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  1. was done on my 54 L pumper ,friend did his on his 53 also
  2. Been down this road before, their are not filters to be found (sock type) that fit correctly. that original filter only filtered a very small amount on engine oil ,maybe 10% ,past year changed over to a modern spin on , no problem
  3. Changed my split rims to all Daytons on spokes after the first flat on a steer doing a slow motion turn ,the rim had rust &rot issues that you could not see and put all new 22.5 radials on my L model fire truck. I never did like the split rims ,for looks almost the same and safety is the name.
  4. It sure looks like it is all their , I hope someone saves it from the crusher and puts it on the road
  5. you are making progress
  6. I assume your gas tank is in the rear between the frame rails, I previously had a 47 mack pumper that the tank was mounted above the fire pump, that on had a cheap electric pump did not last long.
  7. Also mine want bad ,lucky in garage ,sent to a place in N.Y. on a monday and I got it back on Friday all rebuilt for about $100. this was on my 54 LS85. your Mack looks good, what is that white item in the hose bed?
  8. I see you are working on cab interior ,do you have a line on where to get new rubber pads for the clutch pedal, I have a 'L' mack and the pedal in you photo looks the same. thanks in advance
  9. Just put all new rims and tires 1100 - 22.5 radials on my 54 Mack LS85 fire truck ,what a better ride and SAFER ,replace 900 - 20's w/tubes and 3 pc..rims ( spoke wheels on truck) .they are easy to find, the truck repair shop also did my friends 53 Mack ,and yes the tires are from China
  10. where can I purchase new rubber brake & clutch pedal pads
  11. would like to lube the window regulators on my L model, any thing to be aware of ? their are chrome screws around the outside and some painted ones around the the crank and door opener .
  12. any know where to buy rubber clutch & brake pedal pads for 'L' model macks ? is another truck manufacture interchangeable?
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