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  1. I used the scaler to get the heavy rust off my parts; when the weather is decent I'll get them sandblasted. These go on top of the leaf springs, under the axles. I got the drawings from the Mack museum and they call them "buttons" but there's no part number on the drawing. They have little coil springs inside them to keep them from dancing around but as you can see the springs will have to be replaced. I've seen other camelbacks that have rubber insulators in place of these...if anybody knows if I can replace these with the rubber insulators let me know.
  2. I also cleaned up and painted the shields from inside the rear brake drums; I guess in case a wheel seal leaks they redirect the oil away from the shoes.
  3. I cleaned up the backing plates and sprayed them with Rustoleum since they won't show. Now I'm trying to get the shoes relined...that may involve shipping them to another state.
  4. Would that happen even if the owner kept up the SCA treatment?
  5. They have a model of Jerry Howard's Autocar...it's a beautiful truck. He hosts the White show in Fairborn Ohio as reported by eddeere in September. https://www.firereplicas.com/1954-autocar-dc-75t-jerry-howards-midnite/
  6. And some front fenders to keep rocks out of the passengers' faces.
  7. h67st

    1961 G75

    Not very many details or photos of it. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/94276669/1961-mack-g75
  8. That cab should be quiet!! Is that fiberglass, and where did you buy it?
  9. One thing I notice different between the orange one and the red/white one is the higher cab/hood mounting on the orange one. Is that for specific engines (like a V8)?
  10. Man, what a hassle! I wish I knew something about these to help you out.
  11. You see, officer, my fuel is red because the bottom of the fuel tank is rusty.
  12. You mean a sub like the Navy or a sub like with pastrami and cheese on it?
  13. One of the best sounds in the world!! I like Mack engines better but a 2 cycle sounds cooler.
  14. The rotochambers I've seen are in the $600 to $900 range. I'll have to figure something out on my truck because my old ones are rusted badly. They mount between the frame rail and tire so too snug for most chambers. Rob is switching his to a smaller chamber, a 16 or 24 I believe.
  15. You mean NLA like 99% of parts for these old trucks? The part numbers I give them for my truck don't even show up on the Mack parts system any more.
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