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  1. Neat that you found the post John. Any details or more photos that you can share? DavCut
  2. American Trucker did the Bandit run a few years ago.... DavCut
  3. I remember Ross Myers having that cab tucked away at the shop in Worcester years ago when I worked there. Neat to see that he got around to having it restored. Is this a current photo? If so I might have to make a trip to the museum to see it. Dave
  4. From the aerial photo on their website they run quite the fleet with a number of Bulldogs on the front line.
  5. Pretty sure I had a Mack calendar with a similar photo on it back in the 80s...
  6. Good morning Andy, Have you made any more progress on your International project? It’s been a great project to follow. Dave
  7. When I worked at H&K about 6 years ago they had a few older ones still on the line that were pretty tired. The drivers always seemed to take good care of the Superliners though.
  8. Do you think it’s an H&K one Mike? Mileage seems a bit low to have come out of their fleet - they have at least one that they are/were still running daily recently. More photos/details on the dealer site: https://www.coopskw.com/product/1989-mack-superliner-rws754-18p262/
  9. I don’t remember hearing the fate of the Superliner that you used to drive with the frame issues. Seeing that your still in the R I’m guessing the Superdog is still sidelined. You keep the R looking great! One of the things I enjoy about living in the Philly area is all the old Macks that are on the road every day. DavCut
  10. Great photo! I was introduced to this truck by my Dad at the ATHS show in Marlborough Massachusetts back in the early 90’s. If I’m remembering the story correctly Dad had moved equipment around eastern MA with this truck for his uncle, Howard Blades, who was the second owner. Dad knew it was the same truck due to the groves on the capstan winch drum from his uncle using cables instead of ropes. Is the truck still owned by Ted Valpey? If I remember correctly Ted had purchased it back in the late 80’s early 90’s from the Blades family and completed the restoration just before the Marlborough show. Ted’s daughter is an artist who created an amazing drawing of this truck. As far as I know my Mom still has a print copy hanging in her home. Thank you for the memories! DavCut
  11. Two amazing pieces of Mack history.
  12. Thank you Red Horse. It was great to meet and talk with you. I did catch up with Danny. Maybe someday after I get my kids through college and pay for weddings I’ll be able to have a truck of my own... DavCut
  13. Great day and no mud this year! Nice to meet some of the BMT family at the Watts tent and around the show. DavCut
  14. A major loss to the preservation of old iron - especially snow removal related equipment. I had the opportunity to see him in action at the Kemp Auction in NH. He appeared to be grabbing everything that he could to keep it from the scrap hunters. I was especially impressed with the work he was putting into the recreation of a 1928 Linn Truck with what has been established as the first hydraulic Gradall mounted on it. From the photos he was basically starting with a painted shell of the original machine and recreating it piece by piece. Previous "restoration" had been basically paint only. Last I had seen online Daryl had it back to running and operating. Amazing dedication! Apparently God had a complex rigging or truck restoration project that he needed an expert to take care of. RIP.
  15. Don't forget about the John Haines show on the 28th of October.
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