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  1. mrsmackpaul

    new way of living

    Things have changed so much I never had a mobile or cell phone as you blokes call them till Christmas time So flipping frustrating at first, but it has got easier And as for kids having them, when they can earn enough to buy and pay the bill on one then they can have one And the mums of the world say " what happens if his car breaks down, wha t.f happens if he is late or is in trouble or ....." I always thought learning how to deal with these things was called growing up and becoming independent I guess Im just getting old Paul Good call France
  2. mrsmackpaul

    Mack Trucks Australia

    And that boys and girls us why Mack are still selling like hot cakes in Australia Build what the people want and it will sell People don't want poxy mirrors hanging off the bonnet (hood) They don't want some poxy add that tells people it's "BAD ASS" People want a truck that pulls like a train, looks good, is cheap to run, and runs for ever Dunno why Mack North America don't get this anymore Maybe their hands are tied ???? Do what you do best and do it well Paul
  3. mrsmackpaul

    The Dubai Road Express | Legends of Long Haulage

    Fantastic stuff this From a part of the world I will only ever imagine and a time It barely new Thanks for sharing these videos Paul
  4. mrsmackpaul

    SCREAMING 12 Speed !!!

    Well you need to think what is spinning in those gears that isnt in the others The needle bearings in 4th and 5th dont spin if your in that gear So it maybe a needle bearing in one of the other gears Does the noise go away when you back off ? Paul
  5. mrsmackpaul

    SCREAMING 12 Speed !!!

    Sounds like a it might have a crook needle bearing on 1,2 or 3 If it was mine I would drop it out and lift it apart Paul
  6. mrsmackpaul


    Many older Australian trucks wandered all over road and you tack ed like yacht when driving, or least thats how I have heard it described Have been told the castor angle is wrong from new as it makes it much easier to steer at very slow speeds as trucks never had power steering Have been told that changing the wedge in between the springs and front axle helps a lot As for changing gears , lots of real good advice here Slow down the changes ,use the clutch and if you make a mess of it coast to stop and start again We all gotta learn some time Paul
  7. Rain or no rain it is good to spend time with family doing SFA as the buggers grow up and leave all to quick Out with the old fashioned board games and have fun with the family Paul
  8. https://www.awm.gov.au/wartime/83/article-one Well I didn't know but now I do know just a bit more Have a read if the link works and you may just learn a little bit more about Australia's and America's history together about something that doesn't even rate a mention today To all that served and to the love one's of those that served thanks for trying your best Paul
  9. mrsmackpaul

    The Dubai Road Express | Legends of Long Haulage

    Loving this , great stuff and thanks for sharing Paul
  10. mrsmackpaul

    The Dubai Road Express | Legends of Long Haulage

    Fantastic stuff, Im also looking forward to part 3 Paul
  11. mrsmackpaul

    The Dubai Road Express | Legends of Long Haulage

    I have the "Destination Doha" film ,when I get a chance and find it I will load it up There is quite few good films from this era from around the world on long distance truck driving and oddly I have never seen any US ones other than Hollywood type films
  12. mrsmackpaul

    Another new guy

    In a truck for heavier type work, like most old trucks out here it will be rough and tough and no show pony by any stretch of the imagination, but will rarely if ever work much at all Paul
  13. Is there still a market for a petrol motors in trucks in the US , hasnt been in Australia for over 30 years Paul
  14. mrsmackpaul

    Another new guy

    There was I think you blokes call them a L model on here with a 6 110 for sale a few years back that had hair drier hanging off it that the add said made 450 hp The reason I asked was Im on the look out for one for my next project And yes I will punish you all with some more videos if I can get all the bits and pieces together lol Paul
  15. In NZ there is gunna be a book pn Mack in NZ produced and is a one off run of a 1000 books Less than 500 are left to be ordered The book wont be printed till 2022 to coi cide with 50 years since Macks were made in NZ I have asked the bloke running the show if it was ok to share the link here and it will have his email address etc to place a order https://nztrucking.co.nz/be-in-quick-a-limited-edition-book-to-take-pride-of-place So get in quick and I hope the link works ok Paul

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