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  1. Your Mack is a classic ,the molded in roof lights are one of a kind, how could anyone scrape its twin? I would love to see the Mack when you get it done,where in pa.are you? (MACK Capital of the World)
  2. Their a fellow in PA. that reproduced the Mack brackets for taillights call Cal Little in Hummelstown Pa,(near Hersey) 1-717-566-8973 that is where I got mine for my 54 LS85
  3. Thank for the info, when I get ready to change I'll go to the dual master cyl. the hydovac on my 54 LS85 is a little different than yours.,wish I had air brakes sometimes too. You did a nice clean job on all your upgrades.
  4. real nice but the steering wheel is on the wrong side
  5. nice job on the master cylinder, is that an adapter plate that you had to make for the master cyl. and what is the new master cylinder from? what engine is that ?
  6. looks nice & neat and safe too
  7. extra ' air conditioning' vents side and roof , couldn't get a teaspoon more on the dump. also has side vents on the hood not like a usual 'L'
  8. Spring melt in Allentown PA. in april ypu should be able to find their B85 from vendors.
  9. my dept. was all volunteer 20 yrs ago now we are a combo, of course they joined the union, they call themselves professionals so now I call myself a career volunteer, I have a LS 85 open cab Mack and only one of them could ever think of driving it "whats that other pedal for"?
  10. the years of your fire trucks would not have the trim piece that I would need, thanks anyway
  11. would you have the center brace that attaches to the windshield and top of the dashboard ,this windshield is the later type that had chrome trim around it. the brace was wider at the bottom and tapered at the top.
  12. do exactly as 1958 FWD said at Napa, funny but true.
  13. TRY NAPA FIRST (SEE THE OLDEST COUNTER GUY FIRST) ,IF NO LUCK SEE WHITEPOST REBUILDERS IN VA. they rebuild my master cylinder and hydrovac ,quick turnaround . check their website
  14. It is actually a rectifier my LS85 pumper has one and the many I have seen have them to balance voltage.
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