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  1. 1975 t1070b wont move when in gear

    What is the air regulator pressure set at on the transmission air supply ? If it is set to high it will leak no matter what you do I seem to recall no more than 60 psi After that maybe put a kit thru knob Paul
  2. Twin air cleaners

    I doubt bblind spots are a drama as I reckon the mirrors on a R model cause more of a blind spot The drivers side air cleaner you can hardly see from inside and the passenger only makes it a little worse around the pillar Paul
  3. Yes they were to NZ as well as exported from Australia to NZ Paul
  4. Anthem production

    I noticed on faceless book the other day Lego have released a Mack Anthem I guess its for those who couldn't wait Paul
  5. Project - drop deck trailer

    Tiz very red which I guess maybe a lot smarter than white if you live were it snows Came up very nice I reckon Paul
  6. Fun times ahead for you two for sure I hope thebook goes well for you 18th hey ? I best start the trip now or I will miss the big event lol Paul
  7. heres the vehicle that was broken down, a AB triple road train And once I passed him in the mirror you see the cutting (ledge) form just in front of the broken down truck
  8. Well Im buggered If I know I can appear to load a image across from faceless book but the forum only allows a tiny image at the moment so would have others to share but I hadnt put them on face book so you can just close your eyes and dream Paul
  9. Ta muchly Swish Man As you can all tell I aint photographer or film maker or any thing else of much use but I'll keep on trying till Im given the ass LOL Anyway will try slinging some more photos up well this is all the forum will load up at the moment so this is at Lightning Ridge NSW Bloody photo loading has become a challenge Ah well Paul
  10. dunno no more photo space for today ????
  11. then had to put Mrs Mack up on blocks because the grease plate is higher on the dolly then Mrs Mack and the float has no wind down legs So Mrs Mack was up on blocks as we say Next we head off First stop Belyando Crossing Sorry only photo of Mrs Mack hooked up I think, pretty piss poor Then onto NSW or as QLD people call it Mexico (south of the border)
  12. Well back in sweaty north QLD again Some photos of Mrs Macks trip south had a seal to fix before heading off came with giant speedy sleeve so chucked it in but not the new seal as the old one was only a few thousand km's old and it looked fine Guess what it leaked from one end of this wide brown land to the other LOL
  13. Vlad I just backed of the pedal a fare bit and let her crawl along gently because if I stopped I would have been in a real mess Something happened like this one day coming into Emerald when Mrs Mack jumped out of high range first with 90 ton plus gross and I just lifted off in deep reduction at not much more than a idle and we still tore bitumen up Also broke a bolt out of the carrier bearing support that time End of the day even with only 320 HP damage happens pretty easy Took more photos but having trouble loading them up
  14. So we climb to the top of the hill pull up hitch a ride back in ute Turns out the computer had sweated during the climb (guessing the computer got to hot) Anyway never gunna be a problem for Mrs Mack Some more useless info crossed the Hay plains and it's reported to be the flattest spot on earth and is the only spot that you can see the curvature of the earth whilst standing on the earth
  15. so there was a roadtrain Jack knifed on the road with trailers and stuff everywhere A over size load is coming down the range so I back off and let him thru first and then into it as best as we can and as we crawl past on the wrong side of the double white lines because if. I stopped I would never lift off As I pass I can see old mate is trying lift off as and is just wheel spinning on the bitumen and smoke is coming off the drive tyres big time