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  1. Take note if this happens after a hard days work! if so you may have a injector cup issue!Is fine to replace injectors however if the cups are pitted you are wasting injectors they need to mate properly!
  2. E7 ? Left Side near starter ! V8 right side bottom! flwheel housing
  3. You have a two year warranty USE IT! As much as these are a decent trans THEY ARE PRICEY TO WORK ON! My opinion is that of Dave wild ! The fuller is a better choice do to the out extreme pricing by the Volvo people for parts! Your issue is not unique .It can be the lock out pin being ill set ,it and be a an over looked worn shift fork it can be a loose shift fork Bolt ! That's the short list! poor oil quality bla bla bla ! point is It has a warranty USE IT !
  4. How old is it should have a warranty
  5. If you got one of those little donut air filters on there ditch it and plumb it in to the main engine air inlet or the inlet manifold that will turbo charge it! !
  6. Yes and No answer on my part! We have had engines come in idling perfectly fine ! Have a cam replaced and leave with an erratic Idle . leave with this idle syndrome not sure of the cause! I do know one thing for sure Its not worth chasing! you can spend a Big bag of money chasing it!
  7. NO! However the flywheel has to be original or from a similar vmac engine!
  8. The transfer pump sucks thru the primary (red) filter pushes fuel to the secondary (green) filter to the back port on the fuel pump and fuel returns to the tank on the foward outlet of the pump Make sure you set the flywheel sensor one half turn away from the flywheel if you have Disturbed it !
  9. Yup! 2002 Mack? Never heard of one of those!!!!😠
  10. Yup if we can't fix it you don't need it!
  11. The good thing here is the new style followers Did not face crack like the old days if this had happened to an E6 the cam follower and cam would likley be done for buy now .You are sitting pretty good here for a repetitively cheap repair! Good luck with it bro!
  12. So How is it that you can need a draglink for this vehicle and go the dealer to find that this part has been discontinued! These trucks must have been owned by the Volvo Group at some point or something ! None here in Canada?? got to be thousands of these sold as service vehicles here! BS In my mind!
  13. Youch!....get a tar bucket maw, we’re reseal’in the driveway! Yup Agree ! OOP"S IMPORTANT info --> ( piston close to TDC) Make sure you don't knock the keepers out beating on those valves!
  14. Ahh Sorry ! Just can't resist bashing these idiots !
  15. Trent you guys got the best of both worlds ! A turned up 285 Maxidyne huge pulling range ect how ever a guy wants to watch how much you crank on it it can break the block! Unlike the e7 there are no Brutus screws holding things together When the e6 was converted to 350 they added in some jumper plates between the rod caps to try and stabilize the situation however a stop gap measure in my mind before the E 7 appeared! Just sayin!
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