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  1. Yup me too especially when it comes to politics My opinion is my opinion and I choose not to voice that here!The politics of our countries are Just That ( Politics and BS!) again just an opinion!
  2. Have done an e6 to e7 swap on an Rd have had that experience not on an MH Its doable however lots of changes fuel lines are different for starters water pumps May be a diffrent height all subtal stuff you don't think about till your at it! alot of the stuff will be a work around the linkage for instance will be likley a do your own thing issue as well ! All doable just will take some time!
  3. This is usually don by a qualified fuel pump shop! Pump should come off!
  4. The engine would have shut down long before seizing up!the ECU would shut it down ! Likly fahrenheit
  5. You will hear it wind down when shut down,
  6. Take the belt off see if the noise is there !
  7. Micrometer or calliper should work don’t know the spec 12 thou ?
  8. It would not know which cam key /is the cam sensor shined corectly
  9. That figures!!!! The Volvo turd parts system at it’s finest! P.o.s
  10. Go see you Allison transmission shop
  11. Shaken and stirred ! End of the era! Boys , Just like Mack will be soon! Just about only thing left is the cab now! and its being rendered to down piece by piece!
  12. Barry we quite often us the PAI Site to cross reference parts as the dumbass Volvo program is really Quite inadequate at finding older parts or most parts for that matter ! Just sayin
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