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  1. Looks sharp Steve as I said I have seen a lot of these done (as in raised a few inches) over the years and its a very common thing out here theres only a few that have had this treatment or style of treatment as shown on the top of this thread Dunno what they was thinking but Im sure it seemed a good idea at the time Paul
  2. The cabs been raised the 4 inches no doubt for heat as in heat in the cab The R model cab floors get so hot when pulling hard for long periods that the floor and lower parts of the cab will burn your skin and you have to were shoes I have heard stories about thongs (flip flops to you blokes I think) getting melted to the go pedal Raising the R model cabs is very common here I have seen some R 700's done like that sort of several different styles of bonnet extension, but most just put a stainless or aluminium strip between the bumper and bonnet or leave the gap Dunno if its 86 model as I would have thought the value liner was well and truly out by then That one is as ugly as a hat full of assholes Paul
  3. Of all the worlds long distance trucking Europe TIR and the blokes that went to the middle east from Europe amaze me the most for a lot of the reasons mentioned above Fantastic stuff and thanks for sharing Paul
  4. Now if I was to come to the US were would I find these snow bunnies ?????? Paul
  5. I must stress I have no connection at all to this video I just came across this, this morning and thought "how wonderful a young bloke out and about spending time with his Dad" I come from a different time when we all thought our Dads were the greatest men in the world and wanted to be like them and wanted to spend as much time with them as we could I wouldnt mind betting young Kirk thinks his Dad is better than Super Man or who ever young blokes like today And it just so happened young Kirk and his father were out and about in Superliner A couple of things of interest maybe at about 2.20 you see young Kirk belting the rims with a hammer this is to drop the bull dust out that collects on dirt roads and packs in the rims and spiders but drops out when you slow to go into towns on the bitumen road again so you pull up and belt the rims so the dirt stays out of town We must have different height laws in Australia than the US as or trailers are a lot higher We hear all to often about the young generation are gunna be no hoapers or bludgers all to often but I dunno if we have more kids spending more time with their Dads learning a work ethic I think we maybe ok And they also get to see that as big and strong as Dad is work can still be shitty some days Paul
  6. nothing for me to say here the video says more than I ever could enjoy Paul
  7. Shouldnt be but you gotta adjust the drag link or what ever you call it that goes between the steering box arm and the doo kicky off the king pin end So you need to shorten or lengthen that link to the steering wheel is back facing the right way Paul
  8. because the uni joints are now out of phase I would guess and are binding as the uni's are on sharp angles Paul
  9. Struth I did about the same delivering hay to farmers just not burnt out Even had a cattle station send a bloke in to grab a semi load of hay Good job helping farmers out Paul
  10. A heck of a lot cheaper to run the little Crummins than than the 392 petrol Hard to believe people made a living out of these trucks and Australias biggest transport companies started with trucks like this Paul
  11. Nope not to me they arent but saying that I wouldnt want one either Im not a real bling type of bloke I like me spiders on trucks and enjoy a snooze on the ground as well And I reckon the 6 bangers are a lot better motor than the V8's So I guess I better duck for cover now Each to their own I guess but not my cup of tea Paul
  12. Baz I think your onto it the air starts out here I have seen all have to non return valves (check valves) in series on the fitting you hook a air line to on the air start tank it's self and these are the ones I have had to change I could pour a little bit of water down the inlet and watch the bubbles slowly form But if that didnt fix it I would try everything you have mentioned and also check the air lines for any damage or chaffing Maybe a little squirter bottle with some very soapy water might help Paul
  13. Some interesting thoughts there. I didn't mean to open a can of worms. A thought that was put to me a while ago was they don't so much teach kids today to spell at school as much as we once did and they don't teach maths anymore to the same degree no more long division and things like that. Anyway a friend who is a school teacher was at a wedding and a person at the table was getting all very opinionated about this and how the teachers should all be made to start teaching kids these things these day and if they don't they should all be sacked and on and on it went. Anyway this school teacher friend of mine told this bloke she was a school teacher and while she under stood what he was saying a lot of schooling from 30 years ago isnt worth teaching as the relevance has left the world and spelling is fast becoming one of those things as has long division short hand driving a type writer and the list goes on and on. My point is maybe learning to shift gears is going to become a thing of the past and maybe thats not a bad thing either maybe learning to drive with out only 300 HP isn't a bad thing either I don't know though. I do believe learning to operate anything were you can feel whats going on gives future operators a much better understanding of the limitations surrounding what they are trying to do and in return make them a much more efficient operator. I also noticed a film clip the other day that Macks biggest selling transmission is the M drive today so that has got to say something on its own. Paul
  14. Swishy described this torque HP issue once best it went something like this "HP is how fast and hard you hit the wall and torque is how far thru the wall you go" please forgive me Swish man if I have that all wrong Paul
  15. NO NO thats different that sounds like a whole heap of fun to me Paul