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  1. Was that truck sitting outside the station on Rt. 44 about 18 years ago?
  2. Rotted liner? 5K miles in 10 years might have had bad antifreeze or too much water. My NH 250 Cummins lost a liner that way rot hole behind an o ring from just sitting.
  3. I'm in black t shirt next to Doug, Red Horse Bob is between me and Ken. I'm 6'6" so I've always been back row center since 1st grade, Rich
  4. You got a 2fer OD Red Horse Bob is in the green t shirt by the yellow f150 behind Vinnie
  5. And I think I saw Ellie May down by the cement pond.....
  6. That truck was converted to manual transmission during it's working life. Dave Mauro somehow knew where the allison was stored and when he bought and restored the truck reunited them. Not only is the underside as nice as the top side the brake shoes are even painted to match the frame and they were just as shiny.
  7. yeah we talked about that last year at Macungie
  8. Always makes me nervous at shows when people let their 10 or 12 year olds take off through the crowd with a golf cart.
  9. Tire guy showed up right after lunch he had good timing. Ever go to the Brockton Fair when you hung around Brockton in your youth Carl?
  10. Saw them first thing yesterday morning pulling dump trailers.
  11. Brockways and other stuff
  12. Autocars:
  13. Brockton Ma. Fairgrounds yesterday mostly newer stuff but it gets bigger every year and more older stuff has been showing up. Got me primed for Macungie. Mack stuff: One of these days I'm going to find a single axle R model like French's. Love that truck
  14. Wish I could unsee that