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  1. I tried a tig when I did all the body work on Mrs Mack but soon gave it the ass and replaced it with a mig and .6 wire and can weld up panels with little to no distortion not a problem And considering I had never used a mig before I thought this was pretty good I have only ever been a stick welding man until then and still prefer stick welding to mig but its growing on me but the tig has been retired after a couple of days LOL Paul
  2. mrsmackpaul

    Had some spare parts............

    Have a great trip
  3. I bought a porta power some years ago and wonder how I ever managed with out one Paul
  4. What a lot of people don't understand is that timing is critical for diesel and timing to each cylinder is even more critical Injector lines cant be shortened at all and if a diesel miss fires on one cylinder even a tiny bit it will mean that the motor is out of balance How much is needed to out of balance will depend on the injector line length As little as a few months ago I a injector line broke on the way into Dubbo (town in western NSW) the young pimple faced mechanic at the Mack dealer say's "just crimp it off" I tried to explain you cant , he wouldnt listen so in the end I trimed a little out and joing the line with some air line fittings to get me going Im sure we have all heard stories about motors running on 5 instead of 6 or 7instead of 8 for years with no drama , when pressed about these yarns they turn out to be bull, a motor will vibrate it self apart I am not a trained mechanic at all but I make it my business to know whats going on and to know how long things should take as it all costs me money and it doesnt grow on trees were Im from Something is wrong that no one else has looked at yet, all anyone has done is fix the symptom Like going to the doctor with your finger half hanging off and you say "I'm leaking blood" the doctor says just put some pressure on it , all good the blood stops but you question as to why when you take the pressure off it starts leaking again and no one bothers to put a stitch or two in to fix the problem You need to go back to basics and confirm everything is right at the very start of when this problem began, trouble is no mechanic is gunna want to touch this mess now after every other person has had their fonger in the pie I dont know about the US but out here there are very few mechanics left just people that change things over because they are told by the computer or forman Or buy your self some tools and a couple of workshop manuals and fix it your self, even if it takes months it wont matter because its been off the road for months now and cant do no worse than whats already been done Paul
  5. I have been reading this thread on and off for some time Are you sure the timing is right between injector pump cam and crank Has anyone dialed it in just to see ?? One thing for sure it isnt anything that has been tried so far as most things have been done a few times now and still no difference except the bank balance is a lot lighter Always go back to basics, something has had to have changed to start this and yet no one is really looking just changing stuff hoping to fix the problem There is a very good reason I fix all my own things and rarely pay anyone, I might stuff up but I will admit it and not bull shit my self and I also know what has been left and missed I rebuild truck and tractor transmissions motors and and final drives, I rebuild final drives and the like and rarely change every bearing, shaft or gears and my old buckets will work on full power all day and not let me down I make plenty of mistakes but I learn from them I would have bought my own tools long ago and maybe still not have fixed it but would have a far better understanding of whats what just saying Paul
  6. mrsmackpaul

    Selling products that don't exist.

    Thanks for that
  7. mrsmackpaul

    Selling products that don't exist.

    So what brand did you end up with ? and does it free spool to get the cable out ? The winch on Mrs Mack is Gearmatic and it has no ability to free spool and makes hard work for pulling cable out for general winching Paul
  8. mrsmackpaul

    Had some spare parts............

    Wow thats pretty impressive Paul
  9. mrsmackpaul

    Ol' Dozer is such a good dog

    good old pooch is patient as Paul
  10. mrsmackpaul

    maxidyne with no torque

    I had a recent problem the same as this and found the air line to the relay valve had worn thru in one spot She drove like a race car when fixed LOL Paul
  11. mrsmackpaul

    The Mack Worth

    came across another image on FB of this truck the other day dunno how they link is gunna work to FB but time will tell bit of a bugger not been able to upload photos no more as I reckon things are far more enjoyable to and easier to read with a yarn and pic or two to help tell the story Paul
  12. mrsmackpaul


    Im still planning the horse ride but not just yet, mind you the way things have been I wonder if I should have just thrown caution to the wind gone for a very long ride ???? I see all the back packer young people from all over the world back packing and working their way around Australia and am very envious of them, the world today is very different than the world I grew up in Even the way young people act is very different, we (as in my friends and family I grew up with) were bought up to be independent and make our own way in the world We were also bought up to never ask Mum and Dad for help and battle our own way thru things in life, Mum and Dad would be the very last people we would want to find out when things hadnt gone right Todays young people expect Mum and Dad to bail them out when ever anything happens and the very first people they call are their parents But I would like to go on the horse soon ish , also passed a horse drawn gypsy wagon on the hwy the other day and thought even that would be a very quiet way to see this wide brown land with a couple of draught horses plodding along Paul
  13. mrsmackpaul


    Everything has been going ok Things have been very crazy of late and very unsure of what the future will bring We sold our sugar cane farm in north Queensland after many years of trying and the wife and I decided we would take some time off and travel around a bit on a working holiday till we decide what we want to do Had a few family members drop off the tree in recent times and my Dads pretty cactus with the big "C" So wont stray to far for a little bit of time Wanna duck across the ditch to NZ to meet Tim & Kristen Maikshilo after yacking to him for some years on here and Skype and on the phone of recent years, it will be good to meet them face to face and shake his hand Lots to do and have had very little time off in the last 25 years and am starting to realize the end is hurrying up very fast have been driving a bus for a couple of months and also working as a electrician, we have been working 7 days a week 12 days but it wound up yesterday so am unsure what to do I was meant to go horse riding for 12 - 18 months and do the longest unbroken trail in the world the "Bicentennial National Trial" which goes for around 5500km as it's been one of them things I have wanted to do before I fall off the perch but cant bring my self to stop work for that length of time Bought a big Square baler to go with my round baler and will look at hay contracting this spring, also planted a whole heap of oats for hay as well last weekend and will plant another 70 acres or so at this stage Have converted a 40 ' shipping container into living quarters for the Princess and I to travel around in while we sort our selves out I have plenty of photos to share but my photo allocation is full on here now so dunno what Im meant to do about that now You will just have to look and dream I guess LOL Paul
  14. Ummm what gap ????? Never noticed a gap Having said that I reckon 22.5's are the way to go, cheap as chips ride better and a lot less flat tyres Even if you get a slow leak away from home just keep on topping it up with air and you can drive along fine with a tubeless but not a chance on tubed tyre Oh and the other one from what I hear from the states is you blokes are having lots of drama finding a tyre service that work on split rims now Paul

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