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  1. If NAV falls under $6 again, I will buy again. (It fell to $5.99 on Jan 16, 2020, and $5.78 on Jan 20, 2020.)
  2. ENDTF673C, E6-250, E6-270, ENDT675, ENDT676, E6-350 (2VH), ENDT865, ENDT866
  3. Scania Group China / July 9, 2020 Since 2013, Scania China has awarded a gold medal to customers who have driven a Scania truck for more than 3 million kilometres (1,864,114 miles). As reported by truck journal ZHKA (重型车网) on June 29, another two Scania trucks recently reached this impressive milestone. The recipient is a G 420 6×2, which has been in operation for nine years between Shanghai and Shenzhen. The other truck is a Scania G 380 6×2, which transports ordinary goods from Guangzhou to Wuxi. "It is very easy and convenient to drive a Scania truck. I don't have to worry about failures if I have the truck maintained regularly. I must complete the 1,400-kilometre long trip from Shanghai to Shenzhen in 22 hours, and I can make 12 round trips every month. The engine has never had a repair over the past nine year," said Tan Zhiping, owner of the G 420. These testimonies show that paying for quality pays off for the right application. More and more transports in China put high demands on the transport business. .
  4. The US has 4 percent of the global population.........and 25 percent of infections.........from a virus that began on the other side of the world. A record 62,751 new infections were reported across the US on Wednesday, including 9,979 in Texas and 11,694 in California.
  5. Daimler Trucks Press Release / July 9, 2020 The Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a handsome eye-catcher just on its own. However, the fleet of Tony Rees from Porthcawl in the UK is it also at second glance. This proud customer of Mercedes-Benz Trucks is an avowed fan of Formula 1™. This is evident in the airbrush artwork on the rear wall of the cabs showing sports stars Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas with their racing cars. Founded in 2004, the company specialises in transporting very different types of reusable materials and scrap – from carpets and electrical items to metals and plastics. Equipped with the fuel-saving Predictive Powertrain Control systems and the latest generation of Active Brake Assist as well as with the intuitive multimedia cockpit with touch function on-board, the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs is particularly suited to this task. .
  6. MAN Truck & Bus / June 4, 2020 . . . .
  7. “Overall, [our] mask requirement has been well received. There have been some who have chosen not to shop here. But overall, the majority of the people have been supportive of it. We believe it’s to help slow the spread of the virus. If we’re right, we’re right. If we’re not right, it’s a relatively small inconvenience. We’re not trying to challenge anybody’s constitutional rights. All of these things were not done to help our business. We were trying to be responsible. We know there are differing viewpoints, but certainly our employees appreciate it. We have over 2 million people come into Costco every day. If someone comes in without a mask, we just ask them to leave.” Richard Galanti, chief financial officer for Costco (Costco has 547 stores across the US and 250 international locations)
  8. South African operators run a lot of "interlinks", their name for B-doubles (aka. B-Train).
  9. DAF Trucks Press Release / July 6, 2020 A brand-new ready-to-use mixer, tipper, curtain sider or other rigid directly available? With the introduction of DAF "Ready to Go", every operator in direct need for specific bodied vehicles, can rely on the finest selection of popular pre-configured and fully built-up vehicles. Being successful in a seasonal business means being able to react quickly to market requirements. Therefore it can be important to be able to expand a fleet on shortest notice possible. Superstructures of leading bodybuilders For popular rigid trucks such as mixers, tippers and curtain siders, DAF has created an appropriate stock of commercial vehicles which are ready for operation. In those countries where the Ready to Go program is already available, it is possible to browse the complete European stock via an intuitive search function on the national DAF Trucks country website. Ordering can done via the local dealer, wherever the truck might be located in Europe. After checking the specifications, delivery takes place on a short notice. All pre-configured ready-for-use rigids on stock feature industry-specific bodies from leading manufacturers. Increasing number of vehicles DAF’s Ready to Go program makes a rolling start with the direct availability of about 100 vehicles. This number will further increase rapidly as the program expands all over Europe. For this moment, the new Ready to Go program is available in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Other European countries will follow in the course of this year. .
  10. DAF Trucks Press Release / June 25, 2020 On Thursday 25 June, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands paid a working visit to DAF Trucks in Eindhoven. The visit was made in the light of the impact the corona pandemic has had on the automotive industry. The King was briefed by DAF president Harry Wolters before speaking with a number of DAF employees in the truck factory. The working visit to the Eindhoven region began at Nedschroef, a company that manufactures fasteners, machines and tools for, among others, DAF. Next, the King visited the production facilities at DAF, where he was informed on the impact the crisis has had and on the restart of the production process. The conversation in the truck factory with DAF employees centred on the adjustments that have been made in production and the effect these have had on the workers’ daily activities. At the end of his working visit the King took part in a roundtable discussion – with high level figures from the Dutch automotive industry – on the consequences of the corona crisis for the sector in general. The participants discussed about the production locations that were forced to close abruptly and that have now started up again after making the required adjustments. “It was a great honour to welcome King Willem-Alexander here. We greatly appreciate his interest and concern,” said Harry Wolters. “In particular, it represents highly deserved recognition for our employees, who over the past few months have contributed enormously to creating a working environment in which we can continue to manufacture our fantastic trucks in a safe and healthy manner, entirely according to the current guidelines. That’s something we are very proud of!” .
  11. BBC / June 8, 2020 The US reported a record of more than 60,000 daily confirmed cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University. The previous highest tally was 55,220, which the US recorded on 2 July. The latest figures come as the states of California and Texas each reported more than 10,000 new daily cases. Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious disease expert and adviser to the White House on coronavirus, said the US was "knee-deep" in its first coronavirus wave. The US has had, by far, the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths of any country. More than three million infections have been recorded across the US since the beginning of the pandemic. Covid-19 has been linked to over 131,000 deaths in the US.
  12. This is huge in itself, and hugely negative for Navistar. Renschler is the "truck guy", the key to making Traton work. His chosen replacement is a finance guy (no offense to finance guys). In my opinion, firing Renschler is disastrous for the Navistar partnership, and MAN. Scania knows how to run itself. This is what happens when car guys make decisions on a truckmaker (we've seen it before with Ford, and GM heavy truck)
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