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  1. No smoke out the exhaust means no fuel I reckon iys something very simple Like the sleave on the stop cable has shifted in its clamp and now the arm cant fully return Or maybe the bolt and clip or what ever it has on the wire or cable has slipped or is catching on something not allowing it to return
  2. Injector pump cut off soleniod if it has one might be cooked Paul
  3. If its diesel I would start with making sure that the injector pump fuel cut off arm is fully swung back around into the running position The can catch on the housing Paul
  4. Thanks for that Mack Muster in March and off to Alice Springs next year for 20 th reunion so thought I best glam up the seats a bit Paul
  5. Anyone have a part number for these Never know what we might have in Australia Paul
  6. On Facebook at the moment there is a B model that has been done up Has classy looking seats with dogs embossed on the back rest Anybody know what these would have come out of ? Paul
  7. I like others find it interesting that a country like the Soviet union could operate with such restrictions We complain about the restrictions we have in Australia but I think we are very spoilt and we just dont know it Paul
  8. Fantastic story Vlad You journey a long way for your toys like me Last trip I did was over 5000km round trip for a trailer I had been searching for for decade's The things we do for our hobbies Paul
  9. I never new this, I have never ever locked my truck and have never thought to Paul
  10. I have used a crow bar on jaws to pop them open on grease plates (fifth wheels) that have been a trailer sitting for decades If you hold the handle out with a chain block or come along, so the fifth wheel cant relock and then as said, apply the trailer brakes and work it back woulds and forwards it will no doubt release pretty easily Paul
  11. Came across this the other day Some might find it interesting, if you do watch it read the comments and it will give you some idea on just how badly we treated our troops from Vietnam Our veterans have given us the freedoms we enjoy today, people poo poo Vietnam and Korean wars, what people fail to realize is that we may very well be communist countries today as these unpopular wars really put the brakes on communism Have a look if you like I still have trouble coming to terms with the way we treat our veterans and their families, it still isnt anywhere near good enough in my opinion for what its worth Paul
  12. Well I can see the purple now Looks good to me,sure is some decent size chimneys you got going on there Great stuff and thanks for sharing Paul
  13. You obviously are so wrong here MATE AUSTRALIA is the greatest country But been that you are obviously a American and not a Australian I cant expect you to know or understand 😉👍👍👍👍 seeya Paul
  14. Im having trouble picturing the finished colour at this stage Looks like a great job and huge amount of has gone into the cab so far Am really enjoying watching this build Paul
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