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  1. Took my CDL in White Plains, NY when I was 18. Had to parallel park on a city street. Nailed it on the first try. The pre-trip inspection was the hardest. Guy was a stickler though. 1979 GMC with a 6V53 5sp with a two speed rear. Would not let me skip a single lo-hi shift, which was fine because I was proficient but I remember my DTI in the fire department telling me to disconnect the two speed switch and hide it under the seat. Like a bonehead I overshot the left turn back into the DMV parking lot and had to back up. Luckily I remembered to pull the brake, shut the motor off, get out
  2. https://www.thedrive.com/news/37925/we-found-fords-incredible-turbine-powered-semi-truck-big-red-thats-been-lost-for-decades
  3. Welcome. Where in middle Tennessee? Have spend countless days and nights on biz in Cookeville.
  4. So Daimler owns Detroit Diesel, but they are going to partner with Cummins to make diesel engines for their trucks?
  5. Sounds like it worked out well for everyone. You got a good deal and he got some cash for something that hasn't been important enough for him to deal with for 7 years.
  6. Give it time. The answers will come on this forum. I suggest changing the title of the thread to B61 Engine/Front Axle Swap. You will get more attention that way.
  7. On my wife's last Escalade (2011) I had an issue where the amp for the radio which also controlled blinker noises and dashboard alerts wouldn't sound either, wouldn't reset. No sounds, no music. Simply disconnecting the negative battery cable did not solve the problem due to residual power in the system. So, I disconnected both the positive and negative from the battery and connected the positive and negative together to completely drain the system (of course making sure that the cables didn't make contact with the battery). Waited about 10 min. Hooked everything back up and bingo the amp
  8. I have a bit of a conundrum. I've got a 2020 Ram Ecodiesel 4x4. 16k miles on it. My plan was to get to 25k miles, put a leveling kit in the front and replace tires with 295's up from 275's. Yesterday I had to dive off the road to avoid being hit head on and cut one of the tires. I don't really want to replace one factory 275 right now and then in a few months drop the big $$$ on new 295's. It also isn't really in the budget right now to buy a full new set of 295's. So a buddy who is a wiz at finding stuff online sent me an ad on OfferUp for a set of 295's with 70% tread life remaining f
  9. ff6cav.... I am sorry for your losses. Lost my old man at 59 when I was at college in Gettysburg. Were did you get hired?
  10. As a former firefighter, chauffer and line officer, I can tell you that 99/100 chauffers and the lieutenant riding the officers seat wouldn't have done that unless they were dispatched to a job where time meant lives, and the result was going to be that their rig would be out of service for months to repair it. Only time I ever had to use the bumper was to push a car out of the way (parked illegally of course) that was blocking a fire hydrant. No time for that famous photo op where the guys break the windows and run the LDH through the car, although I always wanted to do that. The other
  11. Prednisone is a steroid. It works in conjunction with an antibiotic but technically isn't one. If prescribed on its own, it is used to treat inflammation which clearly you have quite a bit of. Might be gout, might be that you tweaked it and didn't notice it at the time (often we wont if we are super busy and adrenaline is running high). If the doc didn't prescribe an antibiotic to go with it, than they probably don't believe that you have an infection in your knee. I've had one before, in what is called the bursa sack, an area of fluid inside your knee. If prescribed with an antibiotic,
  12. Plenty of people here with the knowledge to help. I'm not one of them with that particular model. A good start would be to let us know where it is located (this will help point you to the closest places/people that may have parts) and take some pictures of the areas that need attention to post so that those in the "know" can weigh in. Good luck.
  13. One of the best feelings in the world... when you smoke someone else into their own first due box. One of the worst feelings is when someone smokes you into your own. Been on both sides of that experience many times.
  14. Easy way to figure out how big the tank is within a few gallons. If I recall correctly it had a dump valve on the rear (although that may have been E188 which was a newer, similar Pierce). If so park on a hill (you've got plenty of them in Harlan County) with the back step facing down. Empty the truck. Weigh it. Then refill the tank and weigh it again. Subtract the empty weight from the full weight and divide that number by 8.34 and you will have the approximate size of your tank. If no dump valve, pump all the water out, leave the tank to pump valve open, open the main pump drain and d
  15. It should be the old Engine 186. Its a tandem axle right? somersvfd.com I remember this rig well. My department was two towns south. Website says it was originally a 1000gpm pump not 1500gpm.... Although Pierce may have put a larger pump on it during the refurb.
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