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  1. i have a 2000 E7-427 on a 460XT tune {490hp) with a 8LL trans in a dumptruck. i shift at 1600 as well. seems right to me.
  2. Already did that. Didnt last for shit. I rather (if I can) buy a whole new one. Very few people around here take pride in there work and they are just screw you over. Had it happen on a rebuilt turbo and few other parts I had rebuilt instead of buying new and always regretted it so now I just buy new or upgraded when/if I can.
  3. Any options on a brand new rad? Mack told me they dont make them anymore.
  4. im not sure, havent taken anything apart. was just looking at it yesterday. mine is still the same one that left the factory in 2000 lol
  5. can some help me find out what part number my water pump is so i can cross reference with PAI? they seem to be one of the few that make USA made water pumps still. dont want no china junk. also if there is a bigger/better upgrade i can install would be nice as well. 2000 CL713 E7-427
  6. oh ok. never heard them called upper and lower before i need the upper for the passenger side then.
  7. i tryed looking them up but couldnt come up with anything. not sure im searching for the right name or maybe they just have them for the other models but not a CL
  8. Anyone know where I can buy the hood/fender fares on a 2000 CL? The black plastic pieces that are bolted to the sides of the hood. I'm really just sick and tired of dealing with dealers at this rate. I rather just buy from else where if that's an opt. Part number would also be nice.
  9. Didnt get a price at the dealer here since they didnt have any. I called watts. Think they gave me the same price you said. No other places around me have them either. And reason why I asked if they are USA reman bc I seen then remaned from diff places. Not only in the USA. These where right from mack as well.
  10. Are they rebuild here? Think I was told the USA rebuilt ones are done in PA.
  11. new or reman 313Gc5227MX (thats the reman USA made number mack gave me) dont want any from china or Brazil or any other place that might make junk lol i seen a set from both thats why i say that.
  12. anyone knows the best place to buy the EUP?
  13. whats the best way to install a permanent fuel pressure gauge in a 2000 CL? what type of gauge should i look into? what line should i tap into?
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