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  1. top plunger works, i would squirt some air tool oil in the ports . new /old stock should be just as safe. shelf item not in open box subject to dirt and dust ?? . there's not alot in the valve ; o-rings/ plunger plates (flat rubber)
  2. another wild shot go on the internet ;possibly youtube will have some one removing same setup . at least you will have an idea what's involved. the wedge set up like most other things are great when they work. have taken a number of wedge set ups off and changed over to slack/cam set ups.wasn't my $$$$. most change-overs mean replacing axle/banjo .
  3. if you can't find the adjusting screw (inside the wheel), a cheater way is to disconnect the air lines, take a chisel loosen the lock ring holding the can to backing plate and unscrew the can assembly. the removal of the can and inner rollers may allow the shoes to retract enough to remove the drum
  4. just watched the video, he used a hammer for indicating, same as using a block of wood or spray can ;case someone is confused about me writing the text above with block of wood etc for straightening wheel. we have all talked about the install process ; no one mentioned the danger of taking the wedges off. once saw a person come close to injury kneeling in front of the tire after taking the nuts off and hitting the tire to loosen the wedges. never take the nuts completely off. loosen them then stand on the side and hit the rim with sledge hammer. wedges will fly with force if nuts aren't on to stop them.
  5. back in the day when these trucks were brand new with daytons, how many owners hand 1 inch impact guns! it was hand work off and on. budds were common on the west coast rigs very few east side.
  6. blackdog2 62 ton concrete I-beam; did you work for blakeslee prestress ? mid 70's blakeslee rented a fleet of DM 611's from new haven truck rental. huge single axles and tandems . had 4in spacers under the 100 ton turn table fifth wheels.
  7. another skill that has been forgotten. budd wheels easy. daytons take time to be done right. no way can a dayton be done with air gun only. 3/4drive ratchet and block of wood (or spray can works-it's high enough). criss-cross by hand the tightening sequence . have seen tire casing that were out of round also. on a good day have been able to get the daytons 1/8th true. using a tall spray can, the spinning tire will show how far out of true the wheel is. good hand tight then finally tightening with air gun.
  8. Mr. Buck Your in new milford , do you know Albert ; owns AJP milk haulers from roxbury. he's had macks for years. hopefully i'll see your mack riding around town soon .
  9. would have to assume the brakes are backed off ? ridge on drum not holding wheel on
  10. sounds like inner bearing is stuck. my suggestion : put the outer bearing back on with nut left loose. this allows you to either put a couple of 2x4's or small bottle jacks behind the hub to pry the wheel off. some times hammer taps do the same.
  11. changing over to all oil use to mean changing seal type. leather grease seals didn't do well holding back oil. todays world (i'm 70 old school); leather seals probably don't exist. LOL.
  12. had a beautiful red B-81 totally done over on back of a trailer go through main st watertown CT last week . couldn't read name on truck hauling it . i would guess it's another class A job coming from Matt P. anyone know who got it? i was driving opposite direction ; no pictures taken,
  13. i can see westbrook ct on door' can't read the company name. i worked waterbury mack '69-75.if that's an original ct must have come from bridgeport mack. doesn't look like a slider 5th wheel. i welded the date on all the sliders i installed between the driver side trunnion 5th wheel rail . (40-50 wheels installed). nice truck
  14. looking for canister style fuel filter number or updated crossover number for B-61 . someone put a "modified" carquest filter and quite the home made cork gasket. going to attempt a trip to local napa dealer today. challenge to day as most of you know; first question asked = whats it for , we need vin #. can't get the primer pump to bring fuel to injector pump. that's when the journey started with removing fuel filter housing ( which was ty rapped to frame) . seems the new fuel line from filter to pump was too long . housing was removed from holder and strapped to frame. not my truck; just helping friend. good ole B61SX had rough life and is spending it's remaining life on a farm ; LOL
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