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  1. Thank you for telling that. On the other hand being at my age I started thinking there's something in a man's nature of that kind, just multiplied to the scale of milions people leading.
  2. I saw at least one LT or LTL with Hall-Scott at Macungie but don't remember seeing any with 707. So far an LT is out of my field of interest since my goal is all Mack. But those trucks look so beautiful so I would like to fill the niche. On the 3rd hand if I even get the interest it will too probably stay just a theory regarding to LT costs
  3. As long as I know GPS ones don't work in tunnels. A friend of mine bought some setup and could connect to his stock electric speedo gauge in a car but got that tunnel issue.
  4. I'm not in a hurry so far since the truck is completely stripped down and I'm going to get the engine and the front axle redone. The rears and the most of soft skins are ready but all separate. As current option I have a second truck which is a sister to the one I took all the components off for the restoration. But it runs so far and I don't want to part it out at the time. Taking a complete truck apart is also a bunch of job which cost some money I would have to pay at least to my helpers. And the rails there aren't perfect too. Another issue the truck has relatively long WB of 220" since it has a sleeper. And there's additional trouble/ I need the chassis with no VIN stamping since my truck doesn't have it and it marked in the paperwork. If I use stamped rail and grind if off that could be a big trouble even jail in theory. All in all I would eager to pay something like a couple of grands for a pair of suitable rails taking to account it would cost nearly 1K to ship them to my place from New Jersey. But said above I doubt it would be an easy to do deal.
  5. Yes, just the other day I got to some on-line auction and there was an ad with cabs and other parts taken from such Aussie military RM. So that one must be lucky, even painted pink.
  6. Were there any LT's with Mack gasoline engine ever appeared on a scene? I think some of them leaved the factory at some time but I doubt I ever saw one or it was discussed on here.
  7. looks like the camera is doing well. Nice pictures, especially the crocodiles in a car.
  8. Wonder did they put that bus body on the truck chassis or just attached the hood? I lean toward the latter option.
  9. If it was a mixer it could be DM. Very similar schemes they had with only difference of the offset cab.
  10. Of what I met as an issue with PG Adams rails is the bend radius at the corners was larger than I have on my R600 single frame rails. Taja was very friendly indeed about communication and help but said they could't make those corners any sharper. So I'm in search for solution so far. Didn't like the idea of welding straight sections at all. It's a single frame and i hate any inserts to be installed or fit double rails since I want to keep all original. Started looking for ordering straight sections but that soft band would't fit perfect with my front showing the seam. And additionally to cut in the frame itself my country's regulations don't allow frame modifications. So I would loose the truck's registration if someone make a frame check.
  11. PG Adams seems as the way to go. DM (and RD and many other) frame rails have different heigth than an R.
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