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  1. Mack Shows

    Where do I sign up?
  2. New to the group but an Old Mack dog for life

    Welcome to the dog pound.Have been thinking of doing the same thing with a single axle b80 Mack.I'm thinking of just swapping out the drivetrain.
  3. Mack Shows

    Thanks,will be at both.
  4. When are the Gerhart's and Mack shows being held?I think think the Gerhart's show is Oct.6&7?
  5. Cl700? I had a 98 cl700 that had a e9 v8.Where the shop?
  6. Question for married members

    I found a 1956 ford f600 that I always wanted to have.The only problem was we were in Montana when I saw it and we live in PA.My wife says buy it,thinking I never would because of getting it home.Six weeks later guess what showed up at the house.
  7. Holy crap ouch

    This confirms why the bulldog is facing forward on a Mack.Its one asshole looking at another.When we did snowplowing for penndot we had drivers come back to the yard at the end of the shift and park the truck with a overhead sign in the body.
  8. Wise move Mike.When you have an auction the uncle comes in and takes his share then you have the auction company to pay.
  9. This winter I am hoping to have the my b87 tractor ready for paint.There is no rust,some minor bump and dents,nothing major.I am thinking about having the cab and fenders painted off the truck,and then do the final assembly,what is everyone's through about this process.I will be painting the frame and rears myself.Truck is in phila,pa.Will travel some distances for the right job.
  10. This truck is a ten wheeler.It's a two owner truck,the original owner was a township and it was set up as a tanker.I'm thinking it was used by the local fire company.I haven't looked at it yet,just got some pictures of it from a friend.He says as good as the cab is the frame is that bad.
  11. How rare is a b42 dump with a gas motor?Cab is in excellent condition with no rust.
  12. I drove that old dog a few times when I worked for Buckley.
  13. Do you not like crowds???

    Truck Stop,I visited Kalispell about 5 years ago.
  14. Do you not like crowds???

    Heavy Gunner,those pic are awesome,and people want to travel overseas.What fools.
  15. Do you not like crowds???

    Life was good back then.