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  1. That’s too bad it didn’t work out Brad. The material supplier my Dad worked for was a predominately Mack fleet, until they started buying front discharge mixers. I believe most of those were Oshkoshes. Seems as if I remember him saying the contractors were demanding the front discharge rigs so if you wanted to play in their sandbox you had to have them. They did find that they could get around sites better with the all wheel drive than a standard rear discharge trucks. Problem became that when they did got stuck they really got stuck! Dave
  2. How’d it work out Brad? When you first posted about the truck you sounded pretty positive about it. Dave
  3. Noticed that you haven’t posted in over a week Skippy. Hope all is well with you and the family and that you’ve just been too busy with the project to post. Dave
  4. Hope everything goes well Monday Joey and they are able to help you resolve this quickly. Dave
  5. Sorry to hear of your loss OD. I’m very fearful of our dogs getting out into the road. I’m sure Ollie is with Other Dog barking about you and sharing stories.
  6. Looks like you have a nice collection of signs Mike.
  7. The cab/hood looks to be as long as the bed! Makes me wonder if @hurstscrambler has made any more progress with his 210.... Dave
  8. Thank you for your efforts Terry! Dave
  9. How are you feeling this morning Joey?
  10. Good morning Joey. How are you feeling today? Has your wife been spared so far? I fear that if either my wife or I get it the other won’t be far behind. Dave
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience Joey. Hope that you continue to feel better every day! Dave
  12. If you’re looking to put her to work you might see if the local mulch suppliers are looking for truckers. You will most likely max out on volume before you get close on weight. My Dad worked for one back in the day and they could never get enough trucks, especially in the spring. Looking forward to more updates. Dave
  13. I had to go take another look at the photos to see where Mark came up with the JDM reference as I didn’t see the telltale dark green. then I didn’t see the mud flap.... Is the dump body an open back rock body of some sort Mike? Kinda looks that way with the apron angle and the chain hung mud flaps. To your point Mark I wonder if John Haines’s kids, will ever restore a 2020 Kenworth as a piece of company history. Dave
  14. We lived off Morton Street, not too far off 138. I remember driving by Will and A.A Will when we would head north to see my grandparents. Seems as if there was a Case dealer along there closer up to 128 too... Great memories! Dave
  15. I was only 6 at the time living in Stoughton, MA. I remember my Dad telling stories of sleeping on store shelves at the Mall in Braintree, MA during the Blizzard. He was in truck sales at the time and plowed on the side for one of his customers - P. Caliacoo out of Quincy. At one point they sent out a loader to blaze a trail for the fuel truck to get to the fuel depot but then the loader ran out of fuel before they got there and they had to send another loader to finish the trip. Dave
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