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  1. When I was looking into replacing the plugs on my father’s B85 I talked to a lot of people. I believe Info from the mack museum said Champion D14 and D16 (I think that was the number). A mack restorer told me to use all D16. That is what I did. i have also had trouble with Champion now and am buying Autolite Mike.
  2. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, but you are still getting stuff done. Keep the pictures coming.
  3. You do have your work cut out for you but R model Mack’s are as tough as they come. I would agree that the axles where probably pulled for transport. Are they actually broken? If your truck was make with a good scoop you should keep it. They are cool. I see you just have hope in the hood though. Good luck. Mike.
  4. I like them almost as much as I like Obama. My father drove one when I was a kid. He hated it and the Detroit that powered it. I loved it and have been l for one for years. Mike
  5. What parts are you looking for? Wheel cylinders might be available through Napa it another parts store. Ignition parts the same. It looks like you don’t need sheet metal.
  6. Thank You I found him. Funny it wouldnt come up under just kevin.all 

  7. Great Vlad. I went 300 miles for a mack last month and that was a little too far. It is in worse shape than you Cruiseliner. Your English is way better than my Russian so not criticizing but wondering, after the Volga River you said you got “snakes”. Did you mean shakes like milk shakes or was it something else. Mike.
  8. Contact Kevin All. Find him in face space. He should have what you want. Mike.
  9. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search. Mike.
  10. The Australian truck was at the ATHS show in York about 5 years ago then it spent some time at the Mack Museum before being driven back out west. It was neat to see in person. Mike.
  11. Doug Fetterly makes new B mode bumpers. You can look him. Up on Facebook.
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