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  1. 66dc75

    AOL Sucks!

    Bob, I thought I was the last one on AOL. It does suck, just an outlet for the Huffington Puffington moonbat Post. If I didn't have my business email on there for the last 20 plus years I'd get rid of it as fast as possible
  2. 66dc75

    ED drag link ends

    Thanks Jim
  3. 66dc75

    ED drag link ends

    Has anybody had any experience finding draglink end rebuild kits for an ED (1939)?
  4. 66dc75

    Well, It Looked Like a Road

    You can call this imbecile anything but dont call him a quitter he just forges ahead no matter what.
  5. I believe the owner of the B just bought the railroad earlier this year
  6. Took a trip up to North Conway NH for a couple of days. Went over to the Conway Scenic Railway station to take some photos. Saw an old steam engine, some old diesel engines, a big snowplow and a really nice solid B42 dump owned by the railway owner and a nice Divco. The B Model looks to have been converted to diesel.
  7. https://boston.craigslist.org/nwb/hvo/d/antique-mack-trucks/6705723281.html Here's one (not mine)
  8. 66dc75

    LiL' Red Wrecker

  9. 66dc75

    Pictures of the Week

    Did you take the dam tour and ask some dam questions?
  10. 66dc75

    Holy Cannoli!!! 66dc75 Has A Birthday!

    Not on my new drivers license photo.....yeesh
  11. I think that overdrive probably a good idea for this.
  12. My buddy Victor who owns this 39 ED is looking for a 4 speed direct and higher ratio gear setso he can get up to about 40mph with it. Right now it's a 30 mph truck with a 3 speed and 6.33 gears. Anybody know of anything out there?
  13. 66dc75

    1945 Sterling HC144 Tractor

    Ted still owns it
  14. Route 1 to Warwick then a hard left??

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