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  1. Happy belated birthday Tom,will be joining you may 30th.Your pictures are great.Tks.
  2. I would take my 79 R model for a cross country trip in a heartbeat.Top out at 65,has plenty of power.We used them to pull dump trailers and were loaded to 100,000 everyday.
  3. I am sure you will drive it like you own it.Can’t say the same for the shit for brains I work with.
  4. We had three of them cat 922,they all were rear wheel steering.
  5. No f I got way,I throught that tool bag was his balls hanging little low.Speaking for myself my own balls would never have left the ground floor.
  6. hpgtowing,you had one of our old tractors you converted into a tow truck.It was a 1975 dm800.Do you still have it or do you know the whereabouts of it?Tks,mike durkin
  7. ekennedy21,your saying if I go outside the 3 day window I will have to scuff the items before I apply color coat. Tks.
  8. Mack man,after I use the epoxy primer how long can I wait before I apply the color coat?
  9. I have some paint question for you all,I will be painting my b87 this summer(hopefully). Looking to have a real painter to do the cab,hood,fenders.The frame I will be doing.Would like to use ppl paint,single clear coat,what are you thinking?Would like to start getting the air tanks,battery boxes and any other small parts sanded and primed before hand.What do I have to do before I apply the color coat,resend?I will be supplying the paint to the shop that does the cab and all,so that the color comes from the same batch.
  10. We don’t hear anything from Jessie or al.
  11. What do you all think would have if he was a white man ?
  12. Sorry but philly would be a bit far,got 5 acres.
  13. I’ld much rather have the tractor then the trailer.
  14. ekennedy21,talking with one of the Mack rep here in pa that they are working on getting back in the heavy haul business.The last one I had was 98cl700,,was a really good truck didn’t compare to our older dm800.Now the dm was way overbuilt,65 rears,20 upfront,triple frame.It was a 84 model and the last I heard it was still on the road.
  15. If you go that SS route(been thinking the same)I hope you will keep up with the pictures of the week. They are great.
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