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  1. Did you obtain the factory file from the Museum? There *may* be a wiring diagram in there. Cool truck, cool story. If you are still located in the Reading area you should bring that to Roger Gearhart's show in October and to the Mack Trucks Museum TRUCKTOBERFEST on October 21.
  2. Had some spare parts............

    Whats that A-Car in the background???? You holding out on us??
  3. Usually. Not always. And when equipped with dual distributors, they could either both run off the generator/alternator or switch to magneto in the event of electrical system loss. Usually, not always.
  4. Pictures of the Week

    Why did you not stop and obtain the builder's information and serial numbers from that firetruck?
  5. Dirty Jobs

    2-3 years ago, we already posted it much to the delight disgust of Otherdog.

    Ahhhhhh OK I have been led to believe the beet juice was the corrosive content of the brine.

    Pennsylvania started using a beet juice formulated brine to dump on the roads in the winter ahead of storms......And the shit is murderously corrosive.
  8. Thank you, Driver!!!

    It's either that or go to the next interchange which is a few more miles down the road. Standard operating procedure here. I don't have to like it but I do have to follow it. I have voiced my opinion several times and have suggested dispatching mutual aid companies coming from that direction but it is dismissed every time I bring it up.
  9. Looting

    Note that not one pair of work boots was taken................
  10. Thank you, Driver!!!

    Have your Atty send any correspondence to my former employer, the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.
  11. Thank you, Driver!!!

    I was on a pump panel one night at a house fire and launched a spanner wrench at a guy's windshield when he busted through a fire line and ran over my supply line. Imagine the look on his face when the cops not only told him they were NOT going to arrest me, but they were giving HIM a $400 ticket. So he says "ok I'll just sue that fire department." Only one problem- the firetruck I was riding on said "US Navy" on the side of it.....The cops said "yeah good luck with that."
  12. Thank you, Driver!!!

    We had to respond up onto Interstate 78 E/B at the 64.1 yardstick earlier tonight for a accident. I was driving the rescue truck, and while this is pretty much a multi-time per week thing for us, two things happened on this run that made me appreciate professional operators. We got on W/B at the interchange at 67 and had to go to the crossover at 62 and U Turn back. As we were heading westbound, we hit slowed traffic almost immediately at the top of the hill. I was running the right hand shoulder. I could see some debris in the road up ahead of me- was some crap from a previous fender bender that could have sliced tires. A portable gas station in the slow lane saw the crap in the shoulder and he slowed way down to allow me room to merge left in front of him to get around the crap. Then as I was approaching the center crossover at 62, a skateboard anticipated my move and slowed everyone down and stopped across both lanes of traffic so that I could come across from the right shoulder to the left shoulder/center crossover. I made the U turn and headed E/B and gave him a wave to thank him. So anyways, thank you guys for working with us.
  13. Perspective...

    That's what I call them when I can't remember their real names. Or maybe those are the witness protection program names, I can't remember.
  14. Baby Mack Ron

    He is on Facebook regularly. I will tell him to make an appearance.
  15. Sad news from Burlington County, New Jersey: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Helicopter-Crashes-in-Burlington-County-New-Jersey-443269833.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_PHBrand