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Community Answers

  1. Sad truth to many peoples "projects". They think some day, only to have life get in the way and there it sits.
  2. Maybe you can't copyright just part of a word/name? Like "ing". Many words use those letters so it would be difficult to get a copyright. So "liner" would like fall in that category.
  3. Thanks for the update! Lots of steps....but the end is looking near.
  4. Was approached by a local racer who pulls a std box trailer(hauls race car) with a Pete with historical tags and the Ohio patrol busted him. He had to put truck plates back on it($1600). Seems they told him he could not pull a trailer with historical plates on the truck. I was like..."never heard that before". Maybe my Mack is a bit more "non comm" looking compared to a 359.
  5. I assumed square tanks. Here is an old shot of the steel tanks.
  6. I've seen a few variations of putting a left stack on a B model. I went with using another 40 gal tank and just duplicate/mirror the right hand top and bottom brackets. I didn't have to move the fuel tank brackets, as the tank is just longer on the one end(the end that would cover the left stack area) and using the right tank will just slide right in with no fuss and clear the stack.
  7. The headlight switches are kinda unique for a B model. The dash lights only come on with the headlights, not with parking lights. I'd like to get that changed but haven't figured out the wiring yet (only been 20 yrs). I bought a special long handle toggle for my Jakes but would like a colored extension for it. I see a guy on FB that is recasting sparkle shifter handle extensions now.
  8. They don't make frames like they used too! My 1974 Cub has 1/4" frame rails. Its built like a Mack truck!
  9. There's a fellow with a YouTube channel that restored a Farmall H. He primed everything with red tint primer that way scatches don't show. He painted all the bolts before assembly and then just touched them up after tightening. It was a fantastic job.
  10. When I got the wig wag for my truck, it too was a bit rusty. I sanded it and masked the top off and painted the lower half red. Then I fogged a quick coat of black to it. Then using a flat block I lightly sanded the black off leaving the black in the letters. Looks perfect "patina".
  11. A simple manual fuel shutoff somewhere along the line(under the cab) would slow them down. By the time it would air up enough to move it would run out of fuel! I doubt there is a large market for a stolen B model? Parts maybe? A late model truck, yes.
  12. Time to put a larger filter inline, maybe an opaque version so you can monitor it and see if it is getting clogged. Keep an extra filter in the truck with some tools and that would keep the tow bills down.
  13. If still the original Mack motor it shouldnt take much to bring to life. Due to air start, I would maybe pump the fuel primer and make sure its ready to fire. If it leaked down for some reason, pumping it up will help get it started quicker.
  14. Kinda figured I miss you anyway just due to timeline. Thanks for the traffic headsup.
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