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  1. Had some spare parts............

    Extremely miniscule progress today, figured out the rear fender location. It's been way too cold in the shop to work on this thing.
  2. Anybody know what years the r models had half dogs on the doors? There aren't any on this truck.
  3. Where did THAT come from??

    Drink a bottle of Dayquil and get to work. Actually I got up this morning feeling like crap too but it passed, wife went home sick this afternoon, Gawd I hate winter.
  4. Happy Birthday 41 chevy!

    Happy B-day Paul
  5. Astro needs a new home

    Just got a deposit looks like it's sold
  6. Astro needs a new home

    Got a call from Hagerty insurance today, they found the glass and they are having it shipped to a local glass shop for install. The claims guy has been really good to deal with.
  7. I was surprised that it was for sale for so long too. I think it was advertised only on the ATHS online ads so it might have gotten missed by a lot of people. This was the best truck by far for the price that i saw. It bobtailed 250 miles home and it didn't miss a beat.
  8. Yup it's just like driving a b model except there's leg room and headroom
  9. I think I'll leave it as a tractor for now.
  10. Those look like they are pretty nice no price though
  11. The 3000 was an S Malatesta truck and the R was Tom Amaducci's, we are trying to import all the NJ antiques to Mass.
  12. I've wanted an R model for a long time. Finally found the right one. '67 with a 673 turbo 250 horse and a duplex. Nice solid roadworthy truck. This is the last piece to round out the collection. Photos are a little dark.
  13. Astro needs a new home

    Just a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a new passenger side windshield for this Astro. Glass companies are having a tough time finding one but I don't think it's going to be something in an online inventory. There's probably some around but they are probably forgotten in the back of a warehouse somewhere.