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  1. Cab swap question

    Not sure if that is worth the trouble if the cabs before that work without issue? I haven't been in a 08 or newer.
  2. Cab swap question

    That was the threat I got the idea from lol not sure if anyone has ever do something like this. Be something very unique. Question is will any cab in those years work or would it need to be from CL bc of the way the hood lines up on the firewall and how the cab air ride works. Cv has bags on each side and cl has one in the center.
  3. Cab swap question

    My door jams are dark gray before they started paint matching them. I prefer the gray over the paint match jams. So putting a newer style cab that came off a let's say a 05 CL can't be done?
  4. E7 eng brake

    i come from a background of modifying cars highly for racing and street use. i only like to have the best within reason (not suffering reliably). if im going to take a part off to fix anther part and they make a better part(s) and its already off i will replace it for a better performing truck. i take pride in my truck. yes it has all the chrome and lights on it and not in a tacky over done way. all my trucks have been like this. when i custom ordered my CV713 in 2005 it was a big thing. Mack took it shows. big poster was in the sales department. in the Mack news letter and parts mag. i think i still have a copy somewhere lol my CL is coming up on almost 20 years old and stock parts are starting to show some age and im wanting to redo a few things. change it up. upgrade things while im at it.
  5. E7 eng brake

    question- if you go buy a new oil pump now do they only sell the high volume or do you need to request it? since they phased it in does it just become the shelf part. i dont see why they would offer both now since that one is better and was put into service to take the place of the older one.
  6. E7 eng brake

    dam. wish i knew about that oil pump when i had my pan off to install new gasket.
  7. Mufflers

    I will need to replace the y pipe under the cab soon. I usully replace everything when I do that. Wish I knew what mufflers I installed last time but it's been 10 years almost lol
  8. E7 eng brake

    Can the powerleash setup be installed on the older motors (2000)?
  9. E7 eng brake

    what year did they add the external oil lines? i have a 2000 year motor and my cousin has a 2001 i think and he had oil feed line that i didnt so then i had it added. the engine brake on my 2005 375hp Alison 6spd auto felt alot stronger then the one in my 2000 CL 427hp
  10. Not sure which section this question belongs.... Is it possiable to do a cab swap on a 2000 CL? I was thinking about getting a 2005 or whatever year of CL that had to newer style inside and doors and putting it on my 2000 CL. Has anyone done something like this or know if it will work and wire up?
  11. AC 427 swap to E7 427

    That's good info to know. Be nice to buy a newer truck with the newer cab (inside) and swap everything out of my 2000 CL and into a 2004 if I wanted to. Hmmmm
  12. thats a good read. my truck has power divider which never seemed to do much. i have seen some Macks without that opt and me with and them without didnt see a difference. now with that said i do think having DIFF LOCK would benefit my truck (my CL is a dump truck) alot more bc i drive on alot of different materials unlke a OTR type truck where they spend 90% on a road. Mack factory dumps should could standard with power divider and DIFF LOCK.
  13. Mufflers

    thanks for the info. how often do you think they should be changed? my are almost/just about 9 years old. not rusted or anything on the outside. not sure of the condition on the inside tho.
  14. E tech vIII 400 upgrades?

    The stuff I have read about the blixxton 200 said it was a waste of money. Not sure how true that is tho. Never used it or have known anyone that has.
  15. Mufflers

    Yes please get me the part numbers when you guys can. Thanks. I replaced my whole exhaust system like 9 years ago. I will need to be replaced here soon so want to start buying what I need. Cost me $1200 bucks 9 years ago (i have dual exhaust) from turbo to tip piping and all new camps and hardwear. I don't mind little louder if I gain performance from it. Wish i could straight pipe it but I can't bc of my cab shield is full size and not the narrow one which sucks but I'll just have to work around it. I was just looking at the Pittsburgh power mufflers. Any Good?