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  1. how about both??😂 besides the fact the rig alone was 72k lbs. then add a 90k excavator on top of it. or the D8K with the 13'11" blade, i was always pushing the limits of my permits. the D8 with full fuel tank and blade on had me at around 185k lbs. after the Brockway finally died, i started using a 79 DM 800 with a V8 and 15 speed for the low boy after one of the hinge pins broke and the body went over tweaking the frame.
  2. no idea. probably though. he retired in 85. but stopped delivery and went behind the desk in 65, except for when he went out on a fire investigation. besides being postmaster he was also a federal arson investigator.
  3. yup, that is the way it was, deep reduction in first and reverse only. and now that i think of it, you did not split 5th because 4th over and 5th direct was the same so you skipped 5th direct and went from 4th over to 5th over. which would make it 12 gears
  4. dad was a postmaster Bob, so his job was even worse than a carriers.
  5. could be, it WAS close to 30 years ago. i guess i may be mistaken and reverse was on the splitter and not the main stick.
  6. if we had done christmas decorations as a kid, the house would have had bah humbug on it. dad was a mailman for 35 years. we did not see him between thanksgiving and christmas, he left on 4am the day after thanksgiving and did not come back home until after midnight on christmas. he averaged 20 hour days during that time
  7. the main stick, reverse and 5 forward gears. air splitter was low, direct, and overdrive. then the small stick was deep reduction in first and reverse.
  8. we were discussing older trucks we drove today, and i remembered a late 70's early 80's superliner tractor i ran with a dump trailer back in the late 80's early 90's. it had a V8 and a strange trans in it. 13 speed air shift, but it also had a small about 6 inch tall deep reduction stick between the driver seat and main stick, but much closer to the seat than main stick. low, direct, and overdrive. but 4th and 5th were not reversed like most of the 13 overs from back then. anyone know what trans that may have been?
  9. what is it? i never heard of it before seeing it mentioned here on BMT twice in the past two days..
  10. what the heck is instagram and why all of a sudden are these new users pushing it? is it a spammer thing?
  11. this is all in response to the cheap bartstards that would rather save 10 cents on a part, then replace it 4 times. i have never understood the spend 10 dollars to save 10 cents mentality.
  12. check the valve for proper adjustment. my 2020 T880 would just barely go up at 1500 RPM, and drop like the box had 25 ton in it when empty blowing the fluid out of the hydraulic tank. after properly centering the control piston it now raises at idle, and comes down without blowing out the hydraulic fluid.
  13. how about the 2021 Ford Mustink? it is going to be an electric SUV. no more high performance gas engine street racer.
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