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  1. New Hampshire Macks

    Waiting for spring, part 3. bulldogboy
  2. Mack fire truck CL

    U.S Army's Class 125 crash truck. According to the website, "Fire Trucks at War", Class 125 fire trucks were built on Mack, Ford, Chevrolet, IHC, and Dodge chassis. Bodies were built by Mack, Seagrave, John Bean, among others. They were equipped with high pressure Hardie pumps, 50 GPM @ 600 PSI, 300 gallon water tanks, and 20 gallon foam tanks. It was not unusual to see Mack bodies on Chevrolet chassis, Hardie bodies on Mack chassis, etc. During wartime everyone worked together to meet the military needs. Class 125s could be found at many U.S. Army Air Force bases. bulldogboy
  3. GMC

    A GMC 640 advertising a landscape business. bulldogboy
  4. What is Ford's new commercial vehicle? bulldogboy
  5. The Takata air bag recall

    I've received recall notices for the airbags on my 2007 Ranger but they state that the parts are not available and that I will be notified when the parts are in. In July, 2017, I received a flaming orange postcard from Ford telling me that I have been notified about the airbag recall and why haven't I had it fixed yet (basically yelling at me for waiting for a notice that never came). I called my local Ford dealer, where I had purchased the truck in 2007, and the service rep told me that he parts are not in and to ignore the postcard. Just sitting here waiting for another postcard yelling at me for not having the truck repaired with non-existent parts. bulldogboy
  6. Ford F-150 Diesel News

    Darn, I was planning on using my new $100,000 F-450 pickup to take the two trash bags to the dump. Now I'm going to be upstaged by a Diesel F-150 Platinum? The heck with it, I'm keeping my 2007 Ranger. bulldogboy
  7. Pictures of the Week

    Andy Griffith was from Mt. Airy, NC. We visited there a few years ago and took a guided tour of Mt. Airy in a replica Mayberry 1962 Ford police car. The guide dressed and spoke like Barney Fife. You can rent a room at Andy's boyhood home; it's owned by a local hotel. We also drove to the top of Pilot Mountain; it's a state park located in Pilot Mountain, NC. On the show, the town next to Mayberry was Mt. Pilot, a shout out to Pilot Mountain. Andy Griffith later lived and died in Manteo, NC on the Outer Banks. bulldogboy
  8. Model "C" question

    I operated a 1959 Mack "C-85F" ladder truck with the legendary "Armstrong" steering and a five speed transmission. A classic fire truck. bulldogboy
  9. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    In the 1960s, '70s, '80s, and early '90s, the Ford "C" model was probably the most used chassis for fire apparatus. Just about every manufacturer (except Mack and it did use the "N" model) used the "C" model. Late in the 1980s, Pierce, in order to compete with the "C-8000" model and eventually replace it, introduced the Dash "D-8000" chassis. The "D-8000" used the same Caterpillar 3208 diesel engine and Allison transmission that the "C-8000" used. Like the Mack "MB" model in the '70s, the Dash "D-8000" was a way for small departments to move up to an affordable custom chassis with components that they were familiar with. bulldogboy
  10. New UPS Fords

    Two years ago at JetBlue Park, AKA "Fenway South", in Lee County, FL, I saw a UPS Ford Transit Connect van. The ultimate small package delivery vehicle. I was unable to get a photo of it. bulldogboy
  11. Pierce - Ford Power Stroke

    That is different!! Pierce is the leader in custom fire apparatus and if it has confidence in the Ford diesel it says a lot. It will be interesting to see how well customers take to the Ford diesel. bulldogboy
  12. 1982 Mack CF686F12

    Former Westbrook, CT. Engine 2, 1250/1000. bulldogboy
  13. Winchester NH accepting sealed bids

    Too bad that they have to sell it; looks like it's in good shape and is a great parade/P.R. piece. bulldogboy
  14. New UPS Fords

    Back on October 28, 2016, I posted this picture of a new UPS Ford "F-650" under "Trucking News - Ford Medium Duty Trucks". The photo was taken in Nashua, NH. I haven't seen it around lately so I don't know if it came from another facility or if it was sent somewhere else. bulldogboy
  15. I just posted it under "New Hampshire Macks". I saw the "MB" first and had to take a picture of a Mack fire engine. I saw the "RW" afterwards and took a picture of it. Two old workhorses rusting away. bulldogboy