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  1. Thanks for your response! A question to your response what is the higher oil pressure doing to cause lack of compression on start up only for 10 to fifteen seconds then clears up? as explained the miss sounds like air in the fuel if this were a normal fuel system! Your expectation could be correct as the engine starts Clean then the miss appears for a brief period after running for a few seconds possibly long enough for the pressure to effect the running not sure didn’t link the two at the time .and the sound is not like the engine brake coming on!
  2. Pro We have put the ball back in the park of E service dudes ! We followed what few steps that were available thru PTT and just for giggles we flashed everything again today see how it starts in the morning! We are going to take an oil sample and see if we got any dilution had no sample kits or that would have got done today ! The truck is 2018 gu so we got to follow the rules Of engagement as you know!This unit has had no issues up till the snow started flying and the 6-7 below freezing temps so my be it just don't like the cold, who does? a shrinking o ring or something not even sure its an air bubble just sounds like it! The new filter head has more check valves in it than Carter has pills. In typical fashion they have created a more expensive filter head that encompasses the HI Function in it so if something fails inside it you got to replace a 2000 dollar part instead of a 500 dollar part! Can't test Jack sh*t ! Can't isolate things properly to get a handle on what is happening!
  3. Rob These are definite questions to be worked thru ! Because its so long between getting parts and trying stuff its hard to Gauge ! Seems to be an overnite or parked a day or so anomaly at this point! I have suggested getting an oil sample done at this point we will see if that suggestion get any action from the gurus! The sound is reminiscent of An air pocket on a normal fuel system! Seems to clear after a minute or so of running If We find a fix I will post it! .Macpro Said above there is a rail reg and preasure sensor !We changed out the reg and the harness to it as the plug looked to be getting warm! He went to school on this system I how ever are on the outside looking in! 😥
  4. So I'm fishing for info here we have the afore mentioned truck sits over night ,it starts clean then ten seconds or so into the run it starts missing and stumbling like its passing an air bubble past the injectors then cleans up and runs Ok No CODES ! Now the guy is quite fussy and is not happy with this anomaly that has started here with in the last couple of days Is been cold here 5 or so below freezing not sure if this has anything to do with it however! not sure where the check valves would be on the system or if its loose its prime on the high side or the low side of the system , the fix we thought might repair this the rail sensor and harness did not correct this condition ! Having Zero experience with this fuel system its going to be hard to nail this down ! Searching for clues to this issue if anyone has ANY experiences feel free to pipe up! Should we be Taking an oil sample to see if there maybe fuel in the oil ? using the pretense that where there is Air there is likely a fuel leak??? No visible leaks on the outside!!! Reasonable Opinions? Setting fire to it Is not an option At this point! 😁
  5. Your only choice is to lift an injector to see what cups are in there in my opinion! Assuming it is cup issue
  6. fjh

    Mack CH613 no top end power

    Your fuel pressure should be above 60 preferably 70 and should not drop below that under load ! Make sure your tank vents are clear its easy to be fooled by simple shit!
  7. Sorry bud you need a cooler! Keep this site on speed dial you will likely need encouragement as you go along!😡
  8. yup your right my bad! Sputters to a stop or stops like the key was turned off??
  9. Do you have any more info? Year and Model of truck and maybe what you are trying to check????
  10. Thanx Pro got a E service going on it they have said to continue toward the two replacement items We do have a performance issue ! no codes C how it plays out ! Lucky for us its snowing this week so most dump truck jobs will be shut down for a bit give us time to get the fix tryed! 😅
  11. Nope same old same old! Surprisingly enough the dollar store HP common rail seems to work fine ! Time will tell! C how it goes!
  12. Just asking for feed back purposes! We have quite a few running in our area now with few problems so far We have a small glitch with one running rough at the moment interment issue we think maybe a fuel rail regulator may have connection problem, the plug looks iffy ,Not throwing up codes But we have heard rumors! They have lots of stock on the little harness and the solenoid could be a good thing maybe a bad thing ! Any words? Kind or otherwise! 😅
  13. fjh

    Automated Manual Transmissions

    Agree with K I think the Allison in stop and go traffic makes more sense ! Also agree ! The transmissions have been quite reliable! HOW EVER Food For Thought, bend over when it comes time to do the clutch ! (Of which You have no control over ) It does what it is told! When doing a Clutch job on M Drive Be prepared to replace the fly wheel the internal clutch release as well as the clutch AT almost three times the cost of doing a normal Eaton Clutch ( Which You DO have Control over) and how much it Gets used and is adjustable ! There are reasons why M/V are pushing these Trans on the masses and one of those reasons is THEY GOTCHA ! Captivation is good for the bottom line ! GOOD BUSINESS ! Just sayin!
  14. fjh

    12 speed selector rebuild.

    Yup !They smile Knowingly as they hand you the bill! If you don't like our old truck parts pricing! Could we interest you in buying a new truck instead!😂
  15. fjh

    Dodge Market News

    Trump’s proposed freeze would result in 500,000 barrels per day more oil consumption by the year 2030. California says the proposal “would worsen air quality for the most vulnerable (and) waste billions of gallons of gasoline.” They talk about wasting fuel , Were already doing it! We probably burn billions of dollars of fuel doing regens over and over tryng to correct the emission related problems created by this crap they bolt on the side of our new vehicles !

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