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  1. That's quite the boat trailer your pulling in your avatar! Might need to see a larger version of that photo... Dave
  2. Maybe the owner of the trucking company was a fan...
  3. Could you hang it and then use a shop vac through the fill hole? Not sure I'd try it with a gas tank but might be okay with a shop vac...
  4. Glad to see that you have found them good homes Mike.
  5. On a positive note at least she ran once you bypassed the pump!
  6. Evening Mike. Did the new pump do the trick? Dave
  7. I had a chance to talk with a woman who was looking at the truck at the same time. She indicated that she had driven for UPS and that while the retired “package cars” were cut up for scrap the tractors were painted white and sold. Seems as if the passenger side door had a company logo (non UPS) on it from Colorado. Dave
  8. It was a nice surprise to see the MH Saturday after reading the history on this site. I hadn’t heard that it had ended up back east. Looking forward to seeing it again after the volunteers at the Mack Museum get done with it! Thank you for starting the thread and sharing the photos. Dave
  9. Looking positive for this weekend at Gerhart! Post on the ATCA Facebook Site from yesterday indicates all systems go!
  10. Just saw this and started listening to the podcast. Thank you for sharing this great content kscarbel! Dave
  11. DavCut


    Looked up the auction company’s website. No price in the CL add since the auction doesn’t end until September 15th. https://bid.orbitbid.com/lots#YXVjdGlvbltsb2NhdGlvbl09JmF1Y3Rpb25bc3RhdHVzXT11cGNvbWluZyZhdWN0aW9uW3R5cGVdPSZsb3RbY2F0ZWdvcnldPSZsb3Rba2V5d29yZHNdPVJEODg4U1gmbG90W2xvY2F0aW9uXT0mbG90W21pbGVfcmFkaXVzXT0yNSZsb3Rbc3RhdHVzXT1hbGw. Looks to be at least 5-1/2 RD888SX’s in the auction. Dave
  12. Since Kscarbel linked to this thread I thought I’d bump it back to the front. If I’m reading his profile correctly Bid Red Owner follows this thread (though he hasn’t logged on since February 2019) so maybe he will see this and provide an update on Big Red’s status and location. DavCut
  13. A.J Blosenski runs a nice fleet. Seems to be a mix of Mack, Peterbuilt, KW and of course Autocar. Sharp looking trucks all painted in company colors. DavCut
  14. Looking forward to seeing more videos Andy. Keep up the great work! Dave
  15. Neat old film kscarbel. Thank you for posting it. DavCut
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