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  1. Seems like someone just removed the missile at the last moment you provided the purchase. Hope you'll be able to manage all those gauges and other stuff sucessfully enough without that sure expensive option.
  2. Paul, Do you mean of applying silicone sealer before putting a layer of primer and paint being put onto? Or onto already painted surface? And which kind of silicone are you talking about? A common gasket sealer from a tube? I'm pretty sure there's plenty of sealers used to apply on body parts for example to seal weld seams etc. Or are those products should be ment as poliurethane, not silicone?
  3. Those headliner costs bark and bite. Good thing the headliner you put in the cab DOES LOOK expensive.
  4. As said above. For instance I don't have Instagram account and not going to set it up. On the other hand being true I'm not a serious buyer for a restored B-model at the moment
  5. Can't figure is that a sleeper cab? Looks long for a daycab but short for a sleeper? A half sleeper H?? Quite rusty indeed but an H-model is not a truck you see everyday. Sure if you don't have it by your shop
  6. Nice B! Hope you're able quite enough to keep the track on all your Mack projects Good luck on this one either!
  7. What is the base material of the headliner? Cardboard? Or original to the truck headliner? Looks great when on the cab.
  8. Vladislav


    That's even a DMM. Seems they had to remove RH running board to clear front tyre. Not easy to crawl to the passenger seat Thanks for sharing.
  9. To say great is to say nothing! The body is unbelivable! Now I just hope to get a chance to visit Macungie show one more time and see that beauty in person. Congrats on the perfect deal done!
  10. That's not DM bumper. That's optional heavy duty Superliner bumper. The one which was origially on the truck (red one) looked nostalgic. But I doubt it would look nice after the truck get fresh paint. What was impressed me the most is the condition of the frame rails. They seem as brand new and someone put scratches on them just to make used look Good luck on the project!
  11. Hello comrade,

    I wish a very happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!

    Hope the kids are doing fine and don't remember the hungry Russian who enjoyed the turkey and talked nonsence:)

    Have the great time!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving my American (and Canadian!) friends!
  13. That's just a reference picture, not parts for sale. If you need such part I think you better put an add in Parts Wanted thread of the forum.
  14. Thank you for taking the time. I went through the web once again and it seemed like the only bumper you can purchase at the time is Mack (made by Hendrickson) 5887-MM0611. Unfortunately I couldn't fine any picture of that particular style of the bumper so that's still a mystery. MM0613 looks good on pics and would work nice for a Superliner but the facility I requested a quote on answered NLA.
  15. Great looking trucks you have there down under! Thanks for sharing.
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