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  1. I had my truck guy that is really good with A/C do mine. He vacuumed the system then added 6 oz of oil which is very important then added 2 lbs of 134r. The 134r has 2oz of oil per pound as well. We ran it and fine tuned it with the high and low pressure gages. Added another 8oz of 134r and it has been running ICE cold since. He said that the gage pressure are the tell-tail for the right amount refrigerant. I did convert from R-12 to R-134 because of the R-12 getting real hard to come by here.
  2. NHRA is a joke! The only thing that they want are the three PRO classes, alcohol dragster and funnycar look like on the way out, and the heck with everyone else why race? Racing what you got is what drag racing is all about. I could not agree more to having EVERY safety precaution on a 250mph plus car. But to harass every common weekend warrior about crap then say that will by $50 here, $100 more there, $200 need to fix that, to race on top of what it takes to have a really nice race car to begin with. Then the NHRA is wondering about low attendance for national events and why the common classes are shrinking.... it an't hard to figure out. A day at the track is a minimum of $500 for car, truck ,trailer, fuel, food, tires, fees and that is if nothing breaks to just go and run low 9's and have a little fun!! Oh, that is with $22,000 in just a good HEMI engine then plus the rest of the car and my time. I street raced way back, so did my car, when and think it was one of the stupidest things I did in my youth. But where are guys suppose to race with all the BS with NHRA? There are the Demons, GT500's, Corvettes, and more that as advertised as sub 10 second cars off the showroom floor. Where can a guy run even these cars without ALL the stuff NHRA requires? Just me but.... just BS. 👎
  3. Totally old school but a pair of Predator one barrels on alcohol would certainly work. If I remember they were about 1000cfm. Rules are there for a reason, but the art of getting around them was been almost lost. I hate rules, then rules on rules, to stop what racing is all about, going FASTER, but with safety in mind.
  4. 41 Chevy: How do you feel about being Black Flagged for doing what you and your car have done to years? I had the same situation several years ago at Vegas at the Hemi Shootout. My car has been a real race car since almost birth, 65 Plymouth SS, real factory lightweight, with all the updates including diaper, seat restraints, current dated harness, flexplate, etc. I have been drag racing since I was 17 and that was a long time ago with safety as paramount. They black flagged me for going TO FAST at a dragstrip. Haden't had the car out in years and was basically test and tuning just like you going FASTER every run and bumping at mandatory chute at 150mph, which I knew of, but car NEVER went 150. When I got called to the tower I said that and they did not want to hear it. My final test run was 9.32@147mph. So the old MOPAR was gettin it done and still had better ET to go. So was ALLOWED to enter elimination with with a 10.00 dial-in. Pedaled it with a 10.22 lost by .047 on purpose pulled right into the trailer and have NEVER been back to a strip. Fact is that it take a lot of time and money to have a competitive car pay all the BS fees to race then tell me I'm to fast... even-though both me and the car have been racing for the past 35 years... WTF. 👎 👎
  5. A single axel B-73 with 5th wheel is less than 12,000 pounds or 6 ton. You can haul it on probable the same trailer as your steam engines.
  6. Setting the valve lash is the same as an E9 except you do not have set the bridge first. There is no bridge on a 2 valve ENDT865. Lash clearances is listed on the valve cover tag. Got both engines and set valves real EZ as long as you can bar the the engine over, both with Dynatard. Don't worry if the Tard does not work, it is useless anyway on both engines. By the way the E9 head gasket will not work on the ENDT865/866 series engines, Different bore and fire ring diameter. 865 gaskets are still available at least in Australia I am told from Mack. END864 is totally different as well.
  7. I like the Green leaker but when it had the Maxidyne, that was PURE SEX on wheels and all Why Oh Why did the swap happen?
  8. No snow in the Phoenix valley, elevation 1100 ft.. Whiteriver is only 30 mile up the mountain from Phoenix. I see snow when I want to. Go from 80-90 degrees in Phoenix to 10 degrees in Flagstaff in 1.5 hours, 120 miles, 80 MPH average, to ski, Snow Bowl slope, it runs 9:00am-5:00pm, when back down the mountain and jump in the pool at night at 80 again. Best of both worlds.... True the only time my 2007 F-350 Dully was in the snow was in Flagstaff several times and when I went back to Ohio for Christmas one year. Funny these people can not drive in the rain or snow, I was having a blast in snow and 4 wheel drive being from Ohio. As I said there is no rust or bastard bolts to torch off. Working on this stuff is just like it came from the factory. But as soon as you expose it to water and salt it's rust clock starts ticking. In the Saturn car thing, those body panels are plastic not metal. Bought one for the father-in-law, Worked on a few back in Ohio, looked good but under the plastic the metal body structure rusted like hell, plastic kept the moisture in. Sort of like Tupperware. Pontiac Fiero, wife first car, the car from hell as I called it, was the same plastic skin and rot from underneath. Get rid of the moisture and the rust and corrosion will stop. My brother got my 1998 F-350 in 2008 from me here. In 5 years he was asking me to find doors and tailgate. Wheel well lips were rusted through and exhaust was gone.
