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  1. 609albert

    In search of an aerialscope

  2. 609albert

    In search of an aerialscope

    Same thoughts as F.W.D. ,most of the Macks have low mileage (that where in small depts. ) engines never got broke in. Pa & N.J . I would say had the most. I know of one fellow that may help you ,Don Holden in Ct. he has a collection of 'C' and CF 's , I'll try to find his email
  3. 609albert

    Spring Melt

    Anyone going to the Spring Melt in Allentown,PA. next weekend ? always a good roadtrip.
  4. up date ,the guy found a new tank made of Aluminum 20 gal that will fit in the space under diamond plate (1950 Mack fire truck)
  5. a friend just bought a gas Mack that hasn't run in at least 10 yrs.or more, rusted well inside any suggestions before putting in gas?
  6. 609albert

    Looking for Battery Selector for L Model

    well you get the Idea (on spelling)
  7. 609albert

    Looking for Battery Selector for L Model

    a lot of apparatus used a Cole-Hearst selector switch. A B Both & off position ,that's what I have on my L
  8. 609albert

    Looking for our 1948 Mack

    Looks great, the Spring Melt is in April (flea market for fire apparatus) .the SPAAMFAA national Muster is in Cherry Hill N.J. the first week in August ,will be a great show, with lots of things to do.
  9. Patent Pending on that design,clever
  10. 609albert

    Moving forward

    looks great, I think you'll paint the front orange
  11. 609albert

    safety rim ring

    I took care of the problem, ground out the rust and pained with POR 15 ,ready for new radials
  12. 609albert

    Safety Rim Ring

    It is a 3 piece rim by Firestone 1953, thanks for any help
  13. looking for a Safety Rim Ring to replace a rusted one on my 54 Mack LS85 pumper ,fits on a spoke type hub tire size 900-20
  14. 609albert

    safety rim ring

    looking for a replacement for my rusted Safety Rim Ring on my 54 Mack LS85 pumper ,fits on a spoke type hub, tire size 900 -20
  15. what actually does camel back suppension look like .photo please

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