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  1. Mercedes Benz LPK1319 M/B OM360 engine. 6 cyl., 210 HP. ZF 5 speed manual trans. fully synchronized. 2 speed rear.
  2. If you are on Facebook, check out the group "Fire Trucks at War."
  3. That could have been his two story Falcon (Don't know what color it was) or the Mercedes tractor (red) the Hayward F-Model was mid to late 70's and was two-tone white and dark green.
  4. Which one? The green/white single screw Hayward F-Model or the white Allentown tandem F-Model? I logged a lot of miles riding shotgun in both trucks, but wow what I would give to have that single screw Hayward....(300/5-speed.) He put 700,000 miles on that thing when it finally started falling apart from the rot. By then he had started working for Harry Muschlegel (Jevic) and needed a tandem. The single screw was great for pulling new trailers but it was no bueno for freight work. On another note, both Lee and Don Hale (Chuck's two oldest sons) were at the church on Saturday, I hadn't seen them in years. Was good to see them, suck circumstances though. What is your name?
  5. I am intrigued, tell me more!!!???
  6. 1958 F.W.D.

    My Mom

    https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/mcall/obituary.aspx?n=sandra-h-yardumian&pid=195034901 For you guys not on the Fazebooks, my mom passed away Saturday 1/11/2020 after a brief illness that was attributed to the dimentia she had been suffering from for the past 4-6 years (maybe longer.) Mom and Dad met on a blind date while in the US Navy. He was aboard the USS Seneca ATF91 and she was a Hospital Corpsman at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. Dad's ship was a 205' fleet oceangoing tug home ported in Little Creek but they tied up at Pier 3 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard often. A buddy of his hooked them up. Mom grew up in Walnutport Pa and her family didn't have two nickels to scratch together. She knew that enlisting was the only way she could get out of dodge and to obtain an education. She enlisted in Allentown Pa. When she went to see the detailer, he asked her where she wanted to go- she said "Germany, Japan, Italy..Someplace foreign and exotic overseas....." She got orders for foreign exotic South Philadelphia and boy was she PISSED at the Navy and for the rest of her life she cussed them like a sailor....But she did meet Dad so that was good or I guess I wouldn't be writing this. With the help of a friend, a flag was hoisted yesterday over the USNS COMFORT, one of the Navy's two hospital ships. The flag is enroute to me as we speak by fedex and should be delivered tomorrow for her funeral on Saturday. If anyone can ever choose to learn the way a close relative dies, pick the sudden, unexpected phone call advising "So and So had a heart attack and has passed away" because this watching someone die for three weeks sucks....I don't know how people can do it for months or a year or more.
  7. 6 mil vapor barrier and slab insulation required by most building codes for any accessory building over 1000 S/F
  8. As a building inspector. mirroring what others have said, its all in the sub grade prep. I highly recommend a minimum of 4000psi, fiber reinforced early high, and 6x6wwm. I also highly recommend in-slab heat.
  9. That sounds better at idle than a two stroke mechanical asshole at full throttle
  10. "Small" (who is now 8 and not so small anymore) number one request for Xmas 2019 was a game called "Farm Simulator." He also has some kind of truck game where he can drive a Freightliner conventional, some kind of Russian Army wheeled tank hauler thing, and a bunch of other vehicles. He loves them but he really loves driving the tractors, combines, etc on the Farm Simulator.
  11. David Wild, you misspelled the title of this thread. The correct spelling is "Re-Elected."
  12. What do I think of it? I am trying not to.
  13. I took Medium and Large over to what is left of Bethlehem Steel (I refuse to call it "The Casino") where at the high house quench pit building (the facility where they hoisted up the main gun barrels of the battleships and lowered them down into the quench oil pits) they have one of the main 14" guns of the USS Oklahoma on display. The Oklahoma was struck by multiple torpedoes in Pearl Harbor. She capsized and 429 were killed. She was righted and floated in 1943 and they salvaged as much as they could. The hull was repaired and was being towed to San Francisco when on May 17, 1947 the tow encountered a storm and the Oklahoma was taking on water. She began to sink but luckily the two tugs were able to release their tow lines before they were dragged under. The exact location of the Oklahoma to this day is not known.
  14. 1958 F.W.D.


    As a building inspector I get to see a lot of projects. And whenever anyone asks me for advice, I always tell them two things- 1. In-Slab hot water radiant heat. Install a (very) small gas-fired boiler and get a HUGE amount of heat. (and remember, heat rises....) 2. Spray-Foam insulation. More costly initial investment but the return over the years is well worth it.
  15. The F Model was purchased and restored by Harry Muschlegel (the founder of Jevic and New Century Transportation) Back when I worked in Jevic's Willingboro Shop, he used to pay a few of us to stay after our shifts and work on his some of his trucks. I have some sandblasting time on the frame of that F-Model which is painted in Jevic's original paint scheme. And despite popular interwebz folklore, it was never part of the Jevic Fleet. There were three F-Models but that was not one of them.
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