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  1. AWESOME news!!!!!!
  2. Like a P51 mustang............ (dammit it won't post the pic) or "Mater"?
  3. Aye Mate....I see your point. (I didn't realize you were from down under. The air starter wasn't a big enough clue for me )
  4. Top post: Mike Harbison Box154 Morning Sun, IA 52640
  5. He got mine. Bump.
  6. ^^There was a write up in WOT a number of years back showing the restoration.
  7. You need to host your pictures on a site and link them here. If you just post them directly from your computer, you will fill your memory available and can't post anymore until you delete others.
  8. I'm thinking the crossmember across the rear spring perches really hinders getting up into that top bolt. If the motor is rolled over, it might make it a bit more accessible.
  9. Back when nailhead buicks were still plentiful. Funny story. Machine shop I use did a nailhead a few years ago. They guy put it in a '87 Buick Grand National!! Don't really think it was a GNX, but just a clone. He wanted to be different.
  10. Ya, that bolt goes along with the air compressor bolts. Makes you wonder what kind of magical tool they used at the factory? 15 yrs ago when I put a 12v starter in mine, I know it was a PITA and you had to keep swapping the wrench around to get 1/16 of a turn at a time. Not sure if maybe a crows foot wrench would get in there better or not? I'm going to be swapping mine over to air starter in a few weeks so I'll be cussing right along with you. I installed the starter before putting the motor in last winter so I had plenty of access. Unlike when it is in the truck.
  11. Did some googling and found this: But it is the threaded the wrong way, unless you use a nipple on the tank and change the line fitting to female.
  12. I have a matching air start tank(alum round). I'll be a polishing fool come this weekend. I'll have all the brackets back from powder coating the first of the week to start mounting things. I anxious as hell to see what it looks like! Plus to hear that ol air start screaming!!!
  13. I had them duplicate a stock B model tank. Only change was the step is about 2" narrower in width to allow for 2" straps instead of the stock 1 1/2" wide straps. They don't offer 1 1/2" straps and they would likely overhang the stock step area with a 2" strap. Once I get them home I will get better pictures.
  14. Lookie what showed up at work! Cant wait to polish them up and get them installed. New SS straps too. No more crusty steel tanks. No more patching rust holes.
  15. Could be Sealco? That is what my starter tank had and was similar 90* set up. Could not find one online looking at their website(they dont list anything 90* anymore). Going to replace with something else.