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  1. The em6-300L is governed at like 1750 rpms. It won't do 2100 rpms unless you're going down hill. We bought an 88 2 years ago, still assembling a truck body for it so we haven't had it on the road yet to know how it drives.
  2. On the topic of volcanoes: the earth recycles it's surface. One tectonic plate moves under another slowly over time, and then molten lava (which was probably earth crust billions of years ago) is spewed out, to create new crust. Trees: where do they get their "wood" from? The air. They take CO2 and turn it into O2 and save the Carbon to combine with water and nutrients from the ground to make the carbon chains that make up wood. God had this all figured out way before the 1900s. We ought to be good stewards to the reasonable point that we can, and God will take care of the rest.
  3. And it'll get colder again.
  4. The climate changes every day. It goes from cold at night to not so cold during the day. Sometimes rain comes in and the climate changes again!! Then the sun comes out!
  5. atmospheric-phenomenon-44.bin
  6. Don't think it does, I think it's coronavirus facebook videos she shows me. Last one she showed me was a mom getting in trouble for not wearing a mask while holding a sign? But people here are starting to get arrested in more liberal states for not wearing masks.
  7. We aren't compelled to vote by the government because we established our government. It's ours to participate in or not. My wife keeps showing me videos of people getting arrested in Australia for protesting the government. What worth would a right to protest be if you can only protest what the government allows? That isn't protest. Here, we can protest the government to our hearts content with no fear of arrest, so long as we respect the rights of others. (I.e. not causing property or bodily harm to others)
  8. America has 50 states, not 51. If you don't want to vote for trump or Biden you can write in whoever you want. Mickey Mouse gets a vote or two frequently. Politics is a dirty business of power hungry people trying to retain their seat so they can personally gain via loopholes. The critical difference between America and every other government in the world: our government is established BY the people. The people give the government their authority. No king or queen, no communist dictator. Our right to own guns is the last line of defence we have against tyranny.
  9. I chime in when the topics are interesting/relevant to me. Other than that I just keep an eye out.
  10. Passion. Trump is what conservatives have been hoping for for decades. Now we're fighting against corruption (on both sides) to keep him. A lot of politicians use their office for personal gain, which I suppose is typical across the globe. He threatens their quiet ways.
  11. Like most Americans I think he does what he wants when he wants.
  12. JoeH


    Apart from the monster steering gearbox it doesn't look any different from my DM686. What are the axle ratings on a dm800?
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