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  1. We had a new chiller delivered yesterday to replace our old AC units; I like the Mack that delivered the chiller.
  2. Pictures of the Week

    I never thought of that...sounds like a great idea!
  3. V12 detroit swap

    If it was doable, a V12 Superliner would be a very cool truck.
  4. That's a Clariben hood...aftermarket replacement.
  5. Another old tank trailer up for auction

    You'd really have to watch the tail swing on that one!
  6. Good tip! Theirs have the correct star washer, and they're cheaper too.
  7. Which triplex is that? I bought the black tandem here in Columbus back in 1995, but it's too rusty to save. This green one came from Ed Pruss in Longmont CO; I bought it 10 years ago. I'll get the bodywork and paint done and put it on the tandem chassis.
  8. I pulled my donor cab off today, this makes the second H cab I've pulled in the last year. I'm bolting casters to the underside so I can roll it around the shop.
  9. Yes, and they're #4 pozidriv which is not an easy bit to find! I was able to get some from KC Tool.
  10. The only ones they had in fine thread were slotted. I also found a lot of allen heads, those two are worthless. I've had the best luck with phillips or torx when dealing with flat head bolts.
  11. My door hinge bolts were rusty and crusty, so I checked with Watts--not available any more. They are 5/16" NF phillips flat head, 3/4" long...I hunted all over the interwebs and could not find any fine thread. Lo and behold, after some phenagling I found out that '50s and '60s MG cars used the same bolts; I found some websites that sell MG parts and bought a set. They work perfect!
  12. Little winger in NH

    Yeah, Gilley's was smokin' hot also! (The place burned down and there was some question about insure-and-burn).
  13. truck accident caused by elogs

    In the early 70's my dad was hauling paper rolls in 40' containers out of the St. Regis paper mill in Jacksonville FL with a '69 F model (day cab tandem, 237 and maxitorque). He took a curve too fast and the trailer went over; the container came loose on the front and twisted the container chassis almost 90 degrees. The 5th wheel stayed latched and the tractor didn't have a scratch on it. That chassis sure looked funny after they towed it back to the yard, the tandems were sitting flat on the ground and the landing gear was almost sideways.