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  1. ok... the P.O.S. system is B.S. it has a 25 MPH limiter... blah blah blah... Just run an air switch of your own to the front diff, and make it work like they used to not to long ago... the celenoid/servo bank on the left frame rail has the switch in it... f-it... run you own. shut the original dash switch off so the ECU doesnt see it.... now it's up to you to shut it off when not needed... you can put a brake light switch in the air line attached to a buzzer, so you can be reminded that it's locked in, especially if you put a driver in the seat... iv'e done this several times... Jojo
  2. its on the injection pump. the throttle lever rests on it. Ambach pumps have a 3/4" ish long, 5/16" jam nut with a flat head screwdriver head, in the center, Robert Bosch has a a 10mm jam nut on a screw that is 8mm-(5/16") I'm guessing you have an Ambach... What I have done is remove the whole screw and clean it up really good, (I expect it to be stuck)... look at how the screw is set, so you can put it back together close to where it was. you can use the tach as a guide, what i have used in the past, is a hand held photo tach and a strip of reflective tape on the harmonic balancer, something like the d.o.t. tape on a trailer, (white color). I have done enough of these where I pretty much can hear when it's good enough. not rocket surgery, just set it between 600-700... There will be more opinions on this, but it is simple to do. the long screw around the flat head screw is the jam nut. you turn the flat head until you like the idle speed then lock it down.. do you have an engine brake on the engine?
  3. just buy an eaton easy pedal. 9 spring clutch...  it has 7 padels on the discs. its strong and bolts right on.. if the flywheel is worn, just replace it...   start fresh.. dont know what the issue is... mabey the parts guy is new and dont know about trucks.....  JOJO

  4. What tranny do you have? These trucks are slow, but deliberate... I'm always interested in why there (isn't enough power)... but never got an answer why they need to be boosted up... Mack's are work horses... I've hauled 120K with a 97' 400 and an 18 speed, 4:17 rears and could pull the hills in Maine where I was driving, did it every week, heavy illegal loads of dirt in a tri-x trailer...Just curious, Jojo
  5. hmmm.... its not behind the shock mount in the frame... I cant say exactly but I thought it was there. the paint is probably too thick and hiding it. wipe it clean and look, at an angle with a light. mabey you will see an impression in the paint.... then break out the 2" scotch pad and buff it clean... jojo
  6. I'm no Gearing Guru..... but I have driven a bunch of trucks with that combination... for me.... they hauled just fine. mabey I'm not in a hurry to get down the road.... 🙃 jojo P.S. I like the 8LL... I would take it over a bunch of Mack tranny's...
  7. it is now better than when it was new....probably gonna pop a wheelie on the strong side when you go over uneven terrain...🤣 jojo
  8. youre welcome, sorry about the hard work you are about to do... you know where to come if you need more help...👍 jojo
  9. Mask's Don't Work!!!!!   

    1. Marc Manders

      Marc Manders

      Not sure what you mean.

    2. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      sorry... i was responding to a post, and hit the wrong thing I guess...   dissregard my post

  10. just curious.... what tranny and rears and tire size do you have? The E-7 can pull really good.... jojo
  11. as far as bypassing the compressor.. you can cap the 2 lines.. dont know if you have the newer (2001 'ish) stand pipe update with the #6 JIC fitting. but you can screw any kind of plastic plug into the ends, even if there is a tiny drip, I suggest plastic plugs because you can destroy them and not hurt the threads on the ends that you will hook back up.... remember no water pump or pressure in this test... you got this... JOJO
  12. should be no bubbles, because air pockets will clear due to removed thermo's... I did this a year and a half ago on a 90 E-7.. It took a bit to push coolant, so I wasnt sure.. then I did my test and it made bubbles after a few minutes, not instantly. front head was cracked between the intake valves... jojo
  13. It boggles my mind, how the Dems said that trump was wrong when he pushed for a quick vaccine, and gave initiative and incentive to get the job done... (as a real boss man would do)... then it got done. then the Dems, say,, Oh hell no!! why would we trust trump, (as if Trump Created the actual vaccines).... then Obama's puppet becomes our fearfull leader, and says he will have 100 million vaccines given in his first 100 days, and he is currently saying that those who dont have the vaccine are a problem for our nation.... (WTF) however,,, if you walk into our country you can go and do whatever you want, and we will provide free transportation. no need to be vetted or vaccinated, because that would be RACIST... I cant believe 80 million AMERICANS voted for this COMMIE.... Jojo
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