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  1. Curved slack adjuster

    Bent arm slacks. I've only seen them on trailers. My Shertzer is supposed to have them to keep the rod length down.
  2. Are there any Hi HO dumps left? I think they were DMMs
  3. Happy Birthday FWD

    Happy bday!
  4. Last LTL?

    A friend of mine called about this truck a couple of weeks ago. 100k
  5. Touch a truck

    Bare Cove fire museum has a Buffalo in storage, next time I'm over there I'll send you some photos.
  6. Pickers at Mack Junkyard

    Well there were a couple of photos of Marv's Wellington truck and I'm pretty sure that was Gary Mahan posing with Jack Comer in front of the lowbed. It seems that he wanted to talk about the trucks, wonder how much got edited out.
  7. Pickers at Mack Junkyard

    Bob, they bought a red horse
  8. Pickers at Mack Junkyard

    That's Jack Comer The Comer collection
  9. Touch a truck

    Don't know Carl, they lettered the hood "Buffalo". I didn't see an owner, They had a couple jr high school girls on it handing out Halloween candy.
  10. Touch a truck

    It sure is Jim It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. Ferris Bueller
  11. Touch a truck

    It's owned by Hallamore
  12. Touch a truck

    Took the big bad wolf (oldest grandaugther who loves anything with a steering wheel) to a local Halloween touch a truck. Fire trucks, trash tucks, Bigfoot, a Buffalo fire truck and a 1940s Chevy pickup. Chris Barry brought his RD822sx, 500 horse E9 with 73k original miles. It just got lettered a couple days ago.
  13. Had some spare parts............

    Not too much progress but I got the welding and grinding done on the fender extension, made a wood template / work mount and layed the first coat of filler.
  14. Older round tube sign cranes had ladder sections bolted to brackets on the tubes, you would climb up the ladder (each section as narrower than the one below so the rails would ride inside each other so the higher you went the narrower the ladder) and stick your legs in between the rungs and stand on the greased round tube and squeeze the rungs with your knees and start working. No harnesses this was before fall protection, I never felt all that intelligent up there.
  15. 6 weeks. I've only driven it a hundred feet or so and that was too much like work.