for the non-Mack trucks?
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