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  1. Can you put this in a .pdf for us tech dumb guys? Can't open this new ".ink"
  2. Those Manchester Brothers have some Really Nice Trucks. This one I think is 350 powered so don't know if it would be considered a Superdog. They have another Beautiful Superdog 4 axle RW that is a E9. Same paint scheme but dark red and black.
  3. Thanks Rob for the photo's. The sleeper is the same, don't have hand rails but handles are still real nice. Interior is not that fancy. I did put a large chain locker on my Superliner and got it to within a few inches of the cab with straight 6" pipes. No real need for a cutout if the this is done, just moves stack closer to the door. By the way it is an E9 and sounds really good "Thumping" and not all that loud. Contrary to what some guy's say E9's sound like "crapola"
  4. Got an early 70's Pete sleeper, 36 inch. no cut-out for exhaust but period correct. Have had this inside stored for 20 years. Was going to put it on a B model at one time. It is just in primer and Perfect, no dents, damage or corrosion. Take a look at "Water Dog" post in Antique & Classic section. It is the same sleeper as on Rob's water R Model. $500 plus the ride. Can post photo's if interested.
  5. You know why? I talked to a old Mack engineer about the sound the V8's years ago. The Powerstroke and the Mack engines have the same firing order. Even the END 865/866 have the sound but not so much of the "Thump", just a small block version of the E9. Mack chose the firing order based on the Ford V8 I was told, guess there was a Ford fan at Mack at the time. Makes sense look at how the cylinders are numbered.
  6. That is the same "Thumping" that all Mack E9's including American ones have when under load. Just maybe no E9's down by you.
  7. Yes, There are 3D metal printers, they cost about $1.5M to start plus inert gases and climate controls. Parts are for Aerospace and no one could afford this part printed in a 3D metal printer! Nice thought though. Take some time but can be made out of billet aluminum if that is the only way to get one. That bracket must be for the LTL not the LTH being aluminum.
  8. That's why Volvo put the Real Mack in the condition it is in today. In fear there would be no need for a Volmack!
  9. There are two different ways, high pressure & low pressure. There is a procedure in the Mack Overhaul Manual for a drip (low pressure) test on the AMBAC pump. This is in the old 865 V8 manual. Basically remove #1 cyl. injector line, take out fuel delivery valve & spring from holder, reinstall holder, fab. an old fuel line into a small glass of water. Block off fuel inlet and & return on the pump. There should be a 1/8" plug into the fuel galley to plumb an air line into, regulate air to no more than 15psi. Put throttle lever to full. Bar engine over and when air bubbles in the glass of water stop this indicated port closure. Look at your crankshaft timing mark, it should be within 1 degree of what the tag says on your valve cover. if not take loose timing gear on pump and adjust to get it right, as in the manual. Reassemble pump and inj. line, prime pump and try running engine. This whole procedure should take no more than a few hours doing it the first time.
  10. Let me rephrase the engine issue. Mack did not start making Diesel engines until the end of the LT production run. W-71's only had Cummins diesel power. I only have diesel powered Macks. Of course Mack made the AC engines and GAS Thermodyne's but we are talking about a W-71 and LT's. Silly me not taking into account all the other Mack models made. Still I would like to see a photo of a 707 in an LT, surly not may made and non known to exist today? Wounder why?
  11. I will start by saying there are 6 LT's used to restore this one. There is over 3400 hours of labor that were put in by the previous owner and me so if you figure $20 an hour, no one would work on it for $20 an hour back then or now, that is $68,000 for labor. $25,000 to stipe to bare metal everything except frame and suspension and show quality repaint. Then there is the cost of the 6 donor LT's that averaged $9000 each, $54000 as the only way to get the parts was to get the whole trucks. Find an engine $2500, Rebuild that Supercharged 320 Cummins $10000. Imported 22 inch tube tires 10@$400, $4000. All total $163,500 I'll take half that for it $81,750 Went you want to come and get it? It took (6) B-75's to restore my B-755 and relatively the same cost. It what it takes to do a first class show quality restoration.
  12. There are LT's around and for a hobby truck there is nothing better. Break open the piggy bank. The trucks are't getting any younger just like your Dad. If he's got cash around, just know it doesn't do any good in a bank account. Oh, just realized he can buy mine! He needs a BIG piggy bank!
  13. If an all Mack drivetrain was available when a lot of the LT's were built there would be a few around. Mack did't start making their own engine until late in LT production. I don't know of one factory built LT with an all Mack drivetrain. Only thing offered was a Hall Scott gas engine and the Cummins Diesel. Mack trans and Brownie aux box, Mack rears. The W-71 was only offered with a Cummins. Any photo's of a 707 in an LT around? Got to look small in there.
  14. This LTL has a 5x2x3 total 27 forward, 6 reverse from Mack. It was not uncommon for West Coast trucks. Duplex into a 3 speed Brownie. As for something to actually drive and haul the Superliner is it. It will pull anything and not break a sweat. It dynoed at 1138hp to the wheels years back and had more to go, dyno quit reading! Have to have power steering, A/C, air ride suspension, air ride cab, air ride seat, to be a little comfortable. I drive the RW, Phoenix to Macungie, no way with the LTL or B-755. they would shake my guts out! Maybe the MH when I get that one together if it were close to stock. I'm going drag racing with it. Really turned up twin turbo E9, Diesel/alcohol, with an HT754 Allison 5 speed automatic. Yes the 4 that I got are the best looking of the Mack Pack. I am not getting any more. One more thing if you want something nice, you got to pay or scrounge for parts for years, and parts are getting harder to come by. It took 10 years to get all the parts together when the B was restored about 8 years ago. I bought the LTL complete for far less than what was in it and had to redo all the sheet metal. Putting another $25K and all my work in it for what you see. It is one of about three in the world that still has all 141 aluminum castings it was born with to make it an LTL.
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