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  1. There was a great story about the extraction and reconstruction of the truck. Not sure if it was in Double Clutch or another magazine.
  2. I've spoken with the seller several times. There are always circumstances that lead to the decisions that are made. They are hard to guess when you do not know but it is not fair to attack someone from behind your key board when you do not know what those circumstances are. Mike
  3. 230,000 LB load

    What is it? That is quite a trailer.
  4. My 1985 MH612 has 1,973,000 on the clock hauling horses for Ralph G Smith of West Chester. I don't think it had too much done. Rom can fill in the details. It did get a repaint after one of his brothers laid it over on a wet off ramp in Florida.
  5. I asked Roger about it. If I understood him correctly, they had it running last year when they brought it out of the junk yard. This year they pulled it to where you saw it. I did not ask him the history. A lot hog truck have disappeared since last year. I did not see Roger after I walked through the junk yard so did not get to ask the fait of them. Mike.
  6. Macks in DE, CT

    That looks great. If only I hadn't spent all my money on junk.
  7. Here are some pictures that were sent to me.
  8. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    I'll be there Saturday. Not sure about Friday night but hope to go. It is only a little over an hour for me. Mike.

    This is a set I got from him. I have to put them on the truck instead of the wall.
  10. 2000 Mack rd688s hood rollers

    We had some NOS hood rollers that we put on my R688. They only help up about 9 months. They must deteriorate in storage. I was going to get new from Mack. Hopefully they hold up longer. Mike.
  11. Nice. My father bought a Model A earlier in the year. We had to borrow a trailer to haul it home. I really want a rollback. My wrecker had gotten me in enough trouble though.
  12. Sounds interesting. I gave a call and have pictures coming. I'll post them when I get them. Nice guy to talk to. Mike.
  13. Wanted - 1940-1955 MACK.. L series or sleeper

    Good luck with your project. There are lots out there. Superdog's Intergral L would be a good choice above. He is in Iowa. Of the pictures you posted above I am pretty sure the first two pictures are from Daryl Gushee's in Maine. The third picture is of course Matt Pfahl's B61 from CT. The fifth picture is Roger Gerhart's L model with a Lanova Diesel from Pennsylvania. I don't know the other two trucks. Mike.
  14. I did not but I did recommend joining.
  15. I took my son to the Hay Creek Festival. It had nothing to do with this truck being there. It is pretty nice. It was nice to meet Jarrad. Mike