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  1. Freightrain

    Automatic fuel saver

    Georgia Overdrive? Interesting. I guess they allow it as long as the computer is in control??
  2. Trying to remember if my 673 had wire on the bolts? I know they used castle nuts. Just as reference, a Rolls Royce 6 cyl motor had castle nuts on the rods. Pretty sure they used cotter pins. Glad that motor didn't see many RPM. This was a '55 Silver Cloud, picked it up in Florida back in very early 90's. Friend bought it, fixed the hole in the block and got it running. I inherited it when he passed in late 90's.
  3. Freightrain

    new way of living

    Have a friend, he's not computer savvy at all, only has flip phone, but I'm the first one he calls when he needs something looked up or put on a credit card(since he won't have one).
  4. Freightrain

    new way of living

    I have Hogans Heroes as my ring tone. It gets a chuckle out of anyone that hears it. I can't stand those std annoying ring tones that come with phones. Ugh. I change up my text alert from Law/Order "dum dum" to R2D2, to Scooby Doo laugh. Just to make me smile when it does have to annoy me.
  5. Freightrain

    What kids heard at the farm

    What SO MANY kids don't have today. Geez, gluten free this, peanut free that, bottle water, blah, blah, blah. I think water out of the hose(well) still tastes better then any bottle water. I have an older friend with kids that get sick if they blink too much(It seems). The daughter is a complete wreck, gets sick all the time and looks like death warmed over. The son is better, but not by much. I didn't know him well when his kids were little, but heard they were OVERLY protective and thus they turned out as such. Tragic.
  6. Freightrain

    NOS or not?

    NOS is New Old Stock(made no matter who made it for the OEM) Not many OEM actually produce any of the parts that go into their vehicles. Aftermarket reproduction is still reproduction if it was not made during the era the vehicle was produced. No comparing the two. Now there are some companies that do reproduce lots of parts using OEM dies and molds. That's good, but still not NOS.
  7. They're coming to Randolph fairgrounds in a couple weeks. Always a GOOD show. My only problem..........after all these years I have a stick race on that Saturday!!! Dammit. Will get to the demo derby on that Wed though. The only rough part is having to watch 3 hours of everything else to get to the big trucks. Not that I don't like all the other classes, but I like big trucks. I thought Joe was trying to sell Brockasaurus? Maybe not? Haven't talk to him since our Ashland truck show a few years back when he brought it to display.
  8. Freightrain

    1971 Brockway N457

    Those F model roofs, kinda like the R models got rusty in the drip rails. If bad enough I could see it coming loose once it gets up to highway speed(even on the trailer)! All the new S cam stuff is easily identifiable. If the chambers are perpendicular to the backing plate, then it is wedge brakes. Wedge brakes were just notorious for getting stuck since all the parts are internal(inside the brake drum). The later S cam stuff being external, you can grease/adjust them easily.
  9. Freightrain

    1971 Brockway N457

    Hopefully the roof doesn't blow off on the way home! Definitely quite an undertaking to bring that back. I haven't seen much updates on the fellow that did that F model. Turned out very nice.
  10. Freightrain

    H 67

    Definitely a 1970's trucking picture right there.
  11. Freightrain

    Jury awards $101 million in truck accident lawsuit

    Friend was killed by drunk oil field pickup. Don't recall widow getting anything like this!
  12. Freightrain

    Returning to Whence it Came

  13. Freightrain

    Returning to Whence it Came

    Doh...I knew something wasn't right....but couldn't think of Atlas.
  14. Freightrain

    Retro-Themed New Chevy Silverados

  15. Freightrain

    Drivelone noise

    How is the rear cab mount area? Mine was patched up loosely by previous owner. I welded the new pieces in solid. Grab cab(with engine off) and rock it.

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