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  1. None at Allentown?
  2. Actually, they are. But the engine Mfr's have repeatedly told the Fire Chassis guys "We are not stopping our production lines to re-tool for a few hundred units a year."
  3. Does it carry 1000 feet of supply hose, a few hundred feet of various sized attack hoses, several thousand pounds of a pump and pump transfer case, several more thousands of pounds of equipment carried in a custom-fabricated body and 6 or 8 fully dressed out firefighters? Like I said.....Slower than molasses uphill in January. There's a reason why those of us who know what we are doing in the firetruck bizness would spec an ISL Cummins set high, if not an ISX for a chassis like the one shown.
  4. I bet that thing is slower than molasses moving uphill in January
  5. As a building inspector, I can offer some advice which is to be sure you obtain several quotes to install the system, and be absolutely sure that the vendors all perform ACCA Manual J Heat Load Calculations- which will take into consideration the size of the living space being heated, the existing system, and the weather of the environment. Compare the heat load calcs and the manufacturer's cut sheet of the proposed unit to make sure it is adequately sized. Oh, and get the permit too if required!
  6. Never hurts to investigate, you can't say no to an offer unless the offer is extended.
  7. Paul, let me know if you are ever passing though the Allentown/Bethlehem Pa. area, dinner is on me!!!
  8. Ever hear of them being installed in a dual-distributor Delco-Remy system?
  9. Yes, PM Firemack. His name is John Statts and he is also on FB.
  10. Well, I am in Pennsylvania, don't know what help I could be but if there is anything that I can do, please let me know. I am also close friends with a retired USN Senior Chief who lives in Richmond. He has many, many contacts in various veterans organizations. Let me know if I can put you in touch with him, he may be of help.
  11. Are there any Vet-Friendly state or county level politicians who can help you?
  12. What a rip-off, I saw the title and was expecting to see bewbs.
  13. I thought you found one? Or was that after you posted this??
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