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  1. i can neither confirm nor deny that alleged statement as per court order and the threat of removal from the whitless protection program.
  2. i thought that was my ex wife that sent that email...........and i never listened to anything she said.
  3. unfortunately, i lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident. they are all now on the bottom of the atlantic ocean after i got hit by a rouge wave and capsized the boat while duck hunting about 50 foot off shore a few years ago..... 😭 that's my story, and i am sticking to it!!!
  4. mostly here chain drive tarp is on transfer trailers with walking floor. dump trailers all have motor direct to tarp shaft, and springs to pull the twin tarp bars back just like dump trucks use.
  5. no more male/female threads. all threads are now universal.
  6. yup. a 3406 with a 13 or 18 speed walked all over the cummins powered trucks.
  7. they see it plain as daylight. they just don't care. their party says it is ok, so they believe the bullsheet.
  8. are the ks chiefs from kansas, or missury? if they are from kansas, there is nothing wrong with the post, even if their stadium is in another state. everyone goes nuts for the nu yawk giants and jets. even though their stadiums and corporate offices are not in nu yawk.
  9. i see nothing wrong with that? and i feel President Trumps tweets are a red dot laser pointer, and the demoncrats are his cats.
  10. not really. i think you hit the nail square on the head. demoncrats only care about themselves. give the sheep everything they will ever need on a silver platter, and they will vote demoncrat for ever.
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