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  1. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Time to go to Macungie
  2. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Running boards coming together. It's a real bitch bending 14ga diamond plate in a sheetmetal brake but it worked.
  3. Oh boy, my next pick up truck project. He must be shaky typing there are 2 extra zeros in the price.
  4. 66dc75

    Gonna make some salsa

    that'll work!
  5. 66dc75

    Gonna make some salsa

    Anybody know where I can get my hands on a 8' tomato and a 6' onion?
  6. 66dc75

    B model parts

    Excellent, thanks Jim
  7. 66dc75

    B model parts

    Hobert, I believe I have 2 sets plus 2 fenders and a hood with emblems plus some other stuff, I'm going to have a B model yard sale now that the pick up is about don
  8. 66dc75

    B model parts

  9. 66dc75

    B model parts

    Something like this? The air intake pipe is b67 with 673 Fender panels are fro a b67 There is a frame and 673 under those bushes, I'm pretty sure the crank pulley is still on it but I won't be able to dig it out for a couple of weeks
  10. 66dc75

    Flat 6 in a 1935 B series Mack

    You might have some luck with Then and Now auto parts in Weymouth http://www.then-now-auto.com/
  11. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Oh yeah and Ford Fusion seats
  12. 66dc75

    Had some spare parts............

    Chevy K20 chassis, B67 cab, b61 front fenders, b42 or 60 hood (no holes for deisel emblems ) and modified b67 fenders on the back. It's a real mutt.

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