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  1. i would like to hook Jetters W900 to that RV and take off for destinations unknown!!
  2. my only real gripe is very tall steps (2 instead of the macks 3) and wider turning radius than the T800 or any of the macks. but i only drove it 2 times. ours has a 550 with automatic trans. the new one will not be in for about two or three months, so once i get to run the new one regularly i will have a better idea. but from the few times i was in the 2016, it is a very nice truck to drive.
  3. he is also probably asking more for it now than what he paid for it back in 75.
  4. was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor??? forget it, he's rolling
  5. yes they are big. and heavy too. if i remember correctly around 400lbs without tubes, boots, or rims. my old DM800 lowboy had 14X24 sneakers on all axles. i was legal for around 210,000 lbs with the "S" tags
  6. a friend had one of them with a 671/10 speed in it and a wrecker body on back. he found a 12V71 in a wrecked truck and pulled the engine and 18 speed trans, then stuffed it in it to make a real wrecker.
  7. funny, that is the same wrong window you posted when i pointed out the crack in the driver side last week.
  8. MEK

    Billy, i use acetone to cut rustoleum for spraying also. works great!!
  9. I agree. if they want to leave and join Mexico, more power to them. But once they do leave, they will have no right to votes on how things work, and no handouts for at least 25 years after being let back in the United States.
  10. i have found opera is much better and faster than chrome. and i don't get any of the security alerts i did with chrome or firefox either.
  11. interesting video. i never saw i crackerbox with twin steer but only single rear axles before.
  12. firefox had a nasty security hack around christmas and the "repair" made it worse. i am now using opera, it is 10 times faster than firefox and does not have the security problems on other sites i was having with firefox.
  13. MEK

    MEK= Methyl Ethel Ketone, also know as Butanone it is a base chemical used to make solvents sorta like acetone is used. among other things it is used to weld plastics together.
  14. some people are born stupid, others have to practice being stupid every day of their miserable lives.
  15. everything i see says part # 6QB42m is NLA.