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  1. Not sure what kind of flange the fan has, but when I was a kid I had a first gen Mazda RX7 that would overheat in traffic. Car was cherry but I didn't have the money at the time to replace the fan clutch. Backed the bolts out of the flange and put longer ones in that made contact with the clutch thus locking it up completely. It was an annoying summer of the car sounding like a vacuum cleaner but it stayed cool. See if you can do the same and it'll prove out if you've got a fan clutch issue without spending the money to buy one only to find out that it didn't fix the problem.
  2. The vast majority were equipped with Mack 6 pot motors. Lots of 237's with 5 speeds early on, then eventually up to 350's eventually. The CF700 had maxidyne V-8's but not many were made comparatively and that combination was unloved in the fire service. I have seen some CF's repowered with non Mack motors but to my knowledge none left the factory that way. Conversely, the over the road F model which the CF is developed from could be had with Mack 6 and 8 cylinder power as well as Cat's, Cummins and Detroit power.
  3. And I'd rather have one of these.... http://singervehicledesign.com/
  4. I get it... pogo stick and associated lines throws me off a bit more than the 5th wheel which is easily removable to another unit. Just cant imagine using it as a tractor with the frame rails that far behind the axles. There is obviously a ton of stuff it could be used for. Maybe going to Canada and will get a dump body and the air and power will be used for a dump trailer?
  5. Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Washington Engine. Tanker 10 Retired. Mack C-Model
  6. Croton-On-Hudson, NY. Washington Engine. E119 Replaced by a 2006 Seagrave. 1984 Mack CF Photo is from the Croton Fire Department website, but clearly credit goes to Mr. Kenealy.
  7. Wrapping up in Banksville, NY. Both in service as of my last trip to NY a year ago. This rigs often cross the border into Fairfield, CT and Banksville is considered Greenwich Station 8 if I remember correctly. 2011 Granite. Tanker 7 1989 R-Model. Tanker 17
  8. Somewhat doubting that the grey tri-axle is destined to be a tractor. Wondering if the fifth wheel is intended for transporting other rigs from the factory. Frame rails extend too far behind the tag to be a useful tractor in my opinion.
  9. Banksville, NY Retired E158 1988 Mack MB or MC
  10. Banksville Fire. Also on the border of Westchester County, NY and Fairfield, CT. E159 1984 Mack MC or MB
  11. Chappaqua Fire Department, NY E-145 Mack MC Photo from Auctions International website. Rig was retired within the past year or so if I recall.
  12. Bedford Village, NY Engine 108. Credit to Seth Granville, a long time firefighter, paramedic and photographer from the NY Metro Area. This is a supply engine for a rural corner of Westchester County bordering Fairfield County, CT. Notice the squirrel tail hard suction on the drivers side.
  13. After my last post of the '87 R-Model tanker for sale, I think I'll start adding some photos from my old stomping grounds. Unless otherwise noted, all photos credit goes to the individual fire department websites. I may add a few South Central PA rigs as well... I stomped there for a while too. All apparatus in service unless otherwise noted.
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