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  1. Heaven Forbid! Not so much the job, that's bad enough, but the daddy wins in Nov.
  2. Nice pictures especially the "new breed" driver.
  3. I agree. I surely wouldn't try and negotiate the price as I would know it's going to a good cause.
  4. Very nice collection but a b***h when it comes time to dust.
  5. I had the same problem with 1960 B Model 12V (- grd). It turned out to be the regulator. I had the generator and regulator off the truck and check as a unit.
  6. Chances are that power steering unit is a Garrison. The unit behind the left wheel is the steering valve and the one attaching to the tie rod is the power assist cylinder. Garrison is located in CA. They have a website (http://garrisonmfg.com/) and their phone number is 714-549-4880.
  7. Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more.
  8. I just watched that on AOL News. Fascinating. Pepe has some nice equipment.
  9. Happy Birthday. Have many more and keep the camera clicking.
  10. Oh man what a bitch. I missed the last two shows and was pumped for this one. It looks like one of the main factors in the decision this early is insurance. Understandable but disappointing.
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