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  1. Crap I dunno what happened....Stand by for editing.
  2. So I took a trip out to Hinckley, Illinois this weekend. Hinckley is a small farm town on Illinois Route 30 about 20 miles or so west of the junction with I-88. My buddy is the paid fire chief there and every third saturday in July they have their big "Drawdown" Fundraiser. It's a great time and yes I drove 800 miles to get drunk with a bunch of friends. It was a blast, I can't remember the last time I had a weekend away "with the boys." I left Thursday after work and got to Rossford, Ohio (Toledo) and overnighted it with a buddy, and we left for Hinckley on Friday morning at 6:45. We got there about 11am their time (- 1hr time zone change.) It was a blast and while small town life is not for me, I still had a great time. Being a city guy I would go nuts from the boredom. We saw some construction on Illinois 30 just outside of Big Rock, about 10 minutes from Hinckley. We saw some Hinckley Firetrucks Bunch of drunk guys posing for a pic. If any of you ever follow me and my firefighting buddies on facebook when we break each others balls, starting on the left is Josh Drouard, Ty Jimenez (little guy is his son Kyle) then Joel Hallstrom, then Eustace Haverkamp (thats his facebook name, he's the boss of the Hinckley Fire Dept) and me of course. Quarry in Illinois on I-80 I think it's near Aurora? It's on both sides of 80. It was huge. We saw a Boston Terrier licking Josh Drouard's legs We saw Josh Drouard, Larry Haler and a couple of other drunks......What a great time!!!! A stack of flatbeds westbound on 80 in Ohio, Triples coming eastbound. It's been over 20 years since I have been west enough to have seen triples. I also saw double 48 footers but wasnt quick enough with the camera. A load of onions eastbound on 80 in Pennsylvania between DuBois and Clearfield. Some fire department spotty dogs Also, some of you are friends with me on facebook and know that a week after Macungie I was blessed with the gift of a Pit Barrel Smoker (I can't recommend this device enough for both virgin/inexperienced smokers to the most seasoned BBQ Experts. Here are some pics of my first two or three runs of the barrel smoker. It is truly a wonderful device and whoever invented it should get the Nobel Peace Prize for Barbequing. Here is the inaugural run. It was a very small 4lb brisket and two racks of boston ribs. I kinda messed up a little bit because I didnt start early enough, and there wasnt enough charcoal, so the temperature petered out early- I had to finish the brisket in the oven but it was pretty good anyways. This is the pit barrel smoker. Check out their website sometime if you are curious. This is a few weeks later- a 12lb bone-in pork shoulder that I smoked for 10 hours and then pulled. It was FANTASTIC with some coleslaw and some brown sugar/hickory BBQ Sauce on potato rolls. Here is a small boneless pork shoulder that was cut into slices. Note the smoke ring. It was deelishess. The bone in shoulder finishing up with some ears of corn and hot dogs for Small and Extra Small Pulled pork And lastly some miscellaneous crap..... Here is a used (practically brand new) Craftsman tool box that my father and I scored for Large's tool collection. We also scored some oddball Craftsman tools for him. He already has the basics so we concentrated on oddball stuff like a set of 6-point offset box wrenches, a set of 3/8ths impact deep sockets, a set of vice grips, a set of combination open-end/wratchet end wrenches, and even a body hammer and anvil set. He does not know about it yet because he is in Vegas visiting his grandmother. When he comes home tomorrow night it will be a complete surprise to him. He will finally be able to move out of the two portable tool boxes he is currently in..... Small and Extra Small say "Happy 4th of July!!!" from a very hot cab on a very hot day. I saw mikemack69man at the Nunnery I saw a big truck that jacknifed off the wall at the exit from 78 E/B to 33 North
  3. Not exactly rare but something you don't see every day, I restored a 68 Dodge Polara when I was 16/17. The kids at my high school all laughed the first time I drove it to school but when I laid a patch about 30 feet long in front of the Principal they stopped laughing........
  4. Route of travel? Anticipated time of departure from Tacony?
  5. Wish I had known you were going to make the side trip, I would have suggested a meet up!
  6. HAPPY BREXIT 1776 !!!!
  7. NEGATIVE. After the Founder and CEO of Jevic parted ways (a requirement of the deal when Jevic stock went public on the market for trading) the company stayed alive for a while and then was purchased by the same investment group that owned YRC, Saia and a few others. Anyone and everyone who was high up on the food chain at Jevic (who knew how to do what Jevic was so successful at for years) were either fired or left on their own accord. So the Investment Group had guys from YRC, Saia and the others come in and try to run things- the only way that they knew how to do things which was completely opposite the Jevic way. So Jevic's long time loyal customers began to jump ship in favor of New Century Transportation (founded by the same gentleman who founded Jevic....) Eventually all of Jevics customers dropped them and Jevic started bleeding money. It was at this time that the investment group shut the doors. Drivers were all told one day "Don't come in tomorrow." Road drivers were of course not informed unless done so by other drivers back at the terminals- a boatload of drivers abandoned their trucks at the closest truckstop.......Road drivers that did come into terminals were told "Thanks" and not so much as offered a ride to an airport, bus or train station. Mechanics (many of my friends) had to file court orders to get into the buildings to get their tools. (I can neither confirm or deny knowledge of a riot and break-in at the Willingboro Shop by 30 or so mechanics who demanded access to their personal tools...........) Anyways....I digress........Jevic was NEVER Union. Ever. We were all way too happy, getting good wages, excellent benefits and time off- why would we WANT to be union?
  8. I remember when Jevic was officially incorporated, it was 12 owner operators. None of the trucks were the same make, model or color. My dad had his single drive Hayward F-Model with a 300 and a 5 speed. Later on he traded that one in for an Allentown F-Model with screws and a 300 Plus and a 10-speed. When I was turning wrenches at the Willingboro Shop, there were 1400+/- tractors, 2800 +/- trailers and 6 terminals. And those 12 O/O's were called "The Dirty Dozen"
  9. Yup, modern ULS fuel separates more easily than old school fuel, kind of like how ethanol-formulated gasoline "laquers" after it sits for a few months. Yes in all likelyhood your tanks should be boiled or steam cleaned.
  10. Interesting read on the ANTIFA crybabies.... https://www.ammoland.com/2017/06/antifa-osint-profile-violent-leftist-group-part-1/#axzz4lEC1OXOj Part II https://www.ammoland.com/2017/06/antifa-profile-radical-left-anarchist-group-part-2/#axzz4l7TXqjRr
  11. Ken, I was told by a Pa Diesel Cop at the Dublin, Pa Barracks that the "Daylight" hours only applies to vehicles manufactured prior to 1953- which apparently do not comply with current FMVSS lighting unless current (post 1953) lighting has been installed.
  12. Wow....seems that posts are getting edited by a censor fairy. Who's panties are in a bind over some cuss words? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!
  13. I worked on two of the trucks seen in these pics- the creme and burgundy conventional Pete with "3408" on the hood (and under the hood....) and the two-tone blue F-Model Mack. Both were owned and restored by the owner of Jevic Transportation before he sold it (and then 6 or 8 years later the new owners flushed it down the toilet.) The F-Model is Jevic's original paint scheme and when the boss owned it, JEVIC was on the door. I will post a pic of another Jevic cabover. When I worked at Jevic fleet maintenance (the Willingboro, NJ shop) the boss would pay us under the table to work on his antiques. I would stay after my shift 3 or 4 days a week for an hour and a half or two hours and he would pay us our time and a half rate.