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  1. If it was from a NY terminal it would have had a NY commercial plate and a TMT plate. I have been told they need both no matter what state they were from if they ran through NY but not sure if that is true.
  2. Nope. $55. This one sold for $140.
  3. Thanks for the prices. The IH auction last month had similar condition trucks but much lower prices. I was sure that they would go for more if they were Macks and this proves it. Scrap must be low. This KB 8 sold for $55. I should have bid.
  4. 1957 autocar free

    I'll take it if it is still available. Don't want to call you at 10pm but maybe I will. I spoke with the guy you got it from but the trucks were already spoken for. Mike.
  5. If you get it and are thinking of fixing it I have a nice tandem chassis that I would sell for cheap. It has R mode rears in it though. Mike.
  6. Welcome to the forum, Sean. Congrats on the B61 purchase. I don't know if anyone mentioned but we like pictures. There are doors around. I have a couple but I am sure there are some closer to you. I probably have a starter too but would have to look. Good luck with it. Mike
  7. B-model ladder truck

    New owner.
  8. Yep. It's just too easy.
  9. HOF Parade

    That truck is very similar to mine. Mine is a commercial A30 chassis with an American tank body. The truck is also from Ohio. I wish I could find a pump. If anyone has one please let me know. Mike
  10. B-model ladder truck

    I think it is a regular coupe cab and not a sedan cab. Mike
  11. Dan, Did you look into buying it? I called Kansas City to complain about the sale and they told me the asking price was $150,000. Even at a quarter of that it was out of my price range, yet alone double that. I do love the truck though. I'm glad it was going back to New England. Dennis Yaworski was pretty upset about it when I talked to him a couple months ago. Mike
  12. It found another one to drag home.
  13. B-model ladder truck

  14. I know it is really getting off subject but I might have my KB 10 lettered up like this.
  15. 47 EF New here

    I've never seen that done. I guess it wouldn't work on a 350 Chevy with aluminum pistons.