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  1. Yes. I was only there on Saturday and didn’t see him till I was leaving. He’s as riding around in his John Deere Gator with George Tackaberry. He also has a Construction Equipment day in the spring if you want another chance to get out here. I don’t know the date and have never been there. Mike.
  2. John. Great story but I think you have your serial numbers wrong. Mike
  3. Most of the trucks in the boneyard were not used in the business. In the past I believe Roger Gerhart has bought trucks to sell, to save from the scrap dealer or just because he liked them. I have not noticed any new acquisition recently. He is a really nice guy. If you see him you should ask him. Mike.
  4. They boneyard is definitely a highlight for me. I have taken pictures of the same trucks year after year. Things used to change more frequently but not much has changed since last year. They do sell the old trucks, but only whole. No parts. A couple trucks have been listed for a decade and have not gotten any better. Some kids got in there about two years ago and broke a lot of glass. That is really sad to see. Some emblems have disappeared too. If you saw something back there that you liked, give them a call. Mike.
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the forum. What model did you get? Is it an E model or L model? I don’t know how much you know so don’t take offense. Driving them is not very hard, but there is no power steering or power brakes. You have to be certain the brakes will stop it before you get in a situation where you cannot stop. Of course you will need to double clutch, but there is nothing to that. Have fun with it and let’s see some pictures. Mike.
  6. yarnall

    1945 Mack NR

    There are two different sizes of Lanova. The big one is an 862. I don’t know what the smaller one is. I think newer manifolds will fit on the 862 but am not certain.
  7. I can’t image they are not still there or that they could be bought. Mike.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Many of us like Autocars too. I have a 1950 C90 that is pretty nice and a 1960 DC75 that is not very nice at all. Mike.
  9. That’s awesome. You should have left your car and driven that home.
  10. yarnall

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    Thanks. Maybe I’ll look into that. They were using the truck and needed king pins for inspection. I have it register as Antique so it doesn’t need inspection. Hopefully it does not affect the safety. Mike.
  11. yarnall


    The good news is it will never allow you to shift from 1st to reverse. It is hard enough to shift from 1st to 2nd. Mike.
  12. yarnall


    On my 1925, I have to push down then it is left and back I think. Push down and try all directions. My AB is different than my AC. I’d try Olsen Gaskey if I needed them. Good work so far. Mike.
  13. yarnall

    1949 Mack 85LS ISO Eng Parts

    You could try Cal Little in Hummelstown PA. Search Pine Hill trailer sales. His number should come up. He has several parts 85LS's. Mike
  14. I strap a cub cadet gas tank to the mirror and run a hose to the carb. The gallon only lays a few minutes with a 707. You have more time with the 460 or whatever it is in the B422. As far as long term goes it depends what you want. There are lots of square steel tanks out there or you can clean and coat your. Appropriate Round aluminum tanks are harder to come by and more expensive. You can use newer tanks if you don't care about originality. Mike.
  15. They look good. If the engine is ok and all other things are equal, the B422 would be the better truck to keep. Might as well keep them both though. Have fun with them. Mike.

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