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  1. Periodic heat ? Mode?
  2. How cold is your climate?
  3. fjh

    maxidyne with no torque

    We used to put the P10 on everything v8 to six cyl if its still available! as it was easier and cheeper to stock just one relay!
  4. fjh

    ASET AC EGR Delete

    If the mass flow tube is throwing a code the egr cooler is likly plugged or leaking coolant are you adding coolant?
  5. The cup Failure thing is usually ( usually ) accompanied by HARD STARTING BUT not always . your symptom and how it is manifesting is why i am suggesting cups the under hard pull it gets worse! head gasket failures compressor failures I Am sure can happen aren't common, cup failure is better than it was .but still prevalent NOT FIXED just patched! egr cooler is still on the table as a suspect! pull the front hose and look but usually you would be throwing efficiency codes or egr related codes of some sort!
  6. More than likly Cups! Stainless cup Did not totally solve this issue! Another bandaid attempt! At a fix! To get them thru the warranty period!
  7. If your not having starting issues EGR Cooler is a more common issue than compressor ! cups can still be an issue if your not paying attention! Is it doing this after a hard pull or all the time?
  8. fjh

    E-9 superliner

    Nothing it’s normal ! if it’s starting fine then leave it alone!
  9. fjh

    Volvo Unveils Second Electric Truck Model

    Maybe / maybe not http://www.truckinginfo.com/channel/fuel-smarts/news/story/2018/04/mack-plans-for-electric-refuse-truck-in-nyc-by-2019.aspx?ref=rel-recommended
  10. Check your fuel preasure!
  11. fjh

    visible coolant leak

    Could be the hose between the coolant manifold peices ! Very Common on a cold engine !A little more info would help! note that if the coolant has black oil in it it could have a failed engine oil cooler If it has yellowish look to it it can be a failed trans or fuel cooler If so equipped!
  12. fjh

    MP7 looses its prime

    Definition of crazy ! Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result! 😠
  13. /be sure to check it the accesory relay is not dropping out when it quits check to see if the heater fan / and wipers still operate
  14. Good to hear of the progress finally, definately keep us posted for the end result !

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