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Community Answers

  1. You were stopped pretty close to that Volvo trash unit there hope Mrs Mack didn't get Any Volvo Germs! She may have to go get a shot for Volvoitis!😂
  2. You will likly need a complete donor truck with a wiring harness to suit but quite doable!
  3. Note the closer to the floor you set the clutch brake the better off you will be specially if you got multiple drivers that don't know what a clutch brake is for ! I also heavily coat the clutch brake with grease for this very reason if the driver is unaware when and how to use the clutch brake they can Ruin it in short order! Hence SET IT AS CLOSE TO THE FLOOR as you can! Again my opinion just a rule of thumb!
  4. This is just one of many ways to set a clutch ! others may argue how ever it works for me! Your correct its almost impossible to see on a Mack so this is my work around! 11/2 free pedal is equal to the 1/8 gap your shooting for at the fork! First set the clutch brake to work right at or 3/4 before the pedal reaches the floor with the arm adjustment on the out side of the trans! Then set the bearing to trans clutch gap with winder on the clutch to get the 1/2 inch gap between the bearing and the clutch brake! (You can use a half inch drive socket extension as for guide for this ) you should end up with aprox 1/8 gap at the fork its not written in stone you can have two inch of free pedal but the clutch will engage lower on the pedal on the way up and the the fork gap will be a bit larger ! The half inch gap will determine where the clutch starts to Engage and the 1/8 at the fork the smaller the gap between the brake and the bearing the closer to the floor the clutch will engage the larger the fork spacing ! the key here is to not have continuous pull on the crank it will over time take out engine main bearing thrust washers! not a great thing! seen this happen a few months back very expensive! YOU NEED TO HAVE FREE PEDAL always! Just sayin!
  5. Joe Unfortunately the diagnostics on todays units Rely on computers almost totally! Because they took all of our other senses away, no smoke to read , nothing to smell the normal noises we are mostly used to are all covered up by the after treatment Garb! Your blind! you are forced to believe what the screen tells ya! You can rely on past experience and the computer screen with this stuff And some times it comes down to parts Cannoning because your at wits end With dollar store sensors ect ! Guessing game!
  6. check the power supply into the fire wall drivers side!
  7. unfortunately You may have injector cup problems ! it would help if you post how this issue developed if it has been getting worse over time! its likly cups if it started all of a sudden could be a fuel primer pump has failed!
  8. They have the Capability just not the the interest! If they did ! Would it be as tough as a Mack Design ?NOPE !Durability Is Not on the agenda these days for any manufacturer!
  9. My suggestion is to change the oil and the thermostat 165 It is running to cold! also if the truck sits lots check the drain plug for water in the base by crackin the drain plug Also ! The filler bung will have evidence of green on it if it is coolant assuming your running coolant! If it just blow by and it runs just keep running it As stated it will run like that for a long time !
  10. Long shot here! what model of truck is it? Ch CV ? If its a CV Go to the primary fuel filter and remove the elbow from the primary side of the fuel filter Several times We have found debris in that elbow ,we recently had one with a piece of a rag in there lines were all clear ! The indicator for this was similar symptoms checked with a gauge wacky fuel pressure ! the fuel transfer pump gear can come loose on the shaft as well also ! Just a couple of real odd places to look! There is a possibility you have a displaced H ring and a lifter hanging up or a sticky valve stem You would have likely have seen a bent push rod while doing your valve set thou! Note this unit we had also had an engine brake so accompanied by the the popping was blu white smoke it had electrical issues as well there, so its difficult to predict if this is your issue or not! Good luck
  11. Yup read through that post the numbers you need are posted you may be pleasantly surprised
  12. You can change to the old style manifold Depending on your truck Model CV713? RD 688 ?
  13. You may have to pull the pump and have it rebuilt That said I was talking with my favorite fuel shop guy yesterday he says he spends two hours a day now trying to find pieces to assemble pumps of all makes of pumps! Robert Bosch and Stanadyne and Delphi parts are in short supply CAV is not a problem ! Timing markers are usually on the damper on these a pointer should be mounted on the rh side timing cover aprox ten o'clock standing in front facing the engine injection timing is dependent on year usually could be anywhere from 18-30 set the pump on its timing before you pull it may be stamped on the pump some where near the serial tags the part number you provided may indicate it may be a reman pump with x on the end ! try dropping the x while doing your search!
  14. You must live in a dri climate or your blessed! That said in my opinion there is no one manufacturer better than the next the vehicles are built with one thing in mind sell parts after the sale ! For the most part go where you’re going to get the best service! If you drive a Pete and the dealer network is good where you travel that’s what to buy! If you want Mack and the dealer network is good buy one. just sayin
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