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  1. Found out and it has to do with the year truck was made. 55QS23 Curved handle was used up to 1979 55QS29309A Straight handle was used after 1979 Makes sense that the A designation is usually a revision for Mack Both worked with the padded interior door panels with no rubbing. Extra clearance with the 55QS29309A Found these online, New for $21 each with pins and Free shipping. By the way there are two different window crank handles.
  2. What is the correct interior door handle for a 1989 RW Superliner? I got one of both, one on each door. These are the numbers on the back of the parts: 55QS23 Curved Handle 55QS23309A Straight Handle
  3. Both doors are the same glass. A good glass shop is your best bet. If you have the old piece even cracked they can use it for a template. Had to have that done for an L cab. If you need tinted windshield glass I have a set OEM in the box, let me know.
  4. No one said Mack stuff was cheap. Most of it is built well but rust and corrosion protection was not a high priority until they started to galvanize R model metal cabs, fiberglass for the MH. All else was left to the elements. You want to play with the big dogs, buck-up. PAI has stuff but not everything. You can stay on the porch and whine like a school girl otherwise, or search for parts. I am constantly looking. LOL There are a few here that have parts but this is not the place for everything you may need. Some really good advise here as well. You ain't messing with a Yugo here. Good used parts are fine to, just have to find them which is half the fun of keeping these trucks road worthy if your's is a hobby truck. Work truck, got to have the parts now to keep them working and pay the price.
  5. I have had good luck with MH parts at Mack. Even got new windshields and gasket for reasonable price. Yes the prices are list but I have a relationship with a counter guy or two and get 15-20% off. Have to look but the lower box maybe MH specific. The tops are the same as most R models, with several finish options. Unless yours are really bad weld a 3/16" plat in the bottom and let it go, buy new tops, that is what everyone sees anyway.
  6. This is how the frame splice turned out for my RW. It was done about 15 years ago and going strong. Outside of frame front weld just ahead or rear fuel tank mount see crossmember just behind. Total double frame splice is 4 feet. Rear of splice ends at rear edge of back crossmember and welded Mid splice with frame bolts. There are a total of 12 bolts per side, 4 in each crossmember front and rear, 4 bolts mid-span per rail. Front crossmember behind fuel tank. This is where the splice would be on a MH about 4 foot in length. Happy Splicing
  7. Sure, cut the old rails behind the cab after the fish belly about 3-4 feet past. Cut the new rails to slip over the old, splice should be about 3-4 feet. New rail should go right against the widening fishbelly. Top of new frame will be about 5/16 higher than before. Have enough room to bolt a crossmember at each end of the splice. Weld the end of each frame together. Have photos of this if you need, was done to my 88 Superliner. Old rails 9.5 new rear 10.5 high and can hardly tell it was spliced. Plus the wheel base was extended to 245"
  8. The Big Six was turbocharged. I could have gotten an exhaust manifold for one a few years back but to put on what? It was to be intercooled as well.
  9. It was in the same time period as increasing the displacement of the ENDT865/866 to the E9. The heads on both the "Big Six" and E9 are the same 4 valve head. The E9 started un-intercooled at 360hp and went up from there. The Big Six would have been redundant to the E6 plus there were lower end durability issues in the prototypes.
  10. PM me. I can do a panel for you to review and start production.
  11. Up until a few years ago a lot of the R model parts were available from Mack. When I started accumulating parts for my B it was at the 25 year old mark and parts were getting harder to get. Same for my 89 Superliner, got stuff from Mack until a few years ago, about 25 years after production for that model stopped. One big thing is in 2000 Volvo took over and most of the Pre-2000 Mack factory parts have been depleted by now & by design not coincidence. Most of the B model stuff is gone too. What is left is expensive or cheap Chinese knockoffs. A lot of the guys that were interested and made the parts are retired and the diminished demand makes for low profit so why do it to feed the family? Lancaster Upholstery did make interior kits for B & L cabs but can not get the tan material anymore. I was thinking of making R model interiors by actually stitching them instead of heat setting the vinyl. Why? because I have the machine to do it that way and have the knowledge to do it. Lastly I don't need to feed the family as I am retired and would do it as long as it was fun. Even doing it this way in the USA a full R Model kit in any color would be around $1800- $2000. After paying for material and labor to make it happen and me to get $200-250 per kit. They would not be original but what I could do with the equipment I have, it would be better than factory... but who would buy these kits? Could get it done in China for far less but not by me. The stuff can be made but by who and for how much? The people you talk about in this country are gone as well as the materials and manufacturing skills, sorry to say.
  12. It's called Volmack. No need to keep older Macks around with their mentality. Volvo is not supporting something they had no involvement in. Better get the parts you can now, when there gone their gone for sure. R models are great trucks!
  13. It is well know that there is claimed horsepower & torque then there is real horsepower & torque. The other engine manufactures claimed it Mack really made it. The E9 stock had a low 1900rpm governor as compared to 2400rpm with the older ENDT866. Govern an E9 at 2500rpm, add a turbo or two, like the military version and look out it came alive with 750-950hp reliably and dependably. There are many stories of a 350 Mack out pulling a 400 or 425hp of this or that engine maker. Same for the E9 way more than a few stories of just seeing tail lights and a distinct sound passing by. I think Mack under rated more than a few of their engines to sort of keep place with the pack. The E9 was sure capable of more than 500hp and easily be tuned to do so as a few guys knew how to. This was back when all injection pumps were mechanical and a simple screw turn could make a big difference. Emissions had to do with engine ratings & fuel consumption with lower being better, Right? Who actually tested individual truck as they do now back then? In Detroit Ford, Chrysler & GM played games with HP & Torque rating of the 426 and 427 big blocks. All the Hi-performance engine were rated at 425-450hp but most put out more. Think in this case it was a governmental and insurance line that had to be towed and not exceeded.
  14. Scotty, It is your truck to make whatever you what. You need ability, money, time, patience, Enthusiast and Interest you do have, to start changing things. I read that you want to change, everything that makes it a What is an antique , Tough as it comes, hard riding, hard shifting, hard steering, hot, loud, uncomfortable, classic, leaks oil, made to last, what do you want to keep? The trucks were make to get a job done and this one survived for this long all factory original and waiting for you. It would be fare easier to put the cab and hood and fenders on a modern Ram 2500 with 5.9 Cummins, keeping the 8 foot bed, than what you are talking about. Do you have mechanical ability, not knowing trucks? Asking where to start here, sounds like a kid with a new toy, no disrespect but it is what it it is. Get it running good and road worthy, safety is first seeing you will have the wife and kids along for a ride. Tires, Brakes, Lights, Steering all in good shape is a must before changing anything. Enjoy it for a year or two before changing things, chances are it will not go together as easily as it will come apart. There are many trucks that owners have the best intentions for and never see the road again. My shortest rebuild took 2 years the longest 17 years so there are variables to any project. If it's a keep it a just my opinion though, most important have Fun
  15. Holly Crap Batman! That is Itchy's first LTL, use to be a wrecker, The Great Pumpkin. Still has his old phone number on the door. Glad to see it still around. Boy it's got some history! Great looking survivor!
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