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  1. 2007 AMI 370

    any update on this?
  2. Engine Wanted.

    kinda surprised they speced a 350 in that app.
  3. E7 heads

    i'm not sure whats years off what motors are interchangable when it comes to the E7's. mine is a 2000 E7-427. is there a certain year head that will fit my motor what is better then the rest or where they all made the same when it comes to flow and strength???
  4. MP8 power upgrade?

    ill drop you a PM when i get home. don't want to hijack the OP's thread.
  5. MP8 power upgrade?

    Mackpro's dealer is out of Paducah KY area.
  6. MP8 power upgrade?

    my dealer i use (orlando mack) use to be really good but in 06 it went to shit and has just gotten worse and worse since then. its sad really. back in the day you could walk into the parts department to buy parts for a whole diff brand of truck and they would kindy order it for you. its gotten so bad that all the people that been there for years have quit. they cant even fine a part much less help you in anyway. like you ask for a part and to them its like they never heard of it before or giving you parts that belong on a whole diff truck. they have no common sense that said part doesn't even go on that truck. cant look up parts on the computer. cant work on shit worth a dam. just a sad excuse for a mack dealer. but that's the only one near me within a hr one way. good thing is i don't need to go there for any work. just parts and that's a shit show all in itself. and they no nothing about upgrading power levels and whatnot unless it has to do with some sort of emissions bullshit. then they know how to use a computer lol
  7. 2000 CL713 door panels

    just saw this post lol thanks tho still looking.
  8. MP8 power upgrade?

    Mackpro and his people are great to deal with if you do hit him up to help you out with the power upgrades. hes helped me out a bunch in that sense.
  9. low boost but no boost leak

    have to get you the number tomm when i see the truck.
  10. low boost but no boost leak

    iv owned the truck for about 10 years. i cant recall if its been a problem since i have owned it but its always been little lower on the power side of things. when i added the XT program few months back it waked it up alot but it still shows im low on boost as per the gauge.
  11. so this low boost issue i have still continues. i had a boost leak down test done today and nothing was found. im only seeing 27lbs (maybe 28lbs at most) with the truck loaded shifting at 1600-1650. i have a 460xt program on truck (2000 CL713 E7-427 dump truck). no codes other then a 8-5 code (electronic unit pump #5) that showed one time back in oct and its never happened again, not sure where to go from here. depending who you ask i should be in the 32-34lb range.
  12. 400 to 427

    i agree with everyone else. i wouldn't waste the cash if only wanting a 427.
  13. EM7 300 E-tech Boost pressure

    how would you go by checking the air compressor for leaks that could cause low boost?
  14. change of status

    Melbourne. East coast. North of PSL.
  15. change of status

    What part of FL you in hatcity?