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  1. Market Basket Supermarkets is pretty consistent in its vehicles. For a long time all its tractors were Ford "L" series then it changed to Mack Pinnacles and now Mack Anthems. Its service vans are all red Ford "E" and Transit vans. Not sure if these are leases or company owned. Market Basket is big in eastern MA and southern NH plus one store in Maine.
  2. fxfymn: Any updates on the 1925 Mack "AB" pumper that you posted awhile back? Thanks.
  3. I assuming that the body was built by another company and Ford built the chassis. Like Ford fire trucks, Ford builds the chassis and another company supplies the firefighting body.
  4. One of Nashua, NH Public Works Department's new 2019 Mack "LR", CNG powered recycling trucks. McNeilus body. There are also 2019 "LR" side loader rubbish trucks.
  5. Ogunquit, ME Public Works Department, Ford F-550 mini rubbish truck.
  6. Can you post this on the SPAAMFAA Facebook page? This is an organization for owners and fans of old fire trucks; there must be someone there who needs a parts truck.
  7. VaPatentman: That's the way it was when I started my career but we were a little more advanced, we at least had all purpose masks. Rode and drove the "L" and "B" models. So far, the hearing is still good.
  8. A sharp looking Mack "RB" taking a coffee break.
  9. I worked in an ice cream plant part time in the 1970s and Amaizo delivered corn syrup to our plant. I can't remember what make of truck they used. We received cream and condensed milk from NEMPA out of Andover, MA. They used Mack "B" model and Mack "R" model tankers.
  10. In 1931, the Nashua, NH Street Railway replaced its electric trolleys with new gasoline powered buses. The new bus in this photo looks like a Mack "AB" model. Another post said that Nashua received eight buses in 1931, six Macks, one Studebaker, and one Abbot-Downing.. Credit to the original photographer.
  11. A Mack "RD" honey wagon sitting in the rain. bulldogboy
  12. My fire department had a 1977 Mack "MB"/Grumman pumper, 1000/500. Basic truck but it got the job done.
  13. In southwest Florida most landscapers use four door Isuzus. I did catch this new Ford F-650 in Florida in February, 2019.
  14. The early "CF" models, 1967-68, had that painted grill with the horizontal chrome strips. The full chrome front was on later "CF" models.
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