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  1. Don't you have the front engine mount attached onto the front cover cranck seal extension? My Lanova doesn't allow to install the mounting brace when the pulley is on.
  2. Really interesting to see. And those "custom built" or hand built cabs are surprize to me. Probably make sence with low production and expensive equipped units. Many thanks for sharing that bra.
  3. Could be a different port connection scheme or just a piston stuck in the replacement valve during the storage time. I'd start from studying the truck's air diargam to figure the way the lines should be connected to the valve. The most valves of the period are typical and too possibly could be swapped maybe reconnecting or blocking some of the ports.
  4. Neat B-model. And I like all those monitors put on the table. In fact this matter is a bit deeper than it could appear. Not only he-animals mark their territory. She-animals do it either in some cases. Thanks for the pictures. Like to see activities you share.
  5. Sure no blame to anyone, just a point of view.
  6. You don't if you are a ostrich.
  7. Best B-day wishes!
  8. Are you sure your AIR tank is 24" round? That's a typical size of a FUEL tank OD.
  9. This makes sence to me. If real life applys jails I see no reason sites can't do such either.
  10. I sure do agree with this. Just hope for maximum possible moderator's correctness.
  11. But looking the pictures it seemed to me that cab was not brand new but freshened up or rebuild. Weld seam along the rear edge of the floor panel looks like rust goes from there.
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