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  1. No. Not yet. Going to this weekend when I have free time. Is there a fuse just for dash lights?
  2. also if someone know which wires power the lights for all that i dont mind jumping it and putting it on its on switch.
  3. on my 2000 CL713 when i turn on the lights at night none of my gauges light up or switches on the center dash part light up. all gauges and switches work tho. anyone know the reason for this or what it could be?
  4. I sent you an pm about your pictures. Sorry it took me awhile. Been working none stop. Didnt have any hoilday off season this year.
  5. I have bought from watts before. And it has nothing to do with the dealer being bothered. They are changing over. Getting rid of people. It's happening in alot of places. Just a matter of time is all. This was never a problem up until 5 years ago when Volvo came in hard and changed everything and let people go.
  6. all the could do which tool them a week to do after bullshit back and forth is give me those numbers i posted in my first post. thats all the info they have in there system. my VIN does nothing for them anymore it seems like and just within the last month they said they got new computers and are deleteing alot of mack only stuff (like older macks like mine) out of it. like i said. having them find into on a exhuast part or even a water pump is a nightmare
  7. i wish that was the case for me but sadly it isnt. this is nothing new tho. this has been going on for the last 5 or so years. its gone down hill and it have heard it for many and even some people on here. im sure it will catch up to everyone at some point. i didnt think it would happen to me either until they let go of all the old timers there that i seen for almost 20 years buying from there. one time i went there everything was good and the next time i went all new people and no one knew jack shit unless its a volvo part. cant even tell you how many times they gave me parts for my CL and it was a for a volvo. they dont even know that doesnt belong on my truck. thankfully my truck came from the factory with dual exhaust bc trying to get parts now to make it as such would be a nightmare. i had to replace the pipe right off the turbo. it took them a month to fine one and when they did it was for a volvo. i had to go crazy to get the dam thing. they all looked at me like i have no idea what im talking about or wanted to act as if my truck doesnt have it. as if my turbo doesnt have an exhaust attached to it lol never mind the ordeal with computer shit or even rearend parts. its a shit show at best.
  8. i havent called anymore else today other then mack and thats what they told me and give me those numbers. was at work all day. i guess i will call Sheppard and see what they can do for me. my only issues is i cant have the truck down. thanks again for all the help guys. really sucks the dealer offers no help for these older trucks anymore for many parts. just getting a simple exhaust part nowadays has turned into a huge ordeal since the dealer has no idea what your talking about or have people working for them that never even seen a CL and there systems dont have part numbers for this old of a truck or no longer making parts. i have both these steering boxes and rebuilt one more axle and replace my exhaust and my truck will be set. i have replaced/rebuilt/upgraded every other part i could other wise from front to back on this truck.
  9. in need of 2 new steering boxes for a 2000 CL713. mack says they dont make anymore. left is - 20QC4328M right is - 20QC378AM does anymore know where i can get them or who makes them or some sort of info??? can anyone cross these numbers with other numbers? these are the mack numbers and they dont seem to come up anywhere.
  10. i just talked with them. no adapters are included.
  11. wish they would write that type of info in the ad. i have looked at a couple diff ones and none say anything. im sure they all fit petes and kw's but macks are always the odd ball when it comes to this type of stuff in the aftermarket world i have learned over the years lol
  12. anyone know if these will fit? https://www.iowa80.com/pd/universal-acheater-slide-control-knobs-3pk/08905/ im not sure if the mack used a standard side or what
  13. i need a new set of HVAC knobs for my 2000 CL. anyone know where to get at set or maybe what aftermarket set will fit? i was told by mack they are no longer made.
  14. mackpro did mine, think i said it in my first post in this thread, i could be wrong. he did mine but hes no longer with mack as he also posted here so dont think thats an opt for you any longer.
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