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  1. I got pulled over by dot years back.I had our lowboy 4 axle tractor 4 axle trailer.Had a Ts-24 on( that a twin engine scraper).Grossing out around 150,000.The officers walked around look at everything and left me go,said the truck and trailer were clean looking no oil leaking any where.They just checked my permit and I was off.
  2. They had 3 different shades.Light,med,dark.The part numbers for spray cans are 3121106p,3121107p,3121108p.
  3. The only part I can take off the cab is the small piece right above the window,the air horn pull cord is attached to.Will have to polish it up a bit.
  4. Tks,I have the part numbers for them but are no longer available.Need something I can take to the paint store and have them match it up.
  5. If my memory serves me right that company you mentioned reproduced some items for the older Mack’s.It’s been at least 30 years since I heard of them.
  6. Looking for the paint code for the beige or brown interior paint that Mack used .
  7. Is that your single axle Mack that was in that repair shop in Norristown?Used to see it when I would drop off or pick up trucks for work.
  8. We’re those pictures taken in the highway material pit.Spent plenty of time there when Corson’s owned it doing their stripping.The truck looks great.
  9. I started in my dad shop doing all the steaming of the equipment when it came in for repairs.
  10. I don’t have much Mack extras,I mainly have caterpillar and other equipment literature.
  11. Is that the one you are looking for?If so will look today through all my boxes to see if I have an extra one.
  12. Mad dog,how far back did u leave it un coated to do the welding.I have been thinking of going this way.Thanks Mike
  13. Will be trying to clean and seal the 2 fuel tanks off my b87.Was wondering what method you guys have tried?I have throught about hanging a tank in some sort of a gib to shake it about,not quite as young as I was back in the day.Would have just held it and shook it about.
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