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  1. mrsmackpaul

    Mack Anthem Veteran Truck

    2.64 ass end must only dragging lite loads or there isnt many hills? Paul
  2. mrsmackpaul

    The Mack Worth

    Yep sure did You blokes call them flip flops, we call them thongs or pluggers, Kiwis call them jandles ??? And pluggers were and still very common foot wear among a lot of working class people as standard foot ware I was in them today and have spent most of my working life in them Paul
  3. Clearance light switch out here turns outer bullet clearance lights on each side as well as the clearance lights on the mirrors Dont think the US has clearance lights on mirrors like in Australia ( but could be wrong there) Paul
  4. mrsmackpaul

    New to BMT

    Welcome to the forum Joe Paul
  5. mrsmackpaul

    6.2 V8 Chev diesel

    Shall do
  6. mrsmackpaul

    6.2 V8 Chev diesel

    Unlikely to happen but you never know Paul
  7. Fantastic stuff I wonder did Ford in the US offer custom built trucks to this degree ?? I Lindsay Bros (you can see one of there LTL's in this clip) had Aeromax trucks specially built with combination sleeper and cabs to save a few inches so they could be used on B double work Paul
  8. mrsmackpaul

    bailing leaves with a round baler

    I cant see why not, probably wrong but if the windrow is big enough and even enough I cant see why not Paul
  9. mrsmackpaul

    6.2 V8 Chev diesel

    Nah mate, but the next video series has sort of started some months ago Just gotta get some more done before publishing Have been a tad busy The motor is in my mates Landcruiser and he is the fella that painted Mrs Mack Paul
  10. I think something people dont realize today is that when all these trucks were getting used everyday for a living this was rarely a problem as the trucks rarely stopped for longer than 8 hours, so as long as the air held over night all was good On the odd occasion I have gone to start the truck after it has sat for a month or so during the wet season and it held air and other times they only just have enough air left over night to swing into action I have often wondered why there is no gauge to monitor the air tank, that way you could see if a problem was devolping and if your parked up for a while you can start the truck to recharge the tank if needed I think maybe the reason the start tank fills last is because before the days of maxi brakes on trailers it can be very important to get the air up if get stuck on a steep hill Paul
  11. mrsmackpaul


    Gudday and welcome Paul
  12. Yes The last bit of the air system to be charged should be the air start tank This is my understanding and every Mack I have had anything to do with is the same Paul
  13. Can you pull the air line off that supplies the air to the tank before it reaches the non return valve and put it in a bucket of water and and look for leaks I also pour water into the air line fitting that you connect a air line to refill the tank as most times it points upwards Check the O rings on the main big air solenoid (you can unscrew the cap on the bottom) I lube it up with vasoline as I dont think it perishes the rubber Apart from that unbolt things and put the whole tank and fittings in a stock trough or borrow someones swimming pool and you can check the whole system I guess Paul
  14. Not sure how the US Macks are plumbed In Australia the most common cause of what describe is two non return valves on the T on the air tank Or the solenoid valve Or a rubbed thru air line in the start system Gotta remember there is only 4 valves a tank and two air lines on the setups that I have had anything to do with Paul
  15. mrsmackpaul

    cab mounts

    Sorry mate, bad Australian slang Having a crack means to really have a good go at trying something, nothing at all to do with cracked cab parts Paul

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