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  1. DS600. Sounds rare. Couldn’t have made many of them.
  2. Hello Yarnall. I saw on a previous chat you were offering to E-Mail (i think it was ) a copy of the Mack Bulldog magazine Vol.7 No. 4 Fourth Quarter 1977. The one that introduces the SuperLiner. Boy, i would be extremely appreciative if you were willing to do that for me. Just name your price $. I'll take whatever you are willing to sell whether it be the actual issue or copy. Thanks, Darrell.

  3. My father has a B66 with a 540 in it. We could not find an exhaust manifold that wasn’t broken. Let me know if you find two. Good luck with the project. You are making great progress. Mike.
  4. Sorry about the glare. I can email higher resolution pictures. Mike.
  5. I assume he wants the article about the introduction of the Superliner.
  6. John Chalmers would be a good source. I don’t have his number handy but someone here will.
  7. Neat truck. If it was in PA I would buy it. With the big radiator and the shadow of the emblem on the side of the cab it is a 1923 or newer. I believe the 6 cylinder became available in 1930 so if it is original that makes it a 30-33. Mike
  8. Welcome to the forum. What part of Italy? Let’s see some pictures. Mike
  9. What are you looking to get for them? Thanks.
  10. It looks great. If you didn’t find a bumper yet you should come by my house and look at that parts truck. Mike
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