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  1. hicrop10

    Mack truck parts in the United States

    Could be a bracket to hang the air tanks off the frame?
  2. hicrop10

    Screw up Saturday

    In this country for a week,been driving for 2 days.
  3. hicrop10

    EMERGENCY! Broken down bus!! HELP!!!

    I don’t know how far it is but there is a shop at 222 and where the Walmart is about 5 miles west of the pa pike.You can check the Lancaster farming paper there’s always shops listed there.I would check for you but I gave my paper to someone,could check tomorrow.
  4. The one that had the 100 or so Mack’s.
  5. Does anyone have the results of this auction this past year.Thanks.
  6. He did a great job.
  7. Like to know who painted the truck,will be looking to get mine B87 done?Looks great.
  8. It’s also 34 years into a life sentence I have put on myselh.All kidding aside it’s been great.
  9. hicrop10

    Prayers for mike69mackman

    You will be in my prayers.get well
  10. hicrop10


    Doug,i’m In northeast philly.Give me a call 2156691252.
  11. hicrop10

    Pictures of the Week

    Where about in Shelbyville were you,my wife has an aunt that lives there?Thanks for the pictures there great.
  12. hicrop10

    craigslist b61 dump

    I think this truck was from a company from here in philly.They kept there trucks for long time but their maintenance program was second to no one.
  13. ‘Tis rob,I wouldn’t of guess them to be that heavy.

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