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  1. The poor thing got cut up, but I had no where to keep it. I haven’t sold much in my life and regret everyone of them. Mike.
  2. Welcome. Let’s see some pictures of these B’s. Mike.
  3. Was the Blue one pictures above your uncle’s. Mike.
  4. That cab is pretty nice. I’ll give you 500 bucks for it. You’ll have to deliver it to PA though. And paint the roof black. If not I’ll only give you 400. Anyway I’m really jealous. I wish I could do work like that. Keep the posts coming. It’s great to see someone getting something done. Mike.
  5. Great job. It looks awesome. Keep the updates coming. Mike.
  6. From what I have heard, a fiberglass tilt hood was an option in the late production B53’s. Mike
  7. Welcome to the forum. You will gets lots of good advice here, but not from me. Mike.
  8. I remember you mentioning this a couple years ago. How much are they asking? Mike.
  9. My father bought one of those a couple years ago. I don’t know how we lived without it. Michael
  10. Where are you? I have a K model I would sell. I’m near Philly. Mike.
  11. What’s the plan for the truck and what else are you liquidating? I’m just down the road in Boyertown. Mike.
  12. Here are two D models from the Mack Museum. The green one is for sale if anyone is looking for a project. They also have one they restored inside but I could not find a photo. Mike.
  13. I put this a Napa 12v fuel pump on several of my trucks including my 1947 85LS. It works great without a pressure regulator. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/CFPB0110E?cid=paidsearch_shopping_dcoe_google&campaign=GSC-Fuel-Emissions&campaign_id=10951730297&adgroup_id=113117085528&adtype=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIit65676a7wIVxgeICR3ewQ4NEAQYFCABEgJmNPD_BwE& mike
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