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  1. Welcome to my thread, OD! I was wondering when you would show up.......LOL
  2. I am bookface friends with Hewy and his wife. You should hear the story he tells of driving that thing across the country at 48mph.....lol
  3. These two wimmin down in Florida, I think the redhead's name is Zima......No wait......It's Zina In Florida........Anyways they asked me if I had time to give them a ride to dinner. They said they flagged down some old carmudgeon carmugeon carmudgin cranky old guy in an FL Moore Truck and asked him for a ride and he told them he was in a hurry and didn't have any time. So they saw me and asked if I would give them a ride to dinner at the Olive Garden in Lake Buena Vista, so I did.
  4. I like this Swishy guy, he's my kind of bloke!
  5. I like the idea of a members calendar, but I do not own a Mack. I haz a sad.
  6. FireMech I volunteer at the museum. We absolutely have manuals. Please use the "Contact us" on the Museum's sub-section of the corporate website and request a manual. A suitable donation is requested. Thank you!!
  7. Correct. They started building entire trucks (including aerial devices) with the acquisition of some smaller body builders as well as LTI (now LTC) for the aerials.
  8. This is a direct result of the loss of the FDNY pumper contract, for which they were all hired.
  9. This is huge news in the Fire Apparatus world. What the article did not mention is the fact that the REV group has also acquired fire apparatus builders E-One (Ocala , Florida) KME (Nesquohoning, Pa.) and Ferrara (Holden, Louisiana) all within the last 2-3 years and now with the acquisition of Spartan many of us are wondering how the FTC did not become involved as all four builders are among the top sellers in the firetruck world......How can this not be considered a monopoly? Regardless, anyone who works at EOne, Ferrara or KME have all stated that operations and morale at all 3 have gone down the toilet since REV took over. KME also lost the pumper contract for FDNY- they were not able to deliver them quickly enough (within the contract) so New York City said "Bye" and granted the remainder of the contract to Seagrave in Clintonville, Wi. (a long-time seller to FDNY.)
  10. Mercedes Benz LPK1319 M/B OM360 engine. 6 cyl., 210 HP. ZF 5 speed manual trans. fully synchronized. 2 speed rear.
  11. If you are on Facebook, check out the group "Fire Trucks at War."
  12. That could have been his two story Falcon (Don't know what color it was) or the Mercedes tractor (red) the Hayward F-Model was mid to late 70's and was two-tone white and dark green.
  13. Which one? The green/white single screw Hayward F-Model or the white Allentown tandem F-Model? I logged a lot of miles riding shotgun in both trucks, but wow what I would give to have that single screw Hayward....(300/5-speed.) He put 700,000 miles on that thing when it finally started falling apart from the rot. By then he had started working for Harry Muschlegel (Jevic) and needed a tandem. The single screw was great for pulling new trailers but it was no bueno for freight work. On another note, both Lee and Don Hale (Chuck's two oldest sons) were at the church on Saturday, I hadn't seen them in years. Was good to see them, suck circumstances though. What is your name?
  14. I am intrigued, tell me more!!!???
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