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  • Diamond T
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  • IMG 4326
  • Mack day Amsterdam
  • Mack day
  • Mack M45
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  • Sunshine!
  • On Board
  • Mack showtime
  • Escort Van
  • Ready to roll
  • Ready to roll
  • Unloaded and ready to show
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  • Oshkosh and FTF
  • B61SX

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  • 2013 CXU
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  • Devil Dog - 2015 Mack Superliner CLXT
  • Enough Said!
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  • 25 loaded.jpg
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  • Mack 1.jpg
  • IWC FL TRUCK.jpg
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    • Right on man very well put and with all the modern trucks these days slope nose plastic... that old stuff really stands out sounds like a fabulous idea you got frankly I wish I was rich and didn’t have to work anymore except for messing with these old trucks staring with the DM I’ve heard for 25 years and hardly looks any different Ha ha ha ... bob
    • Just figured I’d add the few times we’ve had dump trucks and semis and even a little pickup one time, escort us almost when we took one of the firetrucks onto a highway. Really makes me want to replace the old fire radios that don’t work anymore anyways with a CB radio cuz those guys have tried to talk to us that way before. Point being, everyone seems to eventually bow down to the kings of the road, old Macks. Most people are scared and drive cautiously around them, the rest will ensure a safe journey. The smiles and rubbernecking of some little kid in his mom’s minivan as they pass us, or the beaming blue collar worker on his commute slowing down to admire the truck... words can’t give justice to how that feels.
      Me and my significant other have said when we don’t work anymore we’re taking as many trucks as we can on a tour of the country one summer, a bunch of different shows, we just need to collect those trucks... she really wants a blue H model to cruise around in one day... really makes me wish I had a ton of money just lying around to be able to accumulate as many as guys like Superdog.
    • I’ve got a lot of photos of my old rig I will post them one of these days when I find them ha ha Ha..bob
    • Don’t know if you knew this but I actually owned one 1962 F600 first truck as an owner operator back in 1983 but yes I have a lot of fun memories especially our trip from Massachusetts to Florida when I was only 15 there was thousands of them running down 95... bob
    • 2013 CXU mp8 445C Been a good one, 1.2 million miles on it, not been apart yet.
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