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  1. tjc transport

    Cruise control cancel switch

    try using the trolley if it has one to turn the cruise off. my old 99 R model had a bad foot switch. it would not turn the brake lights on or the cruise off until you really stepped on the pedal.
  2. tjc transport

    Cruise control cancel switch

    brake lights turn the cruise off.
  3. tjc transport

    The Takata air bag recall

    it would be a lot nicer of them to actually get the parts to replace the defective air bags. my 87 year old parents are in a car with no airbags because there are no replacement parts available to fix their car.
  4. tjc transport

    04 Granite CV713 with a e7-427?

    my 05 CV713 had the 427 with an eaton 8LL trans it was a rocket!. would out pull, and out run the 05 T800 kenworth with the 470 C13 and 8LL trans i would still have it, but someone offered 25 grand more than what we paid for it and the boss sold it.
  5. tjc transport

    1970 Marmon COE

    nothing is as uggly as a volvo!!!
  6. tjc transport

    Latest progress

    looking good. maybe it will be done in another year? 😁
  7. that area is mostly pig and chicken farmers getting forced out by developers and imported town leaders that do not like the smell. my bet is it is either owned by one of the farmers getting forced out, or more likely by a developer that found it on the farm he bought and trying to cash in on someone that saves old things.
  8. tjc transport

    Another new guy

    ya know what? you may be correct. that was 30 years ago. 12V71 in front and 671 in rear. they were rock/coal pans from Pennsylvania. heavy buggers too.
  9. tjc transport

    Another new guy

    i used to love the 12V71 in the front of the terex TS 36. perfect heater for those cold winter days. sucked in the summer though, inside the cab got up around 130 degrees.
  10. tjc transport

    Nice Pair!

    all them trucks of his glow in the dark. the drivers don't even have to use the headlights at night. if there is a group of them running together at night, plane pilots think it is the runway lights and try to land on the turnpike!! 😂
  11. tjc transport

    1968 Dodge CN900

    there was a very big M&G yard in port newark nj. they hauled all the cars that came into and out of the port all over the northeast.
  12. tjc transport

    Screw up Saturday

    you all should find a way to drive behind any JB Hunt facility and look at the "carnage yard" . the one in East Brunswick NJ has about a 4 acre "carnage yard" and it is usually full of both truck and trailers that are all tore up. usually 75% trailers and 25% trucks. it is plainly visible from the landfill behind it. i always look in whenever i go to the landfill to see new additions or the repair process on the wrecks.
  13. tjc transport

    Screw up Saturday

    same with milling and paving operations. automatic trans is a gift from god himself!!!.
  14. tjc transport

    Thank you President Tump

    you can't hurt something they do not have!!!

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