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  1. Still looking. Thanks for the graphic swishy, very cool.
  2. Looking for a PTO winch for my LTH. Must be Garwood, either narrow drum with dual catheads or wide drum with no cat heads. PTO on drivers side, prefer sprocket to be forward of drum but not sure if this was offered. Do not want/need a cage. Located in Maine.
  3. Those are traditional knuckle booms with jointed jibs. Both the main and jib are hydraulically telescopic. Knuckle booms are far superior in terms of accessing low clearance and tight/constrained areas. Even better is the fact that your pick point can be attached right to the crane, vs. a telescopic cable. Crane at previous employer could reach over a house and touch the ground if you extended the jib. I watch other co's use straight cranes and feel bad. Those units are easily $200k+.
  4. Wheelbases in the 3 LT/LTL brochures I have total 16 variants from 167" to 245". Some day I'll put them brochures into pdf form.
  5. Rogers still makes some nice looking fixed neck rear loading equipment trailers. Doesn't seem to be a very popular thing nowadays.
  6. I was there a week ago. Watched a large firetruck hit the torch. And a really clean 90s Land Rover roll in to be sold as scrap.
  7. The A20H I restored felt like 8-10,000 on my gooseneck. H is heavy spec though, had majority double frame and spoke wheels.
  8. I have a PT pump here on an NH220, issue being the idle adjustment does nothing. Currently the throttle limit screws keep it going. Low idle cold and high idle warm. It is original to the truck and who knows the history, I'd like to have it gone through. Looking for someone who knows them well, I.E. not a guy with a how-to manual and gasket kits. Located in Maine, will travel to NH, VT, MA to shake hands if possible. Or can ship. Thank you.
  9. Just love the older Kubotas, I'd like to own some of the early ones and keep them inside. I have a 1993 my grandfather bought new, works perfectly.
  10. Thanks all, what a warm welcome. I do not recall the serial number unfortunately. I can ask the owner. I made the interior from scratch using upholstery cardboard and marine vinyl, same way any upholsterer would. If the fenders weren't black, I would've pushed for a dark brown leather. The factory Fuller trans is an SAE3 pattern, pop on ebay and you'll fine industry standard flywheel housings to mate an SAE3 to the 6BT. Just as your 855s have an SAE1 or 2. Everything is made to adapt thanks to the engineers back in the day. The clutch again is just an SAE unit but with a custo
  11. Good Evening, I am pretty new on here but thought everyone would like to see a condensed view of my most recent restoration. This was done for a family I used to work for and I couldn't have asked for a better "client". I do not do this full time nor do I think I'd want to, but it sure is fun. This truck has spent it's entire life in Maine, being used as a marine supply truck, farm truck, fire department rig of some sort and now back to a "farm truck". While most of it is nice and shiny we decided to keep all the original chrome and touch up the stainless and aluminum. At owners
  12. It has been a while but we ended up finding a source. Bub Warren in Amarillo owns Diamond T Rubber Co. and mainly supplies remfg rubber products for (you guessed it) Diamond T's. He has dies for A model windshield gasket and set us enough for 3 trucks. If was a difficult install but once done the fit was perfect.
  13. I pulled the outer bearings and filled the hubs, and put another 1-1/2 in the center through the vent. Should be 8-1/2 qts now.
  14. Note that the picture of the square plug on passenger side is upside down. It is currently filled to that level, and is atleast 2-3" below axle centerline. It took 7 quarts +/-.
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