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  1. Thanks for info. Reason why I asked is before I'm use to the newer types that are out today. Most have a filter or some sort. They are rather easy to understand. I have never used this type and wanted to make sure. None of my Mack's have a fuel water separators. Other then the 2 fuel filters. Never had a problem. Now the issue becomes how do I get parts for something that is no longer made lol would like to get a few sight glasses to have on hand incase they brake..... maybe there is a cheaper unit that would be a direct swap for this unit that I can still get parts for? Again thanks for all the help guys!!
  2. Also can I delete this unit? Any reason to have it?
  3. Well seeing as a got fuel a wawa last time I'm not sure why its that color lol How does this separator work exactly? Doesnt look like it comes apart or anything. Can someone go more into it?
  4. Not really sure what this does or how it works. Never had one like this on any of my trucks. Can someone explain how it works and whatnot? Not sure if it's some sort of fuel/water separator but its none of the styles I'm use to. Thanks
  5. I haven't really done much with Detroit motors. Have drove them in the passed as a driver but never owned one myself. Just Cat/Cummings and of course many many Mack's lol but I'm wanting to fine a 12.7 to start collecting parts for a rebuild. Just normal for me to do since with my older CLs you basically have to stock pile parts nowadays since they are hard to find. With that being said does anyone know what year is the best to get in a 12.7 Detroit? Want one with no emissions or egr. But has to have the piston cooling nozzles and be a direct drop into my 1999 frightliner. I know I can use my block but it doesnt have the cooling nozzles and would need a new crank. Just not worth the trouble. Rather just start with a 12.7 with those features. Plus its nice to have extra parts since so many parts are interchangeable.
  6. I'll give this truck credit for one thing tho. Its definitely rides a hell of alot nicer then my CLs do. My CLs are like driving tanks down the road lol yet they feel like a caddy compared to a granite haha
  7. Idk. Never had a truck with straight pipes so could be bc I'm getting to old. Shit don't work like it use to. Have to make up for it somewhere 😂🤣😂🤣
  8. oh come on! got to have some fun with the little freightliner lol along the lines of its bark is bigger then its bite (bc of the size of the motor lol). scare people off so they dont want to play lol
  9. Well I ended up getting the truck. It's very solid truck. Not a spec of rust on the frame or anything. It was mostly used for asphalt work which in FL that the easiest work on a dumptruck by far so it wasnt beat to death. Very well taken care of as you can see from the inside pictures. The paint is original from 1999 so yes being in FL for 21 years its showing its age. Going to have it repainted the factory color. And I'm going to go front to back and do a full maintenance job on her. All new tires and fluids and brakes and belts and hoses. Weather it needs it or not. Just so I know it's all new and a good base to start with. All the rear bushing had been replaced already to ploy a year ago so that's done. And going to run the rack on her. Has full brand new exhaust as well. Come next winter I'm going to straight pipe it with dual 6in stacks. Already talked with the company that makes them. Motor has been rebuilt and have all the paperwork. Going to have it turned up to 430hp/1550tq. Talked with the programming people. Its original 385hp from the factory. Non-egr motor. She pulls very good and no problems or anything in the 3hr ride home. Got her up to 76mph (gps checked as well) without much effort. She just wanted to keep pulling.
  10. trust me, i spent the last 8 months looking for a mack i like that would be in the price range im wanting to spend but sadly there all beat to shit and back and no one really takes care of them bc the aftermarket really sucks for macks. plus alot of them are company/driver spec trucks which i dont want bc 1 there not setup the way i like them and 2 lets be honest, no one really wants a truck that had 3 dozen diff drivers. im not about to go down that worm whole,
  11. lmao if it beats the rattling of my 20 year old CLs and the all the plastic that keeps breaking that i have to keep sourcing parts for which isnt no easy task on its own, i have be came very good friends with the parts people at watts LOL but if the FLD can beat all those problems then ill have to give it credit lol the inside of this truck has been redone and taken care of tho
  12. The 11.1 and 12.7 use the same block/head ect.... Not sure if the 14L does as well. Never ran one of those so dont know much about them. Truck weights in at 24800 with both 70gal tanks full to the top.
  13. No. Have appointment to see the truck on Sunday with the owner. Private sale. Is there something I should be looking for doors wise?
  14. Yea that's way tomuch to spend lol I can swap in a 12.7 in the dam thing for 3k lol I'm also in FL so dont need to deal with emissions nor will it be leaving the state. It's just a dumptruck. Most I go is an hr away from town. Dont want to swap any parts either. Dont mind doing small things but high dollar parts I want to stay away from. A better exhaust manifold and better flowing exhaust (mufflers) is fine to do. This truck had an 18spd swapped into it and it came from the factory with dual outside air cleaners and dual exhaust. FLD120 series of truck.
  15. I'm sure this is a long shot but I dont really belong to many other trucking sites other then this one since I have always mostly owned Mack's and still do (no worries my Mack's are not going anywhere lol) but I might be having a truck with a Detroit 60 series 11.1L joining the fleet soon depending how things go sunday. It's a 99 if that matters. But I'm wanting to turn it up. Enough to keep up with at least my 427hp CL. I'm sure it wont keep up with the 490hp CL. So I'm in need of a person that can program these Detroits. Does anyone know from belonging to other truck sites who the go to guy is for them?
  16. i have a 2000 E7-427 on a 460XT tune {490hp) with a 8LL trans in a dumptruck. i shift at 1600 as well. seems right to me.
  17. Already did that. Didnt last for shit. I rather (if I can) buy a whole new one. Very few people around here take pride in there work and they are just screw you over. Had it happen on a rebuilt turbo and few other parts I had rebuilt instead of buying new and always regretted it so now I just buy new or upgraded when/if I can.
  18. Any options on a brand new rad? Mack told me they dont make them anymore.
  19. im not sure, havent taken anything apart. was just looking at it yesterday. mine is still the same one that left the factory in 2000 lol
  20. can some help me find out what part number my water pump is so i can cross reference with PAI? they seem to be one of the few that make USA made water pumps still. dont want no china junk. also if there is a bigger/better upgrade i can install would be nice as well. 2000 CL713 E7-427
  21. oh ok. never heard them called upper and lower before i need the upper for the passenger side then.
  22. i tryed looking them up but couldnt come up with anything. not sure im searching for the right name or maybe they just have them for the other models but not a CL
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