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  1. Tinky ??? thats a tough sounding name best not blue with you in the pub I reckon might know how to blue LOL yep nothing wrong with a Mack the E9's were well liked by almost all who new them and still hold up well today Welcome to forum Paul
  2. I remember been 17 once and wow what I time I had smoked like chimney drank like a fish and shagged like a rabbit and needed no sleep I hope things havent changed for you Vinny (maybe give the smoking a miss) Paul
  3. I went and had a look at my air start tank and its like a 1 inch water pipe thread so thats about 1 1/4 inches OD I didnt measure it and my tank is steel I wonder if the flange tanks have a bladder in them like a water pressure system tank ???? Paul
  4. I have never seen a aluminium air start tank, mind you I have never been looking for one either but I reckon they would shine up to make a nice looking tank on a truck I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one Paul
  5. look at the exhaust when you are trying to start it, does it have any smoke if little to no smoke then fuel is lacking
  6. only a young bloke to
  7. how does this three line system work When Leyland fully imported some of the bigger trucks here they re did the whole braking system as it didnt comply and I have seen photo's of a pile of brake lines and air tanks on the floor beside the redone trucks I have asked a few people what the three line system was and no one has been able to explain Paul
  8. Struth thats no good keep your chin up Does one of us need to get hold of Barry about this ???? I'll send him a PM perhaps Paul just sent Barry aPM for you about logging in hope he can sort it for you as a bit of out side contact will help to take your mind off your dramas ooroo
  9. Yep and to add a bit more even from end to end and side to side of this wide brown land trucks are built different and some look a lot different they fit them out a bit different over there but stretch it a little bit and a bogie drive a bull bar and some bull lights rip some of that plastic faring off and it would in fit pretty well and some more fuel tanks for a greater range I just googled the specs for a Scania 164 L I think it said 580 HP V8!!!!! did I read that ????? thats got some decent balls if I did read it right Paul
  10. Yep sure were Paul and I reckon they were and still are some of the best little motors ever made last for ever and run on the smell of a oil rag As to this truck in the video I wouldd have thought most likely a 6 cylinder Gardner and a six speed box of some type David Brown or something similar eitherway it was as good as the Pommy trucks got before they joined the EEC and screwed the rest of the Commonwealth Some people on a Pommy forum asked me what I thought about BREXIT all I could say was suffer in your undies, you lot made your bed now lie in it LOL Paul
  11. if you dont have no smoke you arent getting enough fuel to leave smoke This could be a range of issues if the fuel rack isnt moving all the way because the governor isnt working right this could be the problem Or maybe a lack of fuel from the tank If it was a lack of air it would be making heaps of black smoke as the fuel wouldnt be getting burnt because of a lack of air Or at least this is what my brain tells me Paul
  12. Thanks Brocky I am floored at this so just because you have been there a long time you get promoted and not because your any good No reason for someone young to try hard as you just hang around for a while and you get promoted anyway no matter how unsuited you are or maybe I have miss read this all Paul
  13. I dunno about the rest of them but Im just dumb I think And now a dumb question if I may what is "the seniority list" ????? and this is a serious question as I have never seen that before Paul
  14. Vlad, not all of those Macks had the removable roof and I'm guessing most never would have been unbolted in their life. But I guess maybe the thoughts were as most cars and trucks sold in Australia when these were new didn't have air con fitted. If you were to operate in a hot environment for a extended period, the roof could be removed. May also have been for better views when out about in jungle warfare. As I said, I only noticed this for the first time a year or two ago at Mack Townsville (Lavarack barracks is the big Army base there) and I asked the bloke from Mack what the go was. I had only ever seen one other picture of a R model with out a roof and it was on this forum and as a US fire truck. I reckon that the parade was in the mid 80's as the trucks were like new. Dunno though, I have newspaper clippings of it put away somewhere. Paul