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  1. I have one on my ‘29 Chevy coupe and my ‘79 Nova. I believe Fisher body company was bought by GM sometime in the ‘20’s.
  2. My father says he’s going tubeless. Thanks anyway.
  3. I’m interested. Let me pass this along to my father. They are stud piloted? How are the stud holes? Thanks. Mike.
  4. I’m not a ford guy but that is a pretty cool car. It must be a blast to drive. You are in a whole different horsepower to weight ratio with that. Welcome. Mike
  5. Most of the trucks in the museum are owned by the museum. There are several trucks are loan at a time for the specific exhibits. Ron’s ED I there and Matt Landis’ DM, There are several Macks owned by the museum at American On Wheels and there are a few fire trucks stored at Schuylkill Historical Fire Society. All of these are worth a visit. Mike.
  6. I saw this. Not a bad looking truck. The price is ok and not too far from home for me. Unfortunately I’m not in the market right now.
  7. I’ve always loved that truck. I believe it is in Australia now in Tony Champion’s collection. Mike.
  8. Here is the D model from behind the mack museum. It is looking for a home. There is a restored D model inside that is not. John Chalmers also has one that is pretty rough. Mike.
  9. The AC started life as a fire truck/ ladder truck. It was later used as a bar in Boston. There was a great article about it in Double Clutch. It got a different chassis and a dump bed. The nickel plated grab handles are fire truck equipment. Mike.
  10. The green B42 that sits outside was bought at an auction in 2017 for 20,000. That is the most I have ever seen a B42 go for. It was nice, but not that nice. Now it sits outside. I don’t think the guy is worried about money.
  11. I am told they are great engines. Not a huge amout of power and hard on gas but strong. They were used a lot in the fire service. They would sit and idle forever when pumping. The major problem I have heard was breaking manifolds. I am told it is the same block at the 673. I'm sure there are many who can give you better information than me. This truck looks better in the picture than it does in person. Mike
  12. It also has a short eared gold dog. It is a very nice truck in person. I think the restoration is only 2 years old. Mike
  13. yarnall


    I like this one too but it must take up a lot of shop space.
  14. yarnall


    Thanks. I send my father the link so he could get a matching Superliner. He said the RL almost caused a divorce so he would hold off. Mike.
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