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  1. Best thing I did with my truck was put the headlights/brights on relays(one for low, one for high beams). Pulled my main power right from the alternator lug(which is right there) and then used the headlight switch/bright switch as "control" wires. No more blinking brights(too much current for the original headlight switch).
  2. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    I'm sure that generator came with a full packet of warnings and instructions. Who ever reads them? Some people just don't think much. Just the reason a hair dryer has a warning tag on it to NOT use it in the tub. Well, duh.
  3. Nice truck! The day I "test" drove my truck before buying it..............ya I told the guy he needs to drive it for me as I needed to see how that all works LOL! I spent all summer learning the tricks. After 15 yrs it doesn't take much thought anymore. My biggest piece of advice, don't upshift the main unless you know you will be going fast enough to downshift the compound. That was my big downfall til I realized that. I would try to get into 5th and low going too slow and by the time I would try to get the compound shifted the truck would slow down and couldn't get the compound back in gear. You have to leave yourself enough RPM drop!! Now, mine was a Triplex and I could use all of 5th gear, where Quads can't. But shifting is all the same. RPM and SPEED. I agree, don't lug the motor. If it can't accelerate, downshift it. The power pulses at low rpm are torture.
  4. Mack RW Superliner

    I knew it had "superdog" in his screen name. I really liked that truck, especially the 1980's striping.
  5. Dirty Jobs

    Oh heck, I thought you were talking about the DRINK Snapple!!!! Doh.........
  6. Had some spare parts............

    Thanks for the info. I've seen the Speedway universal kits, but they don't have cable drive and the track looks like it sticks way too far down to clear the door panel getting back in the door. I'll check into Gearhead and maybe that will be a project for this winter?
  7. Had some spare parts............

    Well, I can reach across and get the window down. Even get the mirror if I really want to. Be much easier without THREE Sticks coming up in the middle of the floor!!!
  8. Pictures of the Week

    Photobucket got greedy. They now want $400/yr for you to post pictures on the interwebbie thingy. I told them to pound sand. All my pics are on my home computer so I didn't loose anything other then a place to host them so I can post them places. You can download them directly to BMT, but there is limited space so I only do it on occasion so I don't use up my allotment.
  9. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    How are your thrust bearings? That would make it hard to turn with the wheels on the ground. Or do you still run Bias ply tires?
  10. Mack RW Superliner

    It was used in a country song video a few years back, that is what I remember the most about it. Dang gone just can't recall the owners name/screen name.
  11. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    I was lucky. The unit I got was in nice shape and works flawless. Yes, it is a bit flighty on wavy roads and going around long bends. But it is better then nothing. I put a valve on the dash, but never really feel the need to turn it off(yet).
  12. Had some spare parts............

    Great work! What power window kit did you use? Looks like a universal kinda set up? I've seen them but wondered how tall they were and if you could get them shoved down in the door once mounted to the panel. I tried to mock up a Ford window motor right to the original Mack regulator since the teeth look to be identical and would mesh fine. Only problem there is no room up top without getting in the way of getting the door panel back in the door again. Have you seen these?,52770.html Allows you to put the stock window crank back on and just move it up/down to operate the windows. Not cheap by any means, but if I do end up converting mine I think I will do it. Granted you can't do both windows from the drivers side, but for the most part I leave my windows up with the a/c running!
  13. Mack RW Superliner

    That truck looks awfully familiar..........
  14. Drag Week

    Have a few buddies running. Havent had time to do any watching. Been told I need to run the wagon. Ya, well, cool but not happening.
  15. Beautiful Catastrophe XI

    Some people can break an anvil with a rubber mallet....................