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  1. My fire department had a 1977 Mack "MB"/Grumman pumper, 1000/500. Basic truck but it got the job done.
  2. In southwest Florida most landscapers use four door Isuzus. I did catch this new Ford F-650 in Florida in February, 2019.
  3. The early "CF" models, 1967-68, had that painted grill with the horizontal chrome strips. The full chrome front was on later "CF" models.
  4. An early 2000s Ford F-750 dump truck.
  5. Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker built the F-27 prop jet. Fairchild-Hiller Corporation built the plane in the USA under license from Fokker and called it the FH-227. Boston based Northeast Airlines used several FH-227s on its smaller market routes in New England.
  6. A big Mack (without the "A") "DM" working at a construction site in New Hampshire. bulldogboy
  7. Brings back lots of memories of the 1950s here in New Hampshire. A lot of different companies operated Mack "L" and "B" model tractors and straight trucks. Trucking companies, manufacturers, public works departments, fire departments all had Macks of various models. Wish that I had pictures of them.
  8. I can see the F-600 becoming popular with the fire service. Fire apparatus manufacturers can now offer a heavier chassis but with the dimensions of an F-550. Smaller pumpers are still very popular as first response fire and EMS units. bulldogboy
  9. You might also want to post this on the SPAAMFAA "Facebook" page. I'm sure someone there will know what it is. Good luck. bulldogboy
  10. Redi-Mix Concrete in Nashua, NH had a mixer built on a "B" 6X6 chassis. As a kid I had a newspaper photo of it but it was lost years ago. bulldogboy
  11. On duty in Keene, NH. Mack Truck photo. bulldogboy
  12. I remember seeing the one in Blackstone, MA; not up close but in the yard with the other Macks. At least one "D" model was used as a fire truck. According to John Malecky, in his book, "Mack Tilt Cab Fire Apparatus", a 1956 "D" model was built for Esso as an airport fuel tanker and was later converted into a foam carrier at Esso's Bayway Refinery in Linden, NJ. In 1978 it was donated to the Readington Fire Company who used it until 1986. bulldogboy
  13. First time that I've seen a Shelby pickup truck. I know that it's a Ford F-150 but there are no Ford markings on it. bulldogboy
  14. The New Hampshire Air National Guard will be the first Air Guard unit in the country to receive the new KC-46A “Pegasus” air refueling tanker. The planes, a military version of the Boeing 757, will arrive at Pease ANGB in Newington, NH later this year. They will replace the current KC-135 tankers which the NHANG has been flying for over 40 years. I was a NHANG firefighter in the early 1970s.
  15. Back in the 1980s, several air freight companies around here used a lot of "MS" model Macks. BSP Airfreight out of Londonderry, NH had an entire fleet of "MS" straight trucks and "MS" tractors. Big T & D Airfreight from Boston also used "MS" straight trucks. The company that I worked for part time had one "MS-200" straight truck. It was a basic 5 speed that I was used to in the Mack fire trucks that I drove. Not being a professional truck driver I probably didn't know better but it seemed like a good truck to me (I just didn't care for the exhaust pipe under the drivers door). BSP, a lot smaller now, and Big T& D are still in business but no longer use Macks. bulldogboy
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