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  1. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    https://store.reliableindustries.com/heavy-duty-truck-and-trailer-parts/mack/pai-mack-61kh436-gear-bull/ https://store.reliableindustries.com/heavy-duty-truck-and-trailer-parts/mack/pai-mack-61kh436-gear/ can anyone tell me what the difference is in these two?
  2. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    anyone know the part numbers for 3.94 bull and spur set?
  3. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    in the 10 years iv had it iv never taken it apart and im sure the one owner before me didnt either since i knew and worked with him. this trucked even worked today like it did yesterday with no problem. i do like the scope idea. didnt think of that.
  4. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    Someone has a CRDPC202 for sale Anyone know what the last "C" stands for?
  5. 2000CL713

    mack differential

  6. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    oh yea i completely agree. this wasn't fault of the rear ends themselves. he hires the worst drivers bc they are so called "his friends". when we work with them we just pull over when we see them coming up behind us in the pits bc they are hauling ass. truck bouncing all over the fucking road. tires are just skipping over the bumps. its crazy. they blow up a few motors as well. they rip off just about every bumper they put on. one guy ripped on the driverside door coming into the yard by catching the gate with it. i have no idea how someone does that with the driverside door but he ripped it clean off the hinges. we would tell the owner the owns these trucks and he wouldnt do anything about it. then when they kept braking all the CLs he traded a few of them in for the CUs thinking they where breaking bc they are junk when like we told him from the start its the drivers. now hes had the CUs for about a year and replaced all the rear ends in 2 out of the 3. relaced the full a/c system in 1. bumpers on 2 of them. emissions problems in all 3 which they need to go to mack for that bullshit all the time. always having lights popping up on the dash. and now as of last week one of them sounds like the motor is about to let go.but hey. its good thing he traded those CLs in bc that was the "problem" as he claims lol thanks for the screen shot on the tooth specs. ill be sure to check!
  7. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    funny you say that. a guy i work with has like 6 dumptrucks. he has everything from older 1995 CLs to newer GUs with autos and his drivers have broken the rear ends in all those trucks repeatedly. if you do the math he probably breaks 6 rears a year, every year and yes that includes the ones that where just fixed the year before. at one point he couldnt buy enough rear end parts fast enough as they would break them lol
  8. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    i see. this truck i found the first chunk of metal back in oct of last year or some shit. didnt think nothing of it. never gave me a problem so i said fuck it. SEND IT! lol looked the truck over again this weekend and found anther little piece but could be i didnt find it last time so who knows. i cant speak for whatever happened before i got the truck but as long as i had it its never opened it up or much less broken an axle. this truck has always had a slight vibration from day one. just enough to notice it but its been do that the whole time iv had it other then that you would really never guess anything is wrong with the drivetrain. no weird noises or sounds. everything works as it should. seems like the best way it to just pull it apart and look since there is no real sign of anything other then those pieces i found.
  9. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    called 3 places no one has one and i found like 2 online used that look like they been thru hell and back but they where the wrong ratio and no power divider.
  10. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    whole diff truck then that one lol the 460xt truck is going strong. working today as we speak
  11. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    iv had this truck for close to 10 years the rear has never been apart. only thing thats been open is pulling the axles to remove the hubs for some reason. the diff/carrier and housing have never been apart since iv owned it.
  12. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    I haven't pulled it apart yet. Truck is actually working everyday and doesn't make any noise or anything. No water what so ever.
  13. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    i wouldnt mind a reman but i was told by someone that works at mack that they dont deal with these rearends anymore. sooo not sure if they just send them out to get rebuilt when someone comes in with one or what or does someone other then mack have reman ones?
  14. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    do you have a idea what the cost of a rebuild is? i know im going to need a few hard parts replaced. found few broken teeth when i drained the oil.
  15. 2000CL713

    mack differential

    Looking for a maybe a good used one or rebuilder. This is actually my first fucked up one we ever had since owning dump trucks for 20 years almost so I'm not sure who the go to people are for this or which is a better route to take..... for some reason i can fine CRD92's just about anywhere all over but seems like the 202 one's are little more pita to track down. Im in FL if that matters. also whats the difference between a CRDP202 and CRD202?? and would be classified as a S462? http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ContractAdmin/Contracts/PurchDocs/023-16/RRTruc01/S462 46000 REARS.pdf i ask bc i dont understand why some say 3.92 gearing and some say 3.94 gearing. i dont think they would offer 2 very close like that in a 202 spec or are they both the same and people just say either or ratio??

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