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  1. I don't know the year of the truck...I looked back but couldn't find it. If it's an ASET/CEGR/ When the little air filter for the VGT controller gets clogged and cuases poor performance, by not working the VGT correctly.. Just another thought, not knowing the engine series. jojo
  2. I've always wanted to hear opinions from other country's.... Thank You, Jojo✌️
  3. I see what "F" said and I chuckled... I'm guessing this is an E-Tech engine? I used to go in to "Mack Software", and open up the governor seeing and change it from---"Min-Max" to "Allspeed". dTo try to give it a little more Pep-in-the-step... This doesnt give 50 extra horses... Just better response, "F" and "V"?? Edit this post if needed... Jojo
  4. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!! Great post's.. It brings me back...... The 12 spd. I drove was in a 78 RD tractor. The deep reduction switch was up in the dash... Looking back. That was a real Mack, I would love to have one... Jojo
  5. In '99, I drove for a construction co. in Maine for only 2 years,, But I drove '77-'97 Mack's... My favorite was the '79 long framed RD tractor, with a tri-axle framed dump... That tranny was so versitile, and multi-speed reverse was very cool for backing on svc roads around the job site.. I also drove the X-107 twin stick.. another multi speed reverse tranny in a tri-axle dump truck.. I learned to respect that tranny... after that --- no more stopping in the middle of the intersection, to start over.. Bullet proof and proven.... It may be slow, but it will Pull!!.. jojo..
  6. Your'e right mark.... I forgot that.... 🤫.... Jojo
  7. I have a 1948 KB-7... I will be learning about a truck that is new to me.. I cant wait to get started on it... I'm proud to have it.. Jojo
  8. Mack did away with the o-ring... On the liner there is the tall ring(step) around the liner, measure the low groove just outside the circumference of the tall step.. you will use a small amt. of Mack Gray sealant on the shelf in the counter bore to seal in the coolant. the head gasket will take care of the top... jojo
  9. When I was driving late 70's R models, I learned to count, One One thousand,,,Two... I would double clutch,,, Then On "Two" I would grab the next gear.. It still works for me today... I rarely get to drive a 107 or 2070 anymore.. In youre case a 105.... same-same... Jojo
  10. I really wish I was there to see it, and hear it fire up!!!! Jojo
  11. it's all good... i was guessing what you had, when you said 5 spd. i said 105.. The Mack triple countershaft tranny's, were the same in the main box... the added back box changes it up,, with a few exceptions... Jojo. Hope I cleared it up sir..
  12. the 105 is very basic, and bullet proof... triple countershaft.. just be patient shifting it... it's no Eaton.. Jojo
  13. Mabey you can find one of these... The Mack 107 tranny book is around too... Good luck, Great find.. jojo
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