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  1. That's a hell of a reach on that pump Or at least to me it is Paul
  2. Nope sorry no idea what you jokers are talking about No need for snow chains or what ever you blokes call them in this part of the world Having a high this week of 46 or 114.8 in the old money Paul
  3. Was watching the old movie "Strategic Air Command" the other day and it looked like they were driving tankers like this into Stratoliners, I think they are called Big cargo planes took the whole semi and then used I gathered for in flight refueling of the then new B47 bombers Great old movie from a different time when people put their country first I hadn't seen it for 30 or 40 years and still as good if not better than I remember Sorry got a tad off topic Paul
  4. Same bloke makes the molded flares etc for R models https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/profile/548288394/?ref=permalink Paul
  5. I feel its the yellow tube, and it comes with different colours I could have the tube colour wrong They make a huge range of products, the black one that sets like rubber for under lights etc There's a white one like seam sealer f oir joins in body panels I use it , Sika brand pretty much exclusively. It costs a bit more but I have never had it not work as intended even when using as not designed My last used was on a truck steering wheel a few weeks ago The molded rubber outer was loose on the steel inside due to age and heat Pulled the wheel off, flipped it upside down, drilled a whole heap of 1/4 inch holes every couple of inches around and pumped it full of Sika flex Cleaned it up best I could and left it over night Morning time it was as good as new Paul
  6. The lights on my R model have the writing on the inside of the lense so you can only tell what is when it lights up You seem to have a lot more lights than mine Did You get the fiber glass dash from the fella at Toowoomba or somewhere else ? Paul
  7. A friend of mine builds tilt trays (roll backs in the US I think you call them) Anyway he told me never to use silicon as it contains acid I think he said and makes paint etc rust badly He got me onto Sikaflex as it doesn't contain this acid or whatever it is that causes the corrosion Seams to work fine so far Paul
  8. Sikaflex, the black rubberized stuff Pull the lights off, put the Sikaflex underneath screw back up Smooth and contour with your fingers I know its not right and some die hard people on here will be having conniptions, but if on a budget needs must And you can get it apart later when the budget is healthier and it will make it water tight and to 99 % of people will never know I have used 1/4 inch gasket paper to make door trims and cab liners Like most things, they arent perfect but pretty darn close and if you cant buy the real deal they work pretty good Paul
  9. I always understood that one of the reasons manufacturers put curves and the like in body is to give them strength and top stop a lot of noise and warpping etc This ute doesnt appear to have it Deboss garage did a segment on this jigger It is huge and will be hard to park anywhere in Australia, dunno about the US but Richard seems to think this will be a problem in Canada and he lists a few other issues Paul
  10. Ok that maybe a little harsh but Mack E6 and Mack trans are mounted in three spots Unless that chassis is twisted up like a Twistie I very much doubt and can not see how it can be the problem You could bend it side ways and as long as those three mounts line up reasonably well it will be fine I have never worked on a heavy truck were anything even remotely lines up once they have a few years on them I need jacks and porta powers sometimes just to get things apart and back together and still have none of these dramas Truck flex and twist a unbelievable amount in their day to day lives and dont have these dramas It isnt your chassis As we say out here "tell him his dreaming" Paul
  11. Unless Im dumb and I am If it has a Mack motor and trans a bent chassis wont have effect This vibrates and chaters etc when your not driving it says on page one or two Theres a lot of wives tails BS going Mack trans hangd off the motor People are way over thinking this Paul
  12. Yes Terry Joey and auxillary are the same thing Paul
  13. Well Im impressed Looks very original and the tow hitch on the rear has come up well The only negitive is it isnt in my ownership Its gunna come up really neat Keep the picks coming Paul
  14. How would I contact them I'm thinking I need to research this a bit How does a normal 34 camel back ride compared to a inverted camel back Do we have anyone here with actual experience and not just word of mouth on the ride difference's Thanks in advance Paul
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