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  1. If we can do some trading for cases! maybe some large bottle formats would be nice?
  2. I bought one and the guys love it! We have our share of Isuzu's and the Paccar COE and this hands down is a better truck and it cost less.
  3. Just who is he? What was his role at Mack? I always thought he just might be Jack Curcio??
  4. You are correct and only the ones that are back drop and have the Cummins Diesel cast in them will have the baffle that splits the cylinders into 3's.
  5. any one heard from him lately?
  6. This G model ran CA through the early 90's. Ran when parked!!
  7. I bet that B model belonged to an old demo contractor located in Shelton, WA at one time??
  8. I have a B615 and it came with the 864. I am not certain but doubt a 615 came from the factory with the 865?
  9. Yes it does! I have had Australian friends come over several times to drive it to shows and I repeat myself telling them to be aware that they don't think they are back home and move over into the left lane! We have had some fun times with a passenger playing with his phone or acting as though he is sleeping when another truck or car passes on the left!. I have had officers come out of the scale houses and walk around to only find no one sitting there.
  10. Here is a picture of Dan and Tex at the ATHS Salem OR show. Dan is everything Mike described. I remember him saying that the E-9 in his truck had the latest revised block just before the E-9 ended production? also for a good laugh go to you tube and see Tex shut the hood on his FL FLD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX9ELu_PW3M
  11. you are right about the LTL. Itch put it together 100% correct but he just didn't do the final polish on it. When that truck sold it was a helluva bargain considering how well it was put together.
  12. They were great...…..just don't forget to put the kickstand down when you get out!!!
  13. Yes he and his entire family are the best!! We agreed that this year he was coming out to Plymouth and the Brooks show with me. Hopefully the Brooks show will not be cancelled since it is late August but we will see! You may know this but Mike has suffered from cancer on just about every part of his body and he keeps on defeating it...………..amazing and unreal.
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