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  1. My 79 has that bumper and up right but mine is not chrome.
  2. hicrop10

    Highway Projects

    Nice scenery.
  3. hicrop10

    Scraper Convoy

    I’ve watched a few of these videos,and the one thing they have in common is that the scrapers aren’t filled they’re losing 20%.We ran the same size scrapers cat 657’s,we would push load them with 2 cat d9’s,and they were loaded in less then 30 seconds with a lot more of a load then these scrapers.
  4. hicrop10

    E9 learning

    All I can say about these e9’s are they are a bear.I brought a 98 cl700 with one.The dealer,McDevitt Mack from NH had it on order when I reach out to them.I used it to pull our lowboy.My mechanic was an ex Mack dealer mech. so we turned up the pump and boy did she smoke,but the power was unbelievable.I had a Cat 375 on the trailer minus only the stick and bucket and pulled a 7 mile hill on rt81 here in pa like it was nothing.l sold the truck but been thinking about buying it back.Good luck with the bear you buy.
  5. hicrop10

    89 Superliner RWS754

    It is an old H&M’s tractor,the low mileage may be from the speedo being changed over the years.How old Mack never had the speedo break?
  6. hicrop10

    89 Superliner RWS754

    Came from a local contractor.
  7. hicrop10

    Jersey Macks

    Do you know where this took place at?It looks like a job we did back in 79-80,we had about 100-150 trucks running on a daily basis.Hauling from south philly to the landfill in no.
  8. If anyone needs me to look at this truck for them,it only about 45 minutes from me.
  9. hicrop10

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    41 Chevy,I was thinking maybe in 2020 it will be joe Biden/Corey booker.We will all be doom.
  10. I have a b873sx that has the big square top tank.It has a 335 Cummins in it.
  11. That ford was most likely a rented truck.Hawthorne wasn’t known for taking care of their trucks.I can remember back in 1979 we were using them to do some hauling for us and one of their tractor trailers came in and the air lines weren’t even connected to the trailer..
  12. Quick Way was part of Hawthorne.
  13. I would like some suggestions on what chimed rims would look good with the Mack spoke wheels on my b87 tractor?
  14. hicrop10

    Mack truck parts in the United States

    Could be a bracket to hang the air tanks off the frame?
  15. hicrop10

    Screw up Saturday

    In this country for a week,been driving for 2 days.

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