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  1. And we (Hellertown) will soon have the KME that cost $640K for sale. Being replaced with a quint costing $1,072,000. But I am pretty sure Ron will not want to buy the KME.
  2. Heh that's an old Jevic trailer.....LOL
  3. O U T S T A N D I N G !!!!! Congrats Mom and Dad and a proud big brother!!!! Well done!!
  4. What kind of gas are you running and if it is ethanol-formulated, how long did it sit? You may have snot in the carb and fuel system; you may have to rebuild the carb. Strongly recommend you run non-ethanol if you can get it. www.pure-gas.org
  5. I remember coming across 40 between Barstow and Needles and it was 109 at night. Was in a first generation Jevic T800 and the A/C was out.
  6. There are several possibilities.
  7. Federal Q sirens came out way too late to have been installed original equipment on a Type 45
  8. Yer OK BMack that's all that matters. Fix her and put her back to work.
  9. "I have this complete box and shaft, I dont need it, if it fits you can have it." Others post photos of repair manuals. Others lend memories of having done this work and their recollections of what to and not to do..... Thats why I love BMT. Everyone helps everyone. This place ROCKS
  10. Well since everyone else is cancelling I might take a ride to this one
  11. Yep. Confirming that the Brockway show has been cancelled.
  12. Gerharts is still being pondered. A final decision has not been determined but I anticipate that any day now. Brockway has been downgraded to a one-day event on that Saturday. Harford Pa. (Northeastern Pa Chapter of the ATCA) has been cancelled.
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