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  1. because of the air flow I highly doubt it when that direction!
  2. Yup ! Common enough to for tiger tool to build a tool! I like Holland 35 or second choice Fontane sort of ! How ever !And for those of us that like The tech stuff You can even get An Electronic fifth wheel now ! Greattttt !!! Sensors every where More shit to go wrong! Probably has its own module!
  3. 2 hrs providing you done have seized injector lines ! I have a line made up in my box for this job ! means you can simply blo on the line as you turn your engine or the pump dive to set..
  4. Yup out come will likely be the same either way! Ah turbos are cheap!😁
  5. Well theres a better fix for that! Don't Buy A josh fifth wheel !
  6. Could have egr cooler failing, could have injector cup issues! The comment regarding after a hard pull, indicates cup issues from my experience!
  7. Nope! Your paying them to work for them! You should feel Great about being charitable !😁 all in a days work! It Really is all about feeling good about contributing, Don't matter if you can eat!😡
  8. From what I hear your lucky to be getting 1200 ! 800= 900 mybe!
  9. fjh

    Mack EUP problem

    Check and clean the engine grounds near the starter 15/16 bolt head with a bunch of wires bolting to the block!
  10. yup Think your on a head trip!😡
  11. Just to add a comment to add here do you notice if your missing any accessorys like the heater fan the relay may not be working!
  12. If It were Valves or a power leash stuck I would expect to see some smoke of some sort blu fuelly smoke lack of compression or Black Over fueled (stuck injector tip!) Just my opinion!
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