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  1. AZB755V8

    more ponies

    Add more fuel and bigger turbo. advance the timing about 5-8 degrees.
  2. AZB755V8

    Dodge Bighorn

    Beautiful one of a kind Bighorn! Found it on Hemmings for sale. You got that right a whole crop of cabbage. New cab and all, must have been outside at Chrysler plant for the 35 years until sold in 2010 to need a new cab and full restoration. I would really like to have it but way out of my ballpark. Price: $149,000 Firm
  3. AZB755V8

    14,000 rpm??

    Are you talking english here, heard of Tap Out but not related to a Truck? At 14,000 RPM you are more like running a jet engine or is that a typo?
  4. First what one do you want, Make, slide or solid mount? Were are you located? Shipping would be a lot more than what an old 5th wheel is worth. I Got a Fontaine No Slack slider from early 80's if you want it come get it, for free, going to scrape in a few months. There are a few guys here that have them laying around if I am to far away.
  5. Should have said engine that I ever have seen or heard of in a Mack. That F model looks like it was at the end of the road. As for Big Al's, I have only heard one running the others were broke and parts were very hard to get.
  6. I heard the same thing about the 864 naturally aspirated, it was available in 1962. It was Mack's first BIG HP attempt. That was told to me by a Mack engineer the was involved with the E9. The Twin turbo 864 was available for sale starting in 1966 in F&R models. It is a shame, but truly there are very few of the 7600-8250 of those engines produced that are still running and less than 10 of the twin turbo's for sure. I have seen one or two TT in Mack fire trucks as well. There is only one engine that I know of more rare to see, a Big Al, but was never in a Mack.
  7. That is simply incredible!! The work that has been done and to just start to put it back together now. WOW!! It will be perfect I am sure. Are you keeping track of the hours and cost so far, what is the estimate on the total time and expenses you planned on? My L cab was in great shape to start when I restored it. I had a lot of money, my time and outside labor in it and NO body work was required, You are making a whole new body, just incredible. Is the frame, engine and all else being done to this level as well, it will be priceless!! I am starting to restore an 88 Superliner and almost ashamed to post the project compared to this. Outstanding!!!
  8. AZB755V8

    Allison automatic

    If that was the price I got it would be a BIG issue to. Thought my trans guy was a little high for a rebuilt dyno tested Allison at $7000. That is out right with $3000 core charge included. I do need to make an adaptor/ spacer ring between trans and engine, mount shifter. Have the drive shaft reworked for length but that is it. I am doing the trans in and out so just my time and plate of aluminum for spacer. No engine work needed as it is all mechanical. If all you are doing is swapping an existing engine/ trans into your truck that is a real high price in my book. Plus the cost of the donor truck.... No Way. Just keep you combo in that truck and put a good cut-off under the donor truck, if needed, and drive both. You'll be time and a lot of money ahead. Not to mention when you have service done in the future, no one will work on bastardized combo.
  9. Got to admit that is one VERY COOL project. Always liked the sound of a V12 Detroit and a long nose R model. Thought i was a little crazy with stuff but where are the wings going on that monster? Even with intercooling the engine cooling will be a problem if actually run to its potential for any period of time. Love it and my way of thinking!! Yep, on the old V8's to precious to be dicking with. It is nice to just see one healthy and still running. Started my 866 up today, didn't turn one rev before firing up. Volumetric efficiency is all hypothetical and face it old diesels were not to efficient to begin with. The cooler you can get the charge air at any boost pressure the better. Of course the higher the PSI the more heat that needs to be removed to make good power and have the engine live at WOT.
  10. Don't know what engine but I suspect an 864 with stock turbo's. I got a good set if you need spares. There is not much to intercool their boost at best is max 12-15 psi. at full throttle. That engine is rare enough and NO parts let alone finding head gaskets that will blow if pushing it, pump is almost maxes out as it is too. I wanted to intercool my 866 but for what, get another 30 HP maybe? It runs good at 18-20 psi boost that it rarely gets to in its retires life. Plus I don't want to have to fix it let along find parts. But I have done stranger things even as we speak liquid intercooling a 65 psi boosted E9....
  11. AZB755V8

    Allison automatic

    Doing the same thing with a HT745CR cable shift behind an E9 at the moment for the simplicity reasons. Don't need the super low first gear but instead using the 777 high torque ratio torque converter. I start now in 5th or 6th gear with an 18 speed and have plenty of torque. Then if all works out drop the rear ratio to 3.42's or 3.11's from 4.17's
  12. The thing that I run in on uploading photo here is file size. I get the error for "now" normal size I-phone size files of 2-3 Megs. I resize with a free app, Photo Size Optimizer, and all my photos work then. There used to be a Windows Office app that worked great on my old computer but with the new improved Windows it was deleted... Google the free one and see if that helps with photo downloading.
  13. AZB755V8

    Allison automatic

    Late to the party, but two things, are you considering the cable or electronic HT 750? If electronic why not a 4000 series, has 7 speeds with two overdrives and have the best of both worlds? If the old cable shift HT750 is what will work I get why.
  14. That Gray B with the twin turbo 864 maybe the truck that I was talking about for sale years ago and was yellow back then if I remember right. Yes that twin turbo V8 may have been factory installed just in another truck first. Then transplanted like the one I got. The 866 was factory installed in a R model before it was installed in my B-755. Originally a V8 truck just had the normal 864 at birth. No slam here, just happy to see one exist, factory or not!! Rare, Rare to see an 864 running let alone a twin turbo, Great looking B!! By the way if anyone wants a set of those 864 turbos in good shape for spares or to use let me know $500 plus the ride. Got base and pedestal to throw in too. Looking at the photo, that owner must keep a close look at the stacks with TWIN smoke mirrors. Maybe one stack is different from the other. LOL!!
  15. AZB755V8

    E9 learning

    If you want one now you better get it now. There are less and less of them in decent shape. The last new E9 powered Mack in the US was sold over 20 years ago in 1998. Time is not on your side here plus some other issues: There are some real fans of the E9 on here and I am one of them. The thing these days is parts are not as easy to get and pricey. A set of main bearings is over $700, a single piston kit is $600. The other huge thing is most Mack shops have not worked on an E9 for years let alone have a Tech that has or can. If you can do or know of a good guy that can work on it could be a option for great pulling power. OH, they are DEAD to Volvo, no support. That said the engine makes great power is sort of economical and best is ALL mechanical. It can pull just about anything at the 500HP rating. It can destroy driveshafts, transmissions, clutches and rear ends if hot dogged or have an inexperienced driver especially with pulling that weight. I bought a 94 CL with an E9 several years ago, or what was left, for that reason, everything was tore up except the engine and they were done with repairing it. The engine was fine though, still had crosshatch in the sleeves at 400K miles. These E9's have been known to be tuned up a lot with the inline pump. A turbo, pump and injector work is all it takes. Heat can be a problem if you really push one that is over 700HP. It can be done but you have to baby it for the most part but it will pull like a freight train.

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