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  1. I think there is one sitting outside behind the Mack museum.
  2. Yup swivel clean up bucket. 5500 hrs isuzu 3 cylinder
  3. Nope that was the Hercules wrecking Acar. I think Pelligrino was taking it out for exercise. He's usually driving his Brockway.
  4. That's the same M&M Halamore still runs a lot of old Macks
  5. Finally got my new to me toy this morning. Looked for one for about 3 years.
  6. About 160 feet up, sign is at 130. I never really did much chair work at all and don't want to start now. Glad I know this guy. Always has his camera with him too.
  7. Spent yesterday afternoon starting to do bids for Ma DOT to move signs and lot lights on Cranberry Highway right where you're talking about so the road can be widened this year.
  8. If I get one more call telling me my Google business listing needs to be updated........................😠😕
  9. Best thing about that truck is that vortec 350 will probably run for another 50 thousand miles and if it blows up a brand new Goodwrench 350 is only $1800
  10. Original owner bought it to plow for the town. First time out got it hung up and stuck, decided plowing was not for him and never plowed again. He sold the truck 7 years later with 16k on it to a cranberry farmer who only used it around the bogs so it stayed pretty clean.
  11. PMD is new and relocated on a heat sink behind the grille which was nice to find.
  12. We stopped at Horseless Carriage in Jersey on the way to Macungie quite few years ago. I was wandering around and saw a familiar shape at the back of one of the warehouses. The Monkee mobile was being stored there for a while for a customer, took a photo wish I could find it.
  13. Seeing as my F350 dump is disappearing before my eyes and since I don't want to replace all the sheetmetal on a truck with 190k on it, time for Craigslist. Found a 2000 k3500 6.5 diesel with 49k original on it for $2600, just needs a transmission (no reverse) and a bulldog hood ornament. A guy who lives down the street from my shop stopped by and said he thinks he has a good tranny for it so that might work out pretty good. Very clean almost rust free 20 year old truck, don't find that in New England often. Brought it home this morning, managed to put the front wheel thru the trailer deck while loading. I think I'll paint it to match my old 94 3500 HD that I sold because plowing driveways in 2 wheel drive sucks.
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