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  1. Yup ! And no More than 2 thou variance between Liners Under the same Head! Also I your old Liners are at the (low spec 22) I would shim them 4 thou if the engine is 400hp or more ! That being said ! in your case It ran before with no head gasket issues It Will Probably run again fine ! just sayin
  2. In my opinion!No to the bolts if the cam looks good leave it ! Pay close attention to liner height try to achieve 25 or better up to 28 thou!
  3. Yup for sure another place to look! For sure! Bogus sensor or even malfunctioning gauge!
  4. Thats your next step then ! Check the fuel pressure under load! Should have at least 60 psi! After that you need to look into wiring The torque limit switch on the trans will hold back approx 15 psi boost if the switch or wiring is shorted and will not throw a code as the computer doesnt know there is anything wrong it just thinks its in low range!
  5. Nice Find! Governed rpm is just that 2100 will not hurt it! Nice Find ! Likely a 300 hp! trucks built in that era were evolving to drive by wire 350hp and up! I believe 93 was the last year they offered a mech 400! Your rpm and lack of gears indicates its likely 300 maxidyne!
  6. Yup cheers Guys! Stay safe! Hey Bull ! You appear to be drivin Volvo Trash !
  7. Sounds like a fuel delivery issue !Check your oil level if its high the pump may be fubar! Is the primer getting hard or is it spongy if its spongy Fuel pump May be toast! However rule out the stuff given you so far! Also Did u check the ECU Plug for coolant push as directed? Its wurth a check!
  8. Yup for sure seems They have ran off some of the good contributors here over political crap ! we need people to fill the gaps here ! I am currently around this new stuff and see the goins on but don't work on red stuff ( HAPPY NOT TO ) just( most times) a silent observer ! In the shop right now We have a mp8 unit that came in with a miss that started suddenly! down the street from the shop ! The boys pulled the valve cover to check the valve set and one of the guys have the experience of a stuck valve sure enuff, rip the head off valve is bent and the valve next to it has a third of the valv
  9. The origanal E7 was definitely The better of the two But The main upgrade on the eteck came with the powerleash EB much better holding power! !
  10. Leave em alone! Flywheel to crank bolts are 5/8 They are torqued to 180 +/- 5 or so No worries in my mind!
  11. You'll notice that now a days you can find mostly 50/50 antifreeze no mixing required two reasons ! they make more money For sure! How ever water quality is controlled also ! With full strength your at risk of adding in unwanted minerals yada yada! Where I work we wouldn't entertain using the water with antifreeze, Just the Iron content of the water is off the scale We have a big sign on the wall DON'T DRINK THE WATER HERE! That goes for the trucks we repair as well!
  12. Myself Long as the pistons and skirts look good I wouldn't hesitate to go the liner kit route! Also if you engine is 350 plus horse power DO NOT Atempt using low spec Shoot for any thing above 25 thou as mentioned 28 is nice if you can achieve it! And strictly adhere to the 2 thou variance between holes!Also! Suggest use a good quality Silicone permatex Ultra gray or ultra black Have also used there Anaerobic sealant works well also! Try to avoid cutting the counter bore if you can Putting down shims can be a risky business if not done correctly can backfire! before your guy up roots li
  13. Hello again, i checked with P.A.I... I was not able to buy directly from them,  this is the second time I tried recently.. I have a login name and password with them. My question is, Do I have to be a big truck repair shop or Dealership ? Have you been able to buy from them? I found what I need at another parts supplier, the parts were.... P.A.I.... It reminds me of not being able to buy Kent-Moore and O.T.C. tools directly.. Take care, Jojo

  14. Jojo you’re familiar with the pai site check there the crossover should show up there!
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