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  1. How many Trump supporters would change their address to Florida to have him win,I would.
  2. I am told that Trump can run for a senate seat in 2022 in Florida,and if he wins he could end up replacing Nancy Pelosi.Wouldn’t that be great.
  3. davehummell,how long ago did you get the paint from cook bros?Did they have the green interior paint for the b models?
  4. other dog,are you kidding?What does that include taxes,water,sewer all of the above and more I would hope.Hell for that kind of money maybe I should be looking at opening a trailer park.
  5. 2007 Mack granite with 600,000 miles 425hp.One owner still in use daily,has hauled sand only.
  6. Dave,yes on the dump body.On your question about John Haines kids I am told they want nothing to do with them.
  7. Tks Mike,that just what I was thinking,using a sawzall since the cab and the rest of the truck is to far gone.Been sitting 20+ years.
  8. How hard is it to remove the radiator shell and the two light panels from a b model.Truck is going to the scrapper,so I don’t have to be real neat.Looking to make some wall art.
  9. Here’s a truck you may be interested in.It’s a 2007,600,000 miles,425 hp,eastern fuller transmission.One owner, has all service records
  10. If I had somewhere to store these trucks I would take them and strip them of anything good then scrap the rest.The one does have a good cab,fenders,hoods.You could probably get them for $1,000 for all of them.If anyone is interested I know the fellow that is in charge of getting rid of them. I think they have a few more in other locations.I am going to try and get one of the radiator shells to have as shop wall art.
  11. I have gone and looked at the trucks.They are for the most part trucks,the one is a b63 that does have a good cab on it.I have included a few pictures.If anyone is interested in any of the trucks you may get your self a deal,since they will be going to scrap.One is a dump as you can see,another is a single axle tractor,third one was a water truck.
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