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Community Answers

  1. Bad thing I'm far away. I would gladly purchase the original chassis to make a truck I want some day. Seems the soft skin parts are easier to come by than an unbutchered tandem B-model chassis. BTW why don't you want to just swap in the E6 into the existing truck? Would be about the straight fit. And the main issue I expect is that spoken intercooler. Neway airride can be installed on the existing rails by removing Camelback stand and putting Neway brackets onto together with equalizer beams and Mack axles. And you can do it later as a separate step.
  2. Congrats! Very promising condition and definitely one of my favorite models.
  3. Thanks for the link. Looks like a very interesting place indeed.
  4. Yup, as said above. We keep fingers crossed for you to complete the steal deal.
  5. Matt, that Triplex definitely looks good suiting its place in the chassis. But... Are you really going to fit the engine TO the tranny? With that two disc clutch setup I would expect some dancing around along the deal.
  6. To my current understanding the matter is avoidance to confess self disability. You have a truck, parked in a field and keep hopes "to fix it one day'. Days are passing by and nothing is done. We all familiar with that scenario. Than at a certain time we finally figure we will never fix the truck. And start trying to let it go. In many cases it's too late. In some cases it's already a widow's or kid's business. On the other hand the truck is our toy. And we do what ever we want to do with it.
  7. Definitely by re-setting the governor
  8. Big Rig Chrome Shop has vast variety of both chromed and SS hub caps. There are sizes and truck models mentioned in the descriptions (not for everything) but you should keep attention and double check the particular item type. Maybe even reasonable to order one cap and if it fits your hub order the rest. The costs are reasonable on my mind and the quality is fine.
  9. Brocky, thank you for the leads up. It just didn't happen to me to hear about that place before. Not too close to NYC area looking at the map but would be interesting to visit according to your description. Bad thing with all those Covid limitations and Russia/US diplomatic wars I'm not sure I will be able to travel overseas once again soon. And from seeing the things as they are at the moment I'm even not sure I will be able ever. Nobody knows but I sure hope for the best.
  10. I may be wrong but I think it was the time when Volvo switched to use MP engines and Volvo chassis. Actually a different truck with Mack cab. So a reason became to change the model index also.
  11. For example here: https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/42108-different-superliner-hood/?tab=comments#comment-306688
  12. Mack Australia used R-model cab along with R700 chassis to build Superliners. We discussed this subject a few times on here.
  13. Interesting piece of history. And I don't remember showing it up anywhere on the net. Freshely restored unit? Also I wonder what's interesting to see in that museum aside of it?
  14. Interesting bit of the Mack history.
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