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  1. Wish there were more pictures of the PA Steel haulers with the 3 axle 32Ft trailers and a big coil. See very few??
  2. mackdaddy

    1952 Mack LJT

    did that truck originally belong to John Cheeseman out of Ohio? I believe Tom Spencer restored on for him.
  3. mackdaddy

    Best E9 clutch

    I am learning that lesson right now as I rebuild 2 E-9's!
  4. mackdaddy

    Show Time

    Damn it Larry we gave it our best! It was fun seeing you whisked away in the golf cart...........maybe it was more than your truck she was hoping to write about?
  5. mackdaddy

    H 67

    The H model made the Brooks run with no problems. It just always makes me laugh about big power today. I passed him like he was standing still climbing the mountains out of Grants Pass with the Superdog KTTA but just one extra pull over to catch a coffee to go and he arrived at Brooks (235 miles) within minutes of me. On the way back he pulled the Ken Talley Cattle Wagon that we use as our bar and grill. Sure looked good.
  6. mackdaddy

    H 67

    I have seen Harry at a few ATHS shows since he sold off his collection although not for the past few years. He just took a negative view towards owning restored trucks and sold them off. The Roadway H model and the KW conv both at Keystone now were and are exceptional.
  7. mackdaddy

    H 67

    yes it was
  8. mackdaddy

    H 67

    tri plex and it is hard to believe looking back riding with my Dad in his 57 H hauling one big steel coil on a 32ft triaxle trailer. Going up a long grade he'd have a cigarette out the corner of his mouth and both hands on the shifters. He'd get it all the way in low and that truck would just rear up and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now thinking about those hot muggy summers in western PA and him on the way to Newark, NJ. Tough guys then!
  9. This truck hasn't seen many miles in a lot of years. A friend who started driving in Virginia in an H model wants to drive it up to the Brooks, OR show in a few weeks so I decided to get it serviced and make a run. It performed well other than the sticks are awful stiff. It will be a hot 270 mile run but a lot of fun and memories. Note the smoke in our valley................plain awful for 2 weeks now.
  10. in the NW mountains it was for snow building up in the horn!
  11. yes they do and someday I want to get one restored. Both were bought "new" by Haney truck lines
  12. The H-653 to the right was sold new by Mack to CF for testing triples in the state of Oregon. It is a long story and I believe I have shared it on this site before. It is a true fact as at the time FL did not make a BBC with the needed power that this H model could do so they bought it for the trial runs. Note the fuel tanks, air horn sideways and a few other "required CF" options. The model year from Mack shows a 1957 but then again it resurfaces as a 1959 sold to Haney truck lines which is also who bought the one to the left new in 1957. Both are turbocharged thermodynes with tri plexes. I had Ken Self of FL fame confirm the purchase of the H model.
  13. mackdaddy

    Lexington Kentucky maths show

    You need to hire me as your PR person!!! She whisked you away so fast .........it must have been that smile of yours? Never did see you..............or her after that???
  14. mackdaddy

    ATHS Howard Trucking 2018

    does anyone have a contact for Mr Howard? I saw a few trucks he had for sale?
  15. mackdaddy

    Superliner Rock Gaurds-BORES

    hi please contact me again, I left you a PM. also tried to email you

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