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  1. this is supposed to be the last year for the T-800. the T-880 is now close to 4 years old. it is a pleasure to drive, and will boogie along with both the 500HP or 550 hp engines. even with all the pollution controls. without the pollution crap the 500HP is ridiculous with an 18 speed. just removing the pollution controls on a 2015 triaxle dump a friend netted a 3 mile per gallon increase from 4 MPG to 7MPG. the 2016 we have has the 550HP engine and an Allison automatic. it is averaging 5 MPG. it now has a little under 22,000 miles on it. empty it will pull away from most cars off a light if you feel like standing on it. loaded at 80,000 lbs it still walks away from my 05 T-800 with 500HP C-15
  2. you will not see any of the loud mouths mention this because there is nothing in it for jus-fo-me jakson, or all-fo-me shapton. if there is nothing in it for them, it never happened.
  3. 16 "feet"
  4. as an example of a truck that has NOT sat around idling all day, my 05 T800 Kenworth has 269,243 miles and 5904 hours on it when parked this afternoon.
  5. he really went all out with the pictures and description in the posting!!!
  6. i can see that with a county truck, they get more idle time than work time. i would steer away from that truck, way too much idle time.
  7. welcome to Big Mack Truck Forums. the "lightning bolt" is the trucks electrical malfunction light. it is telling you that there is an issue with the truck somewhere this is the procedure to get the codes: Mack Except Mid-liner: Accessing Diagnostic Trouble Codes V-MAC & V-MAC II Using Electronic Malfunction Lamp The V-MAC module can blink a two-digit blink code for each of the detectable active faults in the system. These codes are displayed by the instrument panel MIL. They allow for quick diagnosis without using a scan tool. If there is more than one active fault there is often one root cause. As a general rule, begin with active faults that involve sensors. To diagnose malfunctions with blink codes, proceed as follows: Turn ignition On, then wait until MIL’s two second power-up test has finished. There must be an active fault which keeps lamp on after power-up test. Turn speed control switch Off, then press and hold SET/DECEL or RESUME/ACCEL switch until MIL goes out. After approximately one second, the V-MAC module will begin blinking out its two-digit blink codes. The two digits of each code will be separated by a one second idle time (MIL out). Each blink code digit may consist of up to eight on–off flashes. The on and off time for each flash will be 1/4 of a second. Count the MIL on flashes to determine two digit blink code. Only one active fault will be blinked per request. There must be a separate request for each active fault if there are multiple active faults present. To display additional faults, hold in SET/DECEL or RESUME/ACCEL switch until MIL goes out. Blinking sequence will begin again after a one second delay. If fault blinking request is repeated while V-MAC is in process of blinking an active fault, that sequence will stop and next active fault will display. If an active fault is cleared while V-MAC is blinking that fault, procedure will not stop. MIL will return to normal functions after every complete blinking sequence and will remain on for active faults and off for inactive faults. If more than one fault is present, continue blink code sequence until first active fault is displayed again to ensure all faults have been accessed.
  8. on my 05 granite the fan stayed on after it was sent for service. i tried new coolant sensors, fan switch, and nothing worked. sent it back to the guy that did the service and they could not find anything wrong. three months later later it started getting hot and i put the gauges on the ac. high side was 370lbs. let out a bit of refrigerant and fan worked fine for the next two years until we sold it. someone overcharged the AC while it was in for service. if high pressure is over 325 lbs i believe it is, the fan will stay on.
  9. correct. my 05 427 did not have EGR or any other emissions crap on it.
  10. yup. the ground in the plug is everything in the dash panel or nothing .
  11. my 7 Litre well, that did not work. it seems photo forket is holding all my pictures and videos for ransom, they want $400 per year to release them. screw them, i will loose the pics and videos before i give them a penny.
  12. i am in the process of restoring a 65 Falcon 2 Door Hardtop with 289 and 4 barrel, and next on the list is a 66 7 litre 4 speed convertible.
  13. exactly. he is having way too much fun at their expense.
  14. yes it is. power wagons were all four wheel drive. i like the all wheel drive bus.
  15. if the media would knock off their bull sheit, maybe President Trump will stop picking on them. media is supposed to report the truth, not their opinion or made up stories.