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Community Answers

  1. Ya, even my 28k lbs was just about all you wanted to go long distance with. It would hold 65 mph for the most part until you got into hills. The 237 really made it bearable.
  2. I'd have to get out and look where my pivot bar is at? Above or below the input? Been a few years since I put the motor in and saw that stuff.
  3. When I slipped the air ride under my B, I converted the budds back to spoke to match the front axle. I didn't want the mismatched look. The yard I got the clip from gave me the spoke hubs. If I ever find a budd hubs for the front I have the rear parts.
  4. Looks decent. Not sure what you are willing to pay for it, but a lot of it is just looking at everything carefully. Motor should have 50+ psi oil cold. They start very easy, so if it cranks a lot there is issues. Minimal blue when cold.
  5. As the saying goes....."I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers"...... Lol
  6. "Bent over a bike".....just sayin.
  7. I put dynamat in my new doors. Wow, what a difference. They close with a "thud" instead of a bell ring.
  8. Man... that's nice! I'd love to have a real nice headliner in my B. Mines on its last legs.
  9. Any local truck spring shop should fix that up easily. I had a broken top leaf on my B model. They bent it for the eyelet and presto-chango I was back in business. They rebolted all the clamps too. Its just a "width, length and thickness" thing.
  10. It should have filled the cooler by now. My first thought is pull the relief valve and make sure it is not stuck open. I assume it is still at the bottom of the pedestal like my 237.
  11. You couldn't hear anyway....Lol. I put a separate speaker for my CB and I still have to strain to understand some people. I used to have to lift off the throttle to make it quiet enough.
  12. If I dont work mine hard enough it will be around 170*. Normally around 180 doing its thing. I can hear the fan draw hard against the shutters if they close if I roll down a long hill. I wouldn't sweat it. Only on the longest hard pull has mine gotten to 190ish, but I ease off a touch.
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