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  1. OK I didn't realize he took the exit. I hope my private message notification gets into his email. If anyone hears from him tell him I am looking for him. Thanks, Yardo.
  2. I know he's probably somewhat of a private guy but does anyone have a cell number or an email for Paul? Now I am starting to get kinda worried...???
  3. (Raises hand..........) WAIT!!! WAIT!!! I HAZ A QUESTION!!! If Other Dog retires, where will we get our "Girl in a Car" Pictures? Maybe he shouldn't retire???
  4. So a little bird just told me that Other Dog has retired. The red KW has been cleaned out, vacuumed, washed and returned to FL Moore and the keys handed in. (Were the second logbooks burned...???) I just wanted to say Congratulations to one of the biggest assh......I mean one of my best and closest friends on his retirement. Please enjoy a safe, healthy and happy life with Zina from Florida now from Virginia. You certainly deserve every good fortune that is hopefully headed your way. Thank you for being a good friend- we do not get to see each other often but I consider you family and if
  5. I thought I had his number somewhere but I do not...........
  6. Paul, come in Paul...... Where ya at???
  7. Got my second one today, no issues so far. I am required to get one as an EMT. Wife got her second one last week. The next day she felt like death warmed over for 24 hours. Woke up the following day, said she felt like she had a hangover, she took a long hot shower and was fine after that. She is mandated by her employer (she is an NICU Nurse) to get it.
  8. The engine model would help but if you ask Ron Smith, I betcha the lint in my pocket he will rattle it off from his memory.
  9. That thing has been on and off fleabay and various facebook groups for several years. Apparently the owner just doesn't get the fact that he is asking way too much money for it. It's a shame, I would have tried for it as there were only four firetrucks built with that cab- which was originally designed for Ma Bell as a phone pole auger chassis for long distance, off-road installations. It's a three-door. Yes power is more than likely a 6KS Waukesha.
  10. My onset of the bat lung aids was Friday December 11. Thats when they started the clock for my 90-day period. I just got my first shot on April 3, I get the second on April 24. My Doctor highly recommended that I get it. The wife just got her second shot this past saturday (She is a NICU nurse and has no choice) and she got sick pretty much all of Saturday. She woke up Sunday feeling like she had a hangover- took a good hot shower and she felt better.
  11. It may or may not also be Other Dog's Bday too but I can neither confirm or deny that allegation.
  12. B & S didn't help themselves by outsourcing a lot of production to foreign lands which produced a lot of low quality junk over the years.
  13. FDNY does not have "stations." They are Firehouses, because they are second homes to the members that are assigned there. "Station" is too utilitarian of a word and it's use is discouraged in the FDNY. The Superpumper and Supertender were housed in two locations: First was at Engine Company 211 and Ladder Company 119 at 26 Hooper Street in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The second location was at Engine Company 207 and Ladder Company 110 at 172 Tillary Street in Bridge Plaza, Brooklyn. Both locations were chosen for their (large) size as well as easy access to major roadways and bridges leading
  14. I only met Ed one time when he and his son Buddy came to Macungie 5 or 6 years ago. I talked Ed into flying into ABE Airport instead of Philly and got him around locally. He was a cool guy and we talked firefighting often on facebook.- he was a volunteer himself a while back. I have been posting progress reports of my son's welding program at votech school and Ed had taken an interest in watching Cody's progress and was always wishing him well. I will try to keep my eye out for his obituary and will post it if I find it.
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