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  1. Super pumper gave new meaning to" KNOCKING DOWN THE FIRE''
  2. Please tell that engine & trans removal is photo shopped (not real)
  3. ok to do just make sure you get a good unit, their is a shop In n.y. that will rebuild the orginal and quick turnaround he did mine advertises in Hemmings motor news name is Authur Guld .
  4. some 'B's had a 504 flat head in early B years
  5. Nice looking B model , I guess it is a 707ci. 4 or 5 speed ?
  6. someone also suggested tighten2 adjustable ends on drag link
  7. Yes power steering was added during restore and still has excess play
  8. ok John, I'll look into what you describe
  9. I have a 54 LS85 Mack pumper that has what seems like too much steering play ,new tie rod ends did not help ,now thinking worn gears in the steering box, any help ,ideas, etc.
  10. I have a 1954 LS85 Mack pumper it has as long as I have owned it what seem like too much play in the steering ,put new tie rod ends but it didn't seem to help ,leaning now toward worn steering gear box, any Ideas on a fix?
  11. the ad is free if you are a member of SPAAMFAA . Also I would sent out an Email or letter to all the chapters in the SPAAMFAA group with a photo , most of the chapters do a newsletter or could list it on their local website, just a thought
  12. looks like it last had a diesel engine in it. good luck on the search ,maybe a inquire on Spaamfa site or list an ad in engine engine (members throughout the usa
  13. Is E 12 a Pierce? we had a Roto Ray like that also <$2000 option and now the powers to be removed it and replaced the grill
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