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  1. Oooooo, I'm drivin' my wife away!!
  2. I've run a lot of used tires, never had one blow. Like Alex said if they're not too old, should be good.
  3. It was 43 years ago today! I was 14 years old, living in Sandusky county (about 30 min. south of Toledo). We didn't have power for several days, and of course our house was all electric so we had to stay with a neighbor until they got our electric back on. We didn't have school for a week or two, and then had to have split sessions at the junior high because the pipes froze and burst in the high school. This photo is from the Mansfield News Journal; truck driver James Truly was stuck in his cab for almost 5 days until the National Guard rescued him.
  4. Are you serious...$1,126.00?
  5. Interesting looking sleeper. That was a fine truck in it's day!
  6. A lot of guys want to see photos before they get interested. Also, where are you located?
  7. They run a lot of Good Feet commercials on TV here; almost every customer they talk to is crying. If their inserts are over $250, then I can see why they're crying.
  8. There was a topic on here a while back about different color engines...red was one of them.
  9. I put the engine in today; I pulled the old engine out of this truck in July of 2017 so it's been 3-1/2 years. I fed the rear chain through an old motorcycle tube and it did a nice job of protecting the paint.
  10. I saw a web page for Rome Truck Parts, they have a catalog with a lot of old wiper arms, blades, motors, etc. It says they also repair wiper motors and other things. I may look to them if I need stuff for my wipers. http://www.rometruckparts.com/
  11. My Ralph Smith truck had a new radiator core and shutters put in just before it was taken off the road in the 80's. I took the radiator to the shop to get it cleaned and tested; they said the core was good. The bottom frame was all rusted and broken so they completely rebuilt the bottom. The shutters were really nice except the bottoms were all rusted and seized. I took them all apart and got them cleaned and lubed; they work nice. The actuator was rusted badly but one of my other parts trucks had a nice one on it. The felt wiper inside was bad so I ordered a piece
  12. Those new wires look so clean and nice! I see you put down a piece of carpet to make them more comfortable.
  13. Fantastic! What paint codes did you use for the red frame and the gray transmission?
  14. He may mean #1 cylinder is in the back...I've seen some strange ways to number the cylinders before.
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