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  1. The F Model was purchased and restored by Harry Muschlegel (the founder of Jevic and New Century Transportation) Back when I worked in Jevic's Willingboro Shop, he used to pay a few of us to stay after our shifts and work on his some of his trucks. I have some sandblasting time on the frame of that F-Model which is painted in Jevic's original paint scheme. And despite popular interwebz folklore, it was never part of the Jevic Fleet. There were three F-Models but that was not one of them.
  2. One of the new Satellites. They re-used the monitor. New cab and body. No pump. Photo credit to njfirephotos.com
  3. Last year my Father, Large and myself had the distinct pleasure and honor of being able to view the complete archives of the SPS at the Mack Musuem. Everything from blueprints to build sheets to DeLaval Pump Manuals to the Napier-Deltic Engine Manuals and specifications. All of it.
  4. In a way they did not. They still utilize "Satellite" units, in fact are in the process right now of taking delivery of several new ones. The Intelligiant 6" Stang guns with dual 5" inlets on new Peterbilt (trash truck) Chassis with a hose body containing a couple thousand feet of big hose. One in each Borough with two in Brooklyn. Up until a few years ago, they were quartered with 2000GPM engine companies. However, a lesson learned after 9/11 made the FDNY switch ALL engine companies over to 2000gpm. So now any engine company in the city can supply a Satellite.
  5. Believe it or not, it was the "Black Saturday" Brush Fire on Staten Island on April 20, 1963 that really got the wheels in motion to develop the SPS. https://www.silive.com/news/2013/04/photos_black_saturday_scorched.html
  6. Was not a tiller. Was a rear-facing steering station to steer the trailer when the rig was backing up for purposes of picking up the large diameter supply hose. Was removed due to technical and operational issues.
  7. Hello comrade,

    I wish a very happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!

    Hope the kids are doing fine and don't remember the hungry Russian who enjoyed the turkey and talked nonsence:)

    Have the great time!

  8. I have had many guys ask me about my wife and taking her to the Nunnery. She doesn't care one iota, she likes the wings and as far as the scenery she says "Who am I to look around at guys and tell you that you can't look at women?" If she sees my neck snapping around whenever a particularly nice one walks by, she may even whisper into my ear "I would bring her home for you and me.......If I went that way" and then blows into my ear. She always follows up with her standard speech- "You can look at the menu all you want but the minute you order......you are done!" I keep her around for a while!
  9. What engine? And the combo looks great, the refurb came out nice!
  10. What the hell are they made from? Rubber from another galaxy?
  11. Is that going to the Udvar-Hazy Annex of the Air & Space Museum?
  12. That fish is saying "Something smells fishy...."
  13. Welcome Home, Soldier. Thank You.
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