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  1. Vladislav

    1940 MR  Chassis

    I expected more likes to the initial image. Since many of our members better like naked (Winfall) photos.
  2. Vladislav


    ...And all those are 1:25 not 1:24. In 24th scale the most used option is Italery Mack Superliner (sold as a no-brand vehicle). It has many wrong parts but is a popular model anyway. As of reference pics the best way is to attend this web site for a long time and on a constant basis. R-model Mack had many different options on axles, rear suspension, engine, transmission, hood and even the cab. So you wouldn't build a good model using just a couple of ocassion pics. Look over the wiki section of the forum to find a list of different R-models. Look over the types of engines installed and years of production. Than figure out to which particular model your initial kit is most close. After that start looking through old threads for images. Than having a basic understanding try putting a request thread with more particular questions. For example I have 1988 R688ST. But my front end has taper leaf front springs (3 leaves at each side). AMT R-model has multy-leaf front springs. And say RS chassis would have almost different setup. I even don't know do RS600 and RS700 differ
  3. From what I see at the picture the right truck's bumper is off DM or Granite. Sitting in my chair I would go to evil bay and put "Mack bumper" in the search field. Plenty of offers show up and many have model description. Some of them used to be wroong as we all know. But I'd go that way to start basic reference.
  4. Wow! And I was just going to sleep... Now I need a set of such tracks!!! Ok, I will try to remove a set from a dozer tomorrow.... Or they are too narrow... And plenty of snow all over to work outside... Nevermind.
  5. Vladislav


    Congrats on the build done! Seems like almost in time before the white stuff layed down over. Non is the time to fill up. I would advice to no hurry during that.
  6. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    Cool pics Tom, nice to see, thanks. Before opening this thread I thought I was the only member on here who had snow all around. And now I see I'm not alone. Good or bad but I'm home. The trucks in Keystone Museum got some movements since I visited it this past June. Looks like a good sign for old pieces of history. And those Winfall pics are awesome!
  7. Seeing the 1st pictudes I was going to type Wow! But scrowling lower I got to WOW!! with no doubt. Nice clean job. The way it should be done on my mind. Wish speedy recovery to your account. The result is going to pay back the efforts, and looks it's getting its way quite fast.
  8. Vladislav

    Ocassionally in the States

  9. Vladislav

    cab mounts

    Ok, got it. Ok, got it. Just figuring out along a style of Russian slang I expected some meaning of a kind of a crack in some painful area.
  10. Vladislav

    Ocassionally in the States

    Tom, glad to see you and Zina were doing fine. On that last picture she looks quite excited. Wonder it was due to some (good) beer or another matter Oh, and that's not my business, for sure
  11. Vladislav

    Ocassionally in the States

    I see nobody wasted time on the Thanksgiving day. Keystone is a really great place to look at the trucks and tractors. Unfortunately when I was there this past June our fellow member who worked there was off providing other museum's deals. So I had no ocassion enjoying his tour guidance but he offered his service if I ever show up once again.
  12. Vladislav

    cab mounts

    Paul mate, sorry for my honest interest, which spot did you mean of having a crack??
  13. Vladislav

    Wanted R model hood part

    I think the same part used on later series RD square nose hood is quite close of its shape. Might be a bit longer. Worth checking out somebody's RD on that matter. The later part is more probably avalible through Mack.
  14. Vladislav

    R Model hood roller and plate

    I would buy a piece of U-channel or a square steel pipe and fabrikate a temporary part until some ruined R-model hood shows up. Sometimes they do. Of the places I'd check out on such stuff Sparr Mack in FL and Global Truck Traders in VT float up in my mind. Both could be found on the net.
  15. Vladislav

    R Model hood roller and plate

    The "drivers side hood" setup should be on both hood attachment spots.

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