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  1. the democratic party should adopt MAPA their slogan in their run against President Trump. i mean really, nothing else they have tried the past 3 1/2 years has been effective.
  2. first pic, is that a tank for an on site water truck?
  3. yea, site work you can get away with a 5 speed. buy if you try hitting the road you need a 13 minimum or better an 18 for the hills. nothing worse than catching a red light on the bottom of a hill and trying to get 80k moving up it and end up taking a mile to hit 35 mph.
  4. that truck is just as purrty going down the road as it is at shows. they keep it in tip top shape . and the low boy it drags around looks brand new too. i actually saw it going into the caterpillar dealer today around 10:45 am
  5. not the iron duke, that was the chevy 153 4 cylinder. it was replaced with the AMC 4.o six cylinder starting in the early 70's when AMC took over jeep brand. same with your cousins chevy II, it had a chevy 153 4 cylinder, not an "iron duke"
  6. iron duke was a 4 cylinder iron block from the late 70's early 80's for pontiac. sorta like the chevy 153 used in the chevy II/nova in the 60's
  7. someone who is not here legally. ya know, no citizenship, no green card, no work papers.
  8. fuzzy grainy cell phone pics, and no truck description besides cummins engine. either he is a scammer, and the truck is a real turd, or he is just clueless on how to sell something
  9. now that is just mean. a real nice farmer would have switched from growing taters to raising hogs...............or chickens.
  10. agreed. i got a complaint yesterday that my garage was too big for the area and was blocking the view of the waterfront. by the asterisk that built a massive 3 story mcmansion down the street. not my fault you built a $750,000 moneypit in an area full of $130,000 propertys.
  11. if the turbo ain't working, it will look like a steam locomotive going down the road with all the black smoke pouring out of the exhaust.
  12. if it was, it ain't there any more, as greystone was knocked down in 2016
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