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  1. Kscarbel, thank you for sharing on here muliple lots of info on the Syrian problem. It sure takes time to read but sometimes we should do it to form up our own point of view since Syrian problem is much wider than to be concerned Syria only. I can't get as a truth for now the way chemical wearpons were applied by Assad as Western sources said or by another way as Russian officials state. The cost of Tomahawk's seems colossus but that is a subject which doesn't seem the most important at the moment. Taking all the details off-side the events of the last days look too much as a play with fire.
  2. Oh guys, that's pretty nice to be reading your comments! Mike, your right, my mother tought me many important things to do. But you know sometimes you better do "tsss..!" when going to make a deal done. Winfall whipping crew?? That's exactly the kind of "tsss" deal. Better PM me Paul and Paul - you were the closest to the truth with your suggestions. I was mostly busy with my projects indeed. To my displeasure I recently found out I have to spend some time to work for money either. That sucks No drum is kept this time and no chassis too. Just a bogie with broken spring packs. The owner installed all the rears off MAZ-truck being upset fixing original ruined Camelback. Not a way I'd like to go but the swap looked done relatively smooth. At least the truck runs.
  3. ...And saw a DM mixer truck. Sure not a rare beast but one of Macks in Russia the number of which you can easily count with fingers of two your hands. Made a 450 km trip to pick up some parts the owner had. Had been damn busy for some last weeks, also had to install Mozilla on the 'puter since my old trusty Chrome couldn't access BMT anymore. The rest is good, hope the same on here Vlad
  4. MEK

    Paul, what is the reason to apply gel coat onto ready body? Is it to make some additional protection which paint doesn't do ? Currently I have the R-model hood in the paint shop and the guy (my friend) is going to cover all the thing with epoxy primer for that reason. Plenty of area was ground and sanded off for crack repairs so 1/3 of the gel is gone. Just want to know how it would be reasonable.
  5. I use Chrome so far. And had no troubles with it. One thing that seems bothering me is I still have Windows XP. And it works very good to my big pleasure, and does it from the very moment I bought the computer, no less that 5 years back. A couple (or much more?) months ago Chome started show notification of it will never update in the future because the end of supporting XP. Every time I read it I thought to myself of how nice that thing is. The system works and no f**king body will make a mess with my digital stuff bringing those terroristic updates. An old iron never dies. But looks like the end of my happy life is coming. Will try to download Firefox.
  6. Uuppps! Can't get to the site with my home 'puter which runs Chrome. The notification tells it's a trouble of security since SSL are different. Or something like that. Would like to learn of what to do. Could get access with my phone this time but it doesn't feel nice. Something like to try scratching carbon from END pistons using say a needle
  7. There might be a ground wire issue. Current can't go to the ground and finds its way through another light bulb.
  8. I saw early Tatra rear engine car, a couple of worthy Jags, De Lorean, German Borgward Isabella coupe and if I'm not wrong a later French Panchard. http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/0160.JPG&detail=205&pageno=1 http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/0223.JPG&detail=205&pageno=2 http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/057.JPG&detail=205&pageno=3 http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/0285.JPG&detail=205&pageno=3 http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/0176.JPG&detail=205&pageno=1 http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/0157.JPG&detail=205&pageno=1 http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details2.php?photosel=auction_images/205/fullsize/0173.JPG&detail=205&pageno=1
  9. Seems like a party with partying down the governor is coming.
  10. A truck with no trailer is an odd thing in Europe. The most of trucks you can see on a highway are van semi's. Or lowboys with heavy equipment sometimes. Probably a different way to explore and run over trailers. European roads are mostly tight on traffic and trucking shedule. So minimum empty loads. Here are some pics I spotted on my way in Sweden some years back.
  11. Pretty sad. And as I figured out of the reports the previous such accident took place in January 2016. Just a year before. The driver survived that time.
  12. Interesting that there's a lot of European cars. Some of them are count as rare on this side of the ocean.
  13. Hope you got about of what you was planning to get for her. And too hope the new dog house is a good enough for the retired dog.
  14. Nice old picture and too interesting trailer setup also. Got a thought on a side note. Were there any B 73/75 with the integral sleeper cab produced? I mean big radiator ones. Can't remember spotting a picture of.
  15. That's one cool looking Cruiseliner! Hope you will find a new home for it soon.