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  1. I bought a couple of camelback cutoffs, one reason being the brake spiders were angled down so you could get a larger brake chamber on it without hitting the frame rail. Once I got a wheel off, the spiders looked awful familiar...they're the same as mine, but they rotated them forward one bolt hole to get the chamber below the frame rail. Another reason I bought them was for the iron caps-mine are aluminum and 2 are broken. Mack recalled the aluminum caps in 1972 because they were failing; sounds like a wild ride if one of those caps broke on the highway. Lots of rust and crud built up over the years. I took all the camelback parts to the sandblaster and put a good coat of primer on them.
  2. Back in the early 80's we had a delivery driver with a chassis mounted crane who forgot to lower the boom. He was listening to a Walkman player and took down two freeway signs before someone caught his attention to stop. Needless to say the company banned headphones after that. If you have a stereo cranked up it would have the same effect.
  3. I painted some of my parts last year with Nason epoxy primer (after sandblasting). When it comes time to put the color on, I will scuff the primer...should I put another coat of epoxy on before the color, or should I use regular primer? The guys at Axalta said if I use regular primer, I would have to sand before the color.
  4. Pickup man is a great song!! Real country music.
  5. I'll bet your price will have to be a couple bucks to pay for all that nice work. I really like the way it's turning out.
  6. If you have two flat tires, you better see your doctor.
  7. My dad had one U model in his fleet, the thing got wrecked 3 or 4 times before he finally said "no more!" and junked it.
  8. My truck has air start...I love it. Saves a lot on batteries, and easier to jump start (if you got another truck or an air compressor).
  9. Sharp looking U model. The trailer next to it looks like a see-through display trailer with an old pickup in it. I don't believe I've ever seen one of those.
  10. h67st


    Looks like a nice clean truck!
  11. Click on the Facebook Marketplace link...that will take you to the ad.
  12. He might have to throw in some cash if you got those to trade.
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