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  1. also used for placing christmas tree on top of ranch houses when the framing is done to signify "topping out"
  2. when "those older diesels" were made, diesel had a cetane rating around 62. these days you are lucky to see 40 cetane diesel.
  3. i add nothing in the summer, and will only put howes in if it gets real cold. i have 495,000 miles on my 88 7.3, and 195 on my 02 7.3. the mack and cat engines currently have around 300,000 miles on them.
  4. 4-2 is for the fan clutch
  5. i had something similar on a 1999 400hp engine, and it was the fuel pump on the passenger side front of the engine.
  6. hell, i pay my guys $20 per hour to take care of my pickups.
  8. you have to click on the link to open the pictures.
  9. 350 7 speed is going to be a dog with 80k lbs and hills. i ran a 400 8 speed for a while and it was a lot of down shifting when hills were seen.
  10. i had a 79 DM800 with a 237 in it. that truck would pull all day long, and never feel anything once the 10 speed was swapped into it. with the aluminum dump body, i would haul 22 ton and keep up with 400 hp R models
  11. it would be so nice if commifornia would just break off of the country in one of the earthquakes and take all their idiots with it into the ocean.
  12. welllllll i could tell you, but then they would probably kill me.
  13. mediocre??? i have seen you called many things, but never a mediocre driver. comparing you to a mediocre driver is an insult to the mediocre drivers!!!
  14. i want to know how many pictures that mouse was in, because in the two shown he is facing opposite directions.
  15. i remember when Mike had it.