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  1. That #229 is huge! Very good photos.
  2. h67st

    First F model

    My dad had some 1963 F600s with 673 and duplexes. I'll have to dig up a photo or two.
  3. Sounds good! Does it have a 673 with no turbo?
  4. Thank you for the offer! I'm going to let my body & paint guy buy his own paint so he can take responsibility for the outcome.
  5. I needed a paint code for my H model; I know that the later trucks used a lighter solid green but I wanted the darker metallic for the trucks like mine. I’ve done several searches both on BMT and on the web. Here are the numbers I found on BMT: Mack 312sx19p2, Kirker 812 or 812a, PPG 45735, NAPA 42198, and Sherwin Williams B7-42198-00-Y. I saw PPG 40496 mentioned, but that is a dark solid green which wasn’t used on interiors. Axalta calls it 65541 Forest Green. It may be the standard dark green that you see on a lot of Mack cabs. On the WWW, I found Axalta (Dupont) 44419 Frost Green Metallic mentioned as Mack interior green. My paint guy uses Axalta so I’m going to have him paint a sample of this to make sure it’s right.
  6. That is a sharp-looking motor. What does the button do...limit the fuel pressure?
  7. Yeah, I'll be way past the window, but I can scuff it and shoot another coat of primer when it's time to top coat. My goal here was to get them blasted before I rebuild them and put the primer on to slow down the rust.
  8. I wanted to get the transmission and differentials blasted clean before I rebuild them so I wouldn't be doing that with new seals and such. Yesterday I had a guy come out and blast them (he used crushed glass; it did a great job and left less mess than sand) and then I put on a coat of primer. I used a Devilbiss FLG4 HVLP gun and Nason epoxy primer; I'm no body man but it was easy to use and went on really nice. It's great to see something look good after dealing with so much rust, grease, and crud.
  9. That thing is huge! I wonder what it weighs with that load on it.
  10. I know I've probably posted it on here before, but the LTL is my favorite Mack. The only place I've ever seen one here in Ohio is at a truck show.
  11. h67st

    New Fad for Cars?

    They need to figure out a transplant method, I'd be willing to donate some of the rust from my old trucks.
  12. h67st

    Pictures of the Week

    We spent a few nights at Hawk's Nest and rode the cable car down to the river...it's a real nice place.
  13. I went over to check out the progress on my cab the other day; he's really moving along. As you can see in the pics, he's replacing all of the lower sheet metal (including the lower door skins and the luggage door skins). I didn't think it would be necessary, but he said it costs the same and gives a better result. He's even building new fenders for it, I'm interested to see how those turn out. He wants to line the inside of the fenders with rhino liner or lizard skin, what do you guys think...is that a good idea?
  14. That one looks like it's a working truck but very well-kept.

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