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  1. Oh Randy.....back to sensitivity training for you!!!!! 😷 LoL!
  2. I've seen similar setups on big wreckers for that kind of work. Dont know how they plumbed it, but cant see it as illegal.
  3. Just like my aluminum air start tank. Looks good from 10 ft which is good enough.
  4. Acetylene bombs? Ya, buddy in HS got some balloons and we played around on July 4th one year. His neighbor had told us about using trash bags at his work. Sooooo, being a holiday and his neighbor had a big hoo-haw going with friends we decided to fill a trashbag...>with just air....and put a piece of tape on it and light it and throw it across the bushes. OMG...the guys scattered, screaming like little girls while the wives all sat there just stunned. As the tape burned down to nothing and the bag just went "poof"......we got a good laugh. Though the neighbor wasn't laughing a
  5. Agree. I'm guessing the shorter units are less critical and only when they get into the tall units do they do proportional to lessen the jerkiness. But with someone that is less then happy about being up in anything, proportional would be a good thing in any bucket. Back in HS, I was in the Ohio Power Explorer group. We had monthly get togethers and went to various places to see all about power transmission. We got a tour of the service dept and they took us up in a bucket truck and played around a bit. They jerked the control to get it bobbing around to see how the fiberglass arm f
  6. I have one of those concave steering columns out back. Thought of putting it in my truck with a smaller wheel to just give me a bit more breathing room. Luckily I don't physically need it(yet).
  7. Ok, wondering if you were getting into something else to keep yourself busy and out of mommas way? I see words and all I hear in my mind is Charlie Browns teacher..............waa waa waa waaaa waa wa. LOL!! Though I do understand basics, fancy electronics are a touch out of my pay grade. So with the variable control it won't be like the cheesy rentals I've dealt with and their herky-jerky motion as you bump the button to move just a little bit and get throw a foot? Working in the shop, at under 25 ft I'm okay. Outside was different since the lift didn't get up hig
  8. Looks like a fun project. What kind of work are you getting into that requires that kind of height? I've gone maybe 30 ft in similar apparatus, but that's above my pay grade!! Lol. Once they get jiggling around and those controls are never smooth...... I'm not a happy camper.
  9. Yup, dirt and corrosion will create high resistance and can burn up the plug with no real electrical issue otherwise.
  10. Still looking really good Paul!
  11. I took my air cleaner to my local motor shop I use and had them hot tank the body. Crystal clean and was ready for fresh paint. I recall most manuals show the cleaner being submerged in fuel to wash it out. As for oil? I just use my 15w40 rotella I use in the engine. Fill to the line on the side of the bottom pan.
  12. I would figure the pump itself would be a non issue? It just bolts into the housing. My 673 was a non oil cooler and worked fine in my 237. I figure it is only the shaft length that changes. Try putting just the 673 pump in the 237 housing.
  13. It just made the 25 yr old break, so historical tags are a possibility. Though I'm not sure about pulling a camper is per say legal? Granted I use a historical tags on my B to pull my race trailer, but it sees very random use. I've skirted the issue for 20 yrs now.
  14. Yes, assembling the front of these trucks are a jigsaw puzzle of sorts. The few times I have had mine apart, it took a bit to remember the sequence to get it back together. From bad memory, I think the fender is the last piece on. Inner headlight panels and inner fenders, then outer headlight panels, then fenders? If you get it wrong, you won't be able to bolt things together because certain bolts will become hidden.
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