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  1. Run rough and pops at idle

    Any fault codes ? You need to provide detailed info if you want a decent answer to your questions! Air pressure to fuel system don't tell us much! history ? When it started! ? bla bla Bla!
  2. E7 eng brake

    You can by a lot of brake shoes with the money your going to spend on patching this And it will be a patch these dint work that well even with all the line bearing and other patch kits! Just sayin!
  3. Excessive Blue Smoke

    One would think If it were rings you would have oil consumption issues and excessive blowby! I as the others suspect valve guide wear!
  4. Excessive Blue Smoke

    agree with Glenn also ( how old is your air cleaner?) Don't forget the engine is in vacum when coasting pulling oil thru the turbo seals due to clogged air filter is a good possibility!
  5. Have you changed any headlight bulbs lately? The wrong bulb will make these do weird stuff!
  6. Next time you have it running pull the oil fill cap off while running and check for puffing at the fill tube this is an indication of failed piston or rings! however if it sounds like its huffin at the exhaust not a good sign!
  7. Mack 12 speed

  8. If it was a runaway it will show up on the valve set as a real loose set as will broken lifter 1/32 of an inch or so you will likely have bent push rods on those cylinders! Upon setting the valves when slack give them a twirl if there bent it will show ! like I said proceed in order of ease! Methodically look at stuff , assume nothing ,Explore .You still could have burnt pistons broken rings you just don't know you have no history! Just an observation from previous experience!
  9. Which should BE? Check the drain plug its quick and easy! Next hardest is the valve set Hardest CAN BE injector swap because they can be seazed! i have no Doubt in your ability Your working Blind with no history you dun good to get this far How ever Please try and advance thru the checks as stated so we can get to a resolve here I don't feel like wasting my time trying to help someone who doesnt want to listen and try shit we have offered up here There a some quite EXPERIENCED people on this site and we can get a little testy You asked for help we offer up the help use it to its potential we may be right we maybe wrong how ever its worth a try! getter done!
  10. YOU ARE SPENDING TO Much time second guessing your self! In my humble opinion! Move on to other checks! Check the drain plug for peices check the valve adjustment Swap the injectors move on its likely not the timing! You got it running !!! As I recall it you have no history on this engine ! Your doing OK for a blind guy! Go with What you know you have smoke you know you got fuel up to the injectors swap em! You don't know if you have compression check the valve set !
  11. CRD 93 Housing w/or w/o transverse rod

    Yup use the studs! I'm Not positive how ever I believe you can buy the dog bone bracket for the back now rather than the tapper much wiser than the taper ! I have seen these on the newer MRs used for pump trucks and such!
  12. Anyone doing full deletes on MP8s yet??

    I think if the Freaken was to EPA stop and Evaluated HOW MUCH waste and pollution they have created by Forcing truck makers to create 5 year throw away trucks the cost to the environment having to recycle this crap far surpasses the emissions they are trying to prevent! But sure helps generate revenue for the truck shops! Be proud your keeping others working while going broke!
  13. Yes Bud Do a valve adjustment on that cyl bring it up to tc( valves rockin on number one )and set the valves 16 on the intake and 24 on the exhuast or just loosen the big jam nut push and turn the lash adjuster all the way down till it wont turn with your thumb then back it out one half turn that will be close enough to ( aprox 24) to prove the point here! the proper set is 16 in 24 ex thou! There is also a possibility that you have a failed lifters in which case you will have a popping sound at the air cleaner and very loose valve set check the valve set first if you have a lot of slack on one of the valve like 1/32 of an inch STOP what your doing and check the pan plug for pieces! If the lifter has failed as you remove the drain plug it will feel like there is gravel on the threads!
  14. As mackpaul is saying is it fueling to the injector? if so swap injector 5 to injector six if six starts firing you know you have an injector issue! however Being as you have smoke I suspect you have fuel but no compression! ( open or valve) or a stuck dyntard slave!