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  1. I don't know the difference between the two models but do know the truck in your picture. It is a B-53 and belongs to a fellow from Warrenton whose father owned it and operated as a concrete mixer. It is a beautiful truck that went through an extensive restoration and addition of all the creature comforts A/C PS etc.
  2. Each one gets you that much closer to retirement. Happy Birthday.
  3. Thanks for the ride along. Nice and smooth. I had to go back and check the air ride. NICE!
  4. Very sad to hear. Comfort to you and Zina.
  5. Sorry to hear. I always enjoyed his posts and enthusiasm.
  6. ...and most gassers don't have a tach so you have to guess.
  7. Defiantly will.
  8. Sounds like we may be neighbors. I'm in NoVA near Manassas.
  9. It showed up in my spam folder. Just where it belongs.
  10. Put some sunshine with that and hopefully you'll be back to work soon.
  11. Hurry up and get well soon.
  12. Congrats on successful due diligence.
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