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  1. AZ, I was looking at the LTL in your album..did you buy Itchy's LTL from California?

    1. AZB755V8



      I was in Sturgis for the Bike Rally the last two weeks. Yes, I bought Itchy's LTL several years ago. It is a great truck but needed some TLC as it sat out the last few years he had it. I took the cab off and striped it  it down to bare metal  to repair some issues for new paint. Had some stuff chromed and ceramic coated this time around. 

  2. get a hold of Brad Pederson in Calif. he had some cast a year or so ago.I think you know him.

    1. AZB755V8


      Hi Bob,

      I do not recall Brad but I may have talked to him, memory is not what it used to be. I did hear of someone casting the rear cab mount, was that Brad? It was pricy and not machined, just raw casting.

      Really could use a front engine mount. I made a steel strap that wraps under the aluminum mount to stop the engine decent if it cracks though again. 

  3. See you have some LTL frame parts. My stanchions are good but would you have a front engine mount for a 275? Mine has a crack, second one in the truck, and I would rather fine a good one than try and weld this one. Also would you have the rear aluminum cab mount? I have an aluminum rear cab mount that was damaged the first time the front engine mount broke, and the engine dropped, tearing it up with the universal joint when the trans pivoted up and front of engine went down.
  4. AZB755V8

    PSA...trains are wider than the rails they travel on

    Sad that someone lost there life just being stupid for a split second, well a few seconds anyway. But come on how can a person be so caught in the moment to "Not See the Train Coming" let alone feel the vibration under his feet. Maybe the best, that is the person that is so focused on the cell phone screen that they would probably kill someone else a day later driving a car and videoing or texting. Think people are getting dumber and dumber with each generation, case in point. Life is not a video game, can't just press reset and start over. Feel Bad, No, he could have avoided the Train, the Train could not have avoid him. Had a guy jackknife my rig by nailing me behind the cab when I was moving in a left hand turn in the left hand lane last year. My big ass trailer is mirror stainless on the back with all LED lights, really hard to not see it even if the sun is not shining. 4 lane Hwy, He came up the left berm at 55 MPH, no one in the right lane for a mile. His cell phone was laying on the car floor when they pulled him out, Dumb Ass was discharged that night, truck was in the shop for 2 months. Can't Fix Stupid!!
  5. Just trying to help with PS for those how need or wanted it. You are correct there were more truck produced into the mid 60's without power steer than with. That is when you could tell a trucker by the size of his forearm. Got a B with and an LT without. Choosing I'll drive the B over the LT any day. 👍
  6. AZB755V8

    E9 loosing prime.

    It can be as simple as the fuel return restrictor valve, back to the tank on side of pump, leaking down. This will drain the fuel from the pump galley. Easy way to tell is put a galley pressure gage in to a port or tee into supply line from charge pump, I have the gage in my dash now. After mine sits it will pop-off easily with 6 cyl then when galley pressure is above 5psi the others cylinders chime in. In the transfer pump there are 2 disk return check plates, usually a fiber disk with small spring, that can be worn and can leak fuel back to the tank that way too. Last thing if you have a hand primer on your transfer pump the shaft seal can be leaking air back in to system when truck sits a lot. It will leak air in as it is the highest point in the fuel system and not fuel out. I replaced the return valve and primer so last is the transfer pump. Once it takes more than a second for the engine to fire up and other cylinders to catch in 5-10 seconds.
  7. AZB755V8

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    If that is the price that turbo can be purchased new from a speed shop for that. Chances are the exhaust housing will need changed to work on a diesel. Checking on Jegs Speed Shops the housing are about $170. The reason for a change will be when you want to start making boost. The smaller the A/R number the lower the RPM's to spool the turbo. Other thing is the amount of boost, these turbos will make 50PSI Plus with no issues. Injectors and pump need to be worked on for flow and timing to balance the increase in air going though the engine. If you have emissions testing I would not do it. With added PSI everything else need to be looked at. It is not as simple as bolting a big PSI turbo on and go like hell. Head bolts, couplings and gaskets seem to snap or fail at elevated boost pressures.
  8. AZB755V8

