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  1. really hard to believe anything in the ad, since this is being sold by a dealer simply to flip for big money. truck model BGIT? really? V6? really? ac don't work? really? new york historic tags on truck, and maine tags on trailer, pictures probably taken in new york, but for sale in omaha nebraska. while it is a nice looking truck, i bet it is going to be a BIG can of worms.
  2. very good point Vlad. when i got my 79 F350 the guy said "it would not upshift and needed a trans" it only had 21,000 miles on it. no way a 2 year old truck with 21k miles needs a trans. i took it for a ride, paid him his asking price, and drove a block away. popped the hood and smacked the downshift lever real hard to get it off full throttle. easy throttle for the 20 mile ride home and it shifted fine. the next day, i was looking it over and found a tree limb wedged in between the trans and the downshift rod. at full throttle it would jam the rod and keep it in downshift position. 234,000 miles later and it still shifts perfectly.
  3. yes. as options. air ride seat, air ride cab, ac, telescoping steering column and other goodies. i have seen some older R models though with no air ride, no ac, and others with everything.
  4. it may be something stupid like low fluid level. i have seen simple things like that cause supposed intelligent people spend big bucks searching for a repair.
  5. yup. the ENDT-865 is a Mack V8 engine, not a Detroit. 325 HP and 1100 Ft LBs torque.
  6. when i was young i thought i was hot snot when i got the 79 DM800 with a 237. that truck would run circles around the B models.
  7. i aint old school.. just old. and i agree, triple sticks scrapping the roof are stupid. but them supertruckers like to show off. i am the same with transmissions too. ran just about all of them at one time or another. favorite was the 18 speed though. plenty of gears to put you where you need to be. you don't have to use all of them though. when empty, i would usually run 3,5,7,9, and over. i am opposite with the automatic though. got one in the 2020 Kenworth and love it, especially for milling and paving. when milling and paving, i can get out of the truck after a 12-14 hour day and my left knee is no longer the size of a basketball.
  8. Abuse of a patient would have been smacking him in the head with an oxygen bottle for spitting on you. Putting a pillow case over his head was preventing him from spreading possible infectious diseases
  9. Same here, glad you walked away uninjured.
  10. Are you using the clutch? That is a big no no on these rigs. Clutch is for dead stop starting only. Once rolling forget the clutch is there.
  11. I thought the same thing this am, but did not have time to search for it.
  12. you can tell that trans rite away. instead of shifting low to deep reduction, the side knob is forward reverse. here is the Mack T310:
  13. yup. watch the tack. look at where it tops out, and where it goes into gear. but as said, if you pull it out of 4th at 1800, it should slip into 5th at around 1400 to 1450. same with downshifting run it down to 1200, rev it up to 1600 or 1650 and slip it into next lower gear. don't try to force it. just hold it close and it will suck rite itno gear when you find the sweet spot.
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