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  1. Some Australian ones that were working in the Kimberley region (north western Western Australia) notice the bunk on the back, "Star Light Motel" East Kimberley Transport trucks They sure tough old jiggers that worked hard back in the day Paul
  2. They were never big seller's in Australia, however considering how few would have been sold a surprisingly large amount seem to have survived And it's even more surprising considering the extreme conditions a lot were operated under
  3. Good onya Barry and co It's good to see patriotic people proud of their nation
  4. Mack dealers in the US are very different than Australia by the sounds of it as dealers out here are only to happy to help no matter how old or difficult it may seam or at least that is my experience I reckon I could walk into any dealer and order R model rails if I had the chassis number Yes they would cost a few bob, but if we want Mack Australia to support our old junk we have gotta pay for limited stock items to be made and held Paul
  5. NZ has many custom buses as described, or at least I have read about many over years in Truck and Bus magazine They had half bus half goods carrying that worked in conjunction with their railways In the Otways (the part of Australia I grew up in) the local bus company had at least one bus like this I did a quick Google and Im guessing like most things they have been bought out and shut down and erased from history One things for sure, them kiwis are custom builder's of most things and appear to have much straight off the shelf stuff Paul
  6. Nope, not gunna forgive yah 😉
  7. Just so I understand this correctly Air is going down the exhaust line on the stick when you shift it into high ?? Have you checked the O rings in the splitter knob ???? If a regulator stopped working or someone had the pressure to high it push the O rings and seals out of their seats and then the air circuit is mucked up Paul
  8. At a guess I would think it's more expensive to manufacture as on a V8 you have 8 heads to machine as opposed to two or 4 on a E9 So at least twice the setup for machining and twice as many heads to machine Paul
  9. And it's cheaper to make one head to fit all configurations of motors whether its a 1, 2, 3, 4, or what ever the case maybe This single head per cylinder was pretty common in Europe on trucks tractors and just about any type of diesel engine Paul
  10. Anthem looks a lot better with a decent paint job and as already said, no snail antennas Paul
  11. Thats a very clean swap and a a very clean leaker A lot of Mack purists will have coniptions about this swap but I like it as thats what trucks and trucking were all about once Paul
  12. If your talking petrol with ethanol I would question those figures I have run E10 (10% ethanol) in my petrol vehicals ever since E10 came out and have never noticed any difference in performance or fuel economy Both old carby motors and new EFI motors seem to run the same High compression motors are a different kettle of fish, but normal 10 - 1 compression motors are fine in my experience Paul
  13. Dunno if you have seen this or not, I haven't noticed it on here before Don't know if it still classifies as modern, stumbled across this on YouTube yesterday Paul
  14. Thanks for the replies, I'll look into it further If we want to keep running older trucks we all may have to look into this one day Paul
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