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  1. Yes the trucks and the forum bring together a group of rat bags that most part get along pretty darn well It also shows no matter what part of the world we are from we aren't really that much different Paul
  2. Remind to never let you blokes know if I'm selling something Bugger me Paul
  3. Last time I got those plastic nuts for the air cleaners was only a few years ago at Mack in Townsville, they just ordered them in not a problem Paul
  4. Dunno how I missed this but I have some reading to do Paul
  5. Have you washed it down spotlessly to try and establish were this leak is coming from, it's been a while since I have had a injector pump off. I dont recall there been a plate on the rear (engine side of the pump) Would be a shame to pull the pump off for no reason Paul
  6. Thats a nice green, sort of stare right into it if you know what I mean Paul
  7. Wreckers for the second one and any upholstery place that does cars etc I reckon should be able to set you up right for the washers and pladtic covers Paul
  8. Not the actor, the part he played as a actor as in BJ Mc kay or however you spell his name I have no idea about the actor, dont think he ever did much after this n7t open to correction there Paul
  9. I feel this happens more and more these days, maybe Im just getting old and grumpy, dunno but more demand the answer they want to the question they ask than ever before Quite laughable if you think about it Paul
  10. Everything Vlad has said just about nails it I dont/wont use silicone or anything like that as what gets squeezed off on the inside eventually breaks off and gets pumped thru your pressure lubricated gear box getting stuck in the the gears etc preventing the gears fully going and the gears then jump out When this happens you have to fully disassemble the gear box just to clean all this crap out Dont ask how I know, but I can tell you it is a huge job Paul
  11. Been 30 or 40 years since it was on TV, dunno exactly when If memory serves me correct and its probably wrong the chimp was with him when got shot down flying choppers in Vietnam ? Actually no I think the chimp bought him food when he was a POW or something after getting shot down Am I even close to been correct ? Its a long long time time ago now Paul
  12. The paint scheme is something that sort of speaks to us I think, I had a few ideas for my truck at the start but it changed over the years and even up until the last few days before painting My mate that painted is not a fan of brown and biege as I call it or brown and cream However I have never told anyone the reason for the colours and the paint scheme is something I saw years ago but not these colours on a Mack truck add Its a fine line between keeping classic and making it yours without going over board And no I don't have the answers to this, I'm just a wannabe lol I do think it's come up pretty well from were I started Still got red dot AC to go under the dash, its in a box or many boxes at home, new exhaust, no ones gunna like what I'm gunna do there but thats okay and I want to lift the cab and fully insulate and sound deaden underneath Replumb the ass end and repaint the chassis A much bigger oil tank out of a step tank Its a long list and I dont think we are ever done Oh that's right I need to do the king pins and bush the front springs as I noticed slight movement there now days The AC is gunna be a big job because its for a LHD R model not RHD as none are made, it does have factory AC but has never been complete since I owned it Picked up a exhaust brake to help the dynatard the other day The list just keeps on going and going Paul
  13. If I may add 20 cents worth here and dont worry I wont get offended if you dont like it The number one thing that stops us driving our toys is reliability The number one thing that makes our toys unreliable is not driving them Many years ago I was a dairy farmer, the best years of my life. It was gunna be a dairy cows paradise, no cow was gunna die on my watch, no sir, I was gunna save them all Now the first year I had down cows here and there and was nursing them back from the point and this can be done, it's a lotta work The vet was there one day and she said to me "Paul she aint gunna make it" stupid bloody vet had no idea lol, another farmer called into see me and saw the mess I was in and he gave me some advice While I'm stuffing around saving these ones that are on the brink some others that need minor help are going backwards and will soon be in the same spot as the real crook ones because Im spreading my self to thin Sometimes we get so focused on the prize we go the real long way around and eat shit sandwiches for the whole trip Turns Jan the vet was stupid at all and we still talk and a friends to this day,I was the only stupid one there that day So what does this have to do with Mack trucks or your fire truck Not a lot However from the story of this truck so far I wonder just how much of the headaches would of been avoided if it was driven once a week or once a month The desire to keep it original I understand, but everyday its not getting driven something else is deteriorating infront of you So back to my 20 cents worth, get the aftermarket reproduction headlights, put them on drive it, enjoy it and keep the search going for the headlight buckets and when and if they turn up put the original back on You will of had a bucket load of fun while waiting for the correct parts to arrive. Okay I'll shut up now And it's great story so far and would be wonderful to see some pictures of it out and about having fun Paul
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