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  1. Best advice right here. Any new truck, get the 7 year extended warranty and get yourself on a 5 or 6 year trade/sell cycle, because year 6 will make you hate life, LOL
  2. https://www.trucknews.com/equipment/mack-trucks-celebrates-100-years-in-canada/1003150656/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newcom&utm_campaign=TruckNewsDaily&utm_content=2021042783056 Not sure how the count is still going considering they are no longer manufactured here? But still cool I guess. A lot of cool Mack's were born here, like the CL350ST and the RD800. I still remember how cool it was to drive by the factory in Oakville and see a line of those and the big M Series haul trucks lined up along the fence.
  3. Navistar, Freightliner and Ford have nothing to worry about. They still have more cab and engine options than Paccar. Paccar has no extended cab or crew cab options, and no gasoline engines.
  4. I also loved the mechanical E7. My memory is fuzzy on the years, but I pulled dump trailers with a CL that had a mechanical E7 400 and it pulled every bit as good as the E7 454 and two 2000 E7 460's I ran. And it was bulletproof. It's just too bad that when I had my 2000 CH E7 460 it was a nightmare but now we all know all the fixes for them and it could have been a great engine. It cooked 5 air dryers and compressors from the casting sand issue, dropped a valve and had that bad mass ground issue that no dealer at the time could ever figure out. But like I said, when it decided to run, it pulled great and got awesome MPG's. Knowing all the fixes now, I'd love to still have that truck.
  5. Don't know what can be done with an MP but I personally know 6 ISX Cummins that were deleted by the biggest advertising delete company you see and they had the 750 h.p. programs. They pulled pretty good.....for a very short time. Then they ALL blew up. LOL
  6. Even if that were true it don't really matter now. Mack is already ruined.
  7. Well Keith, if your MTO guys down your way are as dumb as mine all you'd have to do is get someone to make you some fake SPIF decals to put in your door jams because every time I've been inspected I had to explain to them how it works because they had no clue. I always laughed when getting inspected empty and they say "OK, drop your lift axle" and I'd reply "sure, do you have 4500 KG's to put in the dump box?" LOL Then they'd just look at you dumbfounded. LOL
  8. Snowdog.....did you look into SPIF'ing it? Looks like you have enough wheelbase. The prices to convert seem to have come down from what I had originally been hearing. My friend is getting his Paystar 5600i done for 14 grand minus the rims and tires. Those Mack CL tandem dump trucks I posted pics of in the mine I work at have been scaling 72,000 KG this week (158732.83 pounds)
  9. I just got these two emails show up in my spam folder. I'd love to just open them and reply back "Yes, I own big gold mine. I need to immediately purchase one hundred dozers and wheel loaders. I send cheque you ship now!"
  10. I thought those could still be spec'd on the new Granites? I see them on the lots.
  11. Paul.....what kind of power numbers did they get out of the old E6 and E7's in Australia?
  12. Well that had to be a colossal waist of development money.....to bring those engines to market for the very short time they were available. Ya, I forgot about the Chev/CV being Duramax powered. But International is still a Cummins user in the MV. Good thing is you know Cummins should be all over development of those 6.7 motors, because EVERYONE is using them. So if they have issues, everyone will know about it, LOL
  13. So now that Freightliner also went Cummins, what does this mean for their recently developed Detroit DD5 and DD8?
  14. Pretty wild. Kind of tells you something about these ridiculous emission laws when a company like Hino/Toyota gives up and goes vendor engine. Good for Cummins though. They own the whole medium duty market now except for Ford. Pete and Kenworth can call them Paccar's, but they are 6.7 Cummins too with Paccar decals on them. Between all the mediums, Ram pickups, farm tractors like Versatile and Kubota M8's and construction equipment......that 6.7 Cummins has to be the best selling motor there is.
  15. Do they still draw air from the base of the windshield? I used Cab Fresh filters on my 2000 CH when I had it. I actually used Cab Fresh filters on all my trucks. Very good quality, great people own the company, easy to install and clean. I actually helped them redesign the Paystar 5600i filter and wrote the installation instructions. They used to have a pic of my truck in the Paystar advertising. http://www.cabfreshfiltercompany.com/products-page/mack/
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