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  1. I have been to three building implosions in my time and it never gets old!!! -Campbell Soups, Camden NJ 11/3/1991 -Sears & Roebuck Warehouse Complex (25 million sq feet) Philadelphia Oct 31, 1994 -Martin Tower (Modern HQ of Bethlehem Steel) Bethlehem Pa. 21 stories 5/19/2019
  2. Hello, my name is Stephen Cox and I read a post that a memebr made asking for a manual for a Telesquirt 50. Im working on one for a local volunteer fire department. Is there anyway I could get a copy of that manual? I can paypal you some cash if you'd like? here's my email stephencox09@gmail.com

  3. You take pictures of every girl in a car between Pittsburgh Pa and Atlanta, Georgia........Where in the heck is THIS picture?
  4. Wow!!!! That is the first time I can ever remember them NOT having a set for a specific cab!!!
  5. Come hang here. On a non-covid year, four large industrial sized bags of candy gone in two hours.
  6. For you (old) Saturday Night Live fans:
  7. I was saddened to hear the news of his passing. He was one of the greatest actors of our time. No matter the roll he played, he did it with passion, pride and excellence. I never heard anything about him being one of those typical elitist Hollywood types which leads me to believe he may have been a good guy to talk about life on a barstool somewhere over a few beers. My personal favorite of his was Captain Marko Ramius in the movie "The Hunt for Red October." followed by his portrayal as Police Officer James Malone in the movie "The Untouchables." His role as Ramirez in the movie "Highlander"
  8. Wife was happy, she sat out at the end of the walk at the sidewalk and handed out the goodies. I was at the firehouse (we are in the middle of a residential neighborhood) and handed out goodies. Had a few hundred kids. Not as much as years past. Was good to see parents letting their kids get out there. The local church also had a "trunk or treat" in their parking lot.
  9. Check with York Corrugated in York, Pa. They have stainless fenders for many cabs.
  10. Did you take the proper safety precautions and move the grill away from any structures and rake away any errant leaves on the ground before you cooked the chicken?
  11. Contact Waterous with your Waterous serial number, and they will send you SN specific manuals and parts diagrams for free (if you don't already have them.) Waterous is just as good at record keeping as Mack is.
  12. The No Hood Mafia is making a comeback..................
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