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  1. Banksville, NY Retired E158 1988 Mack MB or MC
  2. Banksville Fire. Also on the border of Westchester County, NY and Fairfield, CT. E159 1984 Mack MC or MB
  3. Chappaqua Fire Department, NY E-145 Mack MC Photo from Auctions International website. Rig was retired within the past year or so if I recall.
  4. Bedford Village, NY Engine 108. Credit to Seth Granville, a long time firefighter, paramedic and photographer from the NY Metro Area. This is a supply engine for a rural corner of Westchester County bordering Fairfield County, CT. Notice the squirrel tail hard suction on the drivers side.
  5. After my last post of the '87 R-Model tanker for sale, I think I'll start adding some photos from my old stomping grounds. Unless otherwise noted, all photos credit goes to the individual fire department websites. I may add a few South Central PA rigs as well... I stomped there for a while too. All apparatus in service unless otherwise noted.
  6. This rig was from a neighboring department to where I was for 15years. Saw it on many mutual aid calls. It is a sweet rig and in amazing shape. Mack power too. https://www.firetruckmall.com/AvailableTruck/13621/1987-4-Guys-Mack-Pumper-Tanker?price=0-1200000&year=1950-2020&chassis=All&brand=All&pumpsize=All&tanksize=All&category=All&warranty=All&region=USA - Northeast&mileage=Any Mileage&perpage=100
  7. A few years back I was talking to a guy that worked for the company that makes most of the round cylinder containers for frozen juices and pringles style potato chips. Said that when switched suppliers and bought rolls of metal from up north and transport them to the south to their plant in SC, that by the time the temperature changed from the north to the heat and humidity of the south, that the rolls would begin to rust. So, they started shipping them in refers.
  8. Again it is important to have facts. You are only 50% correct. The republican Trump administration IS in power. However they are the least bureaucratic administration since Reagan or before. Hence the fact that the man is hellbent on the deregulation of businesses. If he were bureaucratic than he would be pressing for the typical oppressive regulation that stifled businesses for the 8 years that Obama was in office. Why is it that during Obama's tenure, that the economy failed to reach 3% GDP growth during any year of his administration? You realize that no President has had that problem dating back to before the great depression, right? I will give you the answer... the over regulation and taxation of businesses that need to succeed in order to provide paying jobs. For anyone else that want to go down the road of... "Why do companies need to make so much money?"... It is simple economics that could have been learned by paying attention to middle school math and history classes. When people complain that a company made $300 million dollars last year and that some of that money should have gone through higher taxes to support others less fortunate people, do you ever take into account that if a company wants to expand into another state and provide hundreds or thousands of new paying jobs that it might cost $1 billion or more dollars to build a new factory in that state. How does the company build new factories and create thousands of jobs if we tax the crap out of it. How does that company borrow money to build a billion dollar factory if it doesn't have the earnings power to qualify for the debt? Oh and what do we all think our pension plans and retirement accounts are invested in? If the companies don't make money how do their stock prices perform? If their stock prices don't perform how do we retire. I guess we could follow Bernie, the left and the new democratic socialist movement and we can all retire like they do in other parts of the world where socialism will provide them with bread and watered down coffee to eat while we sit in our stained white tee shirts in our worn out chair watching an old crappy TV puking crap at us about how the mother land took care of us. NO THANKS!!!!!
  9. If you are interested in selling the cars, the place to do so today is bringatrailer.com Amazing site of enthusiasts that auctions a wide variety of vehicles. Many bringing several hundred thousand dollars. "Cuda sales on there range from $7,000-$125,000 depending on year, motor, rarity etc.
  10. MACK458 I don't know you, don't know your political preference (even based on your post I wouldn't presume to label you), and I don't know your socio-economic station in life. I do know that it is extremely important to have facts when expressing an opinion, otherwise the opinion is baseless. President Trump never stated that Covid-19 was a hoax (more on this in a moment). In fact his actions show that he thought it to be the direct opposite. He banned travel from China very quickly following the discovery that the virus had emanated from there, and that their efforts to contain it were not up to par and their disclosure of information regarding it, was less than forthcoming. He was lambasted by those who don't like him for doing so, vilifying him as a raciest. Just imagine if people kept filtering into the United States for weeks during the incubation of the virus, filling wide body jets with 350 or more passengers at a time. Clearly he didn't take it as a hoax. If you look at the data regarding China's economic dealings for PPE (personal protective equipment), strangely, they went from being a net exporter of PPE last fall, to a net importer of the same equipment by December. Why would this be? A country that typically supplies millions of units of PPE to the rest of the world is now importing the same equipment to their country, weeks before the world is hit with millions of cases of a virus, the genesis of which can be pinpointed back to China. Now the hoax. What the media has selectively declined to cover, is something called context. Yes when people gather in a room for a discussion and no one bothers when they retell the story to add the all important details of what was being implied by the discussion. It is absolutely impossible to ignore, unless you are the media of course, the context in which this was said. If you stand on the words alone, yes he was saying that Covid-19 was fake. If you edit the rest of this post in a particular way you could make it seem like I think it was a fake. When you control the delivery of information you can make the story say anything you want. Now, if you dig, you will see that the context of the conversation, given the historical media circus and impropriety of the previous administration and their proxies, that contextually President Trump was referring to Covid-19 as the next hoax that the Democrats and the media will pin on him in an attempt to disparage him. Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was a hoax (proven by the Muller Report), quid-pro-quo with Ukraine was a hoax as was proven during the impeachment trial, General Flynn's violation of the Logan Act was a hoax which is being proven as we speak with the release of documents showing that there was a concerted effort by Obama proxies Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Struck, Page, McCabe and more. Where did the referral to the Southern District of NY go with regard to Trump and the raid on his personal attorney Michael Cohen's office. No where, other than Cohen going to jail for offenses unrelated to President Trump. The facts surrounding President Trump are that leftover officials, on record in various ways (text, transcripts, testimony etc) from the Obama administration, tried relentlessly to make sure he didn't get elected, and once he was they orchestrated a web of deceit to get him thrown out of offices. Hoaxes if you will. Probably the saddest part of all of it is that General Flynn, a good man who served his country for decades, was bankrupted, forced to sell his house and had his reputation ruined. Honestly other than a book deal, even with his case being thrown out, I doubt he can work again. The lesson learned here is that we don't need to personally like our President. We don't elect them to be our friend. It is akin to teacher, police officers and doctors. They aren't there to treat us with kid-gloves and tell us stories about rainbows and butterflies. They are there to do a thankless job that often includes telling us things we don't want to hear. Even if I had the opportunity to socialize with President Trump, I would not. His personality does not fit mine. I will however vote for him again as of right now. Under his leadership, the past three and a half years have seen jobs returning to the States, our country holding the rest of the world accountable for their share of the world's economic burden when it comes to relief, joint military and humanitarian assistance, record low unemployment across all backgrounds, and standing up for ourselves even when it means ruffling some feathers. If you want to believe that Covid-19 and the economics of the same are his fault, than that is your prerogative. Facts however do not support it.
  11. Why wouldn't they design this rig with single round projection style headlights (7in size) to mimic the original style and square fender mounted turn signals to do the same. It would honestly make this rig look as close to classic Pete as possible. Something like this...
  12. Highland is an hour give or take east of St. Louis.
  13. If you took Nassau, Suffolk, the five counties of NYC, Westchester and MAYBE Rockland and Putnam counties out of NYS, the remainder of the state is no different than all the flyover states in the country. Millions of families in agriculture, manufacturing, shipping, etc., that are handcuffed to the liberal ideals of the coastal and lower hudson valley mentality of "give it all away and tax the piss out of us for it". There are 62 counties in NYS, and no more than 9 control the absurdity of what is going on there. If you break it down further and look at urban vs suburban/rural parts of the state regardless of county, the parts of the state populated by the folks that produce and deliver goods and services are red. The parts of the state that are controlled by the overwhelming majority of consumers are blue. So the mentality in NY (or any other state including California) is who gives a damn about the people that make the crap I use or bring it to me, just give me what I want, and I'll give your stuff away to people who didn't work for it. Remember the government cant give anything away that it didn't take from someone else first.
  14. I personally don't like the styling of these, however, they are one of the best sports touring cars ever built. They handle superbly, and the 2.6L quad cam V-8 makes glorious sounds. Most important part is maintaining the fuel injection system, on a regular basis, by someone who knows its inner workings. Would never want to own one, but would love to drive some back roads in one occasionally.
  15. Please don't confuse someone who is good in front of the teleprompter as someone who is an effective leader. Obama is/was one of the best public speakers that our country has ever seen. His domestic policies and foreign policy was awful. Obama care was a bust. Keep your doctor and save $2,000+ per year. More like lose your doctor and see your healthcare costs go through the roof. He handled Putin, Kim Jung and Assad with kid gloves and look where that got us. There was another great speech giver from Germany in the 1930's and 1940's that almost brought the world to its knees and ended the lives of millions of innocent souls. The democrats adding pork to the stimulus bill and then saying that the President wasn't responding to the healthcare crisis is a typical smoke in mirrors tactic that they use. Trump referring to Cvd-19 situation as the "democrats next hoax" was contextually connected to Russia, the Mueller report, the garbage with his former attorney Michael Cohen, as well as the fake dossier, Comey, McCabe, Lisa Page, etc. So the democrats were using Cvd-19 as their next version of what to pin on him. Its not working. His response has been praised by Cuomo himself. Even Ilhan Omar says his response have been terrific. Fact of the matter is that the US has never seen something like this before and to blame anyone directly would be irresponsible. Remember, the left said George W. Bush let down Louisiana after Katrina. Fact of the matter is that he begged for areas to be evacuated and offered to take over law enforcement and government officials were slow to act and declined to let the feds help with law enforcement. Smoke in mirrors pointed the finger at him when the response from local government was anemic at first. Now lets look at welfare reform. The left likes to say that Bill Clinton was its champion. Farthest thing from the truth. The republican controlled house and senate put the welfare reform bill on his desk and they had to twist his arm to get him to sign it. Plenty of good and plenty of bad on both sides of the isle. The left just likes to point fingers and mix up the facts using their bench team, the media, to do their dirty work.
