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  1. 66dc75

    Need more space

    landed 1/2" off over 40 feet not too bad
  2. 66dc75

    Ford Market News

    My 2015 Transit has 42K on it, nothing more than oil changes and a recall on the driveshaft. Been really good to me so far but the battery under the seat is a pretty crappy spot for it. I can back up what Bob says about rusty Sprinters around here see them all the time. That silly looking rear axle on the Ram Promaster makes it look like a utility trailer from the back.
  3. 66dc75

    Need more space

    I ran out of space inside the shop a while ago and wanted to get the overflow out of the weather. I'm too cheap to buy a new tent or rent more space so I bought a used 40' x 32' greenhouse from an out of business nursery down the street. Needed to move our storage containers to serve as walls so I had my neighbor who rents containers out drive over with his detroit powered Clark. The gray container has a 67 Dart GT, a couple of compressors and a lot of plywood and stuff in it. The forklift picked it up 6 feet like it was empty but he hit a rut backing up and the rear wheels came off the ground about a foot or so. Container stayed on the forks but that was interesting. Got it all positioned right and everything will fit inside. Hopefully have the tent if not the doors done by Christmas as long as I can keep the customers at bay.
  4. I think this calls for an investigation
  5. 66dc75


    We've been lucky so far nothing on the ground and nothing forecast in the next couple of weeks. Just bought a 40 x 32 heavy duty greenhouse frame that I'm going to mount between 2 shipping containers so I can get everything under cover before the snow flies. Gotta work fast.
  6. 66dc75


    looks great Bob what's that crap all over the ground?
  7. 99 percent positive I saw a red Pete with D. Rounds lettered on the door this morning on 128. Shocking and traumatic.
  8. 66dc75

    1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    Sort of like Netflix you get the whole season all at once.
  9. 66dc75

    General Motors News

    I don't understand GM, they always insist on sticking the engine under the dash
  10. 66dc75

    Back Home

    Just curious. Did you ever make it to Brockton to the chassis shop?
  11. 66dc75

    1945 Mack NR

    Are you shrinking the size of your photos before posting? I have to resize them to 20% of original size.
  12. 66dc75

    AOL Sucks!

    Bob, I thought I was the last one on AOL. It does suck, just an outlet for the Huffington Puffington moonbat Post. If I didn't have my business email on there for the last 20 plus years I'd get rid of it as fast as possible
  13. 66dc75

    ED drag link ends

    Thanks Jim
  14. 66dc75

    ED drag link ends

    Has anybody had any experience finding draglink end rebuild kits for an ED (1939)?

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