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  1. Annoying commercials & Common Sense

    J Hancock,I had a welder that worked for me that worked part time at Home Depot and had the same thing happened there.
  2. Safety Sign

    I know a few guys that would relate this to their ex wives.
  3. Looking for a cat part

    That is the place I was thinking of, the one hobert62 mentioned.
  4. Looking for a cat part

    Sorry parking should be pa.
  5. Looking for a cat part

    You can try Cleveland Bros cat.They are the cat dealer here in parking,eastern Ohio,and part of wv.There is also a equipment boneyard right off of rt 80 here in parking ,I will try and get the number for you.
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone hope everyone has as great of a year I just had,got my daughter back after 15 year addiction. O
  7. How to assemble a Liebherr T284 mining truck

    The cat 797 400 ton truck leaves the factory with only the engine mounted on the frame.Everything else get shipped to the site to be assembled later.It takes up to a month to have the truck in work ready.I walked the assembly line for this truck and it was quite impressive to see.
  8. Tell Herbie to fix it that cheap tightass,he got that way hanging around uncle dan.
  9. sat night

    Back in my younger days down the Jersey shore,you could get 8 beers for a buck at the tony marts.
  10. Last LTL?

    I like the 2 Ed's he has listed.I can only imagine what the price is.
  11. Xdudebrahx,I pass you today on rt 1 at old Lincoln highway.I was in the red loud mustang.Hour tractor looks great.
  12. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    Will be by this weekend.
  13. 1965 mack b61 for sale in philadelphia

    Likewise I can put eyes on it also,I'm only about 15 minutes from it.lf it is one of our old trucks it only about 5 minutes from our yard,where it started it working career.Se got a total of 8 of them in 65.The first 5 came first then we got 3 more.
  14. Great book,had mine since the 70's.
  15. Pickers at Mack Junkyard

    I think it a fellow from MD.I have been to his place years ago.I would mention his name but he's kinda a private man.