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  1. i hear ya Dave. i am very comfy in my gas heated house with running water and electric lights. but the big difference between us and others is we know how to survive once the sheit hit the fan and there is no power, running water, gas, or food in the stores.
  2. i remember as a child going to my mothers grandmothers house in the middle of downtown Elizabeth NJ. at the turn of the 1900's her grandfather was a produce merchant and had 10 horse drawn produce wagons that delivered around town. the stables and carriage house was in the back yard of the house. even in the 60's the house did not have indoor plumbing, you used the outhouse out by the carriage house. and it still had gas lights, no electricity in the house. coal stove in the cellar with heat chases through the three floors, and a big wood and coal burning oven in the kitchen. it did have "running water" in the kitchen. the kitchen was built on top of the well, and the well pump came rite through the floor with the outlet rite into the giant sink. and the tin bathtub was in the corner of the kitchen with curtain walls around it.
  3. it is great to use, as long as a black widow or brown recluse does not bite you on the asterisk........which has happened a few times in the past.
  4. the stands are still there and doing well, but there have been no hogs on the farm in over 25 years. when i built the big stand out on the main highway back in 78 we could do pretty much what we wanted. but now you can not wipe your asterisk in the outhouse behind the barn without town approval. and speaking of that outhouse, the town wants it taken down because it is not sanitary. even though it has been in the current location since it was erected in 1882.
  5. our production cost was almost zero. we fed the pigs leftovers from the farm . any produce that did not sell that day in the farm stands was fed to the pigs. chickens were pretty much wild, they fed themselves while roaming the yard. the chickens also kept bugs almost non existent.
  6. 5 bucks says if you post this on the internet someone will try it!!
  7. i agree, nothing better than an air starter to make someone unexpectedly need to change their shorts.
  8. nothing worse than a pig that don't want to die. up until two years ago we did a pig roast twice a year. usually around 90 lbs. i have been toying with the idea of making a cuban oven for smaller pigs.
  9. that bring back memories of growing up on the farm. we used to process between 75 and 80 pigs every year. and if we did not have large pigs, the local stores would by 600 pounders and we would pick them up, and butcher them for them. the butcher shop is still there, but rarely used any more.
  10. in new yawk you must have them, plus one to see across the front of the truck.
  11. yesterday. i had the hood mirrors on the macks for past 40 years, after i moved to the T800 3 years ago it took me about 3 months to get used to not having them. now with the new T880, i really do not miss then because of the way the truck is set up. the only real blind spot is about two foot around the passenger side bumper guide pole. my bigger problem is the new 65 mph mandate for large trucks. i limit out at 65 mph, but all the steering wheel holders are still doing 80 +
  12. it must be done online now. i log in and first question is this for address on letter. my answer is no. ok, can't file got to call. i call the 800 number. person asks the address, and i give to him. well that is the address on the envelope. ah no, that address is 5 miles, two town away in a different county. oh. what is your phone number i don't have a phone where are you calling from pay phone. oh well how do we get in touch with you send a letter. a few questions later, race white. nationality American. no, where are you from America where are your parents from america, just their parents, and their parent too. well where were your 4 times grandparents from. me: how the hell should i know, i was not born yet. oh. the questions ended with that one.
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