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  1. Someone painted the E9 V8 in the Superliner at the mine here Cat yellow. But I guess that's better than painting it like a Cummins or Detroit. LOL
  2. You felt real cool driving past pedestrians with the wheels squealing and grinding all the time.
  3. And are your drums getting full of gravel every time you dump? On the last two Star's I ran (a 2013 and a 2020) they had the genius to make the bottom inspection plates stick out more than the tops. So it was like a funnel to fill the drums with every stone off the road.
  4. LOL. Kinda like the time I was running through a freezing rain and snow storm and pulled onto the plate with my truck and pony and looked at the display and it was reading 69,000 KG (152118 pounds). Legal is 63,500. The officer comes walking out with a big smile and I said "ya, I know." LOL He was cool....he knew what was going on. I said I'd shovel the snow off, but you'd have to call a plow for your parking lot. LOL
  5. Is it just the Mack's or are the new Volvo's being delivered with issues also?
  6. I'm really liking these. And the forward axle 520 is a worthy replacement to the 9900i.
  7. Well, local construction company just got all their new Granite dump trucks in. Three have check engine lights on, one has ABS light on, one keeps breaking rear suspension levelling valves off and two went back due to bad driveline vibrations. That don't look good for the new Mack does it.
  8. Didn't Terex buy the last line of front discharge mixers Mack was making?
  9. Thanks guys! I'm not sure how many different brochures they had for them but I just wanted to see one with the original cab interior and the E9 V8. I've driven a few of them but never took pics back then. Wish I did. The last couple weeks having gotten to drive one of the V8 CL's in the mine has reminded me of how much I really liked those trucks.
  10. See the big sleeper on the heavy haul model. Take note Mack. This is why your Titan failed.
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