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  1. Been trying to get the heater fan to work on something other than high. Thought it was the switch, no biggie. Problem is the connector is melted in the center. Mack recommended changing the wiring harness. Problem is, it goes into the dash and goes around some gizmo and I can't find where it goes from there. How do I change this thing out without tearing the entire truck apart? It's a 2004 Mack CX
  2. R model door locks

    I didn't know the lock had to come out first. I've driven tons of R models. Can't remember ever seeing the door apart. The window split right down the center and half fell into the door. It jammed in, so I had to get it apart with the window up. We did with out breaking any of the glass pieces. It broke the inside of the lock. No biggie, it had to be changed anyway. I don't have a key that opens it. I'm going to put the new glass in tomorrow. Figure I'll change the lock while the door is already apart.
  3. R model door locks

    I broke it taking the door apart. Have to replace the window too
  4. R model door locks

    The lock tumblers themselves.
  5. How do I change the door locks on my R model? I'll have the door apart to replace the window. Figure I may as well replace them while I'm at it. Thanks