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  1. Thank you for the serial number. Still in search of this truck.
  2. It’s a long shot but worth a try. Looking for a 1947 Type 45 Triple Combination pumper. Originally served Brookline Fire Co. Delaware County PA. Sold to the Florida Forestry Service in 1967. No other information available
  3. Send me your email address.
  4. I am looking for an Autocar truck grill emblem for a 1949 Autocar fire truck. I have had no luck as to why I am posting here. Thank you
  5. I have available an L model cardboard glove box brand new. I also have a pair of L model steel rocker panels. New.
  6. 1953 L Mack Fire Truck Originally from Chester PA Goodwill Fire Co. Truck is in good condition, does need some TLC, does have rust in some areas. New Seats New glove box Have a newer hydraulic pump and pto shaft runs great Air assisted steering, Air brakes
  7. Hi I am having issues storing my ladder truck I have been moving it from several temporary spots. For Sale $7500 1953 Mack "L" with a Maxim ladder Originally Goodwill Fire Company of Chester, PA
  8. Looking for Mack fire trucks for sale. Original to fire companies in eastern PA, southern NJ, and upper DE
  9. I apologize. I am in Philadelphia, PA
  10. Does anyone know of somewhere I can get a new tube and tire placed on a split rim?
  11. What's the best place to get a rebuild kit for zenith carb for a 707c?
  12. The flasher was acting up. It would be fine and than other times it would take longer to change lights. There are wires everywhere I am doing one thing at a time retracing and replacing
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