  16. I am always full disclosure with folks I meet about how I grew up. Stay with me here. I live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood (Winter Park Florida) surrounded by doctors, lawyers, and money managers. I grew up the same way in Chappaqua, NY. I was however, and continue to be a complete and total contradiction of life to my childhood and current friends. I have my parents to thank for that. Mom and dad were raised in the Bronx by my off-the-boat Irish grandparents. Dad cleaned toilets at the A&P bakery after school and mom took the subway to St. Vincent's in lower Manhattan and worked as a nurse's assistant. Dad was an Eagle Scout and graduated top of his class after putting himself through Manhattan College. Served our country as a Marine. He worked good jobs as a CFO but never lost sight of his humble upbringing. Never let myself or my older brother get full of our selves or the yuppy lifestyle that surrounded us. Taught us how to fish, hunt, do carpentry, plumbing and electrical repairs. He had a diesel Mercedes. When the glow plugs needed to be replaced or the valves needed to be adjusted it didn't go to the dealer, we did it in the garage. New tires? You bet they got put on in the driveway using a rubber mallet, soapy water and a few really big flat head screw drivers. So when I got older (teens) I started serving as a volunteer and eventually working part time as a firefighter. It was tough. Had to work twice as hard to gain everyone's trust in my skill just because of my address in town. I don't regret it for a moment though, and I eventually had the pleasure of serving them as a senior line officer. My friends never really got it. They simply couldn't understand why I knew or why I bothered to fix things or perform tasks that they had grown up seeing their parents pay for. The other day, my 12 year old shot a lacrosse ball at his goal in the front yard and it hit off one of the posts and ricocheted 50 feet into the neighbor's garage window. Guy wasn't pissed, just said that he'd get a glass company out on monday to fix it and he would send me the bill. I said no. Went to the hardware store, they cut me a $4 piece of glass and I had the broken one removed and the new one installed caulked and ready for paint within the hour. He couldn't believe it. Thought I wasted my time and that I could have been playing golf instead. Unbelievable the way people think. My story or rant above is not to judge a book by its cover. Most of the time people are judged because they are homely, uneducated, poor or for some other negative reason. Most people judge me because I pull out of the driveway in a nice car wearing a suit and tie each day so they think I'm a complete idiot when they walk past the house on the weekend and find me on a 28 foot extension ladder repairing trim around an attic window that was damaged by a falling tree limb. Now back to the outhouse portion of this discussion. Until a few years ago my family and dad's best friend's had a hunting and fishing camp on a lake in the back bush of Quebec. We sold it when dad's buddy died three years ago, as dad had passed in 1998 and we just weren't getting enough use out of it. It had an outhouse. Took several friends there over the years and it took getting used to for them to offload in a wooden box with a bucket full of stove ash sitting next to them. I however miss being outside with the door open as the sun comes up, on a brisk morning in the fall, cup of coffee to the left, bucket of ash to the right, roll of toilet paper on the floor looking across the lake at the trout, bass, and pike jumping, knowing that as soon as my hangover subsided that I would be catching dinner.
  17. Never done it on a Mack before, but I would open the door and stand on the ground or the tank. Look up from the bottom or from the front towards the back of the handle, in both cases where it meets the interior door card, and see if there is a set screw.
  18. Paul - I would love to know what the cost to acquire (raise, feed, vet, etc.) your protein compared to store bought. Obviously there is a freshness component that you have that is superior to the store, but I have too many times heard that it is free when you have your own to slaughter. Clearly it is not. Would you estimate that your cost is 90% less than store? 75%? 50%? Then too you have the factor that allows you to sell some which offsets cost, especially if you build some profit into your sale price after accounting for your time and labor to raise, feed, vet, slaughter etc. It is probably a pipe dream at 43 years old, but I know enough to be dangerous at raising our own food. My wife and I think often of what moving from our current life would be like.
  19. This thread brings back memories. My dad passed fall of my junior year in College (Gettysburg, PA). I had a buddy a few years older than me that I knew from the Gettysburg FD. He was a "townie" as college kids called them. The townies called the kids "college pukes". I was a tweener. Anyhoo, my buddy owned a house just off campus and was gone often on his full time FD job in Maryland and he offered me one of the spare bedrooms that was substantially cheaper than living in my frat house. We both hunted and fished. Enter spring of senior year. While we had dressed and butchered dozens of deer in the garage over previous years, it was always early in the morning and usually during weekdays, none of my friends were prepared for my offer to handle our frat pig roast in May. Went to a local farm and bought a 75+ pound hog with a few frat buddies who couldn't resist coming for a ride in my suburban. Hog tied it and brought it back to the garage. Sorority girls from across the street came to see the commotion in their sun dresses and immediately were freaked out. Original plan was to hit it between the eyes with a .22 but decided against it with all the battlefield tourists that were wandering town. Next option was Dad's old Ka-Bar knife. Needless to say that of the 5 frat buddies that were there, 3 puked, another ran off and only one stayed to help prep the hog for the roast. The story was legend on campus. No one complained when they ate it the next day however.
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