  9. That maybe true up in the mountains but not around here. Of course bringing back a vehicle from a low moisture environment to rain and snow, salt is just going to expose it all. There are stone chips, dents, cracked paint, no paint that are no big deal here but back in the rain and snow belt is a death warrant. Sorry, I understood after reading your first question. There is nowhere to get a car that is NOT going to rust or corrode, in the case with aluminum, in 4-5 years in the environment you live. That is even with a new one. Corvette maybe for upper body preservation or move to a different climate to increase overall car life expectancy.
  10. I would say Arizona is the place to pick up a vehicle. Yes there is a lot of sun damage, exposure, to more than a few but far from all. Most higher end cars are perfect, low milage, garage kept and service maintained. I have had fiends come out and drive a few back to Ohio for themselves. I lived there and everything underneath is rust after a few years, after 20 plus years in AZ everything is just as it came from the factory plus a little collected dirt and dust. Had traded a 2007 F350 last year and it was on a truck back East before I drove the new one off the lot. It was great even interior, paint, except for the engine, the reason I traded it. started to leak fuel into the coolant, I put $10k into the engine already. You can more than count on the A/C working good, have original exhaust, etc. There are military and civilian aircraft stored out here for a reason, no corrosion due to low moisture. Tires, hoses, belts, bad fuel are a different issue even stored inside over time. Best thing is no mildew or interior smell. Original age is a trend here now, patina and faded paint, interiors, is something that guys pay big money to replicate. Some even strip the paint and want the rain and sun do its thing. Not my taste but desirable to some. Got to admit at shows these guy's alway have someone to talk to about a clean original survivor. The foe paint and aging not so much.
  11. Sorry for you loosing a good friend. I can totally relate, with my St Bernard gone now for 4 weeks. He lived a great life and made it to past 11 years old. His Australian Shepard buddy is lost for the time being. Funny but the things that you talk about that were a bother are the first things you miss. The snoring, farting, tripping over him at the bedroom door at night, wolfing down food, scaring the crap out of people that came to the front door and in my case in the pool everyday of the year and try to come in the house soaking wet. Swore I would never get another big dog but now waiting on a litter of pups to be born in a week and pick out one or two. I feel your lose.
  12. The evaporator coil is in the air box under the dash. The condenser coil is mounted in front of the radiator or a Grilldenser. Maybe a little confusion there. i did have to find the one condenser coil that matched the size I had to fit it into. The CL 700 parts worked perfectly and I did have to tell the parts guy to special order it. Just as You said the current part as a little different in size sometimes. The new part I used was smaller and does work better in the RW. I used the Red Dot parts that are currently made and sold by the OEM, Red Dot, and others that cross reference them. Mack may not have them but Red Dot or Kysor made the units for Mack and still stock or cross reference most of the parts. Changing over to R134 takes different parts than what came on pre 1993 R-12 systems and a little retro-fitting is required.
  13. The evaporator coil is the same, I just had mine tested for $20 and reused. This is what the parts look like installed. Just cap your Grilldener ports and reroute the lines to the condenser mounted under the air2air. Part numbers for: Pump, Condenser, Dryer and showing expansion valve. Installed with new Condenser, Dryer, High pressure switch, New high pressure lines. Don't forget to get the high pressure tap in your hose fitting, I did the first time. (red cap) New pump, was shinny until running in rain for a couple of hours. Get low pressure tap in hose fitting. (blue cap) n New condenser mounted under the air2air between radiator and hood bracket. Driver side view of condenser. Plenty of room but I did move the radiator back 1 inch. It was not needed with this version of condenser coil that is thinner than older ones.
  14. To convert system is replacing the condenser coil in the grill, expansion valve, pump, high pressure switch, dryer and higher pressure lines. Use the same evaporator coil and everything else. I had the Grilldenser used in the 88 Superliners and switched to the 94-96 CL700, R134 condenser which fit perfectly under the air to air engine intercooler, smaller and works better. I used the original Grilldenser the first time with R134 pump and other parts, it worked but not well and seized up the pump after a year. This time I installed the new condenser coil, used the A/C this past week and could not keep it on high fan for long, it is cold! If you need part number I have the invoices, let me know. Whole thing with parts and R134 charge was around $1100. The name of the place is APPAK not appax. Phone: 602-254-1116. Great customer service.
  15. I just went through the A/C in a 1988 RW and converted the R-12 system to R-134. APPEX in Phoenix was a big help with all the parts and had most in stock. You will have the old R-12 if not converted already.
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