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  1. Congratulations and Welcome to the forum. Where are you from in PA? I am near Reading. I’d bet that 307 on the speedometer means the old one had 307,000 miles on it when they put this one in. My father has a similar label on his Superliner. Thanks for your service. I’m glad someone wants to do it. Mike
  2. That’s great. Congratulations. Maybe you should pretend you went on a long journey and send some photos of the countryside. Mike.
  3. Some probably did if someone bought the chassis and sent it to another manufacturer, but the great majority of Mack fire trucks were built. I’ve heard Mack did sell its chassis to competitors until the 70’s but that is just hearsay. I have an A30 commercial chassis the has a body built by American. I was told the fire company bought it and sent it to American. Mike.
  4. What we really need to know is the serial number or at east the model. I assume it is a diesel and has a bigger radiator to cool it. My L model gas job has the radiator cap under the hood while my diesel has the cap exposed like your A model. Mike.
  5. While I don’t remember seeing an A model with a filler cap like that If the hood fits the cowl and radiator shell the radiator shell is factory. It is hard to tell the difference between radiator shells even when I have my A model and L model next to each other. Of course the the A shell is smaller. Neat truck. Have fun with it. Mike.
  6. I have a 1951 405A. I believe the rear bearings were on grease and my father converted them to oil. I will try to remember to ask him. My father has a 1941 Type 45 and 55 but we have not had them apart yet. Michael.
  7. It’s actually an A model which can after the E. They were made from 51-53. The serial number would tell us more. Neat truck. Mike
  8. Thanks. It is a pretty truck with all the chrome. It’s a 1939 F335. I don’t know much more about it though. We missed you. Mike
  9. Me? I brought some Smith trucks and some other junk. Mike.
  10. For those who do not know, the show is Friday and Saturday. Not Sunday. Trucks have already started arriving.
  11. Where are you at? There is an MB for sale in PA.
  12. Oh no. You’ve read my dumb comments a couple time? Keep working. It has to be in Macungie next Friday.
  13. I know of one that is not in great shape.I am near Philadelphia Pennsylvania. What is you budget? Have you thought about shipping. I assume it would cost several thousand dollars to get a truck from Chile. Mike.
  14. If you don’t get a response I know someone who has done it on many AB’s and. AC’s. He would be glad to talk to you. I’m pretty sure he uses a Chevy starter. Mike.
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