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Community Answers

  1. what he said ! we've had air driers stick open! run it and feel for air At the drier ! Unloaders could also be stuck!
  2. Bro in your case You may have injector/ injector cup issues ! yet another thing that can cause a fuel hard start issue a lot less evident on The earlier engines, but can happen! usually presents it self after working hard for several hours! you shut off to fuel up / have lunch! then have to prime it to start!
  3. If you have an Mdrive the speed sensor trick will likley not work as the trany has a brain as well needs to see speed to shift! The manual trans you have control of this ! the vecu doesn't know the truck is moving so it won't de rate you! sensor is on the tail end of the trans in front of the first u joint yoke! Scr derate is more viscous than dpf derate Dangerous in my opinion ! How ever someone dreamed up the the rule ! guess we have to live with it! You have a perfectly driveable truck that has to crawl along a free way at 5 mph is a tad ridiculous! a more reasonable 45mph seem more in line!
  4. You need to check your liner protrusion spec is 19 to 28 thou I beleive ! However my experience tells me that anything below 22 is too low and in my opinion Borderline! anything above 24 to 28 is good and your allowed 2 thou between cyls under the same head ! Very important on any E7 But specially on a 400 plus HP engine just saying ! I have reluctantly used them it a chip on the top and had decent luck How ever Its your call! Check the protrusion this is most important! Just sayin
  5. Yup like pro says you really got to be carefull buying a used engine for this stuff! I suggest , stick to a same year same model search , All things are not created equal from year to year on these as the EPA changes the rules every two days it seems! so the manufactures are forced to tweak this that and the other thing to be compliant! Soft wear is constantly changing!
  6. 😍 Yup! New you would find it! Yup the stat thing is important for sure I watched this happen many times even stats would Shock the system enough to shake the upper rad hose when they opened! Wicked Surge!
  7. You will be bending lines! the segment spacing is diffrent on Ambac! As much As I like Ambac my self ! Robert bosch is easier to find parts for if an issue occurs !
  8. This idea works best on these by pulling the the stat housing right off fill the coolant to the top of the stat housing then run the engine you can then better identify front head or back head! Also I believe there was a TSB on this ! a thermostat housing change up of some sort Mackpro may remember! It was about some markings or dots on housings identifying a changeup for coolant push they did!
  9. Guess its doable the fuel lines will have to be altered to use them! the injectors will likly work !
  10. This trans is a cousin to the 18sp these have range shift issues from time to time usually range syncro pack worn however check the yoke bolt for tightness! if its loose can cause shifting issues!
  11. So here's something to think about ! WAS THE CLUTCH ADJUSTED properly on this second failure ? Lack of free pedal can take out the thrust bearing and cause a whole dogs breakfast of issues ! including what you have. I've Seen it happen! Just sayin!
  12. You want to be careful trying to pull too much from an E6 it can break the block at number 5 main bearing! there in lies why they went to the E7 block with buttress screws! A candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long! Just sayin!
  13. Ya need to check for power at the head it may not be an electrical issue
  14. Pulled P/S pump to check gears and found chipped tooth that matched some of the fragments in pan This comment prompted my response! Vmac3 has posted good info could also be a cracked injector tip or injector not uncommon either!
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