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  1. If you think its only one axle I would check the air pressure on a the other axles and the suspect one to check they are all the same I would use three gauges at once to check everything is balanced Also I would check the slack adjusters are all pinned in the sam e hole And that the S cams are all spinning freely, they should super smooth and be able to turn them by hand with the shoes and springs putting pressure on And they should roll back smooth and gentle with just the shoe sprongs pulling them back Paul
  2. Whats the proble, gotta know were to help if we can Paul
  3. I was led to believe that shutters were there for after climbing a big hill and you ran down the other side the the water didnt cool to quickly and crack a head I'm guessing this is even more important when working were it's very cold Is it even a concern on a hobbie truck ? Probably not Paul
  4. If you have a half decent piece of paint from the interior left you could just get it colour matched No one (including the so call experts) will know if it isnt spot on as it cant ever be put exactly bedside another cab interior Paul
  5. Flash as a rat with a gold tooth that one is
  6. When your talking cold, what sort of temp are you talking Cold in Australia is different than other places around the world As to the oil I cant advise if it's ok or not I would check the air pressure and make sure the regulators are working correctly I would as check the filter and the exhaust to make sure it is clear Paul
  7. Success, Looks good and hopefully will serve the purpose just fine Paul
  8. Watching the new Bond movies was one of the things I really looked forward to It appears I couldn't even be left to enjoy that, the political correct fun police have taken that away as well Paul
  9. Well 2020 is turning out to be pretty crap indeed Apparently the new James Bond is going to be the actress Lashana Lynch https://www.insider.com/lashana-lynch-coping-backlash-first-black-female-007-james-bond-2020-11 The world has gone mad Paul
  10. I would of thought thats really good buying Paul
  11. Yes I gotta confess Im very jealous lol Looks fantastic Paul
  12. I dont know and it isnt any of our business, I was just checking to see if he was ok as he was pretty common feature on here for as long as I have been part of the forum I hope he makes it back here all ok when he gets a chance Paul
  13. apparently they were tried and found to fill with dirt etc to easily in Australia so chucked another air cleaner on Paul
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