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  1. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    I sent OD a facebook message saying "you might wanna check out BMT." He just got back to me saying that he has trouble accessing BMT on the road.
  2. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    He appears on FB regularly. I know he was holed up at a truckstop near McKees Rocks Pa. the other day, and there was discussion of daring that guy from Pitt Ohio to stop and bang on his door, and when OD yelled out "GO AWAY LOT LIZARD!" that Pitt Ohio driver would yell "It's not a lot lizard, it's worse!" But then there was discussion of OD NOT yelling for the assumed lot lizard to go away. But then we all remembered that the Pitt Ohio driver is ignorant enough that he doesn't wave to any of us when we see him, so he probably wouldn't stop to bang on OD's door.
  3. Happy Birthday FWD

    Thank you Lads. Worked the part time job today out in the Harrisburg area. Came home to a nice meal. 43rd trip around the sun was fast! Let's see what the 44th brings......
  4. Long-awaited gas giant

    Waukesha has been building gas engines for the oil field industry for years, I don't know why it hasn't been brought over to the road market.
  5. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    One of my bitches with the Apple(ton) Kool-Aid. When you ask their engineers to think outside of their cookie-cutter box, they go into vapor lock.
  6. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    DISCLAIMER: It is no secret among my friends that I do not like Pierce. I think that they build a good truck as long as they are building the truck that you want them to build and not the truck that they want to build for you (often the case as is evident in their bid proposals....) You also have to keep on top of their engineers during the design process. I do not like their "Our shit does not stink" attitude nor do I like their sales tactics and ideologies. That being said, I'm with Carl. I am not sold. I will have to dig into this a little deeper to form a better educated opinion. Fire pumps need torque, not horsepower. This engine does not have the torque needed to push anything more than a 1250 at best. A wise old man (my father) once told me "if you want horsepower and torque you need CID." The first thing that came to mind when I read this story was that meme of the two Hondas drag racing- it says "This is not a Drag Race....This is two idiots seeing who's lawn mower is faster."
  7. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Everyone should do themselves a favor and never, ever buy a fire extinguisher with a plastic head and valve assembly. Spend a few extra bucks and go metal. Amerex is a good choice.
  8. Your model looks incredible!!! I love how the exhaust manifold and turbo have been "heated." Show us more pics of that or anything else you have built!!!
  9. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    Wow he isn't kidding when he says that's in Philly- I recognize the rowhomes. (Joe Palka I used to live near Castor and Cottman) If anyone from out of the area needs me to go put eyes on this I may be able to, reach out.
  10. No but as a matter of fact, Dad brought the Hahn to the town Halloween parade last week and parked it alongside the house and of course it marked it's territory on the street......
  11. REL Never wanted war. He was completely, totally and wholly against the war and with secession. He was originally offered the title of Commanding General of the US Army, however he would not accept because of his loyalty to his beloved home of Virginia.
  12. You are correct, the world wouldn't be the same without them, it would be MUCH better.
  13. I can't take it anymore. I want to clone JFK and Ronald Reagan, and genetically engineer what I feel would be a perfect President. Then, we would establish a colony on the Moon or Mars. No stupid people allowed. Second rule of the colony- no Detroit Diesel allowed.
  14. Need a piece of truck-size innertube

    Message sent. Thank you kind sir!!!
  15. Fuel additives discussion

    This is a great discussion and another reason why I love BMT!!!