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  1. Would you please send me the contact information and better photos? I’ll send my number. Thanks. Mike.
  2. That’s cool. I’d love to see more photos. Would you consider selling me some parts when you are done with your project? I have an H69 that could use a few this. Mike.
  3. I must have forgotten that your truck is a smith truck. It looks great so far. What number was it? Are you painting it in the Smith livery? Would you post a before picture please? Thanks. Mike
  4. I have a loadstar like that with a hatch. It came from a steel fab company down the road. Michael
  5. Blackie Kufrovich from SHFS died a few weeks ago. Sad to see him go. He was a great guy. Michael
  6. The seat company is about 2 miles from where I work.
  7. Where is the truck located? A few more details would be helpful. And as mentioned above, photos. Thanks
  8. Nice find. They started using this emblem in 1923 or 23 on AB’s and AC’s.
  9. What a hard year. I am sorry to hear that. The ladder looks great though. Keep plugging away. Mike.
  10. Congratulations. Yes, photos please. Mike
  11. DS600. Sounds rare. Couldn’t have made many of them.
  12. Hello Yarnall. I saw on a previous chat you were offering to E-Mail (i think it was ) a copy of the Mack Bulldog magazine Vol.7 No. 4 Fourth Quarter 1977. The one that introduces the SuperLiner. Boy, i would be extremely appreciative if you were willing to do that for me. Just name your price $. I'll take whatever you are willing to sell whether it be the actual issue or copy. Thanks, Darrell.

  13. My father has a B66 with a 540 in it. We could not find an exhaust manifold that wasn’t broken. Let me know if you find two. Good luck with the project. You are making great progress. Mike.
  14. Sorry about the glare. I can email higher resolution pictures. Mike.
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