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  1. Maxidyne, you mean like this? Mack MR triaxle dump truck. 73,280 GVR.
  2. I have an engine here that had a jake and a tip turbine but have not found the adapter, so I may not have it anymore.
  3. I might have these parts if he no longer has them. I know i have an air cleaner and the ducts off of a DM for sure. Would have to check on the tip turbine though.
  4. I think i might have a complete trans laying around that was working fine when we took it out. I can double check if you are interested.
  5. I have an T2080 that is giving some problems with the range shift. Works fine in low, but will not shift in to high most of the time. It is like it is shifting into netural. If you keep trying eventually it will go into to high and then it works fine. Also, is it possible to take the back case apart without pulling the trans? Thanks for any advise, tips, or tricks! Thanks
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