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  1. That would be great, I need em. Sorry for the delay, I had hard time with the funeral. I sending you mail today.
  2. Yes I've realized today and you have to take the shift forks and rods out. You can take the high low case off complete, the Hi-Lo fork, the bearing retainer with all the bolts around it, I still haven't got mine apart all the way I think I have to take some clips off the shaft to slide off some gears ..the part I need appears to be the main shaft.
  3. Yes and you can leave the bearing on the shaft with it I think mine has the wrong bearing on it....
  4. Yes it's inside of the high low shift box and that gear is integral with the shaft inside the trans. I will look at the numbers on the housing today. Thank you Marty
  5. I am looking for a pair of earlier style rear brake Chambers whatever they would use for 1954. Cast iron or aluminum is fine with me thank you. My H63 is missing them. Thank you Marty
  6. Amazingly the teeth just have a little bit of damage on the very edge. What happened was a bearing came apart and went through the gears back there.
  7. I am in dire need of a Mack duplex transmission I believe it's a 670 gear that's Integra with the pinion shaft is stripped. This is for my 1954 h63. Or parts will do I have booked in the parts numbers thank you.
  8. I need a duplex trans... I found a striped great in the compound I think it's a 670.
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