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  1. the left lever is most likely body dump control.
  2. tjc transport

    Pictures of the Week

    "they get away with it" because it ain't the nike swoosh. it looks like it at a quick glance, but it is not the same.
  3. tjc transport

    Oh No! Are they that lost?

    anyone stupid enough to not know where to buy a postage stamp has no rite to vote anyway.
  4. tjc transport

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    no, came from swift............................and then JB Hunt hired him after watching that video.
  5. tjc transport

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    solar glare is not an excuse, if anything it is a reason to slow the hell down. if i can't see where i am going, i slow down to a speed where i feel safe. i have been pulled over many times for "driving too slow". and every time i tell the cop i was driving just fast enough for the current road conditions. i was not driving too slow, the other drivers are driving recklessly. and every time the cops agreed with me and let me go on my way.
  6. tjc transport

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    looks to me like the guy in the dump was not paying attention. probably playing with his phone and not the road. the guy in the left lane was paying attention to road conditions and was slowing down,, which was evident by the fact he did not hit the car that was tossed in front of him.
  7. tjc transport

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    same here. double hump heads are fuelly heads, and 348-409 were referred to as "W" heads. back in 76 we had a 64 impala that had a 427 "W" head 4 speed in it. that was one scary car. especially when you opened up both 4 barrels!!!
  8. tjc transport

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    i think by "double hump heads" he was referring to the distinctive design of the head that made it look like there were two "humps" in the heads where the spark plugs were.
  9. in one of the pictures you can see it was the driver side tire that blew out.
  10. tjc transport

    Pictures of the Week

    i had an inspector give me crap last week for not wearing steel toe boots, safety glasses, or a safety vest. . he wanted to throw me off the job. i told him when i get out of the truck wearing sneakers, no vest, and no glasses you can kick me out, but until then get off my truck. he watched me like a hawk, but never caught me out of the truck................because i don't get out on the jobsites.
  11. my thinking is that he may have fell asleep, and when the tire blew the wheel got pulled out of his relaxed hands. probably why he survived also, because he was relaxed.
  12. i too have had a few front tires blow out over the years with no real damage. the worst was around 10 years ago on the NJ turnpike. passenger front blew out after hitting a piece of I beam that fell off the truck in front of me. i had nowhere to go .there was a trooper on the shoulder, and a bus in the center lane. when the tire went, i just got out of the throttle and rode it out to the shoulder about 1/4 mile total.
  13. tjc transport

    Home security cameras anyone have any recommendations?

    another con to wireless is all the crooks need is a frequency scanner to figure out what the wireless frequency is, transmit a fake signal, and the cameras are now dead. only way to kill a wired camera is to cut the wire or kill power to the property. and to do that they will most likely have to be seen on a camera.
  14. my bet is new trucks and the drivers wanted to keep the paint from getting tore up by debris falling on the hood as they drove under the hopper
  15. tjc transport

    Home security cameras anyone have any recommendations?

    i have an 8 channel speco DVR with a 1 tetra byte hard drive with 4 speco cameras with 100ft night vision hooked to it. i can record continuous recallable video for 34 days total system cost me just about $1,100 for everything. .. i installed it myself.

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