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  1. Smokestack Elbow Rust-out

    A new 4 or 5 inch elbow is $20-30. A scraper would have one for around $10. My question is if you are foil and duct taping the truck together what else are you skimping on? Brakes,air and fuel lines, tires, all need to be in good condition to have a truck road worthy. Safety for yourself and others should come before foil and duct tape. Spend a few dollars and save a life, maybe your own. I apologize in advance if I am reading your post wrong, but what you are asking puts a bad light on keeping old iron running.
  2. E-9 Allison

    "Any thoughts" There is nothing wrong with a good running E9-500 and a 15spd. Is there something wrong with your left foot and right hand. The only thing I can think of to do all that work for Allison conversion is to get out of shifting. Should be an RTO for a 15spd and they almost fall into each gear. As for twin turbos, take and run it as is. Being a Parts Runner and mostly unloaded there is more than enough power and fun to spare. No one is going to do turbo and fuel work for you these days but a very few for good money if at all. A bigger single turbo, raised RPMs, timing, clutch and stuff that goes along with it is more than most guys can handle or drive train for that matter. If more than one driver is going to drive it don't even consider modifications. You will be running for more parts to fix it than you want. Emissions is not going to pass if that is a concern with added fuel and boost. Leave it alone and just keep it running and shifting right. You and it don't have anything to prove on the road. Don't think you will be able to sell it, when it is time, with and Allison and engine mods but only for a "play truck". I have a Superliner and 18spd that was turned up good and have been turning it down little by little ever sense. Just my thoughts,
  3. E-9 Oil out the breather

    There are two issues that you may have being major engine work was done a short mileage ago but 26 years ago. The first is that the baffle was not put back into the valley to keep oil from going out the breather tube. That would be an EZ fix. Provided there is not a lot of blow-by that can be the problem as well. There should be very little air/vapor coming out of the tube in the first place with a "new" engine. If there is a lot of blow-by it can only be one thing, piston rings and possible liners. But a lot can happen in 26 years of basically sitting around. Is oil fresh? Good oil pressure? Is power good? Need some more information to narrow it down.
  4. E-9 Allison

    Only place I have seen an E9 with Allison is a few semi sled pulling trucks in Ohio. The Sanders Pulling Trucks ran them. Talked to one guy that had an Allison, pulled it out and put an 18spd back in. I was interested in the trans for drag racing but no deal so it is still sitting somewhere. I don't think there was an Allison option for an E9 from Mack.
  5. DAMMIT!

    It happens too all of us and it sucks. Just fix it and move on. By the way looks real nice else wise.
  6. Wanted 85-90 R Model No/Blown Motor

    Sounds like boat ride material, truck just has to run, new poster, no Thanks, Good Luck Fishin.
  7. RW Air Ride Assist on Front Axel

    Any pressure will take a percentage of the load off the leaf springs. The more pressure raises the ride height Or if a load was on compensate for the reduced loaded hight. I am using the 110psi to get a ride height to clear the fender flares. It can works like rear airride, the more air the more load you can put on and maintain a ride height. Just thinking a ride height valve can be used on the front axle like on the rear to self level.
  8. RW Air Ride Assist on Front Axel

    No there is still about 2-3 inches of travel on the the shocks that were on it. The air bags are rated for around 3200 pounds each and only help the leaf spring. This raises the height about 2 1/2 with 110 lbs of air. There is a lot of difference in front end height if you look at different Superliners. There is more than one shock length made for the RW but these ones work fine. You can see the difference in height on the shock paint in the photos. There was no adjustment in the steering linkage to center the steering wheel ether.
  9. I have not seen anyone doing this here at BMT but it worked out really well for me. I needed a little more clearance for Floats on the front of the Superliner for fender clearance. I have Australian fender flairs on it and they decrease the fender opening about an inch all around. First was tiring to find springs to increase the height about 2 1/2 inches or so and not just add a block that would not give me more suspension travel. Or extra leaves that would make it "ride like a Mack truck" even more so. Ether way it was the dollars that it would cost to do the work. Most spring shops said that they had to have the truck to even start with. There are no spring shops in Arizona that would even consider doing what I wanted. This is what I came up with for a few hundred $$ The ride height can be adjusted from side to side if separate air is supplied to each, nice to get the front end perfectly level. I did see the systems offered for around $1000 but none were for a RW that I saw. This cost $180 for the bags, $14 for steel and bolts, $20 for air fittings and hose, $4 for paint, 3 hours time to do 5 with the beer break... I need to make a shim and add a little clearance for the draglink bolt.
  10. r 700 v8

    Think another member here got it. He just said he found a 72 R700 for $900 so assume he got it, right Mike Glad it is in good hands and another Dog save from the crusher or boat ride.
  11. That non intercooled engine is one of the few that I have seen, Very Cool. If I had one it would be in my B model instead of an 866. Is there an accurate count of the late E9 production? Looking at the .doc and there are fare less E9's than actually built. There were approx. 15000 MH's built with 2/3 of them having E9's. That is approx. 10,000 in Cabovers alone plus all the other applications. How many RW and CL's where built with them in the USA and Australia? I can not find the actual numbers but would really like to know. There are the marine and military variants as well as DM's. There were many more than 3768 E9's and variants built between 81- 99, if so that would come out to 210 engines a year. I thought I saw something like 15,000 of them in that time span. Is there any information on the number of E9's with inline pumps built opposed to the V pump.
  12. Mack letters for hood

    Got a good set of the tinted plastic vert shades off a Superliner. Just need to retape them and stick them on. Should work but I didn't like them as it covered up the top of the window and restricted the view. PM me and I can get you a photo if interested. Hood letters are in two sizes and are on Ebay regularly at OK price.
  13. Valve timing

    Can't say that timing to the wrong marks would not make a difference in performance and a lot of valve noise. But the fact is that not to many shops even Mack shops have a guy that knows these engines any more. In Az the Mack shop hasn't have an E9 in for service in the last ten years. The only way mine are running is I do the work. Valve timing is not that hard just follow the manual, set the bridge then set the rocker clearance. It is just one more step from setting valves in a Chevy, Ford or Hemi for that matter. Just remember cylinder numberings is like a Ford. The Dynatard engine brake is just there to make a little noise and not much of anything else. What are you getting for fuel milage? I am around 5.5-6.0 MPG under 70MPH@1500RPM's or about 4 loaded running 75 MPH@1650RPM's and keeps dropping for every mile faster, just a ballpark range. These E9's can drink with the best of them if the hammer is down. Bobtailing 7.2 and having a blast up to 75 MPH. Power to spare but at the cost of fuel mileage.
  14. floor mat

    Knew it was a bird of some kind, Goose, Swan, Duck... Decent Reproduction piece but does need to be hand fit, reworked.
  15. floor mat

    I restored my LTL about 2-3 years ago and gave $700 for a NOS L cab mat. The man had 2 of them and a lot of other perfect or NOS parts. Not cheap but.... I think the last R and B cab mats I got were over $200 from Mack when they had them. $200 for any NOS mat is a deal. Consider the time and care it took for years to still have a usable NOS part. Triple or more the original price would be the starting point just to break even. As for patterns even an old mat can be used for patterns. To go on I sold the good old headliner kit after my restoration for $200. That was a fraction of the $800 plus shipping I paid Lancaster Upholstery for a new one when they still made them. By the way the man had a few sets of Goose Island hoods for LT's for $1200 a set. Never mounted on truck. His name was Glen.