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  1. New Member with a 1961 B95F

    Very nice truck. Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of answers here. Just not from me. Mike
  2. Tom said it was a good truck with nothing wrong with it and I believe him. I would have liked it but spent all my money last year on the house and junk Internationals. Have fun with it. Mike.
  3. Nice truck. I can't believe it took so long to sell. The price was right. I have seen a lot less for way more. I like the Malatesta trucks too. Mike.
  4. I'm not a truck driver but drove on of those articulating dump trucks at a landfill two summers. I laid the bed over like that when I got the right rear tires off the road. It stopped me dead. It didn't do any damage except tearing a couple wire. They set it back up with an excavator and I was back on my way. Apparently it is common because they called it 'joining the club'. Mike.
  5. I was told it was Volvo automobile and not Volvo Truck.
  6. endt864

    The poster had not been on since March so he probably won't see this. I don't have an answer for his question but the ENDT864 was available in the R719. A member, Dan Thomas, has one. It was also available in the CF719 which they made 12 of. I have #9. I believe it was also available in other models but do not have the documentation in front of me. I am pretty certain that any truck with the 19 suffix had the ENDT864. The 12 should be for 300 plus, unless it is a newer truck then it stands for tandem axle. I'm not an expert though. Mike.
  7. Happy 70th Birthday -WATT'S MACK!

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for everything you do for us bunch of idiots.
  8. 1965 White 9000 wrecker

    1965 White 9000 wrecker 250 Cummins not running RTO 2010 trans Wreck Master body Good title Cab very rusty $1800 Michael Yarnall, Douglassville PA
  9. Thanks for the info. I called them today. They have one on the shelf, but will rebuild mine for about $200. I am checking on a couple other options but will send it to him if they do not come through. Mike.
  10. Thanks for the number. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Cal Little said he'd look through his stuff but doubted he had one and doesn't know anyone who rebuilds them. Mike.
  11. This coil looks like a little grenade. My mechanic replaced it with a finned coil like I have on my LS85. Me said the original coil was barely making a spark. I assume my mechanic would know if it is open or not. I do not know what that means. Matt Pfahl said they will cut open the old coils and put a new one inside but mine is not the same shape. Gary Mahan had no suggestion. I'll call Cal next Thanks for the reply. Mike.
  12. The coil for my 1925 AC fire truck has gone bad. I can't immagine there is a spare around. It says North East Electric Co Rochester NY. With a patent date of 1919. So with that not being likely has anyone ever had a coil rewound? Who would do it? My local generator shop doesn't. Matt Pfahl and Gary Mahan had no suggestions. Thanks. Mike.
  13. '49 LFSW

    That is quite a project. Someone posted a sleeper cab L mode in similar condition in the U.K. a few years back. It had remnants of yellow paint. I think he became overwhelmed by the scope of the project. I wonder if this is the same truck. Good luck with it. Mike.
  14. Superliner chrome bumper

    This bumper looks just like the bumper I posted. Square fog light holes and all. It looks nice in the pictures.
  15. Superliner chrome bumper

    There are plenty of people on here who know a lot more about Superliners than I do. Post you questions in the Antique section above and you will get your answer. It won't let me post the bumper photos either but it looks nice. The must be too large for the format. Mike.