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  1. I dunno my ass from my elbow as you would all know I dont believe they make anymore power but remove solids as in water and dust If anything if not fitted right they make less power as a vacuum can be created at the rear of the cab and a lot of COE Kenworths and no doubt some other brands shifted the intakes to up near the front of the cab to eliminate this Paul
  2. can you use the spray can crack testing method type of thing for cracks We can buy the cans of dye in bearing suppliers out here It would be a shame to put it back together and still have a problem Paul
  3. I would like to like this but I dont like it at all This same thing has happened a few times with a few brands in Australia and it leaves people that bought these high and dry and with almost worthless trucks as whos gunna buy a truck brand that isnt even around anymore Paul
  4. From Kiwi land
  5. I think you will find it wont unless it has more fuel to make a bigger bang As the air is cooled it gets denser yes, but it wont achieve any extra power unless that air can be put to work by burning more fuel We all reckon things go better at night as the air cools but I think it mainly has to do with breeze dropping so the wind resistance is a lot lower Anyway that's my understanding but I could and most likely do have this all ass about Paul
  6. I wouldnt think so Tim The only way to get more power is more fuel no matter what anyone says if all is working ok changing intercoolers wont help unless you change the injector pump settings to add fuel Paul
  7. Brocky cane bins in my area are designed to carry either 5 or 6 ton, but they fit 5.5 ton in the smaller ones and over 7 ton in the larger ones They haul up to 200 bins or maybe a few more and the whole train is un braked as we use roll on roll of to get them on the trucks and down to the paddock and back out again each bins weighs about 2.5 ton empty Some trains have a brake van in the middle or on the end in steeper country The harvest in our area is over 8 million tons of cane so thats a lot of little cane bins and the operation runs 24 hours a day harvesting and hauling cane Paul
  8. Pretty cool stuff Vlad thanks for sharing
  9. great stuff and thanks for the reply Dont be shy to share details as well as photos I find it all interesting Paul
  10. done deal looks the part and Im sure it will go the part as well
  11. What wall is that Paul ???
  12. I have seen quite a few photo's of Australian woman with guns near a truck from this era People were a lot tougher back then than we are today Having said that we dunno whether hubby had got on the turps blown the dough at two up ( a Aussie coin game ) or maybe just was talking about trading the NR on a B model LOL Paul
  13. are ready for some more yet
  14. Did you know ???? Paul
  15. So do you use these reamers on a power drill ??? I have never seen or used them before Paul