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  1. I am already paying the highest per-gallon taxes in the country (Pa.) NO.
  2. Wow.....I was a Civilian Firefighter at APG 1997-2005 and spent 3 years on the crash crew at Phillips. Many of the aircraft seen in the video were still there when I was there. And I am SHOCKED that they were able to film the footage that they did (especially in 1983 cold war days) as much of the area is sensitive. Either they snuck it past the secret squirrels or they went over it with a fine tooth comb before they let whoever publish it.
  3. I never thought I would say this but I'd rather be seen driving a PACCAR product than those first two sMacks.
  5. 300 and Allison HT740 are a plus. Foam system is a plus, especially on an elevated device No current cert for aerial, pump and no ladders are huge negatives. ALL CF's that age have rot under the driver and officer's feet. There is also rot in the steer wheel wells and the jump seats, espcially the battery boxes. There is also rot in the body, around the wheel wells, upper compartments (if equipped) and at the compartment doors- the question is....how bad is the rot? Assuming that the truck is in typical 1980's CF condition regarding the rot, no recent certs or ground ladders and not knowing the issues with the hydraulic system I would say no more than $3000 to $5000 depending on the variables. The lack of certifications is huge. At the very least I would want to see the most recent on before I signed a sales agreement and even then I may be hesitant to pay any more than $3K because its been so long. You could pay 5 for the truck, have someone inspect the main and come out with having to pay 8K in repairs to the main.
  6. 1. Have you obtained the factory file from the Mack Museum? As well as you have documented the history of this truck, you NEED to have copies of the factory file. If you private message me the serial number, I can try to get you the file sometime in the not-too-distant future. (I volunteer at the Mack Museum.) There will more than likely be a 6-8 week wait for the file unless I get one of the archivists to teach me how to find, pull and reproduce files (which I have asked to be taught how to do.) The only thing we ask is for a donation to the museum as we absorb the cost of the reproduction of materials (paper, photocopier maintenance, etc...) and we also send copies of pertinent parts and engine/transmission manuals as well as your serial number specific factory file. 2. I am sure this has been considered but I would feel guilty not mentioning it- has anyone taken the increased lower-end torque of the replacement diesel engine and any potential effect on the rear axle? Sure would hate to see you spin that thing apart or twist the driveshaft. 3. You are a good ways away but you may enjoy bringing the truck (or even just coming by car) to the Mack Trucks Museum "Trucktoberfest 2017" held on October 21 at the Museum in Allentown, Pa.
  7. Not enough information to help. Need mileage, hours, engine, trans, pump and tank size, maintenance records, has the aerial been certified recently??? How about the ground ladders- certified? Pump certified? How about the body- where is the rot? How much?
  8. No. But there are camel toes at the Tilted Kilt
  9. "Hasidic" Jews.
  10. Yup I concur with S4.....Very high probability of a catastrophic failure somewhere. Hope you have big pockets filled with lots of green pieces of paper with "100" printed on them.
  11. 39babymack? Doug Maney?
  12. How would you know? Horse-Drawn carriages didn't need chains.............
  13. Well Done, Driver!
  14. Tues/Weds/Thurs here. Our babysitter was ready to go batshit crazy- she usually only has Extra Small during the day. Instead she had XS, S, M and L all day all three days.