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  1. bulldogboy

    Classy Ford

    The Hollis, NH Fire Department used to run this 1956 Ford/Moody engine. Looks like a smaller F-600, not a "Big Job". I know that the New Ipswich, NH Fire Department once had a 1956 Ford F-700, "Big Job" engine, a Farrar I think. I saw it about 30 years ago sitting along Route 9 in the Antrim/Stoddard area of New Hampshire. bulldogboy
  2. Two photos that I took at the Ringling Brothers Museum in Sarasota, FL in 2010. One is the cannon truck and the other shows the miniature circus with Mack "CJ" and "AC" trucks. bulldogboy
  3. The Mack is at the Ringling Brothers Museum in Sarasota, FL. Even if you're not a circus fan this museum is well worth visiting. There is a huge model of a circus setup complete with miniature Mack "BM" model circus trucks. Learning how the circus traveled from city to city, setting up and breaking down in one day, was very interesting. bulldogboy
  4. Danbury, CT has a career fire department and eleven volunteer companies. This looks like Water Witch Fire Company 7's 1928 Mack 750 GPM pumper. Other companies operated "L", "B", and "CF" model Mack pumpers. This photo is from the Danbury, CT Fire Department's "Facebook" page. Credit to the photographer. bulldogboy
  5. bulldogboy

    Ford Market News

    That four door Mustang looks pretty nice but, I don't know, the Mustang is,and always was, a two door sports car. If Ford wants a four door sedan keep the Fusion and update it. What's next, a Corvette mini-van? bulldogboy
  6. bulldogboy

    1972 Mack Fire Engine(Riverhead, long island, NY)

    One of the Cromwell, CT Macks that didn't make it to Yocum Creek or Upper Cloverfork, KY Fire Departments. joesmack needs to be notified. bulldogboy
  7. Radnor sold its Mack to the town of Rockingham, VT where it was in service with the Rockingham Fire Department. In Vermont it was painted a bright chrome yellow. Rockingham sold it back to Radnor. There are three fire departments within the town of Rockingham: Rockingham, Saxton's River, and Bellow's Falls. bulldogboy
  8. bulldogboy

    Served Stratton Mountain

    Looks like a Mack "C" model fire truck next to it. bulldogboy
  9. bulldogboy

    Served Stratton Mountain

    1979 Mack/Pierce, 1250/1000. Replaced with a 2015 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/1000. bulldogboy
  10. bulldogboy

    Ford Market News

    110 years ago today, October 1, 1908 - the introduction of the Ford Model T. How did that work out for them? bulldogboy
  11. Several years ago, I exchanged e-mails with Michael Fyock, who was the Chief of the Woodsboro, MD Fire Department on 9/11/2001. He said that shortly after 9/11 the Mack ladder truck was sold to the former owner of Interstate Mack in Hagerstown, MD. I don't know if he still owns it but there is no doubt that this truck and crew played a big part in one of the most infamous days in U.S. history. It would be nice to see it in a museum. There is a book about the Pentagon on 9/11, "Firefight - Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11" that has a chapter devoted to the exploits of the crew from Woodsboro and Ladder 16. bulldogboy
  12. bulldogboy

    Trip up to New Hampshire

    I saw my first Anthem yesterday, it was from Market Basket Supermarkets, a chain in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and moving into Maine. It has had a fleet of Pinnacles for a few years. I've seen a few trucking fleets moving from Mack to other brands, A. Duie Pyle to Freightliners, R & L Carriers to Peterbilts and IHC, Continental Paving to Kenworths, etc. To be fair Continental over the years has used other brands like Volvo, IHC, among others; it probably isn't completely through with Mack. One place where Mack is making a comeback in New Hampshire is fire department tanker chassis. After years of departments moving to IHC, Peterbilt, etc. there are several new Macks around: Windham Tanker 2, 2017 Granite/Rosenbauer, 1500/3000; Rochester Engine 7, 2017 Granite/Toyne, 1500/3000; Dublin Tanker 1, 2017 Granite/KME, 1500/3500; Peterborough Tanker 1, 2015 Granite/KME, 1250/2500; Fitzwilliam Tanker 1, 2008 Granite/Ferrara, 750/2500. It's a start. bulldogboy
  13. bulldogboy

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    Not Mont Vernon, NH (no "U"). Mont Vernon Fire Department did have a 1948 Mack Type 45 pumper that it purchased in 1967. It was originally Billerica, MA Fire Department Engine 2. Mack Truck delivery photo. bulldogboy
  14. bulldogboy

    1937 Type 25 E Series Fire Truck

    That pump setup looks home made. Did the department buy a commercial chassis and build a fire truck on it? Do you know what department it came from? Nice little rig!! bulldogboy
  15. bulldogboy

    AENA says sí to Scania

    I think those Scania P 490s used in Greece and Spain are sharp looking trucks. They seem to look a little different than the typical European style COE. They don't have crew cabs though. Does the extra firefighting manpower arrive in a separate vehicle? bulldogboy

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