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  1. E9 Engine Brake

    By the way those sols are available THRU PAI ! not totally extinct yet!
  2. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    They do offer the choice of distinctly different ENGINE Paint color How ever! That sets Us Worlds apart from them! Green or RED what should I choose! hmmmmm!
  3. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    They have done better than I expected on the plug issue I had expected they would have done it by now I'm surprised they are still willing to continue on with thes smoke and mirrors game! ( When ) it happens thou I won't be surprised! THE Evil swedish aggressor!
  4. Cam issues

    As stated checking the h ring height is in order here also you might consider looking into the ceramic up grade!
  5. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    Cup issues ! They claim to never have problems !
  6. Tesla Electric Truck News

    SOOOO !I wonder what kind of warranty are we offering with this unit!
  7. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    You mean to tell me that can be removed by the screw and bar method I do understand the need for the installer Every one has their CAT CUMMINS DETROIT HOWEVER Mains seals have not been a problem In my area ! So my (Point being if it ain't broke ) just another dealer gouge!
  8. We had a similar occurrence a month or two back it was the injector wiring harness it gives the same sounds and feel as running out of fuel! this could be a possibility !
  9. Similar rear suspension to Vride / Mride Hmm!
  10. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    OF coase the new ocean front valve cover is included in that 3500 bucks for the neck brace puller correct. Thermal pane glass I bet! When they changed over to the MP engine the first essential tools they sent us were the engine lifting brackets for removing engines from the trucks GOOD SIGN OF Confidence in the product!! Fortunately we only had to use em a couple of times in 15 years!
  11. What codes is it throwing up? kind of a vague post if you want help! Sounds as if its starving for fuel
  12. Yup if hes empty shouldn't be a problem a light foot will help! as for Your turbo that issue is from lack of air/ boost to much fuel . THat is an example of why you have a pyrometer gauge!
  13. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    It all depends on how much and how hard you work them from what i'm seeing We have some wicked long pulls here in BC ! we do cups still on a regular basis one a year on some! My guess 3000 Grand . More dealer gouging for tecky over the top stuff !!!!!! Shop rate just went up again ! To bad they didn't invest the money they spent on those tools in fixing the cup issue! Replacement tools for the trusted screw ,vise grip and crowbar method 50 bucks v/s the volvo criminal price! Good Bait ! Got me going!
  14. What trany do you have ?You may want to stay where your at depending if you have maxidyne or not! if do not have a 13 sp or better moving to 350 / 400 may hinder your situation! Just A thought