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  1. Pictures of the Week

    I'm sure her HI Beams were on and you could have used them to chip the ice off the binders????
  2. Ya, control arms would break loose, he had to keep exhaust pipes handy as they would rot in half, plus a few other issues I have forgotten about. But at an easy 50 MPG no matter how hard to drove it, he loved them. Fold the seat down and you could carry an entire engine back there. Great beater/work cars.
  3. Buddy used to SWEAR by his lil red Festiva. He actually had a fleet, as with as rusty as they get in Ohio you have to have "spares". They would run 250K miles without motor problems. If you could keep them from rusting, they would run forever.
  4. Jake lash cap needed

    I need one early 237 Jake lash cap. Big diameter: .468. The are NLA from Mack. Small ones won't fit.
  5. Ya, not going to make it. What else is new? Someday.
  6. What is wrong with people today?

    At least Manson finally got off the payroll. Always like this little clip: I agree, those two pyscho's that tortured their children for 29 yrs should be hung by their toe nails and left be be eaten by rabid rats.
  7. Where did THAT come from??

    So what is that in ENGLISH???
  8. Where did THAT come from??

    Just so you know...... ALL tv sucks. I take Alka Seltzer Plus gel tabs. They dry me up and wipe me out so I can sleep it off.
  9. Spare Apples

    Here is the scene that leads up to the one above.... I came across the clip and it just makes me laugh. I typically like Matt damon as a actor. Really enjoy The Bourne movies.
  10. As they say........"it was fun while it lasted"..........
  11. Pictures of the Week

    I always do a quick lookie at that yard next to the pike when I run through there. Never quick enough with a camera though.
  12. long awaited work shop finally started

    I bought one of those lil metal sheds to put my lawn tractor in. Holy COW!!! The bag of screws was half the weight of the box LOL!!! Took a few nights to screw that little 10x10 together. I can just imagine the bag of bolts for that "little" shed. Of course a few years back a tree dropped a huge limb though the roof and now it's a worthless, leaky shed. Need to replace it with a bigger one(after I buy a few battery packs for my cordless drill!! )
  13. Spare Apples

    One of my favorite clips(though I've never seen the movie)
  14. My guess, and I'm no power steering expert.....seems like the spool valve or whatever controls the fluid is stuck or at least not moving for left hand turns. Thus making it impossible to turn left. With the engine off, does it turn hard both ways? The same effort as left turn WITH the engine running? I think Tom, Fuzzy Buzzard, just put Shepard on his wrecker last year when he put a 237 in it. Might be something he could assist with?
  15. The build part is fun with the King hauler. it is just like building a real truck(just a lot easier since you an lift everything with one hand). I've had mine since 1996(right after they came out). The stuff they have out for them today is crazy! Very cool. Not cheap though, it is just another money pit.