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  1. i am so glad i stay within 100 miles of home shop. 99.99% of the time i within 35 miles of home shop. screw them logs!!!
  2. ya should have slowed down and closed the door on him facing oncoming traffic.
  3. i have seen both petes and kenworths with mack V8 power here in joisey.
  4. not quite true. yes the city botched a water supply switch. but that did not contaminate the city water supply. it is a sad and infuriating story that has gone on for far too long, and it is quite a mess. now for the truth of the matter. Flint decided to stop buying treated water from Detroit, and draw water out of the Flint river and treat it in their own water treatment plant. what they forgot was that 99 % of the houses in Flint had lead pipes from the water mains to the houses. and the water coming out of the Flint river was "harder" than the treated water coming from Detroit. as a result, the water from the Flint river dissolved all the deposits that were lining the lead pipes in the houses, exposing the lead pipes to the water, which in turn introduced lead into the water stream. even after converting back to Detroit water, they still have lead in the water problems because of the lead pipes in the houses. the fix for this is to replace all the lines going from the mains into the houses with copper pipes. the issue is, the city is responsible for the mains. but the homeowners are responsible for the pipes from the shutoff box into the house. and since the problem with 99% of the houses are between the shut off box and the house, this makes it a homeowner problem. but the city is stepping up to the plate and replacing the lead pipes with copper at no cost to the homeowner. they just do not know how they are going to pay for it all yet.
  5. Ken Nagy. related to Almasi Trucking/Contracting. if i remember correctly, he is a son in law. he runs a few different styles of Macks
  6. that 44 looks to be in very good condition!!
  7. well look at it this way. once the idjiots remove all statues and mention of the civil war, we can then tell them to go pound salt because slavery never happened when they come looking for reparations.
  8. what engine is in that, a detroit?
  9. at the old job i saw that 4 times out of 15 trucks in 3 years. all caused by drivers not lifting the axle when making turns. they also would loose tires off the lift axles every 3-4 months due to snapped wheel studs from not lifting on turns too.
  10. not to worry about that, if Vlad did take offense to the hildabeast, he would just send his uncle Demetri to break her
  11. check the ground wire going into the plug. on my old 05 the wire was bad. once i re soldered it to the pin everything started working again.
  12. back in the early 90's we had a superliner that had a three stick setup. originally a V8 truck, it was converted to six cylinder 350hp after the V8 blew up. it had the standard "mud stick" setup, 5 speed main, and low/direct second stick. then a third stick for deep reduction.
  13. i agree. run non ethanol if you can, and make sure you always run the carb dry after use.
  14. sounds like my 66 7 Litre 4 speed convertible. idles at 15 MPH in first gear. it also will smoke the tires when power shifting into 4th at 110. fastest i had it was 168, but it had room to go faster.
  15. 3 caps on top is a six volt battery