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  1. Freightrain

    Brockway 760 Aero Sleeper

    Big fan of the paint jobs back then! Love those stripes.
  2. Freightrain

    Mack and the Soap Box Derby

    Buddy and I stopped over at the Hill this past summer. They had some kind of eliminations going on(wasn't the big weekend like from that picture). We stayed and watched for a short time. The Akron Rubber bowl is right next door and they were in the process of tearing it down this summer. I haven't been over that way for a few months so don't any update.
  3. Freightrain

    2019 Ford F-250 Hybrid

    From the stories I got from my sister, employees are hit and miss. She was HR over the Romeo Ford Engine Plant. Oh, the stories I heard.
  4. Freightrain

    2019 Ford F-250 Hybrid

    That's called "fun on Friday" at the factory.
  5. Freightrain


    Welcome. AMT is re-releasing a bunch of old models. I know the R model is out, along with the Cruiseliner, plus many other brands. https://www.autoworldstore.com/product-p/amt1062.htm
  6. Freightrain


    At least you aren't in SC!! Geez, we don't have squat up in Ohio. Lucky us. Man cave is looking good! Buddy just started on his 40x60. Bad weather stopped him til spring. Got the drive in and ground leveled out. Foundation will wait til spring. Trusses will be delivered shortly. Not sure if he can have them hold til spring?
  7. Freightrain

    Jacobs Diesel Engine Decompression System Can Save Fuel

    But it's "automatic" now. For any steering wheel holder to be able to use.
  8. Freightrain

    Mounting an auxiliary trans

    I hand drilled all my work when I stretched the truck. I did have a large, 3/4", gear driven, all alum CP drill from way back. It was a brute. While stretching the truck, I had it sitting on the frame....and it took a header and hit the floor. Busted the handle off with the trigger switch. Ugh. Old casting, not much to try to fix so I bought a new Dewalt 1/2" drill. It finished the job just fine. I drilled/reamed all my holes, except for the aux box mounts. I do remember having to deal with that crossmember above the box. That shot looking back, you can see the shift rails just below the crossmember with the notch on the bottom. Lucky me. I might have had to drop the centerline down on the box compared to the motor/trans centerline. So the angle of the box downward in the back looks worse because of the drop in height to clear the crossmember and keep the 3-4* down angle. The nuts on the front mounts kinda get into the lower frame rail channel just due to location. It's close, but works fine. As mentioned, no crazy vibrations and I've had it near topped out at 80+ mph with the 4.10 gears out back.
  9. Interesting thought about that valve. Sounds plausible. I think the Sealco check valves I use have a break open point like the one you show. They might not be as high as 80#? I'd have to see the specs on them. I know my truck doesn't take long to fill the two tanks I run on the main system, then it takes much longer to get the air start tank up to 120#. I can hear the check valve squeak as it works on the last few pounds.
  10. FANTASTIC work!! WOW!!! I'm sure your wallet isn't so happy....LOL!!!
  11. Freightrain

    Night time illumination devises

    Actually I think it is the fact that most all new cars have the dash lit up 24/7. That means the clueless idiot behind the wheel doesn't realize his lights aren't on at night(in the city anyway). Thus they make automatic headlights for them, so they don't have to "think". Maybe if the car was linked to their phone, it would tell them to "TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON"...or "TURN YOUR BRIGHTS OFF"...........then they would know???? Just thinking out loud. I think the brights should automatically turn off(switch to dim) when you turn the ignition off, or at least go back to dim after say 3-4 minutes of driving. That way the idiots can't forget to turn them off or make them turn them back on if they actually do need them. Then they also have the daytime running lights, usually the hi beams on low voltage that light up the road enough for them to see. Only problem is the tail lights aren't on so it's pitch black to any car behind them. Ugh, it's a sad world we live in.
  12. Freightrain

    Real Swift

    I forget if it is Holland or who? They have driver facing cameras and one veteran driver flips it off(give the bird) constantly. They are not allowed to smoke in the truck, he does...and flips the camera while smoking. He is still waiting to get written up or fired. Guess they give leeway to veteran drivers that have lots of years and no issues with. We get deliveries from most of the usual carriers, though I'm not involved with it on a regular basis like I used to be, I do talk to them if I happen to be around the docks.
  13. Freightrain

    Mounting an auxiliary trans

    Mine has the horse shoe collar around the front, and just a piece of like 2 1/2" angle across the back. Both are sitting on rubber mounts. I don't think mounting it solid would do it any good. Any frame flex would try to break the mounts. From the front looking back: Here is what the back looks like, before I got it hung up there. It hangs from rubber mounts: ( I don't have crane access where truck sat, so I had to use straps to hoist it up) Like I said, I need to check centerline heights, maybe I did drop the aux box some, but kept it at 4* down in the back to balance out the front u joints. Though since I did stretch the frame, I had plenty of room for the rear driveshaft and kept it at about the same basic angle it was before. Without some kind of frame stretch the box would not have fit with only 150" wheelbase.
  14. Freightrain

    Core support

    ORRRRR..........just slot the bumper holes in the frame and move it til it matches the front end?? LOL!! I agree, slip the bolt out, jack the support up and slip in a thick washer(or two).

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