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  1. A.J Blosenski runs a nice fleet. Seems to be a mix of Mack, Peterbuilt, KW and of course Autocar. Sharp looking trucks all painted in company colors. DavCut
  2. Looking forward to seeing more videos Andy. Keep up the great work! Dave
  3. Neat old film kscarbel. Thank you for posting it. DavCut
  4. Hopefully you were able to make better numbers with in house equipment and being able to sell them in the end. I grew up in the Boston area and my Dad used to dispatch for a sand & gravel supplier. At times in the 80’s he used to have around a hundred hired trailer dumps running bank run gravel into Boston every day. I think the most they ever had was 5 company owned tractors to set the pace. Thank you for the offer to see the trucks. Definitely will take you up on this once this craziness starts to clear up. Stay safe. Dave
  5. Great piece of industry history Mike. Thank you for sharing. I live the the Philly burbs and have worked for H&K and Allan Myers along with a few others the past 17 years on the project management side of the business. I could see either one of them buying that many trucks in a year, but probably not for one job. Looking forward to seeing photos of your B and R projects in the future and the finished products at the shows. Dave
  6. Neat information. Thank you for digging it out and sharing it. You must have been your Mack salesman’s best friend in 1979! What was the big project in 79-80 that you were building up the fleet for? Dave
  7. Neat that you found the post John. Any details or more photos that you can share? DavCut
  8. American Trucker did the Bandit run a few years ago.... DavCut
  9. I remember Ross Myers having that cab tucked away at the shop in Worcester years ago when I worked there. Neat to see that he got around to having it restored. Is this a current photo? If so I might have to make a trip to the museum to see it. Dave
  10. From the aerial photo on their website they run quite the fleet with a number of Bulldogs on the front line.
  11. Pretty sure I had a Mack calendar with a similar photo on it back in the 80s...
  12. Good morning Andy, Have you made any more progress on your International project? It’s been a great project to follow. Dave
  13. When I worked at H&K about 6 years ago they had a few older ones still on the line that were pretty tired. The drivers always seemed to take good care of the Superliners though.
  14. Do you think it’s an H&K one Mike? Mileage seems a bit low to have come out of their fleet - they have at least one that they are/were still running daily recently. More photos/details on the dealer site: https://www.coopskw.com/product/1989-mack-superliner-rws754-18p262/
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