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  1. Showing up in style

    i learned that experience 35 years ago with a D-8H. first move i ever made. moved it 35 miles from one job to another. 5 minutes after unloading it it puked the turbo. boss was not that mad, as he said, lesson learned. don't let it happen again. to this day i always make sure i have a bucket or something to put on the exhaust when moving machines.
  2. that is the driver side of the engine.
  3. just found this thread from the last post. the yard used to be Harry Faulks, off Harrison Ave in Kearny New Jersey, on the road going into the Weldon Asphalt plan. i have not been up that way in about 4 years so do not know the name of it now. Harry did a lot of buying and selling all over the country, and some overseas export too.
  4. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    you sure about that???? i don't think anything is worse than prius drivers.
  5. long awaited work shop finally started

    pouring at 30 is not a big deal. just tell the concrete supplier to put antifreeze in the mix. most already do when it gets cold. and you may need a few heaters for a few days.
  6. 1950 Mack LFT

    my boss is a different breed of animal. my current T800 has a 475 C13 with an eaton 8II trans. the low boy is a W900 with a 500 C 15 and 18 speed. the T880 has a 550 cummins with auto . and the new T880 he just ordered to replace my T800 is getting the 550 Cummins and auto trans too. he knows larger engine uses less fuel. one of the guys we run with has a T880 with the 370 paccar engine and auto trans, it will not get out of its own way empty. and only gets 3.5 mpg.
  7. long awaited work shop finally started

    unfortunately in my town you need a permit and inspection for everything. mainly due to way too many crooked inspectors over the years looking the other way for a "donation"
  8. Saratoga ATHS

    they sound pretty good!!
  9. long awaited work shop finally started

    before i started with the home shop her at the house, i got a variance from the town for placement where it is. law says 5 foot from side and 10 from rear property line. i went 2 side and 4 rear. 99% of the garages here are directly on the property line, just like the one i took down out front. this took all the wind out of the inspectors sails before they could start trying to blow smoke up my asterisk.
  10. Sunday drive

    there are already plenty of wolves in nuu yawk. .... but you may be on to something. introduce the 4 legged variety, and maybe they will eat all the 2 legged ones.
  11. 89 Superliner

    there are a few speedometers and tachs over 4 inch diameter available to purchase Vlad. most are designed more for race cars with their 160 MPH and 10 grand dials, but there are some for diesel trucks in the 90-100 MPH and 4-5,000 RPM range. both mechanical and electric pickup..
  12. long awaited work shop finally started

    Vlad, with the way that slab is designed it is almost a "floating slab" meaning i it moves it will move as one piece. my home shop is poured the same way, 8 inch center with 18 deep and 24 inches wide at the outer edges. 22 years now and it has not moved at all. the apron out front of the door dropped almost 1 inch though, because the ground under it was not compacted properly.
  13. 89 Superliner

    speedo and tach are Kenworth units Vlad. the panel they sit in should be gray plastic just like the dash, not stainless steel or aluminum. the parking brake light should be under the high beam indicator as 1 inch square lights, and not the single little indicator light that is between the gauges. .
  14. Dirty Jobs

    my ex used to tell me i was an azz hole all the time and i don't ever remember eating azz hole.