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  1. believe it or not, but i have no problems at all parallel parking a truck, straight job or trailer. put me in a car or pickup though, and i either drover the curb, or am three foot off it.
  2. no. plain and simple. your ancestors came here legally, so you are not entitled to Jack sheit. well, that is not completely true. you ARE entitled to something. you are entitled to pay for reparations for all the illegals like all the rest of us legal immigrants.
  3. here in new jersey, they make you parallel park. and only give you 15 foot over the vehicle bumper to bumper length. more people fall the road test for a simple thing like not being able to open the hood than failing the driving test. people are now getting smart and advising learners to use a truck with a small hood or one with hydraulic lift assist instead of taking something like a superliner, W900, or 379 Pete
  4. ok, that works for me. i was just wondering, because the salesman was trying to talk us into disc brakes. we average 150-175 thousand mile son a set of brakes on the tri axle dumps. and we change brakes when shoes get down to 1/8 inch. shoes, drums, S-cams, and hardware kit. we are firm believers in replace everything , unlike some of the other outfits that just replace shoes and then wonder why the truck still has no brakes.
  5. Here. In the states we use drum brakes on big trucks. I know that in Europe and Australia disc brakes are very popular. We are soon ordering a few new dump trucks, one tandem, and one triaxle. So my question, what are the pros and cons of disc brakes? Should we spec the new trucks with disc brakes, or just stay with the drum brakes everyone else uses.
  6. try shifting without the clutch. slip it out of gear, and gently move the stick to the next higher gear. just barely hold it there, don't try to jam it in. when the rpm's are rite, it will suck into gear. i want to say the split between rpm's is 800, but it has been so long since i was in a quad i simply can't remember.
  7. my bet is she epoxied the shop floor to look as good as the truck, and painted herself into a corner...........without a computer.
  8. my first pickup was a dodge 65 W300 power wagon
  9. yup. mid 60's dodge pickup cab. looks like he used the olds steering column, but the dash cluster has me puzzled
  10. i think he has the decimal point in the wrong location. $65 is a better price, cause it will cost a grand to get it running.
  11. don't forget the "very rare power steering"
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