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  1. Sounds like a nightmare of a ride!
  2. What gear oil are you running in it? Check with Eaton and see what that trans needs, running anything else may cause problems like that.
  3. We rarely have drive tires all the same size, never have. Never had problems with our Auto or manual power dividers. Is it Camelback or air ride? If Camelback, did you replace the trunion bar bushings or the elephant pads? Spoke hubs or bud wheels? Is this a recent problem or has it been doing it for a while?
  4. He's wondering about just juicing up his maxidyne to make it like a 350hp maxidyne, not changing to a different fuel pump.
  5. K I'd get it repaired before it breaks at 60 mph on the highway.
  6. The u joints are supposed to be clocked, if someone had it apart they may have put it together wrong. Joints fight each other if they aren't clocked right.
  7. No it's a magic 8 ball. You shake it and it tells you if they truck is going to move or not.
  8. JoeH

    Mack or Volvo?

    Bump. Does anyone have insight on this? Is the MP series fully a Volvo product? Or did Mack have a hand in designing it?
  9. Will likely be called Splitter Cylinder or Shift Cylinder on a 12 speed. Combination Cylinder is what it was called on my 8LL
  10. I had a Combination Cylinder crack on my 8LL trans a couple years ago. It's the disc that air pushes against to change from high to low and low to high. Easy part to change. Air would leak through the crack to the vented side. Switch range and it'd still leak, because you're just inverting which side of the disc is pressurized and which is vented. I'll bet thats where you'll find your problem.
  11. We don't buy snapon tools, waaay over priced. We have used Craftsman for decades. Was upset to learn about Sears going under, was happy to see Lowes pick up Craftsman, but I don't know that Craftsman will be the garage tool name it used to be. We have Craftsman wrenches up to 2-1/2". Won't find that in Lowe's Craftsman section......
  12. Never bring a knife to a tire fight.
  13. Not sure how to add this media to the thread. https://goo.gl/images/FR7DPi
  14. Contact locals and see how many you can get to show up to raise hell at the next town meeting. And the meeting after that. And keep on filling the town meetings with angry citizens until you get your way! It sounds like the start of a great community, solidarity is important for people. Sounds like a neighborhood where families will be very close. Problem with Virginia is the wind blows Washington DC garbage out to ruin local's dreams.
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