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  1. Yes sir it looks like it’s coming from the part that has the extra holes to pull it apart? What’s it called and is it as simple as pulling it apart and sealing it or is there more to it?
  2. I’ve got a leaking rear end and I’m not sure exactly what the leaking part is called. I’ve attached a picture. It’s not coming from the pinion seal but behind that. Is this the carrier or is the carrier the whole top assembly that drops down into the housing? Where it’s leaking looks relatively simple, drop drive shaft undo bolts and it should pull forward. It seems those two empty holes are to out a bolt in to separate the parts? Also when I had it cleaned it looked like a drop of oil came out of the hole on the bottom. Is this possible? I’ve had a tech tell me that since I have 4.44 gears it will not pull all the way out, just an inch or two and just enough room to clean and reseal. I’ve also read that I need to take the inspection plate off the side in order to get to two bolts. I think I may have a little bit of both repairs mixed up in my head. If anyone has experience I this I would welcome a text or even a phone call if you have time. It’s an 01 RD688 Dump. Thanks.
  3. My tach stops at 2400, lower than all other trucks I’ve driven. I usually shift around 16-1700. I never let it get over 1900. I’ve heard that the 460 was better suited for over the road, but it seems to do just fine in my dump. Whats the sweet spot for pulling hills? What’s the danger RPMs for this engine? It’s an 01’ and is paired with an Eaton 8LL. Thanks fellas.
  4. Everything is still true and balanced with. No wobble from steers.
  5. Thanks for the replies all. Had to get a tire replaced so I had them jack it up. There’s more than one rim bent in the drives. The vibration was more coming from the rear, no bump or anything in the steering wheel at all. With the whole rear off the ground my very old and wise suspension/alignment/tire guy put a wheel spinner on and got them up to all speeds. Once up to speed both axles were vibrating so bad it almost jumped off the stands. He it was so bad he couldn’t tell which rims may be bent. I’m having 2 tires put on next week and gonna balance all the drives and go from there.
  6. Yes it did, Paul. Sorry I should have clarified that.
  7. I've got an 01' RD688S dump. I'm getting a side to side wobble it seems like from 40-45 mph and again from 60-65 mph. It doesn't seem like a death wobble I'd say but it is enough for concern. I have brand new balanced steer tires on and it still does it. When they changed the steers they noticed one of the dog ears on the driver's hub was broken off and they said this could be the problem and I would need a new hub. It makes sense, but I don't want to take a tire mans word to make a 1K dollar repair. What do y'all think? Within the last year I have had the kingpins and tie-rod ends replaced. I have all but two drives replaced in the last two months. Any ideas?
  8. Any idea of the torque specs for the manifold bolts? The gasket is a metal type manifold gasket so it might be a little more than I’m thinking.
  9. Ill check more into it tomorrow, hopefully I can just unbolt the oil filter housing from the block and replace the gasket and be done. I already have that gasket, it might be a pain in the ass to do it without touching the oil cooler, but we'll see.
  10. I've got an '01 E7 460 that has the double spin on with centrifugal filter on top. It seems like the oil filter housing is leaking down the side of the block. It seems to be getting worse over time so it's time to get at it. I'm new to working on this engine but it seems like the oil cooler is right there with it. I'm thinking drain down coolant, unhook lines going to the cooler, unbold housing at block, replace gasket or whatever it has and bolt everything back up. Does this seem about right and is there anything I should know or any extra parts I will need? I tried searching and couldn't find a topic on it. Thanks for the help.
  11. It’s been close to a year since they were replaced and I did use neoprene but they have been fine. It’s been going on for a couple weeks. Im gonna get a buddy to drive it in a circle while I walk beside it. I’ll also check everything everyone has suggested.
  12. Camelback, the elephant pads were replaced, bud wheels.
  13. All tires are the same, how can I manually check to make sure it’s not locked in?
  14. I wouldn’t think so. Shouldn’t the power divider only engage when the switch is flipped?
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