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  1. tjc transport

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    pretty much the same here, almost all fuel oil trucks these days are f-liners or international. a lit of the single axle dump truck contractors are going back to ford 650-750 trucks with the 6.7 and 5 speed auto trans. J.F.Keily just ordered a whole fleet of them, switching back from internationals. they just had too many problems with the cornbinders.
  2. tjc transport

    new to me RD

    sure does....... a little tidbit of trivia. Bristol Donald no longer makes dump bodies. a friend got the last one two years ago. they now install prefabricated bodies, mostly Bibeau, Beauroc, and Ox.
  3. i don't care about Europe, or their magazines, or what they do or write. i am an American truck driver in America.
  4. tjc transport

    Experience,--6.7 Ford Power Stroke

    a friend has a 6.7 powered F750 with a 2000 gallon oil tank on the back and loves it. over 150k miles on it with no problems at all picking up waste oil
  5. tjc transport

    new to me RD

    it will be damn near impossible to tip that truck over when dumping on unstable ground!! never saw a 4 piston setup, usually 3 piston.
  6. i am talking real world with pre emissions trucks, not computer generated mileage predictions.
  7. probably because most steering wheel holders these days have problems with 5 or 8 speed trans, let alone a 13 or 18 speed. and as far as the myth that lower power engines/less gear trans trucks get better fuel mileage, we get over 7 mpg with my C-15 cat and 18 speed triaxle Kenworth W900 tractor and the T800 triaxle dump with 475 hp C-13 and 18 speed. another trucker in the yard has a Mack CL700 with a 15L cummins 600 hp and 18 speed, triaxle dump.he is also getting over 7 mpg with that truck. the same guy has a 99 RD Mack tandem with 350 and 8ll trans. that truck gets less than 4 mpg on the same runs as the triaxles.
  8. even if you will be running all flat ground, that truck will be an underpowered dog that will not be able to get out of its own way. and forget about using it in hilly terrain.
  9. tjc transport

    "People should and do trust me" - Hillary Clinton

    yea!!! frankenstein.
  10. with a price of $140 grand, my bet is a plain jane vulva throw away truck.
  11. tjc transport

    Classy Ford

    the old scales were very easy to throw off, slight pressure of the thumb could make you 5,000 lbs overweight so you had to go tip off, or make you 5,000 lbs underweight so you would get busted at the state scales.
  12. tjc transport

    air pressure drop

    i would look at the governor.
  13. tjc transport

    1938 Mack CH Freehold, NJ

    same here in Jersey, but it needs to be inspected by the state police DOT team. and if they see ANYTHING they don't like, it is rejected and you have to schedule another $400 inspection. not sure for the price of truck inspection the $400 price is for cars/pickups. same way a salvage title vehicle gets re-certified for road use.
  14. tjc transport

    1959 MACK B753S Dump Truck (T/A) AUCTION Dec 18, 2018

    are you talking about pic 3 in the body set? that looks to me like the body to frame shim plate.
  15. tjc transport

    1938 Mack CH Freehold, NJ

    in New Jersey, the only way to do it is apply for an abandoned vehicle title. and that takes about 18 months to get. in other states you can use one of the title agencys from Alabama or North Carolina. New Jersey does not recognize titles from those agencys as valid and will not issue a clean NJ title with their papers.

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