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  1. Freightrain

    NOS door installation

    Well I found a place on Ebay, then went to their website. Rubbertherightway.com. I ordered it Wed and it came from San Diego in 2 days to Ohio. Nice! Everything says made in USA. Looks likes, fits nice. What I did for the whiskers is ordered 1967-72 F100 and cut to fit. I compared my originals to what my '69 had and the F100 were longer(good thing). They come with snap clips already on them. I just had to drill 3 holes and snap them on the door and trim panel. Worked out really well. Everything mocked in place: I have the upper channel formed to fit, just need to mount the clips. Not sure if the old clips will work, so going to glue it also. I'm waiting til I get the new glass installed and panel mounted in the door before I try gluing it as I want to use the window rolled up to hold everything correctly. I also have the new channels glued into the door panels. I have the old glass holding things in tight. I need to remove the old glass, blast the lower channel/paint and glue the new glass in. I also put new channels in the vent windows. I'm waiting on the door seal material(coming this week), before finishing the doors up. I might have to pull them off quickly to get the seals installed. I have a big bag of stainless hardware to get the mirrors mounted up. But again, waiting til doors are finished before doing that. If I have to drop the doors off to get the seals installed I don't want to have to have the mirrors hanging on them.
  2. Freightrain

    Highway Projects

    They try to make it harder for dummies...............the only problem is they are making smarter dummies............
  3. Freightrain

    Scraper Convoy

    If you notice some of the scrapers have pull bars on them. They can daisy chain them together and they do the same as having dozers pushing them. Kinda interesting to watch them work. Jeff, from Jpaydirt did a video of how that works. He also put a "switchblade" turbo on his old Cat dozer and took most of the smoke away. It's a variable turbo, so it spools up quicker down low eliminating the cloud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLKpauTxKxI
  4. Freightrain

    Scraper Convoy

    I caught onto a guy on Youtube called "Jpaydirt", he has a small dirt moving company. I enjoy his videos. He is either working on his equipment, rebuilding "Ol Kenny" his 1693 powered KW, or his Challenger, or you ride along while running the dozer or scraper.
  5. Freightrain

    Triplex transmission mount bushings

    Well, I have the material to make the bushings, been sitting on my desk for a couple weeks now. I also have the bushings. I was trying to keep from having to make them, so I did some googling and found some at Home Depot? 5/8" ID, 7/8" OD, 1 1/2" long. $10 for 5. Kinda spendy, but good enough(worth it to not have to make them). Just need some time after work to start machining the polyurethane.
  6. Freightrain

    NOS door installation

    Slow progress this weekend: Picked up some Dynamat today, so I got some put on the doors. That should keep them from being a "GONG" when closed. I started to reassemble the mirrors, but need to get to the store and get all new stainless hardware. That and I want to get some thin plastic to isolate the brackets from the paint on the doors. I'd like to have stainless brackets, but that's a bit out of the budget. Friend blasted and painted the originals since there were in pretty nice condition and not rotted to pieces.
  7. Freightrain

    B- series

    Local fellow has a really nice Tridrive B dump. I don't recall what it has for suspension? In the slow truck race at the local show...I'm usually too far ahead to see....LOL!!!
  8. Freightrain

    Maxidyne gearing

    I like my Triplex, even though I heard many stories of how it won't work well, blah, blah, blah. I like my ability to split the top gears. Pulls hills without issue, though I'm not 80K lbs. If I get my mits on a RTO or such, I'm going to work on getting it installed. Only because my Triplex is whipped hard and put away wet.
  9. Freightrain

    CB Disgust

    All I can think of is this little clip from Blazing Saddles. Pretty much sums up CB's today. No matter how nice you think you are,........ I still run CB's in my pickup and Mack. Granted, usually a waste of time, but when traveling they come in handy for information and highway problems. Well, usually. then again.............."UP YOURS!!!" In the late 70's, hanging with my buddy in the neighborhood we'd spend all night yak'n on his big base station, 850 watt linear and Moonraker 4 beams. We talked all across the world. Fun times.
  10. Freightrain

    NOS door installation

    I'll get a fresh roll of duct tape in the mail so you can cover that BIG hole up in the door. I wouldn't want to hold the responsibility of having that beautiful door rotting out!!!
  11. Freightrain

    NOS door installation

    Well, everything got paint! Wow, buddy did a really nice job. Here's a couple teaser pics til I get everything unboxed and bolted on. Mirrors and trims pieces: window panels: Outside of door: Inside of door: Of course now my buddy wants to know when I'm bringing the cab over? Ah, ya, right. Not sure that will ever happen? I'd like to just touch up the outside and get some fresh white on it to match the rest. I did get the passenger door hung back on last night. I got the vent window kinda cleaned up and put on. The chrome is pitte on the outside but I'm not ready to spend the money to get that fixed!!! Now I need to get window felts and tracks, some more new SS hardware and start bolting things on. I'm still on the fence about putting power windows in it? We'll see after I get everything else put back on the truck.
  12. Freightrain

    heavy lifting

    Brooner. It's call "To The top crane" channel.
  13. Freightrain

    heavy lifting

    Been watching some Youtube videos from a crane company out west. Kinda interesting, the fellow doing it is real down to earth and is explaining everything going on. Of course once you see the good videos, you have to watch the FAIL videos from typically NON USA places where things go wrong in a big way.
  14. Freightrain


    ^^This. My older phones would allow a cord to attach to computer to send them, but for some reason the newer Motorola's don't allow that? Or for some reason my computer won't talk to it. So I email them to myself and do like Rob. I quit downloading pics directly here. You fill your allowed space and then you can't post any more pics. I use Postimage.org. It's free and works easily.
  15. Freightrain

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

    Ouch. Did he get his walking papers?? Or are they a bit more forgiving?

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