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  1. That guy has some cool stuff for sale. http://www.donwilbur.com/equipment-for-sale.html
  2. Long hood Pete/KW got nothing on that Dog! That's an EXXL Hood!
  3. Neat piece of history. Interesting story behind it. Crazy Mack could have quite the business with offering that still today if things would have gone better back then.
  4. I do that with my three boxes. Put triplex in gear and leave my aux in neutral to move things around while building air.
  5. I rebuilt the shifters in my truck. Bit of TIG welding to get the ball back to size and then very careful grinding until they fit in the rails and shifted smoothly. Great work so far!
  6. Mine is single OD. If i had the chance I would take some more gear out of the back. When I did the air ride I put 4.10. I think I would have left the 3.70 in it had I known I was doing a repower. The clip had 3.70 but I knew I didnt have the power to pull it so the yard let me swap it out for no charge. Ya, my triplex is noisy. Some day I would like to replace it with something else.
  7. Looks to be just a 5 spd truck. Why would someone go through all this auction hub bub for selling it? With all the fees, it's a loosing proposition.
  8. I just bought new aluminum tanks! Only hard work was digging into the wallet to pay for them. Lol. At $700 each I really didnt think it was bad to never have to deal with 60 yr old tanks again.
  9. Very cool commercial! It's scary when you give production crews your vehicle for their "use". Bad things can happen. Glad it worked out so well for you son's friend. I remember a story from way back about Bob Chandler and Bigfoot when it was used in the movie "Take this job and shove it". Seems the crew was just trashing it. Bob stepped in and took over. In the final scene, where the truck runs through the guard shack...it was Bob driving. Seems he had to shave his beard off to fit the character.
  10. I'd have to look to see if I kept the part number from the gasket kit for my 237 when I pulled the heads off. It was a complete kit and everything from the heads down should be the same. I got it off Ebay, it was a Felpro kit. I had my air compressor rebuilt about 17 yrs ago at a place in Southern Ohio(of rt 36). Not sure they are still around. It was $500, but I had it back in 3 days.
  11. Found some reading for anyone that wants to know how to do it: http://starautoelectric.com/instruction-for-polarizing-generator/ In all the years I have been in business, I have heard many versions on how to polarize a generator and voltage regulator. Some versions are correct, others are totally wrong. Polarization is a procedure which matches the polarity for the generator and the voltage regulator. The majority of the vehicles are manufactured negative ground although some of the older vehicles were manufactured positive ground. The generator has to be set up for either p
  12. Ya, my air starter got stiff a year ago, so I bought the automatic oiler and installed it. Tap off the fuel line. It uses fuel pressure to fill a small cavity, then the spring closes that valve. Then once you hit the air button, it pushes that volume of fuel into the starter to lubricate the vanes. That is the feed side, so I can't see any reason for a pressure relief. I think the spring is just there to hold it open. I would bet if you rotate it over about 90* CW, the spring will then hold it closed. Just guessing.
  13. I have one of those set ups on my truck, but it is not a hand valve. Can't recall if mine is on the return line?, but goes to a poppet valve that feeds into the air line to the starter.
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