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  1. Excessive Blue Smoke

    air intake hose collapsing in under vacuum down the big hill causing it to scavenge air from everywhere else and drawing in some oil with it Maybe pull the air intake hose of at the turbo and take it for a run down a big hill and see if its any better, sort of eliminates a whole heap of things Paul
  2. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    Maybe a key way on the driven pulley Maybe the belt driving the pulley is slipping But if you can hear cavatation that points to air getting in the system to me or maybe a blockage on the oil supply side thats floating across the inlet every now and then But Im way out of my depth here Paul
  3. The Aussie Valueliner

    some more for your listening pleasure
  4. The Aussie Valueliner

    Here you we like our Valueliners so much blokes have made songs about them
  5. Ok peoples time for some real dumbness now I have even worked out put music on the video, so it may help to keep you awake as you watch or listen to me dribble on like the fool that I am Any the Mack has progressed a fare way since the last video (I think ) ???LOL So here you go sit back relax and with any luck you will have a laugh , I know I did Paul
  6. Be aware that if it hasnt been running for a while maybe the rings are stuck in the pistons and it may not be the end of the world if you can get the cylinders to fire I would pull the injectors and join the to a injector line out of the motor and see if they are working when you wind the motor over Also a hydraulic porta power and a pressure gauge can be used to see how the injectors fire and at what pressure they operate at if you are somewhere with no test benches near by
  7. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    Looking at the diagram above I think maybe you have the supply and return lines confused The reason I say this is that I would have thought the supply lines come from separate supplies as in each valve for each side and on the ones you have marked they share a common supply So maybe your missing something on the supply side here as in the spool valves might be leaking the air in And plus a filter is normally on the return line otherwise the filter would have to handle a couple of thousand pounds of hydraulic pressure Anyway maybe some thoughts there and maybe I have no idea as I dont muck about with these so maybe best not to listen LOL Paul
  8. Contemplating transmission upgrade in my truck.

    Im no expert on transmissions, I dont have all the numbers in my head, Im not really that smart But having said all of that I have rebuilt a few transmissions in my time and these vary from little car types to 4x4 to trucks like my Mack farm tractors dozers etc and the list goes on I have never found that every single bearing is stuffed or that all the gears and shafts are worn, most times its only a few things that are badly worn and a lot of the selector linkages and forks can be built up for little cost and when I have done these I wonder to my self why I put up with it for so long ?? I find most times its only a few hundred bucks in parts and a week or two of time the one exception to this was the 12 speed in the Mack, I replaced the high - low air split gears and that was a couple of grand I seem to recall but its a huge job to drop a triple counter shaft box out in the drive and I figured it would last me out when done So I guess from all my dribble here Im suggesting maybe look at what is badly worn and see what linkages can be built up and ground back into shape to make it nice and tight and smooth and rattle free The only quad boxes I have driven were fairly quiet if I remember rightly and the sticks didnt rattle all over the place either Paul
  9. I would expect compression figures in the 400 psi range Paul
  10. Im not the sharpest tool in the shed and some might even say Im a few kangaroos short in the top paddock but you need to take a step back and study the facts of what you know We know the injector pump is reasonably well timed if not timed spot on and is more than likely correct after checking it so many times We know the injector pump isnt 180 degrees out of time as if this was the case diesel would be coming out the inlet We also now know that injectors 1 and 6 are getting fuel We know the injectors are working as this is all the smoke coming out the exhaust in the form of unburnt diesel We dont know if these two cylinders have any compression ?? We dont know if the valves are sealing ?? We dont know if there is metal in the sump ?? theres some really good advice been given here in the post above and thats were I would start Paul
  11. Back the valve adjustment off on the two cylinders and see if it runs better If no better I reckon you need to compression test the motor and see whats going on I would expect all cylinders to be within 50 pounds of each other on a good motor Paul
  12. When you crack open 1 and 6 does come out at the nut ???
  13. Sorry been a tad busy on the farm and havent looked at this till now Did this run fine before the injector pump was changed or reco ? What was the reason for pulling the pump off at the start ? What was done to the injector pump and why ? If you pull 1 or 6 injector and clamp them to a injector line does any fuel come out and if so is it as it should be a fine high powered spray ?? If these injectors dont fire then try swapping them with others that do to see if its in the injector or pump Gotta start at the basics here I think Paul
  14. Swish man the Princess wont go on a cruise no matter how hard I push I do have some plans of what I might do next You jokers wont believe how dumb I am, you are gunna have to wait till the next video to find out why Let me put it this way , my dumb ness is due to fact that Australia is so dry Paul
  15. long awaited work shop finally started

    Maybe need to resize the picture, as in the amount of pixals, and I have no idea how to do this on a iphone I was trying to load something up the other day and end gave up Paul