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  1. The pump that I have is small for the volume of oil you will need for the setup. I did not use it for that reason, however an E9 or 825/875 pump would work. I think that drive gear was used on the bigger pump on my truck. You should have a spare pump for your stuff, if not one is on Ebay now for an E9. The thing is you will need the 3 bolt mount for a 2 bolt pump. The auxiliary drive on an 864 has the 3 bolt mount. The only thing I don't know is if the drive gears are interchangeable from engine to engine and pump to pump. The bigger tank you have would work well. If you what the mount with or without the pump $50 plus shipping, As of a few years ago the Garrison was still available new. Less than $1500 complete if I recall right.
  2. A lot of difference with that water to air setup. I did that to my E9 last year and figure about 8-10% increase in HP for about 15 seconds. No pulling out West but Drag racing is. That water gets hot fast. Make sure to run (2) 3500GPH water pumps, you'll need it. That is a honest 1.5 plus gallons a second through the intercooler. I used (2) 1.5 Diameter inlets and outlets and reinforces milk hose. You should be well over 1000HP now with all the mod's. I'll be looking for you at the PA and Ohio pulls. You change classes? I didn't think changing intercooler type was aloud in pulling.
  3. Williams and Bosch make air throttle control valves still. If there are no parts from Mack there maybe directly from Williams? If not there has to be another currant control that can be retrofitted. The air cylinders are available from many sources, not a Mack part, but maybe even a direct fit. Google: micro air cylinders. The other option is to convert the throttle to the old cable type that was used on the older V8's with puff limiter.
  4. The 3 stick LTL I did a lot of work to. Full interior restoration All sheet metal to bare metal and repainted
  5. Mike, had time today to get a few photo's of the setup The mount for the cylinder, have to put the same height spacer in the passenger side or trim down the drivers side to compensate for thickness The control valve and mounting to steering link and Pittman arm The hydraulic cylinder and mount to drag link 864 mount and small pump, small tank, mounts with 3 bolts, I do not have the gear, don't know if you want it, let me know 825/875 Pump and tank in my B755, a lot bigger pump like on a single steering box E9, a double box pump and tank are even bigger Cylinder mounting bracket
  6. That KB12 was Don's pride of his collection. It did have a lot of gears and if I recall a 2 speed rear. It is supercharged cummins powered. I got to talk with Don at his last Gold Mine open house before he passed. Don' know what his kids are doing with things but he had a lot of cool old stuff. He started his 11,000 cubic inch 3 cylinder engine for the guys, man what a monster!! The exhaust sounded like cannons going off.
  7. It would be Great to see another B71 out at shows. I have only seen one at at the Oregon ATHS show a few years ago. Looking at the photos it is about as original as you are going to fine and is not rusted or dented to hell. Being new to old Macks i hope you have a lot of hands on mechanical experience, aware that everything is big and heavy. and have a very large bank account to get a restoration to the finish line. It is definitely a low production B with the Cunnings, 3 stick and has been sitting for year. It will not be going anywhere fast if the price is $25K. Before you go Mack crazy and buy it contact Dan Thomas (Mackdaddy) in Oregon he has and knows of a lot of trucks worth something in that area. His restored trucks are second to none, he may even have what you are looking for, super nice guy. I know he had a 3 stick LT with a 275 Cummins, in restoration, that he was selling awhile back. Just a side note, It is cool to have a lot of gears but after the novelty of driving it and shifting every 10 seconds wears off you will be driving it with the Duplex ad shifting the Brownie from direct to high for the second overdrive only. There are no synchro's in any of these trans and it takes a lot of practice to fell the gears in and not blow a shift and grind. Get two sticks in natural at the same time, pull over to a Complete STOP and start over
  8. I cant help with the wiring but did convert my Superliner Speedo to GPS. It is a lot simpler than anything else. Hook up antenna , power and it works. No sensors or wiring to figure out. AutoMeter or Speed Hut both make GPS Speedo's. You can get an exact dial face match to the mechanical Speedo (or any face you want) from Speed Hut.
  9. The pump mounts the same way but is no the same. The 325/375 is different from the E9 and 255 as well. I think it has to do with the gear tooth angel. The pump gear and mount is engine specific. I have to see if I got the pump iI sent Matt back, it was off a 255. I think it was rebuilt or in really good condition. He had to get a 325/375 pump and mount for the engine in my B755 to get it to work. Are you thinking of doing the Garrison setup? I can get a few photos if your interested.
