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  1. Yup its always someone else fault! MY GOD ! So Do we really need to monitor the auto greaser? REALLY!🙄 Should make the machine De rate to 20 percent till that is fixed for sure !🙄
  2. Yup amen to that! Tech ! I have found that if you get solid fuel to at least two injectors you will be able to make it run! We have a guy at my shop refuses to bleed At the head and cranks at the starter for ever, to get them to go Drives me nuts! He claims he read some where Mack did not recommend this method ! I believe it stems back to the fuel line feasco early 2000's when they changed to the dollar store supplier !!! they would also have u change the fuel line every time they are removed! I say OF Coarse! Mack recommends a alot of stupid shit they get to sell more parts that way They can sell starters and fuel lines by the bushel with the bleed at the pump method! So get fuel to as many injector s as possible and it will start fine!
  3. I haven’t seen many reman eup s fail! However I’m not a huge fan of Mack reman parts either poor quality workman ship is rampant. OR low /loose rebuild specs! just me maybe!🤔
  4. Did you test with the die after you replaced the o rings? Your positive the fuel ain’t coming from the transfer pump!?
  5. So I am miss understanding is the new fuel sample clear or not?
  6. fjh


    Good Job Bro The easy fix check is done Best advice I have now is to get your work done don't use the split till ya got time to deal with removing the shift lid! There are two other semi common things that can happen ,The shift rail engagement knob has come loose on the piston rod you can deal with that when the lid is off! OR you have a broken shift rail , For this The trans has to come out PAI Is the place to by the parts ! And This is not the place to do a farmer patch the shift rail is a big project Trany out and into three pieces on the floor You need a nice warm barn to tackle this project in the winter! 😁
  7. True ! cheaper for them to build the more they can charge for it! 🙄
  8. Our DOT / Police here would likely have not noticed this ! They tend to like to find more important stuff like burned out licence plate lites and and missing dot tape! ! Anyway the idiot that was driving must have a screw loose in his brain not to have felt something was going on it would have had to be pulling and shaking like hell!
  9. I for one am totally amazed at how hard the dam stuff packs in them holes its amazing! Another comment I have is The place where the sensor sits used to be bolted on and easily cleanable Now All one piece Makes me wonder if they have done this to encourage you to have to buy a hole new tube another semi intentional money grab! another non serviceable part to plague us!
  10. Good call Teck I didn't read the tittle Duhhh! I assumed his 15 MR!
  11. Your in the zone with what you you have! We have had this problem and it was injector! Having said that Mack E service had us put die in the fuel filter and run the engine for a minute or so the die showed up right away at the offending injector under the black light ! In your case in an MR its going to be tough cause half the truck has to come apart to get the valve cover off How ever its either this or replace all six! Just Sayin!
  12. fjh


    If you are a Farmer you can do this job! That"s what farmers do fix shit to get on with things ! Or At least find some one who can and the the point is you use the truck once a year how much do you want to spend??? oring kit MAK207SH32 - 66 MAK97AX121 snap ring - 61 MAK97AX126 snap ring - 63 At the very least here! take the end cap off of the BIG cyl 4- 3/8 bolts see if the snap ring is broken and hanging things up! if not then reassemble and yes the lid will have to come off! Just sayin
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