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  1. Are these the trucks made in Turkey or some where around that part of the world Have read about them on here but brain must be over full as I can't remember the details lol Paul
  2. Alcoa 10 stud rims Or Budd rims you blokes call them I think I have noticed there are two types mentioned on here Piloted mounted or some such thing and the other type So this may seem dumb to you lot but apart from Budd rims on a old truck with double nuts and rims on a Isuzu that rims just clamped up really really tight these are the only two stud mounted rims on trucks I have had any thing to do with I gather the Isuzu was a pilot mounted jobby and the other was Budd as it had that stamped on the rims I have only spider hubs on trucks and trailers You blokes call spiders dayton or some such thing So can some body give me the low down on the ten stud jobs and the whats what and whos who of them Thanjs in advance fgor thw wisdom Paul
  3. There is some one asking what these are worth on a Australian forum, no one has any ideas Anyone know what this made or didnt make as was hoped for Give a starting point for the one in Australia Paul
  4. Thats how we unload tipper truck and dogs in Australia , even end tipper road trains can be done the same way
  5. Well there's lots and lots I could say but little point Watch out USA your manufacturing your in the firing line just as much as Australia Oh and just in case no body in other parts of the world knows The slang meaning of what Holden means H hope O our L luck D doesn't E end N now Sorry Holden and Australia it appears it has Thank the UN and their scum bag mates for giving all of us Australians the proverbial rough end of the pineapple, bastards didnt even use lube Paul
  6. Gotta rotate on the phone or what ever your using before loading them up Paul
  7. I'm still checking the mail box each morning for the new conventional Autocar to turn up Maybe I need a bigger mail box lol Truck looks really good, wishing all involved the best of luck Paul
  8. Im glad its all coming together for you. Its a big commitment taking this project on Should be all smooth sailing shortly with any luck Paul
  9. Im thinking you may well be right
  10. Well this is how it ended up Seller provided the stat dec which doesnt really mean much as a criminal type isnt gunna care about filling out a false document So I as agreed tried to pay the quite considerable amount of money into his account with details he provided me of his account This is many many thousands of dollars Anyway the payment came back from his bank as his bank rejected his account details I phoned my bank and they said I had all the correct details and all was confirmed as been correct and matched the details provided My bank suggested fraudulent activity on his behalf was the reason why, they wouldn't go into any further details but I felt they clearly new what was what My bank advised extreme caution before going any further and also advised me they thought it would be extremely unwise to proceed So I contacted the seller and left a message I heard back from him today and got a mouthful of abuse So looks like its not the car for me Paul
  11. Shall do seed If I get back to have another look I will go down this path At this stage I have pretty much relegated it to the one to avoid Or to be more correct the seller is the one to avoid Sometimes in life we are better off to just walk away from things Paul
  12. Fantastic stuff, Im impressed Thanks for sharing Paul
  13. As far as I know Scania are like Mack used to be and make their own back ends gear boxes and motors and the rest of the truck I stand to be corrected Scania are very well regarded in Australia as good bit of gear Paul
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