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  1. There is a large powder coating outfit near me in Manassas, VA, American Striping. Here is a link to their website: https://www.ascoweb.com/. Their work and turn around is good at a reasonable price. They have done large military vehicles as an example of how large of an item can be done. The times I have used them there seems to be a large amount of automotive and outdoor furniture items being done. I'm sure they have commercial manufacturers also which would be more consistent than walk ins.
  2. Sorry about the double image. I guess the only thing better than a nice B Model is two of them.
  3. A friend of mine sent this photo of a super nice B Model race car hauler. It looks like the owner is Synergy Racing in Danville, VA. The picture was taken at Virginia International Raceway.
  4. That's one place you can never get tired of. The trucks are super cool and so is the sign. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I just saw that episode a few evenings ago. If you see the whole scene you get a pretty idea of what the other one is.
  6. Yikes! That had to hurt and sure puts a damper on the day.
  7. That is a shame. Looks like a lot of nice stuff.
  8. It's a little town called Worthington. I have relatives that live just beyond the tree line at the top of the picture. I was by there this past July and didn't see the B Model, I checked a couple of years ago and it wasn't for sale so maybe that is it's permanent home.
  9. Thanks for the great pictures. Looks like a good turnout and some I don't remember seeing before.
  10. I hope he does. I missed the show this year.
  11. Right is Right! Keep on slugging.
  12. Sorry for your loss and hip problem. Glad you are on the mend and back. Always like to hear about your adventures.
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