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  1. My phone, home and work computer did it to this site only. Everything else comes up normally.
  2. Now, I should clarify, like this morning here at work. I logged in my system, brought up internet and had to log on BMT. I usually don't have to do that daily. Only on Monday since I clear my computer on Friday night and shut it down. My phone is always on, it's always logged in to BMT. Yesterday and this morning I had to log on again, even with the box checked to stay logged on. Hmmmmm.
  3. Anyone else having issues staying logged in? Even on my phone, even with the box checked "stay logged on", I have to sign in every time I visit BMT? What happened in the last couple days? Is the site going through maintenance or something where it blows everyone off?
  4. I only have the Rustoleum number RLL-257384 I used to paint my 237.
  5. I dumped my Photobucket acct, so I can only load from my smart phone(motorola Droid). If you load too many, you can over run your allotment and won't be able to load more. Linking them from a host site is the better way, but like when PB screws you over and tries to strong arm you into paying $400/yr to host pictures..... you dump your acct and you lose all your photos on ALL your previous posts. Ugh.
  6. H67

    Same seller as the U noted in post below. I am posting this truck for sale for my father. He was a former trucking company owner and this was a restoration project that he was unable to finish. Truck starts and runs. Please contact him for further details. His name is Don and he can be reached at 908-334-6046. This is a 1963 H-67, Tractor, Cab-over Sleeper Mack, single axle 1000 X R22 Rims, 673 Thermodyne, Duplex Transmission, Partially Restored, Dual Stacks, Headache Rack, Good Condition. Buyer is responsible for paying for and making all shipping arrangements. No warranties expressed or implied. Being sold as is.
  7. Air start too!
  8. Man, I wish I had pictures from back in the 80's. My best friend in school build a very similar truck was two tone blue 78?. Wasn't 1 ton running gear, only 3/4 ton. Stock had 400, but bought a 427 from a friend and put in. Man, did we have fun in that. Headers and thrush cherry bombs with straight 10ft of pipe right out the back. You could hear it coming for miles!!! 4" axle, 3" body lift. I think he had 38's on it mostly. Back then bumper laws were laxed, but in the early 90's they really started cracking down on it. I don't really remember when it finally got rid of it?
  9. Sounds to me like the mother WANTED a daughter, not a son. Thus she is giving him things to make him more like a girl and him not knowing anything accepts it from his mother as normal. Thus it begins..........
  10. Don't worry Paul. I don't think she is getting serious until she calls you a "poopie-face".
  11. This is an oldie but goodie from around me:
  12. What motor?
  13. Just how the HELL did we go from talking about OD magazine to political bashing. Geezus people, let's take a break for once. BTW, El Turbo was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the green Peterbilt. Didn't realize the truck didn't always have the BIG stainless bunk on it. Yes, Jerry Howard owns it and takes it to most all shows.
  14. Oh, so now it isn't about race. But when a black person gets shot by a white person what comes out of the other side of your mouth is completely different.
  15. Ya, well let me tell you about "best workers". Sister was HR over the Ford Romeo Engine plant for a number of years before moving away. I heard and saw what kind of workers they are. Too many are useless and just drains on the company. They can't fire them, so they literally have to pay them to sit in the cafeteria all day because they can't be trusted to do their job properly without screwing too many things up. Can't get rid of them(union), so it's better to just pay them to sleep all day. Yup, sounds like better workers to me....