  10. Holy Smokes there is a load of Wasp nest in that cab!!! That should make for some fun driving. That is the same trans and stick layout that I was saying. Cool truck with the extended hood and radiator.
  11. Hi there, I got a 3 stick 1953 LTL. It was that way from factory and it was not the only one built. I have seen one or two others through the years as well. Each gear is 250-300 RPM splits. the set up was used out on the West Coast. The trans set up was a Duplex and a Brownie. The way I drive it is the 9 speeds in the Duplex and then the last two shift in the 3 speed Brownie. The brownie has the second overdrive. The stick layout is Brownie stick to the left, center is the 5 speed, right is the 2 speed Duplex split. The truck does 65MPH with 5.77 rears, that was the high speed option back then. Also something that you may not have seen is the supercharged Cummins in the LTL, The total combinations are 27 forwards and 6 reverse if someone wanted to do some gear jammin!!
  12. Mike, I have the Garrison on my B755. It is a hydraulic slave cylinder in place of the air cylinder. It works great, uses your original steering box. Have to install the control valve, cylinder and pump, ether direct drive or belt on the V8. I even put a B67 steering wheel on for belly clearance. The kit was still available a few years ago when mine was done by Matt.
  13. Yes, the RW Superliner II is a MH frame. The CL frame is the same as well and I believe the last use of that frame. I am doing a frame swap on my RW and using a 1994 CL700 frame. I got a real nice CL double frame with duel steering boxes, big axel with Mack airride. The CL frames have all the holes for mounting the axel forward shackles and springs as well as the cab mounts. The only difference is the CL frame is extended about 6 inches at the front. The front cross member/engine mount are not the same but frame mounting holes are in the CL frame for both crossmembers. In reality what I am doing is putting my Superliner II Hood, cab and front axel on a CL 700 frame and E9 drive train. I do like the look of that axel forward CL though.
  14. That turbo should do the HP you are after. You drove the truck before the work? After all the engine work, does it pull A LOT better? What is the governed RPM's? There is a lot that can be adjusted in a pump besides more fuel. What is the torque rise setting? If the smoke is hazing at full RPM's and under load that is as much as you are going to get. Black smoke is excess and will get you in trouble with emissions. If you told Dale it was for road use maybe he took that into account. For fun or pulling engines there is no EPA to deal with. The Pyro is a question, in all the tuned up engines I have been around the Pyro will go above 1300 with just a little more fuel. If you are topping at 1100 under full load that pump is well matched to the power and anyone should be able to drive it without fear of hurting it. It is a balance of fuel and boost to get the power. The boost gauge should be plumped into the center intake manifold to reduce needle bounce. Do your double checks with a mechanical not electric gauge. A liquid filled one will reduce the needle bounce even more. We are all trying to help here but what is Dale saying about the lack of boost pressure if there are no leaks?
  15. There are two issues that work together, Fuel and Boost. Dale has done work on several of my E9's and knows what it takes to get an E9 to run real good. It sounds like you have all the right stuff but... The pump is the first thing, how far did he tune it up on the fuel? It should be able to easily blow black smoke not just a haze under a good load especially if you are governed at 2100RPM's. Check the fuel galley pressure, it should be 20PSI or more on a turned up pump. I don't know what turbo it is but if it is a stock Mack or does not have the right turbine housing it could be an issue. Tuning sounds right at 19-20. Don't go over that for a working truck. I had a Holset T5 (86mm) on one engine and it would not spool until 1800RPM then look out it ran like a freight train and made over 55PSI. It was set for sled pulling not the road with a load. Governed at 3000RPM's is OK if only you are driving it and watch the Pyro!! Replaced the Holset with a BW S500 (91mm) and to big a Turbine housing and spooled at 1600RPM, down sized the housing and spools at 1200RPM's and is drivable with a load on now. My gage goes to 60 and it pegs easily. I also had torn connector couplings (leaks) and got over 30PSI with the Holset and it had a tore up Turbine wheel from chewing on pieces of a exhaust valve seat. Check Pump first Turbo second.