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  1. Vladislav

    OVNT signage is on.

    Looks excellent
  2. Wow! When did you spot it on the grass? I remember seeing that truck loaded on a trailer only.
  3. Vladislav

    Lucky Me

    Yes, you never know where water will leak tomorrow... Good thing when things turn out good.
  4. Vladislav

    What model Mack is this?

    Difficult to judge between International and Freightliner. The wind screen style looks like Freightliner to me but the hood is more of IH.
  5. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    Googled "gout". Sounded way off from being a nice thing. Too hope and wish that disaster will go away soon. At least you should bring your water balance in norm but doctor's advice seems as a thing to start with. As I remember you should not drink alcohol in such cases no matter beer feels like too helping to slick a thrist. After Macungie I made a trip to the South passing Delavare and ending up in Virginia. Found it really hot for a couple of days there. The gauge in the car showed 97-99 F and it was not easy to stay for a while outside. The AC did its job well but I wouldn't be eager to do some work outside in such conditions. The biggest impression was a hard rain of half an hour after which I found a drop for a couple degrees only. Had never found myself in such conditions with water falling all over you and 97 F at the same time.
  6. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    Wow! Neat boo.. Bee Tom, how are you doing? I found myself too busy after getting home. So not much activity on here yet. Thanks for the hot stuff. The bottle survived the flight and customs Ok. And the taste was quite in order either when checked
  7. Vladislav

    Did you know this ?

    I was learned on the same matter that when you passed your enemy on a path you keep him to the left being secured with a shield. Now seems suggestion is ancient Britts used to meet a walker already with a sword.
  8. Vladislav

    mud flaps

    Watts offers white flaps with multy-color classic Mack logo (very nice of its look) but they aren't rubber, more as hard plastic. OEM white ones also avalible from Mack with black logo of the same pattern at the left and right flap. Those are plastic too. But work fine being put on my R-model.
  9. Vladislav

    Latest progress

    It's definitely getting into the shape. looks very promising. Wish you enough of power and good weather to end the story up soon.
  10. Have a Great Day! Gentlemen! Also the date is easy to remember.
  11. Vladislav

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th of July America!
  12. Vladislav

    40+ yrs of Mack trucks & parts (Used & NOS)

    I might be interested in the blue one in the middle of the line if it has double cut outs and in a good shape.
  13. JT, on my mind you better start with at least running truck. As I mentioned above you will discover many unexpected surprises when start owning it. So having some "basic point" on the subject it would be more easy to continue. Might be worth making a try to offer the seller some extra cash for bring the truck to nearly road ready condition.
  14. The weight of such LJ single axle should be about 8 metric ton.
  15. If the L has a right price tag on it you may get it. I would expect you to get back something like $2-2.5K if selling. But for the reasons and possibilities you have I'd advice to find something in a range of 10K roadworthy. You will find something to fix in a truck or car of any condition if own it fot some while. During the years on here I saw many quite attractive offers in a range lf 8-12K. And you wouldn't get a truck in such condition for that cost. Sure you pay longer if that's your project and make decitions and choices. But finally it turns out triple more. And very good if it's ever finished.

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