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  1. Its to bad the wheel had to squeak so long to get greased , how ever at least it got some! Good luck with the new unit when it gets here bro!
  2. f**ksakes What a pain! So much for the flat rate hope you get paid by the hour!🙄
  3. Another bandaid! They now lock tight and stake the nut horse is out of the barn though! Day late two dollars short!
  4. Sorry to say but in my mind right now you got mostly a big red boat anchor under your hood from what you have said! it may not be worth repairing this ! Due to the age of the unit!
  5. Unfortunately the dude who put the compressor on blew it big time when you got broken gears you need to go looking for why they broke! And these engines have a track record!
  6. Yup and it was still running that’s the bad part for you yours is not 30 grand could go away in a hurry!
  7. We just finished one in the shop roughly fifty hours into it tandem tandem mixer plus 10 grand in parts not a nice situation!
  8. you can safely fill the primary filter!
  9. This statement could not be more true in my mind ! That being said.Volvo should now have the best of both worlds ! Over priced parts and a piece of junk to keep putting them on ! However! Don't think for one minute Paccar and the freightsaker /westernstar IHC makers Aren't Doing the same dam thing Its rampant thru out industry as a whole our economy relies on repeat business and waste ! So build a piece of junk , sell it and they will come back One way or the other they sell parts OR sell a new unit in 5 years or so Because the consumer gets tired of being in the shop having parts thrown at the stuff they bought! All in the Plan! Again its a no win for us the consumer, A semi win for them and a total loss to the environment because of all the waste! It does keep people employed I guess!😥
  10. Also seen this happen this gets you possibly happy and they can sell this truck to someone that don't know any better! what ever works I guess! Usually comes with a keep you mouth shut stipulation I think!!🤔 The Mp8 is a some what better design in my mind however Don't expect good mileage with an allison! we have quite a few running here and are trouble free for the most part!Allison is a better choice for a dump configuration And almost any niny can drive it with out wrecking things! Leaves you open to letting your wife or girlfreind driving it for you while you sit home drinking beer! 😉
  11. To bad they hadn't stole the syncro design as well ! How ever problems seem to be less prevalent on these its still there!
  12. If you ever had long distances of backing up to do you mack 12sp would run circles around the fuller or Mack 18 sp and get twice the work done in a day! Its a shame they discontinued it ! Dispite its sometimes ornery last gear split it was a good trany for many vocational job Applications !
  13. Another issue with the cylinder is there is a snap ring that can break inside the cylinder and cause this symptom you can do the oring job with out removing the lid from the back of the trans with the exception of the rail oring pay attention to the assembly as it is easy to get your head messed around to the way things are assembled!at least for me! :)Remove the four 3/8 by 4 bolts and remove things in order the end cap first the outside barrel being second then the outer piston theres two as you can see by Robs post!An inner and an outer! install the new orings on the pistons and if the snapring is broke replace it and reassemble!
  14. Brain fart on my part sorry ! You are correct of course the will not work
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