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  1. ok Carlos.... I did not know about the lack of resources... Do the best you can. unfortunately, you have a truck that requires computers as much as it requires wrenches and know how....i will respectfully step back and I hope another will step in to guide you.. Jojo
  2. well Carlos, if you have the money and the tools to take a stab at the problem, more power to you.... I'm a diagnostic guy, I want to know why and what fixed it... Jojo
  3. you can make your own test tool, with an old fuel line Banjo fitting and enough clear hose to reach the fuel tank fill cap. Have some new copper washers handy, for when you go back together.. Thanks for the compliment, but I'm getting rusty on MP's and the new ones are beyond my knowledge.. Go Bulldog!
  4. has your mechanic done an air in the fuel return test?
  5. that list is so true, along with racial issues, and high unemployment, too much free money for slackers, bussiness's closing down, major retailers consuming more small bussiness's, ammunition is high as hell, (if you can find any), scammers have doubled down on scamming, and White People are all racist's... I'm sure there's more.. Jojo
  6. find the ground wire at the fan harness, cut into it and run it to a switch in the dash. the old timey way... or mabey find the fuse and put it on switch.... or..... wait for a few more comments. jojo
  7. The speedo from the '01 needs the V.E.C.U. to operate... I would expect it won't work. ,what does the back of the '89 speedo look like, I havent seen one in a while, so i'm forgetting.. there should be 10 dip switches, its the plug i'm forgetting.
  8. ok.. cool. i wonder if you have a diode in that switch,,, also, are the screws stamped with any abbreviations at the poles? catch you later..
  9. the wires arent plugged onto the engine brake celenoid plug on the valve cover spacer.??? also, does the switch on the pump have 3 screws but only 2 wires? is there a pic of the pump linkage and the wires that go to the valve cover?
  10. I hope that was a test dummy and not a real live dummy...
  11. yes... the bottom edge of the cab tilts back out of the way of the bumper. when you say LR, do you mean MR? if so.... yes it tilts..
  12. Sorry.... I forgot to brag on the B-Model.... It is Awesome!. I have a friend with 10 of them and when I see yours grow in the posts I smile... God Bless "The Green Mountain State". Jojo
  13. I 've always liked the FLD.. I've driven a few of them.. 👍
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