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  1. I think the last place I'd want to be in a wreck is underneath a loaded trailer...that just looks scary.
  2. My grandfather did rigging and hauling, had an Allied Van Lines franchise, and was the Brockway dealer here in Columbus Ohio. Here's a photo of one of his trucks taken in 1964...you can see the belt-drive tag axle. Next to it is an N400, brand new and ready for delivery.
  3. It's a nice looking truck from the outside. One thing that always gets me about for sale ads like this...you're asking $50,000 for it but you post those little itty-bitty pictures? WUWT? You can get a great camera for $150.
  4. I remember seeing an F model on ebay many moons ago with a big purple motor...I really wished I could have bought it.
  5. I've been buying GearWrench stuff lately...I stripped out a ratchet and they shipped me a new one, no questions asked. I like the quality. I bought a Powerbuilt breaker bar and I've put some really long cheater pipes on it and it is straight as can be.
  6. I've never seen one either...can you snap a pic of that pic so we can see it? Sounds interesting.
  7. That's a crazy looking truck under there.
  8. American made tools? Do we still make tools?
  9. This guy says these fit the FA511 axle, but he lists the Mack cross reference as 301SQA32C. Other places I have seen the Mack number for the 511 axle as 301SQ45A, so I don't know if this kit will work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-MOOG-Mack-truck-king-pin-bolt-kit-FA45-FA401-FA501-FA511-FA400-FA500/273760818853?hash=item3fbd6a96a5:g:GagAAOSwhUpcioHU
  10. That looks kind of neat with no hood and that dog standing proud out there by himself.
  11. With that gold fuel pump, the engine thinks it's a Maxidyne.
  12. Roger...let me know if things dry up down there. Thank you!!
  13. Yes, you're right...pretty slow. Thank you!
  14. Those photos are really hi-def for being under water.
  15. Could you pull the side cover on the power divider and see if the pinion gears are good? How much would you want for both carriers?
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