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  1. yarnall

    Info needed

    I have several radiators that would fit behind your shell. I'm in PA. Where are you?
  2. yarnall

    1957 B-61 For Sale

    I'll take it. Just kidding. How about some more information? Location, condition, specs, price... pictures would be great but some people are having trouble up loading them. Welcome to the forum. Mike.
  3. It is actually a faded orange. Not yellow at all. I'd like to have it but they are not parting with it.
  4. If that truck is owned by Cliff Sharp it was bought new by Doehler Jarvis in Pottstown. I have a 1972 R685 from them. I need a radiator for it. Mike
  5. Andy Lieder put a twin turbo 864 in the F tractor. He got two radiators from me for it, but he only paid for one. I am waiting over 3 years for him to make good on the second one. Mike.
  6. yarnall

    Allentown B81

    The seller says "America On Wheels" which is a museum associated with Mack. I thought this truck was being donated to the Mack Museum a couple years ago but it never showed up. Mike.
  7. yarnall

    Craigslist Mack

    Will it stay a fire truck or be taken apart?
  8. yarnall


    Not fake news. They were asking $7000 for a while. I guess they are trying another approach.
  9. yarnall

    1981 mack cf 600 steering wheel center peice

    My '72 will work turning it either way. It only takes about 1/8 turn.
  10. yarnall


    I have an 42", aluminum, flat-top, crawl-through sleeping off and International 4300. It has been kept inside since taken off the truck in 1997. I would want $800 for it. I think it has red or maroon interior. I can get pictures if you are interested. What happened with the MH roll back? Mike
  11. yarnall

    Hola Folks

    Welcome to the forum Chris. That's a pretty neat truck with the winch and track. I hope the purchase works out. I'm in PA but my brother lives in Lufkin. Mike.
  12. I saw that buckle and considered buying it but cheaped out.
  13. yarnall

    Wanted: Rostand Bell for our 52 LS125

    The original poster had not been in since 2016. How much are you asking for the bell and bracket?
  14. yarnall

    81 Mack - CL

    Welcome to the forum. It looks pretty nice. Definitely a good save. What is the serial number? How much are you asking for it? I'm in PA so probably won't be buying it but everyone else wants to know too. Mike.
  15. I got notice about my trucks that were outside. Licensed trucks can be outside in my municipality but not non-licensed. Maybe they will be ok with a fence. Go to talk to them. See if they will work with you. Mike.

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