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  1. I pulled the outer bearings and filled the hubs, and put another 1-1/2 in the center through the vent. Should be 8-1/2 qts now.
  2. Note that the picture of the square plug on passenger side is upside down. It is currently filled to that level, and is atleast 2-3" below axle centerline. It took 7 quarts +/-.
  3. Have not found a reasonably located plug. One is well below the axle centerline on passenger side, which took 7qts. The next is on top of pinion bearing housing (near U joint flange) which would fill well above axle centerline. ID tag states Timken Detroit Axle Co, and only gives fluid spec, not capacity. I am not against just using grease, but there are proper opening to allow center section to overflow into tubes and then into hubs, but it would take a lot of fluid. Each tube itself could hold 2qts. Sorry about photos, you can thank Steve Jobs for his upside down photo algorithms.
  4. Yes it's a two speed. 7qts might reach the lower 1/4 of the ring gear. I can fill it through the breather port, just hate to pour more in without knowing what the actual fill is.
  5. Replacing oil in Timken 5800 rear end. Around 7 qts. through breather got me to the 1" fill plug on the forward housing, passenger side. This level is no where near the axle centerline, and I'm concerned about getting oil up and out to the hubs during operation. Is it standard to also fill the hubs from the outside before setting the outer bearing?
  6. Hi all, thanks for allowing me to join the board. I am at the very tail end of a two year restoration on a '51 A20H and alas, have lost the windshield gasket. I still have the J channel that sits on the aluminum frame, but it has sections missing and is rock hard. I would prefer to use the original glass, and am on the hunt for appropriate weatherstripping. Has anyone had any luck with this task? Thank you, Michael
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