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  1. Waiting in line at the drive up:

    They did pretty good in boats too and if you blew one up you had a free anchor
  2. Waiting in line at the drive up:

    The only thing I liked about the 2 3208s I had was that they started cold really quick and easy. Other than that what dogs they were, especially in an L8000 twin screw with an Allison.
  3. I would have had to have Herbie drive it then nothing would have gone wrong
  4. Yup not worth nuthin when he's buying but it's the hope diamond when selling. Paul's actually a nice guy to talk to but tough to buy from
  5. When you lived here did you ever go to The Foot in Foxboro?, There is a real nice steel dash wheel on a truck there that is that is in a cab that is beyond swiss cheese not to mention the 6 inch rot hole in the side of the frame rail over the rear axle. He won't sell the wheel he says he's going to sell the whole truck. I don't know.
  6. 1967 R611 250 horse with a duplex, it was Tom Amaducci's
  7. Thanks Bob I was going to look for and old style wheel, but I'm just getting fatter anyhow so I might as well keep it.
  8. Thanks Larry This one's getting one there and in the cab when I run the new line, couldn't believe it was rubber air hose that you would use in the garage for air tools.
  9. I usually like getting things trailered too but this went 250 miles trouble free then I get in for an 18 mile run to my house and don't make a mile with it.
  10. So finally got the R model I bought over the winter out of storage and brought it home so I could strip the lettering and do a little touch up and cleaning on it. Back in January, my friend Herb Fleck was down in Jersey delivering furniture and offered to drive it back for me as I was tied up with work. He checked the fluids, fueled up, hopped in and drove it 250 miles without a hiccup. ME on the other hand, made it about 3/4 of a mile down the street when the supply line for the air assist steering blew a hole in it. If something can go wrong it will always wait for me to be driving. Luckily I wasn't alone and we were able to scrounge up a bolt and a clamp to block off the airline which was actually a rubber air hose for air tools, think I'll be getting some fittings and plastic line. Got it home without further incident and the oldest granddaughter was very excited to get in the driver's seat.
  11. Had some spare parts............

    worked great, it was just a piece of aluminum extrusion on the scrap bin, already had the holes in it,
  12. Had some spare parts............

    Got the wood squared, shiplapped and cut to length (lots of sawdust), Fenders are finally ready for paint and install.
  13. Today's Project:

    We have retrofitted quite a few lot lights with these. Bypass the ballast, run line voltage to the lamp socket and screw them in. topaz400.pdf
  14. I think that's the power steering reservoir