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  1. The tractor is very nice, and that dump looks great!
  2. mack cab

    The ad is gone, so it's probably sold. However, on the same site there's an MH with a 3406 in it...looks pretty good. https://nmi.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1987-mack-semi-tractor/6513956173.html
  3. Waiting in line at the drive up:

    In '81 or '82 we had a customer who bought a new Blue Bird Wanderlodge RV with a 210 hp 3208. A few months later, Cat released the turbo (250 hp) 3208 and when said customer heard about that, he brought the RV to us and had us swap the motor so he'd have the 250 hp. He was a lot happier with the power. You're right though, if you put it in a big truck it would be a dog.
  4. Cleaning on the shop:

    If you ever run across a 12-71 that you don't want in your garage, I'll take it.
  5. R700 in Alabama

    With a V8! The pictures look pretty decent. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Mack-R700/282936832750?hash=item41e05972ee:g:kjYAAOSw0Pxa2nVx&vxp=mtr
  6. Help needed to get to Macungie

    That is a sharp looking truck! I can't help you but hopefully someone else on the site can.
  7. The cab is completely gone on that one, there are almost as many holes as intact sheet metal. I'm robbing parts off of it to restore my tandem.
  8. Waiting in line at the drive up:

    When I graduated from diesel school in Miami FL in 1981, I started in the truck shop at Kelly Tractor (Cat dealer). To this day I am impressed with how much training Cat invested in their mechanics. I was proud to be a part of their organization and after I left the trucking industry, I was sad to hear Cat got out of it. We worked on a lot of 3406 and 3208 motors, very rarely got a 3408 in the shop.
  9. I had my son help me move one of the trucks around...he got a good whiff of the diesel smoke from the tractor and he's almost hooked! Crazy thing about this old Ralph Smith truck...it has an air start, it's been parked behind my barn untouched for 12 years. I grabbed the air start lever and it had 10 or 15 psi of air in the tank!!
  10. Cleaning on the shop:

    You got that right...I cut 4 inches of soil off, put down #2 first, then some #4 and #57 and it still sinks every couple years.
  11. Cleaning on the shop:

    Oh, snap!!
  12. cummins engine

    Is that a 335?
  13. Pictures of the Week

    The counterweight on that big machine looks like it weighs a couple pounds.
  14. 673 w/Turbo

    I didn't realize the Maxidyne was 673...I thought they were 675.