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  1. Ted's toybox, awesome place, did you get upstairs too Jim?
  2. Hi Bob, He bought it from a guy in Waterbury Ct last year. Me, Vic, Dana, Matty, and Shawn took a Saturday field trip and drove it back. Think his name is John, he sat at our table at last year's spring breakfast. Funny thing was that John's ex girlfriend used to drive my Autocar for Waterbury Petroleum Products pulling a tanker.
  3. It got shipped down early to get loaded with the Manhattan. Very convenient to have multiple trailers going between Mass and Florida every week. But they did make the trip down old school in a 67 Acar daycab . I would probably break down before I hit Ct. Herb can hop in anything and go anywhere and not have a problem.
  4. Ran like a top all the way to west palm from Weymouth Jim
  5. A couple of my friends Herb Fleck and Victor Bernan are bringing Herb's just finished Mack Manhattan and Victor 's ED tow tow truck to Des Moines. The Manhattan was at Macungie last year mocked about 60 percent done. Looks real nice now, ain't gonna see another one I don't belive. Really wish I was going too but I like Macungie better than any other national show.
  6. Nice to see that you are back
  7. very sorry for your loss
  8. I went to a pizza hut all you could eat lunch buffet. All I could eat was one slice
  9. When it comes to Pizza Hut I'd rather eat the box it came in than the pizza. Sorry to hear of your unfortunate dinner event.
  10. Always wanted to go to the Big Texan. My kid went for a roadtrip from Boston to Phoenix with his friend and texted me a photo of his steak at the Big Texan. Rotten kid.........
  11. I'll be there Sunday Bob 2 buffets here and then Sunday I am a P I G pig
  12. Putting it away looks like folding a map.
  13. Didn't get a chance to look too close underneath them as my wife was waiting in the car. Yeah I was happy that they didn't do anything irreversible to the EF
  14. Yup, business trip to Vegas for the sign trade show to see my customers. Work work work. Plus the marathon is the most boring thing I can think of.