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  1. Congrats,you both happy together in your pictures.Always smiling.
  2. What of Montana are you in?Ivisited karaspell about 10 years ago,beautiful country.
  3. Should show a picture of the plates.
  4. Great times.I tried that at no where near the level that you are at.Me and my son have raced our 2010 mustang gt that has been supercharged a few times.
  5. He was also the owner of the Florida Marlins and blockbuster video.
  6. Something like if you rob a gas station and they have you on camera,that’s illegal.Since you have a non intelligent person on a roll,these undocumented kids that are coming here with their so called parents or family members what proof do they bring with them to prove that these kids are really their own.
  7. I am by no means a very intelligent person,so could someone explain to me what the definition is of illegal is?
  8. Looking for a cordless I pack gun,what’s your through?
  9. Have same problem,mine haven’t been together for 70 years,only about 35.Mine are 1200x24’s.
  10. Happy belated birthday Tom,will be joining you may 30th.Your pictures are great.Tks.
  11. I would take my 79 R model for a cross country trip in a heartbeat.Top out at 65,has plenty of power.We used them to pull dump trailers and were loaded to 100,000 everyday.
  12. We had three of them cat 922,they all were rear wheel steering.
  13. No f I got way,I throught that tool bag was his balls hanging little low.Speaking for myself my own balls would never have left the ground floor.
  14. hpgtowing,you had one of our old tractors you converted into a tow truck.It was a 1975 dm800.Do you still have it or do you know the whereabouts of it?Tks,mike durkin
  15. ekennedy21,your saying if I go outside the 3 day window I will have to scuff the items before I apply color coat. Tks.
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