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  1. KS

    no doubt doing something like that he has his finger on the pulse of all things in the truck world Paul
  2. Old Aussie Iron

    Brocky the IH and Chrysler relation ship went a lot further than most realize out here A lot of Chrysler motors were cast in the IH foundry at Geelong and as such have a IH logo cast into the Chrysler block and no doubt other things as well Things were a lot different back then in Australia as no doubt it was in the US as well, before the days of cheap imports the demand was so great for a lot of products that there was waiting lists, Holden the all Australian car had three shifts going just to try and keep up My the world has changed since then Paul
  3. KS

    he might be recovering from the shock of the all new Mack LOL Seriously though I do hope all is good with him Paul
  4. OK peoples the next lot of dribble is ready for your viewing pleasure Paul
  5. well I like my crumple zone out the front , dont need a huge big thing but feels better to have something rather than nothing A tip turbine coolpowered motor 450 hp 2000 ft pounds like my Mack 12 speed OD but go a bit newer and do away with the second stick 58's in the arse end work a treat camel back I like AC would be handy double rails Spider wheels not a lot of bling And air start
  6. Bulldog Airlines

    Wow I have had a quick glance at this thread before but that pin is pretty cool looking thing to me And welcome to the forum aabeck Paul
  7. Ford Flathead Tractors

    how cool is that V 12, I cant think of what they are Lincoln or some such thing , there's one a dragster at our local radiator place 1 1/2 hours from the farm and a whole heap of other cool stuff Paul
  8. The All New Mack

    I think the same crew the said the Edsel was the duck guts put them poxy mirrors on the bonnet Talk about ugly, just more shit to see around, FFS a farm tractor has less crap than that out the front even with a loader and three bales of hay on the forks I think Swish has the answer send the design crew back to ABBA land, maybe give them a job checking the parking lights in Volvo cars Paul
  9. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    thats a good old photo Swish man , dont think I have seen that one before thanks for sharing, I do like the old S model, dont think I could afford a door handle for one these days, seems every joker likes them almost as much as D5N Dodges with a 6V53 Paul
  10. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    I know nothing about this at all, but according to Swishy a person much wiser than my self, he reckons grease them when they are on a jack with no weight on them at all and cycle it from side to side I think the idea is this allows the grease into the bits that it cant get to with weight of the truck on it Paul
  11. Yes mate, low ratio for heavy loads was 5.73 when new I think its 5.29 ?? now Paul
  12. not much to say really except it takes 10% of the time to get 90% done and 90% of the time to get the last 10% done Paul
  13. Well would you believe there is some confusion???? We have sold our farm and need the Mack to shift among other things and we had to be out of the main shed by the 1st September, but that ended up been a major stuff up as the new owner told us we had heaps of time and we can have the shed till the end of Sept , come the 27 or 28th he calls the Princess and asks how we are looking to be out by the 1st and she told him not good as he said we had till the end of the month The new owner promptly lost the plot a bit until I stepped in and told him we will work with him as best as we can but when things change he needs to tell us (I aint a mind reader) As it turned out we were out by the 10th of Sept this involved a lot of early mornings as in starting at 3.30am and working to 10.00pm, not a word of thanks from the useless prick but then again pricks are pricks the world over I think and for some reason once people become a prick they tend to stay that way for life Anyway next video is ready so go on put your self asleep with this dribble seeya Paul
  14. Turbo down

    If the turbo was new I would say unlikely Everything to me points to a air leak between the turbo and inlet manifold , either something not put back together properly or something damaged Paul
  15. Don't you blokes worry. I'm thinking about the deadline myself Monday. Paul