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  1. There's a prolongation of the steering column - a part that goes further to the firewall. It is attached to the firewall with nuts you can see from under the hood, actually the hood support brace attaching nuts, and also a pair of bolts which hold the column under the dash. I removed those attachment points and took the complete steering column off the cab. Than it's pretty easy to get access to the four bolts you was wondering about.
  2. The turn light switch, trolley valve assembly, shifter lever knob and the steering wheel are definitely original and almost typical to Mack. Same for all the dash panels. The parking brake control to the left of the driver seat cushion is the most probably an aftermarket conversion.
  3. The dash looks mostly original excepting the instruments. Those are usually seen of a different style. But of the same size excepting the speedo. One thing is for sure such dash is not typical to everything sold in USA, Canada or Europe. And to my mind Australia too. Not ready to tell about NZ. So the instruments could be possibly swapped during the service years or installed by the NZ assembly plant if they used such ones (I doubt on that though). So seems like a matter for further investigation keeping the focus of attention to NZ produced Macks. Or the instruments could be (easily?) swapped
  4. Seems like a few hundred trucks all over Europe which are branded Mack. Not many still in use but plenty of collection items. I might be wrong since I haven't roamed all European countries but about a half of.
  5. This is a freshly restored (but original) Overdorp F-model which wore different colors during a bunch of years in the past. And its previous owner is a known to the comunity person, owns Liberty series RW now.
  6. Wonder did that thing run when parked ?... If the cab is in a reasonable condition the seller would have chances to add four and a half hundred to the content of his wallet.
  7. Great to see the progress! And would be also cool to see the painted chassis soon
  8. Checked out Ciat.com and found no truck tyres to fit 22 or 24 inch tube type rims. So seems like those are discontinued now.
  9. P.S. As it was correctly pointed in the other thread some 12.00R24 tyres are currently offered as 325/95R24.
  10. You can install 12.00R24 in place of your 11.00-24 as I did and the size increas would be sufficient but not crytical. Also you would get a bit higher road speed at the same RPMs. The tallest tubeless tyre you can fit using Budd wheels is 12R24.5.
  11. Chinese tyres seem quite good, plenty of people use them overhere. I even tried a fortune and bought a pair for fronts on my car, 245/45R18 with 240km/h speed index. So far so good. But those tube ones for a truck are only known as 12.00R24 not 11.00 to me.
  12. Hope you guys will have a nice time at the show. Almost not able to attend being not allowed to leave one country and enter the other.
  13. The bench looks great! And as long as you get the Mack into the shop you will find out a different feeling of owning it. Any action or work to it could be done at any time. Without bothering of having it or parts exposed to rain or snow of worrying of someone relocate a part or tool you rest interrupting a job.
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