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  1. Very solid looking truck. Welcome aboard!
  2. In today's cars, they use ATF in the 5-6 spds. They have to due to all the needle bearings. Gear lube would never squeeze through those tiny areas. Old Spicer boxes needed engine oil for similar reasons. I suppose if the box was new enough it would be okay? If it was "loose", it would likely rattle and bang around from the extra clearance from the thinner fluid. I'm ready to mix some oats in my triplex to help fill in the gaps and quiet it down!! Lol.
  3. Wow, someone wanted that thing filtered to the max! I know the lower oil filter is a Luberfiner, my guess is the lower gas filter is too by the looks of it. I know that stock oil filter is not a full flow filter, but don't know what they called it(bypass?)? My 673 had the full flow and it has three lines on it, not just two.
  4. Using the original switch, you should be able to operate it and see what makes contact in "start" or "acc" position. The wire with 12v to it should be the battery. There is another website, www.ford-truck.com and it has a big truck forum. They have a few parts guys that have access to micro fiche and factory information. You may have some luck there if you can't figure it out.
  5. It is a cut throat industry. I just talked with my new State farm agent. Nice guy. I had issues with my Condon-Skelly I use for 69 F100 and black galaxie. He beat them with coverage and cost. He did speak of some agents just not wanting to do legwork for insurance on some vehicles. I couldn't get coverage years ago for these two from S-F, now this agent has no problem. Hmmmm. My wagon and trailer are through Hagerty.
  6. Well, I got to play this weekend. Went to TNT Friday and spent the night and ran Saturdays program. Car ran well, not quite the numbers I was hoping but there is some carb tuning needed. It is running a bit rich, so once I lean it down it should pick up some. It is going .1 quicker in 1\8 mile, but not picking up in the 1\4. But it is not running rich until the 1\8 mark....thus the fall off. Did go three rounds on Sat. Was having troubles finding the tree(cutting a good light) with being my first time out in 8 months. Did go .002 second round so I know I can do it!! In all had a great time. Got absolutely roasted from the blinding sun. It was brutally bright out. No complaints though. Track photographer should have pics posted soon.
  7. Loaded and ready. Ugh, what a bunch of work...washing, cleaning, swapping vehicles, getting B out to move trailer. I'm whipped.
  8. Well, i brought it home Friday afternoon, got an early start today and it's in the car and running by noon! Got some tidying up to do, wash the car and get it loaded up tomorrow? Hope to tnt it next Friday to see what it will do and be ready for the race on the 27th.
  9. Car is 3820 by itself. When "we" determined I had to put a big roller stick in it I knew my vintage Dove rockers would not survive. TD was the only real option, but heard it would be 3-4 weeks. Ugh. They showed up in 10 days from the day I called!!! Sweet. Those old Dove parts lasted 20 carefree years on my old flat tappet cam. Just need to work on getting this new found power to the ground.
  10. We have a convoy cruise next weekend to offset the loss of our show. We are picking up food donations for Ashland food bank and returning to the fairgrounds to drop them off. Hope for sunny weather? We have had spectacular weather the last few weekends. That tip turbine makes me jealous!!
  11. I finally dynoed my new engine last weekend. Really snowballed to more then I really wanted to put onto it. 496 FE, trick flow heads, roller cam, TD rockers, tunnel wedge 2x4 intake with 2 600 holleys. Made 665 hp at 6600, 630 ft lb at 4000 rpm. Car went 10.69@125 last year, it should see 10.4's? Hope to install it this weekend. First stick race is june 27. Really wanting to get behind the wheel again!
  12. Not sure what that 3 cable thing is? A picture would help. Im guessing a later model truck? Sounds like it was losing battery power, thus shutting down. Must have lost alternator line too due to that bad connection.
  13. A one piece nose would make it impossible for me to work on my truck in the garage since the stall is only as long as the truck!! Its a PITA as is, but at least I can work on it. Those Clariben hoods with quad lights are not my cup of tea. That stock looking hood is nice.
  14. That 41 Willy's I helped build a few years back has the interior custom built by an amish guy. Crazy nice and way cheaper then any local upholstery shops. He had a 2-3 year waiting list.
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