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  1. fjh

    12 speed leaking air..

    PAI Kit FKT-1148
  2. fjh


    Agree nice! pretty high hours is all! Althou we have one running around here with over 35 thousand hours never had the heads off it! luck of the draw maybe!
  3. I have never understood why they spec low powered units with no gears behind the engine, always 250 horse -300 and an 8 or 10 speed trans makes no sense to me! Why not an 18 or 13 sp to make up a bit for the lack of power!??? Example Concrete pump usually spec a less than 400 hp power plant and a 10 speed trans ,Mixers Are in a similar situation! I understand today's and mentality emissions play a role how ever the transmission thing has always bothered me a bit!
  4. Take out the bold-ed part and The statement would be correct!🙄
  5. fjh

    Mp8 valve adjustment problem

    Check the engine brake slaves for winding apart ! Valve resessesion?
  6. fjh

    mack 18 speed problem

    Yup agree with Tech Get on the powwow There are occasions where the shift lid is at fault the shift fork pinch bolt has loosened off how ever I would do as Teck has stated for now if possible! I also want to clarify Are you still getting a grind on the split! Some have come to our shop and complaining of a split grind when in fact they are combining the shift with the range shift !
  7. fjh

    Highway Through Hell

    BETCHA !!!! Toyota obviously is chipping in! The Anthem may spend a lot of time on the back of mighty moe ! However that would likely not show up on Camera if the sponsorship Idea is At work here! Unless its involved in a wreck! We will see! 🙄
  8. fjh

    2012 MP8 oil in the coolant

    Weve had this issue before we ended up having to do ALL the orings in the system , OIL COOLER/ THERMOSTAT ect the fuel in the coolant ruined all the coolant orings!
  9. fjh

    2000 ed e7 just stopped pulling

    Check the grounds down under the starter big bolt 15 / 16 head also if its an RD check the vehicle ECU plug under the dash rh side for being greened out as it faces up and if the windshields leak it can cause similar issues!
  10. fjh

    Highway Through Hell

    Well perfect that will give mighty Moe some thing else to tow when it needs to go to the shop for frost up def and the like!😎
  11. Bro one of my main concerns here is the cam an over speed can take the the cam followers out bend valves and push tubes All of a sudden your looking at another big bag of money Cams don't come cheap PAI or not! And by the way PAI kits are exellent and better than the Mack stuff in the warranty Department how ever that said don't jump head first into this with out looking into the whole thing cam included make sure you got something to work with. 1
  12. So Now that I have calmed down and thinking a tad clearer ! I apologize A bit for the out burst ! I hadn't taken into account your Greenness (for lack of a better word) to the trucking industry ! BUT ! If you had posted the whole story to start with Including the RPM Part ! It would have saved a bit of time and Typing and useless Ideas on our part! The Heads and bad or bent valves make sence somewhat now ! Now you have a huge can of worms ,head issues as well, as a possible cam failure now or for the future ! Not to be mean here But The sell the truck idea is a real good idea ! Or A good used engine may work for ya! 2004 was the most troublesome of years for this model of truck So throwing a big bag of money at it is NOT a good idea! Just sayin
  13. So now we get more dribbles of info half assed questions half baked replies I’m done !!! Wall mart is a good idea! Had you saidyou had a runaway to start with we may have given better advice.yup you screwed up! want help? Post the whole story next time I’m Done talking!

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