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  1. The weight of such LJ single axle should be about 8 metric ton.
  2. If the L has a right price tag on it you may get it. I would expect you to get back something like $2-2.5K if selling. But for the reasons and possibilities you have I'd advice to find something in a range of 10K roadworthy. You will find something to fix in a truck or car of any condition if own it fot some while. During the years on here I saw many quite attractive offers in a range lf 8-12K. And you wouldn't get a truck in such condition for that cost. Sure you pay longer if that's your project and make decitions and choices. But finally it turns out triple more. And very good if it's ever finished.
  3. JT, saying honestly it's not your cup of tea as it seems to me. Especially after you described me your typical week shedule. The engine in that truck is gasser, probably EN510 or so. It's not a diesel so a carb rebuld is on your way no questions. First thing to check on it is try to turn the crank over. Could be stuck what would be meaning the end of the deal. Fixing the cab would take as much amount of cash or job as fixing a small car body in same condition. Sure you might try put it on the road just the way it looks now. But fixing the winds, wipers, door locks and too possibly the seats and wiring under the dash wouldn't be avoided. Sure everything is possible, the engine compartment would take END673 or even a 237 as a direct swap. But all in all that thing would be 2-3 years long story doing it yourself (or more probaly 4-5 y.l.) or something like 35-150K resto job if outsorsed. I'm not too familiar with costs of resto jobs in your part of the world. But judge over the amount of work seen. One thing is almost clean - that project wohld be 10-15 times more worthy than fixing your former toy made by GMC. Anyway neat looking truck and I would be likely to grab it for something like $2K if could afford the shipping.
  4. Vladislav

    Among the coolest things I ever did...........

    Rene's nick name on here is Mack boy or Mackboy. Leon's one is Mack4ever for sure. At all there were at least 6 people from the Netherlands this time including one lady. And there were persons from Australia either.
  5. Vladislav

    Among the coolest things I ever did...........

    Tom, the very same to you. Great day, great company.
  6. Vladislav

    Among the coolest things I ever did...........

    Wow! Haven't heard the story. Once again, learn somdthing new. Being at Macungie show and knowing not about the smoker origin I greatly enjoyed the result of the high-class coocking job. Thanks again Randy and Tom.
  7. As said in the two posts above. Better to go through all the way clean than find cr*p getting out when whole the job is already done.
  8. Vladislav

    Macungie Morning

    Pics please! I mean the FWD. Great to see you and the rest of folks from the community. Special thanks for state of the art smoked pork
  9. Vladislav

    Group Photo

    So, who's gonna be the first to post the photo?
  10. Vladislav

    Happy Birthday Underdog

    Best B-day wishes Greg!
  11. Vladislav

    Norway seen from 10000 meters up the ground

    Tom, it sounds great! I sure not going to spread blah-blah-blah over the net about your special hot taste increaser. And will be nice to finally see you in person.
  12. Vladislav

    R Cab Shock Absorber

    I'm for 2 of them.
  13. Vladislav

    Three Dog Night

    I like the L. Looks very solid on the pics.
  14. Vladislav

    Stainless steel exhaust components

    I don't remember Grandrock offering stainless components. Only chrome-plated parts as the memory serves.

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