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  1. Swish, I never thought of greasing the pins at each lock but it sure makes sense! I did that on my H, now I just need to get it driveable so I can try it.
  2. So, if it sets the spring brakes, why does it say "not for parking"?
  3. Swishy, that flip lever valve you showed is made by Bendix, they call it a TC-4 (part number 282368 or 282382) and they say it's for controlling the spring brakes. I've got a question...this valve was in one of my trucks, I didn't chase the air lines to see what it does. Can someone tell me what it's for?
  4. In Atlanta, starting bid $4,500. Looks pretty rough but you sure ain't gonna find many of these for sale! https://www.ebay.com/itm/144070295088?hash=item218b423e30:g:M4IAAOSwkFBgwUsD&vxp=mtr
  5. I used the schematic in this Bendix brake handbook to help with plumbing the system. I'm using Bendix valves because they're very common and cheap. dcweasel is correct about the anti-compounding, especially if you have aluminum spiders like mine. I used a QR-1C quick release valve on my rear axle to achieve the anti-compounding. For my spring brakes, I used Haldex GC2024 which have a #20 service side and a #24 spring side. They are $92.00 with free shipping from Finditparts.com. They are adequate for a bobtail hobby truck, not sure about hauling freight with them. I rotated my spiders one bolt hole to get them away from the frame rail, but they are only about 3/4" away from the 10:00-20 rims (you'd have more clearance if you went with tubeless or 10:00-22). 1837032478_BendixAirBrakeHandbook2002.pdf
  6. CAC = charge air cooler (aftercooler). Before you start changing expensive parts, I'd check the transfer pump and check valves real close.
  7. Snowman, that is a fine-looking Ford. Eastbound and down!!
  8. There's a lot of real estate on that truck until you get inside the cab!!
  9. Man, those parts look good! You're right about how much room they take up, I've got parts stashed all over my shop!
  10. I got my treadle valve back today. I couldn't find one reman or new but I found Precision Rebuilders in Missouri will rebuild them for $187.00. The nice thing is they had it back to me in one week, so many other things I've had done take months to get back. It's a Bendix type D or D-1 (not sure which), part number is 223192.
  11. If you're getting fuel out of the lines when you pump the hand primer, then it's not a fuel issue.
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