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  1. The W model used the same frame rails as the LTL. The LTH was 1/16" thicker and of course less aluminum pieces. I have built from scratch both the LTL and the W model. Until you get up to the front spring hangers and the front axle they are identical as frame and cross members go. of course there is also the cab mounts that differ.
  2. The G model was much more advanced for the times and was the Western Mack replacement.
  3. Is the cab the same width as a CH or did it get narrowed down?
  4. A guy in Medford Oregon had a new one he ordered. Engine finally blew on him and he pulled it. The truck sat in the back at Leanardo's in White City and I tried a few times to buy it. Nice straight cab (had the small first series R cab) and body. It seems to me it was gone last time I drove by. RS755
  5. The W model shown is now in Tony Champion's collection in Australia. That particular sleeper add on was done by Able of Los Angeles. I would say there are at least 4 different style of sleeper add ons to the W model by different body builders.
  6. At least the hood......which makes the truck has a well known designer. Tony Champion and company.
  7. The floor is not level so we are keeping the truck level as we install the wood to fit and other made to fit items like the hood, doors, etc.
  8. This shop is adjacent to the main building. It is a metal roof structure attached to 2 40Ft CONX boxes. We generally just use this for body work and other dirty jobs. But our assemble bay is full so we are improvising.
  9. Update: Slow but sure making progress on the shutter rebuild.
  10. Nice looking restoration of a real classic! Where did you get the aluminum casings on the running boards? I assume that is what I am seeing?
  11. Looking for the proper front shutters as well as headlights. Did the shutter assembly carry on to other models in the future years?
  12. I have often thought the same after seeing the Scanias coming at me when in Europe. And Mack originally partnered with them on the V8.
  13. I have only read about the unfortunate accident. I did get a copy of the official FAA accident report. I am a pilot as well as a Mack collector so it is of interest to me as well. Was your father a Mack employee? How old were you then?
  14. Little did I know at the time this thread started in 2013 that I would end up owning the VL pictured in the first V8 reply! Here is that pic and here is the truck today.
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