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    Ya I was Naned After A B-Model Mack lol
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    Grew up on a Farm South of Millington, Tn in the Lucy Community my family also did excavating for 50plus years . yes I was named after a B Model Mack lol. If im not driving trucks or operating Farm, Logging & Construction Equipment or Cutting Grass im Working out in the gym being a gym rat,Hunting ,Fishing or Chasing Natural Redhead Women !! my intrests are Macks, NASCAR,NHRA,HUNTING & FISHING & Natural Redheads. Slow cooking on the grill, & getting my Workout in getting my sweat on in the gym 6 days a week .

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  1. bulldog man

    What is wrong with people today?

    Neither Do I , But What a Great Idea . I Was thinking along the lines that involves a pair of custom made 30' #2 Booster cables, An 8D Truck Battery & certain body parts . Make him think about what he done . I Hate people like this It makes my blood boil to say the least . I've said that before also. But I added to it . Take them to the river bottom in the summer time , close to the woods but still out in the field. That way the Sun Bakes them, but the Mosquitoes eat them alive in the evening , Take a track hoe or back hoe dig a hole, bury them up to their head, Pour their mouth full of Salt or Sand Preferably Salt , That way the mouth drys out , Gag the mouth , Pour Black Strap Molasses on top of their head , If the ants & fire ants eat em up , The rest of mother natures clean up crew will. I.E. the buzzards . & If The River Rises During a flash flood even better .
  2. bulldog man

    What is wrong with people today?

    I Live In the Volunteer State as Well . & I'd Gladly Volunteer to Get a Rope & HANG HIM HIGH !! Or Better yet Just let me Torture him awhile While doing a Reverse Hanging !!.
  3. bulldog man

    Happy Birthday Yarnall

    Happy Belated Birthday Mike .
  4. bulldog man

    Hope you all are doing well:

    Happy New Year Rob! It's good to hear from you Bud. I'm not on here as much anymore myself but i do pop in & lurk about & look@ post some just to see what the latest conversation is about. Stick around buddy. Sent from my LG-K540 using Tapatalk
  5. bulldog man

    New Memeber of Working Fleet

    Nice looking Ride Sent from my LG-K540 using Tapatalk
  6. bulldog man

    Pictures of the Week

    Nice pictures Tom . That's a Nice looking Single Axle R Model . & the Seat covers arent bad either .
  7. bulldog man

    Happy 4th of July

    Thanks & Morning Bob . Sun Shine Here now Rain Later . Got the little Container garden & Tomato Plants in the flower bed watered . Gonna kick back the rest of the day . Make sure to Paint some Happy Little Trees in the Painting .
  8. bulldog man

    Weekend hike

    Beautiful View .
  9. bulldog man

    Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th Of July Everyone !! Hope Everyone has a Great & Safe Day ! I Got my Grub on @ Brother's House Yesterday & kicking back today .
  10. bulldog man

    Where's Vinny?

    Glad to hear your Doing Well Vinny . I was the same way @ your age . i was working when i wasnt in school & putting money back (when it wasnt going into my truck ) My 1st Pick up was an 85' Chevy C20 Silverado . I made a lot of money with that ole 3/4 ton hauling scrap iron from houses my pop tore down for the city of Memphis & selling firewood in the winter . it's the 1 GM Pick up i wish i wasnt talked into selling . & It was alot eaiser to work on cause it didnt have all the sensors & computer crap like my 94' GMC 2500 Has . Mack
  11. bulldog man

    What Happened?

    As long as Yall dont Change My first name to the 5 Letter Cuss Word that starts with V & Ends with O I'm Happy . :
  12. bulldog man

    Message From Harbison

    Get Well Soon Mike ! Prayers for a speedy recovery !
  13. bulldog man

    Oh, for the love of God........

    As i said on FB : A Detroit is like a Male Dog : It's Marking It's Territory!!
  14. bulldog man

    1984 GMC 5 Star General in NJ 8500

    Hate to Hear ya have to part ways with the General . But in time i'm sure another Project will come along to Restore . The one thing i do like about some states unlike here in TN Is after a Commercial truck gets a certain age like a personal vehicle is you can put antique tags & insurance on it . Such is not the case here as i tried to do the same years ago to my namesake & dad's ole B Model. Good Luck in your new Endeavor

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