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Community Answers

  1. Great news, if it had the steering on the other side and in Australia I reckon it would of sold before the ink was even dry on the add Paul
  2. Well your President forgot who our Prime Minister was today https://www.facebook.com/9NewsAdelaide/videos/219021400282953/ Dunno know whats happening over there in Yanky land but this joker might just a tad past it Paul
  3. Good for you, and I do say that with the greatest of respect You set a goal and you achieved it And you should be proud of what you have done Good luck with it all Paul
  4. Or perhaps this one ? http://eucrownparts.en.gasgoo.com/auto-products/1994565.html Paul
  5. Well have you just tried googling it https://www.swedishtruckpartsshop.co.uk/r8035-flasher-unit--relay-premiumkeraxmagnummidlum-16578-p.asp Gotta put Renault at the front instead of Mack, not sure if this is what your chasing or not Maybe chuck up a photo or two of the relay your after Paul
  6. Well I'm gunna fly against the wind here no doubt If you own a house you invest in it constantly to maintain it in good condition, not because it is cheaper to do than buy another house and let it fall apart around you So my answer to your question as to if it is worth while ? 100 % yes it is A well maintained house were everything works as it should is a pleasure to live in just as much as a well maintained truck is a pleasure to drive So to me it's a no brainer Things arent and shouldn't always be about dollars and cents Paul
  7. Your doing amazing work, I have never seen a Brockway in Australia of any description, I do know they sold them out here in the late 60's to early 70's as I have seen the adds for them but I have never seen one with my own eyes so this is all new to me Thanks for sharing with us Paul
  8. The air system is no longer plumbed correctly after it had a new frame put under the truck Im guessing the air lines were pulled off and not put back in the right spots Paul
  9. Probably a dual plate flywheel machined out to take a single 15 inch clutch I have done this before on GMs to get things to match, I doubt a 285 was ever offered with a single plate clutch as I feel the torque would of been way to much for reliable service in a working truck Paul
  10. Im impressed, you've done a heck of a job there Paul
  11. I'm pretty thick as most here know, if your getting 25 pounds boost are you still making smoke at this boost ? If no smoke then it can only make more power with adding of more fuel, or at leasts my understanding of how the show works With 24.5 tyres and 4.17 gearing I doubt it will feel like a race car no matter what you do to the injector pump Paul
  12. Good for you and all involved That 20 years went amazingly quick Paul
  13. It shouldn't really matter if the inside of the spider is worn or spacer is a tad bit out of shape the outside wheel should be able to run true pretty easily I haven't had many dramas over the years, if any trying to get them run true Some times I gotta back the nuts off to pull it up a bit on one side, but all in all I never felt it was to difficult Paul
  14. Ah well I guess it as they say, "if you want a job done right do it your self" Nothing more to add here Paul
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