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  1. 22.5" x 7.5" wheels wanted

    My pop says they are a rare bird but they do exist. And Underdog claims to have a pile of em. We shall see.
  2. 22.5" x 7.5" wheels wanted

    CRAP!!! YESSSS!!!! My mistake!!!
  3. 22.5" x 7.5" wheels wanted

    Thank you kind sir, I posted on facebook and Underdog was kind enough to reply that he has them for me, all I have to do is sandblast and paint them. Best part of all is hes only about 15 miles from me. Changing the F.W.D. from tubes to tubeless.
  4. 22.5" x 7.5" wheels wanted

    NEEDED: six 22" x7.5" 10 hole stud pilot rims, used in good condition. Preferably somewhere in eastern PA but will travel within a reasonable distance.
  5. Cleaning on the shop:

    Did you happen to come across any 140GZ, GKB or 145GZ or GKB Waukeshas or parts?
  6. Cleaning on the shop:

    This is the one I drove with the 8V92TA. E-One Titan III 1500 gallons water, 1250 pump. APGFD
  7. Greenwood Delaware Seagrave

    I consulted with the fire truck manufacturer Magic 8-Ball and it spat out "GREAT EASTERN Body on a DUPLEX Chassis."
  8. Cleaning on the shop:

    YES!!! The one I drove at Aberdeen Proving Ground had a 1693.
  9. Cleaning on the shop:

    I don't remember them having 12V's though, I thought they were 8V's but I have been suffering from CRS lately.....
  10. Prayers for mike69mackman

    Mike, JT and I all text one another pretty regularly, so JT and I knew late last week it was health related and suspected the worst....I asked him last night if I could call him today and dammit. Just.....Dammit.
  11. Prayers for mike69mackman

    I just got off the phone with him. He asked that I let everyone on here know about what is happening. FIRST AND FOREMOST- HE ASKS THAT THIS STAYS OFF FACEBOOK. He does not mind you guys knowing what is going on but he wants to keep it off facebook as he does not want certain people knowing his business. Many of you are aware that he was treated about 3 or 4 years ago for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of cancer. He was able to beat it, however it is a persistent form of cancer and often comes back, which it has. He begins some aggressive chemo treatment on Monday 4/30. He was kind of worried that he might have had to go to Pittsburgh for that but is able to do it locally. He will take it one day at a time. He is naturally upset, but keeping his head up. He approached his bosses late last week about the problem and explained that he would need time for treatment and to convalesce. He explained that he wanted to stay on part time for a while, as soon as he could go back to work, and then come back full time when he was able. His bosses fired him on Monday at a breakfast meeting. Mike has already seen an attorney who explained that as the Company is in New Jersey, they law is on their side, however he believes he may have a case and they will be filing a wrongful termination suit. This is what really has him upset right now. So for obvious reasons, Mike may or may not make Macungie depending on how hard the chemo kicks his arse. Please keep him in your thoughts and remember no mention of any of this publically on Facebook.
  12. Cleaning on the shop:

    Got to drive and operate a P-4 in the very beginning of my career (they were being phased out when I was a rookie.) Bombproof machines that took an ass kicking and kept on going.
  13. Greenwood Delaware Seagrave

    That does not appear to be a Seagrave. The cab is the biggest clue- it appears to be a TCI (Cincinatti) Cab. Seagrave builds their own. The body also does not appear to be of Seagrave origin. I am usually pretty pretty good at guessing truck manufacturers but the fact that this one has been refurbished at least once (the strobe boxes on the front, the "bus" mirrors and a lot of other stuff is not original) really has me scratching my head. But I am confident that this is not a Seagrave.
  14. Good Guy with a Gun

    I praise him and think he did the right thing......But shot the guy in the back.....the anti-gun nuts will be eating that right up and the family will sue him, and the municipality if they do not press charges.
  15. Cleaning on the shop:

    Did you mean to say an Oshkosh P-4?? And if I had a 12V71 in my garage I would want to hide it too. But I wouldn't have a 12V71 in my garage.