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  1. It's a reostat, just turn it to see if the dash lights work., if the lights come on but act stupid,,,, rotate the dial left and right as fast as you can to see if is just dirty.. it may come back to life.... Jojo
  2. you have a volvo/mack... so remove the triangle panel on top of the dash, under the C.B. posts and check the relay cubes for the issue.. Your ground wires are GRAY. Just incase you are checking them. there is a small group of grounds above the throttle pedal, to the right. You can look down through the top panel to see them and how to check them. Jojo
  3. do you have a dial for the dash lights? They do mess up..
  4. May I suggest a good inspection of the plug on the truck harness, and gently tighten the terminals before you plug the new sensor in... Jojo
  5. If its not damaged.. back it off.... then ...by hand.... screw it in til it touches,,,, then back it out 1 full turn. 360 degrees... jojo
  6. Ok, Just talked to my friend. The truck is a 505A Pumper.. Jojo
  7. I will see the truck again on Tuesday. I will take a pic of the data plate..
  8. so it's a 9 speed and not a 310 or 310m tranny? I'm just curious... and the tranny is a Mack?
  9. you say its an E Mack... Please teach me about what I drove... to me It was awesome..Jojo
  10. I adjusted the air in my toy truck also, for the same reason.. I just put air in until the center of the tire started to get round, but not narrow. I ended up at 45 PSI, for my tires.. 80 is max, for my 9.00 20's..
  11. thank you Vlad... I look forward to the next 2 shows in our area in the next 4 months... Jojo
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