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  1. NICE... Except for that second R/T time... Sleeping, I mean snoring at the light.👍
  2. It was rebuilt by Global Industrial Automatics in Tucson Arizona. I worked with Richard there to get it set up with higher shift points and quicker clutch engagements, super guy to work with and knows Allison Transmissions. There are no super duty parts for the HT Series trans as they are super duty already. We did not over ride the shift governor yet until we get a few runs in to see what it does. So just leave it in first gear and it will shift at the governor through the gears for racing. The old Chevy turbo 400 would do the same thing, not for the faint of heart to drive that way. Rated at 1450 lbs/ft torque (continuous) at load. That said in racing an old Chevy 2 speed Powerglide was rated around 275 hp but with a few mods can easily handle 900 hp or more in a light car. Same here 11-12 second run at full throttle with only the weight of the tractor, it will be fine behind 6000 lbs/ft or so of torque. It is an Allison cable shift HT754CR, 5 speed with lockup in 3rd gear so acts like a 6 speed. It has the big high stall torque converter. The reason for the cab over is ease of lifting the cab to work on everything in the open.
  3. Just browsing Ebay 10/2/2019 in Vintage Mack parts and found a mislabeled Quad box as a 5x2 trans. Closer look and it is a very rare complete with PTO duel disc clutch Quadraplex with needed equally rare bellhousing. This is the first complete one I have seen for sale in 20 years. If you need it, get it for $495. A smoking DEAL even if it needs work. There will not be another one I am sure in a long long time if ever.
  4. That is the color that I remember all Mack engines were painted in the early 60's. My engine and trans are that same color in my B. Then came the silver, gold, red and a few blue engines in the late 60's, 70's and 80's. Almost forgot gray and black for Mack used in the 80's and 90's. Those colors are only for Mack engines not other manufactures engines available in a Mack. Hope the memory is correct.
  5. The large aluminum horizontal shuttered grill/radiator was available on both B-6XX series and B-7XX series. It was for added cooling for larger horsepower engines. I have see the smaller vertical shutters and grill on B-7XX series trucks as well. The easy way to tell the difference between a B-6XX and B-7XX is the fender extensions (behind the fender) and longer hood. Also the cab floor will have a drop pan in the B-7XX series.
  6. Well when progressive laws are made about sound guess there should be a law about the thumping from massive bass speakers in cars and pickups. Adding mowing your lawn before 7:00 am, backyard parties, barking dogs, loud kids having fun, etc. Wait a minute there are laws about all these infractions too. Then enforced, because there are no better tickets to write, Right? Not going though PA anytime soon so the straight pipes are staying, just call me an Outlaw.
  7. I have seen actual tags on turbos before stating a muffling device. My Superliner and B model both have straight pipes and they never seemed to loud to me. No louder at idle than any other truck. I can only hear a little rumble when the window is down cruising down the road. But my Harley is the same way and I know it is loud on the highway, I just don't hear it even with the stereo off. Never been stopped or told I needed to get any machine quieted down, just it sounds good and healthy. Think paint was used for the whitewalls. Don't remember 20" truck tube type tires offered that way. It does look good!
  8. That is Just Fu..in cool. Wish times were like that now!! White walls and all.
  9. You want it and buy it, I'll go get it and store it in my lot for a month or so till you get it picked up. You got one why stop at just one? I'm sure it is rust free to start with. Noticed there is almost a full tank of fuel in it, that is about $600 by itself. OK idle oil pressure and it makes air, all good signs.
  10. I have been there and done or thought all of what you are saying. It took me 20 plus years to get my setup together so time and money were big factors or at least for me they was. If your trucks have trouble running on to trailer it would be a lot easier to fix them right to not need a winch. The only time I have non-running truck on the trailer is when I first buy them not running and the place loads them for free. Different states have different tag and historic plate laws. One thing I found is here in AZ you can not get around WEIGHT. I had Historic plates on the B model for a short time to find out that there is a 10,000 lb limit. Had to get commercial plates for all as nothing I got weights less than 14,000. Got to pay for weight going state to state. There are some other limitation as well but I go cross country and it would be hard to explain to an out of state officer at 2:00 am in the morning the finer points of out of state historic tags on a tractor with commercial plates on a Landoll trailer and to think there was going to be a positive outcome. An antiques truck sticks out, let alone fire trucks, so blending into the normal crowd on the highway is not likely. There are no antique 53 foot 102 wide trailers to find, 53 footers are a resent thing from what I know. Wishful thinking but you are playing with big toys understand, they come with a big price and big responsibility too. Hope you are not saying that DOT would have issues with your stuff. Antique or current safety should be your first priority. Truly best of luck.👍
  11. If you got deep pockets anything is possible. Safety and weight should be paramount in any decision for equipment selection. Sounds like you got an eye on the tractor but not on a trailer. Landoll type trailers are not common at all at 53 feet and big bucks if you find one. A new one is only for a company working it every day. One is on my wish list but not going to happen for me. Going to a few shows a year a single drop deck might be a feasible option. Even 53 foot single drop decks are not that common. Add the removable aluminum ramps and the effort to load and unload trucks not convenient but the cheapest way to go. One big issue with the tilt decks is they are heavy. Depending on the weight of 2 fire trucks, tractor and trailer you could be at 80,000 and not think it possible. My drop deck is 9650lbs which is tons less than what you are thinking about. My setup is just under 60,000 total, you will be considerably higher.
  12. Yep, $49 and I do remember that and the commercial to. Just did not want to show my real age. Wonder what $10 would get you in metal work? Sloping on about a quart of Bondo back then and hit it with some 80 grit?
  13. LOL.... You know that anything green will sell, doesn't have to run but Damn it has to look GOOD.... Looks like they sprayed it down with Tire Shine like at the cheap truck wash. Back in the day back in Cleveland, Earl Schibb "painted" if you call it that any car for $149.95 Leave the windows down and they'd spray the interior for free, guess they forgot to roll down the windows,
  14. It maybe a governor issue buy more than likely it is not. I drove a few trucks that were really touchy just bobtailing around. Get a trailer behind them with a little load and they smooth right out. Some engines just like a load on to run right at any speed. The old v-pumps V8's do act like that more than a 6 cylinder. The only engine that is worse is my old supercharged 320 cummins that has a slightly turned up PT pump and I only run around bobtail. Got to slip the clutch when it starts bucking or lunging at part throttle to get it to settle down and keep in the throttle a little after that. Keeping the RPM's up seems to help the lunging as it is bumping on the high idle governor limit. Planting your boot heel helps steady your foot to. Another thought, I don't think your year engine has a puff limiter but that would certainly help dampen the throttle response and lunging.
  15. It looks like a new fangled cigar cutter or ultra shaver head for Hairy's or Bic. Need to clean the table before taking a photo because of all those white specks everywhere. 👍
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