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  1. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    mackpro did mine, think i said it in my first post in this thread, i could be wrong. he did mine but hes no longer with mack as he also posted here so dont think thats an opt for you any longer.
  2. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    oh lol yea you would need to buy the whole truck if you want that part and even then i might not sell it with the truck and just install the 427 ECM in it lol i just cant go back now lol
  3. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    like how much it cost to get programmed or to buy it off me?
  4. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    im sorry to hear that mackpro. sucks things have come to that for such a great engine and great Mack mechanic that you are that know the ins and outs of them. alot of people have Macks in my area. from old superlines to brand new trucks. closest dealer is over an hr away (one way) and most diesel mechanic here are not the best when it comes to mack stuff. someone opening there own shop thats mack based would be a life saver for many guys. samething happened to the dealer here. none of the old timers are left. all gone and all the people there dont know jack shit. they barely know how to fix things on the new stuff.
  5. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    i dont know if id buy a computer like that only bc id want to make sure it in fact has the program on it that they say plus some changes might need to be made for gauges and whatnot. turn stuff on or off depending what each truck was speced from the factory. as far as who can do it mackpro should know about that. hes your best bet and can guide you with that. he works for MACK.
  6. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    from the factory my truck is a E7-427hp (heavy o/o spec) which has the same setup as the 460hp motors just different programming. i had it upgraded to a 460XT file which is not the normal 460 file. the 460XT is 490hp and the regular 460 is 460hp. going from the 427hp file to the 460XT (490hp) file was night and day. felt like a whole different truck. didnt have to change anything else since my truck from the factory comes with the same parts. what i did tho was bought a whole different ECM and had the 460XT programmed put on that new ECM and kept my original ECM with the 427hp file on it so now i have both bc the 460XT is becoming very hard to have done since Mack will not release it most people and so i could put it back to factory settings if i ever sold the truck or had a bad ECM i had a spare for backup. as far as differences its like i said before. i would sold the truck without that 460XT file lol. i was very disappointed with the 427hp file. some people like it and some dont. it didnt work for me. from the day i bought that truck i didnt like the power but once it was uprated to the 460XT it was a whole different animal. not something id put in the hands of a newb bc he will tear shit up without a doubt. it makes more power all over the RPM range. i now gets out of its own way. traffic has to keep up with me now. not the other way around lol the down side is that MPG has dropped from 7mpg to around 5.5mpg which is a trade off im willing to make bc of how unhappy i was with the 427hp but i can always go back to it bc i have both ECM's. you going from 350hp to 427hp im use will be night and day as well bc thats even more of a drastic HP change then i did. whats nice about the 427hp file is the MPG it gets and its safe. wont have to worry about braking shit and the truck will run forever. coolant temps and pyro temps will always be safe as well. if the truck is not in tip-top condition the 427hp file wont find the weak link, with the 460XT it will but i keep my trucks at there best. all the updates/grades that have came out with over the years have been done whether its better oiling system or better pushrods. you name it. id had it done.
  7. 2000CL713

    Water pump

    good to know! still deciding weather to go with the PAI or reman. see what the dealer prices are first. in case anyone is wondering the PAI part number for the water pump that fits my truck (posted above) is a EWP-3367. after i have did some digging. please make sure you do your own research to make sure it fits your app.
  8. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    yea. like stated just sending him a PM and he will reply back to you. sometimes it takes him a bit since im sure hes a busy man as someone with his knowledge would be but he will get with you or he will post in here. hes helped me out alot (and mack technician) with my questions and tbh if it wasnt for his work on my computer i most likely would sold that CL bc i wasnt happy with the 427hp file but your going from a 350hp to 427hp so you should be happy with that. big jump for you. hope everything works out. have your year/model/vin ready bc he will need that info and whatever upgrades you have done.
  9. 2000CL713

    Can Mack dealer program ecm for ETECH?

    the OP seems to have gotten the same run around i did when i wanted mine done. thanks to mackpro for hooking me up been a year almost without a single issues with his work.
  10. 2000CL713

    Water pump

    how are the new PAI water pumps? i have used that brand before with good luck.
  11. 2000CL713

    Water pump

    iv had a few things from them that i had to replace 2 or 3 times but this is also a dealer that cant for the life of them give me the right parts without going back 5 times bc they keep giving me Volvo parts lol im not sure how my vin comes up Volvo or when they see its a Mack CL713 they think Volvo, been dealing with this bullsh*t for the last 5 years doing this sh*t from them. they use to be a good dealer but then all the old timers left in parts and everything went to shit. and yes this is the pump from 2000. never changed.
  12. 2000CL713

    Water pump

    i haven't had the best luck with reman sh*t from mack thats why i wanted to see if there was something better to get.
  13. 2000CL713

    Water pump

    Need a new water pump for my 2000 CL713 E7-427. Mines original. What's the best one on the market I can get?
  14. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    https://store.reliableindustries.com/heavy-duty-truck-and-trailer-parts/mack/pai-mack-61kh436-gear-bull/ https://store.reliableindustries.com/heavy-duty-truck-and-trailer-parts/mack/pai-mack-61kh436-gear/ can anyone tell me what the difference is in these two?
  15. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    anyone know the part numbers for 3.94 bull and spur set?

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