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  1. Send the bill to the EPA and the government for forcing this crap to market, that is doing NOTHING to save the environment. We could all be driving reliable trucks that get 10 MPG right now if it wasn't for this crap.
  2. And how do you keep that coe plow/sander so pristine condition when it is likely in salt all winter? My new 2020 looks like crap already from the salt. LOL
  3. I always loved the looks of those Futurliner's. That would be cool to put some more power into and make it into an RV conversion.
  4. I have a friend in New Zealand that has been sending me pics of the new Isuzu cabover he drives. I was quite surprised in what they have to offer. I have only know Isuzu as medium duty cabovers as that's all we ever see here. I had no idea they made a class 8 400 horsepower model. it's a nice looking truck. But my favorite truck from over there is the International 9870 cabover.
  5. "Tesla is coming"........not to my yard it ain't. Hahahahaha
  6. I had the AMP power folds on my old F350. They were nice and to my surprise they stayed working through my Canadian winters. Only thing I didn't like is I was always in and out of my truck when it was not running, so I was always drawing on the batteries. So I just got fixed aluminum boards on my F550 now. That's a good looking truck cncFireman
  7. I wonder why they are not promoting it for dump truck applications yet? I don't know how the X12 performs in real world, I have not driven one, but I have pulled 140,000 pounds up and down our endless 8 to 12% hills for years with E6 350 Mack's and 1650 torque Detroit's. So a 1700 ft-lb X12 should do it too.
  8. Obviously the thicker the better if you can afford it. But 6 inch thick is plenty for loaded trucks and excavators and anything else. Everyone I know has 6 inch slabs and have never had an issue. And do yourself a favor. Put down poly vapor barrier and a layer of rigid insulation under your pad. Your floor will stay warm and dry. Makes a huge difference. No damp cold floor to lay on.
  9. Thank you Outbehindthebarn. You said you are looking at one with a mechanical E7........I never ran the mechanical E7 (only mechanical E6 and E9's) but I did drive a CL with the first electronic 400 E7. I know it ran good and was problem free. And it would pull almost as good as the 460. They didn't seem to have all the electronic malfunctions the later versions of VMAC electronics had. What year is the one you are looking at? Do all know the specs?
  10. I have driven a lot of heavy spec CL's but here is my old 2000 CH. It was double frame, 14,000 front, 46,000 Eaton rears on Mack air leaf. E7 460 with an Eaton 18 speed. One of the smoothest riding and best handling trucks I have ever driven. Also the best factory headlights I ever had. Never even had a need to use the extra 100W auxiliary lights. It just inspired confidence driving it. No matter if it was white outs or freezing rain, it never did anything that made you feel uneasy. That truck sure worked good. Used to haul bark and logs with it. It was like a bulldozer. I had the temp sensors ripped right off the diff pots and it never got stuck. I can't explain it, but that truck just worked better than most I have had. The downfall.....the E7 full of casting sand and electronics gremlins. When it decided to run though it pulled good. I ran with guys that had same loads and trailers and they had Series 60 500's and 475 Cat's. Yes they could pass me on the hills, but I could keep them in sight.
  11. Beautiful!! Very nice work. I got a ton of respect for all you guys that restore these trucks. I wish I had that kind of talent.
  12. The mass ground point inside dash on driver side A pillar. Clean and check your grounds. At least that's what it was on my 2000 CH when I used to have it. Always had the malfunction light coming on and off and the truck randomly shutting off and starting right back up while driving down the highway. Dealer never could figure it out. They changed all kinds of harnesses and ecm. Was just the mass ground. Found out many years later.
  13. Ya, it's a shame these icons of trucking never got the attention or recognition their car designer brothers got.
  14. Every time I look at that round headlight Superliner it reminds me of the one that used to be in town here back in the day pulling log trailer with the V8 Detroit in it. It was very odd to me to see that Superliner coming with 2-stroke sounds coming out of it, LOL.
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