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  1. time to pull the muffler off I reckon and have a look in there Paul
  2. and some more if the exhaust manifold is leaking that should be a pretty big hint as to where the problem may lie
  3. were the blades spinning with the motor running or did you make them spin by hand ??? Have you run the motor with the air intake hose of the turbo yet??? and if you have did it still smoke ??? I seem to recall some one on here had a collapsed inter cooler some time ago
  4. with air cleaner hose of the turbo start it and run it and see with your eyes if the impeller is spinning Grey smoke generally means you have a air restriction on either the air going into the motor or the air going out It is most important you check it running with no air cleaner hoses connected to prove that it is on that side If that is done and it still blows grey smoke try the exhaust at the turbo just run it for a few seconds Once these two tests are done it will prove that these parts are or are not working right Paul
  5. looks sharp I wonder what it sounds like with them big exhausts Paul
  6. if you couldnt keep uni joints in with a 453 how is a 6 53 gunna fix this problem ???? I hope your checking yoke angles as you go as this seems to be the main reason unis fail all the time The little 53 series are something you either love or hate and Im most likely on the wrong side for you the 71 and 92 series are much more pleasant to drive for any distance Good luck and keep us posted Paul
  7. They were some brave men back then. I don't know they achieved a whole lot but would no doubt boosted morale back back in the US after Pearl Harbor. I saw a documentary the other day, can't remember where. Anyway, it was about the battle of Okinawa. The figures were staggering, almost impossible to believe. The amount of people that died in a very short period of time and most committed suicide rather surrender, whole families jumping off cliffs, just mind boggling. The US troops would have had mental scars for the rest of their lives that experienced that, something I hope no one will ever have to go thru again. Sorry have taken this off topic a bit. Paul
  8. Hey I cant see the pictures ????? IMG something comes up Paul
  9. no more information then ???? Paul
  10. Some big bird dumped a whole load of white stuff on your truck I though all the snow would have buggered off by now, shows how much I dont know Paul
  11. Well Miss Winfall welcome to the forum Unlike some others I dont care if you have a new truck or a old truck its the way you handle the knobs and finger the wheel that make the truck driver Unlike these other so called gentlemen on here I will ask because I care , did you ever have any luck with that bra ????? You know what they say the redder the truck the smaller the um ................. load Good luck with that bra and let us know if still need some help Paul
  12. Well thats no good I guess we all fall off the perch at some stage A very funny bloke
  13. I noticed I havent seen you on here for a little while Vlad I had just assumed your life was like mine at the moment, very busy but didnt ecpevt you to be out shopping for parts Welcome back Paul
  14. Me thinx you may be right and they will have there hand in your pocket before they reach there target and if they dont reach me also thinx they wont give you a refund Wot sez you Swish Man ???? Paul
  15. I have missed so many birthdays on here of late so you two must be special have a great day Paul