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  1. Gotcha. In many areas any addition of impervious coverage requires a permit whether a temporary structure or not.
  2. Congratulations Paul, happiness to you both. L'Chiam!!!!!
  3. Better to do it before the purchase.
  4. ^ Yep the fabric one suck. Save your money. I don't know anyone who ever bought one that had any luck with them. Also, make sure you check with your town for permit needs.
  5. When I first got the FWD I went with C & S on the advice of a friend. Had them for 3-4 years until they switched underwriter without telling me. Went with JC Taylor and haven't looked back since.
  6. Explain to the board all of the issues on modern trucks with DPF and ask them if they really want to risk the gen set going into limp mode on day 2 of a 6-day power outage after a major storm.
  7. I am thinking 10-15k but yes this sounds to be a reasonable course of action. I would still be banging the war drum and wanting to know who dropped the ball when it was first installed.
  8. You should start stomping your feet asking the questions that I have asked and present the points that I presented.
  9. As a Code Enforcement Official that has done permitting for multiple gen sets, my first question is- Where in the hell was your code official when this thing was installed, and secondly, where was the installer's head as the design and install were occurring? 1. First thing I always require- site plans, signed and sealed by a Design Professional (Architect or PE licensed in that state.) The plans must show where the set is to be placed in accordance with acceptable parameters set by the Manufacturer. 2. Second thing I require- a copy of the Manufacturer's installation manual (model-specific.) Must clearly show me where the set can be placed in accordance with windows, air intakes or other avenues where exhaust can enter the building. Honestly I would be demanding someone's head on a platter (leaning very heaving towards the installer, they should know better......) but being 10 years later, you might be screwed. I would at the very least call the installer and discuss it with them- they may very well tell you to go bark at the moon, but if you start stomping your feet and advise them you may contact the manufacturer to tell them that the installer screwed the pooch big time, they may want to discuss it. Maybe have the municipal solicitor make the call. See if they will meet you halfway for the cost of relocating the pad and re-wiring it. Oh, and since they screwed the pooch on the placement, have you had the wiring and transfer switch inspected by a third-party electrical underwriter? I know if I were you I would be making that call first thing Monday morning.
  10. ............Many of us would either be at Macungie or getting ready to leave for Macungie. I just wanted to say to all of you weirdos, freaks, grease monkeys, etc. No matter what you are, we are all friends and I will miss seeing everyone this weekend.
  11. As of this time, Frankenmuth Michigan is a go for July 25, I might take a ride.
  12. EastCoastDiesel......I wont post her name here but we are friends and she is down in Summerville SC. She's now a County Sheriff's Deputy, I will ask her though.
  13. Looking for a quality/reputable spring shop in the Wilmington/New Hanover County North Carolina area. Must be able to fabricate springs for a CF Fire chassis... Price is not of concern. Must be a reputable, quality shop. Thank you!
  14. Anyone??? Anyone??? There's gotta be someone here that knows a good spring shop in or around Wilmington NC??????
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