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  1. V12 detroit swap

    12v-71T length 1778 mm, 70 in width 1168 mm, 46 in height 1390 mm, 55 in 12v-71T 1610 kg, 3542 lb can't find any good info for mack engine dimensions.
  2. Musings

    ^^^ that is an insult to lemmings!!! ^^^
  3. Musings

    i keep on hearing the snowflakes cry for impeachment of trump and want their beloved criminal hitlery put in office like she truly deserves because trump"stole" the election. even though hitlery all but admitted on national tv to rigging the primaries so she would win and bernie would loose, and also rigging the election so trump would loose. but not one peep about her misdoings. just IMPEACH TRUMP!! funny thing is, the only thing the can possibly impeach Trump for is not being a carrier c̶r̶i̶m̶i̶n̶a̶l̶ i mean politician
  4. Critter in the Yard

    agreed, never heard of a bobcat attacking a person. bobcats as pets yes, but never attacking a person. mountain lions on the other hand are know to attack people.
  5. HOT

    how much water should be under that bridge, 2-3 meters?
  6. HOT

    all good brother. and my brain don't work when it gets hot neither. anything over 26C and i start to melt. my perfect temps are between 10 and 15 C. up until it became over 55 i did not even put on a long sleeve shirt until it got below 4 or 5C
  7. HOT

    Swishy, your math is a bit off. 42C is only 107.6F 117F is 47.2C
  8. HOT

    Vlad, if it is winter and 117 degrees F, i sure as hell do not want to know how hot it gets in summer!!!
  9. Where did THAT come from??

    not sure, but i think he said "get yo butt to da doktor"!!
  10. Annoying commercials & Common Sense

    common cents now costs $4.95. and people are too cheap to pay that much money for it.
  11. Bed lowers verrry slow

    the dump control could have loosened up and gone out of adjustment too. every 6 months or so i have to adjust the cable on my control valve to keep it centered.
  12. What is wrong with people today?

    or falls off a cliff with their hands tied behind their backs, and legs tied together
  13. Didja miss this movie back in the day?

    Fran Ryan.i remember her from her tv appearances. how his six shooter holds 39 bullets: very easy. it is a tv gun that has automatic cylinder reloaders.
  14. Safety Sign

    that sign is truth in advertising. i am pretty sure my ex had it tattooed on her forehead after she split.
  15. 1965 White 9000 wrecker

    DAMN!!! we just sold a 9000 last year with a perfect cab. got $900 for it with a running 290 cummins and 10 speed.