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  1. h67st

    Smith’s Transfer U model Macks

    I can't help you with your search; I hope you find some info. I have an H model that was purchased new by Smith's (I doubt it's the one in this photo, but you never know!). I know exactly what you mean about photos, I wish I had photos of some of the things that my dad was involved in with his trucks. I do have a few but I have memories of lots of stuff that would be nice to see again.
  2. h67st

    EFU in PA

    On a 1 ton Ford chassis. I'm always concerned when I see an open carburetor like that. Air cleaner!! https://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/d/mack-coe/6747577058.html
  3. h67st

    1982 Cruiseliner $3500

    Interesting to see the square grille--most of them have the angled sides.
  4. h67st

    Mack AB brochure

    Pretty nice looking brochure on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mack-Model-AB-Chain-Drive-Truck-Catalog-No-105/352510561139?hash=item5213444b73:g:73MAAOSwn7Rb5Jce
  5. h67st

    62 B61

    For $7,0000 you can have a truck that's ready to jump in and drive on the road. Trucks in this condition run in the $2,000 range.
  6. h67st

    A Pair of A-Cars

    I like the round fendered ones too but the steel fenders look like they're ready to get into the dirt and get some work done.
  7. 120k!! Our roads are grooved enough from 80k, I can't imagine what that would do.
  8. h67st


    That button must have been the differential lock. I don't think a truck as old as this one would have it (my '59 doesn't). The front drive has a power divider so both axles drive all the time.
  9. h67st

    New oil bath air cleaners.

    $40 seems good for such a nice old piece.
  10. h67st

    Night time illumination devises

    I wish someone could explain to the yuppies that there's no reason to run driving lights when you're in the city with streetlights and lots of traffic. They blind oncoming drivers for no reason.
  11. h67st

    New switch panel

    Looks great! You must be a machinist or something like that. When I make stuff it's always a little raggedy jaggedy looking.
  12. Love that sound! In 1983, I worked in a concrete precast yard driving a '50s GMC with a V6 that said "GM Diesel" on the valve cover...I sure liked the sound of it!
  13. h67st

    Working at Home Depot Now

    There are a lot of things Menard's carries that HD and Lowe's don't (i.e. subfloor screws, barn siding screws, polycarbonate panels) If I had one closer to me I would go more often.
  14. h67st

    Working at Home Depot Now

    You need to remedy that oversight! Any movie that has Teri Garr and Ann Jillian in it...woah!
  15. h67st

    Rear axle wheel bearings

    When I worked in truck shops, I replaced hundreds of wheel bearings/races and never used locktite. I don't know that it would hurt anything but if your machined surfaces are in bad shape I'm not sure it would solve the problem. If your oil or grease are good and preload is correct, the race is not going to move.

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