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  1. It's written overthere " It’s a W-71. Somewhat rare, certainly rare here on the island. This one came off a farm, has the extended cab for sleeper. Cab interior pretty rough but restorable. " Croatia is definitely not an Island, it's on the mainland. If you look over the 2nd picture you can see Freigtliner parked to the left of Mack. If you zoom you can read "comoxpacific.com" on its right door. And if you go to that website you will find that's a ferry company serving Vancouver island. https://www.comoxpacific.com/ Pretty interesting anyway.
  2. I think of 7 or 8 examples known existing 5 or 6 have integral sleepers.
  3. Wow! I double that. Best B-day wishes!
  4. I'm for an H. Sure any conventional basically has more attractive shape than a cabover but H-models stay apart from the most of commonly looking trucks. I think you could figure on building additional front end off an L-model you could attach to your H to make it differents at times you want
  5. Can you protect your lungs by some quite efficient way? Looks nasty on my screen. We had smoke in the city for a month or two about 10 years ago because of swamps burning in 150 km. But dust seems as a different matter. Hope you can stay safe with what happens.
  6. I would guess LJ. Could also be LF. Difficult to judge weight raiting by the look. LF's usually had smaller wheels of 20" but that was not a rure and the particular wheels were not installed at the factory also. Both sleeper cab and "hard nose" were factory options. It has longer hood and being accompanied by Diesel badges I would expect to find Cummins under the hood. Nice looking and rarely set up unit no doubt.
  7. My guess is you're talking about this one. The photo was taken at Trucktoberfest as I remember but by someone else.
  8. Looks like the video is showed faster than it was filmed, you can see a car running down the street 3-4 times quicker than it would usually do. But doesn't seem as fun anyway.
  9. Ufff, never even thought about that. Thanks for pointing out.
  10. Thank you Kevin. My final solution was to not install them on the truck since 1st it came off the assembly line without them and 2nd it would be one (even 2) extra parts to care about. So hood is done without them. I just had to tinker with SS plates since they were originally of that style to suite the sorrounds.
  11. Looks well cared. Sure there must be steel dash in it.
  12. Update on the suggestions. The cab looks much more of a commercial L-model cab installed onto NM chassis. Front lower corner has a cutout for front fender as the most L's have but original NM cab has that spot boxed because of its special fender shape. Also the only part in green is the cab. Front sheet metal painted the same faded red as all the rest of the truck. So the most probably the cab was changed later and too possibly the truck went off the assembly line with a later series military open cab.
  13. I have some feelings that Canadian factory way of arranging truck's setup could be involved. All my R's or even better to say all 5 SGT trucks imported to Russia were assembled in Oakville. And they didn't have plastic surrounds being 1988 year made. I might be wrong but it seems to me the most Macungie R's were equipped with those extra framings.
  14. Just please PM me via the forum if you get a new catalog and I will reply with my address.
  15. All those are relatively close to each other if looking from your neighbourhood. And the same way to arrange shipping and too probably the same cost (which is sure would be on my side to cover). The offer is very appreciated.In fact having no Mack parts list accessible I'm almost blind when figuring a correct part.
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