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  1. What do you use to polish the tanks? I've got a couple that I'd like to polish.
  2. I didn't know they offered a heavy automatic in 1965.
  3. Under the spreading chestnut-tree...
  4. Beautiful truck, but $30k is out of my budget. Website wouldn't let me copy picture. https://aths.org/advertising-with-aths/AdBuilder/List
  5. Teach her how to shift correctly! And watch those blind spots.
  6. Is that Tyrone Malone's Little Irvy whale? I met Tyrone in 1988 and saw his racing trucks with the Detroits in them...very cool guy.
  7. 27 litre Merlin engine in a car...that's yuge!
  8. Do the 600s come from the factory with that twin turbo setup?
  9. That guy must be from way OutBack!
  10. Man, I love it! Great attention to detail.
  11. The fab shop charged $2,200 for the frame, used casters were $280, the trolley/hoist were $600 from Jegs.com, and the Rustoleum paint was $24.00.
  12. Someone needs to save that F. There aren't many around that clean and straight.
  13. All those technical terms are making my head spin.
  14. Love those 20" aluminum budds!
  15. That had to be difficult to press on through all the work, but I'm glad you did! Looks super.