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  1. I think I saw this truck for sale somewhere on the net.
  2. Mack H series

    There is a tandem axle H67 for sale in Boyertown Pa for $2500. It is pretty rusty and hasn't run in an unknown time. I can get you the number if you want. Mike
  3. Today's finds

    Thanks. I'm too cheap to have something shipped that far.
  4. Today's finds

    Thanks for the info. I'll be at the Mack Museum on Thursday. I'll see if I can find out more. Is there a possibility it is for sale? It is to far away from me evetif it is. Mike.
  5. Some Russian firetruck pics

    Pretty neat stuff. The first three GAZ look like Studebaker cabs. I had read an article about their use in Russia. The second ZIS has K model IH sheet metal and cab. I am not sure about the fenders. They don't look right. The too ladder trucks look like they have German Magirus ladders. Only a few dozen of them were imported to the US. The last picture looks like it is a US car chassis like a Lincoln converted into a chemical truck. Thanks for posting them. Mike
  6. Mack NO

    I believe they were made with soft tops and the cabs were put on when they were in civilian service. They were custom made.
  7. I saw this truck along the road in Great Barrington Mass in 1999. I was with a bunch of non-truck people so this is the best photo I could get.
  8. Today's finds

    I've never seen a fire truck like that. I think it is an LMU. Did you get the serial number? That Kenworth would be great to have. Where are they? Mik.
  9. 1957 H63T

    Neat save. What Steve S above neglected to say is that he has an H63. I'm sure he will be a great reference for you if you keep posting on here. Where are you located and are you a member of ATCA? Mike
  10. Looking for an old Mack Dealer emblem

    How about the hat? https://m.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Bruckners-Mack-Dealership-Mesh-Trucker-Snapback-Tan-Khaki-Patch-Hat-USA/152924901956?hash=item239b08d244:g:SngAAOSw00talb2t:sc:USPSFirstClass!19518!US!-1
  11. 1936 Mack BM

    Great truck. It is in Erv Bickford's museum in Maine.
  12. Nice truck. What is the serial number for the truck. From that we can tell you why the original engine was.
  13. b75 or b77

    It's on the B model Mack Facebook page. No number posted. It's still listed. He also had two integral sleeper B models in worse shape.
  14. b75 or b77

    I'd like to buy this but since I am not going to maybe you want it. Seems like a good deal for $6000. In TN. Mike.