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  1. Doug Fetterly makes new B mode bumpers. You can look him. Up on Facebook.
  2. I don’t need that radiator but might have a diesel radiator to sell in Pottstown. I’ll ask my father if you are interested. Mike.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Nice truck. Mike.
  4. That’s a nice little truck. I watched the video. Not a whole lot of B20’s around. You probably already know it was the smallest B model made but the sheet metal was the same as the bigger trucks. It is not likely that anyone would want most of the part you are replacing unless someone is rebuilding a B20. The engine has no guts and I assume it has hydraulic brakes. The bumper is not original but the grill guard is and someone will want that. The winch would have value too. I would potentially buy the hub caps if you are willing to ship them. You might be better putting the cab on a newer chassis with everything you have planned. I have never done a project like that. Be careful if you have not. A lot of nice trucks get taken apart and end up a pile of junk that never gets finished. If you are going to get it running consider driving it around the way it is. See what you think. The problem with that is the brakes would need going through and that is a lot of work and expense that would be wasted if you replace the axles. good luck. Mike.
  5. That’s quick money.
  6. Here is a Mack Magirus. 1959 B85F with a 100 foot Magirus ladder built for Chicago. Mike
  7. I considered buying but I don’t need any more junk. What do you think the bumper is from? It is very similar to the bumper on my father’s RL. Mike.
  8. My fat fingers typed 62 instead of 61. I corrected it above. Mike.
  9. I was told they offered a fiberglass tilt nose on the later B53’s. I do not have literature to back this up. I have seen several that look just like a regular B model hood without the seams. There was a B61 near me with a fiberglass hood. They claimed it was the first B6 built. The serial number plate said B61T1000. The stamp was ground off the frame. I think there was some funny business going on there. Mike.
  10. Congrats of the purchase. It looks like a sweet little truck. You are lucky to have the air brakes. I have an A40 firetruck with hydraulic brakes. They are constant trouble. Have fun with it. Mike.
  11. There are B85 parts including a 707 listed onFB marketplace in Perth Amboy NJ.
  12. Do any of you guys live near Sandusky Ohio and maybe plan to come to Mack Day if it happens? Or is anyone is coming this way with a truck anytime. I would like to buy a radiator shell and don’t want to drive 7 hours each way. I could meet somewhere closer, Carlisle, Hazleton. I’m in Boyertown PA Thanks. Mike. I know I posted in the wrong section but want people to see it.
  13. With your skills you can just fire up your furnace and cast yourself a rear.
  14. No they did not. They look similar but are not the same. Mike.
  15. What the... I thought you were going to start on my truck now!
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