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  1. Hello, Im guessing you do not have mack svc manual 8-201??? The flow chart to diagnose your 4-4 or 4-5 code starts on page 132.. it would take me hours of typing to give you the info. If you do not have access to this book, text me at 704-785-1738.. I can scan the pages and e-mail them too you.. I have had this issue several tmes and the duetsch connector had weak connections. if you have the jumper harness at the pump that adds extra ops for loose contact. un plug it and gently tighten the pins with a pick or something pointy and strong, like a dental pick. there are realltools for this as well. anyway, gently tug on the wires to try to pull them out of the sockets. be extra careful on the governor harness. dont break it!! i have found the wires were frayed inside the plugs, usually because the plug was not secured in the yokes that hold them along with zip ties.. let me know if you need more info there are a ton of very smart people here to help you... Joey Mack.
  2. I forgot to tell you about replacing the exh. rockers too.. text me if you need to.. Jojo
  3. I bet... I called many places in the U.S. to find parts. Of course these machines that we love are phased out.. Thanks again for you"re interest.. Jojo
  4. If you have ruled out air leaks and excessive usage. try bypassing the air dryer by hooking the 2 big lines together, then checking operation. it pressure goes up correctly, repair the air dryer. just a thougt.. Jojo..
  5. As far as going to the dealer..... You may find that they don't know or don't care... I"m currently building a 1960 -ish E-6 2V.. and a TRD-72 transmission, and the 2 dealerships her, don't care... I found info ...Here.... Good luck..:)
  6. Hello, I have done a few of these.. It's been a while.. The Jake heads should be a 680 series.. There are spacers that go under the valve covers. The wiring comes off the aux relay in the dash and goes to the switch that you will install in the center dash panel, then to the clutch switch, and then to a micro switch on the injection pump at the throttle lever.. the late 70 models i drove, required me to hold the clutch pedal gently, or flip the dash switch off to stop engine braking while waiting at the red light. There are a lot smart people here, that can fill in the rest of the blanks..... The system is a combo, of simple electrical, and a hydraulic system that the engine provides through the jake heads.. youre rocker shafts have plugs located at the #2 and #5 oil galleries that come up through block. they will be removed and 2 little check valves will be installed there, to feed the jake heads. also, the jake reset screw lash is based on the turbo you have. Some were set to .060" and .080" based on the turbo and H.P. Text me: at 704-785-1738.. I have the engine books and will try to answer questions... Jojo.
  7. There is no comparison.... your "Volvo" has B.S. controlling fuel going in... and exhaust. coming out... The E-7, may be slow.. but its deliberate.. Keep it running as long as you can.. Hell, if the exhaust system gives you a problem, you will be able to smell it, and see it... Without the High repair cost, and having to explain why you cant do a re-gen to a tech.... Anyway... I m just having fun here... Go Bulldog!! Jojo
  8. Hello,Rich...Thank you for your interest. I found the parts I need.. I appreciate your help. Mabey someday I will help you..Jojo..
  9. Thank you very much. I'm sorry I posted late.Iv'e been busy..Jojo..
  10. thank you again!!!
  11. yes sir.The no. is.. 11KBA5288BP1... The Mack Gasket kit # is: 127SH17C... unfortunately , my local "Mack" dealership doesnt give a damn about real Macks... I do have a gasket parts list breakdown, but it does not tell me the positions of the gaskets. the sliding clutch no. is:320KB261.. thank you for responding.. Jojo...
  12. Put the lap-top down and Fix-It!!!

  13. Hello, I am building an ENDT-673 for the first time. Of course i run into snags because of part availability.. I'm looking for the thrust washer and pin for the cam shaft. I can re-use my current washer if need be, but I don't have a new lock pin for it. Would an aluminum pop-rivet do the job? That seems like my only option right now. Thank you, Jojo
  14. I figured that is the case. I just wanted to try this forum. Thank you for the info. I did try to find gasket paper that is large enough to cover the rear case area and have found nothing. Now if I can just find the sliding clutch for 4th-5th... "Live Free or Die"
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