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  1. exacty. you want something for nothing? go to cuba or venezuela where comunisim is still alive and strong.
  2. GMC also had a 707 inline six, but if remember correctly it was canceled around 1949-1950
  3. i would pull the lock, set the trailer brakes and try pulling away easily. it may pop loose.
  4. last night on the way in i saw a triaxle from nu yawk taking up the whole 12 foot lane. driver side front tire on one line, passenger rear on the other line 12 foot away. and he was loaded doing 65 mph, weaving in and out of lanes. i had to call the locals to get him off the road. he claimed there was nothing wrong with the truck, even after seeing video from police cars and my dash cam.. cops did not feel the same way, and had it impunded.
  5. i think you should open up a pig farm on the property closest to the town rich folk, that the wind will always blow through town.
  6. not really, but if the owner of the vehicle does not know about it or does not want it out there.
  7. no need to go at night, they do the one wheel dirt bike thing during the day too. 30-40 strong.
  8. ^^^saying that is racist^^^ yesterday i was at the parents and saw on the news about a homeowner that was being charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing a career criminal that was armed and broke into his home. it should have been no charges due to self defense, but this is nu yawk where criminals are coddled and the law abiding are guilty of defending themselves.
  9. technicality. it is a pistol, that just happens to be able to accept a 410 shotgun cartridge.
  10. same here. back in 88 i heard a ford dealer 20 miles away just got in a diesel 4X4. when i got off work i grabbed my partner at the body shop and went to the ford dealer 20 miles away in a 66 dodge W300 with 750,000 miles on it. i walked in the front door covered in grease, he was covered in body filler dust and paint and we looked like someone drug us out of the gutter. told the salesman i wanted the white diesel parked out front and they started with the we don't think you can afford it crap. i asked how much and he said 19 grand. i told him i will give you 17 grand rite now. he said i will have to talk to the owner. a few minutes later the owner came out with the salesman and said we can not do that. i picked up the stack of hundred dollar bills and said see ya. when they realized i was talking CASH Now, things changed real fast and i became their best friend. i think what really made them soil their pants was when i removed my overalls before getting in the new truck to leave and they saw the 45 i was carrying. 😆
  11. i like to say it: united we stand, divided the democrats win.
  12. i think it may be an old "H" cummins of the 180-220 hp variety.
  13. it would be a real shame to scrap a blower driven cummins engine if it still ran.
  14. with that long rear overhang, you would need a ground support at the end of the bed/ramp connection point to keep the front end from going airborn when loading.
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