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  1. Dennis said I could have this truck if I came and got it. I have to do that. It looks a lot worse though Mike.
  2. Very neat. Where is it from? I have a B85 Fire tractor like that but no canvas top. Mike
  3. I wold love to have them. What are you asking for them and where are you located? I am in Boyertown, PA. Michael Yarnall
  4. I believe their L Model weighed 47,000 when it was scrapped. This truck is a little light but not too much. I read my notes about this company last week. I was planning to write a story for Double Clutch but never got around to it. Mike
  5. Are you saying Frank Malatesta has nothing to do with trucks or trucking?
  6. Where are you from? Are you looking for an old body for a restoration or a newer style to use?
  7. Is that Wells Fargo truck the one that Dave Zsigmondy had owned that Iowa 80 is restoring?
  8. I had a discussion with someone about this who had some documents with Mack that had conflicting numbers. There were 14 CF719’s built with the twin turbo 864’s made. I have number 12 and the other guy has number 9. His documents show that for the fire service it was boosted to 350hp. I bet there are more than 10 running examples left since I know of third surviving CF and Tom has one in his R719. As for non-turbo, my F715 is on it’s third or forth. The first blew up on the first trip. It went right back to Mack to be replaced. Mike.
  9. If you send me your number I’ll text a picture of my gold leaf. It will not let me post it. Mike.
  10. Air brakes were very uncommon on this vintage of fire truck.
  11. I bought it. It is aluminum. I haven’t done anything with it yet but am going to polish it up and put it on my father’s B66. Mike.
  12. A B73 has Cummins power. A B75 has Mack power. I don’t know what a B77 has but someone else will. The L Model style cab was an option. They could also have the standard B cab.
  13. A lot of radiator shops also do fuel tanks. I use Marko Radiator in Shenandoah Pa. not close to you though. Mike.
  14. I’ll take pictures of mine if I think of it next time I am there. Mike.
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