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  1. Hello, I have a 1973 Mack DM895SX with rock dump on the farm. It runs great. ENDT865 engine. 69000 rears. I know that these trucks are amazing. I'm near Ottawa Canada. Cheers,  Art

  2. Any western Pennsylvanians; Cooney Brothers Coal Co. had if I recall correctly a very stout black Superliner dump truck with a Ti-Brook aluminum bed in their hay day. Does anyone have photos of that truck they could share?
  3. This was such a cool truck in SWPA in the 90's and early 2000's...wouldn't take much to have it whipped back into shape!
  4. My one lonely reference photo and where we sit this evening...
  5. Why I was asking, I'm replicating the Bowser truck in 1/24th scale...
  6. I need to know if they still have and perhaps a way to contact for a little science project!
  7. Anyone here familiar with Bowser Milk out of Kittanning, PA and their Mack Superliner tractor?
  8. Post photos of the truck please? And "Thunder Dog" as in a red MH cab over??
  9. I've seen guys go upwards of 1200 bushel and then some...
  10. Mosser! That truck is top notch, whoever bought got an awesome truck!!
  11. Tis the season where there are a lot of old Mack's back to work hauling corn and soybeans from the field to the grain dryer here is SWPA and elsewhere in America. Maybe we can showcase some of those cool trucks getting it done. I'll start...
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