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  1. What Are Y'all Using For Filter Brands?

    they must have changed then. years back they where WIX i know and my none of the NAPA gold filters i ever bought where white. only white filters i ever bought where WIX brand.
  2. Pete/Kenworth trucks

    thanks for the heads up. how do you like the truck overall? has it held up well over time? wish you had something diff or speced diff?
  3. Pete/Kenworth trucks

    how has your c13 been? any issues? most people say to do the single turbo swap and new tune file.
  4. What Are Y'all Using For Filter Brands?

    WIX makes a dam good filter. i think napa gold is also a rebadged WIX if i recall. i usually just got to the dealer and get the set in the box. to lazy to cross reference numbers with other brands. i should do it one day tho to see the price diff.
  5. Pete/Kenworth trucks

    good to hear alot of people like the KW T800. we are looking at alot of those. but i have to admit i hate the slop of that hood lol going to be a challenge to make one of those look good lol would be nice to get a T800H. those seem to have a short flat hood with set back axle but they are hard to fine i have hard. worse case get a T800 with both breathers outside (slopped hood). so stick with the 2008-2012 isx only? or are the order ones just as good with the c-13 and c-12.
  6. 2000 CL713 door panels

    still looking...
  7. 2007 AMI 370

    let us know how the new injectors feel.
  8. how often to grease

    years ago before the market crashed and we worked alot more we greased 2 times a month. now we grease every few months. we work 5 days a week but not as crazy as before. when we do grease most of the fitting are still full and push no water or anything. i have a 2000 CL713 tri axle dump truck.
  9. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    Anyone ever get the part number for the 60 series turbo to use?
  10. Pete/Kenworth trucks

    What year are the t800s? Also which cummins and auto?
  11. Pete/Kenworth trucks

    my father is looking into getting something different for himself. hes always drove Macks mostly. he had one sterling years ago and maaaan was that thing a POS. he also had a volvo 880 OTR truck as well all decked out. very nice truck. he wants to get a pete or a KW but hes leaning mostly towards KW only bc they seem to have little more room in the cab from front to back but either truck will do if they are within his specs. he wants an auto and no emissions bullshit. him nor i have ever owned any KW trucks. what are models/years/engines to stay away from? dump truck is the type of truck we are looking for in case anyone wanted to know.
  12. auto swapped CL

    Mind sharing what you did? Maybe picture?
  13. auto swapped CL

    sounds like it would take someone that knows all the systems to make it work right. age hasn't been nice to my clutch leg lol
  14. 2000 CL713 door panels

    Looking for a set of dark blue door panels for a 2000 CL713. Manual windows. Without backing taps broken or ripper out. Might even consider black ones if both are in great condition. Wouldn't mind new if someone has.
  15. auto swapped CL

    i have never seem or heard of one coming from the factory with one. would be cool if they did. i wouldnt mind swapping one into my 2000 if possible.