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  1. I am so glad I have older trucks.
  2. I've got a flat back r685 with pretty much same air filter housing. I think that's stock.
  3. It's 6 speeds forward (low on the right stick sets every gear to the equivalent of the gear below it, i.e. 2nd acts like 1st, 3rd like 2nd, etc.) And 5 speeds reverse. Nothing pops a grease monkey's eyes open like shifting from 1st through fourth in reverse. And on a straight truck there is no better transmission for offroading. (3rd gear reverse has gotten me through some soft mud many times in our volumetric concrete trucks. Your momentum and continued power application is invaluable.). Only downside is these trucks tend to hit the governor around 62mph.
  4. Best thing you can do for your back if you're going to drive this truck every day is convert the cab to air ride. This'll involve a new fuel tank support cross member, deleting the current radiator support arms from the cab (replace with a couple diagonals from the frame) and the hood bumpers on the top of the firewall need to be converting to a roller style instead of the rigid type. Might be more, but those are some important things to watch for.
  5. I can't stand people that ride next to trucks. It's dangerous, and locks the trucker in from navigating around dangers ahead of him. I've found that when you start getting surrounded by idiots the smartest thing to do is remove yourself from the situation, which is pretty much always slow down. Let the situation unfold, then go back to cruising. For the 30 seconds it sets you back on the road it's well worth it. Keeps your head cool; give yourself a pat on the back that everyone's still alive. Hard to explain to a judge why you nipped someone's car and caused a pileup when we're supposed to be the professionals.
  6. Just watched the video in the ad. It's a monster. I want it.
  7. It's the kind of thing someone like Jay leno might take an interest in. Could possibly even mount it on a rail car for transport, some freight routes are good for some pretty serious height... Just trying to be an optimist, that is some really nice old iron. I would not mind using that as a hedgerow next to the railroad along the back of our 7 acres.
  8. If the dealers going to give you the BS run around then squirt some caulk or foam in there and call it a day. Wonder if the insulator pads the factory put in are even the right size. Maybe they used some from the 38k rears.....
  9. Is the water pump part of the fan pulley or is that the water pump between AC and Alternator? My Cummins dodge is set up with water pump separate from fan.
  10. They're not hard to replace, but they take big guns and floor jacks, and a BA torque wrench. Because it's got a warranty from manufacturer defects I'd make them do it.
  11. Didn't know there were 46k camels. 38, 44, 55, 68, 80, is what I thought there were
  12. Change it, run it for 15 seconds, and shut it off. See who the belt is slipping off of or rubbing against. I'll bet you'll find someone not aligned properly.
  13. Seems the wheels get left behind when you pick em up. Good opportunity to get em spinning.
  14. They make equipment that can pick it up to work on, I'm sure there's a way to lift it onto the tracks. Just gotta get it to the tracks.
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