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  1. Looks like a nice truck....$25k. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Mack-Roll-Back/193105746413?hash=item2cf5ffd9ed:g:TVIAAOSwMSZdf5tU&autorefresh=true
  2. What a cool place! Can you imagine working on old stuff like that for a living?
  3. Looks pretty nice for $14k.
  4. I'm no Mack expert but it does sound very much like a governor issue. In case you need it worked on, DaveHummell on this forum was very impressed with Diesel Power Service in Williamsport PA.
  5. I bought an old Empire blast cabinet to clean some parts; I've always seen glass bead used in these. I see some people use garnet but others say it's too dusty and won't recycle as many times as glass bead. Anybody got recommendations on which to use?
  6. Man, that's an old car! Err, oops...sorry! That is a nice car...and Woodferd is a cool name. Interesting how they put dollies under the jack stands, I guess that's so the springs aren't under tension when it's in storage.
  7. h67st

    "R"at Rod

    Not exactly my cup of tea, but there is quite a bit of engineering and thought in this truck. $40k seems too high. https://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/d/washington-court-house-mack-rat-rod/6974227628.html
  8. h67st

    R795 V8

    But if you did that, it would ride smoother!
  9. SCA = Supplemental Coolant Additive. When I worked at Cat in the 90's we had a lot of trucks roll in that didn't get tested regularly and ate pinholes in the liners.
  10. That is one big ole locomotive. I'll bet it's pulled many tons of freight in its day.
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