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  1. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    Yes, the B755 emblems as stated above are original. There are B models with 4 digit hood emblems, but very rare. The 3rd digit is an engine designation, turbo, engine manufacture,V8, gas, diesel, etc. The 4th digit in rare occasion is a 6 for a drive axel option, I think. Most models only have a 2 digit emblem but as with my B755 there are the 3 digit emblems. A list of all B model numbers can be found in the back of Mack Model B books by Thomas E. Warth. Thanks to All for liking the trucks, It took a lot of time, parts hunting, money and donor trucks to get them to better than new condition as seen here. 😀
  2. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    The engine in the LTL is the big brother to a 275 iron lung. A 320 with added piston cooling and tuned up PT pump out of a pan scraper, notice the auxiliary double groove pulley in front of the blower, not normal in a truck. Added the Jake on top in green. If noticed on the interior photo this truck is a 3 stick. Duplex into a 3 speed Brownie, no shortage of gears here. It will cruise at 2100rpm@65mph even with the optional high speed 5.77 ratio rears as spec for 1953. Tops out at 72mph. Yes it sounds like a 275 but after 1500 RPM's, great burpie idle too. A little smoother cam than a 275 but more power.
  3. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    This is the 1965 B755 repowered with a 375hp 866
  4. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    A few of the 1953LTL With ALL the aluminum parts in tack.
  5. AZB755V8

    Dirty Hoods

    These hoods haven't been out in the daylight for a while. Just getting a thicker layer of dessert dust, maybe have them out this fall.
  6. AZB755V8

    E9 questions

    Most diesel turbos do not have oil seals. Most gasoline engines do have turbo oils seals. This is due to the the difference in operation principle. Diesels have no throttle butterfly to reduce air flow into the engine and basically run maximum airflow at all times. There is very little vacuum or negative pressure in the intake or turbo at idle. This negative pressure or vacuum will draw oil out of a non sealed turbo and be used as fuel in a diesel. Oil will enter the intake if the oil retune is blocked or the shaft or bearings are worn beyond limits. This is known as a run away, for two reasons, the engine will not stop until the air flow is cut off and run at catastrophic RPM's. Secondly you better run away as flying parts are eminent. There can be a small amount of pressurized turbo air that can enter the turbo housing and return to the crack case thought the oil return. This would only happen when the turbo was creating boost. The higher the boost the more air to the crack case. In a gas engine there is 13-14psi of negative pressure at idle and that would suck oil from a non sealed turbo shaft. Different from a diesel that if oil is sucked into the intake it would foul spark plugs and airflow can be reduced by the throttle butterfly and the engine will stop. One other issue, there can be a small amount of pressurized air entering the crank case though worn valve guides, both intake and exhaust, but this again would be when the turbo was adding boost to the engine and not at idle.
  7. AZB755V8

    E9 questions

    Blow by is caused by an increase in crankcase pressure that is over atmospheric pressure. The only way to increase the crankcase pressure is by adding more (air) and having it escape out the breather or vent tube due to the pressure differential. The seal between the top of the piston (compression side) and the crankcase are the rings and cylinder walls. Scorched or scored walls or worn rings compromises the seal and the result is blow by. Even in some rebuilds the engine will have blow by and after break in decrease as parts seat or wear in. The white or light gray smoke at start up is normally from valve guide seals. Oil leaked down the valve steam during engine shut down and dripped down onto the piston and is burt off in the first minute or so after start up. It is incomplete combustion of the oil and fuel in the cylinders this is more noticeable at first start in cold weather. Until the engine builds a little heat the white smoke will remain, this is from fuel not oil from valve stem seals after the first minute of operation.
  8. AZB755V8

