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  1. floor mat

    I restored my LTL about 2-3 years ago and gave $700 for a NOS L cab mat. The man had 2 of them and a lot of other perfect or NOS parts. Not cheap but.... I think the last R and B cab mats I got were over $200 from Mack when they had them. $200 for any NOS mat is a deal. Consider the time and care it took for years to still have a usable NOS part. Triple or more the original price would be the starting point just to break even. As for patterns even an old mat can be used for patterns. To go on I sold the good old headliner kit after my restoration for $200. That was a fraction of the $800 plus shipping I paid Lancaster Upholstery for a new one when they still made them. By the way the man had a few sets of Goose Island hoods for LT's for $1200 a set. Never mounted on truck. His name was Glen.
  2. E9 engine weight

    I would assume that E9 is the one 998in3 just got and needs to pick up? That engine needs work if I recall but complete. I made a stand out of angle iron and plate to bolt onto a completed E9. I have used it to transport several V8's in the bed of F-250-350 with no problems.
  3. E9 engine weight

    The Time Machine is just sitting in the warehouse along with the parts truck i got with it. I think Carl had it sitting for a number of years as well. It does have low mileage, so it is dong what it does best sitting. There are several other project ahead of it but it will get restored. I got the engines and parts when I could so the issue is finding the time to start on it. That MH is a good looking rig. Keep after them to sell it.
  4. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    I was thinking about this issue and it seems that all your failures are at the pump flares/ nuts. Some stainless will work harden and if the flares are mechanically flared the amount of "working the metal" stress can cause cracks that open over time with the constant pounding of pressure from the pump. Stainless sure looks nice but hydraulic seamless steel lines may work better, a little softer and more malleable. Another option is weld on the flares and draw it back by slow cooling it. Then when the lines are still straight turn the flare angle on a lathe. I did this with the set on my 866. I did have one line leak, over time, because there was porosity in one weld, rewelded around line and no more leak. Can you have someone Tig weld around the leaking line and sleeve just past the nut to seal the line?
  5. E9 engine weight

    E9 Engine dry about 3000lbs. Wet with trans 4200-4400lbs. By the way welcome to posting on the forum, see you have been around for several years.
  6. E9 oil pump pressure relief spring

    A bad, fatigued spring does have some compression just installing it or a broken spring is only short a coil turn. That little bit of change in length and spring rate does make a larger difference in oil pressure as RPM and oil flow increase. So you will not see a difference in pressure at idle for the most part but pressure will not increase to 75-90PSI at operating speed. Don't forget there is a pressure spring that opens the piston cooling jets that can open early and compound the low pressure problems. Bad bearings will show low oil pressure at idle as well as operating RPM, that is the difference to tell what is wrong.
  7. E9 oil pump pressure relief spring

    It is not that uncommon on the Mack V8's to break the pressure relieve spring. Also the springs fatigue and do loose tension over time. I have an 866 with total rebuild and shined the spring because I could not get one at that time. oil pressure is about 55-65 psi at 1500rpm's 15psi off from my E9's. I got a few rebuild kits from Dale Frances for the E9's and he said it is standard practice to replace the oil pump spring in his rebuilds. He has seen more than a few broke springs. I got a few springs off him for the oil pumps on rebuild. or when pressure suddenly drops.10 -15 psi. He even found the spring for the 866, so just have to pull the pan and put it in. Yes relief springs break and pressure does drop.
  8. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    I have custom set of 120 lines on my 866. They had to be made as there is no more factory ones left and that was 20 years ago. The lines on an 866 are the same on both ends and I did have one line leak at an injector. The line cracked inside the flair and it was because of over torquing the nut and twisted the line just enough to stress crack it over time. Took it off and Tig welded it all around the flair and no more leak with lower nut torque, just enough to get it to seal. Clean looking engine!! nice work!

    Got a set of these on my B model and they look Great. If they are still available I would be up for another set or better yet the right and left facing bulldog logo ones in green. Any one got a set of those?
  10. When I lives in Ohio in the 1990's I was on the hunt for E9's and there are a few large truck salvage yards there. I could maybe get one or two of them at that time BUT every E9 these yards could get was put in containers and went to Australia for $5000 USD a piece back 25 years ago. The point is that most complete E9's that are from salvage yards are already on the boat coming your way. Most guys here are not going to pay $5000 for a core engine even now then $8-10K for parts plus labor to rebuild it. I am sure the current Australian price is more than the $5K per engine and the used truck parts trade to down under has been a very tight closed business for years. It can be expensive to get an engine that is already slated to come your way in the first place. Engines that are already out of the truck are not usually available and guarded for parts. Complete engines are around but usually still in trucks. 2 out of 3 MH Ultraliners had them for power and can be had for as low as a few thousand dollars on up. Start searching the web for them and figure how to get the engines out and in containers. Happy E9 hunting
  11. Sorry to say that Magnum has been there for a few years. The photos that junkyard post are how it looked when it came in and not what it is now. There is not much left of it these days, just sad.
  12. It is hard to find a good chrome shop with all the EPA reg's. There are two types of chrome the Tri-something and Hex. The Hex is the environment unfriendly one but is the "show chrome" and is the best. Good plating is a three step process, copper, nickel, chrome and it takes a lot of time as well. Ogden Chrome in Utah is who I used for my LTL chrome. not cheap, not out of line, but a Great job. I had my radiator shell show chromed for around $1000 and the bumper for $1000 plus other parts. They can do rust, dent repair and fill too. They do both standard chrome and show chrome depending on what you want and want to pay. My mirror brackets came back to me with stains from the final rinse and a crack in the plating and I sent them back. No questions asked and had them back in a few weeks and were perfect. I sent two NOS Gold Mack V8 emblems, for my B755, with the mirror brackets and they chromed them for free and look far better than "Mack new".
  13. New fuel pump and 2 engine blown

    Sorry to hear of the trouble. Are you racing in the USA if english is not your first language? There is a lot more information needed to even get close to helping you. Fact is the deformed oil pan is from a broken rod, surprising there is no hole in the block. Blow by is piston, sleeve issues, could be to little oil or to much fuel, RPM's... Are you talking about E9, V8's. What condition were the engines in, oil pressure, what RPM is the governor set at,boost pressure, maybe staged turbos, how long at full throttle? What type of racing are you doing? Hope there are a few good spare engines to be had, parts are not that easy to come by and $$
  14. Great purchase, nice truck with a lot of work done. We need to hear from BC Mack... There is more to this story, he was just posting the new air snorkel and talking of another turbo this past week. What happened, BC Mack, we just gotta know????
  15. I was wondering were that LT went. It was for sale several years ago for $95K. Think it had a 275 iron lung Cummins in it too. Looks like it has all the right original stuff, defiantly a Great looking Old Dog!!