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  1. Henry .45-70 or any old .45GOV is my rifle of choice and usually carry it for bear protection. Never hunted deer with it though, as there wouldn't be much left of the deer. Been many years since I tagged a deer, but .308 was my preferred tool.
  2. Here it is. Its shaky from my cell but when I pull it back out on Saturday to clean it up, I'll get a buddy to ride the officer's seat and post some better stuff.
  3. Well it won’t let me upload a 49second video so I’ll have to work on it tomorrow
  4. For those who don’t remember (it’s been a while), I own Mack B85F1242, a 1957 B85F that spent its entire firefighting career with the Gettysburg, PA fire department. While in college I was a firefighter there. I had the honor of driving and riding the officers seat to this rig’s last actual fire and it’s last alarm (a false alarm nonetheless). This truck stood by for President Eisenhower when his helicopter landed at the family farm in Gettysburg and was nicknamed and dedicated by the President as “General Ike. I bought it with my father-in-laws help six years after it was retired in 1998 (bought in 2004 or so). We restored it and unfortunately it has sat for about 8 years. I replaced the batteries, flushed the fuel system and fired this old boy up for the first time today in 8 years. The 6V53T that it was repowered with in the 1970’s ran like a champ. The Allison auto never missed a beat. Drive it 20 miles home from the storage facility where we keep it during rush hour in Orlando and it got tons of thumbs up. It’s dirty and will be washed at my middle school son’s car wash fund drive on Saturday (I’ll be washing it while the kids wash cars). I’ll post pics and a better video that doesn’t include the stress and shakiness of driving a 60 year old truck in rush hour traffic on Saturday.
  5. Paul - This is the nicest I've seen in a long time. Great color, 13k miles, mint interior. Some injectors, big turbo, exhaust and an aftermarket ECU leave the rest the same and you'd have a sleeper that would spank lots of the modern stuff. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1986-ford-mustang-svo-14/
  6. Its a Mack CF600. Bullet proof. Hands down the best fire truck ever made. Would most likely have a 237 in it. Of the almost 4000 that were built from 1967 to 1991 most had 237's although at various times they offered 300's, 350's and about 100 or so V8 400's were made. Noroton Heights Connecticut still operates a straight stick and a rescue pumper on CF chassis. http://www.norotonheightsfd.com/apparatus.html
  7. At the end of the day, even though sticking it to the town sounds like the most satisfying thing to do, bankruptcy will only do more harm than good to the honest productive members of the town that aren't on Mrs. Shizdontstink side. They still need sewer, water, infrastructure and other public works projects not to mention law enforcement, fire and EMS protection (much of which I am sure is done by volunteers but nonetheless requires money). I like Paul's idea of giving them one final chance to right their wrong. This way Paul gets what he wants and legally deserves as a land owner, veteran and citizen of the United States, and the vast remainder of the town (which I am assuming are not trying to screw him) are not deprived of the services and protections that their taxes have gone to fund for decades. On the other hand Paul, if they even flinch, drop the hammer.
  8. Paul - I'm a fan of my Henry .45-70 or 45gov lever action rifle. Short barrel and lever action which thugs have no idea how to operate if the get it out of my hands, at which time I would reach for my grandfathers 75 year old S&W model 10 service revolver from NYPD. Nothing to jam, nothing to cock. Squeeze the trigger thats it. If I cant get it done with that, its time to meet my Lord anyway.
  9. A few places that you might be able to find more detail on the gold leaf. Of course the Mack museum. Also the Gettysburg FD right up the road from you had a similar L.... Their museum may have pictures of it. Jere Lady of Lady & Taylor in Heidlersburg just north of Gettysburg bought that rig in the late '90s but unfortunately last I heard it burned up in a barn fire. Jere is a wealth of Mack knowledge and may be able to help regardless.
  10. I need some help here. My organization provides health related services to seniors in Illinois, many of which do not have access to transportation. As a result, we provide van service, free of charge to those who need it. Recently, one of our drivers was involved in a MVA through no fault of his own. He was driving a cutoff van with a bus body on it (think airport rental bus or nursing home van). These vehicles typically seat 8 or so passengers with the remaining seats removed for wheelchairs (1-3). The responding officer indicated our driver (who had no passengers on board) was "operating a passenger-carrying vehicle without possessing valid medical certificate". This being said, in the 7 other states that we operate there is no such requirement to have a medical card as we are not for hire, and we are not engaging in interstate commerce and our vehicles carry less than 15 passengers. Any thoughts here before I make a dozen or so folks obtain medical cards?
  11. Well... Same problem popped up. I didn't have time to work on it myself so local Detroit Diesel shop sent a guy with 6v53 experience out and he replaced the fuel pump. Said the fuel was nasty and decided not to start the truck because he was afraid that it would "gum up" the new pump and create the same problem or that the rack would hang and it could run away. His suggestion is to tow it to the DD shop and have them spend a couple hours flushing the fuel system.... So the question that begs to be asked, and I know this isn't nearly a big a deal for not DD motors, is should I put some fresh fuel in the tank with some treatment additive and drive the thing a whole bunch and try to clear it out, OR tow it, drop the tank, and flush the system at DD? Thoughts?
  12. General Ike, OD just posted pictures of the week, he was in Lakeland and Daytona!

    1. General Ike

      General Ike

      Uggh... I was in the Bahamas.  I'd have met up with him.

    2. BillyT


      Never been there,any vintage trucks or cars

    3. General Ike

      General Ike

      Lots of old Mack's on the island.  Like much of the Caribbean, the tax to purchase a new vehicle is tremendous (50% or more).  So there are ton's of old R models on the island.  Not so much classic cars.  

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