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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a Great one!
  2. Cool truck! For the decals try contacting Mack boy on here. He's Dutch guy, owns Liberty RW with high top sleeper. As I remember from talks on here he made those decals and could help. If no luck finding him on the forum PM me. Vlad
  3. Happy Birthday Vinny

    Happy Birthday Vinster !
  4. Here on my side of the pond Fram filters were always good for the last 20 years at least. As I remember the company location was Italy and those for sale here were made there. I can't say I installed a hundered or two of them, actually much less. But had no troubles with, no worries about and didn't heard from others anything bad too.
  5. If the memory serves they made only 75 of 100 because of fire at the factory which ruined the rest 25. And the number they're going to issue now is to cover that niche only. I always liked D-types but way far from starting to figure out possibilities to harvest a pair of millions for that cat.
  6. B-81

    Didn't your friend mean he had hopes on you to provide one more frame stratch?
  7. I was told by the previous owner of my R that some wimmins of that sort could find their way almost up to the top of the hood. And without that additional step
  8. More stupidity

    I wouldn't agree on peacocks are nasty attackers or cry extremely loud. They sure do but many animals do sounds too. Taking a peacock to a plane seems just as common stupidity. People do like doing things they'd like to but everything have some reasonable limits. And if you're so ultimate in your disires just buy your own plane and carry whatever you want.
  9. With that bumper and the hubs it looks like RD to me. Nice looking "honey" tanker.
  10. Nice picture to see. And it reminds me how an R-model used to look at road pics made in Russia. An old rig near newer style ones and dirty being covered with salt from snowy roads.
  11. LTL9000

    That's one cool looking Ford.
  12. Pictures of the Week

    Oh, your right. Nobody will ever forget these green hubs! I like the way the truck looks with them. But I'd never do that to any of mines
  13. 3 speed Tandem

    Difficult to imagine the things would go another way with that setup. But the fact that someone resolved to offer such solution to the market seems interesting. I always enjoy finding examples of extraordinar engeunity.
  14. Pictures of the Week

    Yes, the score on MH's hit records. Nice looking B should be there if picture it seeing the back only. Didn't you know about the B in Gladys before? I'm pretty sure every Winfall woman talks about every B models in the neighbourhood day and night.
  15. New tractor

    I like the fender mirrors on Anthem. But that's mostly the only thing I like in it Bob, congrats on the purchase! Many more thousand miles with it.