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  1. Looks like a very good quality color photos for 1961. And sure nice scenaries with that old machine. Thanks for digging them out
  2. It was an act of modifying and as the memory serves it was shared on here in the past.
  3. Wow! That's one almost new fact to me. Have never seen a F-model with that shape of the rails. Any pics?
  4. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. Also enjoyed reading the story by the link.
  5. Nice old picture. And cool to see the truck is still in the perfect shape. What are the fuel tanks? An aftermarket convertion? Is the LH one for hydraulic supply?
  6. Best B-day wishes Tom! Smooth travels and keep well and healthy. Hope Zina pleases you and both you have a nice time.
  7. My trouble was they got spinning after I broke screws in them (which were SS in common steel inserts). So drilling or other remove anyway.
  8. Currently we have about 6000 cases in the country with nearly of 4000 of them in the capital. About 50 people died. Starting from nearly 15th of March news were announced to keep distancing and 2 week quarantine for those who was coming home from China, Italy, Iran, Germany, France etc. Many people started working from homes about the same time. Starting from the end of March a non-working week was announces with staying home quarantine starting from Monday. To the moment a week is gone and it's prolonged up to the end of April. All the borders were closed the same time and international flights cancelled. The quarantine is not really strictly so far. It's declared that everybody must stay home being only allowed to go for food to a nearest store, to apotek of to walk a pet for no longer than 100 meters from home. On practice all that is limitations of the constitution rights so people try doing their business too. What turns out difficult since all shops and other commercial and social facilities are closed excepting grocery stores, apteks and gas stations. The most citizens prefer staying home just for reasons of safety. That's why not really huge figures so far. But too possibly they will get change in the nearest future.
  9. No, don't mention it. In fact I would be easily satisfied with a Superliner hood
  10. What really surprized me in a C-model it was built on a pair of R-model frame rails. And if we take to account C was introduced earlier it means Mack designed that frame for C and further kept in production up to 2004 year. Co0ngrats on the great purchase! Too like to specifications.
  11. You're welcome! Hope that's sufficient. Sure that wasn't my personal action but I wouldn't disagree if asked.
  12. Wow! Nice box! I would gladly purchase it if any options on the delivery are avalible
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