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  1. Un plug the round fuel pump connector take it apart an put it together several times then try start it! By several times I mean at least6
  2. Drive by wire started 1993 400 hp! they offered mech in the lower HP for about 2 years beyond 93 ! by 95 / 97 I believe everything would be DBW Either or were Quite reliable !
  3. fjh

    def problem help please!

    Yup ! The Harness! this is another on going issue that seems to never got dealt with, Coolant push and oil push is quite common on these ! Oil or Coolant can be pushed up the wire from various failed or failing dollarstore sensors used on the engine and expansion tank right back to the ECU! However in your case the it looks as thou there was no coolant evidence or oil Did you clean it out?
  4. Bob!  I heard it rummored John Casnave is building trucks again is this true?



      No . He bought back the two big ore trucks that went to Sparwood and has rebuilt them which are now for sale.One with a Cummins  KTA600 and one with a DD8V149T.both with Clark 121 rears.

    2. fjh


      Ahhh that makes sense ! I heard He was asking the parts guys about an mp 10  I thought maybe he was dabbling in building another several trucks !He was likely thinking on a re power for one or the other! 

  5. Should be a non egr engine! 2004 was the anniversary Of EGR Celebrated daily/ weekly / monthly/ yearly at a shop near you! 😣 I would have your fuel pressure checked Also if it has a waste gated turbo it may be sticking !
  6. From My observation the DOT make their own rules! They also have a spin the wheel Game they use when they start the week! last week it was licence plate lights this week its mud flaps have to be 8 inches from the ground important shit like that!😖
  7. fjh

    SCREAMING 12 Speed !!!

    The pto gear is still engaged to the counter shaft if set to tight it will will whine all the time! you don't have that problem with 99 percent pto! it runs off the center section (Main Box) the only suggestion I have for you is to drain the oil remove the pto cover and look inside the back section and see if you can see anything odd!(shift fork rubbing the gear teeth or anything like that ) when the split is in hi! as paul said there are needle / roller bearings on the counter shafts however the sound would likley be there all the time They tend to whine somewhat in hi but not as bad as your describing!
  8. fjh

    SCREAMING 12 Speed !!!

    Is the pto mounted on the side of the trans? Did u shim it correctly
  9. fjh

    2018 mp7 turbo problems

    Well if they can drag it out long enough maybe the warranty will be off then you can buy the new engine or better still you can by a fleet of trucks and maybe they can spend a month or two fixing this one atleast you may have half a chance of getting some work done! While they change out the engine ! 🤔
  10. fjh

    Hard start drives great ?

    I have one other thought and question is your clutch brake working? If not. Check to see it hasn’t broken and taken out the timing sensor on the flywheel just something to look for
  11. fjh

    Hard start drives great ?

    First off year of the vehicle helps to identify closer what we’re dealing with! Second if the engine is a red engine your dealer is likely correct. 2 options 6000 in repairs or set fire to it and collect the insurance.😠
  12. fjh

    EU PUMP ?

    Mack Tech is correct in my opinion ! how ever It is possible he could have nicked an oring but with even one missing I believe the engine would be fuel of fuel in short order if it would run at all . This also may be unrelated to the oring job ,the fuel transfer pump seals can leak past the shaft ( its not uncommon !)
  13. fjh

    Need 12 speed help ASAP !!!

    It will work fine!
  14. I beleive shut the engine down turn the the key back on soon as the engine stops running!

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