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  1. What is the asking price, and where's it located?
  2. i thought it was Hannibal Lecter....
  3. aint nothing to have. when you are rite, you are rite. but it is still all trump and the anti demoncrats fault
  4. i have been hearing that for 45 years. i have also been hauling machinery and trucks with the stack facing forward for 45 years, and never once had a turbo failure, or engine failure due to the "wind blowing down the pipe and spinning the turbo bearings dry"
  5. those 'air bags" look to be very high maintenance and expensive.
  6. welcome to BMT!! that is the engine brake switch
  7. nope, no unemployment. they get welfare, free rent, free phone, free bus pass, free food, and whatever else they "need" for free.
  8. don't know about in floraduh, but in nu yawk city the street beggers average $500 per day
  9. i had a steering wheel holder working with us 2 1/2 years ago. he got pneumonia due to smoking and drinking and not taking care of himself. when he got out of the hospital, i told him to sign up for disability. he held off. then corona started. he got unemployment extension after extension. i kept on telling him to get off his asterisk and get disability or another job because he was going to have to pay income tax on the unemployment and part time disability. his drivers license expired 1 1/2 years ago. did he renew it ?nope. he was making 1100 per week on unemployment. he just found out unemployment extensions end on saturday sept 4 2021, and he has no money saved, and owes over 4 grand in back due income tax. he called me looking for work. i told him he is SOL cause we sold the truck he used to drive 2 years ago and i told him a dozen times over the past two years to get another job or go on disability. i have no sympathy for people that do not listen.
  10. i used to have "S" tags on my lowboy trailer. i was good for 215,000 lbs with the 14/24 tires on the trailer and 12/24 tires on the tractor.
  11. because he has not done anything in close to 50 years in government service except not die.
  12. yup. pissing off everyone but me. 😁
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