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  1. Almost made it all the way through Definitely not something you see every day
  2. Jim, that's not a dump truck, it's a sign truck just look what is on the back.
  3. This truck turned out to be really nice to use and live with so I sent it out to have the oilpan changed since it was getting rusty and porous. Got it back, put about 80 miles on it and the 50k original miles engine that ran amazing started rapping, squeaking, misfiring and smoking. Mechanic that did the pan said no possible way they did anything to it. So pulled valve cover, everthing ok there,no water in oil, no pressure in the crankcase, still had good oil pressure but woul barely run. All the noise was from #8 so we changed the injector, no better. Looked on Craigslist and found a 52k original miles truck that the rust termites had wiped out payed 800 for it. Got 225 in scrap for what was left plus 6 very good tires and a rebuilt 4l80e with 1000 miles on it so it wasn't a bad deal. We swapped the new motor in, replaced front body mounts and brackets and put a better set of sheet metal from another parts truck I picked up. Truck runs great now hoping it stays that way. Hopefully will be painting it before Christmas. If I ever need an oilpan again I'll do it myself. Probably do a post mortem on the old motor in a few weeks curious to see what I'll find.
  4. Tarp didn't get the lifespan I was hoping for due to wind getting under it. It only took a year for work to slow down enough to finally get to making doors for this thing. 2 14x17 frames on barn door tracks. 5 inch square tube 48 feet long. I'll need to attach the excess tarp tothe cross beam next week and it should be pretty well buttoned up.
  5. Did you end up using the fuel tank I got for it?
  6. That'll buff right out.
  7. Herbie called me to measure my R model to see if it would fit in the trailer. He takes very good care of everybody. He drove my R up from NJ when I bought it. He's been a very good friend over the years.
  8. Here's my 57. I think yours is actually a 58 as IH went to stacked headlights in 59. They would title the truck in the year it was sold so, If it was a 59 it was a leftover. If the IH emblem is gold it makes it a 57 (IH golden anniversary 1957)
  9. Is that the truck that was shipped down from RI in a Daley and Wanzer trailer?
  10. That thing is sprocketed for highway travel I believe over 60mph. That's some singin' chains at that speed. Restored by Dave Mauro now owned by his son Patrick.
  11. Nice truck, first truck I ever drove was a 76 F like that one
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