    E9 questions

    Just from what you are saying before and now, it is difficult to help you. Is it still smoking as much after the exhaust leak fix? If someone has been messing with the pump it is anyone's guess on fueling and how hot it was run and for how long. Blow by is due to bad piston rings and, or pistons mainly so the engine may be loose to begin with and needs a lot of work. Blow by is not due to a bad valve. I asked the idle RPM and you say it has a smooth idle. The differences between a cylinder out is 50RPM at idle. It will be a smooth idle even running on 7 of 8 cylinders. Who knows what was done to the truck when a dead man can't talk? There are just not that many guys around any more that know much about these E9's as they stopped making them 20 years ago. My local Mack dealer doesn't even have a Tech to work on an E9, don't think there is one in the entire state. I am the only guy to get parts for one in the last 10 years from Mack in Phoenix.
  9. AZB755V8

    Stainless steel exhaust components

    Grand Rock, Second that. Believe they are based in Ohio. They did not have exactly what I needed and custom made the elbow with turnout, then chromed it. Not the cheapest but have not gotten China crap from them ether. They have or can make about anything and have good customer service. All came wrapped to protect from damaging the finish. 👍
  10. AZB755V8

    E9 questions

    First check the air filter to see if clean. Does the truck have a boost gage? If not get a mechanical pressure gage up to 30-45psi from the hardware or part store and plumb it into one of several ports on the intake manifolds. At 1200-1800RPM's with a load on the pressure should be 15-18psi. E9's normally do not have more boost than that. If it does not get that high then check for intercooler leaks as stated before. If that checks OK them it is the turbo, head and piston or all three. There can be a cylinder or 2 out before these engines really start to vibrate above 1200RPM's or so. I can say from experience that what you are describing an exhaust valve seat dropped and got chewed up. It is more common with the E9's than in most engines. The exhaust seats do not have a good press fit from the factory or Mack reman, and if run a little hot have a tendency to fall out. I went to the Macungie show a few years ago and dropped a valve seat 2000 miles from Phoenix AZ and drove it that way, home, smokin, low on power, waisted turbo from the seat pieces going through it. Still passing everything is sight and smokin out all along the way. That engine had reman heads with 18,000 miles on them. If that all checks OK then start looking at the fuel pump and injectors. Why did the the guy say he was selling the truck? How many miles on it or the rebuild? What is the idle RPM? Should be 650.
  11. AZB755V8

    1962 B-61

    I have a NOS set of B cab door glass in the mack box from Tidewater back in the day , no vent. PM me if interested. Edit: Found the box and there is the two piece tinted windshield for a B Cab in the box. No side windows, anyone need new front glass shoot me a PM offer.
  12. Yes the engine emblem is only on the drivers side on any RW that I have seen including mine. The Mack script and Superliner emblems are on both sides. The RW hood is drilled and counter bored through the secondary fiberglass support on the inside of the hood but only on the drivers side. I got 2 new Econodyne, as an E9-500 is an Econodyne engine, emblems to put one on each side when repainted but will only use one as I suppose Mack always intended. The hard to find NOS V8 emblem, in chrome, will however be on both sides but were not original to a 1988 RW. Might have been a sin but I had 2 NOS Gold V8 emblems show chromed for the RW. If I remember right the Gold V8 and Dog emblems were for Maxidyne engines originally. Later for the Elite package. Also remember when those V8 emblems were $65 for chrome and $95 for Gold from Mack back around 1995 and I thought that was crazy.
  13. AZB755V8


    Yah, those old Superliners have a tendency to just pass you and keep on going. Have to be spot on to get a good photo shot of them most of the time. Took my 19 year old son on a 2600 mile round trip in mine last year. Just to get the truck and him out of the house and garage for a while. Funniest thing he said when we were heading up through Washington, Dad, you seem to be passing everything in sight, I said this old truck has a tendency to do that, but Dad you are passing even cars going up the mountains....
  14. AZB755V8

    Got the call

    Scott, Sort of a loaded question,what yall think? Don't know anything other than a call on your dad's truck. You looking to buy it back or taking offers on selling it? We can comment but just what are you talking about, Make, model, year, condition all matter. Is it price that you are asking about? If you are looking for or parting with a family money maker that has a history with you and Dad, it would be hard to ask, what is it worth. It is worth what you are willing to pay or let it go for. History is hard to put a dollar amount on and sometimes priceless.....
  15. Hi ps love that v8 badge

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