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  1. Mack trucks were a very clever design, the bodies were built in such a way that even right up to the late 90's (last of the R models) fit and fitment of panels was well camouflaged so nothing really had to line up that well to give a good appearance Looks good to me Paul
  2. Only down side with that style hitch is it allows the tractor and trailer to put you in sticky situations before you know whats happened It puts a lot of weight a long way back, ideal for just poking around the yard but very unpredictable at speed Good luck and enjoy Paul
  3. A fuel cell in a wooden box ? is different but if it works thats all that matters
  4. Gotta love that reply wiserfrombud, all we ever read about are how crappy new trucks are, I dont have one as I dont have the use, however if it was my job, day in, day out I wouldn't hesitate in buying a new Mack So Mr Wiser from Bud, do you know what Budlight actually means ? https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=246805740254746 Hope the link works, gave me a chuckle Paul
  5. Last I recall he was building a hotted up wagon for the new bride and I seem to recall as HarryS has mentioned he was about to start moving We arent getting any younger and he may well just be flat out like a lizard drinking And as Hayseed has already mentioned, he was posting on a regular basis up until he stopped, we maybe just reading to much into this I hope all is well for him Paul
  6. Im not disputing the weight at all as I have never even seen one of these motors and most likely never would, I just imagined it would of been heavier given the era it was made, Macks were obviously fairly advanced even back then Learning new things every day, thank you Paul
  7. This is were I would start, but I have no idea at all on modern motors so I cant answer to any degree apart from what I would look for on older mechanical diesels Good luck and keep us updated on the issue Paul
  8. My Federal had a back drop manifold, well still does but it was a HB Cummins so the heads are different as it isnt a cross flow Anyway great work your doing Paul
  9. Im guessing this last one will keep the cab cooler but maybe need a heat shield for the starter motor, or maybe not. All quite impressive to me
  10. I think its either 5.85 or 5.65 is lowest ratio for these Rockwell took over Timkens qxle division and continued to make these but as a 6 rod I have been told that the centers are interchangeable, I have two center's to replace the 10.22s in my Federal I'll find out when I try to change them if they are Paul
  11. I guess a lot depends on what and wear you haul ? Paul
  12. Looking at the second photo it looks like your chassis has been joined so I very much doubt thats original Paul
  13. I think they fitted these to some western Macks, dunno about parts but I feel they arent that common and certainly not in Australia Paul
  14. I believe that to be correct as well The whole show was a bit of a mess as a result Paul
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