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  1. Question Turn the key on ! does the heater fan still run? If not replace the accessory relay under the dash
  2. These set with timing tool Is needed how ever is it V mack ? As mack teck said find a book!
  3. Waterpump? or radiator?

    Fan working?
  4. Cool Engine Trick

    Yup Volvo Trash ! Id like to strangle the designer with it! I notice the newer engines have a proper plug at the valve cover thou Step in the right direction, One small step for Mack Kind !
  5. 04 ac 460p antifreeze problem

    Thanks for posting your find!
  6. Mack Warranty

    Pictures worth a thousand words! Id be mighty hot as well over all this ! however ya need to take the bull by the horns and phone the hot line as Kev has said This is a little much!
  7. Mack Warranty

    Let us know how it all washes out be curious how much of any you got to pay.chances are you'll be paying the whole thing and have o be reimbursed by the original dealer.
  8. Trying to replace vmac 1 ecm

    Your best to buy a recon ecu they come wiped clean so you can start over how ever they ain't cheap
  9. Trying to replace vmac 1 ecm

    Nope the vins got to match
  10. Mack Warranty

    GOOD JOB Worth the risk then Good roll of the dice Bro ! now if the roller is good your laughing !
  11. Cool Engine Trick

    You will then have a problem in five years ! Because they MAY have made MACK Great again! The injector cup problem is Solved We Now Have Makeshift Common RAIL ! Because you said this! You should see the fuel in oil test for the new common rail engine. Lucky for us we have not had a single issue with the 7 or 8 trucks we have running around here for the last 5 months. So your life maybe cut down to just emptying the ash cans on DPFS !
  12. Mack Warranty

    You seem to be quite logical That is good for the shop that your at! Has their parts guy checked on availability of the pins and or head I guess with out a game plan its hard ,however it can hurt for the parts guy to look for pieces and be prepared to pull the trigger on either or! If they a a small place they likely won't have things nobody wants to stock stuff these days! And the stuff your going to need is kind of odd ball! Pays to keep your head screwed on right and work with people!
  13. Mack Warranty

    also if you have been unable to extract even a non broken stud, i mean this in the nicest way possible but i would question your ability. Admittedly my attempt a trying to remove the guide was an attempt to re use on another head My point is they are very tight to remove at the best of time ! Impossible to remove without ruining in my opinion at least the ones i have attempted! Its not something we do everyday ! And I realise in this case were not saving anything and if its weldable then ready rod and a slide hammer or hollow porta power is tryable ! Two hours 120 shop rate 240 bucks ! if it works you win if not guess its just 240 ! And How many guide pins do think are in stock Did anyone look??
  14. Cool Engine Trick

    We only got a few out here so far Time will tell i guess! Maybe they finally got something we can be Proud of ! Unfortunately the after treat is the weak link in most all the stuff ( EVERYBODY'S! ) LETS MAKE MACK GREAT AGAIN! Oh someone is already using that line!
  15. Mack Warranty

    It"s Almost mid week Still got to order parts ! bla bla Times awasting!