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  1. Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    no, the residents don't. but the visitors are slobs.
  2. almost over

  3. today at the Englishtown Nj swap meet, i saw a beautiful B85 "pickup" with NY plates on it on the car show line. does it belong to anyone here? wish i thought to bring my camera!!!
  4. Wheel lift toter

    i'm surprised the camera didn't break on the last picture!!!
  5. Just got this Mack

    yea, really. even starting out in second is tough on the clutch
  6. Just got this Mack

    we used to saw kick it into neutral, and take a nap. when you wake up it should be ready to go into gear.
  7. Just got this Mack

    the mack is a non syncronized trans, so you have to match engine rpm's to gear rpm's. some people double clutch. that is where you step on the clutch,take it out of gear, let the clutch out, step on it again, then put it in gear. to down shift, step on clutch, take out of gear, let off clutch and rev engine, step on clutch and put it in lower gear. most of us that have been driving forever do not use the clutch except for taking off. we just match rpm's by ear and slip it into gear.
  8. Dusty Barn Find

    when i looked yesterday it said auction ended with the $12850 price. 1957 Mack B Thermodyne 1957 Mack B Model truck See original listing Condition: Used “used , good” Ended: Apr 02, 2018 , 8:57AM Price: US $12,850.00 Shipping: Free Local Pickup Item location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States Seller: buddy2031959 (543 ) | Seller's other items
  9. Dusty Barn Find

    looks like a concrete floor under it. and it solf for $12,800. as for the rust, it was on the road in Michigan for 23 years ans 245,000 miles. that is most likely where the bulk of the rust came from
  10. the quick glance i got of the trailer it looked like a lowboy, or low deck. so my guess is he high-sided it and got hung up on the tracks.
  11. Not a mack but still turns heads

    that is a funny looking reefer.
  12. Stereo

    welcome to BMT. sounds like the power supply has an issue. when i get radios like that, they are cheap enough that i just replace them.
  13. i don't think the first pic and the last are the same truck. first is probably a parts truck cannibalized to keep the last pic truck working.
  14. Ontario to start driving on the left

    glad i don't drive in Ottawa!!!
  15. Glad there are LEGAL gun owners out there

    unfortunately the 16 year old girl he targeted, an ex girlfriend, died yesterday morning.