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  1. Correct Link. http://www.trucknews.com/equipment/mack-gains-ground-sees-room-growth/1003077879/ I can hear the Volvo haters grimace, LOL.
  2. Correct Link. All Hail Volvo! LOL. http://www.trucknews.com/equipment/mack-gains-ground-sees-room-growth/1003077879/
  3. I copied the wrong link. There is a new one in this months issues of Today's Trucking. Their shares have increased again. So you can't blame Volvo. LOL.
  4. Ya, wrong link. But the latest issue of Today's Trucking just had another article saying their market share has increased. I just copied the old link by mistake, LOL.
  5. I found out why all the improvements to Paccar products. Did you hear about the acquisition?
  6. Mack's market share has increased for the 6th straight year. Volvo's plan is working. http://m.todaystrucking.com/mack-records-sixth-straight-year-of-us-market-share-growth
  7. Volvo's plan must be working. http://m.todaystrucking.com/mack-records-sixth-straight-year-of-us-market-share-growth
  8. And now we'll get to have some of that Scania (along with MAN) technology in International's with VW (parent of Scania and MAN) buying into them. Give us the V8 9900i!!!! LOL.
  9. We had two 2006's, in a Freightliner and a Sterling. Four axle dump trucks that gross 80,000 pounds. They were 450/1650 rating. Never had any issues with them and they were by far the best trucks I have ever seen on fuel. But for some reason lots of guys I know that had them in highway applications couldn't keep them together? Maybe it boils down to maintenance on them? We don't run to the full recommended oil change intervals, always do ours early. So maybe that has something to do with it?
  10. Yes
  11. I may be unsophisticated, but I'm on the winning team. Freightliner/Western Star/Detroit will still build me any spec I want, LOL. Any size sleeper with any size motor.
  12. EPA

    Ya, isn't that ridiculous?
  13. EPA

    I'll lie cheat AND steal if it means a vehicle with an economy advantage. I don't really care who or how they got it. As long as it benefits ME.
  14. Volvo said the motor grader market has shrunk and they was loosing money??? So they sold the manufacturing rights to SDLG China and this is what it has become. http://www.sdlg.com/products/1966_for_pingdijijixilie_text.htm Tell me how these compare in ANY way to what a Champion or Volvo grader was??? Same here everyone has switched to Deere and Cat now.
  15. EPA

    I have to laugh at all the people that say they got what they deserved. You are all too short sighted to see they were doing us all a favor with better fuel efficiency and reliability. Same as Detroit Diesel was doing with the 60 Series when they got caught and all this emissions bullshit hit high gear.