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  1. mrsmackpaul

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    Swishy this was my first thought lol Paul
  2. mrsmackpaul

    Cool, Little Project

    Im pretty sure there is air worthy amd flying connie at Longreach air museum that was used on the Kangaroo hop as it was known (London Sydney) back in its day And John Travolta also had one paunted QANTA's colours Paul
  3. mrsmackpaul

    M1000 tank transporter

    What size pin is the 5th wheel A 2 inch pin is good for over a 100 tons on road train or low loader Some blokes use a 3 inch pin but they arent as common Paul
  4. mrsmackpaul

    wobble after brake job

    I reckon this is were I would start
  5. mrsmackpaul

    Tan plastic headliner

    You can still buy them new in from Mack Australia, but at a $1000.00 each I gave it a miss Paul
  6. mrsmackpaul

    Testing twintrailers for environmental gains

    Looks vaguely familiar Paul
  7. mrsmackpaul

    Mack ETB 673 Vanuatu Islands

    Kato was first sold and imported to Australia by WESTCO the same company that owned Mack Australia up until the 80's All the bigger Kato's were mounted on Mack chassis at the start Paul
  8. Wish them all the best with the venture Paul
  9. mrsmackpaul

    They knew over 100 years ago

    There's a few problems with this grand plan First is we are already over crowded for my liking ( I like my space and freedom) And all these jokers are gunna be a tad bit thirsty as we are already running a tad bit low on water now If we spread the rainfall of the whole of Australia across this wide brown land I have been told it would only average about 4 inches Best solution to population control is marriage and kids, either of those two put a hell of a damper on the romance stakes I had a fella ask me some years ago if I believe in aliens?? This is not a normal question to be asked so I gave it some thought before I answered I told this fella that I reckon there's a very good chance we might be the aliens as in most sci fi movies I have seen the aliens wanna come and rape the joint till its buggered and the shoot thru It appears we are doing a pretty good job of that our selves Anyway enough thinking from me lol Paul
  10. It wont be the input shaft as the clutch plates don't slide on the shaft If it is in the bell housing area it would be the carrier that carries the throw out bearing binding in the housing it slides on or the fork catching some how When and if you drop the tranny again measure all this stuff your self and dont rely on a mechanic to check this as most have no idea these days Paul
  11. mrsmackpaul

    They knew over 100 years ago

    A very interesting thing came across faceless book the other day The M.I.T I'm fairly sure is Melbourne Institute of Technology , was called the R.M.I.T back in my day Paul
  12. How does it bind, I dunno with out looking my self It sounds like tbe clutch isnt fully returning when you take your foot off the clutch Im thinking it is something between the out side of the box and the clutch pedal and maybe as simple as a build up of dirt and rust on a pivot I would completely disassemble all the linkages and make sure all are as free as can be a slide silky smooth Check all linkage adjustments and make sure nothing is traveling over center I would imagine there are very definate measurements for each adjustment No doubt someone here can help with that info FFS means for fu ks sake and SFA means sweet fu k all Very common day to day speaking in Australia Paul
  13. FFS , your clutch is binding , thats why your clutch aint lasting two tenths of SFA as its slipping when it's as soft as a custard tart(hence the shudder etc) The couple of lines of info you shared here is pretty important stuff Is the clutch cable, hydraulic, mechanical or air assist ???? Paul
  14. mrsmackpaul

    Had some spare parts............

    if you got a bit of aluminium round bar and drilled the right size hole and then cut it in half on the correct angle wouldnt this then give you two collars Buff them up with in a inch of their life and they would look like chrome to my untrained eye just a thought Paul
  15. mrsmackpaul

    Darwin Award of the Decade??

    Well when I read the word vegan I new this was gunna read about some people who think they are far more enlightened than anyone else in the world and from what I have learnt are delusional at best I have had to deal with a vegan of late and my goodness what a challenge , I learnt I raped my dairy cows, caused many years of suffering by taking their calves, also learnt Im a cruel person for having dogs or my horses and on and on they go So turns out the world isnt as kind as he thought, perhaps if he had spent more time in the real world rather than hiding behind his "glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige" he would have learnt that the world has plenty of people that will kill ya as soon as look at ya and you need to have your wits about you in the real world One good thing about people like this is that even i look sane compared to them Biking thru ISIS held territory, yeah thats smart, they wanna kill all of us, you gunna be safe as houses there for sure LOL Paul

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