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  1. Dirty Jobs

    My grandmother died 6 weeks after I was born and my Grandfather passed a couple of years later. I wish I knew more about them.
  2. Dirty Jobs

    I think that was about the same time my grandparents came over too
  3. Had some spare parts............

    Finished up the bumper and found new wiper arms so I'm just about ready for an inspection sticker. If anybody needs new wiper arms for a B Model google trico 73-300. It's an adjustable length that is about an inch and a half too long fully retracted. The inner end of the arm is swedged so you can't just slide it out and cut it down though. I extended it all the way, cut it off where it slides in and the swedged section falls out by the spring, slide whats left in and tighten the screw and it's perfect. They even came with the knurled adapters and the nuts. Working out better than I expected. The bumper looks pretty good for scrap metal I think.
  4. Had some spare parts............

    One of my favorite songs
  5. Dirty Jobs

    Wish that was near me. Looks like Mom's cooking. She's 100% Polish
  6. Had some spare parts............

    Bought it from Dennis Meehan a long time ago for door parts. I'm going to hang it on the wall of the shop.
  7. Had some spare parts............

    Just safety inspection too old for emissions testing although I have heard that the emissions stuff (egr etc.) have to still be on the vehicle even though it's emissions exempt. I think that they don't know whats going on. Got going on a front bumper after work today. I had a piece of galvy 4" x 8" tube, sliced it lengthtwise and cut end pieces to angle back. We are going to get rained out tomorrow so I'll weld it up in the morning. The tube came out of a Porsche sign so I thinking it might make the truck handle better.
  8. I swore I wouldn't do this but

    Yeah it was expensive, my hydraulics guy had it all apart and sitting in a box for 5 years. It took that long to pull the trigger. I was given a full power steering setup but it was off a later truck and completely different setup. It would have been more work and expense to do regular power steering.
  9. Had some spare parts............

    Nope, no secrets here. It's even my screen name
  10. Had some spare parts............

    I'll take that under advisement.
  11. Dirty Jobs

    So we stopped at the Starlight Diner on Rt100 for breakfast Friday morning on the way to the Macungie show this year. I ordered scrapple and eggs. My buddy Matt never heard of it before and decided to have it too. Later that day I asked him if he had ever eaten pork hearts, he said no way. I said "Yes you have!". He didn't puke but he wasn't happy.
  12. Dirty Jobs

    They use everything but the squeal
  13. Had some spare parts............

    OK so I'm almost ready to register this thing and get an inspection sticker before the end of September when big brother and the state of Calichusetts implements the new inspection sticker regulations Oct. 1. The new sticker machines are hooked up to live streaming cameras and an outside contractor working for the State of Ma. will be watching from a cubicle someplace making sure that a fine tooth comb is used on everything. From what I've been told no deviations from stock are allowed. all emissions stuff must be present. I want to get this truck through at least once under the existing system because I have a hard time believing the big brother representatives on the other end of the camera are actually qualified to know what they are looking at an will cause me nothing but trouble when they see a Mack body on a Chevy chassis. I hope that once it;s gone through once I'll have an easier time next year. Today I got the toolboxes mounted, battery, cables and batt disconnect in. interior is all buttoned up. made up a temp rear light panel. and did some mockup to get measurements for the bed sides and front bumper.