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  1. When I see all your Mack photos from the museum I think that it's a shame that the FDNY Super Pumper and Tender didn't end up there. They certainly were a one of a kind Mack product. bulldogboy
  2. bulldogboy

    Macungie Pics.

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. The weather looked great for a show. bulldogboy
  3. bulldogboy

    News- Ford Medium Duty Trucks

    Hershey's Ice Cream Company, Harrisburg, PA uses this Ford F-650 delivery truck. Hershey's used to have a fleet of GMCs but has switched to mostly Freightliners and Fords. bulldogboy
  4. bulldogboy

    New 17 year old fire truck?

    Mack/Master Body Works trucks were built for the California Division of Forestry. I wonder what the reason was why it was never put into service, a training vehicle, maybe? Mack "Team Manager" chassis. bulldogboy
  5. bulldogboy

    Craigslist Mack

    Nice to hear that it has been saved and not too far away. Along with Ayer & Goss Oil Company and Skip McKean Transportation, Henniker seems to have quite a few antique Macks. According to McKean, "The Only Henniker On Earth". bulldogboy
  6. bulldogboy

    Pictures of the Week

    I saw a Mack "Freedom" (smaller version) in Merrimack, NH on Friday, 6/1/2018. Travelling in opposite directions so I couldn't get a photo. bulldogboy
  7. A Massachusetts Mack taking a coffee break. "CL" model?? bulldogboy
  8. bulldogboy

    Where’s 41chevy?

    Condolences to you and your family.
  9. I'd say the last 35, 40 years or so, Nashua was an all Mack fleet using mostly "R" and "U" tractors. They also had a couple of "CH"s. Their trucks were older but everything, tractors and trailers, were kept in good shape and looked sharp. Blue Line, on the other hand, had a variety of trucks. Their terminal was on top of a landfill, we had a few big fires in the landfill over the years. Another former trucking company was N&B Express (Northampton & Boston) out of South Deerfield, MA. I compared them to Nashua Motor Express in that they ran sharp looking "R" model tractors. bulldogboy
  10. Yes, too bad. Everything is gone now, even the terminal has been torn down and replaced with a strip mall. bulldogboy
  11. bulldogboy

    N Model Mack fire trucks

    St. George's, Bermuda Fire Brigade once ran this Mack "N-95F", 1000/600, pumper as "East 2". St George's and the Hamilton Fire Brigade have mergered into the island wide Bermuda Fire Service. Mack Truck photo. bulldogboy
  12. bulldogboy

    Mack Midliner Questions

    glitchwrks: I don't know. I was passing by on my way to Charleston, saw it, and had to take a picture. Three years ago I passed the same location and they had a Mack "CF" fire truck for sale. It looks like an antique shop and they like to collect old Mack fire trucks. This photo was taken the end of March, 2018. bulldogboy
  13. bulldogboy

    Mack Midliner Questions

    This 1980 Mack "MS-200" is for sale down the road from you on Alt. 17 in Walterboro, SC. I drove a 1980 Mack "MS-200" freight truck in the early 1980s. A basic, no frills truck but I liked it. bulldogboy
  14. bulldogboy


    Happy Birthday.
  15. bulldogboy

    Isuzu Adds Crew Cab NRR to Cabover Lineup

    I saw a lot of these new Isuzu crew cab Class 3 and 4 trucks in southwest Florida. They are very popular with landscaping companies. bulldogboy

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