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  1. MackDaddy85

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    Found A PAI inframe kit on Ebay for $2885. Mack Dealer by me charges $3750 for Inframe Kit and $1050 for Heads. Debating on if i should get the ebay Inframe or mack. I dont think the Ebay one comes with head gaskets
  2. MackDaddy85

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    Should I just get 2 Heads from Mack Dealer for $1250 a piece and get an In Frame Kit Dealer told me best bet is to get the Muzzleloader?? Just want to get my truck back on the road ASAP but the right way.
  3. MackDaddy85

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    correct engine is still misfiring. there was a leak in exhaust manifold so i replaced the gaskets but black smoke is still coming out and I have low power.
  4. MackDaddy85

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    There was a leak in the exhaust manifold so we changed the gasket but i still have that black smoke coming from the exhaust and I forgot to mention I have no compression in Cylinders 1 and 4
  5. MackDaddy85

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    I def learned from this never to let my tank go below 1/4 of maybe even half. Rookie mistake oh and also Ether and diesel engines are no good esp if you dont 100% know what you're doing.
  6. Hello all! I'm new to trucking just purchased an 04 Mack Vision with 427k on it for $6K. Long story short truck was sitting for a couple years but was well maintained. I put like $5k into it and it ran great. Leased on to a company and drove the truck for 2 months with no issues. Truck has 437k on it now and i'm almost sure I ruined the motor (E7 460). Picked up a load in upstate New York and on my way back I ran out of fuel (rookie mistake). I basically thought i had more fuel than I did, fuel gauge had a bad wire so i was resetting trip meter every fill up. Anyways ran out of fuel walked 2 miles down the highway got 5 gallons. Good samaritan gave me a ride back. Put the 5 gallons in and here is where i think the damage was done. After we put the fuel in I had the guy helping me shoot starter fluid in the air intake while i cranked it. After a couple of tries we got it to start and i thought all was well. Drove 50 miles and i begin to feel the truck losing power on top of that i see thick black smoke coming from the exhaust. I pulled over again bled all the lines of any air even changed the fuel filter with a new one but still no power and all this black smoke. I make it to my mechanic after 6 hours of driving and he tells me I may have burned the valve and need new heads. He recommends I replace heads and do total rebuild on the motor which is going to cost around $10K. Do I rebuild this truck or get a loan to finance another one. I really don't want any payments. Everything was going well until this idiotic mistake of mine cost me my truck. Was making decent money with company I leased on to was averaging $3k per week Mon-Fri home every night all local runs 200-300 miles/Day.
  7. Looking for a Mack CX613 Fuel tank for the driver side>
  8. MackDaddy85

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    This Engine has been rebuilt thats the only reason why Im considering purchasing it.
  9. MackDaddy85

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    How do I know which Engine I have?
  10. MackDaddy85

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    thanks for the reply. I will make sure there are no lights on or anything.
  11. MackDaddy85

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    No warning lights came on when we drove it. I do need 10 tires though so thats $3k right there. Doing local runs only though.
  12. MackDaddy85

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    Not worth the $6k?
  13. MackDaddy85

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    So should I move on even if the seller only wants $6k?
  14. Hello all, First post ever excited to get my Mack. I was referred to someone selling a 2004 Mack Vision CX613 for $6,000. A good friend of mine who is in the industry went with me to see and test drive the truck. Its been sitting for about a year but the test drive was very smooth and powerful I let my buddy drive since he's more experienced. It has 420,000 and my buddy recommended I change all 6 shocks and replace all 10 tires. Besides needing a good wash the brakes are still good and power steering hose was the only other thing I need to replace. Engine and Trans have been worked on not sure on exactly what though. For the price $6000 is this truck worth getting to start out doing local runs Hazmat/Tankers? VIN 1M1AE07Y74N017078 Thank you

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