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  1. the ad is free if you are a member of SPAAMFAA . Also I would sent out an Email or letter to all the chapters in the SPAAMFAA group with a photo , most of the chapters do a newsletter or could list it on their local website, just a thought
  2. looks like it last had a diesel engine in it. good luck on the search ,maybe a inquire on Spaamfa site or list an ad in engine engine (members throughout the usa
  3. Is E 12 a Pierce? we had a Roto Ray like that also <$2000 option and now the powers to be removed it and replaced the grill
  4. I seem to agree with j hancock...... go through ,may be easier to make a square hole instead of round
  5. my LS85 has a small reservoir (about 1/2 qt) under the seat with a line tapped into the cap on top of the master.( wish it had air brakes)
  6. I bet all that road the Mack are now wear a hearing aid
  7. try Matt Pfahl in CT, 203-266-6455 also try to contact Don Holden also in CT. he owns a fleet of C models (his phone is listed in the spaamfa member list ,good luck
  8. did you ever think of putting a electronic ignition in to replace the points in both distributors ? I used Petronics in both of mine just might have to upgrade the coils
  9. soak in PB Blaster for a few days then try heating...... good luck
  10. anyone have any info on converting the old 'sock' oil filter in a canister to a better type filter ,seems like not much of the oil is really filtered, I thought at one time someone had info on this site ,instructions ,photos,etc.
  11. Their is a truck that looks very close to what you are looking for ,it is in HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS (August 2019) page 210 and it for sale listed as a 1951 LF ,ex fire truck ,has a Hall-Scott gas engine, flat bed . 209-608-2007 in Calif. red body black fenders
  12. SM Fire History , try his guy he has tons of 'L" Mack parts , located near Hershey ,Pa. ,PA and most states in the north east the F.D. where big buyers of Macks Cal Little ( Pine Hill Restorations) 329 pine hill rd. Hummelstown,Pa.17036 717-566-8973
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