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  1. I've had good luck with Ironman on 19.5 wheels
  2. https://www.tptools.com/Kirker-ULTRA-GLO-Urethane-Topcoats.html#
  3. Yup Case dealer on the right headed north. Fence company in that spot now. That was the road my grandpa's house too Roslindale
  4. We lived north side of Brockton, the plow truck was down next to AA Will's pit in Canton, he made it as far as as Will's yard in Stoughton and had to turn back. He did end up disappearing for a few days on snow removal though. Where did you live in Stoughton?
  5. They were using bulldozers to plow our neighborhood but the weight of a d8 cracked a gas line in the street and a house up the street blew up. Not sure if there wasn't more to it but that was what it was blamed on. Dad left to go get to the plow truck he drove (Autocar 10 wheel dump just like the one on the photo) about 10 miles from home. He name it 3/4 of the way couldn't get any further and had to turn back. This book him about 4 or 5 hours. Worst part of this storm was it was not supposed to be that bad, caught everyone by surprise.
  6. Thought you would like that Hippy
  7. Downtown Brockton with post office MB
  8. Brockton Ma early 60s A Car Blizzard of 78
  9. Got my first Case a couple of months ago. Found a kwikway loader that should be on it in a week or so.
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