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  1. Freightrain

    For the cabover lovers. Low miles. Pre Emissions

    My 237 has "muffling device" tag on the turbo. Being a firetruck engine I see why, as early firetrucks were typically muffler delete....ie:loud.
  2. Freightrain

    Had some spare parts............

    Bob...stop in Ohio for my Ashland show. Macungie Friday, Ashland Saturday!!!
  3. Freightrain

    Air governor

    I'm guessing it uses that unloader signal to dump the drier also?
  4. Freightrain

    Air governor

    one supply, one to unloader. The extra tee line goes to?
  5. Freightrain


    I remember that story well!! Don't know what ever happened to my book.............that was a very long time ago!
  6. Freightrain

    Ford 9000 COE

    Wonder if the same guy had the B model? Both are deleted. Wonder if my local W model buddies bought it?
  7. Freightrain

    B models for sale

    Gone already.....
  8. Jolt for the real tough stuff...........
  9. Freightrain

    Rubber Duck Truck

    Not sure, I've heard rumors but can't say what really happened to Dan. I know he sold the trucks off a few years back.
  10. Freightrain

    B Model Registry

    Good looking truck. Local Napa should have everything you need to put filters and fluids in it.
  11. Freightrain

    440 chrysler

    Ohhhh, geez. That's BAD news. Nothing much worse then when the motor gods lets you see the rotating assembly from the OUTSIDE of the engine. My local shop dynoed a motor just a month or so back. Big Hemi motor built by someone else. They fired it up, made some baseline pulls. BAM!!!, rod came out the oil pan. They did a little looking and seems the assembler didn't get around to torquing all the rods? OOOHHH man. All the shop could do is wheel all the broken parts back to the guys pickup truck.
  12. Freightrain

    Mysterious Air Leak

    How about a leaky ride valve on rearend? I know mine was leaky and would drop in a few hours of sitting. Once replaced the bags stay up all winter.
  13. Freightrain

    New 17 year old fire truck?

    The old saying..."something is better then nothing" just doesn't hold much anymore? The lawyers circle the wagons too easily these days.
  14. Freightrain

    New 17 year old fire truck?

    I wonder what the actual price tag is when new? Likely much more then $125K. The bad part is figuring out the wiring? Fire equipment just doesn't hold much value.

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