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  1. JoeH


    It's also very common on dump truck applications for the trolley brake to operate all truck brakes except steering axle. That's how our triaxles are.
  2. JoeH


    Recent problem or did you just aquire it and you're trying to figure out what's going on? How's your tractor protection valve? Do you have your lines hooked up right to the trailer? One is a supply line to the trailer air tanks, the other is a signal line. Sometimes trailers/trucks get the fittings switched up because an idiot worked on it.
  3. Been running our 1979 endt676 on pump diesel since the '80s, now into the ULSD were still running it on pump diesel, we don't add anything, just keeps running strong as ever. Pushing 600k miles, mostly local within a 15 mile radius. Lots of hours per mile, as it's a volumetric concrete mixer. Truck averages about 4mpg by the end of the year. My 1995 E7-350 has about 20,300 hours, same deal, but averages 2.5 mpg or less. (Again, it's a volumetric concrete mixer, so it racks up fuel usage on site) Many trucks on here are hobby trucks and get minimal use, so I'd recommend an algaecide, but that's about it. If you are having problems with your fuel racks sticking then you aren't using your truck enough. Algae grows in modern biodiesel, after about a year of sitting you'll have floaties causing fuel clogs.
  4. My 95 e7-350 (all mechanical) tops out at about 25 psi boost. It has trouble getting out of it's own way, but it gets where it's supposed to go. Will make 1200+ degrees EGT, though I try not to push that number. I just assume it's working as it should....
  5. https://www.eaton.com/content/dam/eaton/products/transmissions/vehicle-transmissions/8ll/eaton-fuller-havey-duty-transmissions-service-manual-trsm1500-en-us.pdf Snoop through the table of contents "in vehicle service procedures". Looks like auxiliary section (page 118) can be removed and services in chassis. Then jump to bench procedure section to see how to do rebuild.
  6. Single frame R's tend to break at the splay under the cab. I have a '79 that the pass side broke 7+ years ago on, we spliced a used frame section in on that side from behind the cab forward. Driver side just broke a few months ago, spliced that rail from behind the cab forward from a U model we had laying around. Truck doesn't have a hard life every day, but we use it just as hard as we need it to. Both rails have 4ft sister frame sleeves at the splices.
  7. The e tech is an e7 I believe. Block and components, displacement, all pretty much the same, just modified right side of the block to accommodate fuel gallery, eup's and additional cam lobes for eup's.
  8. Do you have any air leaks that sound like they're coming from the trans? Could be a fault with your "combination cylinder" sticking or not getting enough air pressure to move it from high to low on the range shift. My truck has 262k miles and 20,300+ hours, and sounds like mine has broken pieces inside, yours could be in similar shape with the synchros.
  9. How about when trying to come out of first for an upshift and the shifter snags halfway out of gear and ruins your shift to 2nd, having to go back to first to get momentum going again?
  10. When I downshift mine from 3rd/7th sometimes it stays in gear, even though I have the shifter in neutral??? Stays in til I punch the clutch so it doesn't explode... PoS... And it'll sneak out of 7th if you're coasting with light throttle. My trucking application would do much better with a Mack 10 speed, multi reverse. Let's go David, chime in on how wrong I am.
  11. It was their truck, they needed it to run a rock crusher, so they did something pretty neat! At least they cut it somewhere that's very easy to splice a new frame section or junkyard cutoff onto.
  12. Looks like tube tires on the front, they'll probably take air, just don't go all the way up to 120.
  13. Many business owners/managers are afraid to fail, so they won't upset the apple cart by changing the business model. Sears did automotive tires, was a department store, used to sell home kits apparently. Lawn mowers, clothes, literally just about anything. They should have revolutionized online shopping, not Amazon. But they didnt want to fail, so they maintained business as usual even though business as usual was changing. They wound up failing because they wouldn't change.
  14. The sears by me was running Point of Sale computers from 1990 through their end. Sears management didn't have any vision for the company, ran it into the ground because they were afraid to fail. Wound up failing anyways!
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