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  1. I'm getting out of touch because I haven't been studying truck specs daily anymore like I used to......but isn't that the same suspension as the Mack M-Ride? Or at least the same style? Or is there a difference. Last time I looked at buying a new Mack I was thinking about that M-Ride, but then many members here told me to stay away. I know it "looks" very similar to the Freightliner Tuff-Trac and we have had a few trucks with that and never had any issues with it.
  2. Here's a couple pics from Nortrux out west.
  3. Very nice pics Tim! You have some really nice equipment to play with there.
  4. Thank you all. I was very happy with how it looks considering it was just scrap cedar slabs I got for free from a local mill.
  5. There are a lot of them that bought up a lot of the farmland around where I am. I don't mind it. They took a lot of good land that was abandoned and starting to grow in and made it all good farm land again. I have seen them put up barns for people I know. They are awesome workers. It takes them no time at all. All the men work and the women prepare the food to keep them fed. They are very efficient. Funniest thing I have seen is their tow truck. One day they had one of their horse and buggies stuck in the ditch, so they brought out the tow truck.....a DONKEY. LOL And it pulled them out. LOL
  6. Nice Tim, congrtas. Nice to be appreciated for your work. How's it going over there? Any disruptions to your operations from this covid 19 stuff? Our highway job is going pretty much as normal. But it is still a pain trying to get groceries or meals out on the road. Still reduced hours, and purchase limits and stuff.
  7. That W900 will be sharp. I've always loved that two tone blue color combo. I like the Argosy's they did without the drom boxes Alex G. They have straight pipes and really cool polished fabbed air boxes and intakes behind the cab.
  8. That's a cool wetline tank!!
  9. This fleet built a couple of these. Gliders with built Series 60 Detroit's and Tri-drive.
  10. Saw another Anthem today. I used to work for the sister company of this fleet years ago.
  11. Yes, it is central tire inflation system. They work good, increase traction and decreases rutting in soft roads. But it is very expensive. Got a pic of the headache rack on the green Star. I love these!! I have seen a few now, but can't seem to find out who makes them. Oh...I'm in White River, Ontario Canada.
  12. They use tri-drive tractors like that in my area and west of here. They have to have the long wheelbase with our axle weight laws to get max AGVW. I like the 6x6. Reminds me of a new age RM. Only the RM was a better truck, LOL
  13. The contractor I am hauling for was always all Cat, but they bought a Mack/Deere/Volvo equipment dealer. So the first new Volvo loader just showed up today. Check out the humpback on that thing! I guess you don't need to see anything but the camera. And I don't know if they are that good, or if it's the sales incentives, but Mack Anthem's have taken over the highway up here. They are the majority truck I see all day now. All the big fleets that were running Volvo's have now bought Anthem's. And I see them pulling heavy 5 axle tankers, live bottom trailers, wood chip trailers, etc.
  14. Thought this was kinda funny looking. Two identical International HX's at just the perfect angle.
  15. Shameless self promotion, LOL
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