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  1. to the best of my knowledge, trucks came from factory back then without body just like they do now. after being built, the cab chassis is sent to whatever body builder the buyer/ supplying dealership specifies for body install.
  2. when i used to do gas station rehab, we would put 50 lbs dry ice in the 5,000 gallon underground gas tanks, then wait until the dry ice "smoke" would come out the holes on top before cutting them open.
  3. looks like a lot of crack was consumed in the planning of that "thing" 😁
  4. well he did not get cut, so the reason for his disappearance is on him. i can not see last time logged on. he is still listed as a moderator, so his account is still active.
  5. Golden eagle. Haven't seen one of them in many years
  6. oh so correct. but ya know, if it were not for those creature comforts, us old timers on the last leg of our trip would not be out on the road, because we simply are wore out like all those old battle tanks WE wore out over the years. it is nice to spend the last few years before forced retirement in a nice ride. i remember the old tanks with armstrong steering, 210 hp and a quad box, top speed 45 mph, fantastic air conditioning in the winter, and even better heat in the summer, bias ply tires on three piece rims that liked to pop the ring and try to decapitate you, brakes th
  7. Agreed I think back to the trucks I drove over the past 50 years, and each new one made us softer and softer. My new 2020 T880 is better riding, and easier to drive than my 2014 F250 pickup is.
  8. didn't say it would not fit ED, just saying it is a pretty big engine. the 6V53 is around 1500 lbs the 4-53 is only around 1100 lbs.
  9. 6V53 is kinda big. i think you would be better off with the 4-53. that will be plenty of engine, especially with a 10 speed.
  10. thanks for that Swishy. took me 2 days, but i read all 95 pages. 👍
  11. very well said. but you know they will deny it all.
  12. Only if you want them to stay under the trailer
  13. it is swift. don't even ask!!! 😁
  14. hot dog Johnnies is still there and just as good as ever. crossroads closed a few years ago after the owners retired after 41 years. it was sold and moved to new york last year where it was planned to reopen under a new name.
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