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  1. This one is in Westbrook Maine. https://abcnews.go.com/US/giant-spinning-ice-discs-maine/story?id=60428415
  2. If your price is reasonable, you will find a buyer on this site. You stand a better chance of selling if you post pictures and price.
  3. 41Chevy posted this picture a few years ago...seems like a lot of the W71s had sleeper boxes on them.
  4. I didn't know that! I see the bottom of the windshield on the conventional lines up with the bottom of the vent wing, but on the H model the windshield drops lower than the wing. So these trucks are genuine L models, not H cabs fitted onto an L chassis.
  5. I love it! I notice he doesn't need any suitcase weights with that big motor in there.
  6. The pinstriping and other details look fantastic.
  7. Yes, there are a lot of 3408s out there (mostly in equipment as davehummell says). When I worked at Cat we found them to be very reliable. If you can afford this truck it sounds like a nice machine.
  8. That is a gorgeous truck. It's the same cab as an H model, I would rather have one of those than my H but if you ever found one for sale the dollar signs would be multiple.
  9. David, please don't blame this on one race in particular...I have rednecks in my town that leave trash behind constantly. I think it's universal that if parents don't teach their kids respect they will do ignorant things like that.
  10. +1 on Hagerty...they had the best rate for me, about $300/year for one truck.
  11. For $2,000, the thing should be stainless with 24k gold trim!!
  12. A Mack with Mack graphics on it, kinda neat. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-WINROSS-1-64-Scale-MACK-TRUCKS/283747605658?hash=item4210acdc9a:g:pXsAAOSwuJFeIii9&autorefresh=true
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