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  1. So it's one of those....."I know what I have, don't low ball me!". Lol!
  2. Politics and the internet can be a cruel thing. I've learned to keep my mouth shut because it doesn't really matter.
  3. Hmmm, wonder if this all went back to that political mayhem just a while ago? Have noticed it is pretty quite around here lately. I don't have all that much to add unfortunately. No projects or excitement in my life.
  4. Never had kids driving buses when I was in school, but remember the old stick shift buses and this one small hill that a new driver couldn't get the bus started on. Oh, the fun days. 345 CI was it. They made 304, 345, 392's for most applications(at least for light/med duty). My '72 1210 pickup had a 345/4 spd in it. Ex township road dept truck. Beat to pieces, got it at auction for $150 but was my first truck so I thought it was cool. I have a couple pictures of me working on it(did that a LOT). It would pass everything but a gas station. I think just starting it took 1/8 tank of
  5. That was the year I made it too Alex. Hope to meet up again sometime.
  6. Clean rims/tires always makes a vehicle look clean. Nothing worse then brown ugly tires on a clean vehicle. I do get the horse and buggy deal! The thinner oil makes the shafts spin easier, thus shift timing gets screwed up. I started running synth in my race car and it takes much longer for the shafts to stop when trying to put it in gear after starting the engine with the clutch out.. The old 90w gear was much thicker!
  7. Those Louisville's are good looking trucks!
  8. Ugh, thought so. I have a race (not a points race for me)that weekend, but I will see what happens and might come out there instead? I haven't been to a truck function all summer for the most part.
  9. What's the date again? Oct sumthin? I have a couple races to attend, but would like to get back over to Gerharts.
  10. Passenger car TPMS are sketchy at best for reliability. I hate them, though dont own a vehicle with them. Just another flashing light in the dash to ignore by most people. Those people wouldn't check a tire if they noticed it walking up to a car, so what is a light on the dash going to do?? They build new cars for idiots.....but they are making better idiots every day.
  11. Luckily I'm minutes away from Summit here in Akron. I know this covid crap has everything screwed up. Many phone sales work from home so they aren't even close to anyone in the office to move things along.
  12. I used a long limit switch arm to contact my brake pedal. I used it to work a relay for both the cruise and Jake brake operation.
  13. Ditto...... I never even heard about it?
  14. A handful of bolts will get the cover off and you can see if the plungers are stuck.
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