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  1. Tom, I'm in the same boat. Got all this shiny new paint to show off and no place to go!! Dave, maybe I'll make Gerharts this year? Depends on my racing schedule and "if" anything actually starts this year???
  2. So, in reality you could start out in like 4th over and shift it twice to get up to speed? LoL!
  3. I'm waiting for the hammer to drop on our local show that weekend. Time will tell.
  4. Plus the offset cab allowed better visibility to the rear.
  5. Ditto on the air start. Changed mine over a few years ago. With new air parts it holds air for 6 months with no problem. Installed an automatic oiler and now I don't have to worry about vanes drying up over winter. I also added a dual pressure gauge so I can monitor the start tank pressure.
  6. Based in Switzerland. I've watched quite a few of their videos on Youtube. One of my favorite vids:
  7. Yes, I agree. His plan was to use the truck to move the boats around. He was not around for long, especially once he changed directions and sold the truck. He contacted me about driving it to the new owners. If you keep the majority of the spring pack, then you would not have to rely on so much air pressure to support the front end, which in turn would allow the bag to "move" easier and absorb some of the motion. I remember talk of leaving the springs alone, and just using enough air pressure to just raise the front end slightly. That would allow some spring action from the bags. Definitely need something better then the factory shocks!
  8. Yes, this was done before. A fellow many years ago on here did it. Same scenario, remove a couple springs and add bags. Not sure if anyone around here today remembers Dale Hamilton? He restored a beautiful B67 and then sold it. I've had the same thoughts. That stiff front axle really pounds on you.
  9. So using that calculator it is 400# each panel(1600# for all four sides). The ends are 250# each. So that makes it 2100# just for the tank. Add a few baffles(say #200 each) and you are at 2500# for rough numbers.
  10. So is it a round tank? 67" dia x 113" long? Using an online calculator that is about 1300# for 3/16" wall, though that does not take into effect the end plates or baffles. Adding a few hundred pounds would maybe get you in the ballpark. https://www.industrialmetalsupply.com/Weight-Calculator
  11. We have our Ashland show in June. Hope things are back in working order by then??
  12. Outstanding work Vlad. You have surely gone above and beyond to make that cab as new as possible.
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