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  1. Merrimack Concrete Products, right up the road in the Thornton's Ferry section of Merrimack, NH. Long gone.
  2. Is that a Mack chassis or is it an "MR" cab mounted on a TOR chassis? I don't see a Bulldog.
  3. Thanks for the info, I knew that you would have the right answer. I wasn't sure whether it is an RM or not. There is a discussion on SPAAMFAA's Facebook page about what model it is. Most thought that it is a DM but I knew it wasn't due to the normal cab placement.
  4. Red Ford Ranger used by Security at South of the Border in Dillon, SC.
  5. Is an "RM" the same as a "DM" but without the offset cab?
  6. A good book on the subject, "The Arsenal of Democracy" by A.J Baine. Interesting that Henry Ford was opposed to the war but agreed to let his son, Edsel Ford, and right hand man, "Cast Iron" Charlie Sorensen proceed with building Willow Run and the B-24s. In the end, their bold declaration to build "a bomber an hour" was successful but not without many obstacles along the way, both in manufacturing and dealing with the lives of the thousands of workers hired to run the plant.
  7. A sharp looking red Ford F-450 wrecker.
  8. The Plymouth, MA Fire Department has a tanker built on the same F-900 6X6 chassis.
  9. Until recently, the Jaffrey, NH Fire Department operated a 1942 U.S. Army Class 325 Chevrolet 4X4 as a brush truck. The Class 325 was similar to the Class 110 but the 325 had a front mount pump. During WW II military fire apparatus was built by many different manufacturers on different chassis so it wasn't unusual to see Mack bodies on Chevy or Brockway chassis. Everyone pitched in to do what was needed to win the war.
  10. World War II U.S. Army, Class 110 fire truck. Chevrolet 4X4 chassis with a body built by the Army's Quartermaster Corp at Fort Holabird, MD.
  11. "Kill" is from the Dutch language, it refers to a body of water such as a creek, tidal basin, or small river. You will see the word used in places where many Dutch settled such as New York and Pennsylvania.
  12. In 1975 I visited the Mack World Headquarters in Allentown and purchased this sweatshirt. No way does it fit anymore but I've held on to it all these years.
  13. "The F.D.N.Y. Super Pumper System" by John A. Calderone may still be available. A good book on the subject.
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