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  1. Nice! There is a lot to work with there. If I didn't have one it would be mine. New wheels and tires on it are about half the asking price. If someone here gets it I got two fenders that are perfect to go on it in primer. Had then for my LTL but I have a really good set on it now.
  2. Wow! That Steering wheel looks like new, no cracks anywhere. Only my observation for Originality but it is on the wrong side of the truck
  3. This is your answer to the question Dayton or Bud hubs? Sorry for thinking you had Dayton hubs to go with Dayton rims. My misunderstanding. Just my ignorance but I have never come across a 24 inch Bud rim. 20 and 22 tube type,22.5 and 24.5 tubeless inch yes. But 24 inch no. You got a photo of the tire and rim?
  4. CEAT tires are on my truck and put on it about 15 years ago and are not made by CEAT anymore. The ML tires are available in the 11.00-24 size are from Specialty Tires of America and their contact info is: Main Office and Factory 1600 Washington Street Indiana, PA 15701 Get Directions
  5. No I do not mean 24.5 rims as they will not fit on 24 inch spoke hubs. What I am saying is changing to a new rim/tire size is a lot of work and finding the part for a 60 year old truck is not that easy ether. The easiest thing is replace the old tires with new ones of the same size and type. A tubeless tire can not be mounted on a tube type rim even with a tub, the lip is a different design. As fare as the STA tire it is period "time" correct for the age of your truck and you need to call STA to get price and availability, they may have front tires but only special order. The 10.00-22 tir
  6. I stated: Went through this whole thing over 15 years ago. There are no major brand american made tub type truck tires anymore. I wanted highway tires and do not know what you use your truck for. That is when the Ceat tires where put on my truck. As you indicated they do not make these tires anymore. This is the STA tire. Superlug® Special ML Features and benefits: Drive wheel tire for on and off-road service – see service limitations below
  7. Went through this whole thing over 15 years ago. There are no major brand american made tub type truck tires anymore. I wanted highway tires and do not know what you use your truck for. Specialty Tires of America does have 11.00-24ML and 12.00-24ML sizes listed and not ridiculously priced. Speed rating is 50MPH for these tires. I really do not know of any truck that runs these tire capable of 50MPH. You did not specify what you are using the truck for. Regional/Vocational use the ML tire would be fine. There are Mining tires that are offered in these sizes as well and have a higher load r
  8. With all that is needed in a tank for you only a new one will work. Never seen a used tank without dents, or corrosion at least around the straps being used on a truck around Pennsylvania. Alumitank can make you a new one and you get everything you want. They really do make a nice tank and do what ever you specify. The second set of tanks on my Superliner were made by them and are perfect.
  9. I go be the old story I was told, so it is a really old story now. A dog is your best friend and being a best friend you never point your ass towards your friend only someone passing by. I'd rather have a dog lick me that have his ass in my face as with the mirrors! Same with the mudflaps. I have always pointed the faces in and was told that was correct by many people. That is why they made right and left facing bulldogs, Respect the drivers! I was told by one guy that they should be facing outward to bark at the passers by buy not correct, I like the other way just asses out an
  10. This LTL has a 245" wheelbase. It lived it's life on the West Coast.
  11. Darton Sleeves may be your best bet, they made custom sleeves for one of my engines that a piston failed . Total Seal may make rings. Headgaskets?? Hard to find 20 years ago, Good Luck. I would not worry about originality if any parts are available at all.
  12. Hi welcome to BMT see your a newbie. I would suggest to start a new post with a topic that you choose. It is hard to help you if your post is in someone else's that has nothing to do with you want to talk about. Plus it distracts from the topic. I had a few 864's, 20 years ago and found that even then parts were hard to get and no one works on the rotary pumps anymore around here. When my B-755 was restored a 866 replaces the 864. Parts were available to rebuild the 865/866, back then. I don't think that would be a option now because of no parts for them as well. Maybe think of repowering
  13. Pm me with photos and price. Thanks
  14. Like it! See the Mack A/C is working well. Vents open and windows down.
  15. Those sure do not look like anything for a B Model cab. Thing you need to call the supplier and ask them if they sent the right kit. Interior panels consist of a headliner and lower cab back panel that is about it.
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