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  1. I'll keep a eye on the mail box Paul
  2. Who ever is driving that blue one second from the bottom looks like they can barely see over the steering wheel Paul
  3. Yep It's official, I'm jealous Paul
  4. Yeah Vlad they are pretty special Aussie thing They had banana backed ones as well with curves in the rear wall of the bunk for trailer swing Paul
  5. Can never be to brite Vlad, Im sure it will be quite impressive when done Paul
  6. saw this for sale Genuine R model high rise Mack bunk I think only Mack Australia had their own bunks Just encase you are wondering the section missing out of the bottom is for the air start tank Let me know if you want more details Paul
  7. As usual Vlad, love your work Thanks for sharing Paul
  8. FB link doesn't work on this of the world Paul
  9. Scares the heck out of me as well The clowns running Australia have changed the laws for not only bank bail puts but also for bank bail ins The banks can sieze any and all assets that they have a interest in and borrow against your own equity in your own house or car or what ever They can sieze your deposits They can do all of this to keep them selves afloat with out even telling us And what about 8f the interest rates fall bellow zero we will be paying them to store our own money Its a flipping mess and is gunna make the crappy times of GFC or 80's look like childs play if this goes pare shaped Paul
  10. I feel, and Im probably wrong, that most people dont really care how well a truck is done or how much was spent on it Its all about having for me Paul
  11. Well thats great news Got twin pipes that finally turned up last week Been waiting a fare while, like 6 months and few false starts to get the made and chromed I'm not saying your telling me porkys but I dunno if twin 6 inch pipes is gunna make Mrs Mack any quieter lol Not sure if I want her quieter lol Paul
  12. Does the the government supply the yippie beans to keep the eye lids open as well ?? Paul
  13. Dunno about the video, sitting at airport waiting to catch the kero kite to plant a mate and it would be rude to watch it in the airport But that last line I feel is pretty much spot on The future will only tell us how bad it was The media are out of control here as no doubt they are in the rest of the world The sun will come up tomorrow no matter what we do And Coranavirus is the proper for the common cold apparently And there's a covid number of your choice for every year for decades Covid 19 is 2019's version of man flu People need to get a grip Thats all Paul
  14. Looking really good Vlad You'ved delved into a R model cab further than Great stuff, just hope you remember how it all goes back together Paul
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