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  1. Freightrain to the NHRA phone

    Weather looks marginal now....but I'm making the trip. Beaver Bob still runs this event.
  2. Beach Boys call it right....

    I Just have small incandescent rectangle marker lights, surface mount kind. I mounted them to a piece of metal so just the edge of the light shines out the bottom of the cab lip. I do have 3/4" LED under the bunk.
  3. My supply tanks only hold for an afternoon at best. Likely the air wiper switch(again). I put a new o ring in it years ago and it really helped with holding air for a day. It was shorted lived. I just had to put a new parking valve in, and I think that has helped a bit now too. One time last summer I lost my start tank in a few days. I think there must have gotten some junk in the check valve going to the tank and it bled off quickly.
  4. I put a flip valve on the dash and a ball valve back at the tank for my air assist steering. I got all the bases covered. Good looking R model.
  5. Mine did well for its first winter. It went 2-3 months before dropping off too low to crank. I hoped it would go all winter, but to no avail. Not sure if it was just the cold or valving? It's all new. Or maybe just one of the fittings isn't totally sealed?
  6. Cleaning on the shop:

    I have a snow blade, but I'd have to put a few thousand pounds on the top of the tractor to get enough downforce to do any good. Though yesterday I spent a good amount of time raking gravel back INTO the drive from last years snow plowing. I try to keep track of where I'm at, but I screwed it up bad this past winter. Ugh. Overall my drive is pretty flat, I tend to make sure I drive all over it, and not just in the same tracks every day. I almost have more driveway surface then yard? Not such a bad thing....less to mow.
  7. Cleaning on the shop:

    I put a 24x24 pad of concrete in front of the garage door, makes for a nice work area since the garage is full. No more dragging a jack through the gravel and loosing ever nut you drop!!! Just wish I could afford to put more down.
  8. Freightrain to the NHRA phone

    Sounds pretty cool. I just spent all weekend thrashing to get my stuff all cleaned and loaded to get over to Beaver Springs for the FE Reunion this coming weekend. Pretty neat event, with some pretty cool guys showing up. Like Ohio George, Bruce Larson, Al Joniac, Hubert Platt(he passed away last year)and others.
  9. Cleaning on the shop:

    I need to make something to drag my gravel drive. It needs some flattening. Though it is about due for another 80 ton or so to fill it in again. Crazy how this stuff just sinks to China every few years and the grass returns. I spray it a few times a summer to keep it from turning too green(though the yard won't stay green?) WTH is that all about? Maybe I need to start driving on the yard LOL!
  10. Beach Boys call it right....

    Ya they are pretty bright. Can't wait to see it at night with trailer.
  11. Freightrain to the NHRA phone

    Ohio George's pinto?
  12. how to milk sheep

    I don't need no IPhone........
  13. Happy Birthday mowerman

    Have a ball, Bob.
  14. B-Model Visors

    Haven't seen Jim for a few years now. I met him at Milan Michigan a few years ago when we were both there for a race. Yes, I like how he built his and would like to mimic it.
  15. B-Model Visors

    I have connections to build whatever I want for a visor. Damned if I can ever get around to it. Hoped someone would come up with something I like and I would just buy one.