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  1. Nice looking restoration of a real classic! Where did you get the aluminum casings on the running boards? I assume that is what I am seeing?
  2. Looking for the proper front shutters as well as headlights. Did the shutter assembly carry on to other models in the future years?
  3. I acquired this truck from a friend, Russel Turner. He found the truck years ago and then started the restoration which got as far as the frame and rebuild of the engine. (not crazy about the red engine and intend to paint it to what I believe is the factory color......a gray?) This is a unique BM as it was delivered in San Francisco in 1937 with factory upgrades such as the larger gas motor (BX) air brakes, aux transmission, larger wheels/tires, to name a few. And it was a C cab as well. Hope to have it done for the 2020 truck shows. I like it as it has the early F model look to it.
  4. I have often thought the same after seeing the Scanias coming at me when in Europe. And Mack originally partnered with them on the V8.
  5. I have only read about the unfortunate accident. I did get a copy of the official FAA accident report. I am a pilot as well as a Mack collector so it is of interest to me as well. Was your father a Mack employee? How old were you then?
  6. Little did I know at the time this thread started in 2013 that I would end up owning the VL pictured in the first V8 reply! Here is that pic and here is the truck today.
  7. Mike, that would have been ENDTF @350hp and most likely the F is for firetruck. Then there was an ENDTI @255hp which is also what the standard naturally aspirated 864 was rated at. Also an ENDT864A at a whopping 355hp. It appears the standard EMDT864 was @325hp.
  8. The papers I have on the history of the Mack V8 shows the ENDT864 (note there is no double T?) was used from 1965 thru 1972 with 4 different versions of the ENDT for a total of 661 built. I assume they were all twin Turbo'd. Surprisingly they built over 7600 of the naturally aspirated 864's and they were offered along side the 865 and 866's for 3 plus years. I sent off a request to the museum to verify if they would have installed a few earlier than 1965 as you would assume a few were out there for testing. The late Bob Brown told me that when he was the northwest Mack service manager they shipped a few up to Alaska for trial runs and he thought it was an awful idea as they were constantly broke down as they worked out the bugs with them. It seems that was in the very early 60's in F models.
  9. I don't think Mack ever designated the V8 B series with a 3 for turbo. Here is one that was at Lexington that had the factory installed twin turbo'd V8.
  10. Wish there were more pictures of the PA Steel haulers with the 3 axle 32Ft trailers and a big coil. See very few??
  11. did that truck originally belong to John Cheeseman out of Ohio? I believe Tom Spencer restored on for him.
  12. I am learning that lesson right now as I rebuild 2 E-9's!
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