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  1. there were no riots or anything else because we do not do that kind of thing. we let the police take care of this, and hope the liberals will not let him free because he suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome brought on because he is black in a white mans world.
  2. we can not read private messages, no matter what people tell you .
  3. i had that happen in my 64 bananacuda with a 273 engine that was worked. it was pushing a little under 350hp on dyno. flywheel came through the floorboards and took a section of my right leg as it went past and through the roof.
  4. WOW. nice rig at an even better price. did you pick it up yet Mike?
  5. Sounds like it may be hooked up to truck brakes instead of trailer brakes
  6. every one i have ever seen or know that has one always has issues with 3-7 jumping out of gear. my granite was so bad after the third trans we put an 18 speed in it.
  7. all but one of the 8ll trans trucks i ever drove had this problem. i think the 8ll is the absolute worst trans ever made. 10, 13, 15 and 18 speeds never had that issue.
  8. when i was shop steward, sexual harassment was not a concern. since i only had male drivers.
  9. steal. either hours, or product. show up on drugs or drunk. then fail to pass rehab. receive usually 4 or 5 writeups/reprimands. take too many unapproved days off. failure to report accident/vehicle damage.
  10. I ran quite a few 53 series Detroit's. The non turbo engines were slugs, but the turbo engines were good runners. Just LOUD!
  11. thanks guys. this will give me something to go on. i need 13 foot for each side.
  12. as the title says, i am looking for the brush type things used on trailers, mostly UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS to cut down on water spray from the tires. i am not even sure what it is called, but i would like to put it on the sides of our tri-axle dump trucks to try to keep the body cleaner. the quarries and asphalt plants we go to use recycled water for dust control, and the trucks come out covered with muddy water spray.
  13. the big problem i had with the "K" was the 14 foot full "U" blade machine full of fuel with that big blade weighed 123,000 lbs. so it would sink is soft spots. but that big blade could carry and push 2 tandem loads of sand. i used to feed two excavators with that one machine, and we would load out 100 loads of sand, or clay a day. and the excavators never waited for material either.
  14. exactly. people are cheap and would rather spend $5 for a china part than $25 for an american made part. so there are no more american made parts. even though you will replace that china made part 10 times before you have to replace the american made part.
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