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  1. OEM Stainless hood hinge B-61 4QM12P5

    Already gone. It was attractive listing though. Once I saw such one on e-bay for nearly that but it was auction. I tried to bid and found out someone increased bids in a real time. I passed after one hundred being not in a real need of. I sure needed one but not SS since it's painted khaky on my truck. Finally checked out what I had and resolved I could live with it. If anybody need one they were avalible here: http://www.kingofsalvage.com/
  2. Jim, thank you for pointing that out. For me it's an interesting page of history. And not American-related only.
  3. Wow Swish! NR's are always appreciated
  4. What was the reason? Fuel savings? Was it for commercial vehicles or for everybody? Just have never heard about it.
  5. Uups! the last pic dissappointed even me. i can drive LHD roads and did it a couple of times for a couple of days. But damn, I'd take right on about any empty road!!
  6. 2180 13 speed

    Alex, T2180 should be a 18 speed. Otherwise 13 speed is T2130. Probaly the same gearbox with a difference in the flipper. But Mack described them the way above.
  7. Paul mate, nice to see the results of the long job. And seems the things start moving the way you planned they should to. thank you for spending time showing up the details of the whole entertainment/ too interesting to see and also hear the speech from Down Under. It's not that way from my location though, I suppose a lil bit Down aside And the truck turned out looking really nice
  8. Happy Birthday Staxx

    Happy B-day!
  9. change of status

    Good luck Hat. I hope you did what you felt and thought would be right to. The life turns a new page. As we always hope it's more clean and brighter.
  10. as for me wimmins could be found locally no problems. Macks are rare beast to hunt for instead. The calendar makes my mooth water. Oh, and that picture above..
  11. Better double-check the drive shafts. I have both air and electric on different cabs and they seemed different of the diameter the arms fit on. Not sure on this fact but haven't relate each other up-close or measure. I ordered both 62QT44R and 62QT45R but will not get them in my hands before the New Year.
  12. Hi and sorry for the late resopnse. As long as I know local folks use PAI kits to rebuild E9's in Renaults. They have to be imported from the States and became costy for a few last years. During my parts search I located a guy here who specializes in supply of Renault truck parts. His about the only source is PAI and he helps me getting them having a very good import quote. Funny thing I once got a set of E7 exhaust manifold gaskets from him. The gaskets were packed in poly bags with Renault sticker on them. But the gaskets themself had "Mack" script pressed in. Those were Renault OEM pats though, not PAI.
  13. I suppose troubles with low may be showed out. Here many people converted to HID (Xenon lights) with conversion kits which were for sale all over the parts shops. Than a few years later govnt initiated a war with such equipment. Almost taking driving licence off for half a year for such lights upgrade. Now things calmed down mostly. I still have them on my motorbike. But they're focused low, not how on a truck.
  14. Isn't it a time to share some scenaries of your neighbourhood together with tough-working Macks? All folks on here like pictures, you know, right?
  15. Actually I see no way in selling the rails I have. Otherwise I'd blame you guys flooding Damn cool video's !