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  1. Almost correct, we are also governed by the rule of law And that law is our own lawn written by us for us, not by the Queen or the King Paul
  2. Dont take this the wrong way, I cant imagine anyone in Australia doing that, we take politics very seriously but in a very different way than the US We may even take it a fare bit more seriously than America Well it's not long now until your President knows his fate in politics Paul
  3. I did have Tapatalk on the old phone and got it just for the forum Honestly I couldn't tell the difference When I say old phone, this is my first phone and it was smarter than me so I bought a cheap simple phone for me to learn how to use a phone I found it as frustrating as all get out at first but over a few years I learnt more about it and it has prettty much replaced the lap top Paul
  4. So do people get paid to tow trailers about for the election or are they just passionate about it ? Please excuse my naivety but US elections to the rest of the world are very different Paul
  5. Just drive it home the longway Thru Canada, Alaska, Russia then across Europe and the Channel Batta Bing Batta Boom, simples and one heck if a adventure to boot Say Gudday to Vlad on the way Paul
  6. Not a lot more that I can add here Some times quality is more important than quantity Paul and some photos that are freshly flogged from the interweb for alex g
  7. Lovers are gunna love and haters are gunna hate I wouldn't care either way, as long as your happy thats all that matters And tubeless are so much more reliable, dunno about ride but you will get at least 100 times less punctures than tube tyres Enjoy the ride Paul
  8. Mrs Mack is talk to the "Black Bitch" The Black Bitch got me interested in R models some years ago
  9. They are a thing of beauty, much much sexier than a B model or R model The lines are just perfect to my eyes Very very sexy indeed Paul
  10. With a 200km radius for the FE and 300 km radius for the FL it should be a winner in almost all city type operations Even in Australia's sprawling cities it should be a goer I hope this goes well for Mack and they are sold out here Paul
  11. A Fourth coloured dog I didn't see this coming, all the anti Volvo talk I would of thought that this is the last thing that they would do Paul
  12. There must of been a fare few Macks running around in that part of the world once I wonder how many survived ? Great stuff Vlad Paul
  13. Oh ??????? Well as long as it's all worked out ok for you then, thats a hell of drag raacing figure out of the box Sounds to good to be true, I hope it all lives up to your expectations Paul
  14. That is quite the car, pretty sure Packard made a copy of the Rollsroyce Merlin during WW2 for the PT boats and no doubt other things as well And it was a lot more reliable than the Rolla I seem to recall reading once Paul
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