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  1. This should be mandatory for snowflakes to watch

    Dead on it, just like Mike usually is. My passion was trucks growing up. That was all I thought about. My parents told me I had to get a "real" job. I dropped out of college after 1 1/2 yrs and got a driving job. That grew into my 31 yrs at my company and learning a ton of skills along the way. Lucky for me, that job has given me the opportunity to play with trucks. Not too bad I suppose.
  2. Hacked

    didn't they tell you the secret handshake? LOL!!
  3. Contemplating transmission upgrade in my truck.

    Brian, Ben......well it started with a B anyhow.......... See what you have to look forward to? LOL!! Don't get any grey hair.....that's a sure sign of things to come. That's interesting about the bellhousing. I was kinda assuming that they switched over to Drivers side on R models. Guess that is not the case, it is more of a motor option.
  4. It would be called Eastwood Ravine?
  5. Is that the bridge they used in Back to the Future III ? LOL!!!
  6. Contemplating transmission upgrade in my truck.

    Guess my eyesight must be getting poor. I was darn sure it had a narrow bellhousing with passenger side starter. Hmmm, I knew something didn't seem right though. Thanks for clarifying it. I enjoyed our chat at Gerhart's, but you'll have to excuse my poor memory(see a pattern), I don't remember which one of you it was and all I remember is a Brian?
  7. 673P Motor

  8. Fire consumes Museum in Roanoke, Virginia

    Sad for sure. That is the biggest issues with "museums". So many are run by people with such minimal means and no big backing of money.
  9. That is the oil cooler they are attached to, just like a Mack motor(but on the drivers side of motor). By the looks of your current motor, it has a single oil filter attached to the cooler. Not sure how accurate you are wanting to make it.
  10. Here is an ad for a PT270 Big cam III:
  11. Nice, will look good with my new flaps on the front fenders!
  12. steel nose r

    We had an electric man lift at work a few years back being used by a contractor and I borrowed it to put a new bulb in the parking lot lights. It was only like 40ft up, but it would not quite reach the fixture. I had to kinda reach over the railing and unscrew the lens and replace the bulb. With the wind blowing a bit, then the control buttons were basically "Up" or "down" and it would not move smoothly. Ugh, I don't do heights well to begin with and THAT did not make it much easier on me. Mind you I was in full OSHA fall gear(NOT). LOL!! We bought the fall gear, only problem is they make me wear it when working in the shop. The only problem is the cable is longer then the fall. WTH? Ain't gunno do me much good I think. But it make the bosses happy to see me wear it. It is not a ratchet style cable, it is just bundle up in a little baggie. The fall is 15 ft and the cable is 20.
  13. Fuel additives discussion

    I put Power Service in my truck every few fill ups. I noticed a gain in power back when it was still a NA 673. It would pull the hill on 224 in one higher gear after putting it in. I still put it in the 237 but just as security with lubricity on an old injection pump. My tanks have always been clean and new fuel lines so I don't have filter issues. My small gas powered items get Marvel Mystery Oil on every few fill ups and before sitting for the winter. I don't have issues with any of them even after sitting 6-7 months. I pulled the carb on my '78 Onan genset and it was crystal clean on the inside. Don't know how dirty it was originally(from previous owner), but after a summer of MMO I pulled it apart to see and was amazed how clean it was inside. It looked like it was rubbed with polishing compound.
  14. Contemplating transmission upgrade in my truck.

    Well, this will be an ongoing project. My biggest hurdle is getting the old box out. My garage is not conducive to work like that. Having to pay someone is not my thing.
  15. As most know, my Triplex is whipped. It still gets me there and back but it is rough, noisy, rattling, etc. With all the other upgrades I've done to the truck I really like to find something else to put behind the 237. No, I don't want just a 5 spd. While at Gerharts I was admiring the Yoos brothers R700 and while the hood was up I noticed what appeared to be a single disc clutch bellhousing(looked short like mine)? It has a 325 hp V8 and I think a 12 spd(was a twin countershaft box). Did I see right? It got me thinking if something like that would be a nice upgrade? Or hens teeth? Expensive to fix/rebuild? My buddy keeps telling me to just throw a 13 spd in it. I told him it is not that easy, he's not familiar with Mack stuff. I don't really want to get into major fab work(clutch linkage, pedal, etc). I can do it, but if there is something simpler? Like all my other upgrades, I spent lots of time looking, searching, investigating til I have all my ducks in a row and know it would all work. Just looking for opinions, options, thoughts on the matter. When I was driving Dave's B61SX dump at Gerharts the quad box was tight as a drum. Yes, he rebuilt it. I was thoroughly impressed with it and had trouble shifting the compound because it was so tight(unlike mine). I wouldn't mind if my Triplex was rebuilt but having that done and the cost? He luckily found everything he needed, but there is one big bearing that he didn't replace due to the insane price(thousands of dollars).