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  1. I will wait for ford to bring out their electric f150.
  2. Again it was a great show.Mack really knows how to do it right.My hat is off to all the volunteers that help to put this show on.Think about it Mack is the only manufacturer car,truck,tractor that does this.Hope to have one or both of mine done for the next show.
  3. What would you have expected with a Mack out front.We had a fellow back east here that had some Pete’s that had more then there share of chrome had a move like yours.His load came in by rail and it was a press for a machine shop,thing was huge.He asked me if I thought my 82 dm800 would pull the load,said he was afraid of breaking his Pete’s.I told him when and where he wanted the Mack.Pulled it no problem weighed in around 250000.Chrome won’t get you home.
  4. Where about on 422 was that b model?
  5. Sorry to say that truck made a boat ride.We brought it new in 84, my cousins sold it in 2002 I think.The most we pulled with that truck was somewhere in the range of 200,000 lbs or more never failed us.
  6. Ex H&K truck.Why would you waste the time and money to detail it with the bad motor?Looks like they put perfume on a pig.
  7. We moved our 1166 with only removing the bucket. We were weighing somewhere around 300,000.If I can find the pic of it on the trailer will post it.
  8. 169” WB,endt676-300 series 285 hp,trxl107-low hold 5 speed,12,000 front,38,000 rear,4.17 rear ratio.It resides in Philadelphia and sorry to say it’s not for sale.lt has only 73,000 original miles.We brought 20 of them and this is the last of them.
  9. hicrop10

    R795 V8

    I remember seeing that truck in and around Philadelphia,they were one of our competitors.
  10. hicrop10

    1936 Mack

    If I recall there was an e model that was restored on here for around 25,that I don’t think sold.
  11. hicrop10

    1936 Mack

    What model would it be, model e?
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