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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Did you check out the "melons" while you where there?
  2. Pictures of the Week

    The furthermost car looks like a Cad 60s. I can't get close enough to tell the year but they were made 1938 thru 1941. I also like the dog with a ball and it goes without saying the "girl in a car". Looks like a cool week on the back roads.
  3. BILLYT to the waterlogged courtesy phone........

    Glad to hear from the FL guys. That is a sad story about the generator death. It seems to happen every time there is a disaster that requires the use of generators.
  4. Chevrolet Mixer Truck

    You must have been on Rt 28 south of Manassas.
  5. Gotta Takata!

    This one worked for me. Your man took a blow, but the good news is the jacket seemed to survive. Very cool!
  6. Gotta Takata!

    Looks like you are about ready for the "countdown".
  7. Welcome. Can't wait to hear about and maybe see some pix of the B Model street cruiser.
  8. I definitely like that one!
  9. If the engine ran prior to the storm/flood. You might be able to take it apart, clean and refurbish as needed.
  10. I was going to ask the same question. Looks great.
  11. long awaited work shop finally started

    Very nice.
  12. That is such a cool truck with a great story. It looks like you have the perfect use for it. Enjoy.
  13. That was pretty cool...

    That is really cool. Thanks for the pictures. We had heavy clouds and rain (Northern VA) so you couldn't tell which caused the darkness. The temp dropped from 93 to 69. Of course it went right back up with super high humidity.
  14. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Thanks. Normal is nice.
  15. Pictures of the Week

    I always like the pictures and the ride along too. I think the problem with the McDonalds in Berkeley Springs is they have too many old folks sitting around having coffee so they gave the parking to them.