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  1. Winchester NH accepting sealed bids

    Too bad that they have to sell it; looks like it's in good shape and is a great parade/P.R. piece. bulldogboy
  2. New UPS Fords

    Back on October 28, 2016, I posted this picture of a new UPS Ford "F-650" under "Trucking News - Ford Medium Duty Trucks". The photo was taken in Nashua, NH. I haven't seen it around lately so I don't know if it came from another facility or if it was sent somewhere else. bulldogboy
  3. I just posted it under "New Hampshire Macks". I saw the "MB" first and had to take a picture of a Mack fire engine. I saw the "RW" afterwards and took a picture of it. Two old workhorses rusting away. bulldogboy
  4. New Hampshire Macks

    Former Alton, NH Fire Department Engine 5, a 1975 Mack "MB", 1250/1000, sitting by the side of the road (and behind some weeds) in New Hampshire. bulldogboy
  5. Another Superliner tractor with sleeper sitting by the side of the road in New Hampshire. bulldogboy
  6. USPS Truck News

    I saw a USPS Ford "Transit" van in Gloucester, MA last week. So, I guess, it's buying some Ford vans. bulldogboy
  7. The Secret Room Where the Ford Model T Was Developed

    Interesting article. Charlie Sorensen was Henry Ford's right hand man in the early days and worked for Ford Motor Company for more than three decades starting as a pattern maker and production man. "Cast Iron" Charlie worked on the Model "T" and was instrumental in developing the moving assembly line, in fact, Sorensen and others took some credit for the assembly line but history gives the credit to Henry Ford. Later when Edsel Ford took over the management of Ford, Sorensen sided with Edsel against Henry Ford and Harry Bennett the pugnacious leader of the secretive and violent "Service Department". When Edsel Ford wanted to aid the WWII war effort by building B-24 "Liberator" four engine bombers on an automobile style assembly line it was Sorensen who designed the layout for the new Willow Run bomber factory. It was also Sorensen who had the audacity to tell US government officials that the new plant would produce one bomber an hour. By the end of the war Willow Run was building a bomber per hour; promise kept. Before he retired Sorensen helped Henry Ford II when he took over the management of Ford and finally ended Bennett's reign of terror in the Ford plants. No doubt that "Cast Iron" Charlie Sorensen was a major player in the development of the American automobile industry. In his book, "The Arsenal of Democracy", author A.J. Baine tells of the secret room on Piquette Avenue and the development of the Model "T". bulldogboy
  8. Craigslist Mack

    Former Penobscot, ME Fire Department, Engine 4, 750/2000. It was replaced by a smaller 2016 Freightliner/E-One pumper/tanker. According to the Penobscot department the Mack, while "iconic", its "double clutch and temperamental nature" made it difficult to use in emergency situations. Also, being 44 years old it was probably hard to find parts for it. bulldogboy
  9. Got Milk?

    A DIVCO sitting in Westford, MA. bulldogboy
  10. How many R model cabs were installed ?

    What about the "Budd" cab used by Ford, Mack, and to a lesser extent, FWD? There were a lot of those around. bulldogboy
  11. Jay Leno's Garage - 1911 Christie Fire Engine

    Excellent program. 1911 was also the year that Mack built its first pumper, on a "Senior" chassis, for the Union Fire Association of Lower Merion, Cynwyd, PA. bulldogboy
  12. New Hampshire Macks

    Milford, NH Fire Department used to operate this 1978 Mack "CF", 1000/500, as Engine 61, one of three "CF" pumpers that it owned. The department also wanted to buy a "CF" ladder truck in the '80s but was shot down at town meeting. Engine 61 later served with the Ipswich, MA Fire Department at its Linebrook station. Whereabouts today unknown. bulldogboy
  13. 1970 Mack R-685F

    Fitzwilliam, NH also had a 1973 Mack "CF", 1000/500, that it purchased from English Consul, MD. The 2008 Granite/Ferrara is the only Mack still in service in Fitzwilliam. bulldogboy
  14. 1970 Mack R-685F

    Fitzwilliam, NH has always liked Mack apparatus, they still have a 2008 Mack "Granite"/Ferrara tanker. I just can't get into square headlights being put on "R". "MB", "MC" or "CF" chassis; I like the original. But, it's not my truck sooooo...... bulldogboy
  15. Does anyone know if the red/white "B" model fire pumper (x-East Conway, NH) sold? bulldogboy