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  1. not sure on the white canister, i have never seen one like that. CL LPS turns on the two outside roof lamps.
  2. old news, nothing to see here, move on....
  3. here in central jersey was a mix of snow and ice. if i remember correctly power was out for 4-5 days, but it made no difference to me because i was out in a cat 988 pushing/digging out drifts for 7 days. we had a total of 5 front end loaders on the streets of bayone nj, and 3 bulldozers down on the riverbanks pushing off the snow the trucks dumped there into the river. they were using a gas powered pump to suck diesel out of the in ground tank to fill the service truck to come out and fill up all the machines.
  4. but do we really want peeloosley in there?? that alcoholic is even worse than hitlery, obummer, creepy joe, and the hoe combined!!!
  5. yup. that cab design is very popular with steel fabrication shops.
  6. that is one funny looking intercrashional!!! looks like a L-190
  7. i think they were BOTH picked to make peeloosely president. cause both will be impeached and convicted before the first 4 years.
  8. you can try this: click in the box, and it will take you to the page with all the replies.
  9. it is a early 80's volvo constructor model. a local sand pit bought a few for local delivery use. they were junk. within 5 years they were all parked and sold and replaced by macks. .
  10. man oh man. an 80 u model with a 235, 5 speed, 2/55 air conditioning, and armstrong steering!! those were made back when truck drivers were men, not steering wheel holders.
  11. not bad looking rig. i wonder if it runs? and the name, Brian Thibeault looks familiar.
  12. agreed. a lot of these trucks came with daytime running lights. if the parking brake is off, the headlights are on. only thing that will turn them off is pulling the DRL relay.
  13. the only thing we can hope for is proof that the election was rigged. but unfortunately, i really think all that evidence is already destroyed.
  14. i heard they could not find any of the 81 million biden supporters to attend the inauguration. so instead, they put 200,000 flags in the great mall.
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