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  1. mrsmackpaul

    Wedding Pics

    Well it's to late to talk him out of it !!! Best of luck to the new couple Paul
  2. mrsmackpaul

    Australia's Extreme Heatwave

    Warm weather is nothing new to me, I have farmed every day for a fortnight over 46 c each day Yes it's hot, but I feel it's hotter if Im not doing anything As you can see by the map above, Australia has always been a tad warm, even before global warming lol Paul
  3. mrsmackpaul

    Identify this Mack

    Yes thats the reason, it was fairly common back in the 80's and 90's in NZ in a effort to reduce operating costs when empty Paul
  4. mrsmackpaul


    I very nich doubt any 1988 bogie drive truck would have been built without a power divider I dunno when Mack would have added power dividers as standard but at a guess it would have been 1930's or 40's I cant even think of any Mack bogie in a hwy size truck that I have seen that didnt have a power divider Even other brands pretty much all had power dividers by the 1950's in Australia Does your truck have a Mack bogie or some other brand Maybe take a photo of the trucks back end, diff centers etc and we can soon recognize what brand and of it does or doesnt have a power divider Paul
  5. mrsmackpaul


    It divides the power between the front drive axle and the rear drive axle It allows them to spin at slightly different speeds that will happen as tyres ware and just thru normal driving When the power divider is locked both front and rear axles will spin at the same speed and hard surfaces this cause the axles to fight each other putting a lot of strain on the drive line and can also cause the axles to jump and chirp etc as they unload the tension Paul
  6. mrsmackpaul


    Measure the new tyre diameters and as Seed has said make sure the power divider isnt engaged Paul
  7. mrsmackpaul

    U.S. Army orders new batch of M872-series trailers

    I find all governments find it way to easy to spend other peoples money when not really needed They must be gunna be real flash jiggers Paul
  8. mrsmackpaul

    Identify this Mack

    Yep as Seed says Paul
  9. mrsmackpaul


    You is pretty switched on as I and everyone else missed that lol I always reckon it would be great to spend a year were it snows for 6 months, the spring time and summer must be amazing as mother nature has such a short window to work her magic Paul
  10. mrsmackpaul

    IH 9670 Eagle

    I reckon these older mechanical trucks are nicer to drive and don'tcost anymore to run, I sometimes (most of the time) feel they cost less than new trucks to run Looks great and enjoy the ride Paul
  11. mrsmackpaul

    Limited edition Diamond T glider kit offering unveiled

    These are all good questions I guess with anything new a leap of faith has to be taken by all, the purchaser and the manufacturer I doubt they will ever sell big numbers but will sell them if they make them Paul
  12. mrsmackpaul

    New member

    Welcome to the forum Captain Paul
  13. mrsmackpaul

    Mack MV 620 D

    Yep this is the said beast Anybody ever been to the museum and had a good look at this jigger In one thing I read on google it said it had a V8 Mack motor I imagine it has a Mack front axle and a Mack ass end I wonder if it is airbag or not ? Certainly looks modern for the late 50's and even I would have thought well into the 70's Seats must of had plenty of room to only fit 39 people But it does mention a loo and kitchen so I guess a few seats vanished for them Thanks for the replies all I first read about this in the book "American Truck Spoters Guide" or some such thing and I seem to recall it had a cut away sideview picture Then again that last bit may have been another make of bus I would have a look myself or but I will be many hours away from my book for many months Paul
  14. I remember seeing in a book many years ago about this bus built by Mack as demo and used by Greyhound I have tried searching on here BMT and found only one mention of it Wonder if any one has any information or perhaps even point me in the right direction on here Paul https://goo.gl/images/n57X9A
  15. mrsmackpaul

    R model plowing thru water in Aussie

    No need unless you stopped and it cooled down and then it will suck water in Other wise all should be good on a short swim like this Gotta keep a nice gentle constant speed and should be ok Paul

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