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  1. Snow plows and stuff

    August in New England, time to mount the plow frame. Won't be long for the blade. bulldogboy
  2. The red and white "B" model fire truck is East Conway, NH Fire Department's old Engine 2. It is a "B-42" so it is a commercial model with another manufacturer's body on it. Sad to see it in such bad shape. bulldogboy
  3. John Deere

    A not so green John Deere. bulldogboy
  4. John Deere

    ws721: Thanks for the info. bulldogboy
  5. Another big Massachusetts Mack taking a break. bulldogboy
  6. Pictures of the Week

    I like that '59 Ford hardtop and the '59 Edsel station wagon. I went to the top of the Arch in St. Louis back in 1998. Quite a claustrophobic ride up there but the view is terrific. bulldogboy
  7. GMC

    Saw this early 1950s GMC advertising a seeding business in Massachusetts. bulldogboy
  8. John Deere

    Down on the farm again, this time with a John Deere 640. bulldogboy
  9. Massachusetts "Granite" taking a break. bulldogboy
  10. New Hampshire Macks

    A visitor to New Hampshire. bulldogboy
  11. B-model ladder truck

    That's what I meant to say, a coupe. A sedan cab would really be rare. Thanks. bulldogboy
  12. HOF Parade

    Nice!!! Looks like after market body mounted on a Mack commercial chassis. bulldogboy
  13. B-model ladder truck

    yarnall: Thanks for the post; definitely don't see many Mack coupe cab ladder trucks. bulldogboy
  14. New Hampshire Macks

    Windham, NH Fire Department operated this 1973 Mack "MB", 1000/1000, as Engine 54. When it was rehabbed it was painted white over red. bulldogboy
  15. New Hampshire Macks

    East Conway, NH Fire Department once operated this Mack "B-42" chassis fire truck as Engine 13E2. The body looks like either a Moody or Farrar. It looks like it might have had a front mount pump but ECFD says it was a 1000 GPM side mounted pump (must be inside the compartment). The truck was privately owned when I took this picture in 1999. bulldogboy