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  1. Make sure to let the phone ring about 12 times before giving up...it takes him a while to get to it.
  2. In 1985, the company I worked for bought a couple of K100E cabovers with cable shift...talk about stiff! I hated those things.
  3. h67st

    NOS door installation

    Freightrain, if you want the original Mack interior green, I found Axalta (Dupont) 44419 Frost Green Metallic...my interior was painted with that and it looks correct. Other numbers that are supposed to be the same color are Mack 312sx19p2, Kirker 812 or 812a, PPG 45735, NAPA 42198, and Sherwin Williams B7-42198-00-Y.
  4. h67st


    A Powerliner is pretty rare, let alone one with a 3408 in it. Nice looking truck! https://aths.org/advertising-with-aths/AdBuilder/List
  5. h67st

    Pictures of the Week

    With that shirt on, standing on a boat dock, Hatcity looks very retired!
  6. I like the "Landau" looking rear roof line.
  7. Is it a transformer, such as 12 volt to 6 volt (or vice versa)?
  8. I have an FA512 axle on my H model, I kept a search on ebay for quite a while and an NOS set of king pins came up. Your specific parts may or may not come up, but old Mack parts come up pretty regularly on ebay.
  9. h67st

    L model parts

    Photos and/or price would help get some interest in your parts.
  10. h67st

    To Inframe or Not to Inframe

    No broken axle...the diff will let one wheel spin when it doesn't have traction. That's normal.
  11. h67st

    Beautiful Catastrophe III

    What a mess! That's a shame.
  12. h67st

    chicken lights for the mack truck

    Looks good lit up!
  13. That is one beat up truck! Looks like it's sold.
  14. h67st

    Home Depot 48 hour return policy

    I think if they sell a bum appliance they should exchange it...2 days is awful short.

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