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  1. I would also like to see what you have for the dash,mine is tan also.
  2. The democrat play the black and all other minorities like a fiddle.If anyone would do a little history class you would find that back in 1964 the democrats held up for 75 days the longest fillabuster in history.You will ask for what that would be the passing of the civil rights act.We just had a black president for the past 8 years,and the only thing he did was to put 5 times as many people on welfare.When will all this bs stop?
  3. Where was all this black lives matter sh*t when we had a black president for 8 years?Obama did nothing to help his own race,except put more of them on welfare.Nancy Pelosi has been in politics for close to 40 years where has she been when all this racist talk and act has taken place.Same as that Waters woman from California ,she been in politics for over 40 years.Now that we have a white republican president it’s all his fault.Hell he must of created all this hate towards other people,since he only been in office for 3 years.MyGod what are they going to come up with when he wins again.Here in Philadelphia over the 4th we had I think 35 shootings and like 10 dead,you won’t hear about the 5 year old that got shot and killed in the media.
  4. If all they are going to use it for is to pull a lowboy that truck will out last any you get to replace it.
  5. Alex G,how wide are your tops?I am looking for 2 lower boxes for my b87,my tops are like 17” wide,they are wider then the standard B model box.
  6. I’m not a racist,but I just want to be treated as an equal.
  7. He would be still alive and kicking if he had not run,fight with the officers.Now let’s move on.Do the police need more training,100%.What I want to know is we have black history month,miss black America beauty pageant,and some other black only events.Now I have nothing against these events,but when can we have the same for white people.We have to stop giving in on everything they want.What’s next,can’t fly the confederate flag,take down various statures.Why don’t someone just make a list of all the things that has to be taken down,done away with and so on so life can resume.
  8. Randy,what are you looking for?I did a google search and came up with lots.
  9. How about a truck dealer,most of the ones I know don’t do that heavy suspension work any more.
  10. I go back to the fact that 1% of black men get killed in this country by a white police officer,but 97% of black men that get killed are by a fellow black man. Here’s the best part of that stat,is that something like 70-80% of blacks killed by blacks know the person that kills them.If I was a black man I find the whitest neighborhood and move in as fast as I could.
  11. I go back to the fact that 1% of black men get killed in this country by a white police officer,but 97% of black men that get killed are by a fellow black man.Where is black lives matter on this.
  12. What’s the difference between the e models?I found a eq,how many were made?How rare is it?What about parts.
  13. Captain Crutch,I finally made out to this bone yard,the gentleman I talked to was just that a complete gentleman.He pointed me in the right direction and said have at it.He had to go out on a job so I didn’t stay that long.Will be back.I’m not into the fire trucks like you but did you ever see the place at rt81 and pa 916,it’s on the right side heading south on 81.
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