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  1. Parking is at a premium at the show, and the museum usually wants for you to pre-register so that they have an idea of how many to expect. That being said, if you just showed up, I wouldn't think anyone would turn you away, but I cannot speak for the museum with absolute certainty.
  2. This is cool. NASCAR or any kind of road racing does absolutely nothing for me at all. But to make a car go from zero to XXXmph in one quarter of a mile really appeals to me. All of it. The science of aerodynamics, the mechanics of making fuel and air go through to the cylinders faster, getting the exhaust out faster, the science of tires, everything. I love being in the pits at NHRA events and watching an entire engine being torn down and rebuilt in between runs. All of it. Go fast, turn left. Go fast, turn left. Go fast, turn left. Go fast, turn left. Go fast, turn left.........YAWN
  3. Otherdog was there and burned up several rolls of film.........errrrrr ahhhhh I mean bytes of storage on his memory card. He will probably post a link to his flickr account here at some point for everyone.
  4. Any Hayward R-Models Daddy? LOL!!!!
  5. Do you have any Hayward F-Models and if so, will you adopt me?
  6. Paul, any news outlets following this? And do they publish minutes of their meetings online? I need some comic reading. And did you get the private message about Ray and Gregg?
  7. CARL!!! Haven't seen you on here in quite a while!! Hope all is well! The boys and I ended up camping in Gettysburg again, and went to four different battlefield walks. We had a great time, too. Maybe next summer we can branch out to a different battlefield!
  8. I just saw this for the first time last night. This is really cool. A modern-Day "Dunkirk."
  9. Sounds interesting. I will order one myself. The book, not the coloring book. Unless you want me to get you a coloring book, other dog. Or maybe that Pitt-Ohio driver wants one?
  10. Not sacreligious if it is done in the name of safety. ease of preventive maintenance and does not greatly alter the overall appearance of the vehicle.
  11. For those of you who cannot find a local source of corn-free: www.pure-gas.org
  12. That Volvo looks like an old Acme Markets tractor
  13. Hope you guys are running non-ethanol gas if you can get it. The corn fuel stuff is murder on small engine fuel systems. www.pure-gas.org
  14. I have seen that red Hayward R-Model and that *old* Autocar T/T at other shows and both are absolutely breathtaking.
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