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  1. Hope he's doing fine and would take a minute in his tight multy-priority shedule to sign up and say hello.
  2. Bolts were overtorqued when the rod was installed and broke down at a certain time. Or opposit situation they were loose and got gone. After either of the scenario the axle got ability to spin over its mounting bushings by acceleration or brake torque. The rod hit the crossmember and got the shape you see. U-joints kept its company by the same reason. Of possible traces to proof my suggestion I would look over the crossmember surface for punch marks or scratches made by the rod since it too probably made multiple hits. Also I expect one of the bolt holes worn to one side since two bolts w
  3. The right pic is awesome! Say hello to Zina. There's also idea. Couldn't you ocassionally take the red KW for a weekend drive? It would be a bit of fun and memories and also the way to update the girl in a car photo collection. I remember about your B-model mixer sometimes.
  4. I would temporary install electric fuel pump into the fuel supply line or even attach a hose with such a pump and sunk into a jerrycan. Straight jumpering electric terminals takes all air and so from the primary circuit in less than half a minute. Than I would crank with the pump still on. If it's a matter of fuel supply or air the engine would start quite soon. If not your way is to investigate assembly mistakes. Such as injection timing, cam shaft timing, valves adjustment etc.
  5. Congrats on the well deserved life turn! Hope you will enjoy spending time either in Virginia or Florida. I'm pretty sure you would like to do plenty of things aside of chaining steel rolls and tarping dumpsters. And as the guys mentioned above we all hope for your camera to be kept well greased, cleaned and operational.
  6. Are those thanks specially made for fertillizer? Liquid?
  7. Great stuff! Probably would fit my dash too. But since my truck was military Mack used metal as less flameable material. This way I'm going to reproduce this.
  8. A DM hood would not fit a DMM for sure.
  9. Cool trucks, thanks for sharing. The color of that superdog is my favorite for the model.
  10. Congrats on one more big step done! As Bob said it was a pleasure to follow your progress and thanks for taking time to share it. Those who make restorations or other big projects know you need bunch of time doing work and arranging solutions on every questional step but also extra time to make good photos and typing descriptions if you post the job.
  11. And speaking about yellow one considering it was seen in Petersburg VA region I would suppose it was Keystone Truck and Tractor Museum example.
  12. Once i investigated leftovers of the original glow box the housing was metal and the lining was canvas. Probably the same material as was used for seat cushions.
  13. I belive Hendrickson made them but doubt they're still avalible. Hendrickson was an OEM supplier for original Mack bumpers so quality would be right. Personally I have no ideas where to pick one up excepting ebay. They show up there from time to time. Also keep in mind there were two very similar styles of R-model bumper before and after 1979 (or so). The difference was in the mounting holes pattern since different front spring brackets were used. I don't know which one would correctly fit a U-model probably the early one and the most options I saw avalible (in chrome) were for the later serie
  14. Those on white plasic were a real treasure with no chances to find just a couple years back. Since that good guys at Watt's Mack custom ordered a portion of them somewhere and currently they're avalible through their web-site. Cost is pretty reasonable either. I purchased a pair myself. I don't know if they're avalible on a limited basis or not but there were not many options on Mack mud flaps during the recent years. Another worth for concideration option is black heavy rubber flaps also from Watt's store. They aren't colorful just white print on black background. But they're correct style wi
  15. Is your truck a single axle or a tandem? Tandem B's utilized (in the most cases) the same style carriers as later models did such as CRD92 and CRD93. So plenty of different ratio diffs could be swapped in. Sorry no help with single axles.
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