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  1. Vladislav

    1952 Mack LJT

    Look like 12.00-24 tubes to me. Nice and clean looking truck
  2. A cool looking R! Or a hot looking R, taking the color to account BTW don't remember ever seeing this one.
  3. Impressive amount of work. And the result looks excellent.
  4. Vladislav

    Some Truth or Consequences NM pictures

    I like that big station wagen. NM is New Mexico, right?
  5. Vladislav

    Elephant Butte NM

    That watertower looks walking in the field
  6. Vladislav

    Hood ornament for ?

    Sorry, I didn't think a dog doesn't have feet and hands.
  7. Vladislav

    Hood ornament for ?

    Are those two holes for the dog to put his footprings?
  8. To bran1har - if I were you I'd better look for a better cab. Or better to look for the best one you can find. If in CT try contacting Matt Pfahl in Bethlehem. I remember he had a good DM cab for sale. It was a couple years back though but he might still be having one. Or just another. Currently I do fixing on a R-model cab. Can tell you the parts you need and amount of labour involved would offset a cost of a good cab. Sure you would need to make the swap. But on the other hand if you want to fix what you have good it's easier, and important thing, much more of quality, to take it off the truck and lay on its back to work with the floor etc. Vlad
  9. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    She sure was sitting. Everything we post and talk on here is TRUE.
  10. Vladislav

    Hood ornament for ?

    Looks like a B-model to me. One thing I can tell it's not for a L. The latter has a ring at the top of the strip to go over the radiator filling neck.
  11. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    I like the part of the flag sitting on your laps. Ohh, and the country is still full of old Macks... Neat Chevy too.
  12. Vladislav

    Cool, Little Project

    From where I'm sitting it only surprizes me you could find them somewhere. And now I know whom to ask for if anyone would pay interest in the future.
  13. I doubt you're able to fit a Dayton drum onto a Budd hub weven with a spicer. Just ment Budd hubs were made with studs to center the wheel onto and later, starting from 1998 or so the wheel centers onto the hub, not alining by the studs. This is the style all new trucks use. And if you try looking for a new drum the most you see are for hub-piloting wheels. Those you can't use so look for the drum to install onto stud piloting "Budd" hub.
  14. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    Ok boys and girls. This is what took me busy for a really looooooong time. And with no worthy turn out in the end. End??...
  15. Sorry no part# in my inventory and it probably wouldn't help you much since those old parts are usually NLA. In your case I'd look for the drum ID and shoe's width. Than try locating a modern drum of those sizes keeping in mind it must be for a stud piloting / ball seat hub. The ones used with hub-piloting wheels have larger stud holes and wouldn't seat proper on your hubs. I had an idea to spice the hole sizes difference with small tubes made by lathe but have never done it. And not sure it's good.

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