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  1. Those look like REAL HIGH buck options right there. Probably take a lot of rubbing and buffing to keep them in tip-top shape. But you get what you pay for.
  2. Na, Just equipped with the optional augmented head lights.Have to look at the options list before ordering. Wounder where the road lamps are hidden?
  3. 1000Bulbs.com is a good source for shop lighting, good prices and Great service. I have relight several shops with LED's is different forms, tube, bulb, High Bay, Exterior. They use fare less energy and do not generate the heat old bulbs do and really bright. The stuff is made in china as most is and I have had issues with the exterior light fixtures in the AZ heat. After two years I called and they replaced 6 of 7 of them for free, no hassle at all. They do stand behind what they sell.
  4. Can't help as there are 4 pieces to the dashboard or do you need them all? The R, DM, use the same dash with little modifications if any. If the RW dash is not available it maybe for these other model Macks. The RW dash was available about a year ago when I purchased the 2 main pieces and was going to make the other 2 to mount the gages and switches. The old original dash was metal and naugahyde covered the new one is plastic and textured. There are probably superseded part numbers that the parts guy did not look up for the parts you need.
  5. It's amazing how quick all those drafts go away when you plug up the holes. Same thing when I built my barn that top section is the worst to get up there and sealed. If a good dinner is all it took to get a little work out them you got off cheap. When you going to start working on stuff and not on the building or is this side just for storage?
  6. Boy Oh Boy, Tony has some GREAT stuff down under. That is A Real Pretty Truck👍
  7. It took a few days to check on the different bumpers that I have to look at. The 5887-MM0613 date code 03-19 made by Hendrickson is the bumper with no fog light holes that I got about 4 months ago from my local dealer. By the date code it was made this year. This currently available bumper is steel and chrome plated. It is nice chrome but not show quality, to be expected for the price. The other bumper is stainless with the rectangular fog light holes, same as in your photo, part # 24QL4430M3 date code 08-04 made by Hendrickson. The Hella lights fit perfectly as in the photo as well.
  8. The Officer: You see son them there fuel tanks are Aluminum and they ain't going to rust anytime soon, You say there's rust but I see RED die. Boy your in a heep of trouble now, so bend over real slow now Ya hear... LOL!
  9. I did the same thing as here with a Vortex SS off a Western Star. Both these cleaners are longer than stock but with the B-75's with the fender extensions it is EZ to lower them and not hit the fender as with the B-61/B-42 etc with shorter hoods. I used a 15" diameter cleaner with the same B-Model air cleaner top as this photo.
  10. Alway knew and the throttle lock works for setting a constant RPM at a job sight to run the PTO or warm up the engine in the mornings. Using the throttle lock as a Cruise Control is just Dangerous and Stupid to use it that way. Thought we were on the Electronic Cruise Control topic???
  11. This post started with Superliners but got to Cruise control on other models. Out of my wheelhouse on the newer stuff. Learn something new everyday and I'll go with it. So how far back did cruise control go with Mack engines?
  12. Don't think that electronics back then were that advanced on the E7's to support cruise control. There was no electronics on the E9 that was in those year Superliners or after that in the US.
  13. You might be waiting awhile for a response from, mackboy, he has not been on here since Feb 2017.
  14. NICE... Except for that second R/T time... Sleeping, I mean snoring at the light.👍
  15. It was rebuilt by Global Industrial Automatics in Tucson Arizona. I worked with Richard there to get it set up with higher shift points and quicker clutch engagements, super guy to work with and knows Allison Transmissions. There are no super duty parts for the HT Series trans as they are super duty already. We did not over ride the shift governor yet until we get a few runs in to see what it does. So just leave it in first gear and it will shift at the governor through the gears for racing. The old Chevy turbo 400 would do the same thing, not for the faint of heart to drive that way. Rated at 1450 lbs/ft torque (continuous) at load. That said in racing an old Chevy 2 speed Powerglide was rated around 275 hp but with a few mods can easily handle 900 hp or more in a light car. Same here 11-12 second run at full throttle with only the weight of the tractor, it will be fine behind 6000 lbs/ft or so of torque. It is an Allison cable shift HT754CR, 5 speed with lockup in 3rd gear so acts like a 6 speed. It has the big high stall torque converter. The reason for the cab over is ease of lifting the cab to work on everything in the open.
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