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  1. Temporary bridge over the Murray river the old lifting span bridge is been repaired The centre section lifts to let paddle steamers thru
  2. Swish to sand blast both the trailers and dolly and repaint in the brown and beige is on the list of this to be done not enough time at the moment though Paul
  3. When I rebuilt my cab I replaced the rubber seal around the door with rubberized foam Seals better and no rattles Also when I replaced the carpet panels on the lower door they press on the gusset in the lower corners of the door opening
  4. Well new brakes, upgraded to maxi's on the trailer, new shoes new drums , led lights, new rocker boxes, fresh donuts and the old McGrath finally passed a roadworthy inspection Now to super glue a ring feeder on the back and she is good to go And some other photos of this end of this wide but brown land All this work is been done on Mals farm my very good friend who sprayed Mrs Mack So a big thanks to Mal and his Mrs "Mrs Mac" for putting up with me for a week or so Seeya Paul
  5. I reckon the green seal is better, however I think either are correct I have s seal leaking in the ass end at the moment and a seal like the red one turned up from Mack So I dunno Paul
  6. 1975 mack

    Dunno what part of the world you are in but in Australia there is ajoint in Brisbane that has all the answers for Australian Macks Paul
  7. Unloading the dolly at Kerang will chuck some fresh treads on the trailer in the morning seeya Paul
  8. Returning back to Kerang with trailer and dolly
  9. When is said events Swishy ?? Am heading further south to pick up a trailer and dolly then need to sort out some rego for them before heading even further south before heading back to the top of this wide brown land Heading south from home on the Burdekin river bridge Heading of the Barham bridge on the NSW Vic border near Kerang two two things of interest 1 it appears Molly never sleeps 2 no Pixy mirrors like on the Anthem sprouting out of the bonnet seeya Paul
  10. Swish man I'm far enough south now Wheeled her into to the not so sunny Kerang Funny thing about them Steco wheels I had tightened them a few times but when I found this last crook tread I noticed it was as tight as I could get them and the inner rim still moved The fella at the tyre service said this is common with these old cast steel wheels Dunno ?? , but the bugger ain't shifted since the rod was added to the spacer
  11. Well I would like to say all is going to plan but a few flat tyres on the float and here I sit at Coonabarrabran NSW waiting for the tyre place to weld a 3/8 ring on a spider spacer for the float Miss Molly thinks her seat is tad Small to lay down on
  12. Interior turned out real good , the Princess and wife number 2 ( the Princess's friend who bosses the same and gives me no nookie LOL) did a real good job Did 900km today with only a few minor problems and all caused sort of by a bald clown that wears glasses 1 heading south of Prosipine it started bucketing down and flicked on my new wipers and bugger me the drivers side didn't work Turns some clown didn't line the clip up right in behind the centre of the dash , Miss Molly couldn't understand the problem as see could see fine out her side next problem some fool had the fuel tanks off the truck in recent times and after 500 km the truck went all quiet like because the said fool never turned both taps on between tanks The last problem was caused again by said fool he had just put me tyres brakes on the float (low bed , low loader , low boy ) and even though they were adjusted up right when he left home after a few 8 hours or so of driving they needed readjusting , but oh no the same said fool thought he would do it first thing in the morning when it's all nice and cool Never guess who rolled thru a red light in Rockhampton ?? Needless to say after this the brakes were adjusted as soon as some where safe was found armatures lol seeya Paul
  13. Well it has been a little while since I have put other stuff up The truck is all pretty much finished ready to roll She passed rego not a problem I have meant to post some more stuff but havent had a chance to make a video so heres some short dribble Also been dicking around with the float and its back on the road I have lost a month or so with the weather of late so am a fare way behind at the moment and am about to head south to drop a lod and grab anoth trailer and dolly and head north to do a few loads south between now an Chrissy [ And some more with some gear chucked on the back ready to head south for a few days before heading back north seeya in a few weeks with any luck when Mrs Mack is hooked up to a road train for a month or so Paul
  14. Eye Test

    or that smart