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  1. Most remack stuff is junk now ! Seems The Volvo people instill no pride in the employees they hire , just a job! Get the injectors rebuilt by a reputable Bosch shop!
  2. fjh

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    Just pull the plugs it takes half an hour and some new valve cover gaskets. Just my opinion! To prove out the situation if there’s fuel on the top of the injector s time for orings
  3. fjh

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    Those injectors are from a Robert Bosch straight pump engine identify able by the ball alignment dowel
  4. fjh

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    Yup!😎 As a side Note You only Need to install the top big and the second small oring down on the injector the metal washer at the tip will seal the return gallery just fine!
  5. Yup same old same old dollar store DPF! By their own hand! Fitting!
  6. fjh

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    >. The only way that would happen is if there was back pressure in the return lines. Is that correct?< The only way is by the orings That I HAVE SEEN . I by no means am saying the fuel pump is not at fault ! But The orings get hard and cooked and crispy over time and fuel starts passing by the return orings IF it cant go out the injection line spacer( Another indicator) wet or damp injection lines! it takes the path of least resistance depending on the return line drain back valve spring tension and engine RPM any where from 30-60 psi! I have worked with a fair few V8s over the years and have rarely Had a fuel pump or transfer pump fail in this manner! I have had quite a few injector orings get crispy Thou ! Just Sayin ! 😉
  7. fjh

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    I would chectk the injectors before blaming the pump lift the valve covers off and pop out each injector hold down check for fuel on top of each injector! Injector oring failure will cause this as well!
  8. Vaporized By engine heat! Your valve covers will likely be full of goo depending on how long this has been going on! Heat rises nature of the beast! It will likely be coming from around the outside of the liner silicone is used to seal the lower liner lip ! We've had very few oil cooler issues! head plugs can leak as well however very remote!
  9. fjh

    mack 18 speed question

    YUP ! Agreed Just as a note If you Do Preselect your (split) however you need to make your shift immediately to avoid damage to the shift fork on EITHER OR transmission!
  10. fjh

    Best E9 clutch

    We just installed a clutch supplied by the customer from paccar http://www.eaton.com/us/en-us/catalog/clutches-and-brakes/easy-pedal-advantage-clutch.html available in Variety of ratings up to 2250 torque Very reasonably priced worth looking into in my mind! Our Mack/Volvo parts people couldn't come close in pricing!
  11. I personally would be more concerned about the anifreeze situation You need to pull the pan and put a pressure test on the cooling system to identify wear the coolant has come from! Oil cooler? or Liners are the common areas There are some other areas of interest Not as likly but not worth mentioning till you check The first step Specially if this has just started!
  12. I agree with tech Very common in cold climates ! And if the engine has been Idled for hours on end ! Sometimes you have no choice , how ever Idling is not good for any engine And twice as bad for a diesel of any brand ! specially after a rebuild, it's Called wet stacking! Don't IDLE IT ! Even idling it at 1200 is not loading the engine enough to make the rings seat properly! When I do A rebuild I like to have a loaded trailer out side the building ready too haul Warm it up operating temp, slam it under the trailer and gently work the shit out of the engine for the first several hours !Then put the hammer down ! Even driving a couple of miles to the yard to pu a load is wasting valuable break in time in my mind.We proved this dozens of times with trucks delivered by ground the trucks that had been road delivered to the dealership with nothing on their back would burn oil from the get go! The trucks that hauled two or three trucks stacked to the dealership burned no oil because they had worked for the first 5 thousand miles! The sooner you work em the better break in ! Just sayin! 😁
  13. fjh

    E9 manifold leak

    Yup Said I have seen it done Not by any means recommending it That said if you were to leave the joint at the turbo base free you would have your expansion covered!
  14. fjh

    E9 manifold leak

    Usually your best bet is to disturb just the elbows you'll need to remove the motor mount on the side your working on and jack the engine up to get to the bolts! The bolts will likely be seized so soak em down with penetrating oil for a few days and have a torch handy cause your likely to have a fight on your hands ! When and if you get this elbow off install new seal ( piston rings) and assemble with High temp silicone this fix will work for only a while as usually everything will be worn from vibration the only real way to seal these is to replace the elbows or if you can find a machine shop that can sleeve them !THEY ARE HARD TO FIND AND PRICEY if you do find them! I have also seen them welded Good luck with it!
  15. fjh

    2006 Mack CXN Fire

    Bottom line is at the time they found someone that could build a cheap line to replace the original vendors line! They were hurting for money at that point it was just before the swedes bought in and they were cutting corners to save a buck! It didn't work!They spent more money trying to fix the problem than had they stuck with the original supplier!Poor design poor quality materials! just My observation!We had zero problems to that point! They have obviously now enhanced the dollarstore line we now have very few if any issues! If any!

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