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  1. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Anybody have a couple of the wedge shaped chrome collars and retaining nuts for the wiper shaft posts on a B model? Probably the last thing I need to find for this truck. I doubt there are any floating around but it's worth a shot. Punch list for this thing is getting whittled down, relays for the head lights, relay for the power windows so the little lights in the switches don't kill the battery, got the AC working right (I had it overcharged) found the only thing I didn't replace in the front end (draglink) was worn out so replaced that and centered the steering wheel. Just got to get the wipers finished and I'll have to look for something else to do.
  2. 66dc75

    Big Mac creator Jim Delligatti dies at 98

    Yup it's only a quarter mile down the stret to the old nissans
  3. 66dc75

    Big Mac creator Jim Delligatti dies at 98

    Got Red Robins in Plymouth Wareham, Foxboro and Braintree. I'm sure you remember where those towns are Bob. All the steak fries you can eat but they bring only 3 at a time
  4. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    The chassis came with a plow but I had some sense slapped into me and I got rid of it.
  5. Saw all these within a mile of each other on the same street this morning. Brockways belong to Gomer's Trucking, the front one was at Macungie this year I think for the first time. It was on it's way to be scrapped a few years back and it got saved.
  6. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Yup a nice stainless v blade Fischer minute mount
  7. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Thanks, leaving the boxes as is for now
  8. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Had a little time this week and got the running boards painted and ready to put on the truck.
  9. 66dc75

    Ford unveils new Transit skeletal chassis cab

    I've got a 2015 extended medium height with 3.7 natural aspirated, awesome van no problems for the 3 years I've had it. I could really use the 3 across seat though, can't understand why they couldn't offer that here.
  10. 66dc75

    Underwear change required

    power washing the engine
  11. 66dc75

    B model Grille shell

    Barry told me he had someone lined up to make them until they demanded a minimum order of I believe he said one thousand units. I think that would mean everybody with a B Model would have to pony up and buy one. Don't think that's gonna happen.
  12. 66dc75

    Latest progress

    Looks good Bob 👍
  13. 66dc75

    Stop off in Mass Monday

    Little bit of useless Brockton trivia. The building Johns racecraft is in was owned by Wayne Arms who owned the Wayroc C600 that went to Australia. Building still owned by his family as Wayne passed away last fall.
  14. 66dc75

    Stop off in Mass Monday

    Yup Rocky and Marvin Hagler. My first house (where my ex wife still lives) is one street over from the house that Marciano grew up in and 4 houses away from Hagler's mother's house. It's also about a ten minute walk to John's racecraft from that house.
  15. 66dc75

    Stop off in Mass Monday

    Gotta stop by my shop Paul. I'm 5 minutes from the Brockton line in West Bridgewater. I lived in Brockton my whole life until 2014

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