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  1. Ah, my main side dies off in a few hours. I'm thinking it is the air wiper switch(again). Used to last a day or so.
  2. I sent mine here: They rebuilt it in a day and shipped it back. $500 and some change. I needed a new fiber drive wheel too. Been 15 yrs and still going strong. Mine used to pump oil into the system like a waterfall. Had to drain the tanks daily. Looked like a mud milkshake. Hmmm, I just tried to surf their website but it is like its not there. Only the home page.
  3. Yup, that is 220's truck. Same name as posted on Ebay.
  4. What kind of start button? Air control or electric? Might be the valve that is draining air off the system. I have my system on and working. When I was testing the tank, I only had the big valve on it and it held for a week with only a dropping a couple pounds. Now with the system installed, it seems to loose more, but not horrible. Almost 20# in a week. I removed the pressure relief valve to see if that helps. It did. My assumption is that being so close to "pop off" that it actually is loosing ability to hold the pressure fully. I have a relief on the wet tank so this was just a secondary(tank had one on it when I got it). It is still down a few pounds, but not 20#. I have a brand new air button on the dash, so likely it is not he reason for my losing pressure. Even with new check valves, I bet they are the reason for my small loss.
  5. I use Power Service in mine every few fill ups. One bottle does 80 gallons, so I split it between the two tanks. With the old 673 I would swear it gives it a few extra HP. It would pull the hill on 224 in one higher gear after putting it in the tank. Coincidence? Who knows. No real input on the 237 as it runs circles around how it used to pull anyway.
  6. Ya, it is amazing he went this far without noticing a car hanging off the left side of his trailer, taking up the second lane. Not like it was trailing behind him and not clear in his mirror.
  7. I spoke to Stengel Bros and they weren't much help over the phone. I called Van Horn Truck parts and they seem to be able to get me a different arrangement that looks like a ball/socket design instead of solid rubber bushing. They saw my concern about trying to get it installed once I weld it and the rubber not giving me enough play. I will be getting a call Monday about returning my parts and ordering the other version.
  8. I went through some time getting new bags for mine back when I put it under the truck. Local place had to call Firestone and cross them to something newer. I put new pivot bushings and cross bar bushings in it without too much fuss. The address from the website comes up as Whitehall, PA. South of Pitts.
  9. I think the 390 came out in 61?
  10. Wasn't there a B for sale with a moving body on it? Seems it was burgundy in color. Not sure if I saw it posted here, WOT or where? If I recall, wasn't there an F model with trailer used as a billboard on Rt 36, west of 77? Over by Mason Truck parts.
  11. Guess I shoulda asked about this 6 months ago when I had all this time to have it apart. I wasn't thinking it was going to be that tough. I have a road trip next weekend so I have to put what I have back together. Thanks, I'll call them and see if they have what I need. I see they are just south of Pittsburgh. I'm heading to Beaver Springs, PA so they aren't really on my way(I'm taking 80 across).
  12. Ya, pretty sure they had tags on them. I have the part number from the original part, but it doesn't google up to anything. sb3379d and e8hs4962aaa Ummm, ARD sum sum sumthin or uther.............mmmm. I'll have to look tonight. I think it is ARD 125? Here is link to what I have at home.
  13. Ok, my panhard bar was getting loose. Rust is coming out of the sockets. I got on my computer and looked at the booklet I saved from when I put it under the truck. I've used it to replace pivot bushings so I know it must be good information. I looked up the panhard bar parts and they offer two versions(1 1/8" thread and 1/1 4" thread). Mine is 1 1/4", so I ordered it and the other end(same for both rods). You have to cut the rod to length and weld the other end on. I got the truck apart last night and determined that something is amiss. The new ends are not ball sockets and I can't seem to rotate them and they don't line up well(I haven't cut and welded them yet). The bolt on end has 5/8" holes and mine is 3/4". I can open those up, but don't know why they are smaller? They only offer just the one choice. I slipped the tapered end into the housing and smacked it with a BFH and it didn't budge. Just looking at it, doesn't appear to be a ball socket? It needs to be or I won't be able to line it up and install it. Anyone ever had to deal with is? I'll put my old one back in for now(with a shot of grease) but I want to replace it.
  14. Yes, raise the body, that will give you easy access to see what is up there. Maybe a picture? It should just be an insert threaded into the transmission, maybe an inch tall, threads for the speedo cable, wrench flats to be able to unscrew it.
  15. Looks like FUN!!! Scream'n jimmy in a F250? Can't be all too bad, I only see a couple empty beer cans...................