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  1. Our Freinds down under seem to have a better handle on the needs of the trucking industry than here in north America ! We don't pull trains here however we do have some steep terrain may be not a big enough market for their liking! Who knows ! If mack still offered the MP 10 here they would still sell just not as much as they would like !
  2. boost leak check all the hoses to the after cooler and engine
  3. After you have checked your simple stuff the rad cap ect ! Most common issues on this subject are EGR Cooler Failing Second in line are the injector cups can cause this however usually also give other issues hard starting slow to start indicaters! Water pumps fail once in a blu moon similar but not the same symtoms with over heat . our first check would be the EGR cooler
  4. Most of the changes in gearing here we used to do was to change to 4.64 due to the V8 ! Anything over 400 would eat the 4:17/ 4:42 ratios for breakfast in the offroad type settings here! lots of hills! Used rebuild lots of these top gear sets would pit out and break! the above ratios were a simple top gear set change!
  5. assuming its a Mack ! not enough info what year and model of truck! engine model mp7/ 8 or gray E7 engine!
  6. Does anyone know why GM still makes GMC / Chevy same truck different trim ! Volvo/Mack Same truck Different Cab and hood! Marketing strategies I guess! Its been going on for years firebird ,Camaro , chevlle/ boulmont just to name a few!
  7. Im not trying to be a smart ass here but you do have a 12 sp trans and half gears with a 12 speed! a half gear lower to low? just asking! your sweet spot will likly be 1400- 1500 the 1600 will be best fuel economy with the half gears you should fine something that fits with the 3:87s!
  8. Good Call pro ! And pay attention to the dollar store pex clamps that everybody are using on the the charge air these days They are garbage ! if in doubt replace them with real clamps you'll be glad you did! seen these fail on lots of units specially on the hot side of the turbo !
  9. they rarely cause issues!
  10. My opinion ! Top of the list , you need to check for exhaust leaks turbo gasket exhaust gaskets (broken exhaust bolts and boost leaks to start with , broken clamps bla bla. check the intake manifold at the front below the egr mixer tube for broken bolts and for a crack associated with a broken bolt front lower bolts have a tendency to break! After cooler split!? The egr cooler my be plugged this will cause the egr valve to open to much and result in little to no boost as the ecu is detecting low flow also the dp sensor on that circuit is susceptible to plugging again low flow issue . bottom
  11. 12 speed is a dandy dump truck trans 5 speeds for reverse is a wonderful thing ! some Things to watch for have been mentioned ,to add to the list pull the counter shaft caps check the rear bearings For pitting replace as necessary these can be done with out other disassembly, if you are removing the air shift to re oring check the reverse gears, the idlers also can be replaced or turned around if need be to reused with out to much disassembly the reverse gear and these idlers used to take a beating when drivers were impatient and didn't wait till the truck was static before shifting to
  12. (If you're paying $10k for a clutch job, you're getting robbed ! ) THATS THE POINT! Flywheel grind ! If someone walks in off the street to have a clutch replaced and you have no idea how many times the clutch has been done you replace the flywheel for your own safety then you can Provide the whole job with a solid warranty with out worrying about a backfire !As for using a recon actuator Our luck with most ReMack Parts is not the best! Not the most quality stuff in my mind I would just rather start over! start from scratch ! And not have to do it twice! Just an op
  13. The red shut down is set to come on with the 3 sensors Joey mentioned those three can trigger a shut down you have a minute to decide! How ever we used to disable low water shut down as it can be a PIA ! the light will still appear but the no action was taken to shut down if disabled! check the wiring over near the oil cooler the clamps tend to rub the wires there ! be sure your not over heating! Good advice by Glen there too Cover the bases!
  14. Shit ! I my country that's been going on for Years The generation of Wimps is here ,get used to it! everyone wants to sit on there duffs and play video games! lazy shits! no motivation ! How ever they would end up wore out and grumpy just like me , So who is the smart one ? Guess its not me!
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