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  1. h67st

    Lucky Me

    OD, I hope your gout is all cleared up now. I had gout for the first time 3 years ago, got a prescription from the doctor that cleared it up. I looked online and a lot of people recommended taking tart cherry extract pills to keep it away. I've been doing that and so far no gout.
  2. Nice truck! Cool setting with the old Diamond Reo shop.
  3. h67st

    B Model Fire Truck

    There's (almost) nothing better-looking than gold leaf lettering.
  4. My neighbor bought a 3/4 ton pickup with the V10 about 10 years ago; he has flogged that truck and mistreated it but the motor just keeps on going.
  5. Interesting how those rails are straight, no drop or taper.
  6. h67st

    B Model Fire Truck

    Sharp looking rig...have to have lots of money to buy this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1962-1950-Philadelphia-Tiller-Fire-Truck-Ladder-20/183318830530?hash=item2aaea75dc2%3Ag%3ATngAAOSw7VRbRP5Y&_sop=22&_sacat=63732&rt=nc&_dmpt=Commercial_Trucks&autorefresh=true
  7. h67st

    Type 24 maxi cans for sale

    I'm out of town right now but when I get home I will compare the 7-1/4 to my cans and see if it looks good. Can you ship them to Columbus Ohio?
  8. h67st

    Type 24 maxi cans for sale

    Do you think these would work on my '60 camelback? As you can see in the photo, the brackets are too close to the brake drum for a 3030 chamber. What is the diameter of the clamp?
  9. It's sad to look at the photos of a fine truck that just sitting there deteriorating.
  10. h67st

    1970 Marmon COE

    Not many of those around!!
  11. h67st

    Did you know this ?

    So the right way would be to have left-handed people drive on the right so they can swing their sword with the correct hand, and have right-handed people drive on the left. 😉
  12. h67st

    1970 Marmon COE

    Looks somewhat like a Freightshaker Powerliner.
  13. h67st

    1970 Marmon COE

    Didn't waste a lot of money on "design" or "style"!
  14. Both fine looking trucks...you don't see an RM every day of the week.
  15. Whatever you do, don't get the guys started on Mountain Dew and Moxie again!!

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