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    Antique fire trucks of all kinds, antique road tractors especially F, R and U model Macks, Autocars and Brockways.

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    F.W.D. (Four Wheel Drive Auto Company)
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    1978 Hahn HCP12 1250/750 Firetruck, 2013 Ram 1500SLT 5.7HEMI!!!!

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  1. 1958 F.W.D.

    Ocassionally in the States

    Vlad, where in NJ are you staying? You are MORE THAN WELCOME to come to our house for the Thanksgiving meal!!! I will private message you my address and phone number, please call me if you want to come. And please DO NOT feel as if you are intruding. You would not be the first international guest we have had for Thanksgiving- we have had Australian firefighters dine with us. I will be DAMNED if I let you be alone on Thanksgiving!!!!
  2. 1958 F.W.D.

    100 years 11hr 11day 11month 1918

    Wow. Just......Wow.
  3. 1958 F.W.D.

    5th wheel, replace or rebuild?

    If I remember correctly, complete rebuild kits from Fontaine are very reasonable. Disassemble, give a good thorough washing with a hot water pressure washer, and rebuild.
  4. 1958 F.W.D.

    Working at Home Depot Now

    Teri Garr when she was young. She looking a little rough lately.
  5. 1958 F.W.D.

    Horrible fire.... :-(

    I know Kenny personally and this was brought up recently elsewhere. I offer the following: -It was 2011 -Kenny deeply regrets what happened back then -He has paid his dues, both monetarily and criminally -He has grown up, has a job, a steady girlfriend and is also now a father. -Would you set a fire that killed three of your animals -Would you set a fire that could potentially burn down your parent's home (the siding melted) -Would you set a fire destroying all of your father's memorabilia, two mustangs and several irreplaceable antique snowmobiles -The ashes aren't even cold and people feel the need to kick him in the balls before they learn the specifics of how the fire started? Doesn't sound very mature or Christian-Like to me. Do what you will with this information, but I for one am granting him the benefit of the doubt. And those of you who know me personally will tell you that my trust has to be earned.
  6. 1958 F.W.D.

    Took A Fine Ride in Toowoomba with a V8

    That sound though......lovely!
  7. 1958 F.W.D.

    Working at Home Depot Now

    Would you believe my wife has never seen Mr Mom???
  8. 1958 F.W.D.

    Horrible fire.... :-(

  9. 1958 F.W.D.

    Working at Home Depot Now

    Now....The masses want to know.... What did you give them instructions for? How to build a flux capacitor? Nuclear weapon? 100 to 200amp panel conversion?
  10. 1958 F.W.D.

    Horrible fire.... :-(

    I don't know if Kenny Boughter (Manheim, Pa.) is on here, but for those of you who know him, he suffered a terrible fire at his place this evening. His 6-bay garage and his Mack firetrucks are a complete and total loss, including the R-Model/4-Guys 3500gallon tanker that he had at Lititz. I think he lost at least one, if not two CF Engines and possible a Century Series American Lafrance as well. His father also lost several Mustangs and some vintage snowmobiles. His father's home was not harmed and no one was injured thank god. Keep Kenny in your thoughts, he is a good guy.
  11. 1958 F.W.D.

    The Powerball

    ATCA: Antique Truck Club of America ATHS: Antique Truck Historical Society. DISCLAIMER: Understand that this is completely my opinion, but I am sure there are others who may feel the same way. You have to know both groups for some time to understand that ATHS seems to be administrated by a bunch of stubborn old men, set in their ways and are completely incapable of flexibility or compromise. They do not care in any way to cater to the younger crowds who will someday be running their organization and in fact (again my opinion) do what they can to run off younger members. ATCA: The "Blue Collar" truck club ATHS: The "White Collar" truck club.
  12. 1958 F.W.D.

    The Powerball

    In all seriousness, if I did win: 1. Go dark. Turn off all cell phones, emails etc. 2. Lawyer 3. Claim cash option 4. Pay off all current debts 5. Establish portfolios and accounts for the four kids (with stipulations, they ain't just "gonna get it when they turn 18.) 6. Pay off all my close friend's mortgages. But thats all, I am not gonna "enable" everyone. 7. Charitable Contributions: The Mack Museum, the Brockway Museum, ATCA (ATHS Can go scratch) and some animal-related charities. 8. Establish and build my antique truck and firetruck restoration business 9. Buy my dream cars: 1969 429 Boss Mustang, 1968 Charger, 1970 Hemi-Cuda, 1960 Buick Invicta Convertible, and a few others.
  13. 1958 F.W.D.

    The Powerball

    When I win, I will buy everyone an antique Mack of your choosing. Restored, unrestored, what have you. The only stipulation is that it may have zero electronic anything.
  14. 1958 F.W.D.

    Pictures of the Week

    What about Catholic Schoolgirls?
  15. 1958 F.W.D.

    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    Our 2015 Pierce Firetruck's DEF fill is over the fuel fill. After this happened a THIRD time, we installed a plate on a hinge with a cotter pin that you physically have to remove to be able to open the plate to get to the DEF cap. The act of having to pull the pin and then flip open a plate seems to be enough to make guys think....so far........

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