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  1. coughcoughHELLERTOWNcough
  2. She gonna have to change her name to eastcoastdieselcop
  3. Who? Oh! Her!
  4. Eff him, and his birthday. I waved to him in his pretty red truck again today and he once again didn't wave back and gave me that "Do I know that guy?" look.
  5. Given how far away you are and the cost, I concur. I do run corn gas through the Waukesha in the summer when I am attending shows regularly, but I do add StarTron or StaBil.
  6. I cannot believe that was designed like that.......My vote is someone goofed and ran with it and added the teflon....
  7. bullhusk, my thoughts are with you and your family. -Yardo
  8. It is absolutely CRITICAL to run non-ethanol gasoline in your antique **ESPECIALLY if it sits for long periods of time** Corn gas ate a hole in the diaphragm of the mechanical pump on my Waukesha. Cannot find parts anymore. Had to install an electric pump. I am fortunate in that I have a non-ethanol/special fuels station 10 miles from me and I can get 87 Octane non-eth straight out of a pump, right now it is about $2.89 a gallon. I also add StarTron or StaBil to it for extra insurance. In the summer, when I go to a lot of shows, I will add corn gas in small quantities if I cannot get over to the non eth place. Some people run AvGas or racing fuels, I will not, I am convinced this runs too hot and will burn valves in older stuff. Here is a good website to find non-eth fuels: www.pure-gas.org On a side note: I switched all of my small engines to non-eth 2 years ago. The difference in performance is DAY AND NIGHT. The smaller the engine, the better it runs on non-eth....My string trimmer and hand held blower became BEASTS when I switched.
  9. Crap had I known about that I would have taken a look. I work in Chalfont.
  10. Carl, I wish I had a dime for every time I heard that Pierce, E-One or Seagrave was "in financial trouble." Right now the grapevine has Seagrave as terminal, on life support with a DNR order. This is the 5th or 6th time in the last 15 years this rumor has been generated. Yet Seagrave is delivering truck after truck.......... And if you are not aware, E-One was purchased a little less than a year ago by the REV Group, who also owns KME and just recently (within the last 3 weeks) the purchased Ferrara. And yes, as General Ike says, E-One has plenty of work and isn't going anywhere.
  11. Wow. If at all possible you guys need to bring this to the ATCA Annual Father's Day Truck Show (the largest annual truck show) in Macungie Pa. and if not to Macungie then to the Mack Trucks Historical Museum "TRUCKTOBERFEST!" on October 21.
  12. HI! I'm Steve the Stormtrooper. I don't go offroad often when I am fighting fire, but when I do, I use an F.W.D. This message is brought to you by Century Wreckers, Warn Winches and Westmont Chain and Wire Rope Supply.
  13. That stack is for the 3406B that runs the power steering pump
  14. Went out to dinner tonight with SWMBO. While we were out, she wanted to stop into Hobby Lobby "for a few minutes" (which translates into no less than one hour and no more than three.) So just when I was about to grab a knitting needle and stab myself through the heart, I saw an aisle of models and modeling stuff out of the corner of my eye. I was SAVED!!! I remembered this thread and took these pics- all available at the Hobby Lobby on 248 just off 22 in Easton Pa.
  15. AWESOME!!! I have been looking for one or two of these so that I could kitbash with one of the American Lafrance 1/25th bodies.....And as an added bonus, I can have a Maxidyne engine and melt the 1/25th green leaker into a puddle of goo.