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  1. I drove a very similar sized Euclid a few years back at local truck show at Lakeside Sand/Gravel. The ol DD 238 was screaming. You shoulda parked the car and hopped right in!!!
  2. Freightrain

    Some Truth or Consequences NM pictures

    Growing up, my dad bought a brand new '72 Gran Torino wagon, dark green(no wood grain). He traded in the '65 Buick Skylark 2 dr for it. That is neat country out there to visit. Not sure I'd want to live there?
  3. Freightrain

    AOL Sucks!

    I still use AOL, but not as my homepage. You can pick anything you want using your computer settings. I only open AOL to sign on to my mail. Yes, they do blow your screen up with crap about Trump or anything else to "scare" you. I ignore all the crap they throw at me, get my mail opened and then sign off.
  4. Freightrain

    The Meeting 👍🏁🇺🇸

    That was a very empty tank, near zero weight. They took the brakes off it also since it was so light. Dan posted pics years back of what that trailer actually looked like. It's just a shell, no tank behind the skin.
  5. Freightrain

    The Meeting 👍🏁🇺🇸

    Now that's a COOL pic!
  6. Freightrain

    Gerharts 2018

    Glad to hear the show went well. Maybe I'll make it over again next year? Al always puts on a show. This was from a few years back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9MhJhalQqM
  7. Freightrain

    Gerharts 2018

    I went racing, but rain is making it not likely to happen. Should have went to PA??
  8. Freightrain

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    Looks like someone stuck another axle under it? Too wide, as you couldn't turn the wheels very far as it sits. Pretty cool unit though.
  9. Freightrain

    1975 RS685LT

    My 237 started with ease with only 2 batteries. Not a problem with these "little" engines. BTW, nice truck. That lift and bed will likely be a handy thing to have around. Kinda like a shirt pocket(sure glad to have it when you need it). Sorry to hear about your 4 legged family member.
  10. Freightrain

    Compressor feed line replacement

    Well, made my trip to Pittsburgh last weekend. Seems it fixed itself. It holds air without much fuss and even after like 8 hours the shutters were still closed(which means it was holding air). Not sure what the deal was when I tested it with shop air and it leaked off kinda fast. On the road, the compressor didn't have to cycle hardly at all while cruising at 70 mph. I was watching the gauge to see if it dropped off in 10-15 minutes, and it didn't hardly budge. I made a new gasket for the adapter plate on the head(for the line to attach). I sprayed water on it and saw a few bubbles. I made it new, but remade it and that seemed to help with any bubbles showing. Life is good again. Just a few more trips this year and it's back in hibernation til next April.
  11. Freightrain

    Dog had a tough day

    Okay, kinda wondered if that was the reason for the dog and knew it would have no issues then.
  12. Freightrain

    Sears sells Craftsman brand

    We had a Kresge's in downtown Canton. That goes wayyy back. I think they were still open in early 80's? Or at least some store was there as I waited for the bus to come home from HS. This was about 3rd and Cleveland ave, just north of downtown square(ice skating ring in the winter).
  13. Freightrain

    Dog had a tough day

    I don't think it is that big of deal to get pets on a plane, but did you have to buy her a seat?
  14. Freightrain

    New Fad for Cars?

    I've wondered myself if I couldn't sell my worn out jeans and make a killing? Typically the knees end up blowing out, along with splitting the crotch out from shrinking up and bending over too far. Stupid rich people that want to look like they "work". Perfect match. New Levi's are $60/pair for my boot cut style, wonder if I could recoup my money after a few years of wearing them?
  15. Freightrain

    1964 B61, 673 turbo, quad.

    Yup, parking brake on the floor. Usually just a vague inference.....I made sure my truck had spring brakes before I bought it. I didn't want to rely on a wood chock to make sure my truck was still sitting where I left it LOL!

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