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  1. Looking good Dan. It definitely has the RD vibe. Agree, the deflector and rain cap are spot on.
  2. Interesting thought. I've just had shreds of welting(installed by PO at some time) left on the cowl, which if anyone had noticed I had two(at one time clean white socks) used to keep the edges of the hood from rubbing/squeaking on the cowl!!! Hey, it has worked for over 15 yrs. With my chrome radiator shell I've had foam tape on it for many years and it has held up. I'll say it doesn't really look at proper, but works. I like the look of the cloth welting(gives it that nostalgic look), but been hesitant to spend the $350 for the stuff.
  3. Pretty sure they have been posted before. Last fall?
  4. Check out a YouTube channel "Jpaydirt". Jeff put a couple of these switchblade turbos on. One being a c15 cat in his KW(took off the twins) and the other a 343 powered dozer. He really likes them. Here is one video talking about it. You can search his channel for others.
  5. Thanks. Was it the 1" wide? 1516-ws? I used Ford truck sweeps also. I compared them to my 69 f100 and realized they were near a perfect match. Only had to drill a couple new holes for mounting.
  6. I had the opportunity to operate a 1949 Alco RS-3 for a couple hours. That was as cool as it gets!!
  7. Wow!!! Got a quick question. What are you using for welting on the cowl for the hood? Stuff from Watt's? Or someplace else? The stuff that is on my truck needs replaced and since I'm painting my hood I'm going to now. The stuff on there looks to be 1" wide and 1/4" thick. The generic stuff online I've found is like 3/4" wide and 3/16" thick for a bit cheaper then Watt's. I ordered all the clips, hood latch rubbers, and stainless trim clips from Watt's but have held off on the welting. I also want to get a visor for my truck. Haven't gotten around to making something fit yet, but that 379 looks about right on there! I too have contemplated how to build a center support and yours turned out very nicely. Something I may consider now with your idea. LOVE the headliner! Man, I want a black quilted version of that. My cardboard is really coming apart at the seams, literally. I wish I could have it fixed up and then put quilt on it. Don't really want to put $1700 in a headliner for a $100 rusty cab! LOL!! If I did get a new headliner, I would need to put some stainless rub pads for the seats, as mine are back as far as I can get and they do rub the headliner and have it a bit tore up around the window hole(bunk hole for me). I'll just dream real hard about it for a bit longer.
  8. Well, if he is anything like my buddy........when he wants ketchup....you better bring a BIG bottle!! None of that little paper cup crap for him. LOL!
  9. Sounds like a really cool truck. I'm sure that 3408 will run fine for a long time if left in stock form and driven with care. My only question is maintenance and repair. Will you be local or long distance and "if" something happens will you be able to get parts(and afford it)? I have a buddy from ATHS that bought an A model KW with 3408 to run OTR and that lasted about a year before he put a 3406 in it. Pretty sure it was mileage that was killing him. He doesn't run heavy and freight was not paying enough to support that old V8. No matter how cool it was.
  10. Quite the step up from the Durango!
  11. Always have 4x4 blocks for my race trailer. It always sinks in damp grass at race tracks.
  12. I think Lisle made the lock strip i used. Should be easy to buy anywhere.
  13. Not everyone can read. Not everyone gives a shit even if they can read. I've grown men at my shop that think their mom works there and pick up after them. Pisses me off to no end.
  14. Looks and sounds good Trent. Without having to blind incoming traffic, my Perlux lights do great for lighting up the road. I did finally get the adjusters loosened up to aim my headlights better. That along with wiring in relays, I can see surprisingly well even on back roads. I'm not a fanatic about originality of lights, but any LED headlight is blinding when oncoming.
  15. Vinwiki has a YouTube channel. Not sure if related, but has some neat car stories on it. I've watch lots of them.
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