    floor mat

    Photo's or it does not exist, engine and truck, Please. PM me if Bob does not have the mat he started the post with. The contact I have for a NOS L Cab floormat sold one to me for my LTL. He may still be around and have one left.
  9. No, I have not been to his yard. Been in AZ for 15 years and only back to PA for family and Macungie show a few time since. He is up for new and different things like that JD project. I made the aluminum fender panels for his black and red B75 that he used the radiator for the intercooler and put another radiator in back of for engine coolant. Can't remember if it was an intercooled Mack or Cummins engine. Think he sold that truck years ago.
  10. I know Kevin All and a little on the steering box. When I was looking, some 15 years ago, to do the power steering change over I traded Kevin for some parts and knowledge. The box mounts in the same location as the original, have to drill frame for different mounting bolts. I got a power steering box from him to work with a 6cyl. engine, I have a V8 and this convention will not work for a V8, just no room. Besides mounting the new box the lower end of the steering column shaft need to be cut and a universal joint keyed to the shaft. A short splined shaft mounts on the box and mates with universal joint. Supply and return hydraulic lines need to be run to a pump and reservoir. I still think I have the power steering box from Kevin if anyone is interested. $200 plus the shipping. I'll go look for it if someone is interested. PM me.
  11. Kenny, You are not starting off on BMT with a good note. First we all can read and Bold print is not necessary and is used rarely. As in this thread You must read and not ask if something is sold or where it is located as in another post if the truck is sold, sold ,sold.... especially back in August 2015 as stated here. We are here to help with anyone interested in knowing about Mack Trucks. Your second tip-off was your Frightliner, not misspelled so get with the program good buddy.👍
  12. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    The Cobra body is polished aluminum with brushed strips. Same material as the original ones built in the 60's. Kirkham Motorsports in Utah has the bodies and frames roughed built in Poland. They then finish the rest here in the USA the customer has to supply the engine. Copper and Bronze bodies are options but way more money and 400lbs plus heavier. This car is a little over weight with that engine at 2600lbs. Fuel adds 270 more plus me. It ends up about 3lbs per HP for power to weight ratio.
  13. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    No damp roads here but oil at intersections is a big issue. If it rains it is like ice starting and STOPPING. Yes, a Cobra can get out of hand in a split second, that is what makes them fun and a hand full in any configuration. Not for the faint of heart to be behind the wheel. Have had people (women) screaming from first gear on and getting out with a smile on their faces and shaking, no wet seat yet but said close! That was after having them strapped in with a racing harness. This all under 75MPH and in third gear of course.
  14. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    RR has alway been Adequate in every way, maybe some day I'll drive one, maybe never own one. No.... HP Rated "Just About Enough" and detuned at that, down to about 1000HP at the crank. There are but VERY few places to crack it open due to street conditions, like the boys in blue, without drawing BIG attention. I got a CDL to worry about too. License Plate reads "Venomis" Misspelled but we only have 7 digits to work with in AZ. Funny but no one can USE that kind of HP in the car or truck that was 1000HP at crank or to the wheels. BUT it is nice to know that it is there if ever needed.... 👍
  15. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    Not a stock 500. This was a sled puller from Wisconsin back about ten years ago known as Thunderdog. The modes were done by Steve Trevetz the V8 Mack Engineer and the inline pump and injector work was at Antrum Diesel. Was wheel Dyno'd in Wisconsin once all together. Dyno quit reading at 1158hp with more to go. Ya, 1200hp was an understatement. I have a smaller turbo, still makes 65psi but at lower RPM's, on it now as it just would not pull a trailer and always "under the turbo" at cruise speed. The silver box in the top right corner is an added Liquid to air inter-cooler, after the air to air, that really helps for short periods. Flows 1.25 gallons a second of ice water for about 15 seconds then ice is gone in a 20 gallon tank in back locker. It does need a huge clutch and Rockwell lockers to hook-up!! It is a 93-94 Black CL700 motor with the factory chrome valve covers.

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