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  1. Waterbury mack had an ole timer in the machine shop :Mr Al Dixon . he was my mentor and hero. I was told there wasn't a gear he didn't know. count just the gears in a quad ! I found a gear, verified the number and showed it to him. he not only told me the model number of the trans but the position it held. try that today.
  2. I remember the days when walking in to mack all you needed to say was the part you are looking for and maybe the model it was for. and they knew you by name !!! Waterbury mack had an ole timer in the machine shop ;; Mr. Al Dixon. he was my mentor, hero. I was told he knew every gear for every transmission, I found a gear , verified the number; showed it to him ;; he told me the trans model AND the position in the trans it held.!!!! find that today. back in the day it was a box of block and reline the brake shoes yourself. parts room people knew your vehicle application and would suggest a different grade block . never noticed a turn over in people back then. like today. no doubt people changed jobs . company did what they could to keep you when you knew you job. parts people knew numbers , today a computer keeps numbers. even vin numbers were simpler . all the mack magazines and brochures I had and threw away, dummy me.
  3. Yes Sir. I have quite a few hrs in screen changing on that one.
  4. when it came brand new from factory as a demonstrator the top half of cab was white. the gold color has changed through out the years. H.H. Stone bought the truck ,used it to haul milk tank. engine has been rebuilt, rear banjo was replaced after a brake job was done and no one thought to fill wheel hubs ;; burned bearing into housing bad. doors were replaced when cab came off during chassis over haul. other than that as the TV shows say "it's all matching numbers " LOL
  5. ole number one R-model R607T 1001 still going strong in CT
  6. amazing how this crap spread so fast. don't you know it took all the attention off the impeachment topic, no one will gather to follow the political lies. next thing you know the elections will be here and everyone will say "what happened. . I'm still a firm believer in the chem trails from planes aren't good. very few know what's coming down from the air. at 68 my time is short; looking at my little grandkids I feel bad. now I see why they wait 75 yrs to tell the truth about major events (nov.22,1963 !!). most concerned are gone. like a bumper sticker once said ::I love my Country, it's the government I hate.
  7. Beautiful looking Fire truck. I posted some new pictures under '49 EE taking a break. check out the fire truck from the '82 truck races in NJ. it was a demonstrator for the company. guess people got scared driving up to it on highway thinking it was coming at them LOL.
  8. mechohaulic

    1941 mack ed

    nice set of trucks. I sure do miss my EE dump . fun of snow plowing with it. you have a baby Mack with a real chrome stack
  9. new cable/gauge only thing left is like Rob said , the radius. it would have to be a 90 degree to break that many so soon; doubt it's bent like that. what vehicle is it in ? been a while since working on fire trucks is there a rpm gauge on control panel ? I don't remember how panel gauge gets its source ; splitter box ? either way complete assy even a little long shouldn't break. how does the tach work for first 20 minute when running.: bounces, run smooth : other than angle only thing left would be wrong cable end . when you tighten cable to gauge it jams cable too tight? as earlier stated we made them back in the day. there was an assortment with different size ends. some tangs were longer. leave cable nut a little loose on gauge run it ??
  10. same said for the REAL muscle car days. a sound they try to duplicate today. i'm all for saving the world and nature and the rest. my truck driving grandson tells me all the time about his high horse power triaxle. my response -" the sound of the old will always be better than the new. back in the day Texaco ran the long nose GMC's :318's with 13 speed. on clear night I could listen to the tanker climbing a long hill the 318 was "singing " such a beautiful song. automatic reaction take right hand and move the imaginary shift lever as gmc was closing in on down shift. all the old whether mack or other sounded great. OK so there was a "little" smoke LOL,
  11. that's a "new one " , LOL fine spline barrel tops, no more double fittings on transfer pump for hand pump to prime. remember when started to see injection pumps coming through without the hand pump.
  12. 20 min, was there a plastic insert in original housing for holding cable centered that was misplaced . what is broken ; cable itself or tang on end?
  13. when you say $160.00 from mack, means buying factory made for truck set up? reason I ask , is we always made up inner cable or outer housing. I agree with phase1 with manually turn cable . also disconnect from tach and start eng see how center cable runs. I've seen tangs break off in gauges bind up cables, believe you replaced gauge ,that would eliminate broken tang thought. electric drill on engine side with tach side slightly loose.
  14. you had heat!!!! 😀. now that's working in style > LOL LOL . wife just said "this is first time you smiled in days " . I showed her what you wrote. as we all know , you had to live it to understand it. your situation brought me back to: work all day,pick up parts (in ct remember) drive to upstate NY , during ice storm. K100 needed steering box. NO tarp, heat etc. there was a bridge overpass 100 ft away ; as per state official << you will not move that truck . the ice covered the tools within minutes of setting them down. no air tools. I stayed at motel after truck was done which wasn't that far from daylight. drive back to ct a snowplow was over in ditch . and you ask but why does your body hurt so bad all over,
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