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  1. you will find life a lot easier when you go to put the tumble back in door if the key is installed in tumbler. working the tumbler shaft and placing the lock in at the same time is a challenge. pair of needle nose or flat nose pliers work best for pushing flat locking clip. leave door handle and window crank on assembly door handle works great for leverage handle. assembly drops down in door to clear window , use inside door handle to push assembly up in place catch top two screws .
  2. did you start with simple process of elimination when fluid was changed ; meaning pull hyd lines off blow air through lines , make sure opposite end is in a pail or gallon jug ; see if inner lining has folded over and blocking line? or maybe some one crossed lines. have even seen dry grease/ dirt packed between spindle and axle make a difference. pressure wash … pull filter cover; remove filter: COVER with clean rag and start unit. should see oil flow fountain into canister. DON"T race engine at first oil will be all over . does it have single or dual steeringboxes ? how does it drive going down the road ???? tires wearing smooth ?? front end out of toe will make a difference. remember i'm not use to these "new" trucks LOL . throwing out ideas based on past experience
  3. how many people know the story behind O&G switching from Mack. the same year O&G bought the triaxles , Hi-Ho Daddario bought some. the mack calendar for coming yr had picture of Hi-Ho fleet in their pit. O&G "brass" saw the calendar and were highly upset. "can't put our trucks in there , we won't buy Macks anymore". I had that and many more mack calendars. when west haven mack bought Waterbury the stuff thrown out was unbelievable. I saved some of the brochures for the macks( gave them to Matt P.). Waterbury Mack had many high lights: first dealer to install B-C-R kits; pull b cabs off ; install R cabs, J C Pagono had a couple done. early '70's new haven truck rental : NHTR was changing over the fleet from B's, G's,H's to R- F - U models. over 200 trucks from 72-73. I had new truck prep division. Waterbury was given one of the first 866 experimental engines. came in a FL700 was given to scovill mfg to test. Waterbury was the dealership to "prove " factory wrong .. a MB firetruck was being delivered to town of Roxbury. all went well till someone said " where's the jake brake switch" . phone call later factory says: you cant put jake on that model. fire dept says we don't want truck.. junk the computers and do hands on. little modifications later truck drove out with jake . glider kits were big back then, Sorensen trucking in Bethany did one. as with Mr Moffo; Mr. Lou Lombard and his brother Nick (Lombard Bros, trucking ) were good friends. any one interested in the first R model sold R607T serial # 1001. sits in garage southbury ct. excellent condition. has had one frame off restoration. don't think it's for sale.factory tried to buy it back' Blakeslee prestress had some nice trucks from NHTR . 11/24 rubber ; 4-6 in spacers under HD fifth wheels , DM611sx & DM611 s tractors with quadbox. if we only knew then to take pictures or to save everything.
  4. just found this forum can almost be brought to tears. at 68 years of age , looking at the pictures and reading the notes endless memories came back. I worked at Mack truck in Waterbury.CT from march 1969 t0 june 1975. I am honored to know Mr Dom Moffo:: worked on his truck, Gasperri, O&G , and many others. talked with Dom jr this past summer. Dom sr is doing as well as could be expected at 90 +. even the pool water business is gone. I delivered many of O&G "s new triaxles. I brought in the first DMM quad chassis from Albany mack to CT as a demo. those are days gone . my grandson drives a fancy KW triaxle ; I tell him he has no idea of the fun behind the wheel of a B-81 or DM 800 with a quadbox. i'm glad to see so many people keeping this part of history alive. Thanks for the memories
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