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  1. I went to the Cole Museum in 1997 or so. I was really impressed. From the photos I’ve seen it has changed quite a bit. I’ll be in Bangor next week but don’t have time to stop. I went to the Bickford collection about 8 years ago. There are a lot of neat trucks there too. I stopped at Yaworski’s in CT on a different trip. He still has a lot of trucks but said everything with pain left. He might have 150 trucks in his junk yard. Definitely worth a stop on the way by. Mike.
  2. That is great. Keep at it. Thanks for the update. Mike.
  3. Tom Zackney brought an R400 tractor to Macungie a number of years ago. He had the hood up and I really had to look to see that there was a engine in there.
  4. Thanks. It was a great show. I’m glad I could share it with everyone. There is an article about Mack Day 2020 forthcoming. Mike
  5. I misunderstood. I thought someone skipped out you. Knowing the amount of work you put into it, it is well worth your asking price. Good luck with the sale. Mike.
  6. Why is this for sale? I thought is was built specifically for someone.
  7. Unfortunately there is no site like that. What parts are you looking for? Different people will have different things. Cal Little. Matt Pfahl. Kevin All. The Bickford collection. What mode is it? How about some photos? Mike.
  8. I can’t believe you’re not done with this yet. If I were doing it i would have lost Half the pieces by now. Or maybe not have even started yet. I can’t wait to see it at Mack Day! Mike.
  9. Carl, are you bidding on this? Harvey Eckert send me info on it the last time it sold. It was out of my price range then too. Mike
  10. That is a nice bunch of BrockwaYs. I would have liked to go, but my kids did not want to be in a truck that long. My parents had a good time though. Michael.
  11. There is a listing on FB marketplace in Deltas NJ that says NOS DM hood and grill. I don’t know if DM600 or 800. $900. Worth a look. Mike
  12. Welcome to the forum. You might find a manual on eBay. Good luck with it. Mike
  13. Thanks for the photos and videos. I’ve only been to this show once and really enjoyed it. I would have liked to go this year. Maybe ext year if my father ever gets his 758 back from the body shop. I wish we could get something like this going for Autocar. There are a loT of Autocars out there but the show is very small. Michael
  14. Are you going to have it together for Mack Day the first Saturday in October at Gerhart Equipment?
  15. Congratulations and Welcome to the forum. Where are you from in PA? I am near Reading. I’d bet that 307 on the speedometer means the old one had 307,000 miles on it when they put this one in. My father has a similar label on his Superliner. Thanks for your service. I’m glad someone wants to do it. Mike
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