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  1. new thermostat and fan clutch with a good radiator cleaning runs 190 loaded with ac on high egts are around 700 lesson learned don't believe the seller
  2. well the more we dig into it seems we would have been better off with no information than the bad information we got from the service manager cause the shop we got it into said the radiator that was suppost to be brand new was plugged full of dirt and the thermostat didn't seem right
  3. Well it appears that the service manager at the county shop We bought it from gave us some bad info the brand new inter cooler He said they just put on looked old and plugged and when I called him to ask for service records he said he put an oil cooler on it which is what he told me though needed to be done when we first talked about it his story keeps changing every time we talk fan seems weak gonna try one of those and see if it helps
  4. I’ m thinking the fan could be the problem cause it cools it just doesn’t cool enough when it’s loaded And it doesn’t seem as loud as the others is there any way to lock a viscous fan manually
  5. i have a feeling the gauge is right cause it will push out water if you let it get hot enough and the engine fan runs i haven't been around this truck much but the fan doesn't seem as noisey as some of the other granites we have is there a way to manuelly lock up the fan cause it kind of seems like a airflow issue cause if the truck is sitting the ac gets kind of warm but as soon as you get going it gets cold can the fan slip and not fully engauge?
  6. got a 2003 granite e7 427 dump truck just bought it with a known overheating issue it gets hot when loaded it has a new radiator,intercooler ,water pump ,and a thermostat when we got it home we replaced the oil cooler . it was drove home a thousand miles and only heated up in the mountains . its doesn't push out water unless you get it hot no oil in water or water in oil i can hear the fan kicking in and it stays in when it heats up the truck only has 350000 thousand miles on it the truck doesn't have a boost gauge it seems to run alittle high on the pyro it runs about 850 to 900 running dow
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