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  1. back in the '80's few trips to Englishtown NJ truck drag races. a guy had an everyday running pete conventional.; took the fan off, air filters out, put eight tires casing on back(smooth less chance of blowing rears ), chain binders frame to rears (no hop ). he put the fuel to it and two pipes of pure smoke from exhaust. something like 84-86 mph in1/4 mile. LOL . not bad for every day road truck. he wrecked it in accident bought a double sleeper fancy truck later on.
  2. as a joke , it is funny to think about;; but in to days world have to be real careful saying that kind of stuff. being a Polish lad, heard Pollack jokes all my life. different world today.
  3. the B81 is and always will be the best. might be there, can't see the stack on the back of the Mack. second place goes to the B81's younger "brother" DM800.. LTSW is more in the way of an early show truck so the change-over bumper can stay ; LOL
  4. lucky you found someone that is interested in making them run again ; not someone who would make $100.00 at the scrap yard. regrettably I had an auction 2011 . 50-60 old walkbehind tractors and much more. I watched the "vultures" load up trucks and to the scrap yard they were heading. oldest was a 20's planet jr to the newest a 1949 standardtwin . the twin ran . a 1939 Viking tractor was on top of a load of steel used for fabrication. a lot can be packed in to a 30x50 work shop. Brockway had a beautiful looking truck. guyott oil in ct use to run a fleet back in the day hauling . 379/371 ??? don't remember model. neighbor used to drive one.
  5. nice ole truck. didn't know you had that.LOL thought you only did 1/32 I'm liking the house, woods seems to be great relaxing place to build 1/32 and the real ones. A+A+A+
  6. Like the DM800 , the autocar has that bold , all steel impressive look. nice truck
  7. I'd like the picture a lot more if it was the Mack trailering the A-car LOL I know the Mack is a show truck going on display
  8. sold both '49 EE dump and EF flatbed for all reasons above. saved them from scrap yard, I used the EF in hay field, EE plowed a lot of snow for me. time past , work and everything else made yrs go by. trucks sat too long I sold them .now when we moved from CT to TN then back again to CT this yr, I took my DM800 mixer, DM800 wrecker, DM600 dump and others just packed them in boxes and moved:: 1/25 scale models LOL and still they sit in boxes like they have since the late '70's . found a B-61 in Knoxville TN. owner said he's been trying to work on it; that was three yrs ago. tarp covering it is shredding and weather is hitting it.
  9. the good part of story is owner willing to sell. how may times interested person hears " nope not for sale, I'm gonna get it runnin", as the trees grow into the vehicle like in these pictures . many yrs ago rumor had it a mack jr was deep in the ct woods. (Roxbury) area. a big chain saw would be needed. and NO the owner would not sell it and DON'T get caught going in the woods to see it. I never did find it. east coast is rough on old iron in the woods. doesn't take long before they sink deeper into the ground and rust away.
  10. did you take off the SERVICE line on the other cans and release the brakes; with the wheels chocked of course. possibly another can is by-passing you can't hear. is the pedal itself working free and not oxidized to mount sticking partially on. with parts today , could be bad new valve. does it have a trolley valve that may be part way on ? did someone have lines off a can then put them on backwards ? these may sound like dumb questions, after xxxxxx yrs of 24/7 road calls ; you get to where you have to start basic with questions. 35min trip on road for liftgate not working --- power cord to trailer not plugged in. next call for same , I said to driver :" is power cord plugged in ?" ; reply - yes it is .... 40 min trip front of trailer power cord hanging . I said "thought you said cord is plugged in!!!!!! . he points to LIGHT cord and says that's it right. light cord green , 2 wire power cord black ... OK I'm paid by the hr, still have rest of fleet to maintain.
  11. years back , I ordered them from fleetpride (Connecticut driveshaft back then ) they helped a lot in keeping a fleet of ice cream trailer cleaner. but be ready for some swearing from tire changers :LOL. triaxles don't do a lot of winter running, snow not a major issue. the snow does a heck of build up during winter driving. they weren't cheap ; but safety for me was the biggest concern . rain over spray highway driving is reduced big time. course tire work on triaxle is simple ; just raise the body.
  12. no where in the conversation was it stated whether the valve was a constant leak or when brakes are applied. brake cans leaking internally maxi to service usually exhaust out the frame quick-release valve . being new to owning a '70's mack; hope you pay very close attention to the how's and proper way to change a brake can!!! I would doubt the cans are original. the old cans were able to have BOTH diaphrams changed. fortunately new cans are no longer able to disassemble maxi side..
  13. nothin' like makin a guy feel OLD !!LOL class of "69 here. had a bad ticker since 12 yrs old. open heart repair in 2015. point being my brother did nam, uncle was POW and purple heart recipient ; saw my uncles back one hot summer day;; looked like picture of the moon with all the craters. results of shrapnel explosion. he never talked about it. took a lot of pain and blood to get this freedom.
  14. these and many other pictures are what should be on the news channels ; not the crap they show . let the rioters see why they have the chance to do what they do. but then the ratings won't be that great. THANK YOU for these post. May God have mercy on the many POW'S and MIA'S
  15. not for nothing; reading all the technical ideas that are on track ., did anyone consider maybe the brand of oil being used isn't holding up . the pictures show a definite problem with foreign matter raising havoc with bearings etc; the oil itself may be breaking down ,,
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