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  1. Am I incorrect when I thought Paul bailed when that last big ordeal happened a few months back when a few guys were banned? Dont think he was banned ,but there were a few hurt feelings and attitudes and some just left.
  2. Maybe not a bodyshop, but a fabrication shop. They can build/bend/form pretty much anything. Them maybe a paint shop to put color on it.
  3. Shoot Hank.... I missed all the hub bub. Congrats on turning in the keys for the last time!
  4. Saw the link to this the other day on Youtube, but didn't watch it. Pretty interesting to say the least! I suppose the ram had "whip" to it since the cylinder was fully extended with the piston at the end of the bore and with near no support it can wiggle around pretty badly in the seal area when quickly unloaded. Makes you wonder how long it will last with that kind of abuse on the seal surfaces?
  5. Dual inlet air cleaner? Is that a canadian cold air set up, eh? Looks like a pretty decent truck. That boom would get you as high as about anyone would need to get!(not me...I like watching from the ground)
  6. Just had a thought...what about machining a new shaft and just putting the ends back on it? I don't recall what all is involved at each end?(haven't look at mine lately). You say you don't have a lathe, but maybe have a shaft made?
  7. But there was still more room in the bed.....why not fill it?
  8. Mine stays inside also beside a couple times a month, thus the reason they are in decent shape after all this time.
  9. I bought 6 new Toyo 22.5s for my truck 20 yrs ago. I replaced the steers a few years ago just because they were about 16 yrs old and I was concerned. They weren't dry rotted, but just "old". Im still running the rears even though they are 20 yrs old(also not dry rotted). It cost $1800 20 yrs ago for 6 tires/rims. The fronts cost me almost $900 to replace. Sad fact you will never wear them out when only using the truck as a toy.
  10. If I recall, originally a B53 would have lips on the front fenders. A B63 wouldn't. So that truck may have started as a B53 but the fenders may have been replaced. B53
  11. The rear wont be as a big of struggle as the front axle. Thin pickings all depends on what axle you have and if you need brakes on it.
  12. Yes, moved the nut. It would only get maybe 900* on a hard pull. Now it goes about 1100*. Fuel economy has not changed.
  13. My buddy(ex driver) used to say it was a Rolls Canardly. Rolls down hill fine, but can hardly make it up the other side.
  14. I met a fellow 20 yrs ago right after I got my truck. He had a new set of springs made for the rear with only 3 main leaves. He too pulled a travel trailer with it. I did similar by just having my spring pack cut down to 3. It worked well with my race trailer(only 3000# on the pin) until I finally did stretch my truck and add the air ride.
  15. Dave, it's a 15 spd(single over). Many years ago I was looking for a double over to get more road speed out of my 4.62's. Never happened, so I cut the gearing when I added the air ride. The rear actually came with 3.70's but figured I'd never use OD with the old 673 so I swapped it to 4.10's. Now I wish I had kept the 3.70's. The 237 would likely do real nice with that ratio? Right now it is 65 mph at 1800 rpm in OD. I think I could knock a few RPM out of it without hurting anything. Mike, sorry no radio or tape deck. Keith, I made sure it was plenty low enough
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