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  1. To a Yankee, that's just a repair that needs to get done.... sometime... jojo (yankee)
  2. "V" may have nailed it... I/We have done a bunch of these repairs... there is a service buliten may go back to around 2002.. if you get a copy it wll guide you and provide the parts list... it's a bit of a job but the out come is good... jojo
  3. I cant think of why the idle speed would change on its own, any recent programming been done? Idle speed is easy to reset with Mack software. 880 Joe may be on to something here... I'd like to know, jojo
  4. Joey Mack

    EUP broke

    why is it taking 2 days to tell if the cam is bad? it should have taken less than 30 minutes to tell.. Just curious...You came to the right place... jojo
  5. My brother-in-law died in his sleep 2 months ago, and a Rep. from our local hospital system said to his wife, that if she stated it was covid that killed him, she would recieve $9000.00. She refused to do that because he died of a stroke in his sleep. My wife can tell this story better, she was there when this offer was given... W.T.F.?
  6. Ooop's I should have paid better attention... I have made these mistakes a few times lately... I'm sorry... jojo
  7. looks like you are holding the gasket for the 7th injector... the DPF has a boatload of soot on it as well.. What is going on before turbo pipe? I have used a lenth of .035" wire from a mig welder to rod out the DPF (gently) but never one a filthy as that one... Looks like re-gens were not completed.. I'm so rusty on these P.O.S. systems. are there any leaks around the sealing ring's? have you reused the rings and clamps and didnt get the sections connected good during previous dissassemblies? The slightest air/pressure leak can cause issues with the differential pressure sensors, both in the DPF and the EGR venturi pipe... there will be much smarter folks than me chiming in on this... Jojo
  8. GOOG.... when/if the time comes you have to take it apart... if you have the time, come here with what you think is wrong and what you need to do. There are a few of us that will guide you , and help you put a basic parts list together, and offer suggestions and options on how to get it done. The parts issue is real, and folks like me have to have a crystal ball and X-Ray vision, before we dig in... In the Olden days, 2-4 years ago, it was much less of a hassle. Anyway, stay in touch... Lot's of smart guy's here.... jojo
  9. In recent years I have bought engine building tools, and all of them look like OTC and smell like OTC, but stamped in them is: made with globally sourced parts... I wonder if they were, "Responsibly Sourced"? 😂 To be fair, the tools work well.. jojo
  10. I posted the fuse panel legend... the pics posted in a different order.. but you can see which are EPDM fuses and the others are under the top panel.. What else do you need? jojo
  11. The road to HELL is paved with Dollar Bill's.... Too many powerful people want to be "Living legends" The greed is beyond my comprehension. Jojo
  12. Listen to me when I tell you this...... Do not take it apart before you research the availablity of the parts... I built and 05' this summer and the exh. manifold was not available til november, and the cost was high.. the intake manifold bolts that have the studded ends for the a/c bracket were not available, when buying engine parts, try to use the 11GBA number on the valve cover so that you get the right parts... I do this sh$t every week, and parts B.S. is more work than making the repair... Jojo
  13. #1+2 are the EPDM behind where the clutch pedal SHOULD be... the others are the top panel.. Jojo
  14. is there not a slip of paper under the triangular panel on top of the dash? :). jojo
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