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  1. That thing is sprocketed for highway travel I believe over 60mph. That's some singin' chains at that speed. Restored by Dave Mauro now owned by his son Patrick.
  2. Nice truck, first truck I ever drove was a 76 F like that one
  3. Local contractor's steel nose ramp truck. Need photogaphy while driving lessons from OD
  4. Memo received I believe it's now beer (or hard seltzer) o'clock
  5. From personal experience I've only seen the aluminum hood on b67s . Could it be a b66?
  6. That is probably a B66 with a replacement door (and vin plate) from another truck. B30 had a full length nose not the short hood that one has.
  7. That's a whole lot of ugly jammed in one spot😊
  8. I'm going to to go out on a limb here and say that the mechanic is the guy on the right not the left but yeah they could have had a better plaque and photographer
  9. Collings foundation American Heritage Museum in Hudson. You should see the tank collection there.
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