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  1. Can't figure what happened to the top edge of the hood sides. Never saw that line with a corner in the middle. A couple of handle pics. Sorry they aren't a perfect stuff but seem usable.
  2. A difficult to pass by object.
  3. An original tandem A-model is an interesting unit. And fixing it up with factory flathead gasser would make it really rare. But I'm with you on more special appearance of a H in relation to.
  4. Ok, got it. Just thought the prime mover was yours. And the small one also by the matching colors.
  5. Wow! Didn't know you had that old A-car in the middle. Nice collection and thank you for the tour
  6. That trip I covered nearly 40 kilometers of that dirt road. It took me one and a half hour plus a 10 minutes relaxing stop. Rears were inflated to 4 bar/59psi and the truck was really shaky. Fronts were 6bar/88psi. Having that pressure I noted rear tyre's shoulder areas didn't touch pavement when you're on a highway keeping dust on. After home I deflated rears to the pointed above 2.5 bar/37 psi and felt much better with tyres making contact by full width. Was going to drop off more down to 2 bar/ 30 psi but just didn't do that. Cars drive with 2 bars in tyres but car's rim has humps for better sidewall lock and truck whells don't.
  7. Almost the same with me. No TV antenna/cable and news only from the net being patiently readed to filter off BS and hidden advertizement.
  8. Good question. I'm in the line to hear the answer.
  9. They look really nice on period correct trucks.
  10. What was the last year of production of Valueliners in Australia? And btw were there NZ made Valueliners?
  11. Ha-ha-ha I posted this below pic a few years ago when asked a question on the same matter. Dropped the pressure down to 2,5 bar in the rears (don't remember how many psi) and got much happier. But the wheels were 11R24.5 tubeless.
  12. You can use hub piloted wheels on old studs if machine the holes. Otherwise (and the correct way) is to install newre style hubs for newer hub piloted wheels. On the pic of the rear hub you can see wheel nuts for the old style wheels. But seems not easy to find such ones in the design of the front ones on the truck. So I expected some mod.
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