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  1. My father drove a crackerbox when I was a kid and hated it. I’ve always wanted one though. I wish this one was closer.
  2. Yes. That is Steve Skurnowicz’s Truck. He bought it from, or from the estate of, Robert West. Steve is the VP of ATCA. He also is the editor of Double Clutch.
  3. I thought VALS327 above was Don Holden. Is it not? Mike.
  4. Here is the link to request information from the Mack Museum. Please remember to send them a donation. It is a nonprofit and not a division of Mack Trucks. Mike. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/contact-us/
  5. Great work Sarkis. It looks awesome. I was hoping for a video though. Mike.
  6. They used a lot of NOS parts on the restoration of this truck. They were not wasted. They did a fantastic job. Mike
  7. Sounds like a truck for MackDaddy. He’s on the right side of the world.
  8. Very neat truck. I have a ‘61 C80 with a 348 and air brakes so a much different truck, but with independent front suspension. Hopefully you never need king pins because we could only find one set and it was $1000. Hopefully my old ones hold up. I used mine today hauling dirt around the farm. Mike
  9. Please remember this is a site about trucks. Let’s keep the discussion about trucks and leave the political discussion for another page. Thanks. Mike.
  10. Get ahold of Kevin All at All Macks. He had L Model parts and might have what you need. Mike.
  11. Thanks. It could be in better hands, but it is mine for now. It needs someone with very deep pockets.
  12. Here is my Mack Magirus. There were only four B85F’s made with the L cab. There rest had some form of the B cab and the soft nose. The serial numbers were in with the other 600 some B85F’s. I’m told this is the only one that survives. Mike.
  13. The AC pumper is mine. It is spending the year in the Harrisburg Fire Museum. Hopefully I’ll have a new built by the time I bring it home. Mike.
  14. “This truck donated by: Republic Services”. It’s not leaving. They are a great addition to the collection.
  15. Welcome. To the forum. I agree it might be a B46. I have one with an aluminum hood. As was said, the concave cab is a negative to most people. I think they are neat. You better be skinny though. Tough to give a value but I would not pay $3500 for it. We paid $440 for ours but it is in much worse shape. Definitely get the serial number off the frame. Mike.
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